if you didn't cry in this scene you are lying

Me vs PTSD (trigger warning: parental abuse, knives)
  • PTSD: *hits me out of the blue* Hey, remember that time-
  • Me: *minding my own business, struggling with life* Nope sorry I don't remember anything!! 👋🏻
  • PTSD: Really?! I'm sure you remember. Let me jog your memory,it was a cold bitter day..
  • Me: *plugs ears and tries to run* lalallallala I can't hear you!!
  • PTSD: *Grabs megaphone and blocks my path* Can you hear me now? Anyways, where was I, oh yeah, you were chased around the house with a butcher knife because you didn't understand algebra.
  • Me: *lying on the ground crying*...
  • PTSD: anyways I'm going to go now, nice catching up with you...*Hastily packs up and leaves scene*
5SOS Lyrics for the Signs
  • Aries: "I was wrong, I admit, numb from your kiss, while you were slipping through my fingertips" (Everything I Didn't Say)
  • Taurus: "His mom and dad both think he's a slob, he's got a shot though" (She's Kinda Hot)
  • Gemini: "I'm over all the small talk" (Fly Away)
  • Cancer: "We're never gonna stop cause we're dreaming out loud" (Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  • Leo: "Everybody wants to take you home tonight" (Don't Stop)
  • Virgo: "She's really into all that self improvement" (Good Girls)
  • Libra: "And you end up crying and I end up lying" (Heartbreak Girl)
  • Scorpio: "We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene" (She's Kinda Hot)
  • Sagittarius: "How did we end up here?" (End Up Here)
  • Capricorn: "I won't waste another day wishing this would fade away" (Fly Away)
  • Aquarius: "Everybody's got their demons" (Jet Black Heart)
  • Pisces: "Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie?" (Amnesia)