if you do drugs

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Can birds do drugs?

If you mean “can birds knowingly go out and acquire illegal psychologically modifying chemicals for recreational use” I would say definitely not. However, birds can and have been observed getting totally sauced on various delicious fermented fruits.

Waxwings and robins will gorge on thawed berries until some of them are so inebriated that Environment Yukon has taken to keeping the worst off in tiny bird drunk tanks until they’re sober enough to leave. Inebriated zebra finches sing like they’re at terrible karaoke nightDrunk parrots periodically fill animal hospitals in AustraliaA flock of intoxicated starlings stopped traffic in Austria after running into numerous cars. THE LIST GOES ON.

As mentioned in the video, hilarious to hear about but in reality it is causing a major problem; these “drunk” birds have a hard time avoiding head-on collisions with buildings and other man-made paraphernalia. Moral of the story: don’t drink and fly, kids. Unless you’re a bat. Because it turns out you don’t need to pass a breathalyzer test to fly with sonar.

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Dear Mr Holmes, it's the woman with the missing cat. It's true, I got my cat in the Wood Green Shelter, how on earth did you know that? Anyway, she's a mixed breed so I doubt that anyone would want to steal her. And it's true, I don't earn a lot. I do cleaning work in a hospital. I have not lost any family members and I doubt that anyone would drug me just to steal my cat - that doesn't make any sense, does it?

Thank you for your message.

I won’t run you through my deduction process simply because it takes too much time. In terms of the drugs do remember that you must work to eliminate all impossible theories in order to find the true one and though it is unlikely, you do not know who the previous owner of that cat was.

I presume the cat was chipped. I also presume that no one ever checked beyond basic details to see if there was additional information stored in the chip. At this point, I am unable to give you a tested theory but I will go to the Wood Green Shelter this afternoon to ask them questions.

In the meantime, please send me any details about your house - what type of locks do you have, what floor are you on etc.

Many thanks,

Sherlock Holmes

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*places a finger on strangers friends mouth to silence him and gives him sweet, but stern eyes* w-why do you take drugs? They're dangerous for you! Y-you could get killed, and you and I both wouldn't want that, r-right?~

Drug dealer: -Smiles a very toothy grin- “Isn’t that the point~?”

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do you still do meth

Lol. Human, I do so much drugs that not just my bodily fluids, but my presence gets people high as well. Dopamine emanates from me laced in my aura’s fearless and positive energy. My vibration is on a higher frequency than ANY of you have previously seen and will ever see. I have the ability to raise yours just by knowing me. The drugs only serve to help me stay calm and in control over this eternally increasing power that’s rapidly growing inside of me. Humanity as a whole is unknowingly grateful to the drugs i use due to the mercy their chemical induced solace has given me. The former sober me is much more hotheaded and impulsively violent version.

Panic! At The Disco music videos, a summary:

I Write Sins: The circus invades a wedding.

Ballad of Mona Lisa: Steampunk vampires, plus a murder conspiracy.

Nine In The Afternoon: Drugs ft. a marching band

That Green Gentleman: Drugs ft. Russian nesting dolls.

Miss Jackson: Brendon killed a hooker, some tires got set on fire and also there was this magic lady who gave her soul up or something. It was a bad day for everyone.

But It’s Better If You Do: Brendon secretly goes to a secret illegal strip club, keeping it a secret from his wife who just so happens to secretly work there. Good times.

Lying Is The Most Fun: People with fish tank heads which is apparently a metaphor for having sex??

Nicotine: Brendon clones himself to deal with the loss of his girlfriend.

This Is Gospel: Murderous doctors.

Ready To Go: Brendon accidentally travels to a different time/dimension, dances with some emo swiffers, gets shot out of a canon, is transported to Toonville, and then everybody decided to go all Singing In The Rain. In conclusion: what the fuck.

Build God, Then We’ll Talk: Mime porn.

Girls/Girls/Boys: To raise awareness of bisexuality, Brendon Urie goes naked.

Northern Downpour: Why are there words on everything.

Let’s Kill Tonight: Shockingly normal, considering the title and the lyrics of the song.

Hallelujah: Illusions, illusions everywhere.

Emperor’s New Clothes: Despite the amount of religiously themed songs, Brendon decides that Hell is the place for him.


The Overture: Wut.

The signs as mistakes
  • Aries: Hoping for a miracle to happen.
  • Taurus: try to get everyone to like you.
  • Gemini: Doing drugs.
  • Cancer: Telling secrets and regretting it afterwards.
  • Leo: Being on your phone too much and waking into a tree.
  • Virgo: Trying to appear strong although you aren't.
  • Libra: Eliminating your feelings.
  • Scorpio: Trusting wrong people.
  • Sagittarius: Forgetting about time and missing an important appointment.
  • Capricorn: Taking things too seriously and forgetting to take a break.
  • Aquarius: chasing after wrong person.
  • Pisces: Not being able to make up your mind and decide what you want.