if you didn't get the subtle hint

  • Laia: I don't want to be too straightforward.
  • Afya: Just drop hints. Be subtle.
  • Laia: Okay.
  • ~Later~
  • Laia: Elias, it has come to my attention that you have hands and so do I.
  • Elias: ....Ummm....Yes.
  • Laia: Very lonely hands.
  • Elias: ....
  • Laia: Like they're just sitting there. Doing nothing.
  • Elias: Laia, are you okay?
  • Laia: Do you get what I'm trying to say?
  • Elias: Er...
  • Laia: *Outstretches arm* Hand.
  • Elias: What?
  • Laia: I want to hold your hand.
  • Elias: Oh. Well, why didn't you just say so? *Holds her hand*
  • Laia *looks at Afya*: Nailed it.

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do u have any other hc for yuuri coming out to ppl (the minako one was rad btw)

skdj these are going to based off of my experiences with coming out btw! the numbers next to the person’s name is how old i imagine Yuuri is))

Phichit: 21-22

Phichit meets Yuuri when he’s a junior and pretty comfortable with his sexuality. It’s not necessarily a secret and if someone asks then Yuuri answers. They quickly bond and Phichit actually comes out to Yuuri a few months into their roommate agreement. It wasn’t as dramatic as Phichit letting it casually drop he was talking to a really cute guy and Yuuri asking about him. They’re bros though and lbr they would wing man for each other until they die. 

Hiroko+Toshiya: 16-17 

I feel like the entire family has like,,,,a sense because lbr look @ yuuri’s room like the kid wasn’t exactly subtle, bu they definitely wait for him to come out to them. He comes out to them both and it’s pretty formal tbh? Like they ask questions, Yuuri explains, they definitely love and accept him no matter what and they share a good hug. I feel like they’re pretty hands off about his love life though and just want him to meet someone nice and fall in love. (They love Victor tho lbr, Hiroko calls him Vicchan in the first ep she approves) 

*Mari: 12-13

The second person who finds out after Minako. She’s the one who Yuuri talks about crushes to and when he gets his heart broken she’s the one who comforts him. (In the Katsuki sibling way of “ur crying so let’s watch terrible movies and eat terrible food, I won’t tell ur coach and not rly talk about it unless u wanna”) Their relationship reminds me a lot of my own Brother Josh and I so I love these two!!
* Mari is bi btw+both the Katsuki kids totally came out to poor Minako only Mari’s was out of the blue in her mid 20s when she realized things

Yuko+Takeshi: 16-17

Honestly Yuuri was TERRIFIED of telling them. he decides to do it and is literally shaking like a leaf. He just kind of spits it out before slamming his locker shut and bolting out of the room. Yuko calls him later on and they have have a long long long talk. Mostly Yuuri venting to someone who isn’t his sister and he actually gets a little choked up on the phone. 

Victor: 23

Victor is out like,,,,when he’s 16. It actually helped Yuuri a lot because his idol is like him! His idol is the face of skating and he’s gay! And lbr he has a puppy crush from like…age 10 until right now so knowing he has a tiny itty bitty chance is good. Victor also isn’t subtle and the first month is him dropping the “Are you gay” (not so) subtle hints that we all do. Hell, he weeps when he reads Yuuri’s wikipedia and there’s NOTHING! And then right before China he just goes, “Ok. Are you gay?” And Yuuri is like “…yes?” mostly confused because dude i thought we were practicing and Victor just kind of lays on the barrier for a minute dead because it was THAT EASY. 


-taps mic- Hello, my name is Barvs, and apparently I’m -sobs- still a Naruto trash. Wanna see my AU ‘five~ years later’ epilogue?

Uzumaki Naruto and all related characters © Kishimoto Masashi
art by barvs

[edit] I friggin hate this shipping war. Don’t drag me and this piece into it. In case you didn’t bother to read my tags: #up to you to decide who the mother of Naruto’s child is#or if it’s even genetically his#shikatema is confirmed in my au#i multiship sakura so i don’t have a definite partner for her hahahahaha

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(1)I really want to know what happened to JM's fingers and really really want to see how the members especially JK reacted but they didn't let us know *sighs in disappointment*. Anyway I kinda feel like BV staff is trying to hint us something, like you know, put the caption "feel familiar" when JM grabbed Jk's butt, then the scene where JM swiped st from JK's lips and they even put a caption there (not necessary), they just give us subtle moments here & there like "I know u guys will get it" kkk

(2) because I think they should feel weird when they heard JK called JM baby right? because that sounds unusual for a younger guy to call his hyung baby, but they still include it in the behind the scene and put that scene at the end like “something for you guys you’re welcome” and like “this is how we make you feel thirsty for our BV show muah hahaha”. Anyway just something in my headcanon I want to share with you. Have a nice day! Love you!

honestly jimin’s fingers themselves didn’t change, they’re still short and stubby, it’s just jimin decided to start doing hand workouts or something and got like major veins and muscles in his hands, leaving everyone shook to their core. aef;j if bv staff were doing that that would be the slyest, snakiest thing lmao. but idk if they are, i feel like it’s pretty common editing in the kpop community (doesn’t stop me from having the headcanon that jikook r slowly coming out tho lolololol). And thank you, i hope you have a nice day as well!!! (even tho it’s acutally midnight for me lol)

Why the heck am I’m starting to ship a tiger and a panda……

I mean there’ clearly trying to portray a strong platonic friendship bond which them and there doing it beautifully, showing how Tigress is starting to respect and care for Po after the first film (which you can sort of see develop in the TV show) and its great to have a male and female lead just have a strong friendship that doesn’t end in them getting together but……

The way its written in how there’ not trying to easily ship them together and letting their relationship come naturally and realistically just gives them more of chemistry and connection that’s really charming.The little bits of them just interacting on how normally, how they got each other back ( just go back and watch kfp2 and see how many times Tigress is saving/babysitting/protecting Po) and its not like they fully dependent on each other, there capable of handling themselves but those small moments gets more of a subtle hint of there being more than just friendship. Its not right in your face,not lovely dopey,its natural,developed,and still going. Po and Tigress are simply friends (and probably will be by the end of the series) at the moment, but they’re always picking each other up when one fall down, supporting each other and trying to understand each others situation. This is the kind of stuff for a strong relationship.

I’m shipping a tiger and a panda……..what has this series done to me, curse you good writing!