if you did then i'll take it down

“did you mean it when you said it?” she questioned

“yes” he said “everytime.”

she sat quiet a minute, as if to take in his response before asking, “even last night?”

“even last night” he said looking away to hide the tears welling behind his green eyes.

“then why can’t you stay? I need you to stay!” she wanted to blurt out.
but instead with clenched teeth and water racing down her cheeks she replied “me too. always.”

—  the “L” word - @needumost
Parachutes lyrics.

Your love takes on the shape of suffering and silently I wish that I was anybody but me.” 

There’s times when I pretend you never made it home.”

Because I got tired of hiding you from the ones I love
(…at least I thought I did.)
.”- World Destroyer.

It was you or nothing
And nothing can hurt me like I hurt myself
.”- Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!

Sometimes we miss old friends, until we remember they weren’t friends.” ?

You say you want my heart, just to tear it apart.”

You can’t break me down again or change my mind on this, I’m breaking out of this, your darkness.”

Would you die for me if I lived for you?

But turn your back on me, if I continue to follow my heart?
How could you?

Throw me away, just let me be, and hate me for me
(I can’t be so, perfectly, untrue for you.)

Loving a lie, deny me my life, but I still love you…but why should I?”- They Wanted Darkness.

Is there something you wanna tell me?
Please don’t hold back now
I’ve been waiting so long for you to meet me
Please don’t turn back now
I think about it all the time, I couldn’t miss you any more than I do…
”- I’ll Let You Down.

It was a rarity that I felt emotions
Now they radiate down my extremities and it sets me on fire
It was a malady without a solution
You were my remedy
Yeah you ruined me

It was a rarity that I sensed emotions
I feel them radiate
Gave me stomachaches, you set me on fire
It was a malady without a solution
But you were my remedy
Now you’ve ruined me

Without misery thought I had nothing to offer
It was my way of carrying that weight
Until you came through,
And made me believe, I was worth being saved
.”- Remedy.

I swear I’ve loved you all along.” Sounds like he’s trying to convince the person/himself that he’s loved them all along. -Miss Me.

There’s still a part of me that needs to look the same way into your eyes…

You’re still a part of me, the only part I enjoy, and I wish I still had a hold on you like you do, until you’re blue, around my throat.”

Things don’t feel the same like they did back then but I don’t mind…
Because the past don’t mean shit to me
(Now that’s a lie.)

I’ve never been good enough for your love.”- Oceans.

Maybe you’ll find better ways to see the good in me being myself
(…and stop trying to fix me.)

Would your love run out if my heart gave out?He’s unsure if this person would really stick with him.

I feel loved, but I’m not sure if I deserve it.”- The Resurrectionist, Or Existential Crisis In C#.

I feel for the lovers, who pretend they’re fine.” He empathises with them.

Wish I could be apathetic but I’ve met love along the way.” He wishes he didn’t empathise with them, but he ‘met love along the way’ and ended up in the same situation.

My heart breaks for the artist.” One of the most suggestive lines.

Imagine you and me if we made it through the bullshit, we’d probably get so bored it make us cry.”

I’m a wreck and it’s all your fault.”- Viva Indifference.

Lyrics from Parachutes. Only chose some.

Now tell me- I’d love to know- who these lyrics are about/for/to. Because it sure as Hell ain’t Jamia. I’m up for any suggestions.

The circumstances preceding my presence in this great oval hall with pink hued white walls are of little importance. I figured I was in a hospital, but one can never be certain when in this surreal realm. And though I was sure I was only visiting, I did notice my faltering way to the grand stairs. Wide and straight, leading down to where a car awaited to take me to my next destination, something I knew was of the utmost importance.
“Walk slower. Hide the pain. You are only visiting.” I reassured myself, finding the idea of getting stuck in between a mere transaction of scenes laughable.
Injured, suddenly and unexplainable; ankle ligaments torn, pain gradually worsening with each step, until I fell down on my back, helpless. My party walking on, fading in the distance. And I, having been too stubborn and prideful to address my physical impairment, am left with another lesson in taking heed of my personality’s predominant pitfalls.
In hindsight, I find it odd how strength can suddenly leave the ethereal body; how something so minor could have kept me floored at all. My fall caused by the flaws in my personality must have been destined, I believe. Meaning the situation I now found myself in was always meant to be more than a scene transaction.
Nevertheless, I was lying there. Confused, broken, and struck with self-loathing. When a familiar voice resounded in but one sentence. Causing my heart to plummet to a place where the past verges on the long forgotten. A voice so light and crystalline; so melodious, so unique. Not a word I could hear, but its owner I knew umistakably.
I turned my head inconspicuously. Ashamed as I was of my current physical state, which after all was far away from that of a human male at the peak of its performance. Causing me to doubt if a pitiful pile of human should even dare to look upon a goddess. However I had no other option, we do not see each other often anymore.
But the girl whose image struck my retinas did not resemble your comeliness. Then I understood that this moment in the realm between fantasy and consciousness was created for the sole reason of remembrance. For I have but to close my eyes to see you before me in all the intricateness of your unrivaled beauty, but your voice – your voice I had lost, to my greatest sadness.
Now blessed I am, to reminisce at dawn; to hear the echo of the voice that I lost. To lavish my heart with the voice that I loved: hopeful and kind with a slight hint of yearning. A voice suiting the likes of a wandering dreamer.
—  Chime the harmony of your heart, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

I would like to quote the entire fucking comment I found on Youtube, because I have no originality and could not have come up with this myself.

