if you don like him ha sorry

this is so fucking random but when are all of you going to stop sleeping on ryeowook ????? lmao ?????? he’s in the army now but when he comes back yall better be @ his feet because I’m tired of none of you realizing that he time after time saves super junior’s lame comebacks like he does it singlehandedly…mamacita ??? his live ??? his impeccable live that was louder than the background music easily made the song 100x better than it was n his solo album ??? stellar, but did yall listen ??? no you didn’t because you don’t love him n u never found him beautiful like I always did. I’m sorry that he has a humor that not everyone gets n to be real SUPER JUNIOR KRY is legendary n the fact that everyone only ever supports kyuhyun is a shame because BOTH yesung n ryeowook’s solo albums were iconic, every song a banger but did yall listen ?????? NO !!!!!!

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Dump him

No offence but I hate messages like this like

I love my bf and he is the most healthy relationship ive ever had. He’s fucked up like?? Twice because of his own mental health/abuse and has said sorry each time

Like. You know almost 0 about him
Or my relationship and even if you mean well, shush. Esp as I don’t like being commanded to do stuff by random anons


I texted him so late, ‘Sorry brother, happy birthday,

and Baekhyun responded, ‘Hyung, it’s been tiring for you recently right? It’s okay, hwaiting! This is what hyung chose to do, so hyung has all of our support. I know hyung is very tired. But don’t give up, because hyung is the best!

That day was actually Baekhyun’s birthday. And the fact that he sent me a message like that made me very touched.

- Lay.

Forever Lay’s supportive dongsaeng, Baekhyun.

Mi Amor

 Daveed Diggs x Latina!Reader

Requested by anon: Hi. It’s the anon who asked about the Latina reader here. I was wondering if you’d do like where Daveed and the reader are really good friends but Lin knows she has a crush on him and he’s teasing her about it but daveed overhears them mention him and doesn’t understand them cause they’re talking in Spanish. He asked her about it or something and then fluff or smut! I don’t know…. Your other fics are amazing so I know this one will be to die for no matter what! Gracias!! ❤❤

Words: 3,675

Warnings: Swearing and SMUTTT. A LOT OF IT idk what else you want from me ahahaha

A/N: This was SO FUN to write but Idk I’m sorry if this was so bad lol I THINK I’VE OFFICIALLY MADE THE SINNERS CLUB LOLOL OKOKOK

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My thoughts to all the Americans who feel even worse than what we, outside the country, are feeling right now. It’s truly heartbreaking seeing that a country like United States went backward instead of forward as they have always done. I am really sorry and I hope you all unite to fight this, for the freedom your country has always been proud of. Fight against this, him, them, fight for your rights, fight and don’t give up. Do not surrender. You are fucking United States of America, you’ll win this too. All the love to you. 

I can’t even begin to explain how shitty this is????????????????

Also I just can’t see this show going forward from here…michael was such an intrinsic part of the show.

Like…They’re actually going to put Jane and Raf back together, it’s CLEAR that that’s happening. Which is just? So incredibly frustrating

Why save him at all? It’s not like he’s had a huge storyline this season (most of it has been recovery centered which is now. Well.) It feels like they brought him back solely for Jane to lose her virginity to him, as if that would “throw a bone” to this side of the fandom so they could then get on with Raf and Jane. I’m.

They skipped three years so they don’t even have to address the grief. Like. If you’re going to kill a character you should at least properly deal with the ramifications of that I’m sorry.

Bringing back the abusive af rose and Luisa relationship? I’m so tired. I mean I saw it coming but. Honestly what made this show good was the balance between the jane plot and the drug ring plot, and a large part of that had to do with Michael. Both in being with Jane and spearheading the detective aspect. Sin rostro was michaels case. He sacrificed so much for it. He was supposed to be the one to solve it. He was supposed to be the one to finish it. Are we just done completely with the police stuff now? I loved that part of the show and have missed it this season, even with Michael still there.

They didn’t even giving him a good death scene. I get that that’s how life works but really? A throwaway scene in the last minutes of the episode? After everything?

No more Rogelio and Michael

No more Mateo and Michael (or baby Mateo in general which is :( )

No more jane and Michael

And most significantly…Just no more michael.

I’m angry and upset and I realize a lot of that has to do with yes, half of my otp and one of my favorite characters dying. But also the more I process the more I become aware of how sloppy this was written and planned and that’s equally upsetting to me.

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OK sorry i tried to like vikturi but i can't stop thinking that it is sooo creepy that yuri has pictures of viktor everywhere on his room & starts dating him like a creep? >.<

Err… whoa, let me stop you right there. :p

Like, I’m cool with it if you don’t ship or don’t like the ship for whatever reason, but this is really taken out of the context, big time. It’s Yuuri’s childhood room that’s covered in Victor’s posters. When Yuuri returns to his home town, the first thing that he explicitly states is that he hasn’t been there in five years; he literally apologizes for staying away that long to his family.

He hasn’t used that room in over five years, meaning that he left for college/competitive skating when he turned 18. This was the room of Yuuri the teenager, and naturally he had an idol when he was not yet an adult, someone to look up to ever since he discovered that he was into figure skating, and of course he admired someone who was considered the very best at the thing that Yuuri enjoyed doing (and on top of that this idol was rather close to his own age, thus easy to relate to).

