if you didn't see me (then you weren't on the dance floor)

BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode.
  • I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕
  • Smol Warning: This involves certain health issues that.. Well, I don't know if it would offend anyone that I'm writing about chronic illnesses I don't understand fully. I looked up the symptoms of all these and I'm going with that, if you know you'll get mad or your sensitive to this material please don't read.
  • ———————
  • ~ Kim Seokjin/Prince Jin:
  • Jin always heard you talking to yourself but he felt it was normal for people to do so and he found it cute. Until one day you forgot to take your medication. Your mind was everywhere you kept telling the wall to "Shut up" then-
  • Jin: Y/n? Are you okay? What's wrong? Look at me.
  • You: Who are you? Where am I? Where's mom?
  • Jin: What? Y/n. It's Jin.
  • You: Jin? Like... Gin?
  • Jin: No with a J.
  • He decided to take you to the doctors and surprisingly he found the one you go to for medication. Everyone seemed to know you, know what was going on and he found out you had schizophrenia.
  • Your personality was all over the place, you heard voices, and sometimes short losses of memory. When he found out he was extremely confused and mad. Why would you hide something so serious from him?
  • Jin: Explain.
  • You: I was ashamed.. Embarrassed. Who would want to date someone like me? I didn't want you to leave me..
  • You: I'm sorry..
  • Jin: -Holds you and kisses your forehead- I've told you. I'll love you till the day I die no matter how cheesy that sounds, it's true.
  • Jin: We'll work together, and I'll take care of you. You'll never have to deal with this alone.
  • Jin: I love you.
  • ~ Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • While you and Yoongi were going out to get grocery's you had fainted. Immediately he dropped everything to get you to a hospital.
  • Yoongi: What happened?
  • Doctor: Have they not told you? They've been here a few times.
  • Yoongi: For what?
  • Doctor: Their medication. We have them on two at the moment. They have GAD. Which stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They fainted for lack of sleep. Their anxiety is very bad, she/he has horrid thoughts of her/himself, she/he has told us about her/his troubles sleeping, she/he has had thoughts of death, now that you know please do take care of her/him.
  • He was furious that you didn't tell him. He wanted you to trust him with everything and it definitely seemed like you did but to know you hid something involving your health he questioned how much trust you actually had in him.
  • Yoongi: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: It's always made people back of from me.
  • You: It has ruined so many past relationships and I just don't want to lose you. I love and care about you so much Min Yoongi, I couldn't risk it.
  • Yoongi: But you could risk your health?
  • Yoongi: You know everything about me and after hearing you didn't leave me. What makes you think that THIS would want to make me leave you?
  • Yoongi: Anything you need just ask. Your health is the most important thing because you are important to to me.
  • ~ J-hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • You both were about to go to bed, at the time Hobi stayed over and when he went to go ask you something he saw you scrambling to find something.
  • Hobi: Y/n?
  • You: -You jump slightly- Yes?
  • Hobi: What are you looking for? Can I help you?
  • You: No. It's nothing, just needed a sleeping pill so I can sleep well.
  • Hobi: If you don't find them there's many ways I could help you sleep.
  • You: Today. I think I just want to cuddle with you Hoseok.
  • Later while he had fallen asleep, you went back to look for your medication. Then you started tantrum-ing, sobbing. getting emotional, you broke glass, and you weren't yourself. Of course Hoseok heard and ran out to see if you were okay or what was going on. He saw you sobbing on the ground, your hands bleeding from shards of glass that were on the floor.
  • Hobi: Oh my god. Y/n? Come with me. I'm taking you to a doctor.
  • You: Leave me alone, Go away! I don't need your help.
  • Hobi: Yes you do. Come here. -slowly approaching you-
  • You: I'm warning you to get away!
  • Once he manages to grab you and semi calm you down he takes you to a doctor and he found out you have a extreme Bipolar disorder, He was frustrated and heart broken that you never told him, and that he had to find out like this. When he saw you, you were going to talk but he didn't want to hear you.
  • Hobi: Don't you talk. Listen.
  • Hobi: Don't ever hide anything like this from me again. Do you understand? I thought that I took care of you well and to know that I wasn't able to help you for this, wasn't able to take care of you better is the worst thing I have ever felt.
  • Hobi: Understand that I love and care for you and I want to take care of you till the end.
