if you could see me now quotes

When you drop a glass or a plate to the ground, it makes a loud crashing sound. When a window shatters, a table leg breaks, or when a picture falls off the wall, it makes a noise. But as for your heart, when that breaks, it’s completely silent. You would think that for something so important, it would make the loudest noise in the whole world, or even have some sort of ceremonious sound like the gong of a symbol or the ringing of a bell. But it’s silent and you almost wish there was a noise to distract you from the pain.
—  Cecelia Ahern, If You Could See Me Now

“Thought that I was dreamin’
When you said you loved me.
Yes, it started from nothing.
Had no chance to prepare,
I couldn’t see you coming.
And it started from nothing
Oh I could hate you now,
It’s quite alright to hate you now.
But we both know that deep down,
The feeling still deep down, is good.
You broke my heart last week.
I’ll probably feel better.
But if we can still remember how you’d hold me,
As you’re screaming my name,
The feeling deep down is good.
It’s all good, all good, all good…
It’s all good, all good ….”

Dead Poets Society for the Signs
  • Aries: "Close your eyes, close your eyes! Close 'em! Now tell me what you see."
  • Taurus: "This is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls."
  • Gemini: "That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play *goes on* and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?"
  • Cancer: "Poetry, beauty, romance, love... these are the things we stay alive for."
  • Leo: "Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation." Don't be resigned to that. Break out!"
  • Virgo: "Seize the day. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold and die."
  • Libra: "We all have a great need for acceptance, but you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own."
  • Scorpio: "We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion."
  • Sagittarius: "Listen, you hear it? - - Carpe - - hear it? - - Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary."
  • Capricorn: "I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way."
  • Aquarius: "No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world."
  • Pisces: “But only in their dreams can men be truly free. ‘Twas always thus, and always thus will be.”

I am really not okay right now. Like, not at all. I’m really going crazy. It feels like my head is going to explode. My heart aches. Actually, everything aches. How do you stop yourself from thinking? I wish my thoughts would be quiet. I wish my head could stop replaying everything you said and the moments we shared. I don’t want to see or hear that crap. I want it to go away. How do you get away from your own thoughts? How can you save you from yourself?

Oh, come on now.
Don’t pretend.
Shed that skin off like I know you want to.
Get those chains loose.
I dare you to.
I dare you that I will love you more than now,
Just like you dare me that I could not do.
I want to see that beauty.
I want to see those scars.
I dare the rebel that wants to kiss me tamed within you,
To come out and fight me off.
I always think back to the beginning
I can still see it
Your smile that could light up a room
And eyes so bright
Wearing your yellow plaid shirt
Looking at me like you just won
a prize
I often wonder who’s getting that
smile now
And it breaks my heart a little more
each time
Knowing it’s not me anymore
—  Chapters from my life
I used to tell you stories of my past, of people who hurt me and people who made me smile and I can see in your eyes you wish you could have been one of those but you are here now and that’s what matters. You listened and you helped me get over all that pain; and when I couldn’t even smile, you turned my story into a happy one.
—  giulswrites

Star Trek: The Next Generation — Season 1 {Sentence Starters}

  • “That’s a little vague…”
  • “Well, so much for my dramatic exit.”
  • “I don’t understand their humor, either.”
  • “I would gladly give it up to be human.”
  • “If I could see, I’d be seeing stars now.”
  • “Interesting move. What technique was that?”
  • “You’re going to be an interesting companion.”
  • “You haven’t given me a good enough reason.”
  • “Our lives just became a lot more complicated.”
  • “Surely you don’t see your species like that, do you?”
  • “It’s a jumble. How can you make heads or tails of it?”
  • “When has justice ever been as simple as a rule book?”
  • “Why do you mock me? Why do you wish to anger me?”
  • “You can’t rescue a man from the place he calls his home.”
  • “If we’re going to be damned, let’s be damned for what we really are.”
  • “I was about to say ‘quite easily’ but there was nothing easy about it.”
  • “It’s just not the same. Have you ever gone for a real moonlight swim?”
  • “An interesting notion. Which I do not share! You may leave now, if you wish.”

I… I used to make long speeches to you after you left. I used to talk to you all the time, even though I was alone. I walked around for months talking to you. Now I don’t know what to say. It was easier when I just imagined you. I even imagined you talking back to me. We’d have long conversations, the two of us. It was almost like you were there. I could hear you, I could see you, smell you. I could hear your voice. Sometimes your voice would wake me up. It would wake me up in the middle of the night, just like you were in the room with me. Then… it slowly faded. I couldn’t picture you anymore. I tried to talk out loud to you like I used to, but there was nothing there. I couldn’t hear you. Then… I just gave it up. Everything stopped. You just… disappeared. And now I’m working here. I hear your voice all the time. Every man has your voice. 

