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hello loves! so in honor of getting to 2,000 followers, i thought that i would give out a list of writers i love. i haven’t done this often, usually just a quick post about a writer’s work, but this time i’m doing my full list of everyone i love, and will add to it when i find some! also, send me in writer’s that you guys love so that i can read them too!

quick thing: you have probably read all of these writer’s work because they are amazing but if you haven’t, then get to there page ASAP!  

@roseonhissleeve (first person i followed and her series are keeping me up at night, i love them)


@4everinsane (so much to choose from on her list, you can’t go wrong with anything)

@stylishmuser (ummm the ‘both of you’ series?? she killed me!)

@inwhichitrytowritesomething (best smut writer, hands down)

@harrysofluffy (her memes of harry are so good, just binge them)


@ever-since-kiwi (been following her since her third post and they are getting better and better)

@canistay-haz (lord her smut is amazing)

@domestic-styles (i recommend her all the time, go read ‘The Preschool Teacher’ now)

@harry-writings (shes the best angst wrtier, and when i found out she followed me, i screamed i was so happy)

@iwriteforharry (shes not afraid to write sad shit and she makes me cry all the time, truly amazing)

@oh-styles (four. words. ‘something about a feeling’. go look now.)

@iloveyouhaz (her concepts are everything)

@wishful-thinking1201 (one of my first followers and she writes so well, go read her ‘Stranded’ imagine, it’s my favorite)

@kasiwrites (SMUT! SMUT! SMUT!)

@pendantstyles (her short blurbs are good antidotes to read throughout my day, they lift my mood or keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what is happening next)

@inkslingerharry (my one true love, fascinating writer)

@carolina-kiwi (she has an album collection series that is to die for)

@littledreamybeth (just posted a marcel imagine, ANGST SO GOOD)

@trulymadlysydney (once again, SMUT! SO! GOOD!)

@carmineharry (if you crave an alex imagine, shes your girl)

@harryimaginedstories (one of my biggest supporters, and has a huge masterlist also, all amazing!)


@stylesdimplefeelings (do not even get me started on both ‘Whipped’ series)

@harryslittlelovehandles (lots of au’s if thats what you are looking for)

@queenmestyles (’song title challenge’ is my shit)

@jawllines (how have any of you not read her rollar rink imagine)

@hardliquorandabitofintellect (mmmm mmmm mmmmmmm… read. all. now)

@betweenuspreferences (one of the first people i followed, writes for all four boys, and is just perfect)

@bribe-the-door (i wouldn’t know what to recommend its all to good)

@hcrrystvles (fluff and smut is on fucking point)

@sorrynotharry (i’m currently addicted to a zayn series actually, called BFB so check that out)

@tillthelandslide (also recommended her before, classic writings and the sweetest human alive)


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1 Reading your anons this morning, and the statement "What is incredibly unhealthy is how obsessed you are with people's lives you don't know." is what forced me into speaking up. I'm not a shipper. I won't go into what I believe, but for the past several years, I have followed both shippers and antis very closely. While you may both be a bit extreme compared to how I choose to fan, it is the antis who are COMPLETELY F*CKING BATSH*T CRAZY.

2 Not only are they obsessed with the actors and their supposed significant others (which they know nothing about) but even more so, they are obsessed with shippers. It’s creepy and weird way more unsettling than anything the shippers do the way they go after you relentlessly. I’ve stopped following all of them. I may not agree with shippers, but at least your posts are fun and bring me a smile and a bit of joy. Antis’ posts are vile and depressing and do nothing but bring me down.

3 So anyway, keep on keeping on. You are not the problem here.

I want to hug you. Thank you.

Everything feels different when you choose to eat. Sometimes, you feel really shitty, like it was a big mistake.

But then you have those days; the days where you eat and the negative thoughts and the sadness don’t exist. You should allow yourself to enjoy these moments.

Moments where you’re eating breakfast with your loved ones on a Sunday morning and you smile like crazy. The moments where you eat lunch by yourself and feel peaceful because you’re reading your favorite book, watching Netflix, or just sitting in silence and feeling okay. The moments where you grab dinner with a good person and share a few laughs. The moments where you eat your favorite dessert and feel like crying, not because you’re sad, but because it tastes so fucking good!

