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The Signs in Love
  • Aries: tries so hard not to catch the feels and becomes overwhelms when they do
  • Taurus: gets so nervous and excited they find themselves either eating way too much or no where near enough
  • Gemini: gets their feelings confused and continuously overanalyses things
  • Cancer: cares so much about you that they become kind of clingy, but that's just how they show their love
  • Leo: cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no
  • Virgo: half the time is too picky to be in love, but when they are they're all in
  • Libra: all the typical cliche mushy stuff, and it's cute as long as no ones feelings get hurt
  • Scorpio: attracted to people way before they realise they're also in love with their mind
  • Sagittarius: doesn't fall hard often, but when they do they can make you feel like you hold the world in your hands
  • Capricorn: pretends they're not till they can't hide it any longer and they give in to it
  • Aquarius: mysterious and hard to read but they're worth the wait to love
  • Pisces: falls easily but can change their mind just as fast, this makes them somewhat cautious of the feeling

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heey first of i just wanted to say that you're like literally my favorite blog no joke i love love your writing like i cannot stop smiling whenever im reading your stuff and as your friends to lovers thingy is one of my favorites i was wondering if you could do one with taehyung?? thaanks 💙

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi 

  • you and taehyung have always been messes,,,,but cute messes together
  • you technically became friends in detention ,,,,,,
  • taehyung had been sitting at the back of the classroom with silly string all over his hair and shirt ,,,, he’d brought a can to school and accidentally sprayed himself and the gym teacher
  • and you,,,,well you had gotten into an argument that had ended in a food fight and there was probably still some cold cheese from a pizza that was flung at you in your hair
  • but,,,,,,with mutual understanding you and taehyung had just grinned and gone “that’s what you’re in here for? cool!”
  • the teacher who was supposed to be guarding you and making sure you were doing homework had flaked in the middle to go gossip in the hall so you and taehyung had moved closer discussing if it would be good to make a break for it or not
  • you thought maybe using the silly string as a distraction could work but also taehyung wasn’t looking to get expelled so you’d decided instead that peeking out the door till the teachers backs were both turned you two would dash down the hall for freedom
  • and you did,,,,,,,,you were just a tad slower and taehyung had grabbed your hand and pulled you along through the doors as the sound of the teacher drowned out behind you
  • after that,,,,you two became inseparable 
  • and sure it had a lot to do with you both loving practical jokes and being free-spirited but it also had to do with just,,,,,how you got each other without words
  • just looks and smiles and inside jokes,,,, and you never making fun of taehyung in anyway because no matter how people saw him 
  • taehyun is smart and caring and you knew that,,,just like he knew that about you
  • and growing up you guys got out of pranks and skipping class and just became more into going to live concerts late at night and staying up past 4 am to set of fireworks on the beach with other friends you’d made as you got older
  • and ,,,, it stayed nice and carefree but you were also adults now so,,,,you had to be there for each other not just for laughs but for serious things as well
  • and one day taehyung confides that he’d like to be a singer and you support him one hundred percent but before an audition he decides he wants to dye his hair to stand out
  • “what color are you thinking?”
  • “,,,,,,,you’re going to laugh but,,,,,,,orange”
  • you look at taehyung like are you being serious but you can see the twinkle in his eye and you’re like ok orange it is let’s make you into a walking flaming dorito
  • and it was ur first time,,,,bleaching and dying someones hair,,,,but taehyung for some reason trusted you
  • even though you were the two kids who thought itd be smart to throw water balloons over a huge spiked fence in highschool ,,,,, but hey friends trust friends,,,,,,,,right?
  • and so with paper towels everywhere  and you standing behind taehyung in your tiny bathroom,,,you managed to get him in an old t-shirt with gloves on your hands and spreading bleach over his hair
  • and every minute or so he’d whine that it stings and you’d be like suck it up kim we have another half your head to go
  • and taehyung would mumble that you should at least try to distract him and you would go do u want me to focus so i dont get bleach in ur eye or what
  • taehyung: point taken
  • and when you’d finally got him blonde,,,you could start on getting him orange
  • and tbh taehyung was like “you should dye your hair too,,,let’s be matching!” and you were like if i ever am feeling the baby carrot hair look ill tell u and taehyung rolls his eyes and ur like hey i can see u in the mirror dude
  • and he sticks his tongue out and ur like im holding the life of ur scalp in my hands do not test me
  • ,,,,,but when you were done,,,,, taehyung closing the door to wait before taking a shower you’d spread out on your couch tired of standing 
  • and half an hour later your friend walked out, after you hear the dryer turn of,,,,,,his orange hair as bright as possible,,,,,and you cannot help it
  • walking over and ruffling your hands through his hair
  • smiling and going “i did a good job,,,,its so cute!!” and somehow you cant stop yourself from adding “your hair is so soft too,,,,”
  • and taehyung,,, letting you run your hands through his hair,,,,brings his fingers up to wrap around your wrist and he gently pulls them so you look at him 
  • and,,,,,,even with a hair color not many can pull off,,,,,,you see how it falls into taehyungs eyes
  • makes your friends naturally gorgeous skin shine,,,,,,eyes slightly hooded and lips parted
  • and you are used to being this close to taehyung,,,,but in the quiet moment in your living room with his body so close to yours you can feel the warmth of his presence
  • your heart cant calm down 
  • and taehyung seems to feel it too,,,,,,u didn’t know just dying someones hair could mean getting so intimate but thinking on it 
  • the whole thing,,,,,seemed like such a couple thing to do,,,,the standing behind taehyung and fixing the back of his shirt so it wont get dirty,,,, wiping sweat from his forehead and stray dye,,,,giggling and joking and having taehyung threaten to tickle you if anything
  • like sure friends could do all of this too,,,,,but taehyungs grip on you ,,,, his eyes,,,,,,, something now was different
  • and just one more inch and you can feel his cheek brush yours,,,, the long bangs tickling you and then his lips,,,,,
  • settle just at the corner of your mouth,,, like the almighty funny and carefree taehyung is nervous to kiss his bestfriend on the lips
  • and when you pull back the two of you are silent but taehyung walks you back against the sofa and it’s like,,,,natural for you two to fall back in each others arms
  • your hand coming up again to run through his hair and taehyung whispers
  • “i think we’ve always been a couple,,,,neither of us just said anything,,,”
  • you nod,,, pressing a bit closer and going “but to be a singer,,, we’re gonna have to keep pretending it’s just friends”
  • taehyung leans down pressing his forehead to yours and grinning “well we’ve convinced everyone thats just what it is but for now - we’re alone and im going to kiss you some more”
  • “ok carrotcake kim”
  • “don’t spoil the moment” 