Paris, Texas (1984) dir. Wim Wenders

With Stiles being gone this season, we’ve seen Lydia struggle with proving he’s real to everyone around her, because she felt it in her bones that he is. However, everyone kept doubting her, telling her that they’re worried about her mental state, that she’s imagining it, and that he never existed. This makes me think back to “Galvanize”, when Lydia is so sure that William Barrow was at the school, which the audience could see he was. Stiles said, and I quote “You’ve been right every time something like this has happened. Okay, so don’t start doubting yourself now. Barrow was there, alright? You knew it, you felt it. And, look, if you wanted to, I’d go back to that school right now and search all night just to prove it.” And this is why I love their relationship, because he believes in her when no one else does, even when the facts aren’t there, he knows that she’s right, because she feels it. And that is what I think is important about this season, 6A, if you will. Stiles has always been the one listening, being there for her, even when she feels crazy. He’s always been there to support her, and it made her believe in her ability. With Stiles gone, with everyone around her doubting her feelings about him being real, it just took me back a bit. Because Stiles is gone, and he was the one who used to believe in her, and now no one does.

I know now that I love you more than anything. That the moment I should think about how I would survive, the only thing I could think about was you. And if I would meet you again. And I am so afraid of loosing you and never seeing you again. And I know it’s difficult for us now and no one of us knows if we will ever have a chance but what I want most right now, what I wish from the bottom of my heart is to have a chance to tell you how I feel, how much I love you and how wonderful person you are.
God, I miss you, I miss you so so much. I don’t wanna lose you. But only a miracle can save our love right now. Only a miracle.
—  moonstone-girl
She touches me and it makes me weak to my knees. Standing there, faces nearly an inch apart looking at me with a smile in her eyes. She doesn’t realize it but she’s so beautiful. Her eyes. Her laugh. Her smile. The dimples on her cheeks. She’s so fucking beautiful and I wish she could see what I see. And when she kisses me, it’s like two worlds collides. Right now, I don’t care if she doesn’t feel the same as I do because right now she’s with me, and nobody else.
—  I need her more than she needs me.
Another day has passed without me seeing your beautiful smile in the mornings it is painful to think that the person I love so much is away from me and if I could do anything about it, believe me I would. I know that there is a great amount of distance in proximity between us now, but I also do know that we are capable of making it work. I love you much more than you will ever know and the fact that you are mine is something that delights me each day. So just continue to love me as I do too.
Remember, our love is the link that holds our two hearts together and if I could put into words how you make me feel when I think of you, and how much you excite me when I hear your sweet sexy voice, I would be talking forever. You’re all that I need and want, Honey. I live for the day that I can sit next to you and whisper into your ear and tell you that I love you, and kiss you ever so lightly but passionately on your lips, and to look into your beautiful eyes as you take my breath away. I live for that first look into your eyes, that first passionate kiss, that first embrace and that first time that we make love together. I live to live, to spend a lifetime with you as your wife and to grow old with you, loving you for all times from now to eternity. I love to love you.
man, you had me wrapped around your finger. the only thoughts I had were of you, the only dreams I dreamt revolved around you. your kisses were so sweet and your arms were beyond home for me. I’d made you my happiness…you see that’s where I went terribly wrong because when you left without a warning, so did my happiness and dammit, now everyday I struggle to find a little piece of happiness that could make me feel even the slightest bit like the way you had once made me feel.
—  you made me happy\

I still turn when i hear your name thinking that somehow ill see you

My hands have started to shake now that they dont have you to hold them between yours until it stops

The nightmares have returned now that your soothing voice doesnt talk me to sleep

I cant listen to the favorite songs we shared anymore its not the same now that youre not in the car singing with me

I stopped checking my phone for texts now that i know i shouldnt be expecting any from you, i could care less for the rest

See its not really you that i miss its the small comforting things you did as a friend not a lover because i sing with friends i tell friends about my dreams and fears and these things make me think of you, Of all the little things you do and I miss you. I miss the friend I had before the lover, but i know he’ll never be back.

—  S.M // When friends turn to lovers
Time Warp

Summary : Balthazar catches one of the readers secret possessions.

Pairing : Balthazar x Reader

Word Count : 1473

Warnings : Smut and Cursing

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

Finishing up the summoning spell, glancing back over at the holy oil. Noticing Balthazar now standing in the middle of it, you smile a ‘devilish smile’. Walking back over to the table to the side, you grab the angel blade giving it a quick glance over.

‘Always nice to see you Balthazar, I wish everyone else could say that. But seeing as we were there when Castiel, well what we thought that he killed you. Care to explain?’ You mumble out trying to form the right words.

‘Listen closely, not for very much longer, I’ve got too…..’ Balthazar starts speaking with a smirk.

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