  • You: I was just worried you wouldn't be able to handle it. And you would leave, just like everyone else.
  • Hobi: Then I'm offended that I'm just "Everyone else" to you. I am your boyfriend, your lover, and someone who wants to take care of you like you take care of me.
  • Hobi: So let me.
  • ~ Rap Monster/Namjoon:
  • You: Do you what an Inhaler looks like?
  • Nams: I guess I do, why?
  • You: Random thought.
  • You and Namjoon took walks around beautiful areas a lot and walked to your house a lot. You looked through your bag to check if you had your inhaler and for some reason it was gone. You know you had taken it and you were worried because you might need it.
  • Nams: Y/n why do you have this? -He holds up your inhaler which you take from him immediately-
  • You: I'm taking it to someone later.
  • Nams: Don't lie to me.
  • You: I don't lie.
  • Nams: That was a lie. Do you have asthma?
  • You:
  • Nams: Answer me, Y/n.
  • You: Yes, I have asthma!
  • Nams: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: Because I was embarrassed. It's embarrassing to breathe from a tube in public or in front of you.
  • You: And I figured you wanted to date someone normal. Someone who isn't bothersome and you won't have to worry about so much.
  • Nams: Baby, You don't ever need to feel embarrassed, I still love you, I'm falling in love with your personality. I love you just as you are and I will take care of you, alright?
  • Nams: From now on, tell me everything and anything. Nothing can change how I feel about you.
  • Park Jimin/Chimichanga:
  • You liked asking Jimin to teach you dance whether you were good or not didn't matter, it was just fun to move around to the beat of music, but today you forgot your pain killers so you were limping and falling a lot. .
  • Jimin: Are you okay? You're very off.
  • You: Just dandy.
  • Jimin: What's wrong?
  • You: Nothing.
  • Jimin: What's. Wrong?
  • You: I have Chronic pain, which is basically forever pain in the same place... I have it in my knee.
  • You: anddd oh my gkkdbd it's cramping up. Can you go get my pain killers please??
  • Jimin: Why didn't you tell me??
  • You: Because knowing you, You wouldn't let me out the damn house.
  • You: Even if we don't live together. I know you'd somehow watch me.
  • Jimin: I would let you out..
  • You: 1 step out the door would be too far for you.
  • Jimin: I just care about you.
  • You: I know but what you CAN do is help me with the medicine and take me to my doctors appointments.
  • Jimin: I can't drive...
  • You: You can accompany me to my doctors appointments.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • When Tae came over to hang out with you, he opened the door with the spare key you gave him.
  • Tae: Honey!!! I'm hommee!
  • You guys had this joke where you acted like a married couple. You usually replied with something funny as well but you couldn't.
  • Taehyung went to the kitchen only to find you crouched, leaning against the wall behind you, and holding your head.
  • Tae: Y/n! Are you alright?
  • You: Medicine. Please. -You point to a cabinet- Get a white and blue bottle.
  • After he gave you the medicine and you were feeling a bit better you guys started talking.
  • You: Why are you here so early?
  • Tae: I wanted to surprise you but you surprised me. Are you okay?
  • You: I'm fine now. I mean, it'll happen tomorrow, the next day, the next, and after that, then so on.
  • Tae: That's impossible.
  • You: Not if you have a Migraine.
  • Tae: How come I didn't know?
  • You: I was embarrassed, I'm pretty sure you didn't want to date someone who was forever sick so it was nice knowing you—
  • Tae: Shhhtsh I'm staying and caring for you, and cuddling you, and being with you until the day I die.
  • Jeon Jungkook/Kookie:
  • You didn't hide it from Jungkook but you also haven't told him.
  • You'll take your medicine in front him and when he asks you say your sick.
  • But you've been sick for the whole year you guys have been dating so of course he is going to get suspicious.
  • You: I read a new book~
  • JK: Yeah you told me about it. You're on page 289, It's interesting, and you would like to find more from that author.
  • You: When did I.. You know I probably have bed memory.
  • JK: You told me about this book four times.
  • You: I have? Oh wow.
  • JK: How'd you forget after four times?
  • You: Ah hmm, I have ADHD, bad memory, bad at paying attention. um um oh wow suddenly I'm bored. Did I bring my pills??
  • JK: I don't think so, let's go home alright?
  • You: Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you. I just, it's not attractive. Yeah.
  • JK: I'd still love you with any sickness, how you talk to me, treat me, take care of me, love me, and your personality is what made me fall in love with you.
  • You: Thanks Bunny boy.
  • JK: Let's eat at Wagwan after alright?
  • You: I heard they give out Snickers now. I don't know why but I'm down.
  • JK: You're adorable.
Exo’s Reaction to you scaring them


