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On Max and Glory

Ever since something like my 2nd viewing, I’ve been fascinated by Glory and the clear deliberate and intentional role she play’s in Max’s life during Fury Road. Yesterday was my 11th viewing and I decided to focus on it.

It is strongly implied that Glory is Max’s dead daughter. She calls him “Pa,” and he is clearly still extremely affected by her death and feels responsible for it. But is Glory a ghost or an aspect of something else that is using her form? Most of what follows assumes she is an aspect of Max’s psyche, hallucinations that Max learns to trust. (At the same time, I’d love to hear from anyone with psychological expertise who can speak to a diagnosis for Max.) 

I’m also going to talk about Max’s expanding awareness of himself in his environment, which starts out tight and immediate (the mask) and slowly expands (the region encompassing the Citadel). As the hallucinations recede, his awareness expands.

Part I: Captivity

First, there’s the desert wasteland Max inhabits. Sight and sound is distorted in the desert. There is the possibility of mirages and the way sound caries over the uninterrupted distances makes estimating proximity different from what we are accustomed to. Everyone in this film seems to have acclimated; they’d have to. Furiosa knows that Max has “a five minute head start” and Nux glances back at the war party before deciding he is better off chasing the war rig. I don’t know about anyone else, but very often I heard the approaching war party and thought they were much closer than the characters deemed them to be. Coma and his guitar seem to exaggerate this (while also fueling the war boys, of course).

Where are you?

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