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Here comes the bride...

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Word Count: 1359

Genre: Smut

Warnings: It’s sorta romantic, but don’t be that kid - don’t read this if you’re underage, please.

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Source your aesthetics.

So this is an issue I wasn’t expecting in this community, and I’d like to address it. This is important. When you make an aesthetic, please credit the people whose images you’re using.

Photography is an art. Photography belongs to people. People own the pictures you are using. And they deserve credit. Taking a picture that belongs someone else is art theft, whether it’s a painting or a photograph. And saying ‘oh well it’s not mine’ isn’t good enough. You are not crediting the original artist if you’re not naming them. How is that crediting? There is no source, no way to find them, no acknowledgement. These are people with their own accounts and social media, and they’re sitting there without traffic. Their pictures don’t belong to us, they’re not ours to take, not ours to do with as we please, and the least we can do is link back to the owners. Because they created something that moved you! Something you enjoyed, something that reminded you or made you feel something. The least you can do is be grateful and respect those artists. Respect them by giving them the credit they deserve.

If you use and post art without sourcing, you are stealing these people’s work. You’re just taking their art and reposting it, but because you’re doing it to several people in one post, you feel like it’s okay. Look, I realize people aren’t doing this on purpose. No one’s sitting there, rubbing their hands together going ‘heh, no credit for you Mr. Artist’. People don’t know any better and because this community has no standard for this, it’s easy to join along. It’s easy to get away with it, because no one’s doing anything, and most people don’t realize it’s an issue. I get it – you can’t know, if no one ever told you. And we’re all weak for pretty things, and we’re all weak for getting them onto our blogs ASAP. But this is a standard we should have. Technically, what you’re doing is illegal. Sure, it’s not a big deal, it’s not commercial use, I get that, but it’s still not right.

And you are getting those pictures from somewhere. You’re looking for them, and you’re finding them. You have a link. It takes 5 seconds to link to where you got it from. It takes a little longer to check if that page is the original owner or not; about 1 minute for a reverse image search (google or otherwise). Look for the biggest sizes. Look for instagram and flickr links, or blog pages. If you see it on pinterest, check the sources there. Once you find the biggest (unedited, if you can tell) one, reverse-search that, just to be sure. Some images have been through hell, WeHeartIt and back and cannot be traced back, but you can at least put a few minutes of effort into it. And if you really cannot find the true owner, just link back to where you got it from.

Think about how you would feel if someone took your artwork and didn’t credit you. How would you feel if I just took that aesthetic you just made and posted it on my own blog? Without crediting you? Would saying ‘it’s not mine’ would make you feel better? I’m gonna go ahead and assume that if I just took your aesthetic and did that, you’d think I was a douche. The entire community would probably think that’s one hell of a douche move, and that it’s wrong of me to do. Now realize that this is what you’re doing to other people.

If it’s aesthetic you’re worried about, I got you covered. You can just put little links at the bottom of your post, like this:

x x x

or this:

(x) (x) (x)

or any variation really. Look up alt/unicode symbols and find what matches your aesthetic!

☼ ❂ ✷ ♛ ☩

TL;DR: Sourcing your aesthetics if important. If you are using artwork that belongs to someone else, it is your obligation to credit the rightful owner – because it’s not you. Please please please start sourcing your aesthetics.

(I would also really appreciate it if you could reblog this! I’d really love to see sourcing become more common in this community. Thank you very much for reading, and happy aesthetic-ing!)


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  • PAIRING: Newt Scamander x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which the young Hufflepuff arrives in New York and bumps into a certain girl only to find out later on it is Y/N. 
  • WORDS: 362

Newt’s brown boots patted along the concrete ground of New York City, chestnut hair falling on his forehead. With a suitcase in one hand and a fidgety hand in the other, the man looked around the tall buildings and the carriages that carried the wealthy individuals. The chestnut-haired man was known for not looking where he was going which was no surprise when he bumped into a Y/H/C girl. Their shoulders bumped and it seemed as if she was rushing somewhere by the fact that her black shoes clicked in a fast pace. Y/N let out a quick, “sorry” taking a glance at the culprit. Though, before he can fully take a look at her, she had rushed off.

Once she had been out of sight, the man looked back at her. Taking in her hair and the way that she walked. A smile tugged at his lips, he was secretly hoping that they’ll meet again.

Mr. Scamander was caught using magic in a public place with No-Maj’s present by an ex-Auror, Tina, of Magical Congress of the United States of America. Next thing he knew he was being led by her to the apartment that she shares with her sister. The No-Maj, Jacob, tagging along. 

The moment the trio had arrived at the apartment they were greeted by Tina’s sister, Queenie. She had made them food, and quad’s had gathered around the dining table. While the adults conversed and had dug into their meals, a key rattled and the door opened. 

Y/N, the two siblings friend, had come through the door, “Hey guys, I had so many errands to run today I just…” The girl trailed off, about to take off her jet-black coat but stopped when she was greeted with guests. Jacob and Newt stared at the intruder, causing the girl to speak up again, “I thought we weren’t supposed to have men over.”

The siblings shrugged simultaneously. She furrowed her brows and glanced at someone who couldn’t take his eyes off of her. It was a certain chestnut headed man, who was looking at the girl through his sea green eyes. He seemed very familiar. 

[A/N: this was short i know but i didn’t know how to end this]

Heavy In My Chest

Holy cow, First off i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked my headcanon, bc of you guys it got 100+ notes. I’m forever grateful, and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

anyway, here is an imagine for you guys, hope you enjoy

Peter x Michelle


slight angst??

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Things between Peter and Michelle  have been tense. He’s been out fighting crime as usual, putting his best foot forward to be the best he can be, helping all of the little guys out there, and because of that Michelle has been pushed back. Her feelings have been ignored, her wants, her needs. Michelle could only take so much until she snapped, and this was her breaking point. Months had passed and Michelle could feel themselves beginning to feel odd around Peter. The way he would crinkle his nose didn’t give her butterflies anymore, the way her name slipped off his tongue didn’t send shivers up her spine anymore. She knows it would hurt to tell him the things she’s feeling, but even harder to hold onto. The more she spent thinking about the situation between her and Peter, the more they felt themselves start to drift away from him.

Michelle started to distance herself. sitting beside Ned, or hiding in the library. She took the later trains and buses home, declined his calls, everything. During decathlon practice, she acted as if he wasn’t there, and most of the time he wasn’t. Michelle knew what she wanted, that was the type of person she was, if this is what she felt she knew it was the right thing to do. Walking to her locker the next morning, she tucked a strand of curl hair behind her ear, showing her once hidden honey brown eye. Opening her locker, she went through her things finding her needed things for class, shutting it, she was met with his familiar big brown eyes.