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Don't get me wrong, I love your dog and all of your pets, they're adorable and I liked seeing them. My point was that through passively scrolling down my dashboard today I'd seen it at least 10 times. It's your blog, you can post what you want, but if you're going to reblog something that many times in a day please don't put it in popular tags that people follow because it makes something that was cute into something upsetting and stressful, it's inconsiderate. Thank you for reading

(( OOC: I’m going to take a moment to address this.

Before you make an accusation, make sure it has a base. I did not reblog that photoset 10 times. I posted it once… if you happen to be following people that reblogged it from me, unfortunately I have no control over what they reblog… and you will end up seeing a puppy on your dash 10 times. 

Regardless… even if I had reblogged that post 10 times, there’s a simple solution to your problem. Use the .5 seconds it takes to scroll past it, and do so. 

There’s no reason why seeing a post about a puppy on your dash should ruin your day. That’s you making a personal decision to get upset over something that is a non issue.  

Furthermore, if you have a concern with another person’s posts, be careful with how you express it. The ask that I received from you yesterday was impolite and demanding, or should I say “upsetting and stressful”. 

I apologize for the blunt way I’m addressing this, I’ve had one hell of a month. )) 


Star Trek ongoing #43 - Eurydice, Part 1
(how to be a romantic dude vulcan style)

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okay so i don't have a complete prompt or anything but could you write something really fluffy and really sweet? can just be a little blurb, i don't care. i've just been reading so much angst lately it's lowkey making me depressed. so idk something cute with maybe harry's family it as well? could be something as simple as meeting his family for the first time(: thank you love you're the best

Family Dinner

In which Harry soothes your nerves about meeting his family.

You’ve been up for hours, since long before the sun rose, making yourself busy, straightening up around the flat. When you and Harry made plans to have his family over for dinner, your heart had jumped in your chest, just as it has every time the thought of tonight has slipped into your mind since. Today, however, there is a constant thrumming, an uncomfortable, jittery feeling that makes your hands shake and your head dizzy.

“Mornin’, love.”

You shriek when you feel arms wrap around your waist, doubling over and away from the warm body behind you.

“Oi!” Harry pulls you back into his chest, locking you in his hold and pressing a gentle kiss to your hair. “’S jus’ me, Y/N, chill out.”

“Sorry,” you whisper, attempting to catch your breath.

“Are yeh all righ’?” He loosens his arms and allows you to turn around. “Can feel your heart beatin’ through your back.”

“I’m fine.” You slip out of his arms and return to the dishes you’d been washing, scrubbing at a plate until your fingers begin to ache. You don’t even realize Harry’s left the room until he returns and you feel his presence in the doorway.

“Love, how long yeh been up?”

You glance over at him where he’s leaned against a wall with his arms crossed over his chest, crease formed between his eyebrows. His eyes are curious, watching you closely.

“A while,” you answer quietly, turning back to the sink and rinsing the plate in your hands and setting it off to the side for drying.

“Baby.” He says it with a sigh. You dry your hands off and turn to face him.


“Yeh’ve cleaned the whole place.” He steps toward you and smooths his thumb over your forehead, pressing out the lines that have set in there. “Yeh nervous, angel?”