He admired Victor as a skater and artist when he was young, probably thinking that his dream of ever meeting Victor or ever skating on Victor’s level was just that; a dream. He’s never been shown to be a creepy or stalker-y fan; Victor was merely an inspiration to Yuuri, someone he’d love to compare to someday, to be just as skilled as this guy was. (Hell, Yuuri even backs out when Victor offers him a picture when they are in the same room for the first time; he’s not some crazy obsessed weirdo to jump on the first opportunity to touch or harass his childhood idol.)

And Yuuri isn’t an idiot, because yes, when Victor shows up at his house he needs some time to adjust to that guy that he’s looked up to his entire life because said guy is a skating legend and very attractive, but we also see that he soon learns to separate the two; Victor the skating legend that he idolizes, and Victor the human.

Because he knows Victor the public figure, but Victor the person, he has to get to know that person. Which is why he is very reserved at first, because he understands this. He knows the difference between ‘fiction’ and ‘reality’. They have to get to know each other as actual people if they want to get into any relationship (even a friendly one), and now that this is a real possibility, Yuuri embraces that and lets him in.  

Even if you want to include the banquet scene: Yuuri was never the creepy fan. He’s very drunk, yes. But he’s outgoing and getting close to ALL his fellow skaters at that point, he’s not just going after Victor. (Pole dancing with Chris in his underwear, the crazy dance off with Yurio, etc).

And then eventually, this is what we see after that chat that Yuuri has with Victor on the beach; ‘he meets me where I am’, this is the point where Yuuri first learns how to separate the two.

This shit happens before Victor first kisses him, and Yuuri doesn’t care at all anymore about the affection, he gets it now, this is Victor his coach and his friend, not Victor the legend:

Same as this: Yuuri does no longer give a shit about personal space or sharing a bed (the only thing he cares about is that someone set the alarm so that he doesn’t miss his performance), because this is Victor after Yuuri got to know him; his friend and the person that takes care of him. 

There’s nothing creepy about their relationship even with Victor being Yuuri’s childhood idol, because they took the time to form a normal friendship that goes both ways, and there’s equal attraction from both sides whenever they’re together. 

Like seriously, I’m not forcing you to ship it, but it’s probably the most least-creepy fictional relationship out there at the moment imo. :p 

A Nap Never Hurt Anyone

Pairing: Graves X Reader
Request: Percival Graves & the reader where she’s his subordinate and has a crush on him and Tina “accidentally” lets it slip? Fluff? Smut is optional? :)
Warnings: Slight smut so if you do not like, please don’t read!
A/N: Alrighty, here’s something to help y'all’s thirsty selves! 99% of the requests in my inbox are smut for Graves and I am loving it!

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Hi! I'm really sorry to bother you, but I was looking for a fic where Derek is a deputy in BH and Stiles keeps getting in trouble even though his dad is still the Sheriff and Derek is always the one who catches him; I can't seem to find it ;; Again, I'm really sorry if you don't do this sort of thing or if the plot is too like general. Thank you!

hmm, well there are a number of fics where derek is a deputy and stiles gets… in trouble. 

  • Darling It Is No Joke by thehoyden (E, 13k) The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.
    • super fun. stiles moves back from college and meets derek, and there are some mysterious things happening with a large wolf. 
  • Murder, He Wrote by mklutz (E, 32k) And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.
    • this one is a lot of fun and one of my favorites
    • there’s the great deputy derek and sheriff mentorship&relationship, and stiles is trying to solve a murder so there’s lots of shenanigans.
  • Take The Gun, Leave The Cannoli by bella8876 (M, 34k) Stiles is back in town, freshly divorced, completely broke, and desperate for a job. When he convinces Jackson to let him go after bail jumpers for a bit of extra cash, he never imagined he’d get a chance to go after Derek Hale, the guy who took his virginity and broke his heart. The $50,000 payday doesn’t hurt either. But it’s not as easy as Stiles thought it would be, and the more he digs, the more he becomes convinced that Derek’s caught up in something that’s bigger than the both of them. They realize if they want to get out of this alive, they’ll have to put aside their past and figure out how to work together. Then maybe they’ll get the chance to see if they have a future.
    • adore adore this fic. it’s got a lot of great detective tropes and a lot of reunion and pining and past love stuff that i love. also not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, since stiles here is basically a bounty hunter who is after derek. (he is a deputy but just wanted on suspicion of laura’s death, etc, you know the drill.) 
  • The Guard and Red by andavs (T, 74k)  Derek moves back to Beacon Hills after twelve years in New York and finds that the city has a superhero problem, his sister has a co-op problem, he has a neighbor problem, and he and Stiles spend a lot of time hanging from a fake rock and yelling at each other at seven in the morning.
    • @andavs is extremely talented at all the things, and writing is just one of them. this fic has so many awesome secret identity things i adore. derek is definitely a deputy here. stiles’ trouble is more like… he’s a secret vigilante???? but it’s a FANTASTIC read. 
  • Emergency Contact by giantteenwolforgy (T, 1k) “My name is Deputy Hale. What’s the problem, sir?” God. Damn. Of course, Stiles would call his dad about fucking diaper rash and end up talking to the hottest deputy on the force.
    • absolutely hilarious and i’m 100000% percent sure it’s not the fic you’re looking for but you have to read it because it’s amazing. basically stiles calls the station with random problems and derek always answers and it’s great. 

happy reading and good luck, you should also try the deputy derek tag on ao3.

 i hope you enjoy at least one of these! have a good day! \(^_^)/





My Mission (Part 1/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2600 

Warnings: Language, and some angst kinda (hella sad!Bucky)

A/N: If my two lovely anons that requested a Bucky x Reader fic where the reader is Tony’s niece (plus other plot points I don’t want to reveal yet) are reading this, this is for you!! Sorry this took so long, this series has been giving me a bunch of difficulty. I hope everyone enjoys this series - despite its difficulties, I really like the direction of the story. 