“Hey, so I was thinking that—” He started but stopped talking when Michelle looked his way. His stomach churned a bit as he looked at her. She held this coldish stare in her eyes, it was foreign, it wasn’t the familiar look shed give him
“Michelle, are you okay?” He asked putting his hands on her shoulder, Michelle tensed, her muscles locking, rotating her arms so his grip would fall. Looking up at Peter with a blank stare, she simply shook her head and walked around him; not a word escaping her lips. Peter stood there stunned, staring at the space Michelle  once stood in. Blinking a few times he looked around quickly finding Ned and rushing over.

“I think I fucked up”

“On?” Ned asked closing his locker to give Peter his attention. Peter explained everything to Ned, Ned trying to come up with an idea that could help Peter in anyway,
“I think you should try and go talk to Michelle, maybe not blow her off” Ned pointed out and it was like the gears were shifting in his head and it all made sense. Since Michelle started to hang around him, he noticed the way she looked when he came near or the way her jaw locked when his voice echoed through the hallway. Peter smiled a little as he knew what he needed to do, the bell rang and the two best friends walked to their shared class together, Peter explaining to Ned what he was going to do.

Night came quickly this time of year, the cold November sneaking into her bedroom. Listening to music, Michelle stood as they picked their next song before going back to what they were doing. Tensing a bit, Michelle could feel his arms around her and, in the quiet she can feel his promises breathing down her spine; she knew where this conversation would be going. She felt bad in the sense that she was avoiding him, and taking so long to finally tell him what was going through her head. Taking the headphones out of her ears, Michelle again broke away from his grasp. Seeing him, Michelle swallowed a lump that had formed in her throat.

“Look, I know i’ve been a bad friend, a bad boyfriend, a bad everything you need from me and I’m here to apologize, and try and make things better between you and I” he concluded taking their hand in his. Michelle took her hand out of his, her chest heavy with what they need to say.

“Peter, we need to talk” she simply said, authority in her voice more than sadness or worry. Peter quickly nodded and took her desk chair and sat on it, Michelle taking a seat on the edge of the bed. Taking a deep breath, she started to speak. 
“I can’t save you by lying, can’t fill the empty space with pretty words, just to make you happy” she said and took a deep breath. Michelle could feel the room grow tense as Peter’s face contorted in confusion with her words. 
“This is not what i want to say, but it’s not what you need to hear” Michelle said in a monotone voice. Peter looked at them and raised his brow at her and chuckled nervously. Michelle took a deep breath and licked their lips. 

“I am not in love with you anymore” She simply said, the weight of the world slowly lifting off her shoulders. Michelle felt better, she felt free. Michelle looked at Peter who just looked stunned like he did in the hallway this morning.
“I’m sorry Peter” She simply said and touched his face, seeing if something would change in him. Tears started to form in his eyes, and Michelle felt a bit of guilt bubble inside her, she didn’t think they would end like this.
“Peter, please say something” Michelle told looking at the boy. Peter snapped out of his trance and looked up at her and in that moment,Michelle could see Peter’s heart breaking right before their eyes. Michelle took a deep breath and let her hand fall from his face. 

“This wasn’t meant to be like this, but you’re always going to choice Spider-Man over me, and it took me a while, but thats okay.” She explained a little more to him. Peter looked down at the ground fiddling with his jeans. 

“Peter?” she said again but in more in an aggressive tone. “I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear but I couldn’t keep lying to you like that” she explained. Peter sniffled and lifted his head and looked at Michelle, his once glossy eyes were now dried but they weren’t their usual brown. 

“I understand, I do, but doesn’t mean I’m not upset” he simply said and looked down again. Michelle got off the bed and stood up and opened her arms to him. Hesitate, he stood up as well and hugged her. The hug they shared was different than the many they shared in the past. Their hug was cut short from the sound of his phone ringing. Since becoming Spider-Man, Peter hacked into the police station calls and they got sent to his phone. Looking at the phone, Michelle simply chuckled. 

“Duty calls” she said and shoved her hands in her back pockets. Peter looked up at her and shrugged. “Looks like” he chuckled, and shoved his phone back in his pocket. “Well…” she started looking at him, his head tilting

“Go get em’ tiger”

 she smiled and Peter knew in that moment things between them were going to be okay. Chuckling at her, he climbed out the window he entered in. Stealing one last glance, he smiled and left. Michelle watched him swing off to go change in secret and sighed. Closing her window, she knew that this would only make her and Peter stronger people, and their relationship would only grown from here. 


The Only Exception - Part 2

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: thank you so much for every word, for your likes, for your reblogs. You are amazing people. Hope you enjoy this part!

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Part 1

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Tony Stark was the one who made possible for you and the rest of the guys to make a living by making music. His company, Stark Records, hired you as they found your music fascinating, catchy, fresh. Tony -who you have come to know after all these years that when he says something, he really means it- once told you that he had no doubts you were going to be a success.

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OLICITY AU: Falling for an Angel #5

Hello everyone! I missed you so much!!! I am sorry I couldn’t update sooner, but well… you know. Life happens ;) Anyways, thank you for all likes/reblogs/comments an messages and all feedback and I hope you’ll like this chapter :) Enjoy!

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“Felicity, please tell me you know what to do.” Oliver was nervous to bring her into his work place. Tommy was his best friend, but they never had to deal with crazy homeless people so he didn’t know if their friendship could survive Felicity’s madness.

“Do as you say and stay quiet,” she told him and he nodded.


“And do not talk to Tommy about angels,” she said and Oliver led her to the club and opened the door for her. There were lots of things to do before tonight’s opening so she couldn’t interrupt him. She slowly entered the club and grabbed Oliver’s arm.

“What’s wrong?” Oliver whispered.

“You are not going to leave me here, are you?” She asked, not wanting to let him go. Once again Oliver realized that the attempt to leave her at the police station was very traumatic for her. A sudden thought crossed his mind. She didn’t even know him, why was she so attached to him? Just because he found her?

“I’m not. Now let go,” he said silently and shrugged his arm, but she held him with too much strength.

“Promise me!” She insisted, his jacket still in her grip.

“Hey, Oliver, finally you’re here!” Tommy was looking straight at them, his evil grin on his lips.

“Frack,” cursed Oliver as his best friend started walking down the stairs. “Yeah, sorry I’m late, I had…” He looked nervously at Felicity, “I had some important things to do.”

