if you didn't think they were girlfriends

The Signs as Phases They Went Through in Middle School
  • Aries: Misanthropic goth kid. "Life is meaningless, we all die some day anyway". Collected miscellaneous animal bones. Probably once tried to buy a human skull off the deep web.
  • Taurus: Was really into Pokemon. Tried to "troll" other students they didn't like on social media but was never taken seriously. Had a lot of self image issues. Probably writes their own slam poetry.
  • Gemini: Viewed themself as the most intelligent person in the world, smarter than any adult. Viewed everyone else as stupid and inferior to them. Probably spent a majority of their childhood on the computer.
  • Cancer: Was one of those middle schoolers that was far too loud in movie theatres or the library. Always said that they "had no friends" even though they were popular. Went through significant others faster than most go through underwear.
  • Leo: That one kid that drew nothing but animals. Warriors fan. Owned "how to draw anime" books. Talked a lot about how in love they were even though they were 13. Used cutesy :3 smilies and *roleplay actions* in casual texts for some reason.
  • Virgo: Constantly full of sarcasm and snark towards authority and peers alike. Wore brand name clothes and shunned people who didn't. Came out in the 6th grade and forever cemented themself as the Gay Friend.
  • Libra: Incredibly obnoxious. Really into "XD LOLZ RANDOM!" humor. Owned more stuffed animals than friends.
  • Scorpio: Caused drama for the sake of causing drama. Had scene hair. Was typically pegged as most likely to have vandalized or broken something even though more often than not it wasn't them. Not as edgy as they liked to think they were.
  • Sagittarius: Young Republican. Repeated borderline racist rhetoric they read on the internet as an excuse to be a jerk. "Do you even lift?". Wondered why they don't have a girlfriend even though they were a jackass to everyone they met. Introvert with one close extrovert friend that made friends for them.
  • Capricorn: Self identified Juggalo, facepaint and all. Really passionate about music and willing to cuss someone out for insulting their favorite bands. Occasionally volatile and didn't understand that consequences applied to them.
  • Aquarius: Glorified violence. Told offensive jokes for the sake of offending people, then gets upset when they don't "get the joke". Had a permanent "why me" complex about everything.
  • Pisces: Operated under the belief that millennials always know better than adults. Brought home every animal they found. Had a lot of big ideas but could never quite accomplish them.
My Mother is Amazing
  • -I just showed her Moana tonight. After the movie: -
  • Mom: I like that Disney's been doing strong female leads with Brave and Moana.
  • Me: Anna and Elsa were a strong female leads. Elsa didn't even have a love interest.
  • Mom: Well, we all know Elsa is a lesbian.
  • Me: (laughing) What made you come to that conclusion?
  • Mom: The evidence is all there. She doesn't seem very attracted to men.
  • Me: I mean, yeah. But she has maybe three interactions with guys in the entire film.
  • Mom: She just doesn't seem that attracted to them. . .
  • -a beat passes-
  • Mom: Maybe all this shipping you're doing has gotten to my head.
  • Andy: Speaking of Harry, you recently spoke about the rumors that you two were, like -- there were all these weird rumors that you guys were together or lovers or something that I was always - as a gay guy I was always like -- why???... it BUGGED me for some reason [Louis laughs]. Like I didn't GET it, I was like ... were you, when that was going on, were you like, what is UP?
  • Louis: I mean, it was just one of those things that kind of just seemed to get bigger and bigger, um, but it's always been a kind of a confusing thing to me, 'cause, you know, I've kind of always been pretty open about me and my girlfriend [Andy: Right!]. Um, but, hey, you know, it's the...
  • Andy: What was the biggest conspiracy theory you heard during the day?
  • Louis: Oh, I mean, anything along those lines, I mean, they all think that my girlfriend's employed, these people who believe in the, yeah, in that conspiracy, yeah. That my girlfriend is employed, yeah, it's pretty crazy, right?
  • Andy: Wow.
  • Louis: Yeah.
  • Andy: That's nuts.
  • Louis: That sounds crazy, yeah.
  • Andy: That DOES sound crazy. You also got a new E tattoo on your left hand.
  • Louis: I did.
  • Andy: In honor of your girlfriend.
  • Louis: Mmm-hmm.
  • Andy: Which makes me feel -- oh there it is...
  • Louis: There it is, yeah.
  • Andy: Which makes me feel like... I mean... if you're gonna get a tattoo, you're getting married at some point soon.
  • Louis: [laughs] I mean, it's not something I've been thinking about, like, right now, I mean, eventually one day maybe, but right now we'll just stick to the tattoos on the hands.
Shawn's Phoenix Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said he has an unreleased song that is like A Little Too Much and Hold On
  • Q: If you got stung by a jellyfish who would you have pee on you?
  • A: Matt
  • Shawn said he feels confident when he knows he's doing a great job on stage and not confident when he messes up
  • Q: What do you do when you're sad?
  • A: I listen to country music
  • Q: What are you most proud of?
  • A: Ruin
  • Q: Weirdest fan experience?
  • A: A girl grabbed my leg once and didn't' let go! I said alright, you're coming with me
  • "She'll be the one is a song about how I haven't met this girl yet, but you can just tell that she'll be the first girl to break my heart"
  • "Honest" is about Shawn's ex girlfriend
  • Shawn said he feels less confident when he mess up on stage. He feels confident when he knows he's doing a great job on stage!
  • "What do you think about our president?
  • -Humm, well he's your president!"
  • Shawn said he would definitely get a tattoo for his kids
  • "Do you get nervous before a show?
  • -Every single time"
  • "What is your favorite song right now?
  • -There's this song called "Morning" by Marc E. Bassy"
  • "When did you know you were so talented?
  • -I really didn't know, you guys told me"
  • "What's your nervous habit?
  • -This...I grab my fingers"

