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Imagine Graves with really bad pickup lines except he messes them up. Such as "I like your last name, can I have it?". Instead he says "I like my last name, would you like it?" And he just gets blank/offended stares until someone (Newt?) starts accepting his ridiculous offers and they end up dating.

Sorry for such a latee reply anon! I hope you don’t mad at me. *puppy eyes*

Here you are; hope you enjoyed the prompt!

He knew this is what they call ‘Love at first sight’. Oh Mercy Lewis, look at that beautiful ginger soft wavy curls. His smile is brighter than the sun and Percival thinks he may burn like vampire in daylight. Percival keep his face neutral though he’s pretty panic inside when the man in blue coat walks to his direction.

“You must be Mr. Graves!” The man says with sincere smile as he offers his hand. Percival tries to look surprise as he took the man’s warm hand in his, oh, this is too much to handle.

“Yes, and…?” The man blushes, pulls his hand back to his side as he stutters his introduction.

“O-oh, I’m so sorry. I’m Newt—Newt Scamander” He grins and Percival feels his heart’s working too hard. He clears his throat.

“What a unique name,” He whispers and Newt chuckles “Yeah, who’s gonna name their kids a lizard.”

“Oh no, no. I’m Percival Graves, by the way.” The director smirks because he just comes up with the perfect pick-up line for this situation. No one knows that Percival always prepare some pick-up lines, just in case, like this time. Without thinking, Percival blurts out.

“And I like my last name, would to like to have it?”

Newt looks offended and Percival realizes what did he just say!? Nope. No no no no no! He meant to say ‘I like your last name, can I have it?’ Oh Mercy Lewis! He rehearses this like a thousand time, then why he messes it up. Percival you stupid!

The magizoologist seems to zone out for a while, and he is looking at his feet like there’s something on his shoes.

“Em…well…” Newt reluctantly looks up to meet Percival’s eyes; the director is beet red and embarrassed. Fortunately, there’s no one here to witness.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Mr. Scamander. I don’t know what—I mean, it meant to be I like your last name.” That makes thing worse. Newt squints at Percival, eyebrows furrows tight.

“That’s quite bold for our first meeting though.” Newt interrupts, playing with the hem of his blur coat, and Percival gulps nervously. Of course Newt doesn’t buy it. What a lame pick-up line.

“Can we at least dating first? I don’t want to skip to the wedding without dating.” Newt gives the director soft smile and Percival swears he’s shocked. Hell yeah! Why not!?

“Y-yes, of course, yes. I’d love that.”

At that, they starts dating, much to everyone confusion. However, despite their awkward and confusing beginning, it ends rather perfectly.

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i'm like not out as bi to a n y o n e but i was at a family dinner and my uncle was joking around w/ me and teasing and he was like "so how's your boyfriend? or girlfriend, doesn't matter" and i didn't get to answer but it was really nice (pt 1)

(pt 2) +i remembered that at christmas dinner, one of my baby cousins (B) was asking my older cousin (M) if he had a girlfriend, and another older cousin (S) shared a look with M and started laughing with him before saying “he has a boyfriend,” and they were giggling and yeah now i’m in competition with him as the Gay Cousin™

This sounds so pure?? Aww and honestly, bless tf out of your uncle I like him, he sounds like a rad dude

It’s a Sleepover!!

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Hi Miya! First, I love your analyses, they've kept me scrolling for a while now! :) My ask: Any thoughts on Taehyung and Jungkooks' relationship? (As friends. (They do look very cute together though ;) )). It confuses me! They seem to have a lot of fun together but with how they are so different but competative they must fall out quite a lot. Other times they seem very close, sweet and almost fascinated with eachother? And Tae is so clingy, haha, but hard to read. Thank you!!

Heey! Thank you so much. <3 And sorry for the time it took me to get back to you. :(

Their friendship is confusing. I do think they have some fights (mostly silly but can turn into huge fights because both are quite stubborn) now and then but they’re mostly caused by Taehyung. lol He’s more confrontational in general, Jungkook is mostly someone that reacts. Even when he’s competing it’s normally because they’re on a show or because someone dared him, unless it’s something that he beforehand was interested in - like showing he’s physically stronger, etc. Both are quietly confident about their skills, but while Jungkook likes to show off now and then when provoked, Taehyung really enjoys doing the actual provoking. Does that make sense? But Jungkook, as respectful as he is to his hyungs, can get annoying too… I don’t know, it’s very hard to tell because they’re literally brothers from another mother?? I’ll tell you why. Their charts, when side by side, are exactly like this:

