if you can feel it it must be yuui

rereading Celes arc because im trash and i like to make myself sad but

I feel like people don’t talk enough about Fai (Yuui) scaling the tower wall and what that must have done to his fingers. I’ve read like one or two short fics that addressed it, but that’s it. like, I’m surprised every single time i reread this arc because I forget how bad it was like you can see blood trailing the brick behind him when he falls and you can even see his finger nails getting ripped off as he tries to grip the brick. and then he keeps on climbing, even with no freaking finger nails.

how do you guys think it affected his fingers? I feel like he has scars for sure, and maybe even lost some feeling in his fingers after that. the tips of your fingers are very sensitive, but I feel like he lost that. but to make it less sad, I also think that that means that when he feels like touching Kuro, he prefers using his lips since his fingers can't really feel Kurogane’s skin