R.I.P. José Delfín Fernández 

[31 July 1992 - 25 September 2016]

I told the boys, ‘If y’all don’t believe in God, y’all might as well start.’ I ain’t ever hit a ball that far even in BP… We had some help.” - Dee Gordon

When you do anything in your life, you do it right and you do it hard. That’s the ultimate honor you can pay to José Fernández.” - David Samson

When your daughter is born I hope she has your smile. The world will be better with a little piece of you in it.

We miss you Niño! Forever and always.

  • Ghira: Honey. Yang. We're back. *Ghira called out as he and Blake entered the Belladonna home.*
  • Blake: We brought you some dessert from the sto-Yang! *Blake started to call out as she and father entered the living only to find her girlfriend laying on the couch with a bandage around her head as Kali gently placed an Ice pack on her head. It didn't take Blake look to rush over to her love's side to see if she was okay.* Yang? Yang, Sweetie? Are you okay?
  • Kali: Calm down, Blake. Yang is fine. She just has a little bump on her head is all. The doctor said all she needs is some rest. *Kali told her daughter as she comforted her.*
  • Ghira: I don't understand. What happened while we were at the meeting?
  • Kali: Well... *Kali began, thinking back to earlier.*
  • ~Flashback~
  • Yang: Excuse me, Mrs B? Sorry to bother you but the spire bathroom is out of towel. Can I grab one from your? *Yang called out while she knocked on door to Blake's parents bathroom door, waiting a moment listening for Kali to reply as music played from the other side of the door.* Mrs B? *Yang asked again knocking slightly louder.*
  • Kali: Huh? Yes? Is that you Yang? *Kali questioned through the door, the music's volume lowering.*
  • Yang: Yeah It's me. Sorry about this but can I barrow a towel? The other bathroom doesn't have any.
  • Kali: Oh of course dear. You can come on in and get them, I'm wearing a robe. There in the closet to the left.
  • Yang: Okay cool. *Yang smiled, opening the door slightly to pock her head to to find Kali was indeed wearing a robe as she sat on the edge of the bath before enter, Keeping her eyes casted downward.* Pardon my interruption.
  • Kali: Oh there's no need to apologize, Yang. I was just finish up her myself. *Kali smiled as she pointed to the closet.* Anyway, the towels are on the left. Help yourself.
  • Yang: Thanks Mrs B. *Yang said quickly moving to the closet and opening it, spotting the towels right away and grabbing two.* Sorry again for walkinnNOHMYGOD! *Yang suddenly yelled with an enormous blush growing on her face as she turned to Kali. For before the young huntress sat her girlfriend's mother with her right leg straight up in the air as she groomed herself like a cat.
  • Kali: Hmm? Is something wrong Yang? *Kali asked when she noticed Yang's red face wide eyes.*
  • Yang: *It was at those words Yang quickly covered her eyes, trying not to peek throght the cracks of her fingers as she yammered.* I!UH! DUH! UMM! S-SORRY! I DIDN'T REALIZE! UUH My GOD!
  • Kali: Hehe, Oh Yang. Calm down. I'm only grooming myself. I'm sure you see Blake do it all the time. Maybe even let her do some grooming on you. *Kali laughed with a teasing smirk, waving her hand.*
  • Yang: Well Yeah but! Wait I mean, No! I, Ugh! It's different with Blake! Plus, She does do that with me! *Yang rambles on, feeling the wall with one hand to leave while covering her eyes with the other.*
  • Kali: Really? Huh? I would have thought Blake would have tried it with you by now? *Kali Thought out loud before a devious smirk formed on her face and spoke seductively to Yang.* In that case, Why don't you come over here and I can show you how it's done? *She purred as she thought.* Let's see how loyal she is to my baby girl.
  • Yang: *Meanwhile, Yang's jaw dropped in shock before she quickly shouted while rushing to the door.* SORRYBUTONLYBLAKECANSHOULDANDWILLUSESHERTONGUEONMETHANKSFORTHETOWELSBYYYYYAAAH! *It was towards the end of her sentence, Yang unfortunately slipped on the damped floor and fell on the back of her head. Hard.*
  • Kali: OH MY GOD! YANG! ARE YOU OKAY!? *Kali panicked quickly rushing over to fallen huntress.*
  • ~Present~
  • Kali: ... She slipped in our bathroom while getting towels from the closet. The floor was a bit wet since I just took a bath. *Kali explained, leaving out the details.*
  • Blake: Oh no. I knew I forgot something when we left. *Blake said, gentle stroking Yang's hair.* Yang, sweetie. Can you hear me?
  • Ghira: Don't worry Blake. I'm sure Yang well be fine. *Ghira assured her daughter to comfort her, placing his hand on her shoulder when Yang stirred.* Ah, She is waking up.
  • Blake: Yang? How are you feeling? Yang? *Blake asked worryingly.*
  • Yang: Mmmrr, no Mrs B. Only Blake can groom me... *Yang quietly mumbled, still not fully conscious causing both Ghira and Blake to turn their questions stares to the somewhat nervous Kali.*
  • Blake: Mom? She is she mumbling about? *Blake questions while narrowing her eyes.*
