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12x22: Dean Winchester is going to die

Well, when I was new, I wrote a whole post about this, about how early episodes but especially 12x11 foreshadowed that Performing!Dean was going to be deconstructed by the end of the season… Fans self.

The death of Performing!Dean in this episode was BEAUTIFUL. It was EXQUISITE. I couldn’t have asked for MORE! 

I literally grabbed and punched @amwritingmeta in the leg I don't know how many times as I paused it to point and shout.

1. The Grenade Launcher

So, the grenade launcher = performing!Dean metaphor. We had hoped and boy did they deliver! Did anyone else notice, while Dean was *ahem* knocking down the seemingly unpenetrable physical walls, that, maybe it was my weird link, but it seemed to me that the flashing ‘red’ lights in the MoL bunker were decidedly pinky-purpley in colour rather than standard alarm bells red and the flashlights glowed on the blue side of white… (the MoL HQ lights are also brightly pinky-purple to keep the theme going, I mean honestly what self respecting 1950s MoL guy chose this for the bunker instead of the usual red? Please!) Just saying. 

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“It wasn’t long ago I thought we had it made. We had Cas back, we had mom back. I mean it wasn’t perfect but still…”.  This is it. Dean’s facade has been coming down all season, but at this point now, he just doesn’t see the point in holding it up anymore.

And what does Sam do? HE OPENS UP TO DEAN. He tells Dean how he feels, the reasons why he followed the MoL - that it was “easier than leading”, that he made a mistake. This enables Dean to be truthful himself, in the end, now. Again, they have had many times to reflect on their own deaths but this is another time similar to 11x23 where he can really reflect on what he has lost, and now what is that? Cas and Mary.

Dean uses the grenade launcher, that he’s been dying to do since forever, blows down the impenetrable seeming wall, saves the day. How meta do we need to go? It’s BLATANT. The choice in the colour of the lights, the dialogue, his feelings… the walls are Dean’s facade and the grenade launcher is his way of breaking it down. YES. This has been building all season and much prior to this other meta writers have said that he grenade launcher is associated with Dean’s hidden side, his bisexuality, Destiel etc… this is meta gold, THIS is a meta aspect Dabb was talking about. Toni even then parallels the tearing down of Mary’s mental wall with Dean’s physical use of the grenade launcher, just moments after. It is so well put together :D

Also, I have long believed that the bunker had to go. It represents too much the MoL side of things and the whole ‘living below ground’ thing is way too underground / metaphorically bad. For me they need a real, healthy home which is in between Bobby’s hunter house and the MoL bunker. Hopefully they will find a nice modern MoL home with kit but that isn’t so hidden above ground somewhere next season to take over and make their own :D

2. Sam the MoL leader

“Real hunting isn’t just about killing, it’s about doing whats right… I want you to follow me”. We have wanted this for Sam all season, the MoL story fits his personal arc so well (so did Eileen, still bitter), this is Sam’s endgame. Sam said just moments earlier that he didn’t want to lead, but now he is, because it is necessary and because he is good at it. I believe he will now see that this is what he wants and will work towards this for his endgame.

This then leads to…

3. Dean and Sam - ending the brodependency and Dean as Sam’s parent

Dean lets Sam go, the dialogue is amazing. “You’re ready for this… you got this” paralleled with an actual mom/daughter conversation between Jody and Alex. 

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Dean literally talks to Sam like a parent letting their child go off to college and I had to pause this for a long long moment to process and scream “they’re actually going there!” not even knowing what was coming next… man…

Then comes the Mary / Dean scene.

4. Dean and Mary

This was always going to be what Mary led to for Dean’s arc. After Amara had started this addressing of Dean’s facade in season 11 and Mary is basically an extension of Amara this season re: Dean (in the same way that she still has to influence Sam’s arc re: Lucifer, that is for next season). I LOVED how BLATANT and textual they made this, the actual lack of subtext because it was all in the ACTUAL TEXT! 

Firstly, Dean considers letting Toni go, which I had expected, to show the difference between our boys (morality) and the MoL as monsters.

Then… “Dad was just a shell…I had to be a father and a mother to keep him safe, and that wasnt fair, and I couldnt do it, and you wanna know what that was like? They killed the girl that he loved, he got possessed by Lucifer, they tortured him in hell and he lost his soul…But I forgive you, for everything.” MY HEART!

Ok, yeah, they did the thing, they brought Jess up 30 mins before killing the guy that Dean loves after not mentioning her for…. A DECADE? And paralleling one of the few scenes we ever saw her in with Dean/Cas too? After we already had the parallel with Dean seeing Cas when driving along, same as Sam did? So, only the scene of Sam and Jess in the bar and the scene where Dean actually meets her haven’t been paralleled now with Dean/Cas? I’M LIVING!

But seriously. The rest is exactly what we, the audience needed to understand Dean and to show casual viewers Dean’s inner angst in order to understand the facade coming down, this is exactly what Dean needed. He has come full circle, this is the start of the culmination of the end of Performing!Dean (which Jensen has no said at Jibcon will be furthered in season 13!).

Dean actually TELLS Mary in his mind that he hates her, but that he loves her. That he had to be Sam’s mother and father, and that it wasn’t FAIR. This is so important, that he didnt just say that it happend and that it sucked, but that it wasn’t FAIR and that he did not DESERVE IT.

This is Dean addressing not just his mother but how HE feels about it, how he feels about HIMSELF, that he is saying that he DESERVES MORE and has SELF WORTH. 

These are all the words I have been using since 12x01 re: Dean . I’m so happy!

5. Ketch kills Toni, Mary kills Ketch after Dean beats him to a pulp, PERFECT, Jody kills Hess, again perfect.

This had to happen to keep our boys on the ‘don’t kill humans unless they HAVE to’ side, especially after Dean considered letting Toni go. Thank you.

6. Winchester family reunion 

Sam’s forgiveness of Mary, Dean’s reaction to the happy family hug (it’s great but someone is missing…). “Who we are… we kick ass. We save the world” 

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SAM AND DEAN ARE ACCEPTING THEMSELVES THIS SEASON. In 12x09 Sam said it, now Dean says it. After all the angst this episode and for Dean all season…

This whole episode was for me the culmination of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean this season, which has been the main theme carried through on the character - driven side of things, it was beautiful.

In many ways I view this as the character - led season finale and 12x23 as the plot - led season finale (which I will post my thoughts on right up next).

I cannot WAIT to see the result of this episode come across next season. 

We have not only now Performing!Dean pretty much dead or on his way out, the Dean Winchester is going to die metaphor was fully used and was fantastic, but coupled with Cas being brutally taken away from Dean, the parallels with 2 key canon romantic couples (Sam/Jess and Cain/Colette) in this within SECONDS of each other, plus the Jibcon revelations that we will see more of Dean’s reaction to this in season 13, apparently crying (and Jared not even hiding Destiel jokes now) make me pretty much 100% convinced Destiel is really endgame now.

Aside from this we now have Dean accepting himself, his internal self acceptance arc coming to a close, Sam’s MoL arc coming up and I will touch on the other aspects of the story for Sam in the next post as they are relevant to Lucifer / Jack, and Cas’s arc too…

Season 13 is already set up for exactly the endgame I am wishing for!

Tink’s Endgame Wishlist :

- Mol! Sam (and Eileen, Chuck I’m still bitter about that though, I really hoped her death would turn out to be a misdirection). Pretty much CHECK.

- Hunter / Mol collaboration with Sam and Dean as leaders. Pretty much CHECK.

- End of the brodependency, Dean acknowledging he was Sam’s parent and letting him go. CHECK.

- End of Performing!Dean. Pretty much CHECK.

- Human!Cas and self worth and belonging for his arc. TBA probably next season, what happened this season makes no sense if not to lead to this.

- Destiel. Pretty much CHECK. (And now after seeing Jibcon and the boys just joking about it all the time? Yeah, I don’t think they have an issue with this!).



since nobody is writing about how camila is sooooooooo girlfriend material (and im so in love with her), here it is:

•  it all started with you two being good friends, and as friends, you kept getting closer and closer

when she found out that you were into girls she smiled so big for herself 

• bc you were this cute girl that since she looked at you she wanted to get to know better 

• at first you texted a lot, and everytime she saw something funny she sended it to you

• bc she knew it would make you laugh and that would make her really happy

• then you started hanging out everytime that she wasnt filming for riverdale, like in between takes you’d go to where she was and take her to grab lunch or something

• you tried getting spoilers from her but even tho she really trusted you already she couldnt tell anything

• but she loved how you got so frustrated bc you. needed. to. know.

• so she teased you a lil bit, saying things like ”this may or may not happen”

HOW SHE ASKED YOU TO BE HER GIRLFRIEND before that everybody thought you were a couple anyway

• you were sick, like really sick, so she being the caring “friend” that she is showed up at your place w some soup, and why not flowers (something that she learnt from playing veronica) 

• even tho you melted when you saw her with all of that, you didnt want her around  because you were afraid shell get sick too

• but she didnt care, she sat right next to you on the couch and put some movie on netflix

• you were falling asleep with your head on her shoulder and she was looking at you, playing with your fingers

• she probably wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend “properly” like, with a long speech  and give you maybe some chocolate or candy

• but while looking at you the words spilled from her mouth

• “hey do you wanna me like, my girlfriend?”

• “what”

• “what”

• both of you started laughing and oFC YOU SAID YES I MEAN

• so thats how you started dating

• thats when all the fun began hehehe jk

• her phone and yours would be filled with silly photos of you two

• you know that video of her cooking and laughing about it in her ig story? you’d have tons of them doing mostly everything

• like one day, she took your phone while you were showering bc she was bored and her phone didnt have any battery, and going through your camera roll she found this video you took from her while she was watching her favorite movie because you loved how her eyes lighted up whenever her favorite scene was on the screen and how loud she screamed when something “surprising” happened even tho she watched it thousands of times

• she would do the same, because you’d have that kind of relationship

• she comments on every single one of your pics, really short comments like “i love you” “im in love” “mOM” “gorgeous” “mine”

• her mom loves you, and likes to cook for you bc she seems so nice and lovely

• when she is mad over something really silly, she starts speaking portuguese and you just stare at her while she’s screaming walking around the room until she let it all out

• “i was doing it again?” “yup” “im sorry”

• but theres times where you two are cuddling facing eachother and she is putting your hair behind your ear while smiling and shed say “eu tenho tanta sorte“ or “você é tão bonita”

• you wouldnt get anything of what she said (and she probably wouldnt tell you) but youd smile so big because you knew it was something nice and when she speaks in another language is the cutest thing ever

• PDA !!!!! lots of pda

• but not the annoying type like sucking eachother faces in public, but holding hands, long hugs, cheek kisses, forehead kisses !!!

• at least twice a week you go out to eat or have a cute coffee date, talking bout life sitting infront of eachother, holding hands over the table

• she never fails to make you laugh, she’s always doing goofy things or trying to imitate someone (and failing)  just to put a smile on your face

• its 2:34 AM, the lights are gone, the only source of light is coming from your computer screen and you two are dancing in the living room to some random spotify playlist

• you can go from steamy hot makeout session on the couch to sloppy slow kisses filled with love

• she sings to you whenever you ask her 

• she is probably singing 24/7 GOD BLESS HER ANGELIC VOICE

• but if you’re having a rough time or you’re feeling sad, she sings to you in a low tone kinda whispering, while smiling sweetly 

• i dont think she is the jealous type  ? but if anyone is looking at you in a way that they shouldn’t she’d wrap an arm around your waist, not like in a “she’s mine back off” type of way, but in a sweet “i love her dont steal her from me” type of way im crying 

• SHE. IS. A. TEASER. LIL. ****

• you tried cooking together, but you endend up getting too “distracted” and burning the whole thing

• “lets order pizza” “but i dont want pizza” “what do you want?” “you”

• she appreciates you and loves you so much bc if she is dating you she is 100% focused on you so she wouldnt be the annoying cheesy type, but definitely cheesy

• when she is away filming or busy with her work she sends you selfies doing funny faces, or videos at set with the cast, or a pouty selfie with a “cant wait to get home :(” that makes you melt inside who wouldnt

• PET NAMES !!! she probably calls you “love/babe/gorgeous”

• and she is your little nugget, of course

• play nights at your place with her friends (and yours) happen a little too often, because is everything you love and need: wine, charades, friends, and eachother


but it doesnt matter is you win or lose the game at the end of the night, bc she’d wrap her arms around you and say “i win, i have you”

i love her so so so so much okay?????? it ends right here before i start crying she is the most precius lil bean bye

tw: @softnessmalik
Almost [r.m.]