Your gaze falls to his feet, socked and cozy against the kitchen floor. You heart had begun to calm, but now it picks up speed again as thoughts of tonight flood your mind once more.

“Oi, look a’ me.” He pinches your chin between his thumb and forefinger to lift your head, staring down straight into your eyes. Your chest warms, heart lifting again, but this time not with nerves. “’S gonna be fine. They’re gonna love yeh, everythin’ about yeh.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Do, too. They’re gonna love yeh b’cause I love yeh, and b’cause yeh have exactly no flaws fo’ ‘em to pick out.”

Harry’s lips slot gently over yours in a kiss that you can feel in every nerve, soothing you with all of the confidence he feels. His hands cup your jaw and he presses his forehead to yours after a moment, freshly brushed breath fanning over your face. You take a deep breath, hands closing around the sides of his loose t-shirt.

“Yeh’ll be jus’ fine. Migh’ even have some fun.” He rubs his thumbs back and forth along your cheeks, nudging your nose with his. You’re amazed at how easily just a few touches and some words from him can put your mind at ease.

“I’ll even hold your hand under the table ‘f yeh need me to.”

You giggle at him and he grins, pecking your lips again.

“There’s m’girl.”

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hii~ I know you're probably tired of doing terrible two headcanons but they're so cute!!! can u do one about the batboys introducing their little sis to their teams? Like dick; Titans, Jason; outlaws. Thanks 💓💓 ur work is amazing girl

sorry again! , by titans, I mean the Titans team, like in rebirth :-) thanks 💓

Okay finally here! And thank you so much!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any inaccuracy! I don’t have enough money to buy comics, so i haven’t read a lot(I have to go online to read some comics lol)


  • Let me just say when he first introduced you his team was ecstatic.
  • They love to teach you new things everyday. Beast Boy teaches you about animals, and the environment. 
  • Raven probably teaches you how to control emotions and other important things in life
  • Aqualad is the voice of reason, and is actually the calmest when dealing with you. He’s almost as good as Alfred
  • Cyborg is usually the one to let things slide. 
  • He’s the cool uncle lol. Like, if you ask for candy he gives you a whole box.
  • Lilith adores you and so does Donna. 
  • Donna usually takes you on little flights, making sure you’re secured and won’t fall, and Lilith takes you out places. 
  • Overall visiting the Titans is just full of fun for you!


  • “Little Red Him!”
  • Honestly most of the time you’re brought over just so you and Bizarro can have a play-date together.
  • Artemis was uncomfortable around you at first but she warmed up.
  • She just didn’t wanna hurt you.
  • Roy thought of you as his own little sister. 
  • He probably tries to teach you how to defend yourself. 
  • Artemis is on board with that, she just…well. 
  • “Artemis no she can’t learn to chuck a polearm at people” 


  • Okay, so at first he only brought you along cause it was his night to watch you and he had a really important mission. 
  • “Okay team, this is ___. She’s only 2 and is staying here for a while” 
  • Cue the collective squeals
  •  And the deaf Tim. 
  • Bunker likes to play dolls with you. 
  • Literally would do anything for you. 
  • Wonder Girl loves to show you off to people. 
  • Like no baby she could get hurt 
  •  Beast Boy, like I said, teaches you about animals but also likes to play tag and hide and seek. 
  •  Raven is very calm with you. 
  • When she’s meditating she allows you to sit in her lap.
  •  (Man i need to read more comics-)


  •  He loves you to Krypton and back. 
  • That was a terrible reference shoot me. 
  • Kori also loves you, and is practically a mother to you. 
  • Jon is honestly terrified every time he sees Damian bring you along on missions. 
  • “Damian what if she gets hurt!?” 
  • “She won’t. She has me”
  • Actually now that i think about it Kori is probably the one who gets stuck watching you.
  • She loves watching you though.
  • Jaime is honestly terrified to be by you
  • Oh no my poor baby
  • He just doesn’t want the scarab to hurt you.
  • But he does love you, even if he tends to avoid you.


I… Don’t even want to think about how long it took fo this to come out, and I will say a very, very big sorry. Life, school, I just couldn’t find the drive to, much as I love all this… But, I just want to say, you guys are amazing. Any time I see someone say or like something, I always get super happy and I smile really wide, like I am just thinking about it. 

I’m not sure if this is what you were expecting, and I’m not even sure if it’s what I was expecting, but it’s here, and it’s long, and it’s done. It’s probably much worse than my other pieces becuase I feel incredibly rusty, but I hope you all still like it ^_^

After this, I’m going to disappear for like, a week, because Persona 5 comes out on Tuesday and I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited for a game. The close second would probably be Destiny 2, WHICH ALSO JUST GOT ANNOUNCED. It’s gonna be a great year for games, and I can’t wait. 

Anyways, enough about my love for games that keeps me from writing. Without further ado, here is a law and crime YouRiko that took way too long to come out, and as always, I hope you enjoy!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play Kingdom Hearts II~


Abandoned warehouse, edge of Tokyo. Time: 9:04 PM

“I know you’re there, come out, criminal!”

