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So, I added something to my FAQ that I realised I also wanna address on here too.

I get the following message a lot. In both asks and that weird new tumblr chat thing.

“I found someone reposting your art without credit/copying your art/claiming they drew your art!!!”

Right, listen. Thank you so much for letting me know, but think about it - what do I do now? Where do I go here with this knowledge?

First of all, if you don’t tell me who stole my art then what am I supposed to do. And yes sometimes people actually do this. tell me my art has been stolen but don’t give me any links or leads. like. thanks. real helpful, bud.

Second, if you do give me a link or url - please know that the process of trying to contact this person (either by sending them an ask or reblogging the stolen post and calling them out) is fucking exhausting for me. More often than not, thieves react unkindly and refuse to take down my work, even going so far to call me a bully for trying to protect my work (please note that I always make effort to be polite).
When people don’t co-operate and refuse to take down my work or apologise, I’m then forced to contact tumblr and fill a DCMA report for copyright/IP infringement.


I actually REALLY hate getting these messages. Sometimes I even ignore them so I can bury my head in the sand and pretend like I don’t have to chase up yet another art thief. I feel bad about it, because I know people are just trying to help.

So here’s how you can REALLY help me. Here is something that I will appreciate a great deal more than just an ask telling me someone’s stolen my art.

If you can be bothered to send me an ask/chat message about art thieves, please PLEASE don’t just throw a URL at me and leave me alone to deal with it.
Instead, if you can send the thief an ask and let them know what they’ve done is wrong (sometimes they don’t realise reposting without credit is wrong and it’s as simple as letting them know!), if it can be resolved as early as then, then that saves me the effort of doing that job.

If you find art thieves stealing my work, don’t jump straight into my inbox - send them a message first. If they react well and take the post down/give credit, then yay! nothing else needs to be done!

If they don’t react well, feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll get stuck into the IP infringement reporting process.

This is so, so much more helpful to me than just throwing URLs in my inbox for me to deal with alone. Because I get a lot of these. I see it a lot. And it’s a lot of work for me.
So if that work can be pared down a little bit, I’d appreciate it so much.

thank you.

anonymous asked:

hey mom. This guy called me a fat (I am) piece of shit today and I've been thinking about it all day lol. Not really sure what I should do about it. I can't really talk to anybody in real life. So I just needed to tell someone that. Thanks for listening lmao

ugh god people are mean. this kills me. you’re not a piece of shit and your weight or body type shouldn’t be something that people pick on you for and im sorry someone said that to you. words hurt and i hope you don’t let him get to you. vent to me anytime

hey hi hello~following spree~♥

So this is probably the last time that I’m gonna do this for a v long time, so LISTEN UP (jk i can’t tell you what to do). I want some more blogs to follow. So if you blog any of the following, reblog this post or follow me or write your url in the sky and I’ll check your blog out.


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….I think that’s it….