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Based on “Almost” by DNCE

Some days I’ll admit I was difficult
Everything you did I was critical

It was you and Reggie. That’s the way it had always been.

Ever since birth, your mothers had pushed you to each other, hoping to see you get together in the future.

And so you did.

It was seventh grade when he had asked you out, all nervous and shaky. You were kids, no one expected it to last. They had all been surprised to see that three years later, you and Reggie were still together as sophomores. And they had been even more surprised to see that you guys broke up that very same year.

You’re holding the car keys
I’m saying, “Don’t tease me.”
If you’re leaving, then just leave me

The Jason Blossom case had taken quite the toll on the small town. Being childhood friends with Betty and Jughead, you easily got caught up in the investigation while Reggie got caught up in a competition with Archie over who would be the next football captain.

You were slowly drifting apart.

Baby we were good
We were almost perfect
I’d say it’s your fault,
But you don’t deserve it

No one noticed at first. Not even you and Reggie. The last minute excuses, the constant apologizing for things you had both forgotten about.

To everyone, you were still the perfect happy couple.

Then came the late night sleuthing. You were putting yourself at risk, at least, that’s what Reggie thought. You however, paid no attention to his concerns, stating that your chances of getting hurt were lower than his every time he played a game.

Unfortunately, Reggie’s words rang true when one night, as you were lurking around the banks of Sweetwater River, your ankle got caught on a tree root. You had to be carried home by Jughead and taken care of by Betty in order to ensure your ankle wasn’t broken.

Reggie had stormed into your room, seething. He had yelled at you and you had yelled back, both saying things you didn’t mean. The night had ended with him storming out and you sobbing as both Jughead and Betty comforted you.

The happy couple had come to an end.

You won’t get back what we had with no one
Baby we were good
It was almost worth it
We were almost
Almost, almost

Truth is, there was no one to blame. You loved each other with all your heart but unfortunately, high school had torn you both apart.

You continued on normally, even if you were terribly heartbroken. You were determined to show Reggie that you would be alright without him.

Reggie tried did the same but he was absolutely crushed and was starting to lose sleep. He regretted his words and his actions.

You were the best thing he had and he had given you up.

You wanted someone to blame. Jughead, for dragging you with him on late nights. Betty, for roping you into the Blue & Gold. Even Reggie, for simply giving up.

But you knew that the only person to blame was yourself.

So real, sometimes it was fictional, yeah
So good, sometimes it was criminal
So happy without me,
Or are you just acting?
Either way is right.

The news of your breakup spread like wildfire. The next day, a quarter of the people knew about you guys. The day after, three quarters knew. By the end of the week, girls were already trying to get Reggie’s attention.

You stood by your locker with Jughead and Archie. Archie was rambling on about something, which was weird as he was usually so calm and relaxed.

Little did you know he was trying to prevent you from seeing some girl from your biology class flirt with Reggie.

“…and then I told Betty ‘There’s no way you can fit that whole apple in your mouth’ and she just looked me right in the eye, said ‘watch me’ and proceeded to shove it- (Y/N)?” Archie trailed off as you turned around, being met with the sight of Reggie leaning on his locker, smirking at the girl.

“I’m fine,” you whispered as Archie wrapped his arm around your shoulders and walked you to your next class, Jughead trailing after you guys.

“It’s okay to not be ok,” Archie whispered back.

Baby, we were good
We were almost perfect
I’d say it’s your fault,
But you don’t deserve it.

Reggie felt his heart break when he saw Archie Andrews envelope you in his arms and walk you to class. The same thing occurred for the rest of the week. And the week after that. And the week after that.

He’d always make sure to be in the same place as you and no matter how hard he tried to get your attention, you would only remain focused on Archie.

He tried everything. Flirting with girls like crazy around you, telling Archie to back off, even pushing Jughead into the lockers when he walked with you.

But none of it worked.

You were both miserable.

Archie was helping you, he truly was. He quickly became one of your closest friends, always guiding you away from Reggie in order to keep your heart from shattering even more than it already had.

You wondered if it was possible. Could your heart break even more if it had already been shattered by the person you loved?

You quickly found out that the answer was ‘yes’ every time you saw Reggie level the school with a new girl on his arm.

You won’t get back what we had with no one
Baby, we were good,
It was almost worth it
We were almost
Almost, almost
Almost, almost

It had been two months and Reggie was back to being his normal fuckboy self. You had been fully integrated into the group that consisted of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin. Things couldn’t be better.

Actually, that was a lie. No matter how much time you spent with your friends, or how much effort they spent with trying to get you to feel better, you were still in love with Reggie.

But he had moved on…multiple times.

Reggie was still hurting. He regretted ever yelling at you and he regretted leaving your house the night you got hurt. He wanted to go up to you and tell you just how badly he was still in love with you.

But you were happy with Archie…as far as he knew.

Baby, we were good,
We were almost perfect.
I’d say it’s your fault,
But you don’t deserve it

Everyone was getting worried. You were still upset and extremely unhappy. These days, not even Archie could cheer you up. Yours and Reggie’s anniversary was coming up nd you couldn’t help but feel more blue.

In a last minute effort, Betty and Veronica planned a small outing for you the day of the would-be anniversary. It’s wasn’t anything big, just an outing to Pop’s with all your friends.

It was going well, Archie had even bought you a milkshake, and you were beginning to feel better.

At least, you were, until Cheryl showed up.

“So he asked me out and of course I said yes. I mean, he hasn’t been available since middle school. Everybody wants a piece of him.”

Your whole table turned to look at Cheryl when she walked in. She stopped near the entrance and looked around, her eyes landing on you.

Smiling maliciously, she turned to Ginger. “Let’s just say Reggie is better at a lot of things apart from football.”

You got up as they walked away, giggling.

“I gotta go,” you mumbled, gathering your things.

“(Y/N), please stay,” Betty begged.

You flashed a smile in her direction. “Thank you Betty, and thank you guys. Thanks for trying but I just really need to go.”

Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin all stared after you sympathetically, turning to glare at Cheryl once you had left the diner.

You won’t get back what we had with no one,
Baby, we were good,
It was almost worth it,
We were almost
Almost, almost
Almost, almost

Cheryl’s words kept playing in your head as you walked out of the diner. You weren’t crying. You couldn’t cry anymore. You were just numb. You kept your head down as you rounded the corner, crashing in somebody. Their hands went to your waist as you placed your hands on their chest to steady yourself.

Reggie looked down at you, emotions hitting him full-force. He missed this, he missed you. Being able to hold you in his arms and call you his. He had to get you back. And this was the perfect chance.

You looked up to apologize, only to completely freeze up when your eyes met Reggie’s. You wanted to say something, apologize for what was said that night that seemed so far away at that moment. But you couldnt. You couldn’t do anything but look away and try to hold back the tears your eyes had miraculously produced.

“(Y/N)…hey,” Reggie breathed.



So I figured out how to write fics on mobile like you do on desktop. So requests will be up soon!


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zor-el-schott  asked:

Hii!!! I absolutely love your blog. Is my favorite one of Riverdale. If you're still taking prompts, I thought of a great one. Betty and Jug are best friends but both have it bad for each other but they don't know how the other feels. So one night they have a halloween party and Betty goes as she was in 1.03 and Jug (however you want but shirtless) and they're both shocked, especially Jug. They start flirting with each other until they realize they are more than friends.

Yes yes yes! I love this one.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Jughead Jones favorite holiday, the one day a year he could be as dark and mysterious as he wanted and it was deemed socially acceptable, not that he cared what his peers thought of him, but sometimes it was easier to fly under the radar.

Speaking of Halloween, his redheaded best friend was currently trying his absolute hardest to convince Jughead to go to some Halloween party at the blossom mansion.

“Come on dude, it’ll be awesome. You love all that spooky stuff, I’m sure you can find something to creep on in that huge mansion! You’ve gotta come dude, it’s like.. a right of passage.” Archie pleaded, playfully punching Jugheads shoulder.
Jughead just rolled his eyes at his friend
“I see no appeal in hanging around a bunch of drunk and rowdy football players and half naked cheerleaders.”

“Did someone mention drunk cheerleaders?” Veronica said as she, Betty and Kevin dropped their trays at the lunch table, Betty taking her usual spot next to Jughead and shooting him her most excited smile.
“Are you guys talking about the blossoms Halloween party tonight? I can’t wait! What are you going as juggie? Just wait til you see my costume it’s a little crazy!”

He caught Archie’s eyes from across the table and he was actually smirking, he knew exactly what was about to happen
“Well actually Jughead has decided not too….”
Archie was abruptly cut off when Jughead kicked him from under the table finishing off the sentence
“Tell anyone what I’m going as, I decided I’m gonna keep it a surprise, ya know ‘tis the season of mystery and all that.” He finished lamely.
Archie snorted and jughead shot him a glare.
It was physically impossible for Jughead to say no to Betty and he sure as hell wasn’t about to disappoint her or let her down. She was his best friend after all, well after Archie of course.

Betty nodded understandingly
“I get that, well in that case I can’t tell you what I’m being! It’ll be a suprise for both of us!”

Kevin was staring at Jughead with a knowing smile and it made Jugheads skin tingle “what is it Keller?”

He just shrugged his shoulders still smiling
“Oh nothing. I just can’t wait for you to see Betty’s costume is all.”

Jughead felt the dark presence before he saw her. Cheryl blossom. How she had become part of this group was beyond him, but everyone else tolerated her so he just sucked it up.
She squeezed her ridiculously skinny self in between Kevin and Veronica and flipped her red hair directly into Kevin’s face.
“I’m sure Betty will look absolutely… darling, but wait until you guys see my costume. Veronica tell them how amazing my devil costume is.”
Jughead snorted and mumbled “how appropriate” under his breath, smiling when he heard the blonde beside him giggle.

Veronica rolled her eyes, “it’s a pretty banging costume, but it’s nothing compared to my cat woman costume, Josie actually helped me get it together. I told her I have to become an official member of the pussycats now.”

They went on to argue about who was going to look better before the final bell rang, pulling everyone apart and setting them off in separate directions. Jughead and Betty were headed the same way and she poked his side

“I didn’t take you for a Halloween party guy, don’t get my wrong I’m totally excited that you’re going, I would pretty much die without you but I figured you would rather be at home watching all the remakes of Friday the 13”
Actually he had planned on watching the Blair witch project first, but she knew him too well.

“It’s good to expand your horizons, figure one party won’t kill me, plus I get to see you in whatever silly costume you decide to wear.” He shoved her gently as she giggled
“Oh it’s silly alright.”

The rest of the day went by far too quick, Jughead was nervous about going to the blossoms, he had never been to a party let alone dressed the way he was. He stared into the mirror in Archie’s room. Said boy standing beside him dressed in army pants and some face paint, dog tags hanging over his bare chest. Archie had insisted they both go shirtless, it had been funny at the time but now? Not so much.

Staring into the mirror he sighed

He had on bright red suspenders pulled around his naked torso, connected to pretty low slung jeans, the bright yellow construction hat was placed on top of his head in place of his crown beanie and he was holding a hammer. He knew his body wasn’t In horrible shape, working at Fred’s construction over the summer had bulked him up and Betty was always squeezing his arms appreciatively underneath his tshirts. He knew Betty would love this costume, she would appreciate the irony of the wholesome facade. So maybe that’s why he agreed to wear this dumb outfit, Betty was always there in the back of his mind, why? Well he had no clue about that one.

“Ready to go?” Archie said from the door swinging his car keys.