Into the light stepped a tall, beautiful woman, gun slung over her shoulder.
“Detective, fancy meeting you here.”

She spun around and raised her revolver, taking aim, but keeping her finger off the trigger.

“This ends here, Red Death. If you agree to come peacefully, I’ll put in a good word, and maybe you can walk away with only half a life sentence.”

The sniper laughed, a hearty laugh that really just showed ambivalence.

“Do you think I care about things like that?” She shakes her rifle a bit. “This. This is my life, and my duty, without it I’m nothing, I have no other purpose. If you think your little platitudes and words will make me just lay it down, you are sorely mistaken.”

The detective bit her lip, she really had hoped that the woman would be amicable, even if she knew the chances were slim… The sound of a round being chambered brought her attention back to the world in front of her, where the barrel of a gun was pointing at her.

“It’s been a good chase detective, but I’m afraid this is the end of the line for you.”

With a click of her tongue, she aims back, closing an eye to aim.

“The past doesn’t need to dictate the future…”

The assassin began to spout a response, but the detective couldn’t hear, as her attention was grabbed by something moving in her peripherals: a loose cord. Suspending the light above her counterpart, the cable for a large light had begun slipping, slipping… Her body running purely off instinct, she ran forward and dove to try and get the woman out of the way, it was falling right for her!

“H-Hey, what’re yo-“


Keep reading

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You're amazing. I've literally set up my notifications so that is get notified when you post! I just love reading your imagines. If you have the time, I know you must be really busy but can you do one in which Betty gets hit because she was involved in a fight or something and Jughead gets really, really mad? And then he takes care of her bruise or something? It'll be really cute especially because you write so well and stay true to the characters :)

Thankyou for giving me such amazing prompts, I wouldn’t be able to write at all if it wasn’t for you guys!


Everyone knew Jughead didn’t work out, he didn’t exercise, there was never any leisurely jogging going on in his life.

So too see him sprinting down the halls of riverdale, faster than the most successful cross country star, was a surprise to say the least.

Veronica lodge was hot on his tail, looking pissed off and absolutely lethal.

Jughead couldn’t think, he could hardly even see straight, his brain just a flurry of thoughts.

Ronnie had burst into the blue and gold office, explaining Betty had gotten hurt, she was bleeding, he didn’t hesitate before he was out the door and running to the girls locker room.

He vaguely heard Veronica behind him

“She was just being Betty, defending someone else, and this jock from central high just reared back and punched her in the face. His buddies took him away, but I think they’re still hanging on riverdale grounds.”

Finally reaching the locker room doors, he slammed them open, eyes scanning before landing on the beautiful blonde who had a tissue held to her face by Cheryl blossom, as Kevin filled up an ice pack. Hey eyes caught his instantly and she gently pushed Cheryl’s hand away, nose red and a little bloody.

“Jughead. I’m okay. I promise, I’m okay.”

She knew him too well, she knew he was about to fly off the handle.

He was by her side now, taking the ice pack from Kevin with a nod and placing it on her swelling cheek.

“What happened?” He said softly

Almost instantly, the tears she had been holding back began to well up in her eyes

“I was just leaving cheerleading practice when I noticed the central high jerks were hanging out by our bleachers, and they were surrounding dilton Doiley. I couldn’t just let them bully him around like that, so I went and asked them to leave him alone and they turned on me. Trying to grab me and touch me, so I kicked one of them in the knee. He got so angry he just punched me in the face.” She sniffled

Jughead pushed a strand of honey blonde hair away from her watery eyes, removing the ice pack for a second so he could cup her cheeks gently.

Suddenly Kevin was on the other side of Betty

“What she forgot to mention was that she pretty much attacked the guy after he hit her. That guy is gonna be nursing a pretty bad black eye, to say the least.”

She giggled slightly, leaning against Jughead as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Jughead laughed “they should know never to mess with Betty Cooper when she’s on a rampage.”

She looked up at him smiling.

“And don’t forget it.”

He smiled brushing his hand against her swollen cheek “if they’re still out there, you know I have to do something, I can’t let them get away with hurting you. No matter how much damage you may have done, it’s nothing compared to what I’ll do.”

She nodded, smiling softly

“I know, I know. Defending my honor and all that.” She rolled her eyes teasingly.

He smirked, puffing his chest out

“Damn right defending your honor!”

She giggled, rolling her eyes before he shifted the both of them completely forgetting about the other people in the locker room

“I was scared. Ronnie told me you were hurt, you got into a fight with some guys. I didn’t know what to think. I don’t ever wanna feel that way again. The thought of you being knocked out somewhere, surrounded by those dicks.” He shuddered

Betty placed a hand to his cheek

“I’m okay juggie. I’m sorry.”

He sighed, closing his eyes.

“Just.. next time you wanna save the world, come and get me. I can be the robin to your Batman. I just wanna be there okay?” He smiled nervously

Betty placed a tiny kiss to his lips

“You got it robin.”