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @xenaathena @tol-sam @andhiseyesweregreen @caplanbuckybarnes @lilasiannerd @pandarosita @heismyhunter @ailynalonso15 (if you’d like to be added or removed to this list, either for this specific fic or just for my tagging in general - just shoot me an ask or message!)

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Sex with Hoseok

K so um this is my first time doing something like this so forgive me if its not great and some constructive criticism would be nice if you have any💕 this isn’t in any order these are just kinda some things i feel like sex with/being sexual with Hoseok would include I’m sorry im a kinky shit so um I guess hope you enjoy❣

• soft baby to sugar daddy real fucking quick
• Hoseok being to embarrassed to tell you when he has a boner at random times so giving you little hints: “Hobi?” “Yes kitten?”
•stopping the car on the side of the road for you to ride him in the backseat
•Changing room sex (A fuck ton)
•him making you have to beg to give him a blowjob: “daddy please” “I don’t know baby do you think you deserve daddy’s cock yet?”
•fingering you under the table
•mirror sex in the dance practice room after the others leave
•slamming into you with those delicious dancers hips
•eating you out for hours into the night till you’ve came so many times your shaking and you can’t stand it any more
•waking him up with hand jobs
•letting you think your dom for a night but secretly still being the dom one
•when he’s gone on tour sending you toys in the mail “film yourself cumming with this for daddy my kitten and send it to daddy💕”
•hickeys on your thighs
•hickeys on your neck
•hickeys on your sides
•hickeys on your collar bones
•hickeys everywhere
•he loves for everyone to know that your his kitten and his only
•pounds you into the bed
•fucking you till the neighbors hear
•sending you videos of him jacking off when he’s gone
•being punished when you tease him over text while he’s in meetings
•he loves when you run your fingers through his hair, slightly pulling while he pleases you
•thigh grinding
•straddling him/grinding him
•fucking you on his office desk
•running his hands up and down your thighs and making it seem innocent
•wearing nothing but his big tshirts while he fucks you in the mornings
•ear lobe bitting
•hidden away in the corner with him while he lightly runs his hands over you and whispers dirty things in your ear making you blush red at parties for his work
•not letting you wear panties in public under a dress
•innocent kisses while he rubs your clothed core

So I hope that was ok? I might make a part two to this later on hope you enjoyed I know it wasnt amazing but I tried my best💕

Single Bed

HELLO! 6 more days until this semester is OVER. Honestly it will be a miracle if I survive. But now that it’s finals week I have some more time to write and I AM PUMPED. I don’t know if you guys really care, but I’m sorry for my absence. I have a long list of new fic ideas so I appreciate you guys staying with me. Tumblr has really saved my butt his semester so thanks for being so kind in your messages and for reading:) I hope you guys like this one. I have a feeling you will! :) Happy Saturday!

Warnings: mission, blood, fluff, language

Summary: You and Bucky have to share a single bed on a mission and it prompts him to say what’s been on his mind for a while.

Originally posted by romanian-plum

“(Y/N), really, I’m fine.”

“I know. But let me just look at it when we get in the room.”

Bucky sighed, but you knew he agreed.

The two of you had been sent out on a mission to gather Intel on a possible hidden HYDRA facility. The minute you stepped foot on the grounds blue weapons were being fired your way and things got a little messy.

You were agile enough to dodge the fire, but Bucky wasn’t so lucky. It doesn’t look too bad, you thought looking at the spot of dried blood on his cheek. He was lucky the bullet only grazed him.

But you thought this was unusual. All the time you had known him, Bucky was a light-footed fighter, always missing trouble by a hair.

You tried to play the scene in your head. You were hidden behind a wall loading your gun, and Bucky covered you across the way, sheltered by a tank. The two of you always fought and defended each other in perfect sync. Did you not cover him when he needed you?

You stared at the floor and thought harder to remember some details. You remember Bucky running over to have your back when some HYDRA agents closed off your right side. He do-si-doed around you and pushed you behind the tank. The next time you looked over at him, he had a stream of blood running down his cheek to his jaw.

The ding of the elevator pulled you out of your thoughts. Fishing the room key out of your pocket, you walked over to your room. Bucky followed silently behind.

All you could think about was a shower and your head hitting a fluffy white pillow as you barged through the door and threw your bag down on the couch.

“Man, I don’t know about you but I am exhaust- what?”

You looked up to see a thousand yard stare on Bucky’s face. You followed his eyes to the bed. A single bed.

“Oh. Um…”

“I’ll take the couch” he said without hesitation.

You felt awful. If he was half as tired as you that big soft bed was calling to him too.

“No, Buck, it’s okay.”

“(Y/N), really, I don’t mind-”

“Bucky, you are not sleeping on the couch. This bed is huge. The whole team could fit in it with room to spare.”