*You were laying down on your bed while Xiumin was in the living room with the boys. As he gets up to go to the bathroom you decide to scare him. You tell the boys you’re going to scare him and hide behind the couch. Xiumin gets out of the bathroom and notices something behind the couch. He points at it and the boys quietly said it was you. He sits down and you jump out. He didn’t get scared but pretended to since you’re always trying to scare him and it doesn’t work.*


*You guys were going to a costume party so you guys decide to go buy some new costumes. As you walk around you find a really scary mask so you put it on and hide somewhere before Luhan came back. While he was in the end of an aisle you jump out on the other end. He jumps at the noise you just made and looks back to see what it was. As you start running towards him he screams and runs away.*


*He was standing by himself waiting for to come out store. As you walk out you see him looking at something in another store. This was your chance to scare him since you barely get to see him because he’s so busy. You walk towards him and stand behind him.*

Y/N: *yelling in his ear* “Boo!”

*He jumps in shock and then turns around and gives you a dirty look. Then he just walks away while you’re there laughing your ass off.*


*You two get home from the gym and go in to take a shower first. Right after you get out he goes in and starts taking a shower. As a joke you take the clothes he was going to put on and put it on top of the bed and you stand right next to the door to scare him. He comes out of the shower and notices his clothes are gone so he calls you to get them but you don’t respond. As he comes out you scare him and he just jumps and freezes in place as his towel falls of. All you can do at this point is just fall on the floor laughing uncontrollably.*


*He invited you to go with him and the boys to Seoul Music Awards but you didn’t confirm that you were going so you told him to save you a sit. It was mid way through the awards and you finally arrive. You spot Lay and start to walk to him. When you get close you decide to scare him. As one of the awards was given he stands up and start clapping. So at that moment you scare him by blowing on his neck. He jumps up scared because he didn’t know who it was but then he sees you and laughs.*


*He was getting ready for the concert. You told he’s stylist to tell him to get his outfit while she went to take care of an emergency so you could have a chance to scare him. You hide behind all the clothes in the small closet. When he comes and starts searching for his outfit you grab his hand and he jumps in shock. You come out of the closet laughing and see him with one hand on his face and the other on his chest.*

Baekhyun: “Aish! Don’t scare me like that.” 


*Today you guys stayed home since you haven't seen each other in a while and wanted to spend some time alone at home. He was sitting on the couch watching TV while you were in the kitchen getting some snacks. He didn't notice when you came back so you slowly walk behind him so you can scare him. But he noticed your shadow and when you tried to scare him he just looks back at you and just laughs as the fact that you tired to scare him but it didn't work.*


*He was having dinner by himself since you weren't home from work yet. You arrive and he doesn't hear you come in so you decide to scare him. You bend down and go under the table and grab his feet. He immediately jumps up and moves back. As you hear him coughing from shock on the food he was eating you start laughing while laying down under the table.*

Chanyeol: “Why would you scare me like that? It’s not funny Y/n.”


*He wanted to cook you dinner tonight so you let him. You lay patiently on your bed while Kyungsoo cooks. You start to get bored so you decide to go help him. As you walk in the kitchen he doesn’t notice you because on how focused he is in cooking. So you scare him by grabbing his waist. He jumps surprised and turns to you.*

Kyungsoo: “I swear if you ever do that again, you’re dead.”


*You two were hanging out with the boys watching a scary movie. Tao kept coming in and out the room because he didn’t want to watch some parts of the movie. So you and the boys plan to scare him. They gave you a mask they had so you put it on and stand on the wall next to the hallway. As you see Tao coming out of the room you jump out and chase him. He screams and goes back in the room and slams the door behind him before you can come in. He waited a little to see if you would leave but you didn’t. He opens the door to check and you jump at him again and he just falls to the floor screaming and with his eyes closed. After this you two went back to where the boys were at, you were laughing while Tao just looked down at the floor with wet eyes.*


*He has been in the dance studio all day so you decide to bring him some food. You text him to tell him that your were outside but he didn’t reply back. So you just go inside and go in the dance studio. The music was playing loud but there was no one there so you figured out he was in the bathroom. So you wait for him right next to the door. As he opens the door you jump out and scare him. He jumps in shock and his first reaction was to kick. He didn’t hit you but as you were laughing he kicks your butt and you fall on the floor laughing.*


*You two were laying down on the bed cuddling. You suddenly get hungry and tell Sehun to get you some snacks. As he goes get the snacks you decide to scare him. So you wait for him on the last step of the stairs. As you see his shadow you jump out and scare him.*

Sehun: *gif shows his reaction.*


requested by anon


*He was so caught up in practising for the new comeback he didn't have any time to think about his birthday. You were well aware of this and so got all the guys together threw up some decorations, got a nice cake and decided to surprise him as he walked into the dance studio. Suho gt a bit out of hand and scared kai out of his wits as he walked in that he almost knocked over the cake*

Y/N: “Jfc Suho did we not learn anything from that broadcast??”