“Oh, I see who you had to do,” laughed Tommy and Oliver rolled his eyes. “Tommy Merlyn, Verdant’s co-owner.” He introduced himself and raised his hand for Felicity to shake. She looked at Oliver, not subtle at all, and raised her brows in confusion.

“You’re not… going to introduce yourself?” Oliver asked and forced himself to smile. He was going to kill Tommy for the sex pun later.

“Oh, I would, but you told me to stay quiet,” she whispered and Oliver hoped the ground would swallow him whole. “What is he doing with his hand though? Am I supposed to hold it or something?” Oliver exhaled loudly. Great! Tommy knew about ‘Crazycity’ now.

“Umm… wait, what?” Tommy gazed upon Felicity, smiling awkwardly and then he looked at Oliver expecting an explanation of some kind. “Did you drug her?”

“Can we go upstairs?” He asked quietly and when Tommy nodded he pulled Felicity upstairs to the office.

“So…” Tommy locked the office door behind them. “Did you drug her?” He repeated, his expression shocked. He didn’t think Oliver could do that, but… well, there’s always a ‘but’.

“No, Tommy,” sighed Oliver. “I found her like this on Wednesday after I left the club. Since then I was trying to find her family, I even took her to the Police Station to get rid of her, but they kicked us out. She’s mental, but I called all of the mental hospitals in the city and… nothing” he explained.

“For some reason I do not think that getting rid of me is a nice thing to do…” said Felicity and narrowed her eyes at Oliver.

“Great, so you have just brought her to our club,” Tommy ignored her and spoke to Oliver. “You want a mental woman to ruin our party? She has to leave.”

“She has nowhere to go!” opposed Oliver.

“She had to live somewhere before you found her!” reasoned Tommy.

“She says she’s an Angel and fell from Heaven,” Oliver told him. “Try finding her home with information like that!”

“I thought we were not telling him,” Felicity said, clearly confused, but sadly the men ignored her again.

“I don’t want her here,”  Tommy repeated and crossed his arms. Oliver knew he was not going to give up.

“Felicity will help us with the preparations,” Oliver said and looked at her expectantly. “Right?”

“Of course, I will! I love preparations!” She squealed excitedly, but then she looked at Oliver and silently asked, “what?”

“Let’s just call the police,” Tommy suggested. “If we say we don’t want her here they’ll take her.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Oliver asked angrily. “They will arrest her! She didn’t do anything wrong, she’s just sick!”

“I do not think I am capable of being sick…” started Felicity, but never got the chance to finish the sentence.

“Tommy, you’re not calling the police!” Oliver shouted when he saw Tommy squeezed his phone.

“Fine, but when the party starts she stays here,” said Tommy looking at his best friend. Oliver sighed, knowing Felicity wouldn’t want to be left in the office.

“Uh… why do you not like me?” She asked trying to understand the man’s behaviour. She hasn’t met a lot of humans, but Tommy was nothing like Oliver. Sure, Oliver was mean and made her angry and she cried because of him a few times, but he cared for her and Tommy didn’t. “I am very likeable, I am good and helpful and I did not drink your coffee. If I did I would understand your annoyance, but on the other hand you could make yourself another one, that is very easy if you know what you need.” As she spoke, Tommy took a step back towards the door.

“Oliver, this is the most important party in the history of Verdant, this customer can have us on the first page of the newspaper tomorrow and damn you and this weirdo if it doesn’t say that we’re the best club in the state!” Oliver understood why his friend was this anxious, the amount of money they invested in this party was enormous, it had to be a success.

“I don’t want her anywhere near the guests,” Tommy said with finality and left the office, leaving Oliver with a crying Felicity.

“Damn it,” Oliver cursed and sat by the desk. He knew that they were not going to keep her mental state from Tommy, but he didn’t expect this kind of reaction. His friend and business partner was right though. They were running a respected, luxury night club and a crazy woman talking about Heaven wouldn’t do well for their image. Even if people thought she was on drugs, it was their job to kick those type of people out. Oliver was more worried about her, though. If she blindly followed him everywhere, who knew who else she could  follow and where to. At the party there are going to be plenty of people who would use her innocence without a second thought.

“Oliver?” Felicity sobbed , desperately trying to control her emotions in order to stop crying.


“You are not going to leave me here, are you?” she asked and walked up to him. When she was close enough she gripped his jacket and refused to let go.

“I told you before, I’m not,” he said, and tried to figure out how to talk to Tommy about Felicity.

“But you did not promise,” she reminded him.

“I can promise and still leave you here,” he blurted out without thinking and regretted it immediately. Felicity looked like she got punched in the face. The tears now sprung like a fountain from her eyes and she started crying very, very loudly. Her knees bent and she fell to the ground, her hand still tightly holding him.

“This place is horrible, humans are awful, I do not want to stay here,” she yelled and Oliver slid from the chair and knelt beside her. He gently put his palm on her shoulder. He knew humans were awful and that nothing can really fix that, but Felicity was so honest and innocent, for some reason he wanted to make the world a better place just for her.

“Felicity? Hey, Felicity, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you cry,” he said sincerely. A few minutes ago he’d gladly argue with her and make fun of her ridiculous stories, but she was crying - again - and he felt really bad for her. Apparently her mood swings were inducing his mood swings.

“Hey, I promise I won’t leave you here, I’ll take you home with me, okay?” he said trying to comfort her. She was shaking in his arms, her wet cheek on his shoulder. He knew that in a second she will forget how mean he was and act like nothing happened. Why? He was not sure, but it probably had a lot to do with her mental health issues.

“You promise to really take me home or will you still leave me here even after you promised not to?” She asked suspiciously, but Oliver saw in her eyes that she was almost convinced. She trusted people too easily, which worried him more than anything.

“I promise to really take you home,” he said. After a couple more minutes he asked, “Are you okay now? Can we go and prepare for the party now?”

“Of course!” She got up from the floor, already smiling. “You will have to tell me what to do though, like with the coffee,”  Felicity told him and Oliver only shook his head.

“I’ll tell you,” he said and wiped the remains of tears from her cheeks. It was too late when he realized that he shouldn’t have touched her smooth skin because now he couldn’t bring himself to let it go. Felicity was looking at him with her big, blue eyes and he could see her trust in them. He vowed himself not to leave her side tonight, he cared too much for her to let anything happen to her. Oliver blinked a few times while taking a deep breath. Felicity felt that he wanted to break their touch so she put her palm on top of his, very, very gently.

“Your hands are really warm,” she said. “I like that.”

“Yeah, um… but I think we - we… have to go now,” he stuttered and gently freed his palm from hers.

“What about your friend?”

“What about him?”