“I think that’s a bit of a stretch” he softly chuckled. 

“Point is, we can share the bed” you laughed, your hands outstretched.

He picked up his bag and set it on a chair, opening it and pulling out a small first aid kit. “Okay, but if you change your mind-”

“I won’t.” You interrupted with a smirk. 

You sighed, feeling your limbs get heavier by the second. “Just lemme change and then I’ll check this out” you said, PJs in one hand, the other brushing his jaw as you made your way to the bathroom.

You could still feel his stubble on the tips of your fingers as you quickly changed into your soft light blue t-shirt and your long pajama pants. 

You tried to ignore how nice your clean clothes felt on your skin and how the plush carpet felt between your toes. It was only making you more sleepy.

Bucky was going through the elements of the first aid kit, pulling out a bandage, cleaning supplies, and medical tape as you ran a brush through your hair, pulling it out of its pony tail.

You sat on the bed with a plop and tucked your feet under you, opening the package holding the cleaning supplies. You looked up to see Bucky looking at you tentatively and you patted the bed next to you, signaling him to sit down.

He sat down neatly on the edge of the bed an arm’s length away from you. You could only shake your head as you scooched closer.

You two had been working together closely for the past couple months, but he still treated you like glass. He was never too close, but never too far in case you ever needed him. It was sweet. And a nice trait in a fellow agent. But you wished he could just relax a bit.

You held his chin with one hand and with the other, pressed the cleaning solution to the deep cut. You expected him to flinch at the pain the alcohol caused, but he didn’t move a muscle. I guess he’s been through worse pain than this you thought.

“In all my time here, I’ve never seen you injured, Buck. What happened out there today?” you said, your voice low and filled with concentration as your fingers worked delicately to clean and tape the gash.

“Don’t know. Just… got distracted, I guess.” He mumbled so softly you could hardly make it out.

You weren’t satisfied with that answer but you didn’t push him. Still, he was one of the most trained agents on the team. What could have thrown him off?

You proceeded to wonder as you placed medical tape on his cheekbone, so his skin could heal over night. You absent mindedly smoothed the tape and ran your fingers down his face, it was rough under your fingers.

You looked up to see his blue eyes taking you in. 

“What?” You asked.

“Your hair is long.” His eyes didn’t move from yours.

“Yeah, it needs a cut,” you said nonchalantly as you packed up the first aid kit.

“No, I like it.” 

You froze and tried to ignore the flush you felt in your cheeks. There’s no doubt he noticed your red chest with the v neck of your t-shirt.

But you couldn’t help it. The relationship you and Bucky had was very professional. You had always tried to make it more familiar, more friendly, but he always stuck to his guns. This was the first time he talked to you about anything more than a mission. And he complimented you.

You quickly continued to pack up the first aid kit, trying to keep your stupid grin at bay. You spun around and placed it on the counter, too busy with your own thoughts to notice the presence behind you.It’s nothing. I should just go to bed, you thought. 

You turned around and ended up face to face with Bucky’s muscular chest. It never really registered with you how… large he was until he was there in front of you. He towered over you and his biceps were bigger than your head. He could crush you like a twig. All he had to hear was ten words and he would kill you without a second thought. You should be scared.

But you weren’t. You had never felt so safe in your life. His incredible blue eyes pulled you into him and made you want to crawl under his skin just so you could be closer to him. His sad eyes told you his story, told you his pain, his desire to redeem himself. They told you he would never hurt you and he would do anything in his power to protect you.

And that’s when you saw the tape in his hands. You forgot to put it back into the kit. Dipshit you thought to yourself. He looked at you like that because you were partners. That’s all. You worked together, you were a team.

You shook the thoughts out of your head and swallowed down the warmth rising inside you, ducked away and walked toward the bed. 

“Well, I am tuckered out. I’m gonna just…” You pointed to the bed and started to crawl in, cringing at your awkwardness.  

“Um, yeah. Okay” you heard him say as you curled into a ball of despair, promising yourself you wouldn’t be this weird in the morning. 

One compliment and this is what happens to you. The man just got out of a freezer. You need to pull yourself together. 

You felt the bed dip as he laid down next to you. You took a deep breath and let your exhaustion take over. You fell asleep in minutes.


Bucky, however, did not. Why couldn’t you do it, you jerk? He asked himself over and over again.

He laid there on his back thinking about what a coward he was. He had felt it for weeks now. The warmth you brought him. The way his lips curled into a smile when he said your name. 

This mission was when he planned to tell you. He had plenty of chances to say it today, but he let the entire day go by with it hanging on his lips.

In your sleep you turned to face him. You looked so peaceful. He would do anything to keep it that way, he would gladly put his life on the line if it meant you would be safe.

Hell, that’s exactly what he did. Because he knows he wouldn’t survive without you.

He brushed the stray hair out of your face as softly as he could so he wouldn’t wake you. He simply watched you breathe in and out, studying your every feature.

If anything ever happened to him, if HYDRA ever took him away from you he could rebuild you in his mind. His dreams about you would be more real because he knew the pink shade of your lips and exactly how they curved under your always rosy cheeks. He would be okay.

Finally what he wanted to say for the past few weeks bubbled up in his chest and fell off his lips.

“I love you.”


It took every single ounce of will power not to let your eyelids rip open. 

