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You’re Beautiful // John Murphy Imagine

title - you’re beautiful

pairing - john murphy/you

prompt - “”  HIII can u do a murphy x reader based on the line “pins her against the wall tells her shes beautiful” thank you :) “”

warnings - alcohol, swearing, light smut (oops)

a/n -  the line is from a the maine song and the link this here if you wanna listen to it (i hope that the right song bc it if isn’t then fuck thats awkward) anyway this is cute but i wasnt really feeling it so pls tell me what you think of it bc idek i think its kinda bad?? but enjoyyyy ((requests are open babs)

It was raining. The wind blew violently through the forest, and the tents were flapping with just as much ferocity. On any other given day, you’d be outside, happily enjoying the rain while practically everyone else looked on at you in disgust and concern, and the feelings were mutual–as far as you were concerned–because you just couldn’t understand how they could hate this weather. It was beautiful.

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anonymous asked:

Idk what Louis kid has to do with it but deleting my message reaffirms my point! I just think yo should listen to Harry and see what he says instead of shutting people down like you do just my opinion anyways this isn't going to go anywhere I realize because of your response so nice talking to you i guess

I SAID EOTIHNSIOHTS OH YOHSETIHONES lord have mercy i deadass said i deleted it on accident lol

i don’t shut ppl down like????? pls tell me where i have bc if i did then i wanna Fix it but i don’t shut ppls’ opinions down unless they’re gross/toxic or nasty as in: harmful to someone else and what i meant by louis’s kid is exactly what i said if u take like something that is Real Life and twist it for ur own interpretation that’s not like an opinion u have it’s Wrong like u saying “i like vanilla ice cream” is an opinion and that’s cool it’s not my fave but that’s awesome like??? i don’t get where i’ve done what ur saying i did

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….I think that’s it….

Being married to Luke…….

  • Painting the house together
  • Late mornings luke walking around the house with just boxers with vegemite toast in his hands
  • Smirking at you from across the room when he’s turned on
  • Eating you out with scruff FUCK
  • Begging him not to shave
  • Buying you flowers just bc he feels like it
  • Him wanting to know how to braind your hair
  • “knock knock” “who’s there” “idk I just wanted to say it idk the joke”
  • Showers together and talking about important things instead of fucking
  • So much CUDDLES
  • Singing for you
  • Disney marathons
  • “babe I miss Michael”
  • Plotting revenge on the boy that broke your daughter’s heart
  • “no son you’re not allowed to drop out of school to join a band”
  • Giving you piggy back rides “so that you can see what’s it like in my world”
  • Going on tour with him
  • So much beach trips
  • Hemmo brothers being your brothers
  • Being the daughter liz never had
  • BFFS with jack
  • Spending lots of time with the hemmo clan
  • “babe Michael is so mean to me”
  • “do I look like a noodle no tell me rly”
  • *buys kid a joke book for Christmas*
  • Lots of giggly sex
  • “babe can I kiss you” *5 mins later* “babe can I kiss you again” “JUST FUCKING KISS ME LUKE”
  • “babe listen to this joke I read”
  • “hey babe” and then running away while making that weird squeaking noise
  • “Michael one more time you hit luke youre fucking dead”
  • “babe do you think our son is gonna be taller than me :-(“
  • “OMG WTf how is my 5 yr old child cooler than me @ fans pls stop ur supposed to love me”
  • “babe what’s thi- oh what the fuck Ok BYE” when he sees your pad/tampons drawer
  • “michAEL UR SON IS DATING MY DAUGHTER how the fuck dare he I will shit on your life”
  • @ u “how’s the weather down there”
  • So!!! Much!!! Foreplay!!!
  • @ your child “hello I made u how r u?”
  • Laughing at the most basic everyday things
  • Spontaneous adventures to anywhere
  • Getting your kids to latch on to one leg each and dragging them around the house

OKAY SO HERE’S THE GRAND FINALE! hope u guys enjoy it :-) - shreya and shazza