Remember these moments when choosing to eat feels really shitty.


Very sketchy Mystic Messenger & Life is strange crossover!

MC as Max & V as Chloe I know I know but his hair is blue!

I was so emotional once I finished playing life is strange. It’s a great story and I just love choice oriented games *_* The story’s about a girl who can go back in time and make different choices to save her friend.

If you haven’t played the LiS be careful to read further as long as it’ll probably contain SPOILERS.

Endings were so great and so sad! I cried on the one where Chloe is dying т_т I honestly am positive that V would choose to sacrifice himself. So here’s the illustration of the “last kiss” before MC rewinds back in time. Honestly, this is killing me. Sorry for being so angsty, guys

game’s soundtracks are gorgeous! honestly I recommend everyone to take a listen. here’s my favs

foals - spanish sahara - this one is so so so good

syd matters -  obstacles

DNA ~ Prologue (BTS Scenario)

Pairing: BTS x Reader

Genre: Soulmate AU!

Summary: A soul can live countless lives until it meets its soulmate and chooses to live with it for eternity. Your soul took exactly seven lives to find what it was looking for and reach out to complete your DNA.

Word Count: 595

Prologue - Lives: Highlight Reel - Mic Drop - Dimple - Best of Me - Serendipity - Pied Piper - Her

A/N: This is gonna be an Oneshot Series. Each Oneshot is gonna show one of the lives of a soul. These lives are not related to one another, so you can chose to read just the one about your bias or read them in any order you like. They’re disposed and will be posted according to the member’s age, from the eldest to the youngest. Hope you like it <3


What is life? There are many definitions for this word.

Some say it’s what distinguishes living beings from dead ones, characterized by having metabolism, being able to grow, to adapt to their environment, to respond to stimuli, and to reproduce. Others, that it’s the interval between birth and death.

Some say it’s the experiences that constitute existence, being it physical, mental, or spiritual. Others say that it’s the existence in itself, human relationships and activities in general.

There are even those who believe it’s the spiritual state regarded as a transcending of corporeal death, or that it’s the time something or someone exists or function.

All and each one of these concepts are right, specially if we put them together.

A soul can live many lives, each one in a different body, in a different way. There is no certainty in existence but the fact that we will live and die for as many times as it’s necessary for our souls to feel complete. Maybe we’ll live one life after the other forever, maybe we’ll just live once.

Some of the souls that had lived repeatedly along centuries found a way to see through their lives and notice when something is important to all souls. After living for the 99th time, one of these eternal wandering souls discovered something vital. It discovered the DNA sequence that constitutes the bodies our souls inhabit when living among others on earth.

What this soul couldn’t understand was that this DNA was somehow inherited from our endless souls. A part of them is always transferred to our bodies.

Along with this molecular sequence, our bodies inherit our deepest desires. Whatever our souls are looking for during eternity, our bodies are seeking too.

Most of the souls don’t know what they’re looking for, or if they are looking for something. That’s why some of them never stop searching, while others find it in the first live. And some souls, like yours, take a few time to understand what is going on, but when it does, they take delight in their reward for eternity, understanding the true meaning of life.

The reward? It’s easier answering to it when we think about our bodies DNA. There’s a part of our bodies DNA that has no useful code to protein sequence. Besides, its two strands run in opposite directions.

When our souls find what they have longed for, all sequences of DNA become perfect and capable of connecting to anything, and both strands start running in the same direction. When this happens, it doesn’t matter what is life anymore, because the soul existence becomes complete.

Your soul lived three times before it understood it should look for something. Then, it lived two sequences of life to figure out what it was seeking. And finally, it took your soul two lives to find it.

Your soul could have ended this quest in the first time, because in each life that your soul lived, it stared directly to its goal. It would have been easier if you had just reached out your hand to touch it. Without looking back, without regret, without fear.

But how could you know that your DNA was guiding you on the right path? How could you understand that the universe was conspiring in your favor? How could you believe in the evidence of fate?