  • Kali: I-I have no idea.
  • Ghira: Kali. Tell me you didn't tease the poor girl.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: Kali.
  • Kali: It was an accident.
  • Blake: Oh my god! Mom!
  • Kali: Well on the bright side you know Yang is very loyal to you. Soooo it's not all bad.
  • Ghira: *Ghira could only sigh with his daughter as they both crossed their arms and pinched the bridge of their noses.* This is Ilia all over again.
  • Blake: Tell me about it.
  • Yang: I demand a Blakey bath when the room stops spinning.* Yang randomly said holding up her metal hand.*
Shit I have been told/heard as BMC characters
  • Squip: *asked what they think in their free time* intricately plot the destruction of humanity.
  • Jeremy: the plot called my life is too fast for me to keep up with.
  • Christine: wait you were talking?
  • ~the same conversation~
  • Jenna: I cant even, some kid set themselves on fire in science today.
  • Chloe: I don´t know what to do with that information, but... that´s great, I think I hear my girlfriend calling. bye.
  • Brooke: wait but I´m, like, standing next to you- WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!
  • ~end conversation~
  • Rich: I set my lab coat on fire but I didn't have the guts to tell the teacher so I continued the lesson as fire slowly crept up the sleeve.
  • Jake: I got so tired that I thought i was drunk.
  • Mr. Heere: I don´t know if i put on the right pants this morning. *looks down* these dont even look like pants, what are these?
  • ~and now last but not least...~
  • .
  • .
  • .
Dialing Under the Influence
  • Shaw: Rooooot...oh...Roooooot
  • Root: Shaw are you okay?
  • Shaw: Nooooooooooooo....Nope. Not Shaw. It's Sameen. Sameen is never okay when you're gone. Why aren't you here with me? Or maybe I should be with you where you are. But I don't know where that is...because you never let me visit. Why is that Root? Do you have another girlfriend besides me?
  • Root: I didn't know we were girlfriends Sam. But no I don't have any girlfriends at the moment.
  • Shaw: Except me Roooot. Glad we straightened it out. I can't have you thinking you can go around kissing other people because then I'd have to punch them. But what about all the moments before this one? Or all the ones after?
  • Root: I haven't had a girlfriend in all the time you've known me sweetie.
  • Shaw: Except me.
  • Root: Sorry, yes, except you.
  • Root thinks although this is too cute for words, she should probably go find Shaw before she gets arrested and blows her cover. Shaw has drunk-dialed her before but this seems different. Her other calls have always been to discuss the logistics for a booty call. The important factors being whose place and time.
  • Shaw: What about before me?
  • Root: I had one other girlfriend but it wasn't the same. I was very young.
  • Shaw: Did you love her more than me? she whispers so that Root has to strain to hear her.
  • Root: Root's heart breaks a little for the vulnerability she hears in Shaw's voice and a little for the tragedy that befell Hanna. She sighs.
  • It can't be compared sweetie. When I met Hanna we were barely teenagers. She looked out for me and offered me her friendship even though everyone else thought I was weird.
  • Shaw: Root, you are weird, but that's why I love you.
  • Root: That's new. Shaw's never declared her love no matter how drunk she's gotten.
  • Where are you sweetie?
  • Shaw: At our place. Root...please come.
  • Root: Of course Sameen. Is anyone there with you?
  • Shaw: Just Bear, but *shshshhs* cuz he's sleeping.
  • Root: Okay, I'm coming so don't leave. You want to stay on the phone with me until I get there?
  • Shaw: Yes! I don't like talking on the telephone except to you Root. Other people are boring. John hardly talks - its like a perverted breather call. Finch just drones on and on until I'm sleeping. And when Fusco calls I change my number. But I like hearing your voice on the phone. I wish you'd call me more when you're away.
  • Root's breath hitches and she wonders how hard their next conversation will be when Shaw forgets everything she's saying now, but it still lives in Root's heart. She needs to hurry and get Shaw to bed before she proposes.
  • Root's headed to the bar Shaw calls their place, but the Machine sends her the address to Shaw's apartment.
  • Root: This is the address to Shaw's apartment not the bar she calls 'our place.'
  • TM: Asset Shaw has been in her apartment the entire time you've been speaking. Outside your presence she refers to the apartment with the possessive pronoun 'our.'
  • Root: Is that why my things seems to constantly end up there when I'm sure I've left them in the subway?
  • TM: Asset Shaw moves any belongings you leave at the subway, except weapons, to your apartment.
  • Root: Just when I think I have things between us figured out, she throws me for a loop.
  • TM: I can help bring clarity to your relationship with Asset Shaw. Do you want my help?
  • Root: Not right now, but I may take you up on it later.

1. I love you. I love you. I love you. This was the first time anyone's ever told me those special three words. Of course, it was in a hushed voice and behind closed doors, but i didn't care. I was only thinking about us, not how your girlfriend would feel if she ever found out. (she never did.) I remember feeling so lucky that you had even cared about me at all. I made my new years resolution to be someone you could love more than half the time. 

2. My hand was out the window, my mind was lost on the road. I was too busy humming along to the radio to realize we were speeding down a highway taking sudden turns for the worst. We’ve driven this road now too many times to count, too many times to keep acting like we don’t know any better. The smell of burning rubber and the feeling of my fingernails digging into my skin, attempting to get a grip on something. When you drive you usually beat your hands on the wheel but today your hands lay still in a death grip. This road has grown tired and so have we. “Where do i go from here,” you hesitantly ask. Turn right at the stop sign. Turn left at the old barn. It’s time to stop.

3. After months spent memorizing you and all your little habits, I began to know you maybe better than you know yourself. So it didn't come as a surprise when you told me you were once again unfaithful. All the signs were there. You were growing silent. You would leave without kissing me goodbye. You stopped telling me you love me. You couldn’t even look me in the eye. That night the hard wood cut into my knees as I fell to the floor sobbing, crying out to your beloved god, begging him to somehow fix this.

4. See, see, see, this is all my fault. We sat there for hours trying to find the answers to the questions we were too afraid to ask. Why weren’t we working? What’s the problem? It took me a while to see past your manipulation and your tricks to realize that the answer was actually really simple. It’s you. You kept dressing up your mistakes as a one-time thing until they became who you are, all while making me think i was the one holding us back. See, see, see, this was never my fault. But you were always so good at convincing me it was.

5. I had finally grown tired of you kissing me like it’s a requirement and saying you love me like it’s an apology. That day I learned how to choose myself before anyone else, and I have been doing so ever since. And although it still feels like a word I learned from you, I know what we had wasn't love. At least, not the kind you should wish to repeat.

—  Moments of Impact, by stormie conn

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I love you ❤️❤️❤️ can you do one when they bring the baby home pleaseeeeee

i love u too, anon<3 and i looooved this prompt, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it xx

“we don’t have to leave yet if you aren’t ready” Emily told Ali again, who stood huddling herself in one of Emily’s old shark jumpers. Emily’s voice wobbled a little as she clutched to a soft teddy bear Caleb had bought over for the baby “we’re entitled to another 24 hours” Ali sighed, her eyes fixed on their son who slept soundly in the cot the hospital had provided for them. Shaking her head, she walked closer to her girlfriend, who happily took her in her arms. Her head rested on her chest as Emily stroked her hair softly, Ali exhaling deeply as she melted into her embrace.

“No” she muttered “I chose this life with you and I want to start living it” She said it with confidence, Emily holding her tighter as the words slipped out. “besides, isn’t your mum coming over to cook us dinner?” She pointed out, reaching up and lightly touching Emily’s lips with her own.

“Yeah” Emily remembered “she’s staying the night I think, she wants to help us with the first night shift” Ali feebly shook her head, still weak from giving birth less than 48 hours ago.

“We can’t ask her to do that” She said defiantly, though admittedly as she thought of the idea of her son’s grandma- one of her favourite people and best mothers she knew- being there to help them through the bumps and fears of the first night, she felt a lot more secure.

“You didn't” Emily said, her hands drifting to Ali’s arms as she pulled away “she’d be offended if we didn’t let her so there’s no point in arguing against it” A smile tugged at the corners of Alison’s lips, and she took Emily’s hand, directing them both to their sleeping son. Emily looked down at him dotingly, a goofy smile greeting her face as she reached her hand out, tracing her finger across his lightly rising and falling chest.

“He looks just like you” Ali noted, unable to keep her eyes off her girlfriend who’s eyes were fixed on her son.

“You think?” She asked, dragging her eyes away from him to look at Ali, grateful to see nothing but happiness radiating from her.
“Oh, completely” Ali said with a grin “he’s perfect” Emily blushed slightly, walking away to grab his bag and throw it over her shoulder.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Emily said as Ali carefully lifted him out of his cot, feeling whole again as his head rested lightly in the gap of her elbow.

“Positive” She whispered, slowly walking over to Emily so she didn’t wake him. Together they walked through the halls of the hospital. He stirred occasionally at the beeping sounds and the creaks of doors opening, but otherwise stayed perfectly calm. As they reached the parking lot, Ali chuckled as she saw the sleek black Mercedes hatchback, attractive yet seemingly perfectly practical. Ali frowned, for a second wanting to get angry that Emily had spent such an obscene amount of money, and then realising that  there was physically no way she would’ve been able to afford this.

“Jase?” She asked inquisitively. Emily shook her head, biting her lip as she pulled open the door to reveal the car seat that had been installed a few days previously.

“Mona” She dropped the bomb, and Ali’s heart stopped for a second. “she dropped it off yesterday morning. I told her to come and meet him but she seemed to be in a bit of a rush” Ali could barely say anything, her mouth hung open in shock as Emily walked over and took the baby from her, placing him securely in the seat and pecking him lightly on the forehead.

Mona?” she repeated as Emily helped her into the passenger side, finding herself strapping her in and placing a kiss on her forehead, just as she had her son.  “Mona bought us a car?” Emily shut the door, pacing around to the other side and sliding onto the leather seat.

“Yeah, I know” She said, shocked at how easy it was to start the ignition, the car gliding across the lot as if it were dancing on ice. “she texted me telling me to meet her in the coffee shop and just handed me the key. No explanation” Ali frowned, suddenly becoming a little concerned that there was a chance there was something wrong with the car. “don’t worry” Emily said, reading her mind “Toby came and checked it out last night, he said it was fine” Ali settled after that confirmation, her head falling onto her shoulder. “You can sleep” Emily broke the silence “I’ll wake you up when we’re home” And, though she wanted to protest, she let her eyes droop shut, marvelling at how exhausted she still was. Emily drove, paying so much more attention than she ever had before now that she had not only one but two of the most precious and important things in her life trusting her hands at the wheel. Eventually, she breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled up in front of their house, utterly petrified but also cautiously excited to be home. For a moment she sat, appreciating the silence, before she moved to wake up Ali. She unplugged her seat belt, stretching her arm out and stroking the top of Ali’s hand, kissing her warmly on the cheek.

“Baby” she whispered into her ear “we’re home” Ali stirred under her touch, a small smile creeping onto her face. She pried open her eyes, thankful that Emily’s were the first thing she saw. Emily smiled as Ali became alert again, stretching around to the back set to check her son was still sleeping. He was.

“I missed you” Ali murmured, blushing. Emily frowned as they sat still for a little while longer, their last moments of peace before everything changed forever.

“I’m right here” Emily replied softly, taking her hand in hers and tracing circles on the back with her thumb.

“We can do this, can’t we?” Alison sought reassurance from the brunette, who’s forehead wrinkled with concern at her question.

“We don’t really have a choice any more, Ali” She teased, trying to put a smile back onto Ali’s face “but yes, we can do this” Ali sighed quietly, looking out through the wind shield until her eyes landed on the big oak tree to the side of the house.

“When he’s old enough we can get Caleb and Toby to build him a tree house” She imagined, a quaint smile appearing on her face that lit up her eyes. Emily pouted her lips.

“In case you don’t remember, I spent a summer building actual houses in Haiti” she teased “I think we can manage without the boys” Worry flickered across Ali’s face.

“I didn’t know that” She admitted. Emily smiled, trying to eradicate the guilt that was evident on Ali’s face. It was moments like that that made her recognise they had only been dating a few months- and they had gone years without even speaking. This was still very early days for the pair. They sat in silence for a little while longer.

“I’m so proud of you, baby” Emily said with a grin “and I love you. So much” Alison was practically glowing at the words, and when their eyes met Emily thought she would drown in the love she was greeted with.

“I love you too, Em. Always” She replied, her throat still a little croaky from weariness. Ali was the first to get out the car, waddling a little to get round to her son, unbuckling him carefully so she didn’t wake him up.

“You okay? I can take him?” Emily called from the other side of the drive as she grabbed the numerous bags of baby stuff. Ali nodded weakly, treading carefully across the gravel pathway as Emily unlocked the door and helped them inside.

“Welcome home, little one” Ali murmured into his ear as she kissed his mass of brown hair. Together they carried him upstairs, lying him down in his cot. They watched him drift back off to sleep, the sunset casting a golden hue across the nursery, and Emily took Ali’s hand, pulling her into her chest, kissing her softly on the lips.

“We’re home” She said, disbelief racing through her.

“Yeah” Ali said, grinning so much Emily was worried she would be in pain later “yeah, we’re home”

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Lili and Mads were live again! I think someone asked "are you dating Cole?" and then Lili passed the question to Mads, who said, "No, I'm the opposite of dating Cole. He's like my brother." Then Lili didn't say anything. If the asker didn't specify who the question was for, why did Lili refuse to answer for herself? 😏

Girlfriend had great dodging and deflecting powers. Contrary to what people think, Sprousehart enjoys trolling people about their relationship. They find it amusing that people are so curious. 🙄

Eight And Ella
  • Eight: Heya, Ella. How are you doing?
  • Ella: Nope. Don't think about it.
  • Eight: What? I didn't-
  • Ella: You were going to. She's mine for today. Sorry.
  • Eight: I don't even know what you're-
  • Eight: Oh... but-
  • Ella: Nope. Shut up. Today she is mine.
  • Eight: Fiiiiine.
BTS Reaction: They watch you dance for the first time

Jung Hoseok: When you decided to show him your freestyle dancing, he was shocked. As you spin around on your head and jump forward landing your move, he was speechless. He would wonder if he was still the best dancer in your guys group of friends but he would push that thought aside and dance with you.

Jeon Jungkook: Him being the Golden Maknae, he thought he was the best. That was until he watched your dance to one of BTS’ hardest dances, Danger. As you danced, he wouldn’t be able to process everything that was happening. He didn’t know you paid any attention to their dance practice let alone learn the dance. He would be happy after the shock.

Kim Seokjin: He thought when you told him you were going to show him your dancing, you would be a little bit better than him. Once you started dancing to Blood Sweat and Tears, his jaw would drop and hit the floor. You were, to him, the best dancer. The way you knew all the moves and perfected everything made him proud to have you as his girlfriend.

Park Jimin: He was the one who showed you the dances moves to Dope but he didn’t think you would learn them. When he walked in on you dancing, he was anxious when you kicked the air. He didn’t want you to break anything but you didn’t. When you were done with Dope and moved onto War of Hormone he didn't know what to say but he joined. Both of you in sync and having fun. 

Min Yoongi: He wasn’t the best dance so when you wanted to show him your dancing he was excited. What he didn’t expect was Fire to come on. He would sit there in awe as you perfectly performed. He would watch closely to make sure you didn’t miss a step and you didn’t. When the song got over, he would clap because he was happy that you knew the dance to one of BTS songs.

Kim Taehyung: When you turned on We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2, he just watched you dance. When it came to J-Hopes, Jimins, and Jungkook solo parts, he watched in awe as you done every one of them. He didn’t say a word when it ended. He just sat there with his mouth open and stared at you. After 5 minutes he would finally say something like ‘Wow’ or just smile his boxy smile.

Kim Namjoon: He thought you were the female Jungkook Jimin or J-hope when you decided to dance to Not Today. He couldn’t look away when you stared to dance. He was surprised when he saw you could dance better than him. He didn’t see you as a dancer but you proved him wrong. Once the song was over, he would ask you to teach him how to dance better.

Another reaction! I just thought of it and decided to write it before I forgot. I hope everyone of you like it. I also would like to ask a question. I want to have a name for you guys. Like a fandom name. Please send me your ideas. I would love to hear them. ~Kisses<3~

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I'm the last anon: I didn't think what you said in reply to my ask was rude. I read so many wonderful fanfics (yours is at the top of my list, btw), that I get easily confused as to who wrote what. Haha. For some reason I thought you were the one who wrote about that...but really any imagine with Niall's girl riding his face, would be awesome. You do write Niall very well. 😘

Could you write something about Niall wanting to his girlfriend to be a little “louder"during sex? Like,I don’t know how to ask you this without sounding like an idiot hahahah but maybe his girlfriend is a little bit shy,and since you said that he’s the one to be the loudest when receiving a blowjob…. I think he would ask her if he’s doing something wrongs and then say that he needs to hear her…

Joined these two together.  Enjoy your Niall smut.

You were three chapters into a really good book.  Your legs stretched out over your boyfriend’s lap while he rubbed your feet and kept his eyes trained on a football game he’d turned on a couple hours ago.  

He set your foot down once he was done massaging it, his hand resting on your bare ankle.  He let out a deep sigh.  

You cast him a quick glance over your book.  Seeing that he wasn’t looking at you, you went back to reading.

Until you heard another deep sigh.  This time when you glanced at him over your book you caught him quickly turn his eyes back to the TV.  Now that you got the picture you folded your book closed and set it on your chest,

“Something wrong, Babe?”

He looked over at you, his eyebrows raised in innocence,

“Who me?  No, nothin’.  Just watchin’ the game.”

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Not sure if your ask box is open but.. How would Jungkook react if you asked to borrow hobi's hoodie because you were cold instead of his because you knew he didn't like to share clothes? Assuming that you and jungkook are dating?

Jungkook would be a bit confused at first as to why you would borrow Hobi’s hoodie when you’re his girlfriend and you should be wearing his. 

Yah yah yah..“ he’d say, pulling at the hoodie before you could even get it on you."What do you think you’re doing?”

“Wearing oppa’s hoodie.” you shrug as you tug at it once more. “I’m cold—”

“Exactly. Why are you going to wear hyung’s hoodie?” he gives you an accusatory gaze. “When you can borrow mine? Aren’t I your boyfriend?I’m your oppa!” he emphasizes.

“But you hate sharing clothes." 

Jungkook pauses, thinking how what you just said is actually true. “Yeah, b-but—” You pull on Hobi’s sweater, giving him a victorious look. “There’s your answer.”

Jungkook’s eyes widens in disbelief as you were about to put the hoodie on. But before you could even get it over your head, strong arms hug you from behind, wrapping you in a warm embrace. You stumble forward a bit at the impact, eyes widening in confusion. “Yah. Kookie, what are you doing—”

"Compromising.” he says, a smile creeping to his face. “You’re cold right?” ;P

haha Jungkookie being smooth as always XD


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I have four brothers a maximum of fifteen and minimum of six years older than me who all played football in high school and were on varsity all four years (one of whom is a cop and one is a former street fighter). I told my first boyfriend "They'll give you the shovel talk." he didn't think it would be that bad. We broke up because he was afraid of them. I told my girlfriend (a baker) the same thing and right now I'm watching her intimidate all four brothers while giggling. I love her so much.


Exo K’s Reaction to their sister not liking his past girlfriends but is fine with you

We’re glad that you liked the request we did for you! We hope you like this one as well :)


*He would of course bring her some flowers so she wouldn’t be so hard on you. His sister smiled as soon as she saw you which made him laugh because she has never smiled at any of his past girlfriends. And when he sister tells you that you were the one for him he couldn't help but blush.*


*As soon as his sister arrives, he would start to get nervous and would start thinking of all the things she has said to his past girlfriends. But then when he sees that she’s being nice and is actually laughing with you he would relax a bit. As he hears his sister say that she likes you and that you are the only one for him, he looks at you and gives you the biggest smile ever and kisses your forehead.*


*Before he took you to meet his sister he told you that she doesn’t really have a good reputation with his past girlfriends. So when you two arrived at her house and she started to talk to you normally without being rude or giving you dirty looks, he was a bit confused. But then when she said she liked you and that you were the one for him, he was really shocked and looked at you with a surprised face but then couldn’t help but smile at the fact that she liked you. (your D.O.)*


*As his sister started to talk to you, he expected her to start saying rude things and how she didn't think you were good for him but instead she was extremely nice and even said she liked you. So he looked at her with somewhat a confused face but then it turned into a grin. Then that grin turned into a bright smile as she says that she thinks you were the only one for him.*


*He, as well, would warn you before hand that she has had problems with his past girlfriends and that she probably would be the same way with you. But to his surprise, his sister happily greets you and make conversation with you without being rude. This makes him get confused af but then laughs it off as he hears her say that she likes you and that she thinks your perfect for him.*


*When he sees that his sister was approaching you guys, he looked down and told you that no matter what she said to not get hurt by it since she has never liked any of his past girlfriends. But when he hears her talk nicely and  starts complementing you, he slowly brings his head back up confused. She has never liked any of his past girlfriends why did she like you? Many thoughts when through his head while she kept talking to you and when she finally said that she liked you, he couldn’t help but smile and feel happy that his sister liked his one true love.*

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Favourite fanfic sentence meme
  • "I didn't know we were in the business of deciding who gets rights and who doesn't,"
  • "How is having accidentally told your girlfriend that you've been in love with your best friend for years the least of your worries?"
  • ‘I want a divorce, and ______ really wants one too, she just don't know it yet. Can you help?’
  • “Could you stop trying to make me despise myself, because I already do, all right?”
  • “The I’m going to miss you part was all right. I think you went a little off the rails after that.”
  • "Are you saying my entire career is an example of what my cousin – when he’s being particularly irritating and reading political theory – would call unearned privilege?”
  • "I get the impression they’re perfectly happy to engage in dirty play as long as it doesn’t look like it ..."
  • Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that we wouldn’t work as friends if you were pining away for me half as hard as you’ve always thought you were?”
  • "Innocent or guilty isn’t ever a technicality. It’s the most important difference in the world.”
  • "Just pretend to agree with the person you’re talking with, regardless of what they have to say. They won’t be expecting you to have opinions, in any case."
  • "I want to meet this person who has apparently set your mind running in directions where it has never run before.”
  • "Truth is truth / To the end of reckoning"
  • “I think we just arrested an innocent man.”
  • "You ought to be both asleep and in a cell, preferably the padded kind.”
  • “You want me to go where and ask who about what? But why?”
  • "Eh, the body is over there. Mea culpa."
  • “If illusions are the only thing that keep us from jumping off of bridges, most of the time ... you do wonder what truth is actually worth.”
  • "I think more students are concerned with their funding and future prospects than aesthetics."
  • "Just ... be gentle. For however long the two of you are together. And afterward.”
  • "They never really get angry with me— usually they assume it's your fault and let me pass."
  • "I suspect that dutiful facade conceals a wicked sense of irony."
  • “Any chance you're close to making an arrest?”
  • “Well, you could have been more specific, it’s not like there’s a shortage of potential deal-breakers that run in the family.”
  • ‘We didn’t really mind them that much. They were miserly and morose, but otherwise not that bad, as relatives go.’
  • "I think I want something much bigger than what I can have. Maybe my children will have it, someday.”
  • “If we had a pact, it was for your sake. Never mine."
  • “I don’t think nice would suit you at all, not in the long run."
  • “Oh. I guess I never thought – I don’t think about you as protecting me.”
  • What I mean, I guess, is ... I know we haven’t got much more time together, and I don’t want to waste that time on ... things that don’t matter.
  • “I hate flow charts. They don’t leave any <i>scope for creativity.”</i>
  • “I love flow charts. They don’t leave any scope for <i>creativity.”</i>
  • “I don’t have any confidence in your judgment."
  • "You have the worst judgment of anyone I’ve ever met. Give me some credit: I wouldn’t follow you anywhere I wasn’t willing to go."
  • "Do you mind if I ask why your cousin wanted to kill you?”
  • "I don’t want to be stuck in a flat full of potatoes that remind me of you, because ... potatoes don’t go at all well with heartache."
  • "Apples can be romantic under certain circumstances. Potatoes just aren’t.”
on the day james and lily decide to publicise their relationship
  • James: Lily for Merlin's sake, please relax. It's not as if we're walking down the aisle during our wedding.
  • James: Though if you want to rehearse for it, I wouldn't mind at all.
  • Lily: I can't, James! We're going to walk into the great hall together hand-in-hand in less than a minute! How can I calm down?
  • Lily: And shut up, we're not getting married.
  • James: Now what's wrong with the holding hands thing?
  • Lily: It's like me walking straight into Voldemort's open arms.
  • James: Merlin, that's just tragic.
  • James: Wait did you just compare me to Voldemort?
  • Lily: Exactly.
  • Lily: No, what I meant was the tragic part.
  • Lily: Obviously you're not as terrible as him.
  • Lily: But you're still terrible for making me do this.
  • James: I've waited for this day for the past six years and now that it has finally arrived, my crazy girlfriend is comparing me to a bald freak known as Old Red Eyes. this was not in the contract I signed, Lily.
  • James: And I never made you do this in the first place. You were the one who said we were ready to publicise our relationship.
  • Lily: You didn't sign a bloody contract in the first place, Potter!
  • Lily: And I'm not crazy!
  • James: Oh wait, yeah.
  • Lily: No! Everyone's going to judge me!
  • James: And just why would they do that?
  • Lily: Because they'll think I've finally gone loopy.
  • James: Did you just—you know what forget it.
  • Lily: Wha—
  • James: For Merlin's sake I'm going to drag you there by your foot, Evans if that's the last thing I'll do.