But he thought you were sleeping, he obviously wasn’t ready for you to know. You didn’t want to screw things up with your mission partner so you kept your eyes shut.

You wanted to respect your friend so you pretended to sleep.

For what felt like hours you laid there thinking about what the man next to you just said. What it meant. Everything seemed to fall into place.

Why he trusted you. Why he talked to you the way he talked to Steve and no one else. Why fireworks erupted inside you the first time he smiled at something you said. Why his soft chuckle shook you to your core. 

Why he pushed you behind the tank today.

You finally peeked at the clock. 4am. You looked back over at Bucky. You were sure he was asleep.

So you whispered hardly loud enough to make a sound “I love you too.”



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Too Many Clowns: Jokers Daughter Imagine Pt.1

Request: Hi! If you are still taking requests could you do a joker X daughter reader story about the reader accidentally gets pregnant from a guy forcing her to do it with him. And the reader shows all the symptoms of being pregnant and Harley secretly starts noticing and goes and tells Joker. You can make up what happens in between, but could it end up being that the reader has the baby and becomes a single mom and Harley and Joker help her raise the baby. Thank you so much! Sorry if I wrote too much :)

Don’t apologize dear! Thank you very much for being specific about what you want. Makes it easier for me :) I hope you like it!


You sat down on the floor in your room in front of three piles of clothes. After trying on almost your entire wardrobe you were fed up with nothing fitting anymore. You didn’t know for sure how many weeks had gone by since it happened, but you were starting to show. You could only hide it for a little longer and you could only keep it all in your head for so much longer until you were going to lose it.

 Flash images raced through your head of the night and you couldn’t stop them. It was supposed to be the perfect date night. He seemed nice and you had been out a few times so going to his house felt natural. You knew you were uncomfortable. That it didn’t feel right. But you couldn’t stop him. While it was happening you tried your best to leave your body, think about being safe at home. You thought about your father killing him for what he was doing to you. When it was finally over and you walked through the front door of the house and saw your father, the words just wouldn’t come out. You didn’t want anything to do with the situation anymore, you wanted to erase the whole memory of him. Soon after you realized that wasn’t a possibility anymore. A piece of him was going to be with you forever.

Harley peaked her head through the door when she heard you whimpering. “Baby why ya cryin?” she raced over and joined you on the floor. “Why are all ya nice clothes everywhere?”

“I just don’t know what to wear is all. I’m fine” you said back wiping your face.

“Like you were fine yesterday on the bathroom floor? food poisoning ya said right?” your mother took a tone you had never heard before. It was stern and serious. “Or the day before when you couldn’t get outta bed cause that nasty headache?” she raised an eyebrow at you and stared at you right in the eye.

Your mind was racing to practice what you were going to say to cover your tracks but when you opened your mouth a loud cry came out and you threw yourself into your mothers arms sobbing. “Ya think I didn’t know since the first day? You can’t keep secrets from me.

“Puddin?” Harley said gently as she entered his office. The Joker was seated at his desk sharpening his razor. “Puddin we got a bit of a situation.”

“Let’s have Frost take care of whatever it is” he growled fixated on his weapon.

Harley walked up to his desk and stroked his green hair. “It’s something only a daddy can handle.”

The clown princes eye darted up to her. “Something wrong with y/n? Is our princess safe?” his grip tightened around the handle.

“She’s safe now. but now she …well she..” Harley twirled her pigtail in between her fingers unsure of how to say what was in her head.

“Just spit it out Harls” the joker spat his words at her impatient.

“She might be havin uh… a little princess of her own!” Harley said with a subtle smile breaking the news as sweetly as possible.

It didn’t help.The Joker slammed the blade into his desk and shot up from his seat. He tore down everything on the wall behind him and threw his fists into the wall. “WHAT? W H A T?” He was screaming at her before he pulled out his gun and began firing into the air/ “HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO ME? FOR SOME SCUMBAG WHO DOESN”T DESERVE HER!” the Joker was waving and ranting all over the room. Harley ripped the razor out of the desk and tossed it across the room into the wall past Joker’s chest slicing his shirt. He paused and gave her a confused look. “This is an expensive shirt Harley.”

“Sorry Puddin but I needed to getcha attention.” she ran to him and put her hand on the gun to lower it down. “She didn’t do it. He forced her to. And now shes completely crushed and …well…” she didn’t want to say the words “pr-pregnant whether want it or nah.”

“Forced?” The Joker looked his queen deep into her eyes and his jaw dropped slightly. “Harley get whatever you need.” He left her grasp and pulled his razor out of the wall.

“Whatever I need Puddin?” 

“And get in the lambo as soon as fucking possible please.” He said condescendingly leaving the room.

Harley ran out after him and dipped into their room to her closet. She rustled through until she found it. She ran her fingers over the words on her bat. “Oh it’ll be a goodnight after all!” she said giddily to herself. The Joker walked past his daughters room and saw you on the floor her face in your hands. He marched up behind you. “I’m going to make this better.” Your father said in a deep voice and you turned to look at him. “For both of you.” He walked out and you sat there not sure if what you just heard was real. Harley pranced out to the car and hopped in. The Joker revved the engine and took off letting out an animal like cry and he pounded the roof.

