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Being Respectful and Safe When Harvesting Plants:

I feel like this is a necessary reminder for all us witches.

Ok, so, I know sometimes it’s hard to grow plants in your garden, especially if you are renting or such, and one day you might be walking along a footpath in town, or in a forest / bushland / natural area and some plant may catch your eye - be it in someone else’s garden or a few metres off the forest path. Your instinct is to swipe it up - after all, this is the super-rare herb that you’ve read so much about, is useful in nearly all aspects of your craft, is difficult to grow and is sacred to who you worship. And it’s right *there*.

Now freeze for a moment. There are a few things you need to consider before you take something that isn’t from your own garden. And that doesn’t just go for plants. It even applies to items like rocks and feathers (there may be laws against this in your country).

Please, please, please think and re-think before you take something.


- Is this stealing? Is it illegal or not advisable?

- Do I actually need this? Will I even use this? What for?

- Do I even really know if this plant is safe? Am I 100% sure this is what I think it is?

This doesn’t just apply to plants that you don’t own. Even the ones in your own garden can be dangerous at times if you haven’t researched them. Back when I was a baby witch I carelessly plucked mistletoe off a tree and ended up getting an itchy rash on my hands and arms. A google search (which I should’ve done before I freaking picked it) revealed that it was poisonous. Luckily, the rash went after a half hour and I was fine, but that was the wake-up call I needed. Please be safe when harvesting plants. Research the ones you don’t know and re-cap on and re-research the ones you do know. If you aren’t sure, leave it alone.

Next of all, the legal side of things. Don’t sneak into a person’s garden to take something. You do NOT need it that badly. In some bushlands and forests, it is illegal to take anything - plant, rock, animal bone, dirt, whatever. And like I said before, in some countries it is illegal to take feathers. Please research your own state / country for details.

ARE THERE ALTERNATIVES? About 99.99% of the time, there are.

- Supermarket herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, salt, pepper. Rosemary has literally hundreds of ways to be used. Before you go snooping in your neighbour’s front yard, hit up your grocery store, community vegetable garden, local orchards, farms and farmer’s market. Meats and dairy products also have magical properties. If you can’t respectfully and safely source inedible, ‘non-domestic’ plants, use the edible ones. Plus, kitchen magic. Double plus, what you source is edible, meaning that you can eat it and get its correspondences *inside you*. How’s that for strong magic? 

- Do you know someone who grows the plant in their garden already? Can they give you some? Can they give you a cutting you can grow yourself or some seeds / seedlings? Remember to ask respectfully and don’t be disheartened if they refuse.

- Window boxes and potted plants. If you are renting you may not be allowed to plant *in the ground* per se, but nothing is stopping you from using pots and window boxes. You can grow your own kitchen herbs – they are super-easy to grow and often have wide ranges of correspondences. Seedlings are easiest to care for and most seed packets are cheap as cheap.

- If you want a plant corresponding to e.g. love or protection, do your research. A simple ‘protective herbs’ search can hook you up with a whole heap of alternatives. You’re bound to have at least one accessible one.

- If all else fails, you can use a crystal with similar properties or a mundane object charged with your intent. If your intention is strong enough and your desire is there, it’ll work.

- Do you really, really need to do the spell anyway? Witchcraft is a resource that can be very helpful, but at the same time you need to put in effort too. If you do a spell for, let’s say, friendship, and then stay in your house for three months straight, your spell won’t work. Why? Because you can’t expect people to come knocking on your door wanting to be your friend. It doesn’t work like that. A better approach is to do a spell that boosts your confidence in making friends. So, you still have to go out and met people yourself, but you’ll have the spell to guide you this time. You’re the superhero, witchcraft is like the sidekick.

Now, when actually harvesting plants, there are certain ways to go about it, even if you are entitled to take them, know for certain what they are and have researched them:

- How much do I need?

- Only take from strong, healthy-looking plants. Will taking from this plant damage it somehow?

- Don’t venture into dangerous places. If it’s too risky, find an alternative.

- Be grateful. Offer a thank you to nature, a deity, spirit or who or whatever. A thank you to the actual plant is pretty nice, too. Appreciate the plant as a gift from the earth. Don’t abuse it, even if it isn’t central to your craft.