Originally posted by jonginssoo


*He was so touched (bc Sehuns all emotional like that) that he almost started crying as all of his friends had gathered to do this for him, they had been thinking about him when he hadn't been thinking about himself at all. Later on he became the life of the party along with Baek, body rolling all over the dance floor*

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion


*You wanted to share the moment with all the fans that loved Suho so much just like you and the members. When you all surprised him you made sure to catch it all on V app, and after havign a short broadcast of everyone going on about how great Suho was you ended up to turn up the real party with everyone*

S: “I can’t believe you organised this for me..wait actually I can bc your literally the best person I've ever met”

Y/N: “Stop complimenting me, it’s your birthday i should be complimenting you”

Originally posted by 12fools


*You hadn't see Chanyeol in a month due to you both having packed schedules that there was no time to fly over to see each other. But you weren't going to miss his birthday and so the members helped arrange a surprise. They led him into a room with a huge present box and told him to wait. He did and saw you pop out of it which made him so happy, as well as you. You made sure to give him another present later but according to him being with you was enough*

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol


*He noticed something was going on bc the members looked a bit off but everyttime he asked they wouldn't tell him. As he walked into the dorm with the others everyone burst out from behind sofas and from different rooms leaving his wide eyed with shock. You were in the centre with the biggest smile ever and ran over to join a group hug with all the boys. He spen th night having fun and sprinkling confetti everywhere*

Y/N: “You having fun with all that confetti?”

BH: “Yeah you should get used to it to since it will all over us on our wedding day”

smooth motherfuxker

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*ksoo really didn't expect everyone to jump out so when Baek jumped in his face his initial reaction turned to self defence, and then half apologising and laughing once he accidentally hit him in the face*

BH: “I help y/n throw this nice party for you and what do I get? Abuse.

Originally posted by v-dyo


*the members had thrown him a huge party but unbeknown to Chen you were actually the one who threw it and you intended to surprise him. He was video chatting you telling you how much he wished you could be there until he realised o camera that you were walking into the same room as him*

Y/N: “Surprise!”

*He turned and gave you the biggest hug he could muster, because now his birthday just got even better*

Originally posted by chenmorningstar98


*Was so engrossed on the making of his new album (lit) that he didn’t even really bother about his birthday, but you on the other hand were. if he wasn’t going to come out of the studio then you were going to have to bring the party to him. Plenty of friends and cake made his day and the fact your organised it made it even better*

T: “y/n this is the best cake i have ever eaten you know*


Originally posted by asdfghjklool


*He was in China doing solo promotions and you wanted him to have all his friends around him for his birthday, so you spoke to exo who all secretly flew out to China, and you also spoke to his go fighting members to make sure they were all there as well. He walked back into his hotel room to find everyone he loved there, including you*

This gif is jokes

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*You had both attended a night out for a special event, but you had planned the after party to be focused on Kris and so thats what you arranged. Once the even twas over and the after party started about 20 minutes in everyone started singing happy birthday to him. He got all embarrassed and tried to hide behind your shoulder but still loved that you had arranged this all the same*

K: “This is such a great end to my birthday y/n. Thank you”

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*Every one jumping out at him scared the crap out of him, not to mention the party poppers too, but once he got over that initial shock he was overwhelmed by everyone who had turned up to celebrate with him. He found out you were the one that made this happen*

L: “Thanks for my gift y/n , I’ll be sure to give you your one tonight ;)”

Y/n: Jfc luhan can you stop making sex jokes for 1 second”

Originally posted by wooyoung


*was bewildered at first as everyone jumped out thiking ‘woah is this really for me’. You saw the look on his face and came up to him*

Y/N: “yes xiu this is for you obviously..i mean it isn’t for Robert living down the road is it”

*had a great time and thanked you for arranging this for him, especially since he had been feeling tired lately so it was nice to let loose and have fun with everyone he loved*

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Its a bit different to the title but oh well i guess

Different But Good

Character: Junhoe iKON
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Authors note:
I am really really happy with this one. I miss writing so much and I miss all you Marksoners even more! Our list if now officially 5 left from 30 request! Yay! We’re almost done!!!

