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stolen-century era barry and lucretia nerding out together 💕

we call this, the author demonstrates her brief interest in cell biology combined with a penchant for emotional headcanons about our favorite characters’ families

The world the Starblaster encounters during cycle eleven is filled with beings so long-lived as to be practically immortal. Finding the Light is no trial - with age comes wisdom, and the ancient beings populating this world hand it over with little difficulty, wisely parting themselves from such a destructive force, handing over the Light and earnest well-wishes.

Lucretia’s spending the day with Barry, in his lab. She’s tired of spending so much time outside, because this planet has three suns and despite Lucretia’s darker skin she, eventually, burned as well. Today, Barry’s looking into - well, immortality.

Lucretia is a relatively unobtrusive observer. For the most part she listens patiently as he explains his research, puts up with his tangential ramblings and long pauses for thought, and skillfully steers him back into explaining whatever point he’d lost in his own distraction. He supposes she’d rather need interview skills, being a biographer and all.

She wasn’t trained as a scientist by any means, but she asks the right questions, and that’s more important than any amount of schooling, in Barry’s opinion. That and genuine curiosity, and she’s already a sight more fun to bounce ideas off than half the researchers Barry encountered during his time in university.

She’s not asking many questions today, though, which is strange. Barry’s rattling off the basics of chromosome generation, using human biology as a basis, and she takes notes astutely, her pen skittering unfettered over the paper.

“So, uh, basically what I’m looking for is - like, in all of our bodies there’s this thing that kinda…prevents our chromosomes from being destroyed before they age properly.”

“Telomerase,” Lucretia fills in without looking up from her notebook, and Barry says “Yeah,” before he really processes what she said.

Then: “Wait, what?”

“Telomerase,” she repeats, and her pen pauses its movement. “You’re talking about this - the equivalent of telomerase in whatever version of cells these people have, right?”

“Yeah,” Barry says slowly. “Yeah, how did you know that?”

It finally seems to occur to Lucretia that Barry is impressed. “Oh,” she says, flushing. “That’s, um, not a story for the lab, I think, but I’m just - if I had to guess, they’ve probably got too much telomerase, so their chromosomes aren’t being degraded fast enough, right? Too much telomerase and you’ve got immortal cells and functionally immortal beings,” she says, looking pleased with herself, before her smile drops. “Well. In most cases.”

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Can I adopt UF Papyrus lamia?

Yes of course.

His bittybones type name is King, and if you rename him, he prefers something regal like Monarch or Darth Vader. It may take a bit of time to win him over, but he’s a protective and loyal bitty once he gets to know you. :)

*King flexes and does some heroic poses.

  • Ravenclaw: I want takeout.
  • Slytherin: Me too... I'm not calling.
  • Ravenclaw: Me neither.
  • Slytherin: So now what?
  • Ravenclaw: We starve.
  • Gryffindor: You two are pathetic.

Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨

y'all I got so much appreciation for coran it’s obvious he was alive for a good few years more before going into the cryopod

coran had lost everything at this point

he witnessed the rise of the galra and the death of his best man alfor

his children, spouse, any family he possibly had, were probably gone

And he decided he was going to protect allura, alfor’s daughter, because if he couldn’t save his own children, he could at least try to save someone else’s child

I’m assuming he traveled to the castle of lions at Arus alone, and then willingly put himself to sleep so he could continue protecting allura later on

which is why when he first awoke he immediately sprung into action to neutralize the threat and protect allura

Malec will fight together. Not against each other, together. Combining their two talents, and it’s staggeringly, amazingly good, and emotional. To see them on the battlefield is so awesome. And a battlefield that has deep emotional content and resonance. That’s when it really means something
—  Todd Slavkin and Matt Hastings on Malec in Finale. Take heart! Our boys are going to find their way back to one another! x