if you didn't like this movie i don't like you

me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me

Reasons why I liked Storks

-diverse families (same sex/single parents/mixed race/etc)
-there’s a baby whose name is ‘Diamond Destiny’ and she was literally born with martial arts skills and pink hair
-^like half the babies had blue/pink/green hair
-wolf voltron/transformers
-even the WOLVES were gay I mean omg
-shows that it doesn’t matter what gender child you wanted, you should still love them for who they are
-friends are also family
-the parenting jokes
-the pigeon
-shows that 'falling in love’ doesn’t always mean romance

Dudes you can ship what you want but you can’t deny that JD and Veronica’s relationship was in no way healthy, Our Love Is God is not a romantic song like at all and I am personally gonna blow up the school of the next person who says they need a boy like JD so maybe they’ll finally understand that he ain’t a good boyfriend!!!!!!!

  • People: ya know, it took multiple viewings of Civil War for me to really get into it. If you give it another watch you realize things you didn't noticed before. The little things I picked up on afterwards really got me thinking.
  • The same people: god, BvS was so confusing. I only watched it once but why wasn't everything clearly explained to me? Does DC expect me to think about the movie after I've watched it?


Shit is weird man

my superhero opinions are trash bc the list of superhero movies/tv shows I actually enjoyed is:

- Jessica Jones (the only one on this list I properly LOVE)
- Guardians of the galaxy
- Ant Man
- Teen Titans (wait nvm I love this one too, I would die for my daughter raven)

some things about southeastern europe that many americans will never understand: 

-disney is not that big of a deal here. 

-buffy the vampire slayer was never popular

-veronica mars too

-you’re missing out on some great things by completely ignoring eastern europe, especially literature wise 

Jimin spotting you in the crowd, a huge smile making its way on his face before he runs towards you

I am always fuckin screaming at how much Tarantino looooooves the word “nigger” to the point where he will write it specifically into the parts he played like. Reservoir Dogs? If you want us to know a character is racist, you can have them say “blacks.” It’s never anything but derogatory as a term. He didn’t have to go there. He didn’t need the word in any of his movies except maaaaaaaaaybe Django and to some extent Hateful Eight and even then. Not really omg. I like a lot of his movies but he definitely deserves a bat to the face. Not to kill him, just to shake his smug nose up a little. Rough him up some.