Noah El wrote this on Boogie2988′s video about Trump winning. 

“ Oh for gods sake fuck all of you disgusting, worthless, spineless leftists.

 You didn’t see anybody sobbing their eyes out because Romney lost did you? You didn’t see anyone sobbing their eyes out when Mccain lost. For god’s sake no one cried when Bush got re-elected, people cried because of 9/11 

 You are all a bunch of absolute morons, who don’t understand how checks and balances work or have even the SLIGHTEST incarnation of how congress works. So let me give you a refresher. Trump won, that does NOT mean that you are all going to die. He still has to go through congress to do things like use our Nukes, declare war, etc. It’s not like he is an all powerful dictator. And what you idiots need to understand (and what I think you all do understand and that is why you are so sad) is that the time of handouts in this country is over. No more are we giving money to those who don’t deserve it. No more are people going to be able to come into this country, demand money, demand translators because they don’t want to learn our language. It. Isn’t. Happening. Anymore.

 For fucks sake stop whining and crying that “america is racist, sexists, a bunch of bigots, homophobes etc.” because we aren’t. We are just tried of the pussy fucking shit that these people are pushing. “Everyone needs to be more respectful of genders blah blah blah.” I care about two things, if you are working, and contributing to this country. If you are a jobless, wellfare otherkin tri-gender fluid nuetral fuck, I don’t give a shit about your gender, I care you are taking away my money from my job. That is why I dislike you. No other reasons. 

 I think the funniest thing here, is that you are all calling him a racists, and a homophobe. He is not racist and he is not against immigration. He is against ILLEGAL immigration. Big difference and I don’t feel I need to explain how that makes sense. Second of all, he isn’t a homophobe, he ACTUALLY SAID that he will do everything in his power to make sure you keep your rights because that is exactly what they are. Your rights and NO ONE should have the power to take that from you. What he wants to do, is keep out the people, who would come to this country from nations where being part of the LGBTQ+ society is seen as lesser humans, would SLIT YOUR FUCKING THROAT and walk over your dying body and not even give it  second thought. Just because you are gay. If that makes him a homophobe then I am a god damn radical homophobe because I want you to be safe. 

Holy Fucking Shit“

As you can see, it is very beautiful. 

Thank you, Noah El, for not knowing me so you can’t tell me to get rid of this.

“How did you get over him?” she asks me, tears running down her face. “I need to know how you did it. Because I can’t keep feeling like this. I wanna be okay again, like you.”

My heart twists inside of my chest. I’m not okay, I want to tell her. I haven’t been okay in a very long time. But how can you look your heartbroken best friend in the eye and tell her it doesn’t get better?

So instead, I give her a soft smile. “Time. It just takes time.”

And she looks at me like she doesn’t believe me, but she nods. We both know I’m lying, but sometimes telling the truth is far more painful.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #77

So this is super-not-planned but w/e

For the 1-800-did-i-ask series by @lol-phan-af

Mood board: White (like the feeling in my soul after i read this series)

so you know when you read a fanfic that kinda consumes your mind and when you’re finished you’re left with an empty but soooo content feeling in your body? That was me after reading the final chapter of this series

And I didn’t really know how to express the love i feel the series, but i do these mood boards kinda often so i was like hey! a surprise gift for my fave author <3

Sweet Tea Kissing (All Over Your Lips)

Summary: In which Dan and Phil meet in the summer, and everything takes off from there.

Genre: Teenage!phan / Fluff / Songfic

Song: 19 You & Me

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 2.8k

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MCU Ladies Week | Day 2: Unsung Hero
              ↳ Maria Hill
When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?

Maria Hill was Nick Fury’s second in command because she was very good at her job. She looked after the Avengers while working as the Deputy Director of the world’s greatest intelligence agency. She even saved Natasha, Steve and Sam when Hydra tried to take them out. She kept an eye on Coulson and his team. She worked at Stark Industries after she helped bring SHIELD down. Maria Hill is the reason half of our beloved superheroes are even alive. She doesn’t need superpowers to keep up with the Avengers.

I’ve made friends with poets and I’ve fallen for some writers. I’ve held hands with flowers and no sooner than a minute did I find out about how long it would take until I realized that I was just few. I’ve hung myself down those ceiling fans because the thoughts of people we can’t have comes to life at night and I can’t breathe if you’re hanging onto my lungs for dear life. I’ve seen death wear his hoody with a cigarette on his creaking lips and smiled with his broken teeth and I’ve seen those same hands touch my skin with razor blades. I never intended to be this way, but I saw my own mortality when I saw my first pet die and it wasn’t a fish, so you can’t just flush it away. No, we couldn’t just flush her away… We had to bury her. We had to mourn her. I held her in my arms with my tears trying to hydrate her last breaths. I felt her soul leave this planet and I could swear animals at that point had more heart than any human because when death came, I saw her wag her tail and fade away. A distant memory, who would’ve known… A dog is more human than a human. I’ve made friends with animals who have never left my side once. I’ve given strays and close to death kittens a home because I’m also a stray of my own. I’ve made friends with you, dear flower thief, you’ve stolen flowers from my gardens and I just wanted you to feel loved today. I know sadness isn’t happy, but I think letting go of this anger is. I’m not mad anymore. I’m exhausted from being this angry.