He knew where the guy lived. He knew everything about the kid. After all no one takes out the Jokers daughter without him doing the research. He was angry that he missed it. Angry he let you go. That he didn’t know the guy would do something like what he did to you. He pounded the roof over and over again. Harley smiled and roared with laughter thinking he was excited to get revenge. But for once the clown prince wasn’t laughing. He was full of rage and guilt. It was his job to protect you and he didn’t. If he was excited for anything, it was that for the first time this kill wouldn’t be for the shits and giggles. This kill meant something to him.

Three men sat in the living room of a small apartment. They threw cards down on the table and took sips of their beer. Before they knew it the door was blown off the hinges and smoke filled the room. The men coughed and squinted until they saw green approach them. With two quick movements bodies fell to the floor and blood splattered all over the walls until there only stood one boy left. He shook in his place when he turned his face from his dead friends to the Joker. He looked over at Harley who was making gun noises at him and pointing her bat. He knew this wasn’t going to be over soon.

You finally got enough strength to crawl into your bed. You wrapped your arms around your pillow and buried your face in it. You closed your eyes, dry and red from crying, and fell asleep. You woke up hours later to fingers running through your hair. The feeling startled you at first and you shot up to see your father, covered in blood and ash, next to you. Just when you thought you were out of tears they began pouring out again.

“Daddy I am so sorry! I didn’t mean for this to happen!” you grabbed his jacket collar and pulled yourself into him. “Please daddy I’m so sorry I understand if you want me to go I even understand if you kill me and his baby!”

“Oh tsk tsk tsk” the joker wrapped his hand around your chin and lifted you to look at him “Let’s get one thing straight princess. That is not his baby” he touched your stomach with his bloody finger tip leaving a mark. “You want it? You going to have it? Then it’s yours. My princess gets whatever she wants”.

The scene was so ironic. The most feared and brutal man in Gotham sat in front of you yet his words were filled with so much warmth.

“Besides you think a dead man can own something?” he grinned at you and licked his metal teeth letting out a maniacal laugh. You finally realized whose blood was all over him. “If it’s a part of you then it’s mine too. Both of you belong to me and aren’t leaving” he kidded your forehead and trailed his lips down to your nose connecting your heads. This kiss felt different from the thousands your father had given you before. This kiss was different because the Joker was in his own way asking his daughter for her forgiveness without saying a word. You tilted your head to his side and kissed his cheek. The Joker took it as a sign he was forgiven for not protecting his child and laid down pulling her with him. He dug his face into her hair and fell asleep.

Months later you sat on your fathers boat. The smell of the water hit your nose and the wind was blowing in your hair. Harley was on her knees in front of you caressing your now full term stomach. She was whispering to your baby all the toys and candy she would give it. You had made your parents promise you to have the baby across the harbor, away from the noise and violence of the city just for one night to give birth. You looked up at your father at the head of the boat. Yelling at Frost to drive it carefully and hurry up. 

The pain was just as bad as your mother had warned you. Harley didn’t leave your side for a second. She was giggling and jumping up and down on the bed next to you. For the whole pregnancy she wouldn’t stop talking about how excited she was for another piece of her and the Joker to be in the world. Your parents never mentioned what they did to the man who gave you the baby. In fact they acted like the baby was all you and them. Those thoughts helped you through the pain and when it was all over, you held your baby boy in your arms. One look at the bundle made all the pain you had start to simmer away. You never thought you’d feel this type of thing again, freedom. 

Your father walked in the room when he heard the little boys cries and stood at the edge of the bed taking in the scene. Frost peaked his head in the doorway and grinned with glee at you.

“I was still a little afraid you might not want the baby Daddy, deep down.” You grazed your fathers face with your eyes waiting for any type of reaction.

“You can never have too many clowns in the world, Princess.” He gripped the top of his cane and smirked at the baby looking at him. When he saw the blue eyes that matched yours and his own. He released him grip and let out a sigh and his smile grew wider.

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Daddy's girl


Pure smut, children.

Enjoy 😏


Your pov

You were laying down in bed tired from a busy day. Work had you super stressed so you were happy to be resting. Your phone started to buzz and you groaned

FaceTime ‘Baby ❤️’

You quickly accepted it. “Hey, baby girl” he smiled. You’ve missed him so much. Jaebum has been doing shows. Although you both have busy schedules you always manage to work your relationship out perfectly. “Hello” you leaned against the headboard. “How are you?” You closed your eyes. “Ah, tired and stressed. You know I don’t like seeing you like that, baby”

You sighed. “I’m sorry, Jaebum. I have a huge project I need to get done. All of my workers have been acting up lately” he put his headphones on. “I miss you a lot. You’re so gorgeous. I really need you with me” he said while making a weird face. You giggled. “Music to my ears”

“Where are you at?” You asked him. “In New York. Our tour has been going great so far” “You enjoying it there?” You moved into a comfortable position. “Yeah, it’s nice and the food is-” he stopped talking and you raised your eyebrow. “Something wrong?” He licked his lips. “Besides you being in nothing but my favorite panties and a shirt where your boobs are out. I’ve got a problem now” you looked down and quickly fixed your shirt.

“Mmm, don’t be shy now, baby girl” he bit his lip. Your face was still red from embarrassment. “Look at me” he softly demanded. You looked up. “You’re gonna do everything daddy tells you too, okay?” You nodded. He raised an eyebrow. “That’s one punishment when I get home, baby. You use your fucking words. You’re not going to be bad girl for daddy are you?” He cocked his head to the side.

