if you can't win then cheat


jfc the end of crisis core, that apple!toast Zack makes, with Cloud in a mako coma, Lazard half-dead, a dying Angeal copy and an unconscious Genesis? 


….and then he gets shot and dies in the rain.

(while the Turks are almost there in time to save him)


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"You can't do that! That's cheating!" Elriel. (Thank you sooo much! I love your fics)

The Bet

I hope you enjoy!!❤️

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Elain was determined to win the bet Azriel made with her.

According to him, she couldn’t go an entire day without touching him. Every day she found some kind of way to make contact with him, whether it was holding his hand, cuddling, or kissing. Elain couldn’t deny the fact that it would be hard, especially when he was making sure she lost.

When they had woken up this morning, the first thing Elain did was try to hug him, but he had quickly pulled out of her reach and wagged a finger in the air, causing her to pout.

Now, Azriel was in the kitchen, shirtless, cracking some eggs into a pan on the stove. Their townhouse was slowly getting more organized and complete, and Elain smiled as she took in the space around her. They had only been living in it for a few weeks, but she enjoyed having her own place, especially with Az.

He turned his head to look at her over his shoulder with a smirk that made her toes curl. “Still think you’re going to win?”

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OH MY GOOOD, OH MY GOD OKAY do you remember that chapter in the Public School arc when our!Ciel exposed Maurice Cole's dirty work and Maurice told Ciel: "you can't understand the feelings of a younger son that'll never inherit a title"... but.he.DOES!! OUR!CIEL FUCKING KNOWS FIRSTHAND. HOLY FORESHADOWING. AMAZING. The BEST fucking part is when our!Ciel retorts back and says "I believe that winning by cheating has no value!" But he kind of did just that to his brother... lmao

Yep, you’re right, there were multiple such hints for the existence of the twin whenever a brother was being mentioned.

And yes, whenever Ciel’s talking bad about cheating it’s really quite hypocritical. I also like this line coming from our Ciel:

Ciel teaching others about the virtues such as honesty. XD

A Thanksgiving Mess
  • Jaebum: We are gather here today to give thanks for being successful Kpop idol groups.
  • Sehun: Even though, some are some successful than others *coughs, coughs*
  • Jaebum: and some can still keep their members *coughs, coughs*
  • Jinyoung: JB, just sit down and eat your food
  • Jackson: *eats* Why is this mac and cheese dry?
  • Mark: because your side bitch, Namjoon made it or was it Jooheon? Maybe, it was BamBam. It's so hard to keep track when you're a hoe
  • Monsta X arrives: we're here, sorry we're late
  • Suga: not as late as your first win
  • Kihyun: or your boyfriend when he's by your leader's house
  • Jin: Can we all stop, get along, and eat together?
  • Baekhyun: I don't know, can you stop getting pregnant?
  • Jin: As soon as you stop cheating on Chanyeol with my son
  • Jungkook: pass me the---
  • Namjoon: pass high school first
  • Jungkook: pass me the salt, hyung
  • Suho: Everyone, let's drop the attitude
  • Kyungsoo: the way Kris and Lay dropped you?
  • Suho: no, the way Kai drop you for Krystal
  • Youngjae: at least, he still have Kai
  • Chen: can't say the same for you and Jaebum though.
  • Jimin: or you and a good looking haircut
  • Shownu: we are never doing this again
  • Jooheon: *stop recording and eats*
  • Mercury: A dance battle, really? Fine, I suppose I can do a victory dance before I fight you.
  • Yang: Someone's cocky but lets make a little bet. If I win, you disclose Cinder's location and if you win, we get to fight.
  • Mercury: You got yourself a deal blondie.
  • *Yang and Mercury step on a Dance Dance Revolution machine each but as the song starts Mercury is unable to move.*
  • Mercury: What the...? What the hell did you do? I can't move my legs!
  • Yang: Uhh I did nothing. What are you talking about?
  • *Meanwhile Blake is underneath Mercury's DDR machine holding two powerful magnets.*
  • Mercury: You're cheating!
  • Yang: Am I? I guess that makes two of us. Revenge is pretty sweet, isn't it Merc?

…….and Rei cheats wins this round’s Battle of Abstinence: Who gives in first, loses! My version of the ‘Kiss Me’ thing LoL

So checking on my dash, let me see if I can get this right.

Louis under the contractual control of Syco/Simon Cowell: Elenouis was fake, Briana (and Babygate is fake).

Harry under contractual control of Syco/Simon Cowell: Haylor was fake. Kendall is for mutual PR and fake.

Liam under contractual control of Syco/Simon Cowell: Sophiam was fake. Chiam is fake.

Niall under contractual control of Syco/Simon Cowell: is teflon and no romance seeding seems to have ever stuck.