Taking one final look into the mirror, Jughead shook his head, following the soldier to battle.

The party was loud and it was crowded, girls in lingerie were clinging to boys in basketball jerseys and boys in just underwear. He didn’t feel so bad about his toplessness now.

“Yo! Jug! Do you see the girls anywhere? I promised Ronnie the first dance!” Archie shouted over the thumping music and screaming guests.

Jughead just shook his head, wincing as someone dropped a red solo cup at his feet.

Kevin was the first to find them, he was already a little tipsy as he clung to Jughead
“Have you seen her yet?! Total smoke show am I right?!”
Jughead looked down at him confused
“What are you talking about?”
Kevin looked to his side and his smile got even dopier as he pointed a finger

Following his hand, Jughead nearly dropped the boy to the ground.

Walking towards them, almost in slow motion was Betty and Veronica. Veronica was dressed in a ridiculously tight black latex suit and cat ears but she could have been wearing a full transformers suit and he wouldn’t have noticed his eyes were drawn to the girl standing beside her.

Betty Cooper was not Betty Cooper, she was something else entirely. Her long blonde hair was tucked away into a short black bob that accentuated her high cheek bones and rosy pink cheeks, she was wearing no top at all just a black lacy bra and a tiny little black skirt, her long tan legs were bare only lacy garters topping her thighs, the sky high black stilettos made her ankles look even tinier and her lips were covered in ruby red lipstick while her bright green eyes were lined with black, her long eyelashes heavy.
As she approached the three boys she bared her teeth, revealing realistic looking plastic fangs.

Veronica instantly grabbed onto Archie’s hand and pulled him away “first dance! You promised.” He was only happy to oblige following her leather clad booty.

Betty wasn’t speaking, her fiery green eyes trained on his bare chest occasionally alternating to his exposed arms. He couldnt say anything he wasn’t speaking either, having her this close he had a much better look at her ample chest in her barely their bra.

“Earth to bughead? As fun as it is to see you two ogle each other you might wanna move out of the middle of the floor!” Kevin shook them both out of their staring contest, Betty blushing bright pink as Jughead rubbed the back of his neck.

Putting his hand on her lower back he brought his lips to her ear so she could hear him over the music “wanna get a drink?” He asked
She nodded a little dazed by his proximity

As soon as they reached the kitchen and he handed her a beer, she was grinning
“I love your costume, who are you supposed to be Archie Andrews?”

He laughed out loud “well who wouldn’t want to be Archie Andrews? Americas golden boy, football captain, every girl in the world wants him. I could only dream of being such a guy.” He put his hand over his heart, fake swooning.

Betty laughed before looking down and playing with the top of her beer bottle
“Well just for the record. I would take Jughead jones over Archie Andrews any day.” She smiled at him.

He felt his cheeks heat and he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face. “So a vampire huh? What inspired this little number?” He reached a hand out to tug on her wig.
She shrugged smiling

“I like it, it’s dark and mysterious and fun! It’s what I wish I could be, ya know minus the black hair. I kinda like my blonde hair!” She giggled

Jughead tugged on her hand, pulling her closer to him “well for the record.” He smiled imitating her previous declaration “you are fun. and you’ve always been a mystery to me Betty cooper.” They both vaguely realized how close they had gotten. And Betty whispered inches away from his lips, smirking
“So you don’t like the costume?”
He laughed out loud and brought his lips to hers
“Oh no I love the costume.”

Then they were kissing. It was everything he never knew he needed. Her body fit perfectly into his and the way she nibbled on his bottom lip, sent him into another world. She tasted like strawberries and beer. His new favorite combination. Pulling away he smiled at the sound of her whimper.

Finally opening her eyes she raised a perfect brow
“I thought we were just friends Jughead Jones?” She grinned evilly.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into his side
“Oh bets, I don’t think we were ever “just friends”

She nodded against his side before turning to him and smiling, holding out her hand
“Okay than on the topic of firsts, how would you like to dance with me?” She was grinning mischievously and he sighed, smiling goofily

He could never say no to Betty Cooper.

Negan Imagine ~ Behind your Back

While Negan fancies the reader, she turns against him after the line-up and secretly begins to help Rick. 
Everything works fine till one day…

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

The cold lights in the hallways of the sanctuary flickered above you while you made your way to the hall as your thoughts circled around something.
Around something Negan had done in that one night a few weeks ago.
Hell, you knew that he did those things but you had never seen him doing it.
How he went along the people sitting in line just waiting for him to kill one.
His minute long monologue that still let a shiver run down your back.
The moment his bat stopped before one man and finally crushed down on him.
Negan’s chuckle before taunting the woman who had probably been that man’s girlfriend.
The second kill, how the dying man talked to his sobbing wife before Negan bashed also his skull to mush.
God you could understand their leader for threatening Negan and it made you feel deeply sorry as you saw him sobbing as Negan tested him with his own son.
The thing between you and Negan had always been weird.
He had have a thing for you from the first moment you had came here and since that day it had just become stronger.
You weren’t one of his wives, nor a regular savior, he didn’t even make you do that ridiculous “I’m Negan” thing and points were something you didn’t have to care about even though you still worked.
Of course, Negan was attractive and charming and over time you had build some attraction up to him but his deeds kept you far away from falling for him and the thing he did in that night hadn’t just asserted your doubts it had turned you against him and on someone else side.
Every single week you brought something to them when the Saviors visited.
They took something and you brought something back.
Medicine, Food, sometimes even ammunition.
You hadnt have to worry about the points all that costed, the only thing you had to worry about was to take that much that it didn’t attract attention.
And to not attract that attention was also another thing needed.
And that was still pretending in front of Negan as if that night hadnt changed something for you.

You walked through the hall, trying to find the stall with the things you needed or better, with the things the people in Alexandria needed.
Your glance wandered over to one stall, a table covered with different things and some interesting things among them.
You walked over to it, already seeing things that could be usefull. 
“Number”, the woman sitting behind it asked without looking at you before she turned around and her eyes began to glare slightly.
“Oh right you don’t need points”, she said with an annoyed undertone.
“So, what do you need?”, she asked still annoyed.
“Just looking around, gonna tell you when I’ve found something”, you said, trying to sound somehow friendly.
Of course you could get whatever you wanted to, but you still worked here and didn’t sit around the whole day doing nothing even though you could.
You weren’t one of his wives.
You looked at the things on the table, a few pallets with tablets laying onto it that attracted your attention.
“I’ll take these”, you said grabbing the tablets before she grumpily nodded and you rushed out of the hall.

You made your way back to to your apartment while you opened your bag to let the tablets fall into it as you heard a way too familiar voice.
“There she comes”, you heard Negan chuckling singing.
You looked up feeling hot and cold mixing in your body as you hastily let the tablets fall into the bag while you saw him walking chuckling closer. 
“Shit you alright? You look as if someone shocked the hell outta you", Negan asked as he walked even closer before he took your hands and laid your arms around his neck before he slung his arms around your waist.
“No you just caught me unexpected, everything is fine”, you said while he looked smirking at you.
“Really? ‘Cause I think I just saw some fucking tablets slipping down in your bag”, he said raising his brows and nodding to your bag while your head worked at full speed trying find an answer.
“Just had some headache the last days and wanted to make sure I have something in my room in case it comes back”, you said while you saw some concern in his eyes while he slowly nodded.
“Alright, but you know that you can go to my Doc whenever some shit is off, right?”, he said still looking at you.
“I know”, you said while he began to smirk slightly again.
“If I wouldnt know that you’re that damn hard to get I’d suggest another way to get that damn headache once for all out of your head”, he said smirking at you while he chuckled as you huffed slightly but chuckled a bit with him.
Yes, for him you still were the one who was hard to get.
You couldn’t stand him for his misdeeds but at least he didn’t force you to do anything with him and that gave you a bit room to move and the security that you wouldn’t have to kiss him or even sleep with him to manipulate him.
You didn’t do this before and he would have noticed if you would have suddenly thrown yourself at him and would have defer to all his flirting, so the the only thing you needed to do was being not too distant, playing a bit along and showing him a bit affection here and there.
“We’re gonna go to Alexandria tomorrow, you gonna come with me again?”, he asked while his glance still didn’t leave your face.
“Yeah”, you answered, glad that he was the one asking you.
The less you had to ask for coming with him, the less he would notice why you actually wanted to Alexandria.
“Fucking great”, he said grinning at you before he huffed slightly.
”Would fucking love to stand here longer with you but I gotta get some shit done”, Negan said scoffing before he looked back at you and smirked again.
”But tomorrow Darling, we got the whole damn day”, he muttered smirking while pulling you a little closer.
”I hope so”, you said with a slight grin while you actually hoped to be able to spend the least time possible close to him.
Negan’s smirk mixed with a smile before he let go of you.
”See you tomorrow”, he said chuckling before he licked over his bottom lip, still looking at you before he turned around, swang Lucille over his shoulder and walked around he next corner.
As soon as he was out of earshot you breathed relieved out, his touch had build up a tension in you and now that he was gone, it slowly washed out of your body.
You swallowed before you walked back to your room, knowing that tomorrow would probably be a stressful day.

The sun slowly rose upon the horizon as the truck you sat in drove over the roads on its way to Alexandria.
You fumbled on the fabric of the sack on your lap knowing that it should be empty just like the ones of the others, but it wasnt.
Inside were the tablets from yesterday, a bit ammo and some more salves and medicine you collected over the last days.
It was less then the most times, but you had to be cautious and couldnt take big things that would attract attention.
And you couldnt get guns.
Not because they were too big, a small handgun would also do its job, but these weapons were something that would blow your cover.
They were way too fastidious kept record of to steal one of them, the only thing you could somehow get for Rick was the ammo and that was already hard enough.
But as far as you knew they were able to collect some guns on runs over the last weeks and you were glad that you could at least somehow help them.
You looked up and saw Negan turning from his passenger seat in the front around to you and a few of his men that sat with you in the back of the truck.
“Gonna be there soon”, he said before his glance wandered over to you.
“Can’t wait to see if we’ll find something fun there”, he said smirking as he winked at you before he turned slightly chuckling around.
You drove for some more minutes until you heard the motor of the truck stop and you walked behind the other Saviors over to the door.
As you finally stood at it you glanced down, only to see Negan holding his hand smirking up to you.
“You know, I’m a gentleman, Sweetheart”, Negan said smirking while you took his hand and hopped out of the truck before you felt his hand laying onto your lower back.
You still wanted to jolt up when you felt his touch, but held yourself back to pretend that you were comfortable with his closeness.
”Rick! fucking Rick, hope that you got some great ass shit for us”, you suddenly heard Negan call out, pulling his hand away from your back as he walked over to Rick.
You looked around as you saw the sign of Alexandria once again.
”Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers.”
And every time you came here with the other Saviors, knowing that they’d take a whole lot of their stuff again, that motto let a shiver run down your back.
”(Y/N)? Come on we got stuff to do”, you heard Arat hiss as she walked past you and ripped you out of your thoughts.
You walked inside and looked around trying to find one of them to give them somewhere here the stuff you collected.
But before you could do that, you heard Negan walking over to you once again with a big smirk on his lips.
”Jesus, its fucking beautiful here”, Negan said while walking closer and slipping an arm around your waist.
”Can’t keep up with your beauty, but damn thats some greatass place”, he said looking around before not only you but also him saw someone.
”Kid”, Negan said pointing at Carl then showing him with his finger motion to come over.
”Would you show her the new fucking supplies your Daddy got? It really tickles my balls what new shit I get here! Almost like fucking Christmas!”, Negan shouted amused as he looked at the Saviors looked around.
”Yeah, I’ll show her”, growled Carl as he began to move towards one of the houses followed by you.
”Oh and Sweetheart? When you see something you like, fucking take it”, Negan said and winked at you as you turned around and just nodded.
You followed Carl, knowing that he wouldnt take you to the supplies before you could get the stuff you had with you to a safe place.
Every second you were with it out here, was a second you could get caught.

