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  • Wade: Spidey? You wanna go?
  • Peter: Yeah.
  • Wade: On a date with me?
  • Wade: oH
  • Wade: YOU DO!!?!
  • Peter: Stop thinking you're so cunning of course I agreed you're my fucking boyfriend you egg

shower sharing, yes?


What a nice thing to wake up to. Stay classy, Anon.

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You're sucked into Lavellan's body pre-Conclave. You can only take one thing with you from Earth...what is it?

This sleeping bag. It’s the only way I’d survive the Hinterlands  

And then have the craftspeople learn how to reverse engineer the zipper and bring in the new zipper revolution of Thedas

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This is 

quite possibly 

the funniest thing they have ever done.

I can’t get over it.

This is what I live for.

Wait it got better.

I was right. I wasn’t supposed to live through this chapter.

It’s too much for me to deal with.


Only a few hours until I can send my request for @therebelcaptainnetwork’s Rom Com challenge and I’m sitting here unable to convince myself which of about 15 different AUs I want to write


Kindergarten was important and Stephanie was well aware of it. So she put on a brave face and walked into the classroom with purpose only turning around once to wave her mother goodbye. This shouldn’t be too bad, she thought to herself, before she accidentally ran into a kid munching on a chicken nugget who stared at her weirdly.

She backed away quickly from that. The teacher, a large woman who didn’t seem to care all that much about her job, barely acknowledged her as she walked past.

If the rest of the class was like this then there went her hopes of an enjoyable classroom experience. She scanned the other kids in the room, quickly assessing if they were worth approaching. A kid who looked like every bully from every show or movie she had ever watched was sitting there glaring at the table. Seated next to him was a blonde girl who had a toy mirror held up to her face. On the table over was someone who looked bored with everything as if he was too cool.

She considered walking up to the other girl in the room, but backtracked when she saw the chicken nugget kid approach her. Steph did not want to get in the middle of that. The only other boy in the room was a smart looking kid with glasses, maybe he would be up to chat.

“Hello!” she introduced happily.

“Hey, want to buy or sell anything?” he asked.

“Um..no,” she replied confused at his response.

“Suit yourself,” he responded with a shrug then turned back to his paper and crayons.

The teacher made no intention of looking up from her phone and Stephanie sighed dejectedly. Maybe she could find some toys to play with? That seemed like a better option than talking to any of her classmates. She made her way to the toy box only to find they didn’t have a toy chemistry set. Well this was was Kindergarten hell, they didn’t even have a play microscope.

“Hey,” a quiet voice made her turn around a face a boy with brown hair. She hadn’t seen him before, he must have just walked in.

“My name is Matt, and you seem like the only one here who isn’t…weird,” he continued. “So want to be my morning buddy?”

Given that this was the first person who had made an attempt to talk to her as well as give her his name, she figured he was alright.

“Sure, I’m Stephanie,” she replied.

“Cool name, want to play with the doctor set? This place kinda sucks, they don’t have a microscope,” Matt went on.

Yep she liked this kid, he knew big words like microscope, maybe he even knew how to read.

“Yeah sure,” she agreed. Well at least she had made a friend, that would make things better right. Besides, it was only Kindergarten, and even though they didn’t have toy microscopes, what’s the worse that could happen?

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you always leave such nice tags on reblogged fanart, how do you do that without it seeming repetitive? (i'm not great at giving comments other than 'this is cool' or 'i love this' and i want to show artists how much i like their art)

Oh wow, thanks 😬 I always forget people see all the constant screaming I do about art I like, haha. But hm, I guess if you’re looking to diversify the kind of comments you give artists just try figuring out some specific part of the art that makes you like it to comment on. I know in all my old art classes teachers would always stress that when giving feedback, picking out specific things like “the linework is really dynamic” or “your colors are excellent” gives artists a lot more information about why you like their piece. So that’s one shortcut to finding different ways to say you love something. But also, don’t even sweat it, it’s super nice to tell people you love stuff!

  • What he says: Your Tumblr experience isn't going to be made of people that 100% think the same way and sometimes you just gotta be able to breathe the same air as people who don't have the same opinions on you.
  • What he means: Not everyone's going to have your same ships, or ideas about what makes YOI great, or share your concerns about Casca as compared to Guts. This post does not actually mean that you might, shock of shocks, encounter a moderate or conservative opinion on Tumblr.Hell about LGBT+, race, sex, gender, feminism, slang, or other popular topics online. Everybody knows that everyone on Tumblr thinks the "right" way about things, so if you see someone who doesn't think the "right" way about things, continue with the two options Tumblr typically goes with: 1), demonizing them for being a racist sexist homophobic piece of shit or 2), patronizingly explain to all of your friends who ARE demonizing them that this poor soul is just uneducated and needs to be patiently taught the truth, when odds are the person you're talking about has built their opinion around just as much life experience as you have and believe it or not, came to a different conclusion about the issue. People are, wait for it, individual.

concept video | champion

as soon as i listened to it the first time, i saw “champion” as the song of the underdogs. so this one’s for all of us that society doesn’t believe in: the neurodivergent, the lgbt+ community, the people of color, the 99%, the women fighting for rights, the people enduring civil wars in their countries to gain their freedoms - this one belongs to us.

we are the champions here. cast them out. this is our culture.

Once again I wasn’t able to stay away, this hellsite it too addictive to stay away for too long. But hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to stay off since I actually have things to do that might keep me busy.