“Is he going to make me cry again?” she asked and bit her lip in worry. “I did not like what he said, it made my… my insides hurt,” she said, touching her chest awkwardly trying to explain the feeling. “Things I do not like make my insides hurt, and I cry. Is that normal for humans?”

“Not necessarily like this, but yes,” Oliver said and looked at his watch. He didn’t want to prolong his conversation with her, but what if she didn’t like the interruption and cry again? Yesterday he wasn’t sure about bringing her to work, but today when Tommy freaked out and wanted to kick her out Oliver knew that he couldn’t let it happen. It annoyed him that Tommy was so mean to her, even if sometimes he was mean to her too.

“Not like what?”

“Some… humans stop themselves from crying,” he said and waited anxiously for her to react.

“I do not know how to stop,“she confessed. “Unless you cheer me up. Then I start feeling joy.” She smiled at him and their eyes met once again.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said and felt that their conversation was finally over. He opened the door and wanted to walk out, but Felicity forcefully shut the door.

“So what about your friend?” She repeated the question that he didn’t answer. “Is he going to make me cry again?”

“I hope not, but don’t worry, I’ll be with you the whole time,”  Oliver responded and Felicity just nodded her head. Then they both walked out of the room to prepare the club for this night’s big party.


The music was already playing, the bartenders were ready to mix drinks, decorations were set up, and Oliver and Tommy were anxiously waiting for the party to start. Felicity was at the bar, sipping juice trying not to talk with the bartenders because Oliver and Tommy obviously forbid her to talk to them. Or to anyone for that matter.

“They’re here!”  Tommy said and looked at Felicity expectantly.

“I sit here and do not talk and if I have to, I shake their hands like we practiced,” she said loudly so Tommy and Oliver could hear her. They nodded their heads and Felicity smiled, truly proud of herself. She was getting better and better at being human! She watched as the clients started walking through the door, Oliver and Tommy were greeting the Mayor of Starling City and his daughter Astrid, who has just turned 21 and came to Verdant to celebrate her birthday. Felicity looked at the girl and gasped in awe. Astrid had the most beautiful dress that Felicity had ever seen, and pretty shoes similar to the ones that Oliver didn’t let her buy.

“Wow, this place looks even better than you promised, Mr. Queen,” the mayor said and shook Oliver’s hand. His daughter was looking around; it was obvious that she liked the decorations as well. She had no idea how this place was going to look and only asked for different shades of purple trusting the club owners to take care of everything.

“I’m happy you like it, we did our best,” Oliver said and silently let out a breath of relief. Astrid’s friends started walking into the club as well as her family. The girls were squealing and someone started singing “happy birthday”.

“And who’s that at the bar?”  the mayor asked casually, but Oliver knew that he was concerned with letting reporters into the club. Only people from the guest list were allowed. Felicity wasn’t one of them and he has never seen her here with Mr. Queen and Mr. Merlyn.

“Actually, we wanted this place to be ready as soon as possible so we needed an extra pair of hands,” Tommy explained anxiously. The last thing they needed was Mr. Mayor talking to Felicity. “And… I think it’s the time to start the party, right?” He said and both men agreed with him.

“Right Mr. Merlyn! Thank you, I’ll see you around.”

“Let us know if you need anything,”  Oliver offered and glanced at Felicity who wasn’t alone at the bar anymore. Astrid’s father disappeared in the crowd while Oliver’s attention was caught by one of the guests who was interested in renting this place for a party. Tommy on the other hand walked up to Felicity hoping she didn’t talk to any of the guests.


“Tommy?” Felicity was still uncomfortable around him because he made her cry before. “Where is Oliver?”

“I don’t know. What are you doing?”

“Drinking the delicious mango juice,” she said and smiled hesitantly at him.

“Did you talk to anyone?”

“No, you did not let me,” she told him sadly. “But if you allow it I would like to talk to someone, I feel lonely sitting here by myself. I would like to shake someone’s hand, otherwise I have practiced in vain… ”

“Nope, that’s not happening.” Tommy didn’t like the idea of Felicity being among the guests and Oliver was too stubborn and refused to kick her out. Fortunately he had a plan. “Actually, I want you to help me with something… it’s… upstairs,” he told her and Felicity immediately got up from the stool.

“I am very helpful, I will help you with anything! Can I take my mango juice with me?” She asked and for a second Tommy felt really bad when her innocent, big eyes met his. He wasn’t nice to her at all and now she wanted to help; it looked like she desperately wanted him to like her. A thought flashed through his mind that Felicity, whatever was wrong with her, had a pure heart and Tommy felt sorry that he had to use it like he was about to.

“Sure… take it, follow me.” Felicity followed him upstairs to the office. Not aware of anything she went inside while Tommy still stood by the door.

“Could you give me the blue folder from the desk?” he asked and Felicity - glad to help - walked over to the desk, leaving Tommy behind. Before she managed to grab it, she heard the doors being shut. When she looked back and saw that Tommy was gone she immediately ran to it, but Tommy already managed to lock her in with his key.

“Tommy?” Felicity shouted and knocked on the door. “Thomas! Thomas did you forget about me?” She started kicking the door, but she only hurt her feet. “Oliver! Oliver! Help me!” Felicity started shouting, but of course noone heard her. The walls were too thick and the music was too loud. Her glass with mango juice shattered on the floor, both of her hands hitting the door. Felicity felt the ache in her chest again and tears started falling down her face. “You are not a nice human!” She yelled between the sobs. “I do not like you!”

She grabbed the blue folder from the desk and threw it at the door. She wasn’t surprised when nothing happened; the folder was not heavy. She only took another folder from the desk and also threw it at the door. Then the folders were joined by pens and whisky glasses that she found in the desk drawer. She jumped at the sound of shattered glass, but didn’t stop throwing things at the door. She had to get out of this place somehow. She thought that something heavy would break the door. Felicity was breathing heavily, her sight was blurred by the tears, her body shook helplessly with anger. She picked the laptop up from the desk, but after a moment she put it back, because earlier that day Oliver showed her really nice puppy videos on it. She decided to spare the poor device, after all if she’s stuck here forever she needs the cute puppy videos to entertain herself. Instead she picked up the chair and tried to throw it. It was way too heavy so it landed right before her. Felicity furrowed her brows and picked up the chair again. She walked closer to the door and hit it once. Then again. Finally the chair broke, but the doors remained in its place. Besides the few scratches from the broken glass they were completely fine. Felicity was soon grew tired and sat on the floor among pens and folders and chair pieces. She wiped her face with a sleeve and sighed hopelessly. She was too tired and too sad to watch the puppy videos, but she didn’t feel like throwing the laptop at the door, not anymore. For a second she thought about laying on the couch, but in the end she simply curled up on the floor and closed her eyes. She let the tears fall from her eyes; she wasn’t strong enough to stop crying. What if everyone would call her ‘insane’ and ‘mental’ forever? What if Oliver wasn’t the only one who called her that? She knew that humans thought she was behaving strangely, but she hoped that someone would believe her and teach her how to live on Earth. Oliver was trying to teach her when he was not 'trying to get rid of her’, but… he had a weird friend who has just locked her in the office.


