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do you consider DIY HRT to be similar to self-dx? (disclaimer: I do, and I fully support both.)

Self-diagnosis and self-medication are very different things. Self-diagnosis provides access to community support and better coping tools which, even if you’re wrong, aren’t really harmful. Often the coping tools learned help regardless of whether a person is correct with their diagnosis. Self-medication (whether of psych meds, supplements, or HRT) can be very risky if not undertaken with the appropriate knowledge and understanding of warning signs and risks. 

That said, this blog understands the need for DIY HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Many trans people are not able to access doctors whether due to cost, lack of prescribing physicians, ableism, racism, transantagonism, or a myriad of other reasons. Thus, we do not condemn self-medication, but rather caution that self-medication must be taken very seriously and intensive research must be done before attempting it. 

If you are considering DIY HRT, you need to thoroughly research the potential risks associated with HRT and know all of the warning signs for these risks, particularly for certain cancers that are more likely with HRT. You need to be willing to seek medical attention and be open with a doctor if you start to show concerning signs. You need to be well researched on dosing of medications. 

This all goes for any kind of self-medication, not just HRT. If you are taking something like St. John’s Wart or 5-HTP for depression you need to be just as well researched. For any kind of self-medication you need to be exceptionally confident in your ability to do this correctly and to be willing to seek help if things go awry. 

In summation, we do not consider self-medication and self-diagnosis to be the same thing, but we do support both, just with a very strong word of caution associated with self-medication.

-Sabrina and Sean

kangcheoul  asked:

Hi Nathan:) as i know you wake up early (like 5.30 am) you eat healthy, you go to the gym, you dont drink alcohol or dont do drugs. isnt it little bit boring? did you ever think about "losing your shit" or "losing control"?:))

why would that be boring? Living a healthy active life is far from boring. It’s only boring people that get easily bored in my experience.

Panic! At The Disco music videos, a summary:

I Write Sins: The circus invades a wedding.

Ballad of Mona Lisa: Steampunk vampires, plus a murder conspiracy.

Nine In The Afternoon: Drugs ft. a marching band

That Green Gentleman: Drugs ft. Russian nesting dolls.

Miss Jackson: Brendon killed a hooker, some tires got set on fire and also there was this magic lady who gave her soul up or something. It was a bad day for everyone.

But It’s Better If You Do: Brendon secretly goes to a secret illegal strip club, keeping it a secret from his wife who just so happens to secretly work there. Good times.

Lying Is The Most Fun: People with fish tank heads which is apparently a metaphor for having sex??

Nicotine: Brendon clones himself to deal with the loss of his girlfriend.

This Is Gospel: Murderous doctors.

Ready To Go: Brendon accidentally travels to a different time/dimension, dances with some emo swiffers, gets shot out of a canon, is transported to Toonville, and then everybody decided to go all Singing In The Rain. In conclusion: what the fuck.

Build God, Then We’ll Talk: Mime porn.

Girls/Girls/Boys: To raise awareness of bisexuality, Brendon Urie goes naked.

Northern Downpour: Why are there words on everything.

Let’s Kill Tonight: Shockingly normal, considering the title and the lyrics of the song.

Hallelujah: Illusions, illusions everywhere.

Emperor’s New Clothes: Despite the amount of religiously themed songs, Brendon decides that Hell is the place for him.


The Overture: Wut.

Overwatch characters as things I have heard people say at school

Genji: If the system is gonna fuck me over I’m gonna fuck it back. hard.

McCree: anyway back to asian dudes and stamina…

Junkrat: So I heard someone threw shit at the ceiling in the boy’s locker room

Symmetra: I can do anything. I’m in drafting.

Tracer: The teacher said we would have a nerf war and I’m disappointed that it didn’t happen

Sombra: I’ll bring some ones and you can be a real stripper

Mercy: Can I be the Wine Mom?

Hanzo: I have cramps, wanna die, have a headache, and fainted in First period, but I have a presentation during Fifth so I might as well just suck it up huh?

Winston: Do you think the drug dog smells birth control?

Reinhardt: If that creep texts you one more time I will commit arson. again. 

Zenyatta: [Police sirens] So anyway this town is great. [Firetruck screams] No problems. [Three police cars rush by] I love it here. [Ambulance] This is the sound of home.

Roadhog: I think she slept with him in the parking lot of the college. Good for her. She knows what she wants.

This conversation:

  • Reaper: Is it illegal? I’m asking because your Dad is a cop. 
  • Soldier 76: Yes. It’s very illegal. 
  • Reaper: How much is very illegal?
  • Soldier 76: About maybe 17 years and him getting arrested. 
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #16
  • Phil: Dan, I bought you a pet
  • Dan: *excited* omg show me
  • Phil: *gives him a moth in a jar*