You walked into one house, stayed directly behind Carl while he walked up the stairs and lead you into a bedroom before he closed the door and turned around, knowing that now no one was able to hear you.
”How have you been?”, you asked while you began to pull out the stuff you brought with you.
”It’s getting better”, Carl said before you heard his voice raising again.
”Also because of you, thank you, really, not just from me, thank you from everyone, you’re a big help”, he said before you looked smiling up.
”Thats the least I can do”, you said while Carl smiled slightly at you.
”So I got you some medicine and ammo, hope I can get more the next time”, you said pulling out the last palette with tablets and began to get the things into a dresser, just in case someone Savior would get the idea to go through that house.
”Alright, I’m gonna show you our supplies now, just that Negan doesn’t get whiff of anything“, he said before walking down the stairs with you as you suddenly heard a loud voice.
”What the fucking shit is that crap here”, you heard Negan yell, his voice filled with anger.
Your head snapped into the direction his voice came from before you walked hastily over to a window to see what was happening outside.
”Rick, are you fucking with me?! Shit what the fucking shit”, Negan screamed before you could see the reason for Negan’s anger.
Ammunition, all the ammunition you had brought here over time, thorough stacked in front of him while you saw how other Saviors carried more to him.
They shouldn’t have found it, but they did and now you just didn’t know what was going to happen.
Your heart began to harshly pound against your chest as you saw the anger rising in Negan’s face.
”You push me Rick, you fucking push me”, Negan growled while you saw his grip around Lucille’s handle tighten.
”You collected and hid all that shit, all that damn fucking fuck shit?! I fucking thought that I made it clear in that one fucking night but I guess I was wrong. You’re even dumber than I thought Rick”, Negan growled and you could see from far how his eyes gleamed in anger.
„Every single one of you fuckers comes here now!“, Negan yelled before you saw the people walking shocked towards Negan and Rick.

„Shit“, you could just mumble before you saw Carl walking past you.

„I cant leave them alone“, he said before he looked swallowing at you as he opened the door and walked outside, followed by you.

„Darling, come over here, you wont believe what these dickheads did“, Negan said as soon as he saw you.

You walked over to him, not knowing what to do as you saw the people looking swallowing at the ammo on the ground.

„Tell me which one of you pricks gathered all that shit. And tell me now, or I’m gonna kill each one of you“, Negan yelled while you felt a cold shiver running down your back.


Only silence while you saw the people around you trembling as the Saviors raised their guns to their heads.

„I begin to lose my fucking patience and damn, you don’t want that to happen“, Negan growled as you realized that you needed to do something or all this would turn into a bloodbath.

Your eyes met Carls who just shook his head seeing what you were about to do.
”It was me”, you suddenly said while Negan’s glance went irritated over to you.
”Sweetheart, thats not the fucking moment for jokes”, he said slightly chuckling before you swallowed and raised your voice again.
”I’m not joking Negan, it was me, I brought the ammo here”, you said determined even though your heart was hitting that hard against your chest now, that it felt like it would burst out of your ribcage in the next moments.
You saw Negan’s glance changing as he realized that you said the truth, his eyes narrowed while you saw his jaw clenching.
”Every single one of them on their damn knees”, he growled while he turned around to the other saviors before he turned back to you.
”In that house. Now”, he growled with a way to calm and dangerous voice before you realized that this could be the only way to not make everything worse.
You walked swallowing into the house while you could hear Negan’s heavy steps behind you until he walked past you into the living room.
You looked at him, seeing him realizing more and more that all you had done with him in the last weeks, every single soft touch, every single nice word, every single smile had been played.
He breathed heavily before he looked up to you and you saw the anger boiling over.
“You’ve been betraying me? You’ve been fucking betraying me? After everything?!”, he asked yelling while you could see some pain between all the anger flinching in his eyes.
But before you could answer he continued.
“For how fucking long?!”, he yelled clenching his jaw.
“After that night, that one night were you bashed their friends heads. I couldn’t get that out of my mind anymore”, you said tensed up.
“I needed to! They killed an assload of my men!”, he called heavily breathing out before he punched the wall growling.
“I fucking knew I shouldn’t have taken you there”, he growled to himself while he clenched his jaw harder.
“It’s not just that night, it’s also the iron, all the other fucked up things you do”, you called out while you kept looking at him.
“Punishment. Punishment is necessary”, he growled through gritted teeth.
“No the only thing it is, is disgusting”, you growled back before he breathed heavily out.
“Fucking fuck”, he growled running his hand through his hair still completely overpowered through what was happening in these moments.
You knew that you hadn’t just hurt his pride or dignity with betraying him, you had hurt something worse and something that was surprising that it was actually still left in a cruel man like him.
His feelings.
He wouldn’t do anything to you, you knew that.
But you weren’t sure what he would do now to the people outside.
He looked up his glance still mixed with anger and pain while he clenched his jaw as his breath became heavier again and the anger heated up before he took Lucille and swung the bat over his shoulder.
“Guess I gotta start all over again”, you heard him growl before he rushed past you as you gasped and you knew in these moments, that he the only thing on his mind right now was to hurt you as much as you had hurt him.
“No Negan”, blustered out of you as you saw him turning dangerously chuckling around.
“Oh Darling, be glad that I just bash one and not all of their fucking heads”, he said before his chuckle vanished and a cold mask laid all over his face as he stepped out of the door and you could see into the faces of the people kneeling in front of the house before the door shut.
You felt a lump creating in your throat before you heard the first bloodcurdling screams that let shivers run down your back and urged tears into your eyes.
One of them would die.
One of them would be beaten to death just like their friends in this one night.
One of them would have to feel all the pain Negan wanted them to feel.
And all of them would lose another part of their family.
Your hands balled into fists, your jaw clenched as you felt the sadness being overflowed by the anger that build up in you along with the determination that reached its highest point as you heard how the last loud sob turned silent.
Everything in your head was muddled and torn except one single thought that stood irrevocable there and was the only thing you knew for sure:

One day they would rise up and there was no doubt that you’d be with them.

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honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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Blocked at every turn Pt 1

A/n - after watching earlier episodes and seeing how poor Magnus and Alec couldnt seem to catch a break with getting some alone time, this came out. As usual it took a life of its own so once again, be warned. If you like it let me know and i’ll post the second part

The boys were at Magnus’s loft and what had started out as a simple conversation had evolved into a make out session. They were sitting on Magnus’s sofa, Alec leaning into Magnus,  his lips locked to his, one hand sits on his thigh and the other is cupping his neck. Alec deepens the kiss, wanting more but he can sense hesitation from Magnus. He pulls back, frowning.“Ok, so what’s wrong?”“Nothing, Alexander, why would you think that?”“Because I can feel you pulling away from me. Am I doing something wrong?” Alec looked so dejected and confused it made Magnus ache. He gave him a smile and put his hand on his arm, squeezing it gently.“No, my darling, it’s not you. I don’t want you to think that, you’re not doing anything wrong”
“I’m confused so what’s the problem? I know I’m new to this but I can tell your holding back for some reason” Magnus looked away from him and sighed. He owed Alec an explanation but he was worried about his reaction.“Magnus, talk to me”“Alec, I know we’ve had a conversation about me being more experienced and you being new to all this and that we agreed that it wouldn’t matter, and it doesn’t. It’s just, I’m frightened that I’ll lose control with you and do something that you won’t like. I know who I am and as I’ve said before, I’m a lot to get used to. The thing is, being in love with you has caused me to have all these wants that I’ve repressed for so long to rise to the surface. There’s so much that I ache to do with you but then I remember that you are inexperienced and it would kill me if I lost control and did something you didn’t want to and you ran screaming in the other direction” Magnus felt himself holding his breath, waiting for Alec’s reply. It was hard to have such an open conversation with someone about such personal things when you had spent so many years closed off to the world.“First of all, I would never ran screaming from anywhere. Second, you seem to forget that I’ve been repressing my own feelings for a long time as well. The worst part was thinking that what I was feeling was wrong, not normal. You helped me realise that there was nothing wrong with me and I’m so grateful for that. Third, yes, this is my first true relationship and I’m well aware that I’m innocent about a lot of stuff but that’s why I need you to show me, teach me. I can’t think of anything that you would do that would make me want not to be with you. I love you too Magnus.” Magnus smiled at him and leaned over to place a soft kiss to his lips. He felt his body relaxing, the tension draining from him. He was right. He needed to stop treating Alec with kid gloves.“Thank you for being so honest with me about this, Alexander. Your right. I won’t hold back anymore. But I want you to promise me that if you feel uncomfortable about anything, you’ll tell me, ok?”“yes, ok. Can we go back where we left off now?” Alec reached for him, drawing him close again and covered his mouth with his own. This time when Magnus felt Alec wanting more he didn’t hesitate. He flicked the tip of his tongue out to touch his lips and heard Alec’s small intake of breath. He pressed back into him, encouraging him to continue. This time, Magnus darted his tongue past his lips, allowing it to explore Alec’s own tongue. He couldn’t help but smile when he heard the soft groan escape Alec.He pulled back softly.“all good?” he asked him. He could already see the answer all over his face. Alec’s eyes looked soft and his eyelids, heavy. Colour pinked his cheeks.“Shut up and get back here” he grabbed him by the front of his shirt and crashed his lips back to his. Magnus put a hand on his waist, slowly moving up his side, loving the feel of his warm muscled body under his hand. Alec still had both his hands bunched in the front of Magnus’s shirt, pulling him as close as he could against him. Magnus gave a small start when he felt Alec’s tongue give a small tentative flick to his lips. He widened the kiss and couldn’t help groaning himself when he felt his tongue touch his own. Alec let go of the front of his shirt and grabbed the back, fingers bunching in the material as he fought to drag it up. Magnus had lost himself in the kiss, his tongue exploring Alec’s mouth, a soft purr vibrating from him. And then he felt him give a muffled laugh. He pulled back, with a questioning look.“What’s wrong?”Alec smiled back at him, his eyes lowering. Magnus couldn’t seem to tear his eyes from that soft pink mouth, lips shiny from their kiss. He frowned and put a finger under Alec’s chin lifting his gaze back to his own.“It’s just, you taste good” Alec’s cheeks coloured, as he smiled back.“So do you, my love” Magnus grinned back, and leaned forward till their foreheads met.“I like that wine you’ve been drinking” Alec looked up at him from under thick black lashes. “Obvioulsy pizza was on the menu for lunch today at the institute” he replied and they both gave a chuckle.“I bet I know else would taste good” Magnus told him. Alec looked at him expectantly. “that deflect rune. It’s been driving me to distraction since I first saw you” He went to move towards his neck but Alec put his hands on his chest.“I want this off” he said, grabbing Magnus’s shirt once again.“Help yourself” Magnus, leaned back, his arms above his head. He smiled at the look on his face. He looked like a child unwrapping a birthday gift. Alec pulled the shirt over his head and off his arms, throwing it to the floor. He sat back, gazing at Magnus’s bare chest and torso. He saw him swallow, hard.“Your beautiful” he said softly, and reached out a hand placing it on Magnus’s pec muscles. He felt a thrill run through him from his touch, his eyes closing. When he opened them again, he heard Alec take in a breath before grabbing both his arms and pulling him into him, kissing him soundly.“By the angel, Mags, your eyes are so hot” he said, between kisses. Magnus realised with a start that he meant his demon mark eyes, that were amber and cat like. No one had ever said that to him before, usually they frightened people, that’s why he glamoured them most of the time. He must of let his guard down without realising it. He pulled back and reached for Alec’s t shirt, reefing it off him and throwing it to meet his own. When he went back to him, he headed straight for that deflect rune. He ran soft kisses from his jaw, feeling Alec tilting his head so he had better access. He mouthed its lines, working his way down to the pulse point at its base and gave it a playful nip. Alec gave a moan, his body arching into him.“Magnus! Aldertree needs you to come to………………….” Jace propped as his boots hit the rug in the living room. His eyes widened and he felt his face burn before he spun on his heal quickly, facing the way he had come in.“Oh damn, guys,…..man, I’m sorry I had no idea………” he spluttered.Magnus and Alec froze. Alec gave an impatient growl, throwing his head back and covering his eyes with his hand. Magnus sighed and rested his forehead on Alec’s chest.“Do you have any concept of privacy, Jace Wayland?” he asked, sitting back from Alec, missing his warmth immediately.“Ah, its Lightwood actually, and how was I supposed to know you two were in here getting some afternoon delight? I’m a Shadowhunter not a mind reader”“what about our parabatai bond? Couldn’t you tell something was up?” Alec asked, frowning. Magnus gave a small snort not daring to look in Alec’s direction.“Dude, lately it’s like your always ‘on’ so the answer to that question is no”Magnus cleared his throat and gave Alec a smirk. He smiled back, lowering his eyes.“can you turn around and at least tell me what was so important that it was worth ruining our afternoon for?” Magnus said.Jace turned but still had trouble looking directly at them as they sat back in the sofa, bare chested and breathing slightly heavy.“Aldertree needs you to track someone for him. He said he needs warlock tracking cause it’s stronger”“how urgent is this request? Can it wait till later?”“well, I’m not too sure, but I could probably stall him, tell him you were otherwise engaged till this evening.” Jace gave them a lop sided grin.“right, that’s settled then. You may go then Mr Wayland, Lightwood, what ever your calling yourself these days. Make sure the door closes on your way out” Magnus gave him a dismissive gesture with one ringed hand before turning back towards Alec. He reached up, pulling Magnus back to him by the chains that hung from his neck, his lips curved in hungry looking smile. Jace gave a cough and after mumbling something about getting a room, left the loft as quick as he could. 