“'N-no, daddy. I’m a good girl” he smirked. “Take your shirt off” he leaned back and watched you. You slipped it off and tossed it to the side. “Set your phone down in a place I’m able to see your body” you grabbed pillows and put your phone on it. “Good, put your arms to your side and listen to everything daddy is going to tell you” you did as he said and looked at him.

He already had his shirt off. “We’re going to play a little game, baby girl. You’re going to stay in that position and not move an inch. Simple, right?” You nodded. “Oh baby girl, I’m going to have so much fun when I’m home again. You know our rules and you broken them twice. Hmm, maybe daddy will finally get to play with your ass. You never let me. But punishments have no boundaries”

You internally groaned. He was right. You didn’t want him anywhere near that area. You watched him while biting your lip. “Spread your legs for me” you followed his order and waited. “I would be kissing your hips and make my way down to your thighs. My fingers would tease your wet pussy over your panties. I know you’d be dripping because you’re such a slut. I can tell you the simplest things and you’re soaked. Daddy loves the effect he has on you” your fingers gripped the blanket beneath you.

“I’d suck your little wet pussy over your panties to tease you. I know for a fact I would have to tie you down for you to stop moving. You react so well. I’d be impatient with the teasing and rip off your panties. My tongue would be deep inside of your tight hole. My fingers would flick over your sensitive clit. I know how crazy you get when I touch it, baby” you teeth tugged at your bottom lip. You were afraid it would start to bleed from bitting it so hard.

“Mmm, spread your lips for daddy” you quickly followed his order. He bit his lip and rubbed himself through his boxers. “So wet, just as I expected. Does my dirty baby girl want daddy’s cock? Do you want me to fuck you so hard you’re not able to walk for a week? Do you want me to fuck you over and over until you literally pass out? I’d have you beg me to quit fucking you because it would be too much for you”

You moaned and wished he would magically appear right now. “I think that’s exactly what you want” you looked down to see the sheet has a wet spot from your dripping center. “Daddy, can I please touch myself? I need it so bad” he pulled his boxers off and leaned back in his chair. “I don’t think you deserve to. This should be your punishment. Suffer, princess” you groaned just wanting some relief. Your clit was throbbing and begged for attention.

His hand started sliding up and down his length at a slow pace. “Mm, I wish I was fucking your throat. When you’re so submitting. You have no choice but to take everything I give you. Daddy needs you” his hand started moving faster. You whimpered. “Finger yourself, baby. Imagine it’s daddy’s fat cock shoved deep inside of you, fucking you so hard you’re screaming” you immediately shoved two fingers into your aching hole.

You moaned loudly and arched your back. “Faster” Jaebum grunted. You followed his demand and fucked yourself faster. Your head fell back from the much need pleasure. Your other hand was pressed against your clit. “That’s it, baby. Show daddy you can be a good girl” you looked at him through hooded eyes. It was enough to make you orgasm on the spot. His head was thrown back, his hand was made into a tight fist while he fucked his has fast.

“Are you close?” You moaned louder as you hit your g-spot. “Yes, daddy. Oh fuck” you shouted. “I am too, princess. Cum with me” you fingered yourself faster and squeezed your eyes shut. “Now” you body twitched as your orgasm ran through you. “Daddy, oh my god” you moaned. You rested your head against the headboard. You were regaining your breath. “I need to hurry and get home already. I need you so bad” you smiled at him “I need you, too”

“This month will go by so fast, princess” you did miss him a lot. “I miss you so much. I’m excited you’ll finally be back home” you said while grabbing a towel and cleaning yourself. “I miss you, yn. It’s been so long. I appreciate you being understanding and still being here with me” you giggled. “You’re living out your dream and I couldn’t be any happier, Jaebum. I’ll always be here. I love you” “I love you, baby”

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my question is why does every conversation about the baby sound like an editorial aside where somebody has to remind John The Author that he even has a baby, like there’s always this pause where John is like… OH YEAH! MY BABY, right! that thing! 

like Lestrade prompts him here:

LESTRADE: So how’s it going then, fatherhood? 

JOHN: Oh, good, great! Yeah, amazing.

or this whole convo, which has a very prepping-the-witness vibe going on:

THERAPIST (voiceover): Alone? 

JOHN (in the therapist’s room): Of course alone. 

THERAPIST: I meant Rosie, your daughter. 

JOHN: Uh, she’s with friends.

or here, when the baby is suddenly a convenient excuse to avoid talking about Feelings:

JOHN: Uh, sorry, it’s just, um, you know, Rosie. 

SHERLOCK: Yes, of course, Rosie. 

and they both have to continue the charade, like don’t worry, nobody is ever thinking of Rosie, she’s not real, no harm no foul

SHERLOCK: Yes. Yes! Sorry, I-I wasn’t thinking of Rosie. 

JOHN: No problem. 

SHERLOCK: I should, uh, come and see her soon.

JOHN: Yes.

like they’re so uncomfortable??

You’re Beautiful

Request: HI. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE UR IMAGINES. I would like to make a request. Bucky x reader where the reader is the new computer engineer for Tony and she lives in the Stark Tower. (She has a cat named Kitty) Weeks later, she has a secret crush on Bucky, but she was afraid to even talk to him because she is very shy and has a lot of insecurities, especially with her body. But all ends well. FLUFF EVERYWHERE PLEASE. I know it’s very specific, and a little silly, but it’s like my dream. THANK YOU!