  • Delirious: You've never actually explained how you feel about me.
  • Vanoss: You can make a bad day instantly better. You make me laugh even when I've felt like crap all day. You bring out a smile in me no one else can. Your face lights up the room. Your voice makes me want to just listen, for hours. Your eyes electrify me. Your touch awakens me. You're beautiful, smart, funny, and the nicest person I've ever met.
  • Vanoss: Does that explain it?

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Hi, hi, hi!! Your Snapchat hc was awesome!!!💞 I found Jumin's the best lololol anywho, I see your requests are open +_+ can I request a hc for Saeyoung opening a toy shop and how the RFA+minor trio(if you're okay with that) would help out? I was rewatching/reading his ending last night and read the part where in his dream he had opened a toy shop and thought it was cute. I hope this is alright! Thanksh!

RFA (+ Minor Trio) Reacting to Saeyoung’s Toy Shop

Note: Aww, thank you so much for the support on my Snapchat HC. Hope you enjoyed this, it’s a mix of shitposting and actual seriousness - let’s be honest, some of these shenanigans would occur.


✰ - He applied to work here, and after an hour of dealing with Seven′s dumb requests, quit.

✰ - If you’re wondering what those requests were, they were something along the lines of “Organize them from most dangerous to least dangerous” or “Organize them from most memeworthy to least memeworthy.”

✰ - Probably wastes a lot of his money here, because Seven′s toys are actually really cool. (Oh my god is that a mini working motorcycle for your figurines? I’ll take two.)

✰ - He tried kicking V out of the store when he worked there, accusing him of robbing the place because he took a business card.

✰ - Eats all of the complementary mints at the front counter without hesitation.

✰ - Sometimes he argues with Seven about the prices, although in the end, he ends up paying more than the original price was.


✰ - There’s actually a lot of his themed merchandise at the toy store, compliments of Seve, although some of it is questionable.

✰ - He’s fine with the doll version of him and it’s many princely outfits, hell, you can even get a little brush to brush his ~beautiful~ rat tail hair.

✰ - Doesn’t like the mask version of him, it looks really creepy and who in the right mind would wear a mask version of him?

✰ - Then, there’s the clip-on ponytail that’s supposed to mimic his beautifully long rat tail locks. He still doesn’t have any comments on that.

✰ - Sometimes he’ll autograph the ZEN merchandise, but Seven actually just auctions that off on his eBay account.

✰ - Is outraged when he sees that there are Elizabeth the 3rd plushies in the same store he sells his merchandise, and requests that they are at least “12 tiles away from his section.”

✰ - On occasion he’ll stop by the store to greet fans, and tweet about meet and greets he’ll have there, it brings up his popularity and awareness about Seven′s store.


✰ - She definitely helps out with the behind the scenes work, and counts stock, and reviews polls for which toys Seven should add to the shop. 

✰ - The main reason she helps out at the toy store is because of free items there, and will literally take all of the ZEN items.

✰ - Will ask if he thinks about turning his store into a franchise or if he’ll consider mass producing his items, but after he declines, agree that it’s just a nice family owned store.

✰ - Helps print out business cards for him, and tries to keep the store professional, such as setting store hours that are within reason. “No, Saeyoung, 4:20am to 6:09pm is not appropriate for children.”

✰ - Unfortunately has to maintain all of Jumin’s Elizabeth the 3rd projects, and discuss seriously about them with Seven.

✰ - She sets up a suggestion box for new items, and proceeds to write a bunch of ideas for ZEN products.


✰ - Invests a lot of money in the Elizabeth the 3rd products, and really wants to get them mass produced - after buying a case of each item for himself.

✰ - Has asked if Elizabeth the 3rd could come in for a toy signing, but thought against it once realizing she’d be within a hundred yards of Seven. (Also, she has no thumbs.)

✰ - Often tries to get Seven to collaborate with C&R, and eventually gets him to run a special toy section of the company, although Jumin only makes money off of the Elizabeth the 3rd product.

✰ - Advertises for the store, all over C&R International. He took down the out of order sign on the bathroom, just to put up the flyer.

✰ - One time, when he was in there, a little kid asked him “How’s the weather up there?” Of course, he was confused. When asking Seven about it, apparently the kid was making fun of him. (Jaehee: “No, Mr. Han, you cannot sue a ten year old.”)

707 [BONUS]

✰ - Literally everything in the store is homemade - by him. Except for things that have multiples, such as the Elizabeth or Zen items, he gets Tom to manufacture those. 

✰ - Contributed 50% to the toy shop name, “Choi’s Toys” (He came up with the Toys part, he’s a creative genius.)

✰ - He put out a tip jar at the front desk, but nobody has even put a coin in there. He feels slightly offended.

✰ - There are like two bad reviews online by angry moms who are complaining about his toys being “overpriced and hazardous.” Let’s just say that he changed those to, “Great deals and very kid-friendly!”

