if you didnt think i was crazy before

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Not sure if you do advice, ignore this if you don't but I just need to let this out. I was with friends today and a guy came up and asked for my number. I said no and my friends asked why and I said I didnt like guys like that. So they asked if I was gay and I froze bc I didn't want to explain my crazy sexuality so I said "kinda" and now they think Im lesbian and I don't want to correct them. Im not close to them so im worried someone will tell and scared that im faking gay bc im aro/questioning

First thing: It may be worth letting your friends know that a girl can turn a guy down without being gay. :P 

Second thing: You are under no obligation to come out to your friends before you are ready. If you do want to come out to them, maybe try sending them an article about asexuality and just saying that you didn’t want to explain it at the time but this is how you feel. This is a cool video to use: