if you didn't take it out of context

the signs as out of context avatar: the last airbender quotes:
  • Aries: "she's crazy and she needs to go down."
  • Taurus: "take a bite out of the silver sandwich!"
  • Gemini: "hello, Zuko here..."
  • Cancer: "BOOMERANG! you DO always come back!"
  • Leo: "it's ok, you can laugh. it's funny."
  • Virgo: "you're so cute. it's a pity you're made of meat."
  • Libra: "you're beautiful when you hate the world."
  • Scorpio: "I AM COMPLETELY CALM!"
  • Sagittarius: "I asked if you were cold, I didn't ask for your life story."
  • Capricorn: "oh, look! it's your honour!"
  • Aquarius: "it's just hot leaf juice."
  • Pisces: "....and DIE."

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"suspect they are gay" - you want to actually call out your anons on using passively homophobic language? Suspect someone is gay? Like it's a fucking crime then need to be suspicious of? And why are you even fucking suspecting someones sexuality? Wait for them to tell you. Really disappointed I'm even having to send this and you didn't call that anon out for that bullshit to begin with.

there’s being sensitive to language and then there’s this perfect example of social justice warrior-ing gone wrong.

the message in question:

to suspect as the anon used it is a verb meaning ‘to believe or think without confirmation or concrete proof’. 

suspect as you mean it is a noun or an adjective and doesn’t even make sense in the context of the anon message you’re getting pissed about.

i’m going to suggest you take a million steps back my dude there was nothing passively homophobic about that sentence at all and you might want to make sure you understand the word usage you’re getting angry about before firing off messages like this.

“And why are you even fucking suspecting someones sexuality? Wait for them to tell you.”

and this is where you make it obvious you’re an anti.

  • Emerald: Hey Roman, we have a problem.
  • Roman: I am not your father, so don't come tattling to me every time one of you does something that the other one doesn't like!
  • Emerald: I'm telling you, he's crazy. He keeps threatening me and talking in a scary voice.
  • Mercury: No I didn't.
  • Emerald: Oh, so you're saying you didn't threaten to cut off my head and give it to Roman as a birthday present?
  • Mercury: You know, I think you're taking my words a little out of context.
  • Emerald: What, what context?!

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Once a customer came up to me and said that he wanted to show a painting to his mom- who was moving into a new place and needed something on her walls or something. He asked if I needed to leave with him to show her, since she just got out of the hospital and couldn't really leave the car. I said "sure, I'll go out with you!" Immediately regretted that word choice. He didn't take it out of context. His mom loved the painting and he bought it. Thank god everything turned out ok.

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1/ I've been thinking about Johns comment about romance in ep 8, and looked up the actual interview where he said it, and realised just how out of context it has been taken by people who don't want finnrey to happen... The interviewer assumed that finnrey was established by the end of tfa and john said, "no, finn and rey didn't establish a romance **in that movie**" then he said the romance is "not going to go the way you think" because finn is a trooper and "doesn't know what's going on"

so what can we take away from it? 1) there is def a romance of some kind in 8, 2) it seems like finn will be a part of it, 3) it’s going to be difficult and complicated because of his history as a stormtrooper, 4) finn and rey are only friends at this stage (but he didn’t say they wouldn’t become more). I think it’s important to note that the interviewer (and most casual fans) assumed that finnrey was an established thing by the end of tfa. John wanted to clarify that it didn’t happen in tfa
Remember that the interviewer specifically assumed they were already together. So when John says “it’s not going the way you think it’s going to go” could easily mean “finnrey will happen but not straight away and its going to be a bit messier than everyone seems to expect” which is fantastic because then all those people who say “finnrey is too perfect/cutsey/safe” are gonna have to roll back on that one. Anyway I always saw Johns comments as quite positive for finnrey.
Not to mention that John would get in a lot of trouble if he was actually confirming that Finnrey wasn’t ever happening and he’s smarter than that. All he was saying is that they’re only friends as of tfa, and that the romance in 8 is not going in the way we’re all expecting. He did not debunk future finnrey like everyone seems to want to believe

  • Danny: Hey Merritt, we have a problem.
  • Merritt: I am not your mother, so don’t come tattling to me every time one of you does something that the other one doesn’t like.
  • Danny: I’m telling you, Henley's crazy. She keeps threatening me, and talking in a scary voice.
  • Henley: That didn't happen.
  • Danny: Oh, so you’re saying you didn’t threaten to cut off my head and give it to Merritt as a birthday present?
  • Henley: You know, I think you’re taking my words a little out of context...
  • Danny: What??? What context?

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On this matter of Magnus sending pictures to the institute - some of those are pictures from the first episode, when Magnus is sitting around, surrounded by hot people, getting drinks handed to him. The clave appears to have multiple angles of this. What if that's what he was doing? He just collected the hottest people he could find on such short notice, had them all sit around him looking attractive, and had someone take pictures. And then sent the best ones to the clave. Because he can.

YES i have no idea why they have those pictures or how they got them so fast lol. Magnus was there at the club like 1 or 2 days ago?? is he basically like “google earth, always taking pics”?? but either way, I’m still screaming that this was literally our introduction to magnus bane

like it’s been months and i’m still not over it. there’s so much going on in that picture i don’t even know where to start, not least of which that if this was out of context and you told me this was a fetish club, i’d fucking believe you. what a ridiculous man honestly.

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That Eddie Redmayne quote that you reblogged is grossly out of context. In the rest of the interview he explains that since the movie includes parts of her life before and during her transition they would have to have the trans actress go off hormones in order to make it accurate and they didn't want to ask that of anyone.

No, they would not need to do these things. Do you even understand how this shit works? Jesus Christ, it’s okay to have a cis man portraying a trans woman because of pre-transition, but you’re going to take a cis man’s word for what is needed to portray a trans woman?

I get one more ask like this I’m shutting off anon for a week.

Actual Conversation with a Student at a Prestigious University

“Wait, but I was told by another instructor that it was fine to take quotes out of context to make them mean what I want, as long as the text said that somewhere” 

“no, you… no. You can’t misrepresent an author on purpose.” 

 “But what if it makes my argument stronger?” 

“No… that’s still. No. You… that’s not the point of… no.” 

“Huh. I have definitely been told I could do that.” 

And that’s why our politics are broken. 

  • Sora: Hey, Kairi? We have a problem.
  • Kairi: I am not your mother. So don't come tattling to me the minute one of you does something the other one doesn't like.
  • Sora: I'm telling you he's crazy. He keeps threatening me and talking in a scary voice.
  • Riku: No I didn't.
  • Sora: Oh, so you're saying you didn't threaten to cut off my head and give it to Kairi as a birthday present?
  • Riku: You know, I think you're taking my words a little out of context.

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Hi Cat. I'm glad you're addressing the rape apology rumors but I'm not sure if you know where they came from? A lot of people were upset by the post you made when the youtuber rape allegations were rampant. I believe you said something like "rape needs to be addressed but we have to remember that everyone is human" a lot of people thought that was rape apology. Im sure you didn't mean it that way but I just wanted to let you know what the root of the problem was in case you wanted to address it

I know exactly where they’re coming from, but taking one sentence out of context and turning them into a full blown rumor isn’t okay. I wasn’t saying “rapists” are human too. I was saying that there were people during that time period, that were being thrown in with rapists - that weren’t even accused of rape. They were just accused of being manipulative. There is a huge difference between being a manipulator and being a rapist. I was saying people were starting to take things too far when they started doing that. Because rape is a serious horrible thing and being manipulative just isn’t on the same level. Does that make sense? 

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I just found out this blog, it's called "annetteuu" if you want to take a look; it's run by a woman who supports mysandry, litteral hate towards white people in the most inappropriate and out of context way, and shit like that, but of course, nobody has ever said anything to her because she's black and we're on tumblr. Congrats. This is the kind of society we're promoting, tumblr? Didn't you say, dear sjws, that unfounded hate towards any race is wrong? Sigh.. What's your point of view on this?

sounds like typical sjws

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