I want to smile again.

—  The girl who steals red roses and safely keeps them away from the cruel, cruel and cold world.

It always kinda disappoints me that a lot of people push Bioshock 2 aside and/or criticize and only focus/praise on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite.

It wasn’t a perfect game but I did like how if made you feel for the characters or had development for them(even Sofia as the main villain had some toward the end). You can tell a lot of love and wanting to take chances were there too which sadly is still kinda rare to find in big name studios.

It also comes down to the fandom too(in a way). It’s kinda sad that there is so little done of the BS2 characters despite being as interesting as most of whom I see drawn. To see anything new in the tags is something special since it happens so rarely.

I guess I’m just tired of this game being ragged on. I know it’s opinion, but, I feel people do it too much for this one out of the other two.

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I remember the night that everything came crashing down so vividly. He stood there, looking at me. He called me up earlier, telling me to go outside. I did, and here we were.
“I’m sorry.” He told me, avoiding my stare.
“What are you talking about?” I asked, taking his hands in mine.
He took a step back, I took a step forward.
“Talk to me. What is it?” I asked, again, worry etched in my voice. It was quiet outside, I felt as if we were the only one there tonight, standing in the cold air.
“I’m leaving. I’m leaving in an hour.” He whispered.
I shivered. He gazed at me with torn eyes.
“Why?” I questioned.
“You know exactly why. I hate this town and I don’t want to be stuck here forever like everyone will. I don’t want to work from nine to five and I don’t want to live in a white picket fence house. I don’t want to live this ideal life. I seek something more. If it means leaving, then I will.” He looked directly in my eyes for the first time that night.
“Then take me with you. We can have an imperfect life, if you really long for it. We can have a fresh start, away from here, together.” I said, with assurance that I never knew I had.
He sighed, tears in his eyes.
“I can’t take you with me. The truth is, I don’t know where I’m going, but you do. You have all of your life here. You love this small town. I don’t want to leave you, it’s the last thing I want to do. But I am slowly destroying myself the longer I stay here.”
Tears escaped my eyes. He took one final glance at me.
“Then leave. Broke our promise if it means you being happy.” I whispered, looking at the ground.
And when I looked up again nobody was there. Unspoken words and broken promises were the only things left.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write. #3 // J.H. (via @awayfromthedark )
It’s just a fucking jacket! Why are you so worked up about me giving her my jacket when she was cold?”
I looked at him, his ocean eyes drowned me, his beautiful pink lips. I never wanted to watch myself sink, but I guess, I’m gonna miss this.
“Because you never did the same for me. You would take me to the shores and as I watch the waves go up and down, I would glimpse at you, hoping you would notice my cold, white hand, hoping you would look at me the way every girl wishes to be looked at, but you never do. You did with her, but never me. I guess it’ll never be me.”
I guess, I’m gonna miss him.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2

It didn’t surprise him that Keanu had left again, but he at least thought it would’ve lasted a little longer than it did. In a bit of a mood over it, Axel huffed to himself, collapsing down on a small piece of grass before taking a deep breath. There was no way he was going to let himself get upset over it.

“What do you want?” He asked, a little snippy, as someone approached him and blocked out his sunlight.

You need to take down all those walls. You should know you can’t hide from love forever. You need to let go of all that fear, stop letting it control you. We don’t choose who we love, but the world chose her, and she loves you, I know that. She won’t hurt you like everyone else did. Why is it so terrifying to you to have someone by your side, someone who will believe in you when you don’t want to believe in yourself. Someone who will always be there to remind you that you have someone who loves you. It’s not scary, it’s beautiful. If you’re too scared to love her then you’re going to lose her.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #55

I swear to fuck I want to take a garden hose and spray down the TD tag.

The Cherokee Rose doesn’t represent Caryl??


Get the fuck out of here with that shit. I get it. You are bitter as fuck your blonde fantasy is dead and rotting outside of Atlanta somewhere. She ain’t coming back. Daryl never loved her in a romantic way. Sophia 2.0 no matter how much you whine.

There has only been one woman for him. And that’s Carol.

Instead if trying claim Caryl icons as yours why not read some fics or look at that disturbing porn fan art of Shaggy violating Rainbow Brite….

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, if you can find someone that is having issues towards being in Bricket Wood and is slowly having their link as an ally getting weak find a way to make them feel it would be more comfortable to stand by us. We don’t need to attack, we need to show the monster James is and what he did to Maria, increase our number and then take him down. We will act wisely.”