Oliver was running around like crazy. He was sure that Tommy will be pissed when he tells him that Felicity must have disappeared somewhere in the crowd and is nowhere to be found. He had to find her. She was very naive and could do some pretty stupid things while left on her own. Oliver spotted his best friend and quickly walked up to him.

“Tommy, we have a problem,” he shouted over the music. “I lost Felicity, I can’t find her anywhere…”

“Oh, she’s not a problem anymore,” said Tommy and Oliver looked at him in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s upstairs,” said Tommy shortly.

“Upstairs? But she didn’t want to watch the puppies anymore.” When Oliver and Tommy finished decorating the club they asked if Felicity would stay in the office when they party starts, Oliver showed her some funny animals videos, but she said she has never been to a party before and she wanted to stay. Was it too loud for her? Maybe she was upset because she was left alone at the bar, but what could Oliver do about it? He was at work, he couldn’t babysit her all the time!

“No, I locked her in the office, she wanted to 'shake hands like we practiced’ so I had to take her out of here,” explained Tommy.

“Wait, you locked her in the office?” Oliver couldn’t believe his friend. He knew Tommy didn’t want Felicity at the party, but locking her alone in the office was a little too much. Felicity was still scared after he tried to leave her on the police station. Oliver didn’t know what made him so protective of her, but he realized that he cares about his crazy new friend. He elbowed his way through the crowd and ran upstairs. He quickly unlocked the door, walked in, and closed it behind him so the loud music could not be heard.

“Felicity?” He didn’t even blink before Felicity was glued to him, her arms around him, squeezing tight.

“I do not like Tommy, I do not like him,” she said, her voice surprisingly calm. Oliver looked at the mess on the floor, the spilled juice, shattered glass, broken chair and at the scratched door and his heart hurt. It looked like she was trying to get out, maybe she thought he would never come and find her.

“It’s okay,” said Oliver and wrapped his strong arms around her.

“He made me cry again,” she confessed. “I was angry too. I was so angry! I do not know if I am going to stay good in this world, Oliver,” she whispered hiding her face in the crook of Oliver’s neck.

He couldn’t imagine what she felt like after being tricked and locked here alone by Tommy. She had every right to be angry, but if she claimed to be an angel maybe she thought she has to behave like a saint? Who knew what was happening in her head?

“I drank your coffee, I was angry with you this morning, I do not like Tommy and… I…” Felicity sighed and Oliver felt that her arms tremble around him. “I would like to lock him here,” she added very, very quietly, a little shocked by her confession. Oliver held back a chuckle and gently rubbed her back.

“It’s okay, he shouldn’t have locked you here,” said Oliver. “I’m sorry it happened, I had to go talk to someone…”

“I know, I know, you are at work and should be doing your work,” said Felicity and pulled away from him. “Can I go with you though?” Her beautiful eyes were looking straight into his, her pleading gaze left him no choice but to let her go with him. Oliver had no idea what happened that day, but he didn’t think of Felicity as an intruder anymore. He met her only a couple of days ago, even this morning he thought it was a strange dream, but now? Everything has changed. It was like Tommy opened his eyes, he cared about this girl and would never let anyone hurt her.

“Yes, you can go with me, but…”

“Do not speak to people,” finished Felicity and smiled at him sadly.

“Don’t speak to people about angels or… mermaids and any other fantastic creatures, okay? And definitely don’t go with anyone anywhere!”

“Fantastic creatures?” Repeated Felicity and looked at Oliver with annoyance. “You are never going to believe me, are you? Makes me want to lock you here too.”

“Focus on not going with anyone, okay?” he said fiercely. “Promise me.”

“I promise,” she said with confidence. She knew that Oliver wanted to keep her safe in this strange world, even if he didn’t believe that she was an angel, he must have known that she’s lost. He was quite good at guiding her through human life so far. Well, frankly she hoped for more, but she was glad that Tommy wasn’t the one who found her in that alley.

Please leave some comments, I know I haven’t updated for a long time but pretty pleaseeee :) Thank you for reading!


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BTS as... Ouran High School: Host Club Members

Okay, so, my love for anime is profound! I honestly love it so much and I’ve been watching anime since I was a child! So here’s my first go at ‘BTS as…’ imagines. Requests are open if you want to send anything!

Believe it or not, it was a lot harder than I thought…

Mitsukuni ‘Honey’ Haninozuka

Originally posted by mitsukunis

So this one was the easiest for me? Many people forget that Honey is actually the oldest :) I admit, I thought of Tae at first because of the overloading cuteness, but I changed my mind after thinking about it and now I honestly believe that it would be Jin.

Originally posted by armygzb

So the members have said at some point that Jin is the cutest of the group. Jungkook even said that he forgets that Jin is actually older than him with the way he acts. Plus, both Honey and Jin really like food (okay, cake) and they can both cook really well. However, both of them can step up and show authority when needed. For these reasons I say Jin is like Honey. Furthermore, all the members say that Jin is actually really strong and he does work out a lot, as we all know. Honey is also surprisingly strong - his specialities being judo and karate.

Kyoya Ootori

Originally posted by tangofox

Okay so this one came to me slowly because I stuck between Suga and Rap Monster but in the end I chose Suga.

I couldn’t find a GIF of this look - (credit to owners, Sugarport)

So I choose Yoongi because him and Kyoya are both very intelligent and good at what they do. Both of them are ‘second-in-command’ in the group if you know what I mean - Rap Monster has said that Suga is the most influential member, and like Haruhi said, Kyoya is the ‘real brains behind the operation.’ Also, both of them faced doubt from other people about their abilities and have people almost telling them what to do? Like, with Kyoya, his family is constantly looking down on him and saying that he isn’t good enough and with Suga, people from Daegu told him that doing music wasn’t a good career choice and that he was going to ‘bring shame’ to his family. Both of them were told they were not good enough but both of them proved everyone else wrong. Lastly, do I really need to mention what would happen if you tried to wake any of them up? No, I didn’t think so… ;D

Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozuka

Originally posted by kouhaiharuhi

This one was difficult because I was stuck between Rap Monster and Suga here too but yeah I chose Rap Monster for Mori.

