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kingsman (re)introduction

I was tagged by the lovely @unwinthehart–thank you, darling!

My name is Kim (as it says on the blog) and I’m 26 (as it says on the blog). I stumbled on this little bit of fandom paradise in October of 2016, after just about a five year hiatus from fandom life altogether. I watched Kingsman before that but honestly never gave it much thought. Oh, how naive I was. I actually stumbled across the fandom when I was creeping on someone’s bookmarks on Ao3, saw a Hartwin fic, read it and promptly jumped ship from my old fandom to this one.

I lead an Eggsy Unwin and Taron Egerton appreciation kind of life. I will spend a lot of time staring at Taron’s face and talking about how much I hate him. Hartwin has me in a stranglehold and probably won’t let go any time soon. I do dabble in some side pairings like young Merlahad, Mercival, pretty much all the Statesmen with Eggsy and Harry… but, yeah, Hartwin is life.

I contribute to this lovely fandom with fanfic over on my Ao3 (as thatgirlwho) and small fics, head canons and drabbles on my writing tag. I mostly write angst (heavy, heavy angst, like sometimes I question myself and why I do these things) but I really do love them together as a couple–I just like to watch them suffer even more (:

If you don’t mind some personal recs, my most popular ones seem to be: 

I also make dumb text posts about Kingsman and some people seem to enjoy those (spoilers: I’m really not that funny in real life, sorry to disappoint). I really don’t contribute much past that, so I hope you enjoy my meagre offerings.

I have met so many lovely people and talented writers and artists and I feel so blessed? All the time? You guys are honestly the best fandom I have ever been in and I hope that never, ever changes.

Literally, come talk to me anytime. I never get tired of talking about this fucking movie and these idiotic gay spies, it has actually consumed my life. I am jacked for this sequel, I’ve already shed some tears, have claimed Agent Tequila as my asshole son and if you hear a high-pitched shrieking around the world premiere night, it will be me, when I see my first born son, Eggsy Unwin, up on screen, launching himself over a car. 

Besides writing and smashing keyboards in tags, I enjoy other old grandma activities such as knitting, gardening, being constantly tired, complaining about The Youths™ and collecting tea that I never drink. 

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