- Be respectful. You may be eager to finally get that flower for your spell, but don’t go ripping off leaves, petals etc in your enthusiasm. Also, don’t trample on other plants on your way to get it either. If the stem is too fibrous or hard to pick, go and get some pruning scissors and snip it off. The plant won’t go anywhere while you grab them, and it stops a lot of yanking and twisting that can hurt it.

- Remember that all parts of the plant can be utilised, unless they are poisonous, unsafe for ingestion or whatever. Do your research here. I mean this with reference to reducing waste e.g. If you picked a flower to use the petals for something, don’t throw away the stem and leaves, as they contain the powers of the plant, too. If you don’t want them, try not to pick them in the first place. Otherwise, use them in bath magic if that’s safe, use them as offerings, dry them and stick them in your grimoire for decoration etc. If you don’t use them at all, at least return them to the earth with some thanks or compost them.

- Some people ask a plant’s permission before taking anything from it, which I think is pretty advisable. At least take a moment to read the vibes coming off the plant. If it seems to not want to give up anything, go ask another plant, especially if there is another one of the same kind nearby.

That’s about it. Please be respectful of nature and do your part to protect it. It’s an important thing for all of us.

Dark Shadow - a spell to create a personal protective servitor

Originally posted by mashirao

*inspired by tokoyami’s quirk, dark shadow*

- dark blue, purple, and black candles
- A private space
- a black stone
- Pen/ paper
- cleansing and grounding supplies
- Whatever you need for circle casting

Prep work:
- Go to your private space when you know you won’t be disturbed for a while
- Get your paper and pen
- Light your candles and take time to fill out the following thoroughly
- Function of your servitor: in this case, protection, but be sure to be specific about what kinds of protection it is to provide you with.
- Code of Conduct: ethics, guidelines, and parameters for offensive action. Be specific. How much can they do offensively to protect you from harm? This also includes how much information they can give away for any reason.
- Motivations: why does your servitor seek to follow its function? What is its motivation? What is it interested in? What drives it?
- Feelings: How does it feel? Does it feel? ( I recommend yes). Is it generally happy? Sad? Stoic? Peppy?
- Behavior: How would you like it to behave when it is working? When it’s not working?
- Energy: How it’s energy signature looks/feels. This will help  you be able to identify it quickly from other energies.
- Alignment: In this case, the alignment will be Shadow, though others may be of any element.
- Shape: species and appearance, be specific down to the last detail. This will make it easier to interact with and bring to life.
- Name: Pick something easy to say and spell.
- Residence: In this case it will be the black stone. This is where the servitor will return when it is not working.
- Food: What will the servitor eat? What kind of Astral foods or Energy sources? Give it multiple. (My favorite is Moonlight)
- Limitations: Where it can and cannot go. Can it get permission to leave its designated state?
- Abilities: what it can do, include magic abilities here, offensive, defensive, healing, travel and communication.
- Lifespan: How long should it live?

- Cleanse the area and ground yourself
- Cast a circle
- Charge the stone that will be your servitor’s home with energy from your candles.
- Close your eyes and mold the energy around you’re from the shadows into the shape of your servitor. Be specific and make sure you don’t miss any detail you wrote down.
- Breathe life into it by intending it to have life and consciousness.
- Call out to it in your head or aloud.
- When you have its attention, tell it its name, function, code of conduct, motivation, feelings, behavior, energy, alignment, residence, food, limitations, abilities and lifespan.
- Focus on imbuing these properties into your servitor.
- Now that it is alive, let it relax for the day, and feed it a couple times. Take the time to let it get to know you.
you can set it to you task the next day
- Close your circle and blow out your candles.

- Aesa <3
This is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

Crash and Burn

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 78

Parings: Sam x Reader

Request: @oneshoeshort said:

Yay prompts!!! SPN Sam x Reader. Prompt list 1. Number 21 :) been rewatching S1 so props if you can make it S1 centric ^_^

Prompt: 21. If you don’t rest, you won’t heal.

A/N:Â  Feedback is greatly appreciated. sam is still at Stanford 

”Sam! You stubborn pain in the ass lay back down.” You growled at your boyfriend.

“I’m fine (Y/N).”

”Samuel Winchester If you don’t rest, you won’t heal. You just had your appendix out. You and your studying can wait.”