✰ - The majority of the profit is going towards his wedding with MC, as well as their honeymoon. The rest is going towards buying a new car.

V [He got the eye surgery!]

✰ - He loves taking photos of the children with the toys, grinning while holding up their homemade cat robot.

✰ - For his next exhibition, he dedicates it to both Saeyoung and Saeran, with the many photos of the shop and the happy faces of children - as well as the RFA inside the shop.

✰ - V runs the facebook page for the shop, littering it with beautiful photos and information about new items. Although, is often told to make things seem more exciting.

✰ - As a gift in honor of the store opening, he creates the flyers using his creative touch!

✰ - Doesn’t understand why Yoosung thinks that taking a store business card is stealing - the sign literally says, “Please take one.”


✰ - He’s the other creative genius, coming up with pairing, Choi and Toys. (They are twins, after all.)

✰ - On holidays, he’ll take some of the toys to the local orphanage and hands them out to many of the children - he doesn’t want them to feel underprivileged as he did as a child.

✰ - He helps work at the shop, but despises being the cashier. So, whenever he’s asked to work the register, he hides behind the counter or changes the sign to say he’s on break.

✰ - Those rare moments where he’s actually working the register,  Saeran gives back more change than he should. On purpose, because he knows how pricy his brother’s toys can get.

✰ - Whenever someone puts money in the tip jar, he pockets it, to annoy Saeyoung, but still puts the money in the fund for the wedding. He’s secretly excited to be the best man.

✰ - Doesn’t like the kid’s radio station that plays throughout the store, and is not afraid to change it to something hardcore and emo  like My Chemical Romance or All Time Low.

✰ - Gets mad when Moms complain that the music isn’t appropriate. “I’m not listening to the damn alphabet song on loop.”


✰ - Ever since they lost their job at the agency, they work as the custodian of the store. Really despises it. REALLY.

✰ - One time, a child had an accident on the floor, and they threatened to taze the poor child. Then, the kid began to cry, and the mother began to yell at Vanderwood. 

✰ - Deathly afraid of angry defensive mothers, but is totally okay with yelling at a dad, defensive or otherwise. 

✰ - Sometimes he sees kids put things back on the wrong shelves, and isn’t having any of it. “Put that back where you got it.” If they had glasses, you can expect the librarian look.

✰ - Also despises the childish radio that is played, and fully supports Saeren in playing anything else. 

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can you do scenario with Dino, The8 and Mingyu when you're a solo trainee at Pledis and they see you practising and each start liking you and just do little cute things to get closer to you (offering to help with choreo, stuff like that) you can decide how it ends :))

I hope this is something along the lines of what you were expecting! ;u; It turned out quite lengthy but I hope it’s only a good thing!

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 5,553 words

Water never tasted as good as it did after some good practice, which was something you had already figured out during your first days as a trainee under Pledis Entertainment.

You breathed heavily as you sat down for a moment, your back resting against the wall behind you and your hand tiredly moving to your water bottle, filled with cold water. Pouring some of it into your mouth and embracing the coolness of it while a few drops of sweat slid down your temples, you looked around the practice room.

The walls on both sides were covered with mirrors, and on the opposite end from the door there was a music player you had already gotten familiar with. The practice room was fairly roomy, much to your happiness, and for the time being you were the only one there.

That, too, was something you were quite happy about, considering you were definitely not at your best after a few hours of intense practicing behind you, but unfortunately you could also see the door handle dip down before the door opened.

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  • Jungkook: So who is he?
  • You: Who's who??
  • Jungkook: You could've just told me you wanted a cutesie picture with me rather than posing with a stranger.
  • You: What are you even talking about?
  • Jungkook: You're instagram must be blowing up.
  • You: Ohhhhh I know exactly what you're talking about *laughs*
  • Jungkook: You're posing like you don't have a boyfriend and OH MY GAWD IS THAT YOU KISSING HIS CHEEK.
  • You: Hey, it's friendly skinship.
  • You: Um... I think I can since he's my brother, did you read the caption?
  • Jungkook: Your broth-
  • Jungkook: Oh.
  • You: So was the G O L D E N M A K N A E jealous? *evil smirk*
  • Jungkook: Pfffft as if.
  • Jungkook: Okay maybe a little.
  • Jungkook: I need a hug now.
  • You: *goes in for the hug* You're cute when you're jealous.