A/N: I’m really glad you like my imagines! Hopefully this one met your expectations! Sorry, I wasn’t sure if you wanted Kitty to be he or she and I hate using ‘it’ when talking about a pet so I just wrote Kitty as a ‘she’.
I don’t know how to feel about this imagine. I feel like I’m making Bucky into a complete different person in these imagines but they are fan fictions, so… ALSO SORRY FOR TAKING LITERALLY MONTHS (maybe even a year) TO FINALLY GET THIS DONE!! Anyway….

Pairing: Bucky x (shy and insecure) reader

Words: 4,015

Warning(s): talking about insecurity (didn’t go to specifics), i guess you can call this a fluffy imagine

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lams in hamilton the musical

okey dokey my friends i will try to remember as much as i can

  • in alexander hamilton laurens passes ham his bag and they make really intense eye contact for a few seconds, you can actually see this pretty well in the grammys video (i don’t have a link i’m sorry but here’s the gif) but it’s definitely noticeable on stage
  • laurens has this cute lil smile at “laurens i like you a lot”
  • at one point during my shot ham grabs laurens’ shoulder and is looking at him for several seconds (you start to see them get progressively touchy)
  • it’s where you get this gif from, actually
  • that being said they spend the story of tonight really touchy
  • i don’t have much to say for a winter’s ball but laurens joins in with ham and burr in the “hey”s, it’s pretty funny
  • HOOOO BOY HELPLESS okay i mentioned this before, but during the wedding scene at the end of the song, laurens and angelica walk down the aisle first arm-in-arm, the best man and maid of honor. they are not happy. before they part, they share this look, and there’s definitely a mutual understanding between them (i wrote more about this and the wedding scene here) this is where that subtext was most obvious to me, personally. i wasn’t expecting it and i actually gasped
  • there’s not too much to say for satisfied, but when laurens stumbles out to do his “alright alright that’s what i’m talking about” he is very obviously drunk, so you might could read something into that idk, i didn’t interpret it as the happy kind of drunk we saw in aaron burr sir
  • THE STORY OF TONIGHT REPRISE OH MY GOD basically they spend the entire first half of the song all up on each other with the touching
  • i could be wrong but i think it’s when they’re singing “cus if the tomcat can get married” laurens, mulligan, and lafayette are basically all humping the air and laurens is laughing at ham lmao (this gif)
  • in stay alive i’m pretty sure hamilton touches lauren’s shoulder at “and everyday’s a test of our camaraderie and bravery” but don’t quote me on that
  • and YES IT’S TRUE at “laurens, do not throw away your shot” ham DOES grab the back of laurens’ neck and they DO look into each other’s eyes for several seconds and i DID die but what i wasn’t expecting is that LAURENS GRABS BACK he’s either holding onto the back of ham’s neck or his shoulder i’m not sure BUT IT IS JUST AS GAY AS YOU’RE IMAGINING
  • but i wouldn’t say there was anything overtly romantic about ten duel commandments
  • after laurens shoots lee in meet me inside, ham is immediately at his side. sometime before washington gets there (i think after “go, we won”) they pull each other into a tight hug for a moment, laurens looks reluctant to leave ham when washington asks him to meet him inside
  • okay so tomorrow there’ll be more of us, the one song that’s not on the album
  • it’s small and heartbreaking. ham is sitting in a wooden chair facing the audience, and eliza comes out at the end of dear theodosia with the letter. she reads it to him.
  • hamilton is in obvious distress when he realizes what the letter is saying, looking stunned more than anything. he’s all frozen up. laurens stands next to him, and he doesn’t look sad at all, actually looks rather proud. he even smiles at his last “tomorrow there’ll be more of us” before the spotlight goes out on him
  • hamilton is looking at him though, almost like he’s a vision or something, because he’s still looking at that spot when the light’s gone out and eliza asks if he’s okay. there’s a pause where he looks kinda blank before he says, sorta gravely, “i’ve got so much work to do” and jumps directly into non-stop
  • really, i think the significance of this scene more than anything is that it’s the one song lin decided to leave off the album. he saw it as special, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly

in general, i’d say that if you knew hamilton and laurens were a thing prior to watching the show, that subtext would be pretty obvious to you. if you didn’t, it probably wouldn’t jump out at you, but it’s there. i told my mom after that ham and laurens were lovers and her reaction was basically “ohhhh, i see that”

there are things i missed because i can’t remember every time they were touching or every time they were making eye contact, but just know that there’s a lot of that lol

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The fans kinda ruined yoi for me too :( it's so embarrassing to see yoi fans harass real figure skaters, make fun of their achievements, vandalize their wikis and info, fill their tags with posts about them being so anime, and upsetting figure skating fans. Ever since it started I haven't been able to search for yuzuru hanyu without seeing several posts treating him as some anime joke, not a person who has worked years to become one of the best in the world. I don't hope for season 2 anymore...

Yeah, exactly, it’s extremely disrespectful and it needs to stop. While YOI could help inspire others to learn more about figure skating, etc. it’s still important to separate reality and fiction.

We’re really sorry to hear how it’s been discouraging for you. Although, don’t let those fans get to you! Like stated here and here, there’s a side to this fandom that is also positive where fans are supporting and encouraging each other. We’re here with yall!