“No Sam rest. You can study later.” You rolled your eyes “You’re smart Sam. Healing is more important than a test.”

He sighed knowing he wouldn’t win, “What would I do without you?”

You laugh, “Crash and burn.”


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OTP - Domestic - Voight

Originally posted by brettonioxoxo

Who keeps making puns while the other tries to fall asleep?
You, you say them just as you knew Voight’s about to doze off. You keep doing it until he turns around and pulls you under him, earning a squeal from you.

Who likes to snuggle up to the other on the couch?
Both, you both like to cuddle up to each other, you’ll either have your feet over his lap, or he’ll have his head on your lap and both your favourites are were he’s lying on his back whilst you lie on top of him, you head on his chest.

Do they own any pets together? If so, what are their names and what type of pets?
You, don’t own any pets together. Both your jobs make you too busy to look after one just now, but you do want to get a pet in the future.

What type of place do they live in? (comes with visual)
They live in an adorable 3 storey brownstone, that it’d close to the police station. 

Who is always running late and gives them a quick kiss before they run out the door?
You, your running late most days, so when your grabbing your stuff you brush past Voight, not before turning back around and placing a quick kiss, before muttering that you’ll see him later.

Where do they go to have fun with their friends?
You go to Molly’s it’s where everyone hangs out. The atmosphere is never dull and it’s always full of lively people, who always have a story to tell.

What does their living room look like? (comes with visual)
It’d be nice and cozy, maybe a fireplace in the centre but definetly books somewhere.

Who walks around in the other person’s sweaters with a sleepy look on their face?
You, you’d wake up after him and fling on the closest item of clothing before making your way down stairs, to see Voight smiling at your appearance, as you smile and yawn.

Who likes to cuddle before falling asleep?
Both, cuddling up to each other is the best feeling in the world, cozied into each other’s sides. Your head placed on his chest as you listen to his heart beat, as you doodle on his chest, and his fingers running over your hip or on your back.

Who goes to the store and buys their partner something small, but something that they love, to surprise them before coming home from work?
You, you’ll see something that reminds you of the both of you. You’ll hand it to him and he’ll smile before taking it to work the next day and placing it on his desk, or somewhere in his office.

How do they decide who cooks dinner?
There isn’t really a decision, it’s whoever is back before the other, but if they are both working late, you’ll text each other and then you’ll hold off to get some takeaway.

SJM Accent Challenge 2
SJM Accent Challenge 2

I did this thing using my dumb voice! I clear my throat and say “uh” a lot and mumble incoherently.

Thank you to @deziremyacotar for tagging me.                                                                                            


  • You have one hour to spend with a member of the Inner Circle. Who and why?
  • If Aelin, Manon, or Dorian has to be sacrificed in TOG, who do you think it should be?
  • What would one hour alone with Amren be like for you?
  • Are you more of a smut fan or a fluff fan? DON’T LIE
  • Voice your feelings on Mort the doorknocker, King of Sassâ„¢
  • Fly with Illyrians or fly with the Thirteen?
  • Consider and respond to the fact that: Sam Cortland is dead (I’m sorry, I just really want to hear everyone flail in real time the way we do on the internet)
  • Describe your fav character from TOG and ACOTAR in one word.
  • What’s that one (or more) ship that everyone else loves but you just…. don’t?
  • What character do you want to bring back from the dead the most?
  • What character do you REALLY NEED A NOVELLA ABOUT RIGHT NOW?
  • What are your theories on Nesta’s favoritism of Elain over Feyre?
  • Are you looking forward to Tower of Dawn or not? BE HONEST
  • Would you ever name your child or a pet after a book character? If so, who? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be an SJM character) -
  • Did you like the ending of ACOWAR? Be brutally honest (but remain kind please).

I think everyone has done these already, so I’ll just tag a few, but honestly, anyone who sees this who hasn’t done one, DO IT, and tag me so I can listen to your probably-more-coherent-than-me ramblings, too.

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B-day Challenge

First pick one of the following and tell me what one you want me to do another part to. (VOTE BY ASK)

Brought Back alone (Mick)

Ketch Drabble #1

Sam Drabble #28

2nd. Im doing another challenge!! Yay!

Sam’s 20th bday / 1300 (Ish) follower celebration Â

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1.    Following me is nice but not required

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3.    The entry can be part of an already existing series you have, the beginning of a new series, or whatever you want.