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how would stu deal with a s/o who just loves showering him with small kisses at the randomest times? ♡ btw i think you're really a cute person and i like a lot your writing style ♡


(’: thank you very much though i blushed a little reading that but only a little

  • 2D gets super bashful whenever you do this, mainly because he’s not used to someone being so affectionate it towards him my lOVE )’: and also because you startle him almost every time due to the fact that it’s completely random.
  • He can be getting something out of the fridge and the moment he closes the door, you attack his face with kisses. He blinks a few times leaning back a bit as he finally registers what’s happening and the widest grin forms on his face. His cheeks feel warm under your palms as you hear him laugh adorably, hunching up his shoulders as he seems to turn red from the neck up.
  • He tries to hide it too, bringing his red ears to rub against his shoulders as your kisses descend from his face to the sensitive skin underneath his chin. He doesn’t mind this by any means, actually enjoying the fact that someone shows their affection towards him physically, having not experienced this in any of his previous relationships. (’:
  • Sometimes you wake him up like this, which sometimes takes a while as he’s deep in sleep. His reaction is the same except he tries to do the same to you, pulling you closer to him as he showers your face in kisses instead, usually he wins and the two of you enter an intense tickle fight that results into sleepy time seCKS. you sinners

this was a cahute (’:

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telling 2D "Happy Father's Day" when you find out you're pregnant and he doesn't understand at first

(Short and cute!!! I literally awww’d out loud when I read the ask! I truly hope I can live up to your expectations of me - and obviously 2D is one of those who can’t keep still when he is excited)

You were terrible at keeping secrets. It was actually one of your worst qualities if you had to ask yourself, and each time someone told you that they had a secret, you’d protest and hold your hands over your ears. It was that desperate feeling to tell other people, hearing their reactions and opinions, so when you sat awkwardly on the lid of the toilet with a positive pregnancy test in your hand, the feeling was unbearable. Actually, five other tests were lying on the sink - all of them positive, and you had started crying with your pants around your ankles. Mostly, you had wanted to tell 2D right away but Father’s Day was coming up and you wanted it to be a cheesy surprise.

The day was finally here, and knowing 2D, he had no idea that something was off. He hadn’t even asked about why your period hadn’t come and that only showed how absent-minded he was. It was the sweet Stuart Pot that you loved.

In the bathroom, between your own toiletries, you had hid all the positive tests in a white plastic bag. It was nice to have evidence. You picked it up and walked into the kitchen with it behind your back.

2D was sitting at the dinner table with a notepad and a pencil, it was typically around noon that he would be writing songs. No one was home besides the two of you.

Placing the bag on the floor out of sight, you leaned over the table and smiled, “Hello you.”

2D looked up from his notepad and smiled, leaning up to kiss you softly, “Hi, you alright?”

“Mhm… Just wanted to wish you a happy Father’s Day.” The moment you had said it, you felt your heartbeat speed up significantly. It was out and there was no taking it back, plus the fact that you had finally been allowed to say it made you feel so relieved as well.

2D furrowed his brow, “Huh? A bit of a strange thing to say, innit?”

“No, why?” You couldn’t stop smiling.

“I mean, I know that you know that I got some kids that I don’t see but…” The creases of confusion became more visible.

“Well, what if I told you that now you have another reason to celebrate the day?”

“Why would I start celebrating it now all of a su-” 2D paused, realisation dawning on him, “Wait, you’re pregnant?” 2D raised a brow, looking quite sceptic.

You grinned, letting out a soft giggle, “Yeah! I am!”

2D immediately got up, starting to fidget, “Nooo…” His voice was small, sounding quite boyish all of a sudden. He shook his head, starting to pace around the room.

“I am, I promise you I am!” You felt yourself getting slightly choked up, “I have proof, I swear, I do!”

He smiled widely, “You’re not… Are you serious?”

You bend down to pick up the bag, nodding and holding it out for him, “Look in the bag.”

2D held it open and gasped, “Wow… You are serious!” He poured the contents out onto the table and you grimaced at the fact that the sticks had pee on them. 2D didn’t seem to care at all, “We’re having a baby? Are you serious?”

“Yes!” You continued giggling, “How many times do I have to tell you?”

2D picked up the tests one by one as if still in disbelief. He continued walking around, repeating the questions over and over as he moved his arms around in excitement. You thought you were going to burst from happiness when he finally came over and hugged you tight, lifting you up for a couple of seconds before putting you down again.

“Eeeew, you’ve been touching those!” You said as you were hugged tightly again, “You’ve got pee on your fingers.”

“Better get used to it, we’re having a baby!” 2D laughed, pulling you even closer.

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Can we talk about Harry nudging his nose against your cheek while you're reading a book and he is not please because he wants your attention

Harry being a big baby is what I live for. “Pay attention t’ meee, ’m so cute how could I be less entertaining than a book?” And he wraps his little noodle body around you, arms around your hips, his head resting on your tummy so you just pet him and scratch his head which he sooo loves, and he cuddles up and I swear he does some human form of purring, if anyone can do it he can. And if you stop running your fingers through his hair even for a few seconds, he starts whining “come backk!”

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What would you do when you're bored?