Zayn under contractual control of Syco/Simon Cowell. Zerrie was real and he cheated on her many times. Zigi is for mutual PR promo and Zayn fully agrees with it for the benefits to his career.

  • Xibalba: [can't find La Muerte in a crowd]
  • Xibalba: [cups his hands around his mouth]
  • OR
  • Xibalba: [can't find La Muerte in a crowd]
  • Xibalba: [looks around for a giant sombrero]

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Could write something for kbtbb cheating and try to winning her back but she said she can't trust them anymore even if their together she'll never trust them again, she's really heartless to them because she is hurt after that and they try everything to get her back and talking to her maybe a good end and a bad end, please? I really love your stories.

AHHHH my heart! (I will do a Eisuke one)
I will do a good ending.

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The Signs as Types of Gamers
  • Aries: GRRL GAMER - Only plays games she thinks will get her the most praise. Lives for the attention.
  • Taurus: REC GAMER - Has a life outside of gaming. Plays anything.
  • Gemini: POKEBAES - Actually caught them all.
  • Leo: RETRO GAMER - Still plays the N64.
  • Virgo: CHEATER - Uses cheats everywhere to win and exploit the games.
  • Libra: SUPRACASUAL - Plays Sims on their iPhones.
  • Scorpio: BRO GAMER - Says BRAH a lot. Plays mostly Sports Games or Call of Duty.
  • Sagittarius: ELITE GAMER - Can't live without gaming, it's a drug for them. Makes sure you know how good he is.
  • Capricorn: ARTISTE - Plays for the graphics, the looks of a game. Doesn't care what it is, as long as it's pretty.
  • Aquarius: PRO GAMER - Actually likes gaming, and knows his shit. Has skills, unlike most gamers.
  • Pisces: CASUAL GAMER - Owns a Wii.
The ElGang competing in a race
  • LuCiel: *at the starting line, arguing over who should race*
  • Ara (Asura): Oomph! Ow, I tripped again...
  • Chung (IP): *jogging slowly at his own pace, enjoying the scenery and not caring that he's so far behind*
  • Aisha (EM): Damn... I've run out of mana... Can't teleport anymore...
  • Elsword (LK): Hah! That's what you get for cheating!!
  • Aisha: Shut up! You're lucky I'm not shooting fireballs at you!
  • Elsword: Well I guess this proves you're a pretty terrible magici- HEY!
  • Elesis (GM): *running past LK* lol is my little brother still slower than me?
  • Elsword: GET BACK HERE!
  • Elesis: BWEH~ *sticks out her tongue*
  • Elsword: Damn you! I'm gonna get you!
  • Elesis: No you won't! *accidentally steps on a green orb, which explodes* ARGH!! W-what was that??
  • Rena (NW): Victory is mine!
  • Elesis: Oi, you're cheating!!
  • Elsword: This is my chance! *Aisha teleports ahead of him* WTF I THOUGHT YOU RAN OUT OF MANA!?
  • Aisha: Meditation, dumbass! Hehehe
  • Rena: Trapping Arrow!! *shoots a poison arrow that hits Elsword and Aisha*
  • Elsword: T-This is... Foul play...
  • Rena: Sorry Elsword, but I can't let you win. *Suddenly, a white blur* Huh? What was that?
  • Ara: *riding on Eun* Let's go, Eun!!!
  • Rena: HEY, NO MOUNTS!!
  • Ara: Eun is not a mount! She's a part of me!
  • Rena: Damn spiritual contracts...
  • Ara: Alright Eun, the finish line is just up ahead! We're going to win!
  • Add (MM): *drives by in a car* No you're not, fox girl.
  • Ara: Add!? Where did you get that!?
  • Add: I built it with Nasod tech, duh. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a race to win!
  • Raven (VC): IGNITION CROW!!! *burns the path and destroys Add's car*
  • Add: NOOOOOO!!!! M-my car!!!
  • Raven: Hmph! I refuse to lose to you. *suddenly, a large shadow passes over everyone*
  • Add: What the-? *a Nasod jet plane flies overhead with Oberon as the pilot and Eve in the back seat*
  • Eve (CEm): *puts on sunglasses and sticks her middle fingers up while crossing the finish line*
  • Raven: Darn.
  • Add: *cries tears of joy* My beautiful queen won with such style... I don't even care that I lost!
  • Raven: You're disgusting. *walks across the finish line*
  • Ara: *crosses the line after Raven* woo! Third place! Good job, Eun~
  • Rena: Grr, 4th... I'll be sure to do better next time!
  • Add: *sitting in the wreckage of his car, still crying and cheering Eve's name* YOU'RE THE BEST, EVE!!!
  • Elsword and Aisha: *fainted from poison*
  • Elesis: *injured by the Eldrasil's Rage*
  • Chung: *jogs past the line* oh? Did I get 5th? How did that happen?
  • LuCiel: *still arguing at the starting line*
AU Ideas
  • -You're super queer, but have have homophobic parents, so naturally you take it out on me, the leader of our school's GSA. Unfortunately, the zombie apocalypse starts while we're staying after school to talk to a counselor about you beating me up for like the fifth time, you asshole. Looks like we have to put aside our differences and survive this mess? And oh no you're actually cute when you aren't trying to drown me in a toilet.
  • -I came home in the middle of the night to see you holding half my silverware, and you just hissed and jumped out my window? I confront you the next morning, but you're actually some kind of were-dragon and it's for your hoard. I let you keep it, but the next full moon, I stay up to see you as a dragon because that sounds awesome. But then you just kind of grab me and dump me in your hoard which I guess makes me your treasure. I'm honored, really, but this is going to be really awkward when you're back to normal.
  • -I'm a siren, but I talk through sign language so people don't fall in love with me all the time. You learned sign language just to talk to me, so we become friends. And I may or may not sing in front of you just to learn your deepest desire, and holy crap it's me?!
  • -I was going to have my new best friends over for a sleepover, but it turns out they ditched me to hang out with someone I hate, and now I'm heartbroken with two tons of food I don't need. You're my neighbor, and you hear me crying so you check on me, only to find me violently sobbing while shoving eight mini donuts in my mouth at once.
  • -I saw you at the beach while on vacation, and because you're really freaking hot, I've been dreaming up a fake relationship with you all summer. And oh shit-you're new to my school, and not at all how I imagined. Can't you follow the mental script I have of all of our conversations?
  • -We're on a date at a fair, and because I suck at carnival games but want to win you a cute gift, I resort to cheating. At the end of our date, the workers figure out what's going on, and whoops, there's an angry mob chasing after us but it's okay because I get to hold your hand.
  • -We're roommates, and I just walked in on you with a guy tied to a chair. Is that a kinky thing? Oh no, you're actually after the man who killed your parents, and now I've been pulled into the investigation.
  • -I work at a pet store and play with the puppies there everyday, and my favorite is missing. Nobody bought him, and you're walking out the door very very quickly. I catch up to you and ask what the heck you think you're doing, and you just take off you're jacket to reveal my puppy. Because you look pretty upset (and definitely not because you're hot) I decide that we can have co-ownership of the dog. And I'm sure as hell not paying, so I guess we just stole a puppy.