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Preference #126: Kiss Me At Midnight
  • Liam: This night was turning out to be the best night of your life by far. Your wedding had happened earlier that day, but the party was still raging on way into the night. All of your friends and family were there and you were having the time of your life dancing with your friends and of course, Liam. Liam looked so handsome in his suit (it practically had you drooling as you walked down the aisle) and it seemed as if he couldn't keep his eyes off you in your dress. A slow song to calm everyone down as the dj had been blasting house tunes for the past couple of hours and you were glad that you could finally steal your husband from his parents to get him to dance. As the two of you swayed back and forth in the middle of the dance floor, you couldn't help but feel like you two were the only two in the room and by the way that Liam was looking at you, you could tell that he felt the same way. "Kiss me." You simply said before a smile appeared on your face and Liam leaned in close to kiss his favorite pair of lips. "A beautiful night with a beautiful girl. I must say I lucked out." Liam said and you couldn't help but smile as Liam continued to spin you around as he sang along to the beautiful song.
  • Zayn: "Come on babe you are not going to believe this!" Zayn said excitedly as he led you into your newly reinvented house that you and Zayn bought a few months ago. It was the middle of the night but Zayn had just finished hooking up the last light so he immediately drove back to the apartment to get you. You had been staying at his apartment as he had been working on this place since the two of you were beginning to start a family and you just knew that living in an apartment was not a good idea when you have a newborn. The house that you fell in love with was quite the fixer uper and Zayn was determined to fix the place up with some help from a few of his friends. A lot of his blood, sweat and tears went into this place and it showed as you step foot into the entrance and your breath was taken away. The place was gorgeous and not a word could be formed by your mouth as you walked through every room, upstairs and down. Finally, you ended up in what would become your master bedroom and you teared up as you just took it all in. "Do you love it or do you love it?" Zayn asked you with a smirk on his face. He knew he did a fantastic job. "How about a kiss to bless this place huh?" You smiled widely as you walked over to the doorframe where he stood and you draped your arms around his neck before kissing him deeply. This place is home.
  • Niall: In the dark bedroom, no sounds can be heard except the breathing coming from the beautiful girl that was lying next to him. Niall made sure that he memorized every line in the beautiful girl's face in the light that shone through the bedroom window. Your face was something that Niall could never forget for it was far too beautiful (heck far too beautiful for his own good) and he spent way too many hours admiring your beauty with all of the years that you two had been together. (Let's not forget that with each passing day, your daughter is starting to look and act more and more like you) He hated leaving his two favorite girls behind as he would soon be leaving for tour in the morning and it killed him inside to see how attached you and your daughter had been to him all day, as you were fearing the quietness that would soon take over the house as Niall left for the next month. Niall knew you were still awake as you both lied there, but neither one of you wanted to break the silence. You both preferred just being in each other's presence for these last few hours together. Niall's emotions hit him hard as you pull him closer to you and buried your face into his chest, taking in the smell that would shortly disappear from his pillow. Without saying anything, Niall tilted your head up with his finger to place a long and loving kiss on your lips that neither one of you would be forgetting in the long month to come.
  • Louis: A horrible night with your parents led you to call up your favorite boy to get you out of the house. You never expected yourself to be still sneaking out of your parents' house when you were 21 but yet there you were, sneaking out of your bedroom window. It wasn't like Louis was a bad guy, infact you two had been friends forever and he had met your parents multiple times. You just weren't in the mood for all of the question from your parents trying to figure out where you were going and when you would be back but it was just something that you had grown accustom to since you decided to stay home while you attended college to save some money. You knew that one of your parents would be asking you where you went in the morning no thanks to Louis' loud engine but at that point you really didn't care. Louis knew that you were in no mood to talk until he pulled up to his house and helped you get out of his car since it was so low to the ground. (boys and their sports cars!) Louis held onto your hand as he led you into his house and into his kitchen where he got you your favorite food before sitting on his couch with you. After you finished eating, you laid down with Louis and the only thing you wanted right then was to kiss him. And kiss him you did.
  • Harry: Words can not describe what you were feeling as you sprinted down the sidewalk, daring Harry to catch up with you. It was cold for a spring evening, but the sky was clear and the stars shinned brightly. Not many people were out except people walking in and out of bars and restaurants due to how late it was but you and Harry always loved the night. Harry had a rough night on stage due to just allergies but you could tell how much it killed him to think of all the people he let down (which is physically impossible for him to do). Natural night owls you two were drew you two to the party scene down town but it didn't lasted long for you two were far to drawn to one another. Harry's arms wrapped around your waist from behind and you laughed as he spun the two of you around. Whenever you spent time with Harry, it felt as if you two were the only two on the planet or in the city. You never imagined finding someone like Harry that would have all your attention yet here you were, with the best man on the planet. Your favorite smile didn't take long to reappear on Harry's face, making you want to burst with happiness. The only way that Harry had to thank you was to give you the best kiss that he could muster and that's all you needed.