Sun | Earth Sign

Moon | Fire Sign

Mercury |  Earth Sign

Venus | Air Sign

Mars | Different elements but both have their Mars in good signs for this planet

That’s why they are so similar yet so different at the same time. I’d say it’s almost like they have the same goals but different ways of achieving them. As if they were born almost quite the same but somehow along the way they’ve defined themselves differently. Capricorn is more mature than Virgo, so in theory Taehyung could be more mature than Jungkook BUT Jungkook has his Moon in Leo or Virgo and both signs are more mature than Aries. It’s very hard to pinpoint who’s gonna be at fault with their discussions because of this, you know? Also, all these similarities make Jungkook very admirable to Taehyung, since he gets the maknae in a different way than he gets other people since most of the times they follow the same logic and their emotions also can get almost identical (both are very, very logical). And while Jungkook does like Tae a lot, he’s also constantly comparing himself to the guy as so to try to improve himself since nowadays he’s probably quite aware of how similar they are. So he wants to reach Taehyung’s level and be better than him since they’re constantly competing at everything - they probably compete with things even off camera, these children. Their mutual respect is real and absurd, I can only imagine how far they’d go to defend each other if necessary - especially since both are also quite loyal. Their humor is pretty much the same because of this too, but Taehyung is less worried about the consequences of his jokes, I’d say. So that’s probably one of the reasons that make them fight the most? After that thing I’ve said about him wanting to provoke Jungkook all the time. lol But still. That’s why watching their interactions is so endearing, ‘cause they genuinely get each other in ways best friends do - sometimes they’ll share a joke just by looking at each other, etc. 

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(two kids, really)

I know it’s kinda weird to compare but remember how I said Jimin and Taehyung are close but are very different so they’re constantly learning with each other? In Jungkook and Taehyung’s case it’s more of a mutual understanding since they’re so alike, almost like brothers. Quite different but intense relationships on the same level, I’d say.

Also, I’d just like to add that I don’t think Taehyung is that clingy… I mean, his pride is gigantic according to his chart, so I think he likes the effect he has on people when being charming but at the same time would never be clingy or touchy to people he’s not completely comfortable with, or that he simply doesn’t like. I don’t know, it’s hard to tell without the birth time but still. I mostly think he likes invading people’s personal space to provoke a reaction more than anything. lol You can clearly tell Jungkook had a hard time dealing with this at first during predebut days etc but nowadays is second nature to him and sometimes he’s even the one that approaches Taehyung. But this is just my opinion by watching Taehyung, I could only tell this for sure with the birth time.

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I'm just clearing the air, I did not call you shitty. In my asks it specific says "your friends calling me stupid and salty". Never once did I insult you. I apologize for the miscommunication.

 ¸ .  . ¸ . ✩ I don’t even know why you’re bothering anon. I mean, you’re anonymous, what air is there to clear? We don’t know who you are, that’s the whole reason you went with this option isn’t it? So allow me to clear the air, with my name attached:

No, you did not call us shitty. But you called Cece’s attitude shitty, and believe me hers was nothing compared to mine. She was respectful to you, despite your aggressive and frankly inflammatory wording, something you did not deserve. And so long as we’re clearing the air, none of us called you stupid. I went through the replies, not once was your intelligence brought into question.

Because we respect your right to have an opinion, even if that opinion is worded in an aggressive and hurtful way. But you do not respect Cece’s or any of our time. You didn’t really want to know what Cece’s opinion was, or you would have not called a character ABUSIVE to the person WRITING that character.

Abusive is a big word, a word many of us in the community have personal experience with. So next time you don’t want an opinion, you just want to hate, don’t waste other people’s time. Or maybe, I don’t know, listen to what they have to say and learn something, find empathy and understanding with some one from a different ( and nonharmful ) view point. You’d be amazed what it’ll do for you. But don’t ask a question when you don’t want an answer.

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You draw Iwa-chan's abs so enticingly beautiful, I can stare at him all day. (♥_♥)

Thank you. Once again you’re not the only one.

Just don’t get caught….. although. Pretty sure Oikawa’s not the only thirsty one in this gym.

so I’m kind of a sucker for Redemption Equals Death because it’s sad and I’m a sucker for sad. but I also…idk, sometimes I wish it weren’t such an overwhelming trend, not only because All My Faves Wind Up Dead but also because…I want to see more villains actually going through the hard, messy work of redemption, that it can’t just be done and over with, that it’s not as simple as One Good Heroic Act and everything is better. 