4.    Can Be One Of The Following Fandoms: (Supernatural, NCIS (original), Criminal Minds, Castle, JAG, The Mentalist, House, Sherlock, Psych, The Night Shift, Hawaii Five-O, Without a Trace, Unforgettable, Flashpoint, Leverage, or The Pretender) (These are most of the fandoms im in and would potentially read. Though I’m 98% SPN lol)     

5.    Send an ask with your fandom (only from above) and either a song or a theme. Send a backup in case yours gets chosen Â

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Below are a list of songs/themes you can choose from. (2) people per item is the limit. Incorporate your song/ theme into the fic somehow. Not just have it in the background. You don’t have to choose from both categories.

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If you want me to hear you out maybe don’t make your title seem holier than thou by saying.

“A actual rwby criticism.â€&#157;

Again there’s nothing saying criticism has to be nice.

If you want me to hear you out maybe don’t act like everyone who disagrees with you is wrong, don’t attack the writers personally, don’t be a racist douchebag, don’t be a sexist douchebag, don’t try passing off your personal opinions as absolute fact, don’t act like you can’t make any mistakes, don’t lie 99% of the time, don’t be a coward and hide where no one can see you while you vague about a post, don’t act holier than thou by calling someone out to be acting that way. don’t attack people for actually thinking the show is good, don’t degrade the show then demand to be called a fan, don’t drive politics into everything you say, don’t always take the negative side, don’t act like any harsh criticism of you is automatically wrong and don’t atc like the creators should listen to every word you say.

“An actual RWBY criticism”

Again, there’s nothing saying that just being negative equals criticism…or that calling it criticism makes it criticism…or that just because you claim to be saying criticism that it’s automatically valid…or that any form of criticism that disagrees with you is wrong…or that your opinions count as criticism..or that you’re even serviceable in yoru so-called craft.

Maybe you should be throwing shit your glass house there, Soku. Because I’m sure I’ve said stuff like this to you before.



Masterlist of fics received is here. if I missed you let me know and send me the fic link please.


1.     @deanwinchester-smut (SPN) | @jessicawritessmut (SPN)

2.      Simple Man ~Jensen Ackles @emoryhemsworth | @lucilepiewhiskey (SPN)

3.      Â Red ~ Beth Crowley (on YouTube)

4.      Act Like You Don’t ~ Brooke Eden

5.      Heaven ~ Bryan Adams @juicifeur 

6.      Ask Me How I Know ~ Garth Brooks

7.      Every Little Thing ~ Carly Pearce

8.      I’m Not An Angel ~ Halestorm

9.      Wild One ~ Faith Hill @samwinjarpad (SPN)

10.  Sick and Twisted Affair ~ My Darkest Days

11.  La Isla Bonita ~ Madonna

12.  If your reading this ~ Tim McGraw

13.  Â Praying ~ Kesha

14.  Livin’ on a prayer ~ Bon Jovi @mrsbatesmotel53 (SPN)

15.  Highway to hell ~ AC/DC

16.  Angel ~ Areosmith @jerk-bitch-and-an-angel (SPN)

17.  Not about angels ~ Birdy

18.  Then ~ Brad Paisley

19.  She waits ~ Louden Swain @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (SPN, Dean x Reader)

20.  Mr. Mom ~ Lonestar

21.  Drinkin problem ~ Midland

22.  Trying not to love you ~Nickelback

23.  Craving you ~ Thomas Rett @thebikiniinspector (SPN)


1.      Halloween  @justanotherdeangirl  (SPN)

2.      Birthday

3.      Fourth of July

4.      Camping @samwinjarpad (SPN)

5.      Sports

6.      Valentines @queencflair (CM)

7.      Concert

8.      Pregnancy @emoryhemsworth

9.      Terminal illness

10.  Coming home after deployment @uniquewerewolfsuit (NCIS) 

11.  Kids first day of school

12.  Carnival

13.  First kiss

14.  Bridal shower

15.  New pet

16.  Brining baby home

17.  Baby shower

18.  College graduation

19.  Anniversary

20.  Special gift

21.  First heartbreak

22.  Winter love

23.  Zoo day

24.  First hunt together

25.  Last goodbye @juicifeur