lefou moments™
  • “she’s so well read and ur so fucking hot athletically inclined”
  • "why do you need her when you have us?” translation: “u and me are practically married already why r u never happy goddamnit gaston”
  • “i’m not done with you yet” “me neither” ;-;
  • “it’s never gonna happen ladies” *prances off after his actual bf*
  • lefou copying gaston’s mannerisms ;-;
  • lefou biting his lip as gaston’s describing married life…and then looking annoyed once gaston mentions belle
  • gaston: “while my love massages my tired feet” lefou: *starts to massage gaston’s back*
  • when he got the dirty old drunk guy to rub gaston’s ears ahahah i was laughin
  • i s2g i thought he broke that dude’s neck jfc
  • lefou, laying across a table in draw-me-like-one-of-ur-french-girls position & singing about gaston’s manliness,
  • “they’ll tell you which team they prefer to be on”
  • tom dick & stanley’s faces say it all
  • the wink
  • when he smacked stanley on the head… & then when he grabs tom by the face to get up onto the table ahaha
  • hes just rlly adorable during the “who breaks hearts like gaston”. happy clappy boi
  • lefou turning a bro handshake into a gay ass cuddle sesh & looking like it was his favorite place in the world to be (“too much?” “yyyyyep”)
  • him paying everybody to go along with it. him perfectly orchestrating & choreographing everything. my what a guy that lefou
  • when he couldnt get on the table i laughd so hard man
  • gaston: “i shoot from behind” lefou: bent over the table, now on top of the table, now on his hands & knees, now flat on his back staring up at gaston…
  • clearly everyone was choreographed except josh gad. they just told him “prance around & act gay. stand on tables a lot. u can improv the rest. just make it rlly homoerotic” & he was like “k”
  • the…noises as gaston’s describing how he hunts. those r. questionable noises..
  • gaston picking lefou up with one arm & lefou swooning..his faceeee lmfao
  • him dancing while gaston’s on the table aww i luv him
  • gaston dropping his drink down for lefou to catch & drink ;-;
  • the graceful jump from one table to the next ahah
  • how happy they both were when they were dancing on the table, even if gaston shoved lefou out of the way so he could have the spotlight. like those were genuine smiles. the actors were havin a damn blast.
  • my illiterate son,,
  • how he modestly looks down at his feet when gaston says he’s the best
  • “how has no girl snatched you up yet?” 
  • “i’ve been told im clingy” he says, practically sitting on gaston’s lap, his arm around him, “but i really dont get it.”
  • awkward moment of silence. awkward gaston coughs awkwardly. lefou stares at gaston, clearly thinking, “why hasnt a lady snatched me up yet? did ur dumbass srsly just ask me that? r u fuckin serious?? u dumb motherfucker??”
  • lefou’s bitch face….
  • like his arms r crossed & he looks pissy as hell when maurice walks in. hes rolling his eyes. what a little bitch. i fuckin luv him
  • “ohhh”
  • “do u really wanna marry into this family?”
  • how he like. slowly & gingerly cimbs out of the carriage. i thought that was sweet. he’s slow & calculating, in comparison to gaston’s fast & impulsive. 
  • "deep breaths, gaston. deep breaths. think of the war! think of the widows!”
  • ofc gaston’s “…the widows :)”
  • the nose boop. the booping of the nose. pls.
  • lefou’s face after maurice says "u will never marry my daughter” “i saw that coming”
  • lefou’s face when they leave maurice
  • lefou’s face when he sees maurice is alive
  • hes so precious he was so worried augh 
  • i like how he’s talking abt maurice but then gaston looks at him & he shuts up instantly. poor lefou. my poor boi
  • gaston practically seducing lefou by grabbing his chin and staring deeply into his eyes, their faces like barely an inch apart,,, fuk,,,,
  • it was in order to manipulate him by disorientating him in an intimate way…but it was still p fukin hot & def p fuckin gay
  • lefou’s face during that…poor thing
  • also maurice’s face during that says a lot too i think
  • also josh gad has nice eyelashes lmao
  • lefou protesting that they should storm the castle. gaston threatening him. lefou glaring at his back the rest of the mob song. poor bb
  • “are u not the least bit concerned this castle is haunted?” “dont lose ur nerve, le fou”
  • “oh hello! u must be the talking tea cup! & u must be his grandmother!”
  • “gaston!” le fou shrieks as a piano falls on him, which gaston purposely allowed to fall on him,
  • “gaston, help me!” “sorry old friend. it’s hero time” “ouch” defeated sad le fou gives a defeated sad le sigh
  • plumette harassing le fou,,poor le fou. hes having a bad day already
  • le fou & mrs potts teaming up
  • “well ur too good for him anyway” *gay nodding*
  • he was disinterested in the dance & then stanley showed up & he was like ‘omgomg ok cool yes i cant live w this’


For those ships not only Bughead but Cole/Lili as well.

What if Cole and Lili were together in real life?

Lili has known from the very beginning to not let the hate comments bother her. She knew that clearly when she signed up for this. Her life isnt exactly private anymore since it was announced that she was going to be in Riverdale. Even from the very beginning, her manager already informed her that there will be haters and different mixed opinions, she knew that but that doesnt mean that it still couldnt get to her.

“Oh god, this is getting way outta hand.” She murmured when she found twenty more hate comments that was she was tagged in.

Ewwww b*ghead sucks. @lilireinheart @colesprouse

THEY DONT HAVE CHEMISTRY! Please dont let them be endgame! @riverdale @lilireinheart

There were alot more hate comments much worse than what she has read, some were saying she wasnt pretty enough for Cole so thats why they aint got chemistry, some were just downright hateful towards their team up which made her feel very upset and confused.

Lili scrolled down, as much as it upsets her, it seems like she could not stop reading. She was so engrossed with what she has reading that she did not notice someone coming in her house.

She yelped when she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist but immediately relaxed when she turned to see who it was.

“Damn it Cole, you scared me.” She exhaled, placing a hand over her heart which was beating like crazy.

The raven haired actor smirked and gave her a small kiss on the nose, noting how cute she looked.

“What ya doin?” Cole asked when he noticed her holding her phone.

Lili realising that she still had her twitter opened, she locked her phone and threw it on a sofa nearby.

“Nothing.” Lili denied but did not sound convincing enough for Cole to believe her.

“ I could read you like a book Lil so quit lying and tell me whats going in that that pretty head of yours.”

Using his hands, he grabbed her waist and turned her towards him making their bodies pressed against each other and placed his hands on the small of her back.

She knew better than to lie to him so she took deep breaths before looking into his green eyes and placing her hands on his chest.

“I-I have been reading some comments in twitter and-” she silenced by Cole immediately knowing what it was all about.

“Baby, what did I tell you about reading those tweets?”

She looked down sheepishly, “To not.”

Lili heard him sigh and used his fingers to lift her chin up and look him in the eye.

“There are always going to be hate on the internet everywhere. We cant let it affect us.”

Lili wanted to argue, “But the fans, they dont want us to be together on screen. They’re sending us so much hate-”

“And most of them are also sending us love. Seriously have you checked your tumblr or instagram lately?” Cole chucked but continued.

“Don’t focus on the people who do nothing but hate and appreciate those who appreciates our work.”

Lili knew that Cole was right, “Yeah you’re right. I’m just a little overwhelmed but yes I’ll focus more on the positive feedbacks.”

Cole smiled and gave her a kiss which made Lili’s toes curl and felt him whisper against her lips, “I missed you.”

She smiled and pulled away from him, “Missed you more. How was the road trip with KJ?”

He laughed, “It was fun but I had to cut it early. Couldnt stand being away from you for too long.”

Lili blushed. Sometimes she wishes that they could announce their relationship in public so she could show the world how much she loved this man but she knew that it would seem unprofessional in their parts and it wouldnt sit well with most of the fans plus both wanted to keep things as private as possible though they got to be more careful since someone already saw them in the movies once. For now they would happily stay in their little bubble.

That night, Lili agreed for Cole to stay overnight since he was clearly exhausted from the road trip. She changed into her comfy Pjs and gave Cole a clean shirt of his and his boxer shorts which he made sure to leave some of his clothes just incase he was going to stay over.

Both her in the verge of falling asleep when Lili suddenly had a thought, “What if Jughead and Betty aren’t endgame?”

Cole, still feeling drowsy, answered his girlfriend, “We dont know *yawns* what will happen with their story. They’re good for each other and I hope that they are but-”

Cole paused and smiled, “In case they werent, at least you and I are.”

“What?” Lili smiled obviously knowing the answer but she still wanted to hear it from him.

She feels him tighten his arms around her, securing her safely while her head laid against his chest. He plants a soft kiss on her forehead.


I know im trash but I couldnt help it. Literally just wrote this in the train. Just humor me why dont you?

Anon Submission

I (15/m)was home alone with my sister. My parents went out of town for the week and the neighbor was supposed to check on us every other day. Our family is not extremely but somewhat open about sex. My sister (whos 14) obviously has lost her virginity but she doesnt really talk about it. Being the annoying brother i am i spied on her while she was masturbating in her room.

It was so hot, she shaves her pussy already and that turned me on so much i couldnt resist. I whipped out my dick standing behind the door. And watched my own little private show.

Later on she asked me if she wanted to play a game, i asked what game and she said truth or dare. I agreed and she started, at first it was just random questions and stupid dares. Eventually it was my turn and i chose truth, she asked “have you ever masturbated before?” Which i have almost on a regular basis. I said yeah.. and she glanced down for a millisecond at my crotch.(I was sitting in my foldable gaming chair on the floor and she was kind of leaning against the wall) she chose truth and i asked, have you ever used a dildo? She surprisingly said yes, i dont know how she did it.

Id also like to addon she has some mega nice tits. Little on the petite side but god they were like minature domes on her chest. It was my turn and i said dare to spice it up. She said “i dare you to take off your clothes for the rest of the game.” I mustve had a really skeptical look on my face because she said what? You dont want to show me your cock? I glanced at her tits again and did as she said.

I went to sit back down and she said “no no no, hold on.” She came up really close to me i started backing up against the wall. She leaned against me and gently glazed her palm against my scrotum. She pressed me against the wall and straight up kissed me. It was a solid 6 second kiss id say. She must have thought i felt disqusted by a look on my face or something. Because she stood back and ran up to her room.

I felt really bad because i felt like i made her cry because she just wanted to love her brother. Truth is i wasnt disqusted, i was surprised, my heart was racing a million miles a minute and my lustful sister just kissed me. I decided to make it up to her. We stayed away from each other the rest of the afternoon. She was in her room most of the time. I made her dinner because i knew she wouldnt come downstairs so i tapped on her door and left it there.