Originally posted by ygnj

The reason why I say this is because both of them are quite mysterious, at least in my opinion. Strong and silent - both quite sexy without even trying. They are extremely protective of their friends and seem like the sort of ‘need to take care of everyone’ type of people. Although they can be seen as harsh at times, they obviously have everyone’s best interests at heart. Also, both of them are masters in their field - rapping vs kendo and this, amongst other things, brings them lot of respect from other people too.

Tamaki Suoh

Originally posted by suoh-centric

So for Tamaki, I thought a lot about his character and eventually I chose V.

Originally posted by my-fjo

Okay, bare with me, I know it can seem like a weird choice… So, of course, Tamaki is obnoxious and, no, V isn’t like that at all. But what I will say is the he seems very aware of how much love he gets. He knows just how to act to ‘get the ladies worked up’ if you know what I mean. I mean, they can both switch from intense sexy staring so just a babbling cuties in 0.002 seconds. Plus, the two of them have no problem making friends; they’re both social butterflies! Also, the other hosts think of Tamaki as the ‘idiot leader’ lolol and I am in no way calling V an idiot, trust me, but Rap Monster has called him 7th in intelligence before… besides, we all know how childish they can be.

Kaoru Hitachiin

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to find an appropriate GIF of him on his own without Hikaru there too? I swear to God those twins are inseparable! I had to go and screenshot this moment. Urgh, the terrible quality is killing my soul….

So we all know that both of these twins are a bit mischievous, but they aren’t exactly troublemakers or anything. And out of the two, I feel like Kaoru is the meeker one? So for that reason I chose Jimin.

Originally posted by chambers1993

Sweet and a little shy too, I feel like these two are very precious and need constant protection in a way. They put up a good front, but you can tell that both of these members feel emotions very deeply and their moods can swing quite a bit too. Of course, like V and Tamaki, both Kaoru and Jimin can immediately turn the ‘sexy’ on in no time.

Hikaru Hitachiin

Originally posted by samezukaz

So Hikaru is the braver one? Some people can even go as far as saying that he can be the cockier twin too. I don’t necessarily think Hikaru is cocky, but he definitely has more confidence. So I chose Jungkook.

Originally posted by kookie-bts

I feel like Jungkook gets mistaken as cocky a lot too and we know it isn’t true. At first, he was very shy around the other members, just like Hikaru (and Kaoru) were when they first joined the Host Club. Of course, now, Jungkook can be mischievous just like Hikaru is. I feel like both of them rather enjoy teasing the other members and although they can seem quite distant at times, they are very protective of their friends.

Haruhi Fujioka

Originally posted by tangofox

Haruhi and I are so alike in some ways, I swear to God. Anyways, this took a long time but eventually I chose J-Hope.

Originally posted by jiminb

Natural cuties with a sort of happy charm that people naturally gravitate to, I think Haruhi and J-Hope are quite similar. On the inside, however, both of them are quite serious and sometimes you can feel a sort of sadness and reservation from them. I feel like both of them can get into bad moods and quite easily get a bit annoyed with those around them if they aren’t in a good one. Of course, how can we forget the natural cute-aegyo these two seem to always exhibit.

So there we have it. BTS as Ouran High School: Host Club members. I hope you liked it, please let me know was you thought!

Do not repost/re-upload or edit but please do like, reblog and share :D

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- Widzz

🏆Award for WORST EXO fan goes to fromplanetexo.tumblr.com

Wait, I lied. Maybe that EXO fan who threatened to bomb that Big Bang concert is slightly worse than you…

The saga started when @amaxing-yixing made this post about how Yixing has been flying around like a nut job (get those air miles) trying to do his best managing Exo schedules while trying to make a name for himself (and make and maintain a name for EXO) in China. Partial screen cap here:

So this fanatastic EXO fan reblogs the above post and drops a one liner that I screen capped below ⤵ Btw, racist one liner is this person’s signature move. Source. 

This is her profile on her blog.

Dear Ara, the ❤  and ~ and (^.^) doesn’t suit you. For future reference, whenever I say “a pile of poo” aka 💩 I am most likely referring to you → @fromplanetexo ← because your comment stinks of racist and hate. Therefore you don’t deserve to be called by your name. Being 20 years old you’d think you would have garnered enough life experiences to not be such an ignorant bigot.

Anyhow, feeling ever so lightly offended I replied back with a point by point long af post (why did I waste my time…) and I welcomed you to write back anything you had to say so we can have a objective discussion. And much to my surprise, my efforts were ignored. Maybe it was due to lack of balls to write back anything >1 line explaining your stance? Yet you had time to make another one liner in reply to NOT my post but someone else’s blog post ⤵ Talk about passive aggressiveness. Source. 

I have a life outside of the internet and I’m a nice person. So I ignored the comment above. Time went by and then yesterday, you reblogged yet another post and dropped yet another signature one liner ⤵ Source. 

I will not ignore this because third time is a charm/three strikes and you’re out. Btw, I only found out about this because @getlayd, who I follow reposted it with her lovely reply here. I don’t actually stalk you. I don’t find going through your blog and reading your offensive yet shallow comments fun. Anyway, here goes my not so lovely reply:

WOW. Dear 💩 how are you? Life must be hard hating all the time no? 

I’m actually really glad I saw your comment because I wanted to write another long af post but I didn’t have the drive. Now I have the drive. In reply to: 

1) your first racist comment: see my logical explanations here that you didn’t rely back. You may also want to read this and this from me and this from @laymerence via @elaysium but you probably won’t. 

2) your second comment re. Lay only care about himself and he ‘brushed off’ Tokyo: So you’re telling me Yixing is selfish because he likes to stay in China and get Chinese cash money because he’s Chinese right? 

If Lay is selfish and if he has half a brain, then he would have/should have attended the Japanese tour purely from a monetary POV. On the days of the Japan concerts, what was Yixing doing? Filming for the TV series To Be A Better Man (TBABM). What does that mean? Allow me put it in a form for you to better understand: 

Mad ¥¥¥ cash money from 7 dome (aka BIG) concerts (1 Fukuoka, 3 Tokyo & 3 Osaka)  >>> ¥¢¥ from a supporting role in a Chinese TV series. 

He was not promoting himself or any of his movies during those dates because Yixing had in fact before, set those dates aside for the concert because he planned to and wanted to attend them. Don’t believe me, go to any Lay website and see his schedule.

Also, are you a big EXO fan? Then maybe you’ve see Ep. 15 of EXO Channel? Please tell me what you saw. Here is the link in case you haven’t. 