“It rang…”
“Think they…heard it…?”
“I’m sure they did.”

I used palette 2 from here

  • Carm: you cheat all the time
  • Laura: no, i just WIN all the time
  • Carm: you're lucky you're CUTE because you're fucking cheating
  • Laura: i win...i..
  • Carm: why can't you just admit that you're cheating?
  • Laura: *laughs* i'm not cheating
  • Carm: you're a cheater, you're cheating...yea...you're lucky you're CUTE
Olicity, The Married Years
  • Oliver: Hey, that is offensive!
  • Felicity: Your FACE is offensive!
  • ...
  • ...
  • Oliver: I'm sorry?
  • Felicity: I forgive you. But only because you can't help it. Do you have any idea what it's like to argue with all of...*that*?
  • Oliver: ...No?
  • Felicity: Correct.
  • Oliver: Felicity, you can't just keeping saying that every time we have an argument.
  • Felicity: I can, and I will. Watch me.
  • Oliver: Oh, I'm watching you.
  • Felicity: What are you...? Hey, no, mister. You do NOT get to use your charm to win this one. That is cheating.
  • Oliver: It's only cheating if you get caught.
  • Felicity: Well, consider yourself a catch--I mean, caught. I mean... Look, I have a spatula, and I'm not afraid to use it!
  • Oliver: Felicity...
  • Felicity: Hmm?
  • Oliver: What are we doing?
  • Felicity: Having a fight?
  • Oliver: What if I don't want to fight?
  • Felicity: Well, you should've thought of that before you decided to make me angry.
  • Oliver: I said I was sorry.
  • Felicity: For your face, not for what you did.
  • Oliver: I am sorry, Felicity. I'll try to be more careful next time.
  • Felicity: Hey, do or do not. There is no try.
  • Oliver: I promise.
  • Felicity: Thank you.
  • Oliver: And to make it up to you, how about I cook dinner and do the dishes for the rest of the week?
  • Felicity: Well, it's a start. But since you're offering...I kind of need to confess something to you, too. I burnt dinner. Again.
  • Oliver: I know. I could smell it when I walked into the apartment complex.
  • Felicity: You can smell burnt chicken all the way down in the lobby? Huh. What exactly did Yao Fei teach on that island?
  • Oliver: A lot. Can I kiss my wife now?
  • Felicity: Yes, Mr. Queen. You can.