About 11 oclock i figured she was asleep because she obviously didnt want to stay up. I crept upstairs and went into her room. Sure enough she was asleep. I kneeled down next to her and kissed her. She opened her eyes and pulled me down onto her. She normally sleeps naked so she threw off the sheet and we kissed a whole lot. She took off my gym shorts and held my cock in her hand like she did before.

I sat up a bit took off my shirt and gently rubbed my scrotum on her body. It seemed to really turn her on because she was biting her lip and i could tell one hand was underneath her fingering her butt. I leaned down and kissed her, i kept kissing her down her neck and her body. I kissed down her thigh and her tightly shaved pussy. I rested my cock on her pussy lips and just rubbed up and down. I pushed lightly inside of her going deeper.

Once i got as far as i could, i went faster. We ended up fucking really hard that night. Both did oral, and anal (note shes already had many a dick before me)but boy when her lips let go i blew a load bigger than i ever have. After that we got in bed together and curled in the sheets. Naked under the sheets without a care in the world, just rubbing our boddies together making love.

Best. Night. Of my. Life.

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Hi :) I would like to request a bellamy image: Bellamy & the reader are rly close & then reader takes all her courage & kisses bellamy & confesses her feelings for him but he is rly rude & rejects her (although he feels the same). she runs off but later bell finds out that she isnt back & it is late in the evening so he goes to search for her & blames himself. He finds her & she is crying & he apologzies & tells her that he just wanted to protect her bc he thinks he doesnt deserve her. Thanks!❤

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Bellamy/you

Warning: Fluff

Words: 1 596

Thank you so much for the request! It was long and I’m really sorry for this, but I hope you’ll like it!

You knew that its wasnt right. You were good friends, wonderful leaders who helped the hungred to survive, excellent partners that covered each others back. Probably, you would be for each other like a brother and sister, If not for one detail. You loved this damn guy. You loved Bellamy Blake.

It happened quite unexpectedly. 

Landing on Earth, you didnt notice him. Well, to be more precise, you just didnt pay attention to him. Of course, it was impossible not to notice him, he was trying too much to be a leader. Surprisingly, he managed to do it. Just a couple of hours later he had a team, thanks to which he became the comander in your camp. Of course, you didnt like it. No, you didnt want to take his place, but the fact that he could so easily seize power didnt give you rest.

You wasnt a conflict or an aggressive person, but this guy managed to constantly make you mad! Take at least his idea: take off the bracelet and get food. You did not know any more stupid idea, so you refused to pay for food and took your dinner for free. Probably, thanks to this bold and stupid act you became the second leader. In the eyes of the guys, you were fearless, although you were frightened at the moment to hell. It isnt known how Bellamy could take revenge on you. But he didnt. Maybe he was afraid to lose his reputation by pacifying you. or maybe he just pitied you. 

Anyway, after this incident, there were two leaders in the camp who hated each other.

At first, every evening you complained to your new friend about how hard it was for you to spend at least 5 minutes with Bellamy. You insulted him, cursed him and dreamed that he would disappear. You were sure it was mutual.But slowly all your hatred went away, and in its place came some respect and even regret. You recognized Bellamy better, understood the meaning of his actions. It was the same with him. The angry and sarcastic guy began to show more attentiveness to you. He began to listen to you. And for you it meant a lot. Together you made a team of unfamiliar teenagers, almost a family. 

You were close, but for you too much.

Once waking up and meeting with Bellamy, you realized that something was wrong. At first you decided that it was his fault. He seemed to look different, spoke differently. He was different. But time passed, and no one except you noticed this. And then it dawned on you. You were in love with your friend.

You were not as brave as everyone thought you were. You couldnt just go to the guy and tell him about your feelings. At least it was on the ark. But everything must change, doesnt it? Perhaps, on Earth, you could begin a new life. Without fears.

With these thoughts, you woke up in the morning. You had to tell him. You were nervous all morning. A couple of people seeing you changed their directions, and some looked strange. But you didnt care. You were determined to tell him. It was amazing, but fate didnt want you to talk to him. The whole day someone was with him or he was in a hurry somewhere, which made it difficult for you to be alone. But in the evening you saw him Not hoping to talk to him, you went into the tent, where all the surviving equipment was stored and faced Bellamy. 

“Hey, Y/n! I didnt see you today. How are you?” and, seeing your alarmed expression asked. “Are you okay? Whats wrong?”

You werent ready to meet. You forgot the prepared replicas that you’d been repeating all day. Everything flew from the head, and his eyes hypnotized. Without realizing it, you did the first thing that came to your mind. 

Yes. You kissed him. 

Carefully standing on your toes, you approached his face and touched his lips with yours. From fear, you closed your eyes, afraid to move. Surprisingly Bellamy didnt move too. You waited his reaction, but there was nothing. He just stood like a tree: he didnt push you away, but he didnt kiss you either. Frowning, you carefully moved away from the guy and looked into his eyes.

“Surprise …” you said softly, trying to smile. “Judging from your face, you didnt expect this, but I just couldnt sit and be silent. I decided to become as brave as you think I am. I just wanted to say that I think, I love you. Probably I shouldnt kiss you, but I forgot all the words, when I saw you and … ”

Bellamy didnt let you finish your speech, roughly interrupted you.

“Y/n, listen. Your feelings arent mutual. I dont love you. Remember this, okay? Find somebody else for your own good.”  After this words he went outside, leaving you alone. You felt yourself like somebody hit you in the stomach. You didn’t have air to breathe and you didn’t want to do it. The only thing you could do was crying. So you did it. You went outside and then very quickly went to the forest. Some people said your name, but you didn’t hear them. You just run as far as you could. Your legs didn’t obey, and tears flowed from the eyes, so you didn’t see anything.

Eventually you fell down on the nearest stone. The forces left you and you leaned against the tree, just put your head on your hands and continued crying.


Bellamy felt himself terrible. He knew he was cruel, pushing you away, but he couldnt do otherwise. Of course, he liked you. He understood this even earlier than you. He just realized that without you he wouldnt live. Your smile, your eyes made him rejoice with you, protect you and try to make you happy, even if it means that you will be just friends. Bellamy thought from the beginning that he didnt deserve you. He thought you were too good for him. You were his complete opposite. You’ve never been selfish, always thought of others, never thought of yourself. That’s why he did it for you.

It was getting dark. Bellamy once again went around places where you could be. He wanted to apologize for being rude, told that you can be friends, but he couldnt find you anywhere. It was already quite dark outside, the stars appeared in the sky, the guys lit a fire. Bellamy hoped to find you by the fire, sitting in a circle of friends, but coming up didnt find you.

“Where is Y/n?” He asked Octavia, talking to Finn.

“I dont know, the last time I saw her was during the breakfast, she was kind of nervous, do you know why?”

“I … uh … no, I dont know.” the guy stuttered.

“I saw Y/n,” said Jasper, that just came to fire with a cup of something strange. “She went into the forest a couple of hours ago. I wanted to stop her, but she didnt even turn around when I called her in. I was sure she came back.”

“Damn” swore Bellamy.

 So, you had not return. Bellamy knew, if something happened to you, he couldnt forgive himself, he couldnt live with it. Leaping up, Bellamy checked his gun, which he always wore at his waist, and without telling a word to anyone, went out of the territory. He didnt know where you went, but he didnt care. He had to find you. He had to find you alive.


You looked around. The sun had set and the moon had appeared in the sky. Realizing that it’s time to return to the camp, you already wanted to get up and go back, when suddenly realized that you do not know where to go. After talking with Bellamy, you were so upset that you ran without looking at your feet and not remembering the route. And now you stood in the middle of a thick forest and didnt know where the house was. Now you were really scared. What if you wouldnt find your way back? What if the enemies would find you? You did not even take any weapons with you. Shivering, you started walking, not even knowing if it was the right way, when suddenly you heard someone’s steps. In a panic, you were ready to run away, but then you saw behind the trees a familiar figure approaching you. The guy also saw you and stopped. For a few seconds you just looked into each other’s eyes, after which Bellamy literally ran up to you and did not let you say anything. He just tightly hugged you.

You couldnt believe that he really came for you. Carefully moving away, you looked Bellamy in the eye and said softly:

“I … I do not understand, You dont need me. Why did you come for me? ”

Bellamy didnt answer. Instead, he cautiously approached you and gently ruffled his lips with your own. It lasted only a couple of seconds, after which he cautiously pulled away from you.

“I was such an idiot.” he said. “I thought that if I pushed you away, I could protect you. Y/n, I love you. Forgive me if you can, please.”

Not believing that this is really happening, you just hugged the guy even harder, pressing your head to his chest.

“You’re such an idiot.” you said. “But I love you so much.”

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Fam you got me crazy for them hcs. Paladins reactions to finding out their s/o is pregnant? Who wants it and who doesn't?

Ah, prego S/Os, my muse~ babies are just so cute!

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  • When you tell shiro your have a bun in your internal oven, he’ll drop whatever he had in his hands
  • Laughs nervously, you’re joking right? Ahaha..haha.. ha
  • No? Ok.
  • A minute of shock followed by PURE TERROR
  • It’s not like he does NOT want it but the timing is shitty
  • Really starts to spend most of his time thinking ‘what the hell am I going to do’
  • Will ask allura if there is anyway he can send you back to earth so you can be safe and have the prenatal care you need!
  • If he can’t send you back, you’re getting weekly health scans by Coran
  • It doesn’t sink in that there is going to be a child that resembles both you and him crawling around soon until your stomach is inflated
  • Shiro is anxious and it takes a nightmare that somehow turned into a good dream when a happy dimple-smile baby takes over
  • He wakes up crying. Like this could be a really GOOD thing. Sure nothing is ideal but it’s a child made from the love you have for each other
  • After that Space dad will baby proofs EVERYTHING and is now really worried if he can even hold the baby with his arm…
  • You have to console him when he starts to feel like this
  • When the baby is born, he won’t hold the tiny thing until you make him
  • Then you can’t seem to get your baby back because Shiro is coddling them too much and showing it off to EVERYONE
  • REALLY wants to name it Hiro if it’s a boy or Akane if it’s a girl


  • He is pacing back and talking to himself about everything that could go wrong
  • He is now your personal errand boy because he doesn’t want you doing anything while your pregnant
  • Is already trying to think of baby names
  • Now that the shock and terror wore off, he’s REALLY excited
  • Hates going on missions and leaving you now. He doesn’t want to miss anything
  • Talks to his lion all the time about his future offspring
  • Seriously, he won’t shut up now
  • Already thinking of how many more kids you should have after this one. STRONGLY wants at least 3 or 2 with a giant dog
  • Traces circle on your stomach when you’re trying to go to bed
  • I headcanon this man can sew and diy like nobody’s business so expect homemade baby clothes and toys
  • Jokes often ‘so how’s lance’s jr today?’ Or at least you hope he’s joking
  • Really wishes he could call his parents about their future grand kid and offer him advice about parenthood
  • Already has nightmares about your kid’s teenage years
  • Wants to get a pet (like a puppy) for the baby now so they’ll have someone grow up with.
  • Since there is no puppies in space, expect lance to come home with strange creatures that aliens refer as pets
  • If it’s a boy, Raimundo. If it’s a girl, Yulisa


  • “You mean… like a baby?”
  • He actually takes it well at first he’s like 'cool what now?’
  • NOW he starts to have some worries like can he actually be a father?
  • Doubts he can give the baby everything he longed for as a kid BUT HE WILL SURE AS HELL TRY
  • never wants this baby to feel unloved so he’ll pretty much spoil them until you stop him
  • Goes to space dad for advice regularly
  • He lets you train until you almost fall that one time, now he won’t let you near the training room.
  • Is constantly asking if you’re feeling ok
  • Instantly realizes that ALOT can go wrong
  • Is a worried mess til delivery
  • Holds your hand the whole time and tries not to freak out when STUFF IS COMING OUT OF YOUR LADY PARTS
  • Is silently crying in relief when everything goes ok. You’re ok and this new flesh being is ok
  • Doesn’t really know what to say he’s just really genuinely happy right now
  • Doesn’t care for the name so you have free range
  • Enjoys it when lance screams 'MINI KEITH IS LOOSE AGAIN!!’ as the baby grows up