I’ll tell you what I saw, I saw the boys, including Yixing very much so looking forward to Japan Exo’luxion concerts. As this episode was planned to air right before their Osaka concerts, they had messages to Osaka fans and even learnt some phrases in the Osaka dialect. 

Also, please note that the boys are dressed in the clothes they wore for the A-Nation concert, which means this was taped on Aug. 30th. Please also note that Lay signed onto the Chinese TV series TBABM before that (proof: Lay attended the TBABM press conference where his role was announced on Aug. 19th). So if you think Yixing didn’t/couldn’t ask for those dates off before he signed the TV series contract or if his team/SM didn’t think of/couldn’t figure out how to book dates off around Japan concert dates (like they did for all the Exolu’xion dates before Japan, during which he filmed 2 movies and a variety show) then you’re clearly senile.

Also, the only concert date he didn’t plan ahead for was the Nov. 1st Fukuoka date as that was added on last minutely. And guess what…drum roll…Yixing wasn’t even in China on that day. He as actually in Seoul, South Korea. Don’t believe me? Go here for photos of Yixing at Incheon airport leaving for Beijing to attend the Ex-Files 2 Premier for Nov 2nd in Beijing. So please tell me what selfish Chinese activities was he doing in Korea? I’d like to know thanks! Also I’d like to thank SM as he clearly could have attended that concert.

For whatever reason, be it filming dates changes beyond Lay’s control or any potential SM actions, you and I probably won’t know and won’t ever know. I just hope you can see that Yixing is not the selfish asshole you make him out to be.

Aside note: you only mentioned Tokyo Dome in your comment. Did you forget Osaka by any chance? And please answer me what exactly is the big deal about Tokyo Dome? The prestige to be invited? The size of the venue? Well guess what, business is a business and that means things boils down to, you guess it, cash money. Dome owners invite music acts they know can fill the stadium and EXO has demonstrated that they can. Name me any other kpop group debuting around EXO’s time or later that can do this. Also, just what was so special about the Tokyo Dome Exo’luxion concert now that it has already happened? Did we see a completely different Exo’luxion? NO. Was there any brand new concert concepts? Any significant new acts or change in choreography? NO NO and NO. Was it an Exo’luxion leg in a very large stadium in Japan? Yes. The only differences were: the boys wore a new set of clothes (but they have been getting new clothes throughout Exo’luxion legs), Suho and Sehun showed their abs (probably for the Tokyo concert DVD). So please, stop making missing the Tokyo Dome like it was the end of the world. You can also read this.

3) your third comment re. Lay should just leave and he should stop causing drama:


As well, you know why SM made EXO right? To break into the Chinese market. Last time I checked (a min ago), China’s population 1.357 billion > South Korea’s 50.22 million (note 2013 info from wiki so China population may be even more > SK as we know SK’s birth rate is at an all time historic low ‘kay). So good luck with getting that Chinese money SM wants once your one and only Chinese oppa left like you wanted to.

While you continue with your hate, what is Yixing doing in China? Winning awards and thanking EXO. He attends the Macau concert with an inflamed eye and still performed his heart out. He sincerely apologizes for not being in Japan (because he was doing his job) in Macau and you choose to hate him more (see comment 3 above). WTH do you want from this boy?!?

I sincerely hope you had fun reading this. At least I’m driving more traffic to your blog right. Goodbye Ara prototypical passive aggressive person who puts down other people’s bias so you feel good about yourself and whoever your bias is. If I were your bias, I would be ashamed of you. 

Also, If anyone disagree with anything I’ve said please get back to me and let me know. I’m a very reasonable and logical person. I’ll correct myself if I’m wrong or got my facts wrong. I also certainly don’t bash your biases because I’m a racist hateful 💩.

Edit: I toned down the 💩. I’ve never called you stupid, dumb or worse derogatory terms for your opinion. You lashed out on Yixing for being Chinese and that is the definition of racism. I called you a bigot and ignorant because that is how your comments present yourself to the world. And you’re passive aggressive because not once did you reply to myself or anyone else that wrote back. Instead, you continued with your hate in your tiny lil’ bubble of a world.

70 Years Prologue

70 Years - Revamped

This is a revamped version of my fic 70 years. The original version is still on FFN but this one will take the same major plot points as the original with some changes.

There will be explicit sexual content in this so please don’t read if you’re underage or it offends you.

New Summary: Soulmate AU

In a world where each wizard has a soul mate, Harry knew all too well that you could find yours in the most unexpected places. He just didn’t expect to find his in the form of 18 years old Steve Rogers after a cursed amulet sends him back 70 years in the past.

Steve Rogers has grown up denying his urges towards men, but when faced with the mysterious new worker at the local grocery store, denying seemed no longer possible. There was just something about Harry Potter that made his heart beat. Harry’s obvious reciprocation of his feelings didn’t help either.

Despite the unforgiving era they live in, both boys though they were going to be forever. That is until Harry disappears one beautiful Monday morning, never to be seen again. Consumed with grief by the loss of his lover, Steve decides to sacrifice himself by participating in the military’s Super Soldier Project where the chance of survival is less then 50%. What happened next is something not even he could predict.

In a world of magic and intrigue, Fate isn’t that cruel as to tear them apart forever. 70 years have passed and it is time for the two lovers to reunite. Accepting Steve back in to his life was going to be easy but Harry wondered how he’ll ever be able to tell him about the child they had managed to create.

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I don’t understand the whole ‘don’t share my art’ rule.

My sister is an artist, I’ve got friends that are artists. I respect every artist I come across because not only for their efforts and talents but because of the time they spend to make us happy. I think people who steal art and claim it as their own are fucked up and deserve to be punished for their actions (whether legally or by the fandom), but there’s one thing I don’t get. 

I don’t understand the whole ‘don’t share my art’ rule;

Don’t use my fanart for your icons

Don’t use my fanart in your edits

Don’t share my fanart on twitter/facebook/tumblr

If nobody’s claiming your art as theirs and if they’re linking back to the artist, then what’s so bad about it? They just want to show your stuff off on social media websites because they like your style. They like your art so much they want all their friends to see it. So why are there artists trying to stop appreciation for their art? Is it so that they’re the only source of the art, therefore they get all the views, notes, reblogs, likes, shares, or whatever? Is that why artists don’t want people sharing their art or using it in edits and stuff? Because they want to be the only place to find the art? I’ve seen some people say this on dA when I try and add their art to my deviantart groups and it really irks me. But is this the reason for everyone?

