if you can't hang there's the door baby

Taylor Caniff Imagine! (requested)

Recently, you have been suspecting that your boyfriend is seeing someone behind your back. There was one time he you come home from work and you see him in the living room talking to someone in his phone. He was laughing and smiling, the thing he does when he receives a call from you according to his friends. The thing is, he only does that when it was you.

When he was showering, you checked his phone to see his messages and there’s this number under the name ‘Important <3’.

You felt jealousy and anger bubbled in you when you see the heart at the end. Who the hell is she?!

You angrily tapped the phone to see the messages. To your surprise, you didn’t see any flirting but flight details.

’ I can’t wait to see my baby doll! thanks for flying us out.’ You gasped. There’s only one person who calls you that. It’s your mother. You dropped the phone when you heard the door opened.

“What are you doing?” Taylor emerged from the bathroom, a white towel hanging low on his hips.

“Your phone fell down and I picked it up.” You lied, ‘picking’ up the phone and placing it back on the table.