  • make sure he’s sitting down before you tell him
  • Is so shock he doesn’t speak for a good minute
  • Admits that since he’s been on dangerous missions he’s kinda worried he’ll never get to do the things he wants to do in the future like become the world’s best mechanic, buy a house for his parents and grandparents, win the Nobel peace prize, start a family…
  • The situation may not be ideal but asks you if you would bear his kid and be his wife and family
  • Feels like the kid will have a great childhood at the castle (as long as it doesn’t get attacked again)
  • Is even more motivated to stop zarkon
  • basically over protective papa bear
  • Likes to think about what kind of kids you’ll have. Like a sweet mellow kid or hyperactive munchkin
  • Likes late night conversations between all three of you when it’s still in your stomach
  • Sets up the crib in your guys room
  • Is actively helping with the birth THERE IS NO TIME TO SQUEAMISH
  • too late, he passed out when he saw the other gunk that comes out of there during childbirth
  • You guys are both in the medical care room on two different beds with a tiny baby incubator between you two
  • wants to name it after something special like if allura help in delivery he’ll want to name her after the altean princess. If it’s a boy he’ll want to think to name him something awesome as long as it has a meaning to it
  • “SUPPORT THE HEAD” is his new catch phrase

you know what? I’ll add pidge too since this isnt a sin post


  • When you explain that your species is self-pregnating race that sometimes take genetic material from partners through hand holding (or French kissing) she’s doesn’t know how to feel other than confused
  • Calls gloves hand condoms now
  • Doesn’t want to parent a kid, she loves you but she’s still a kid herself
  • Doesn’t really talk about the pregnancy unless you force her to
  • Doesnt really know how to feel I mean it could be hers too (genetically) or maybe just another copy of you
  • Kinda avoids you for a while but she feels guilty for doing so
  • Then she starts to help you out with the things get harder to do since you’re pregnant
  • In the end, she really does love you and stays by your side for the rest of the pregnancy
  • Waits outside during delivery. Your screams are NOT comforting
  • pidge is looking at everyone like LOOK SHE HAS MY NOSE
  • Still doesn’t know much about being a parent so you have to do the heavy lifting until pidge is at least 18 but dont worry she is in love with the tiny thing and would often put the baby in her lap when working (AS LONG AS ITS ASLEEP SO IT DOESNT TOUCH ANYTHING)
  • Doesn’t name it at birth but but does nickname it pidge 2.0
Wet Myself Outside of the Bathroom!

A tale that happened to me that I put into text form and posted on omorashi.org a few years ago. Hope you all in this neck of the woods as much as they did! :)

Anyone who’s seen me post knows I love those Milovana pee holding interactive challenges. I have a huge imagination and get really into it, I don’t think I’ve done a hold without one since I discovered them. Its been awhile since anyone made a new one, so I got into the habit of doing multiple in a single hold, or even two at once, which was the case today.

And so there I was, in my room. I drank a few mugs of water and tea and waited for things to move along by watching Scrubs. I don’t know what it was about today, whether it was 3 cups of tea’s worth of caffiene or the tight jeans I had put on in advance, or just some other random thing, but it moved along REALLY fast. An hour and a half after I started drinking, I was at the fidgeting stage. I couldn’t stand still, and sitting had become a real burden. It took me really off guard. I started my challenges and for the first time ever, started posting in the live action thread. It’s really unlike me to do that, I don’t know why I did. Maybe I wanted some company for once. Alas, nobody showed up during my hold.

Appearance wise, I was wearing red panties (nothing fancy) and a tight pair of blue jeans. Didn’t bother with a shirt, as it was fairly warm today. For you people who are a fan of picturing things, I’m pretty tiny. Short, tiny frame, skinny, pale, long and obviously-not-well-taken-care-of hair. Pretty much the definition of “Get off your computer and go outside.”

So at this point I had started doing the challenges and tasks, pretty confident that I would do fine, as per usual. I was shaking, and twitching, etc but I felt I could hold on despite the huge pressure in my bladder. But then 10 minutes went by….20 minutes…and before I knew it not only had the pressure nearly doubled, but the challenges were also taking their toll. I could barely believe it. It had all happened so fast. It was to the point I was constantly shaking and had a hand between my legs any time the challenge wasn’t preventing me from doing so. It was getting pretty unbearable but I convinced myself there’s no way its this bad already, its just your psyche getting out of turn. I wish I was right.

Time went on. I dribbled a few times but I felt it was nothing I couldnt handle. I had a grip on this. Until at one point I stopped to type in the live action thread again. Typing of course, requiring both hands. I wasn’t too concerned, just crossed my legs as I bent over to type. But mid sentence, I don’t know what it was, it must have been the way I moved, but I felt a sudden violent dampness as a huge leak shot down my leg. Before I knew it, my inner leg on my jeans had a wet patch from my crotch to my knee. All I could think was, where the hell did that come from? Keep it together.

I probably should have ran to the bathroom right then. You see, I wasn’t home alone. and a full blown wetting and its cleanup would be hard to hide/explain to my brother if he just decided to waltz in during those crucial moments. My main plan if he walked in during the hold itself was to quickly pull a blanket over my chest and yell that I wasn’t wearing a shirt, which would cause him to scurry off somewhere. Thus, I had planned to use the bathroom before it was too late.

Issue was, I’m stubborn. As is usually the objective with holding, I decided since I had regained control after my big spurt, I would wait until the last possible second, not for a moment having the foresight to even think there might be obstacles. It was also that this point I received another huge warning I ignored. You know when your bladder muscles start to fluctuate? Waver? That wobbley feeling, like when you’re carrying something heavy in your arms and they start to go all wobbley under the strain against your will? I got that feeling. And I ignored it, because I’m me.

Time went by, as did a few more dribbles. But I kept telling myself that it wasn’t over yet, that I could go longer. The fresh dampness in my crotch, and the now semi dried patch down my leg would suggest otherwise, but again, stubborn. Then one of the challenges told me the start of my undoing. Every 30 seconds, I had to push on my bladder hard for 5 seconds. And of course, I thought I could do it. Thing is, when I’m pressing on my bladder I don’t use my hands. I don’t find I can push with the right pressure in the right way to ever make it a feasible threat. So what I do is, I tip my chair back so that its on its back legs, and push my lower abdomen into the top of it.

Huge mistake, obviously. The first 5 seconds, I felt my crotch go damp again. A few small spurts. I can do it, I told myself. In the 30 second break between I told myself I had only spurted because I didn’t brace properly, and I just had to go into the next push prepared. So 30 seconds passed. And again I tipped my chair back, closed my eyes, braced myself, and leaned into it. With a bit more weight than I intended.

A leak. A big leak. The biggest so far. My hand shot down as it left my body, but it was a little too late for that. In that moment I felt the wetness gather in my hand,  fall down my leg again, down to my ankle. Some got on the floor. A little spread behind my ass too. I regained control in that split second, but it was also the second that I wasn’t going to maintain the control. I couldn’t. This was it. But I couldn’t risk it, I had already gone too far as it was. My brother could walk in any second, see my wet leg, and ask what the fuck was going on.

And so came the moment. The hail mary. I didn’t have time to throw on a shirt let alone a bra, so I just had to hope he wasn’t in the hallway between my room and the bathroom. There was no time, it was now or never, I could FEEL my control slipping and about to give. I dashed out of my room, one hand between my legs holding on for dear life and one trying to preemptively undo the button of my jeans (And failed, little bugger wouldn’t give)

And I encountered every holders nightmare. The bathroom door was shut. And locked. I could hear the shower going inside. That son of a bitch. I leaned against the door, my forehead and chest pressing into the wood, my fingernails digging into either side of the door and my back slightly arched, pushing my ass out as my legs slammed together, my knees knocking together over and over. I yelled at him to get out. I yelled that I needed to get in right that second. My fingernails dug deep into the door, scratching as my control slipped, a muffled “Sorry, no can do!” coming from inside the bathroom.

I felt it coming. My left hand then alternated between banging on the door, gripping at my crotch, and clawing into the door once more. My chest was heaving against the door, I couldn’t bear to open my eyes and look as it started.

My crotch grew damp. A spurt, and another, and another. The crotch gripping, the clawing, nothing helped. Squeezed my legs together tighter, still nothing. It was coming out, slowly but steadily. I gripped my left thigh as I felt my pee seep out and crawl down the back of my leg. I tried so hard. Knocking my knees, gripping at everything I could, frantically trying to stop it or slow it down. Shaking, writhing, I felt it continue to pour out and reach the back of my knee. I heard drops hit the floor. This couldn’t be happening. Wetting myself after a good hold was one thing, not being able to stop it when it mattered most was another thing entirely. My control was still sort of there, but not nearly enough to stop the flow completely. I felt it spread across my lower ass and inner thigh. The other leg now too, I could feel it running down. Something in that made me lurch, pressing my chest into the door harder. Something about that movement hit my bladder, and suddenly whatever slight control I still had was gone. I gasped loudly as my crotch suddenly grew a lot warmer, as did my inner legs, I could feel the flow go from a creeping dribble into a stream. Of course I grabbed my crotch, but my hand was soaked almost instantly. I let out a cry as I started soaking myself, trying anything and everything. Thigh gripping, moving my legs, crossing them, frantically hopping slightly just trying to get it to stop but the more I tried the harder it all came out. I felt my ass, my legs, everything become completely soaked and warm. A stream was gently but firmly pitter pattering onto the floor, my jeans on my right leg having become far too saturated for it to just climb down my leg itself anymore at this intensity. I fought and cried and yelled and moaned, fighting until the bitter end. But there was no way around it…I was completely and thoroughly wetting my pants, right outside the bathroom against my will like a little girl. As I stopped shaking and bouncing and switching my legs all over the place, my fingers tired from violently gripping at every part of my thighs and crotch I could get ahold of, I just became exhausted. Soaked and defeated, I turned around and slowly slumped to the ground against the door, wetting myself all the way. My bladder had NO control anymore, and I was still going. My mind just blanked out as I sat on the ground, watching my already massive puddle continually expand due to the now very audiable hissing in my jeans. It was by far the greatest wetting I had ever had, and the scary circumstances made it incredibly exciting and erotic. My chest heaved, my breathing heavy as my bladder finished emptying itself. All my mind could process now was the near orgasmic relief and the “Holy shit, that just happened, and it was incredible” type thought.

Until my brain finally re-clicked into the sound of the shower going, and realized that the moment my brother opened the door, he’d find me sitting there, naked from the lower waist up, having lost control and peed in my pants in the hallway, everything I was wearing having been completely drenched, with a puddle leading from under me in all directions, and almost to the door opposite me. My stomach dropped so fast. My mind went in all directions, and suddenly I was up, running through the house in my soaking wet jeans, trying to manage to somehow clean this up before my brother got out of the shower. I ran downstairs, grabbed two towels from the laundry, ran back up, and cleaned it up and cleaned it good. Both towels ended up completely soaked. I heard the shower stop. I ran into my room and got my jeans off as fast as I could, and threw them and the towels under my bed as soon as I could. I heard him coming and I was just standing there in my wet panties, all I had time to do was throw on a T-shirt. The big kind I wear to bed. And sit down at my computer desk. He just walked in without knocking, as he does, and asked what all my insane fuss at the door was about. I told him I thought I was late for a get-together and needed my makeup that second, but then realized it was tomorrow and not today. I sat almost frozen, hoping he wouldn’t notice my wet legs glistening. I felt the lower black of my shirt get wet as I sat on it in my wet panties, and reaaaally tried not to think about it. Just sat and smiled and blinked and waited for him to accept it and leave, which he did, shaking his head and calling me a nutjob.