Here are some things that you can do when you are bored…
~ pack up some fruit, wine and chocolate and go for a picnic at dusk in a field or wooded area
~ visit the local library/bookstore to get a book and then find a cute cafe to enjoy some tea and read
~ I always edit pictures on VSCO so start a portfolio of some of your photography/artwork
~ make a neopets/poptropica/runescape account do a quest or play your old fav games
~ have a spa day! Find some recipes for a face mask, hair mask, foot bath, etc. while listening to classical music
~ organize your closet & shoes and whatever you don’t like you can list on poshmark to sell
~ go to a plant store and buy yourself a succulent to take care of
~ find a cook book and make a new recipe you have never tried before then serve it to your family or friends

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yooooo, how about a terushima scenario?? It's a hot day, and his cute, oblivious gf is walking around their shared apartment with da booty shorts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and he's like oh my god can you not but also can you wear these more often (maybe slightly nsfw....winkwonk) I love your blog, you're super great!!

Back from the death once again! I hope life’s been treating you well guys! I’ve missed you! 😞 I’m still getting getting ready for college and still sucks.

I loved this request as soon as I read it, so thanks a lot nonnie-chan😗❤ and I really like how this turned out so I'm​ crossing my fingers so you’ll like it🙏 It’s not exactly what you requested but the idea took over my fingers. Also this is the first time I get frisky per se, so… I don’t even know if this could be called NSFW, I’d say it’s more like suggestive I think? So yeah, this is the most NSFW I’ll get cause I don’t feel ready to write good NSFW. Enough rambling, here’s the request! ❤

All the windows are open, a jar of cold lemonade is being engulfed by his thirsty mouth, the air conditioning is at its max, but the whole house still feels like a fucking sauna. There sits Terushima, all limbs spread open, his butt on the floor and his bare back resting against the wall. The small expansion of the little balcony isn’t enough to fit his whole legs so his feet are hanging a little out from the border of the floor, but that is the lesser of his worries.

“Agh!! I hate summer!!” If only you had listened to him at the beginning of December, when he wanted to save all the money for presents and new clothes for Christmas parties and invest it in the both of you. Right now you could be chilling far away from the heat of the Sahara in a cool and fresh place. You wouldn’t be in Aspen, but a little cozy cabin in the outskirts of Mt. Fuji wasn’t so out of the picture. “I didn’t want a happy little Christmas!!,” He roars bitterly as he feels the sweat running through his already sticky neck.

“Shut it Grinch!,” Your voice comes from your shared bedroom, your steps going around apparently searching for something. “You better don’t be half naked again!,” You chide. “Mrs. Nakano already shoots me daggers whenever she sees me, I don’t need her scolding me for being a couple of degenerates.”

The boy licks his lips searching for some form of refreshment, “As if, what that woman wants is to get into my pants,” he mutters only for his ears to listen. “I’m serious Yuuji! Last time you decided to walk around only on sweatpants she lectured me during fifteen minutes!!”

“I know, I know. Don’t worry, I’m not only in sweatpants!” “I’m only wearing boxers.” He says mockingly. Your hurried steps come from the hallway and you’re behind him in two seconds. “You didn’t seem to mind me walking around in my boxers two night’s ago,” he teases as he turns his head to meet you. “But if it bothers you that much I can always just walk around wearing nothing at all.”

Your hands are at your hips and you’re giving him the scolding look and oh. You’re wearing those shorts. Damn. His eyes go from playful to completely predatory in .5 milliseconds, and suddenly he isn’t feeling that dizzy because of the heat. All he can do is stare at the tiny shorts and how they expose all the gorgeousness​ of your legs. “Well hello, love.” He greets you and he almost purrs, the light in his eyes flickers and his stare alone is enough to send a shiver through your spine. You really don’t want your neighbor nagging you again but it gets difficult to follow your train of thought when your boyfriend licks his lips and the tip of his piercing is saluting you with evil intent “Don’t even think about it, Yuuji.”

“I didn’t. Why must you always think the worst of me? It breaks my heart.” He says with feigned innocence.

“Because you are the worst. Now get up from there and put some clothes on.” You take your leave and your boyfriend’s right beside you before you can even take a step. His hands are at your hips and his arms pulls you against his chest with a strong movement. His skin is burning hot and your nose easily welcomes his musky essence.

He lowers his head to suck a patch on your neck and you need to brace your arms around his neck. Swift and teasingly his fingers start to dance against the skin peeking out from your shorts. “How about we give Mrs. Nakano a good show?”

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Yo the pennywise reading mind thing the anon asked it's L I T!! But imagine pennywise reading your mind and know what you are thinking. Oh this human is thinking about a person she likes. Simple and cute BUT ALSO IT CAN BE BAD!! Like imagine clown boy about to eat you "time to float" and he reads your mind and you're like "yass make me float claddy" and he's like wtf 😭

He unlocks his jaw and is like a millimeter away from munching and crunching but then he gets a hint of your smell and realizes that you wanna floAT ON THAT DICC

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So I was in this rehab facility and there was this kid that was pretty cute and I had to go every day all day so everytime he'd pretend to punch me id be like "I feel like you're gonna hurt me one day" and he goes "oh trust me I will" and would wink. I sticker bombed him once and he put the word sex on his arm in stickers and I was like I like that and winked and walked out and long story short we're dating and his dick is bomb 😂❤️