You never knew your heart was running in the right direction. That all your breathtaking moments were because of your destiny being an inch away from you. To you, it was all just a coincidence.

Can you believe that I live in a country that back down almost 30 years in one day? I still can’t believe that yesterday the justice has allowed to treat homosexuality as an illness. Psychologists now can try to “revert the sexuality” of the LGBT+ community. This is so fucking ridiculous that I couldn’t believe when I did read the news, in a country where the politicians steal from everything they can, where the health care and education is horrible, they still aproving this kind of thing that literally kill your freedom to choose what to do with your own life. People are joking about it saying “now I can skip days of school and say that I was ‘gay’” but this is so serious.

Reading the Major Arcana: 22 Tarot Card-Book Pairings

For many, the use of tarot can be a form of divination, inspiration, or even entertainment. However you choose to use them, each card in the deck possesses an inherent and unique meaning. As Michelle Tea suggests in Modern Tarot, the cards are “an ancient story system.” Whether you believe in the mystical power of tarot or if you’re just smitten with its aesthetics, the deck has a tale to tell. In hopes of helping you decipher its countless narratives, we’ve put together a literary guide to the Major Arcana to keep you inspired and in touch with your inner bibliophile.

RFA + SV® - Musical AU

So, @vess-hs and @jokamu and I were chatting…

Scenario: RFA chooses musicals out of a hat and must perform a number in front of an audience

Zen gets “Cats” –> must wear costume

Yoosung gets “Prince of Egypt” –> sings “The Plagues” as Moses, Rika in theory is Rameses. (Read the lyrics; it’s perfect)

Jaehee gets “Rent –> "What You Own” (she is living in Korea at the start of the millennium…)

Jumin gets “The Sound of Music” –> sings “Favourite Things” but changes the lyrics to expensive nonsense because he doesn’t know what the original things are. Alternatively: “Whiskers on kittens and kittens and kittens and-”

Seven gets Aladdin –> “Friend like Me” (“Little Miss MC, dear, what will your pleasure be? Let me take your wishes, jot them down, you ain’t never had a hacker like me~”)

Saeran as Scary Poppins –> “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down~”

V –> “Cheek to Cheek”

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Do you have any recommendations for fluffy fics?

So this is a hard question, so I’m sorry that it took me so long to answer, Nonnie!

I have a lot and it’s hard to choose. So I’m going to give you a couple options. (I added a keep reading because I didn’t realize how long this damn thing was. lol)

Keep reading

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Lots of people see Sam and Cait's behavior without that causing them to ship them. You make that choice. You choose to read into their behavior, not everyone does. You are responsible for your reactions. Stop blaming your choices on how others behave. You left the ship earlier in the year because you said their behavior showed you they weren't together. You made a choice to come back and a choice to ship again. Their behavior is the same now as it was when you left. Take responsibility.

Did I not just say I’m responsible for my own actions and words? I choose to ship but it’s because of the way Sam and Cait behave. Not because I’m deluded and pulling reasons out of thin air. Their flirty behaviour has ramped up in recent months. It was not the same when I left. I’m really not sure what you’re trying to get at here. Your condescending attitude doesn’t help your case. 

Thank you to @matildaparacosm for aiding me in my avoidance techniques xD. So difficult to choose just three, but if we’re going with the most recent then here’s two I just discovered this very evening, and a third that I’ve just got around to, having meant to read it for ages:

  1. Everyone Says You’re So Fragile by @plotfool in which Hannibal’s snooping through Will’s house reveals a dark secret… and stirs up some unexpected feelings. Sweet, hilarious and featuring oblivious Hannibal, as well as an excellent 90s soundtrack xD.
  2. A Feast of Hearts by @ciceqi, a crossover with Kingdom Hearts in which Will and Hannibal find themselves battling a planetary invasion of fearsome eldritch creatures, while dealing with the s2-era tension between them. Thrilling, just a little bit scary and utterly hilarious, I desperately need more of this, please!
  3. Theme and Variation by @magicaldestiny in which Will and Hannibal are music teachers (also a former pianist and a composer, respectively), who work in adjoining classrooms. Mutual respect grows between the two as they mentor brilliant young student Abigail Hobbs, but there are secrets lingering between them. Sweet, delightful and full of love for music, I’m so glad I finally read this, it’s an utter joy.