I want the awkward and painful and difficult aftermath.

like, what I really want is the villain seeking redemption who is genre savvy enough to go for a redemptive death, figuring that’s their best way out - and who survives, and has to live up to what they meant to be their last act. 

rather than death as the end of a redemptive arc, near-death as the beginning of one.

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So Harry basically sang the soft songs off his album😢

i can’t really emphasize how much this is…. i just i really can’t articulate it. he wasn’t in much of a mood to celebrate, as he said. it wasn’t a night for dancing around and screaming to lyrics and getting hyped up. he’s heartbroken, and he’s hurting for his home and for the victims and for their families. that was a very respectful tribute, picking the softer songs and doing an acoustic set, while allowing a moment of silence for the victims. he still went on stage and performed for those fans because he knew that a lot of them traveled to see him and they paid money. and they paid money for charity, too. like, every dollar went to a local charity. that’s just - i’m really emotional because of the generosity in his heart and how kind and considerate he is. it couldn’t have been easy to get on that stage, but he did it. for charity, no less. for the fans. as a tribute to those lives lost and the families broken. with a lot of emphasis on putting love back into the world, for pleading with people just to love one another

And tonight we can truly say,
together we’re invincible~

Comission by the amazing @lolakasa

Thank you for making my arumika dreams come true 💙🌊

harry potter asks!
  1. What is your Hogwarts House and which of that House’s traits resonate the most with you?
  2. What is your Patronus and what do you think it says about you?
  3. Which is your favourite book and why?
  4. Which is your favourite film and why?
  5. Which scene was left out of the films that you think should have been included?
  6. Which scene was added into the films that was a great addition?
  7. In your opinion, what was an Iconic Moment™?
  8. What is your favourite quote/passage?
  9. Who is your favourite character and why?
  10. Who is your least favourite character and why?
  11. Who is your favourite non-human character?
  12. Which character deserved better and why?
  13. If you could swap one dead character for one character that survived, would would you revive and who would you kill?
  14. Which character would you like to know more about?
  15. Which character do you feel you have the most in common with?
  16. Which character’s death hit you the hardest?
  17. What is your OTP, nOTP, brOTP and OT3?
  18. What would be your favourite and least favourite Hogwarts classes?
  19. What is your favourite magical creature?
  20. What is your favourite spell?
  21. What do you think is the most useful spell?
  22. What do you think Amortentia would smell like to you?
  23. What do you think your Boggart would be and what would it change into?
  24. What is your favourite magical object and why?
  25. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you pick and why?
  26. What is your opinion of Dumbledore and his actions throughout the series?
  27. What is your opinion of Snape and his actions throughout the series?
  28. Do you agree with Dumbledore’s statement, ‘Sometimes I think we Sort too soon’?
  29. If you could own one piece of HP memorabilia, what would it be?
  30. If you could ask JKR one question, what would it be?

low-key cackling at the image of Isak and the boy squad out and about at a party in Oslo or something and Even is labeled DD/sober companion for these dumbasses and the boys just get so wasted. And they are like kittens that keep wandering out of Even’s line of sight- specifically Isak. So what’s a guy to do? He has to keep track of his wayward boyfriend right? So he finds a piece of cardboard and a marker and writes “If Lost Please Return to Even Bech Neishem” and then under it (tall, blonde Elvis, too sober for this). And then pins it on Isak’s shirt with some girl’s earing (bless her, she was dealing with her own boyfriend’s drunken shenanigans). All of this done with minimal grumbling from Isak, thank god.

So he send Isak on his merry way and tries to find Magnus, who he can hear butchering We Are The Champions somewhere in the far corners of the party. Time passes and Even strikes up a conversation with a nice American tourist who was staying at a hostel near by. As they are chatting about green energy or food or something, who really knows, someone taps Even on the shoulder are you Even? to which Even nods and accepts a hundred pounds of drunk giggling boy. hi there, Even will say,  throwing an arm around Isak’s hips. Isak of course will just cuddle up to him.

And then Even blinks because the sign he had written for Isak has some colorful new additions to his identification traits. Written in borrowed lipstick (clearly by Isak’s own had because the spelling was atrocious) big dik, hadr abs, nce lips are now residing just under the ‘too sober for this’. Even will start laughing his ass off and excuses both of them from the nice American’s company, ready to get his boy home. (and maybe frame the sign for their apartment.)