if you don't consider the sunlight glinting off of people's faces and such

Sleepless Nights Pt 7(Newt x Reader)

Chapter 7

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a/n: I’m so sorry this took so long. PS. I feel like this chapter is crappy. Anyway, should I do another chapter? Or should I end it here? Pps new chapter =fluff and smut. Also props to this chick @thesniffler she’s awesome

Word count: 2400+
Warnings: mentioning of suicide, swearing


You woke up with your hand still on his head, resting in messy curls. You took your free hand and rubbed eyes, yawning a little.

When the door creaked open, you flinched slightly, although you were careful to not wake up Newt. A head full of onyx locks peeked through, wincing at the sight of you and Newt. You felt a whirlwind of emotions at the sight of her; you didn’t know how to react.

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Title: A (little longer than a) Week in the Life

Pairing: Medusa/MC(Claire)

Rating: PG13

Spoilers: Nothing major, but it does take place after Medusa’s Main Story 3 and the Special

Authors Notes: I’m too gay for this snake gf  


Sunday Night/Monday Morning

A part of her hadn’t believed Cyprin when they said a field agent’s work mostly revolved around boring stakeouts and stale coffee. However, after her third night in a row parked near an abandoned shack of a warehouse and sipping cold tea, Claire finally admitted to herself that they had been right on the money.

Twisting her wrist, she sighed in disappointment as the small hand ticked past the hour and capped her half-full styrofoam cup.

“Careful rookie, another sigh like that and they’ll fail you on principle.” The man in the driver’s seat offered her a tired smile, chugging the last of his coffee before tossing the cup into the back.

“I don’t remember seeing anything about that in the manual.”

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