And it really bothers me when I see people demanding fans don’t share their artwork (whether on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc) or use their artwork for icons/edits, when their artwork features copy-righted material. They virtually have no right to their artwork when their artwork features SOMEBODY else’s artwork. 

Kubo and Kishimoto could legally take all of your fanart` and claim rights to it and make money on it, and you can possibly be sued for drawing it and making money off of it in the process.


We have thousands of artists on dA saying ‘don’t share my art on X’ meanwhile they’re ignoring that they’re drawing a manga/anime/comic/tv/game character WITHOUT permission from the original artist.

How would fan artists feel if people like Kishimoto or Kubo said don’t draw art of my characters without my permission?

How would the world feel if Monet said on the back of his paintings; ‘oh btw this artwork can only be viewed in person, if people can’t make it to see my art in person then don’t let them see it at all’

It’s bizarre to me when I see people think they can make rules about their art when their art is featuring copy-righted material without permission, and people make money off of this, too. 

Why is it okay for artists to draw pictures of Cloud Strife or Ichigo or Naruto and EARN MONEY OFF OF IT but fan artists demand that I be hung because I dare upload their artwork on twitter SOURCING back to their dA page?

I’m not saying graphic design is as hard as drawing art, but it’s still a form of ‘art’ and I’m not claiming my graphic design to be worth appreciating, but I’ve never ever once told my followers on dA don’t use my signature, because what’s the point in that? I’m happy just seeing someone appreciate my style enough that they want to use it on a forum. When I ran sig shops I always told people there’s no need for credit. Because that’s not what I created my designs for. I just never understood watermarks or strict rules (excluding people who claim your stuff as theirs). 

And I see RPers cropping icons from Japanese artists work and coloring them and then they tell people ‘DON’T USE MY ICONS IN YOUR RP OR I WILL GUT U11!1″… as if they have any right to the original artwork.

Does an entire community of people not see the hypocrisy in this?

Can someone please rationalize this for me? Because I just don’t understand this rule at all. I’m not an artist, I can’t draw for the life of me, but I enjoy admiring artwork, I enjoy appreciating the tiny details each artist puts in their work, I am an art appreciator.

But I’ve just been under the impression that art is for appreciation, not fame. Fame is just a happy side-effect of being loved for your artwork. And when people slap giant watermarks on their fanart or say ‘don’t use my art/icons in anyway’ it just seems like people forgot all the importance of art.

Please don’t take this as an attack, I just really don’t understand this train of thought, I mean no disrespect towards the artists, I love all of you. 

I’m gonna @ artists I know to get their opinions; ichuki-nee peachkitsune missdawntwilight zack-fair

Attention Weeaboo Warehouse Online-Customers

I have an important message for anyone who considered buying anything from weeaboowarehouse (gotta link them because they tend to not answer my asks thats a thing i learned

I never wanted to make this all public but someone has to. 

Last year the 2. December 2013, i ordered a gabumon hoodie in their store. I payed 110USD (80USD for the item and 30USD for the shipping)

Today, over half a year later, i finally were able to recieve the package with the item. 
Now there were quite a lot funny things going on. 

When i ordered the hoodie it was said to arrive in february 2014. It didn’t arrive but i also didn’t thought much about it. Late deliveries isn’t that big of a problem. 
I almost completely forgot about the hoodie but wrote a ask to their blog in march asking if the hoodie was already send. Big surprise it wasn’t, it wasn’t even finished by that time (after almost four months).
I didn’t thought much about it again, things can happen right? they sure were busy or something thats ok it’s not as if i need it that much. So i kept waiting as they told me it should be send next week.
i trusted their declaration and kept waiting.
as it didn’t arrive i wrote the next ask, and another one, and yet another one, but never got a message back. I sure was pissed by then. 
As i saw a post they made stating that they would attend to go to a con and sell their stuff i made a post in which i linked to them saying that it’s nice to see that they are doing their businesses but it would also be nice to get an answer to all the asks i sent. Within minutes i got an ask from them apologizing and telling me that they were busy and they couldn’t answer any asks. 
i accepted it and kept asking about my hoodie. Again big surprise it wasn’t sent yet. Apparently they lost track of their orders, which itself is kind of embarrassing to admit for an online shop of their size. They asked for my shipping adress again which i then gave them. 
they said i would get a free item to make up for the delay.
i accepted that and told them there won’t be any hard feelings for now and that i just hope everything will finally work out
So today the 8. July 2014 i had to get my package from our customs office. 
I had to pay 22USD(11,21€ + 5,00€) more to finally get the package.

I even had to take a day off of work to get it in time (that’s because our customs office got the worst opening times ever) 
So i payed and got home.
I was so relieved that the package finally arrived so i opened it just to find out that the hoodie itself was sewn with the wrong colors 
here is what it’s supposed to look like: 

External image

here is what i got:

so as you can tell something is clearly off here. (i am surprised they changed the violet with magenta (i asked them to do so but seeing as they even messed up the yellow part i am really surprised)) 

Like they said they gave me a free item (a violet flower crown) and 30USD for the shipping, which i had to almost completely use to get the package. 

All in all. I payed 110 USD and spent 8 months waiting for a hoodie i will probably never wear because it’s a huge failure. 

I will send them a asks telling them to look at this post so we can find a satisfying solution for this huge problem for both of us.

Until then i want everyone who thought about buying something in their online store to reconsider it. Please save yourself from all the trouble you may have to go through, because i know i am not the only one with this problem. 
If you want to buy one of their products try to buy them at a con so you have them the moment you buy them and can look at them beforehand. 

As for the shop owners please think about keeping the online shop. if you have to much trouble taking care of it wouldn’t it be better to just shut it down completely? or at least try to minimize the available products for your own good. 

I am done with this shop and will never buy anything in there again.
All the trouble i had with this, in the end useless item sure wasn’t worth anything.

Also please reblog this so more people can see it. 

Seriously i tried to handle it privately and i tried to stay calm all the time but enough is enough and i don’t want anyone to go through the same trouble as i did. 

Have a nice day and thank you for reading. 

I’ve sorta had a theory in the back of my mind about the Journal/Tumblr fandom split, aaaand at this point I doubt I’m going to get around to carefully showing my work, so here:

LJ/Dreamwidth: Introvert friendly

Tumblr: Extrovert friendly

And in a way this is the downfall of both sites. If fandom really is considering migrating back to Dreamwidth (you know, the place where we being sold the product, not being sold as the product) or to any other journal sites, we really need to consider adopting the parts of tumblr that make it easy to find and interact with each other.

…more tldr under the cut, but feel free to skip to the lists at the bottom. Please tell me what I’m missing there.

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