of all the comments to choose to read yongguk finds the one with aegyo on the meet and greet. aegyo will haunt him forever.

yongguk: youngjae oppa….do you know the bread that i like the most?….oppang (cute way of saying oppa…and ppang : bread in korean)

101 Days of Happiness and Change

Hey guys I am starting a series of 101 days of happiness and change where each day I will post something that will be the focus of the day. Currently am reading a book Choose the life you want and got this inspiration from that book… With our busy lives we tend to lose focus and touch with ourselves so join me along to experience the happiness and change we all desire. Feel free to share the changes you may experience and motivate others too…

Push & Pull

Who does gravity think it is?

Tying strings and ropes,

pulling with abandon.

Did I choose to be stuck to the Earth?

Would I choose it again?

Can you feel the pull?

Onward and downward to soft and beautiful decay.

Why do we look up when someone enters a room?

If I am asked to walk freely

in a room with you in it,

I can’t.

I pull gravity like a dog on a leash.

I tighten myself.

I do it all wrong,

for fear of doing it all wrong.

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Hey! If you were a matchmaker and had to set up 7 of your mutuals with each member of Bangtan who would you pair with who and why?

THIS WAS SO HARD bc i dont have that many mutuals

jin’s soulmate is literally the cutest, softest stan ever, aka @thestarsarejusthelicopters . Luna would never take him for granted or make him feel like he should be different than who he is. she’d appreciate every one of his jokes and have his back. he’d be loved for the person he is and he’d know it. he’d know that he was loved if he was with Luna. Jin deserves everything, all the love, in the entire world and Luna would give that to him.

i’m cheating here bc i’m not actually mutuals with her but imma have to choose @dailydoseofdia for Yoongi. if you just scroll through her blog and read her tags, it’s so obvious how much she adores every bit of him.

no one would love and appreciate Hobi as much as @ricepot-jisung . Every quirk, every silly thing he does, Ramsey adores and Hobi deserves someone that will appreciate that. He deserves someone that won’t get annoyed with him being goofy and that won’t smother him, and Rams definitely would treat him right !

choosing someone for Namjoon was soooo hard bc all the Joon biased mutuals i have are so sweet, but i’ll have to go with @softmoni . even though i don’t know her well, i can see from her blog that she really loves Namjoon and it’s so pure. i’m v defensive of Joon and hyung line in general but i know she’d treat him right, just as he deserves !

for Jimin, i had to pick @amazzjin . Mazz is so soft for Jimin. like she’d do anything for him. she’d love him with her entire heart and tbh Jimin deserves nothing less than that.

even though i am technically an ot7 stan, it’s hard to choose someone for Tae because he’s so precious and me trying to match someone who i think is compatible is quite difficult especially since i don’t know him personally. he’d need someone who wouldn’t laugh at him, but laugh with him. someone who won’t make him feel ashamed for being himself. someone who encourages him to pursue his unsuspecting hobbies. someone who treats him like they see the stars in his eyes. i have a feeling that when Taehyung loves, he does it with his entire soul. He pours everything into it and he’d someone to reciprocate that. now i was gonna finish this by tagging a tae biased blog except i don’t know any ???? i’m screeching wtf

same goes for kookie, i have no jk mutuals, what am i 

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what would you choose reading or watching movies/t.v series? :)

it’s like making me choose between water and oxygen



do not make me choose

Pennywise is actually genderfluid

If you read the book, Stephen King specifically says that IT (the shape-shifting monster also known as Pennywise) is female and pregnant. This is why the Losers’ Club has to come back and finish what they started when they were kids. 

However, IT chooses primarily male forms or genderless forms to kill and terrorize the children with. 

So, IT specifically chooses to fluctuate between female, male, and genderless presentations, making IT genderfluid.

Pennywise for genderfluid Icon!