Then I just sat there in silence and waited for the telltale shut of his bedroom door, meaning he was going in to play COD or something. Once I was sure he was in, I switched out of my wet undies and now slightly damp shirt into jammies, and fished out everything from under my bed and snuck to the laundry room with it. I thought I was scot free until he questioned the wet footprints downstairs. I went beet red and just told him that I had spilt some water earlier and must have stepped in it. He gave me a really questioning gaze and I turned redder, but for a non-omo enthusiast he obviously didn’t come to the conclusion any of you would have, and just accepted it and moved on.

Anywho, that was my day today. I hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback, as writing this stuff out isn’t something I do often and I’d love to know what people think. If this is good and I’m good at telling it, I might write about my future experiences as well. Please let me know anything and everything you think! I think I drank too much, I had to go to the bathroom again in the middle of writing this.

The New Kid

Heyyy :) So I wrote another and its loosely based on the scene where Carl first meets/see’s Enid except (Y/n)’s in it lol. Hope you like this one :) Feel free to reblog it if you like it :)

You sat on the floor at the end of the bed quietly humming to yourself. You were bored. Enid was reading her comic, Mikey was playing his video games and you didn’t have a clue where Ron was.
“Mikey, where’s Ron?” You huffed. He just looked at you and shrugged his shouders. As if on cue he walked through the door.
“Guys, this is Carl, Carl this is Mikey, Enid and (Y/n).” He introduced you to the boy. Carl. He had dreamy blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair. You couldnt help but stare at his features as Ron and Mikey continued to ramble on to the kid. He looked at his feet for a while before his head rose and his eyes met yours. You quickly looked away, blushing crimson because of the fact that you had just been caught staring at the poor kid. Enid spoke up here and there and you stayed quite too, that was until Ron interrupted your thoughts.
“Hello, earth to (Y/n). I asked you how long have you been here exactly?” Ron utters while looking you directly in the eye.
“Um 7 months” You reply almost instinctivley. Carl agrees to playing some video games with them and you plop yourself on the bed next to Enid.
“You like him.” She murmers and sets down her comic. You look back at her. When you got to Alexandria Deanna helped you get back on your feet. That’s when she introduced you to Ron and Mikey.
They were the only friends you’d had ever since the apocalypse broke out. And then when Enid showed up she wouldnt talk to anyone. It took you 3 weeks to get her to finally talk to you. From then on
she had been your bestfriend and you hers.
“How do you know that I like him?” You spoke with a hushed tone, bearing in mind that he was in the same exact room and you.
“It’s obvious. You’re never that quiet and when I looked down at you, you couldn’t stop looking at him.” She smiles at you while speaking. You unwillingly blush.
“How do I tell him that I like him?” You knew that you had to tell him. It would drive you crazy.
“Just be honest with him, but don’t forget you’ve only said like 3 words to him so give it some time. Later try giving him a tour of Alexandria and talking to him then” You nod my head slowly.
Before Carl leaves you ask to talk to him outside.
“If you haven’t already had one, I’d like to give you a tour of Alexadria.” I blush and he smiles.
“That’d be nice, thank you (Y/n).” He smiles and nods at me then leaves.

You Carl by the gates and decide to show him everything, wall to wall, you tell him whose house is whose and which one yours is. You talk about him and his family and when he asks about you, you happily tell him your story. You ask him how he’s been able to survive out there, without walls. He just shrugs. Then when the tour is over he has leave.
“I’m sorry to leave you, but thank you for the tour it was amazing, could we play more video games tomorrow?” He smiles at me.
“Sure, yeah I’d love that. You should get some rest, it’s been a long day for you.” much to your dismay, you let him leave. You enjoyed spending the day with him.
“You can say that again!” He chuckles smoothly. You expect him to say goodbye and walk away, but he doesn’t. Instead he stands there smiling at you. He moves closer to you so his face is inches away from yours. His hands rest on your cheeks and his lips crash onto yours smoothly. Once he pulls away you catch your breath, heart still pounding in your chest.
“I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” He breathes. He drops his hands and walks up the steps of his house. “Oh and by the way I already had a tour of Alexandria earlier on, I just wanted to get to know you first before I kissed you” He grins then walks into his house, leaving you smiling like an idiot in front of his house.

anonymous asked:

NSFW 1-91 sorry

1:When did you lose your virginity?
2: Rough sex or soft sex?
3: Do you have any unusual kinks/fetishes?
-Not unusual
4: Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
Park bench
5: Favourite sex position?
-Any one involving Faith pretty much
6: Do you like to be dominant or submissive?
7: Have you ever had any one night stands?
8: Sex on the bed, couch or the floor?
-All please
9: Have you ever had sex in a public place?
-Yes lmao
10: Have you ever been caught masturbating?
11: What does your favourite sexy underwear look like?
-Maroon and lacey
12: How often do you have sex?
-When we’re together, just about every day 😂
13: Is there anybody right now you’d like to have sex with?
-My gf
14: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
15: Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex?
-It was like the middle of the day and things were getting hot and heavy with Faith and my friends knocked on the door and knew we were in there so we had to find all of our clothes and shit and it was just awkward
16: A song you’d listen to during hard/rough/kinky sex?
-Bad Intentions
17: A song you’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?
18: Are you into dressing up for sex?
-Not opposed
19: Would you prefer sex in the bath or sex in the shower?
20: If you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it be?
21: Have you ever had a threesome? If not, would you?
22: Do you/would you use sex toys?
23: Have you ever sent someone a dirty text/picture?
-Absolutely 😂
24: Would you have sex with your best friend?
-Well I currently do on a regular so
25: Is there anything you do after sex? (for example, smoke, eat, drink)
-usually eat or just chill
26: Something that will never fail to get you horny?
-when she just randomly shows me her boobs honestly
27: Early morning sex or late night sex?
-Why not both?
28: Favourite body part on the opposite sex?
-It’s not a body part but when guys have good hair, that’s pretty swell
29: Favourite body part on the same sex?
-I’m usually an ass girl but Faith has just great everything so
30: Something that you have hidden in your room that you don’t want anyone to find:
-Yikes 😅😂 my friends already know about it so it’s not hidden 😂
31: Weirdest sexual act some has performed [or tried to perform] on/with you:
-Never had any really out of the ordinary sex tbh
32: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]
33: Is it ever okay to not use a condom:
-If you’re trying to get pregnant
34: A food that you would like to use during a sexual experience:
-Ummm idk 😂
35: Worst possible time to get horny:
-When your gf is 2,000 miles away
36: Do you like it when your sexual partner moans?
37: How much fapping is too much fapping:
-When it hurts? 😂
38: Best sexual complement you ever got:
-“You’re so good” and “you taste so good”
39: Favorite foreplay activities:
-all of them
40: What do you wear to bed?
-Usually a sports bra and boxers or one of Faiths shirts
41: When was the first time you masturbated:
-Ummmmm idk honestly
42: Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself?
-i usually delete them after I’ve sent them 😂
43: Have you ever/when was the last time you had sex outside?
-I have but I don’t remember when the last time was
44: Have/would you ever have sex in public?
-I have
45: Have/would you ever had a threesome?
46: What is one random object you’ve used to masturbate?
-Never used random objects lmao
47: Do you watch gay/lesbian porn? why/why not?
-Lesbian porn is so extra honestly. Like I feel like it’s always so weirdly aggressive and loud
48: Do you like oral sex? (why/why not)
49: How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?
50: How would you feel about taking someones virginity?
-It wouldn’t bother me, I’d feel honored I guess
51: Is there any food you would NOT recommend using during a sexual encounter?
-Idk stuff that’s too sticky? I’ve never used food yet so idk 😂
52: Would you rather be a pornstar or a prostitute?
53: Do you watch porn?
-If it pops up on my dash 😂
54: Have you ever been called a freak? Why?
55: Do you feel comfortable going “commando”?
-No I feel weird about it 😂
56: Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn’t shaved their pubic hair?
-I have a hair phobia so I wouldn’t go down but like a couple days without shaving doesn’t bother me
57: If you could give yourself head, would you?
58: Booty or Boobs?
59: Have you ever cheated on someone? (Why?)
-I have not
60: If you were the other sex for a day, what are five things you would do?
-Masturbate, Fuck, get a really good job, buy a really nice suit for no reason and wear it everywhere, and idk what else
61: have you ever watched someone masturbate?
62: has anyone ever watched you masturbate?
63. Have you ever had an erection and someone noticed?
-Oh all the time
64. What is your method of masturbation? (ie. toys, clitorial, prostate)
65. What is your bra/penis size?
-idk honestly 😂 it’s been a minute since I’ve paid any attention
66. What is the strangest thing you have ever put up your vagina/anus?
-A finger is as weird as it gets, sorry
67. When was the last time you masturbated?
-2 days ago
68. When was the last time you had sex?
69. When was the last time you watched porn?
-This morning on my dash
70. Have you ever bought a sex toy? If so, which one did you buy last? First sex toy? If not, which one do you plan on buying when you do?
-I have not bought one and idk which one when I do
71. Guys:Circumsized?
72. Which not-genital part of your body do you like being touched?
-My shoulders and neck
73. Which genital part of your body do you like being touched?
-All of them
74. Girls:Are you able to achieve orgasm just through breast stimulation?
75. Have you anonymously sent a sexual ask to someone on tumblr?
-Nah fam
76. When was the last time you have had a wet dream?
-I don’t remember
77. Which wet dream was your favorite?
-I don’t know
78. Is there a friend you would willingly have sex with?
79. Is there a celebrity/character you would willingly have sex with?
-Who wouldn’t
80. Favorite sexual position?
-Usually involves her underneath me
81. Do you like being called a slut or whore in bed?
82. Are you into any BDSM?
-Lil bit
83. Have you ever wanted to have sex with someone but knew you couldnt for any reason? Why?
-Hasn’t everyone?
84. Do you like dirty talk?
85. Are you loud or quiet during sex? Masturbation?
-Quiet cuz I’ve mostly had sex/masturbated in a dorm sooooo
86. Have you ever been inturrepted during sex or masturbation? Who/what?
-Yes by my friends 🙃
87. What kind of porn do you like to watch?
-I don’t have a preference
88. Have you ever confessed to someone that you got an erection over them? What about masturbated to them?
-Yeah. I tell Faith I get erections for her all the time
89. Have you ever masturbated because your sexual partner wasn’t there when you needed them?
-Yes lmao
90. Have you ever had a one night stand? Do you still keep in contact with them?
-I have not
91. Have you ever had a friends with benefits? Are they still beneficial?
-Nope never have

Teasing (Smut)

Request can be found here and here. I hope you like it.

NC-17, rated M

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Dean, but... not Dean - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Dean, but… not Dean

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,562

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi! This is a request for a fic/imagine where dean and Y/N are a couple and get gender swapped accidentally basically. I think you’ve done that before? So something like that but different obviously.

You rubbed your eyes feelings more sore than any other time. You were known for loving sleep, who didn’t after all, and whenever you had the chance to - at least when this life allowed you to - you would end up sleeping till very late. But today for some reason you had broken every record you had. And that wasn’t the weirdest thing of all, because the previous day had been especially hard anyway.

Your body felt particularly heavy, more so than any other time. You didn’t even open your eyes as you sleepily made your way to the bathroom. You knocked on a few things but didn’t pay attention still, your vision slightly blurry. Well, it certainly cleared out when your eyes widened at the sight on the mirror.

The person staring back at you certainly wasn’t you. Not the you you had come to know over the years and not the you that stared at you every morning you looked into this specific mirror. For a moment you through Dean had played a joke on you but first; there was no way that man was going to wake up earlier than you, he was more of a sleeper (one of the things that made you love him all the more) and second and most important; the moment you made a move so did the person in the mirror.

And as if the thought of what that witch-bitch aid before she fell down was not disturbing enough the fact that the person staring back at you made it all even more worrying. You narrowed your eyes at the mirror and sure the person did the same. Everything started making sense and that was the most disturbing: it wasn’t a dream. It was all very real.

Short hair, sharp jaw with a slight scruff that you definitely didn’t have. Firm and broad chest that was covered in only a black t-shirt. Muscular arms and pretty much everything else that could show that you were no longer yourself but… a man. And not just any man. But Dean freaking Winchester.

“Fucking hate witches.” you grumbled, Dean’s voice surprising you when it came out of you.

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