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these r bad, but there u go 👌

hi i’m 20 years late to the party but I love Magnus Burnsides with my whole heart

Crop top yuuri cosplay (ft my friend who took the photo) ignore my derpy face. Also @zephyrine-gale who gave me the idea and made me wanna wear croptops. Ty for the crop top yuuri revolution.


literally the best scene in the entire show

as for escalus, my poor baby king prince son, he’s trying so hard. he just wants to keep his damn city together.

isabella is the head, and even though he’s learning to shield and ignore it, he’s still the heart.

but that’s the point - escalus’ priorities will always be verona. verona is first. 

not rosaline.

and that’s why even if escalus is my son, even though i love him and feel for him, his indecision and constantly changing his mind with rosaline is what leads to him losing her. rosaline shouldn’t forgive him for this. (and if she wishes to, that’s okay too! she’d be a better woman than i though.) it’s not about him having good intentions - he does! it’s about him not putting her first.

because he can’t. he had the chance to multiple times this episode, and he choose verona, over and over again. AND THIS IS OKAY. THIS IS HIS JOB. THIS IS HIS DUTY. but when he brings livia into it, when he calls ros a harlot, that’s him making that final, conscious decision - verona, over her.

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Omg, are you near Santa Rosa?

no im in iowa. like, the state of iowa in the midwest thousands of miles away. the international carnivorous plant society has their next international convention from august 3rd, 2018, to august 5th, 2018 in santa rosa, california, and it’ll be the last one in the united states for the next ten years. there are no carnivorous plants in iowa (although we DO have an endangered parasitic that lives here but thats a story for another time lmao) so like, a lot of the plants that will be on display there (included at this conference isnt just academic presentations- although thats a big reason why i want to go, seeing as that’s going to be my career- but also a carnivorous plant show where horticulturalists will go to get their exotic plant babies judged) will be plants that i know a lot about and own books on and have watched documentaries about and love deeply but have never seen in person. 

i’m gonna try and get some plant shitposting designs up on my redbubble shop so i can start raising money to go, but im saving money on my own and probably will apply for a conference scholarship, too. its also important to note that im reeeaalllyy fortunate in that my family is like, middle class, both parents college educated and working, so like i’m not like dying to afford basic needs from day to day and stuff, but i gotta strrreeettcchhh those dank funds and raise money on my own to afford extra stuff like that, you feel? especially because it’s so far away.

oh hey side note: because it’s much closer to where I live and is more conceivable financially, I’m also going to the Botany 2018 conference in Rochester, Minnesota this summer!!! it’ll be my first professional conference, although not my first experience with academic symposium style set ups. pretty sweet yo

September 2, 2017

Jade: hiveswap is not out yet!!!

Jade: but…it will be soon!! :)

Jade: i am really excited to see what will come of this game

Jade: it has been in development for so long, and has overcome so many hurdles, i think i cannot help but be excited to finally see it come out!

Jade: i heard you are able to combine every item with EVERY ITEM!

Jade: it already sounds like a lot of fun!

Jade: it is also apparently about my grandpas children??

Jade: ummm…

Jade: but i guess we will learn more about that when it releases! :)

Jade: there are t-[12] days until hiveswap releases!

Jade: and it has been (-245) days since “january 2017″! wow!


You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.

There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

  • There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden
  1. There’s nothing wrong with shipping rosegarden

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Hey, Koichi-Kun~ Do you wanna fuse with me? (-dailylovedeluxe)




So i got just now inspired to do this. As some of you know i suffer from depression and stuff thats why theres a sad aitan this time not sleepy or anything 

Okay nvm that I wanted to tell i wanna see you all draw you characters into this the picture is transparent I hope So please keep it like that if you cant thats ok too! I just really wanna see how many people will do this!