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We may not believe in witchcraft, but if you’re working as a serious historian in the period, you have to accept that they believe there’s witchcraft. And if you’re writing a novel set in the period, I think you would be insane not to acknowledge that powerful belief.

Philippa Gregory

@mrsariayoureakiller linked me this interview PG did during the The White Queen and the whole thing is funny but this bit when the interviewer asked why she included witchcraft is so funny to me

like clearly she has not studied the social belief in this period at all or she might now that it was a fairly common tactic to accuse women of witchcraft not because you believed they were really witches but to say lay claim to their land and property (notable examples inclue Henry V accusing his step-mother Joan of Navarre of witchcraft so he could get his hands on her vast wealth) but as it is today you can never really prove just because there was that folk belief in the period of who believed it and who didn’t, or who used the laws to their benefit, I mean this is basically getting into why Salem happened.

Also she called herself a serious historian which is always amazing

Edit: i made a typo saying Joan of Navarre was Henry’s mother she was his step-mother, fixed it though

in light of the slightly longer- by a whole 2 seconds- trailer I will reiterate:

the only malec fight I will accept is one about Alec getting upset about shadowhunters dying and Magnus dead ass pointing out that shadowhunters have been doing this to downworlders for years and years and years.

it’s the only fight worth having between them and it’s the most important one. thus far them being different races has only mattered in terms of how shadowhunters are not supposed to being dating downworlders. basically about Alec’s part in this. the far more important fight is Magnus as a downworlder loving Alec but still existing in this oppressive society where he can never be on equal ground with the man he loves. about Magnus existing between these two things. and how Alec has to learn to navigate that. yes worry about your family, don’t expect your downworlder boyfriend to go to war on behalf of your race against his own. this is something Alec really needs to see and learn and grow from.

any other fight is stupid and a cop out. so @ freeform/shadowhunters don’t fuck this up.

edit: Fucking fuck, some people. Dead ass is not a name I’m calling Magnus. Fucking shit. It means I want Magnus to straight up, flat out, DEAD ASS tell Alec these things. No kid gloves. Why the fuck would I name call Magnus when I’m a fucking Magnus stan? Can people calm the fuck down before you come at me?


Imagine Dean, Sam, and Cas throwing a surprise baby shower for you.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Cas, (mention: Jody, Donna, Garth, Crowley, Rowena, Chuck)

Warnings: All the Fluff, wee bit of angst

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: I needed desperately to write Dean. I’m gonna update On Location tomorrow which would mean MORE JENSEN.  So, I figured I could pump out a little ficlet for this series tonight and call it good. Catch up on the first 7 parts HERE. Hope you like it. I may or may not have cried while editing this.

2.5k Drabble request by: @kickasscas67 - Can I get a Drabble with Dean and the reader hunts with the boys and she gets pregnant and Dean is really excited and Sam and Dean plan a baby shower? I just thought that would be cute!❤️CONGRATS ON 2.5K❤️ keep on writing cause you’re so good❤️❤️❤️❤️- Sorry the request took A MILLION YEARS. Hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for celebrating with me!

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maordwarves  asked:

My friend my dude do you know what those cakes/breads are that look super dense but are super light and jiggly. I saw a video one time too where they brand them with a logo. I just really want to eat one of them cuz they look amazing. Any idea?

You mean like this one?? Yes!!!

They’re called Japanese cheesecakes, or cotton cheesecakes! They’re cheesecakes but with more of a cake-like texture than traditional cheesecake, if that makes any sense!

Idk where you can buy them (besides in Japan), but I reblogged a recipe for them a while back! I can’t find it right now bc it was a long time ago and I forget what I tagged it as, but if I find it I’ll edit it in! ^^; 

(EDIT: Here it is, shoutout to @promussecreta for the link!! :D It would’ve taken me another 10 minutes at least lmao)

An apology

Recently, I posted a Korrasami chat post that has received some negative attention. I made the mistake of having Mako say that Korra and Asami were lesbians when really they’re bisexual. Now some have called it out as ‘bi erasure’. I’m not going to blame you all and I realize the mistake I made and I have tried to reverse it. I’ve edited the post to make it more suitable and correct and I have apologized a few times. But again, I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I swear it was an honest mistake. I’m not trying to excuse myself, but explain. I am very, very sorry for offending you. I am horribly ashamed of the mistake I made and for the misunderstanding I caused. It makes me even more upset since I myself am bisexual (something I am proud of and open about) and a strong and devoted supporter to the LGBTQ+ community and bisexual community. That fact alone makes me all the more upset over what has happened. I’m begging you, please, forgive me. I could and should apologize over and over and I am willing to do anything to make you believe that I am genuinely sorry and that I am not a supporter for bi erasure or anything like that. I am deeply sorry and I just want you to know that it was a horrible mistake and I am horribly ashamed that I have offended others. Please, forgive me! I am so, so, so, SORRY. I love and respect Korrasami and all of my followers. It makes me feel awful that I have hurt both. I’m honestly not trying to excuse myself or make this about me, I promise. I just want to explain and apologize and beg for forgiveness. I love you all and Korrasami, Legend of Korra, and Tumblr and others who are also bisexual. The last thing I want to do is hurt and offend any of them.

I am so sorry.

common excuses for whitewashing

“"i don’t even CARE about skin colour”

if you don’t care then why would making it darker be such a big deal??

“i like high contrast!!”

ok but if an idol doesn’t look like that in real life then ??

“it’s not MY fault the fansites whiten them so much!!”

don’t use a photo if it’s terribly whitewashed or you’re unable to make the skin darker

“i don’t edit and think ‘i should make the skin whiter’, i never have bad intentions”

alright but when something’s pointed out to you, you should stop it. and if you really didn’t have bad intentions, you would change your style instead of try to defend it.

“i just like pale colours”

nobody gives a shit what you like, if an idol is brown, you keep them that way

“it’s a PSD!!! haven’t you edited before??”

you’re not the only person who has ever used a psd. there are psds which keep skin as it should be. do you think every editor in the world whitewashes??? no, so learn from THEM. also you’re not much of an editor if you add a psd without adjusting anything, that IS p lazy

“i spent so much time on this, do you think my edits are bad?? should i stop??”

nobody who is genuinely concerned about whitewashing would have told you to stop editing, just to change the way you lighten the skin. most edits i see are so, so pretty, but the only flaw is that the skin is too white. if you’re not willing to learn how not to whitewash, THEN you should stop editing. 

“dark-skinned idols probably want to be whitewashed anyway!!”


“[the editor] is the sweetest person alive and would never do this on purpose, they aren’t colourist/rascist”

ok but… if they are whitewashing… they should stop… especially if they never meant to do it… and if you didn’t mean to, it doesn’t me you didn’t whitewash them

“koreans don’t care! the idols don’t care! why doesn’t a KOREAN/ASIAN person speak about it then??

do you make idols because you think the idol sees them? no, you make them for notes… FANS give them notes… if fans of colour are upset over how you’re whitewashing the skin of an idol they identify with or support, then it’s evident that fans actually do care. and the person telling you to stop whitewashing doesn’t have to be korean for you to listen to them?? east asian ppl aren’t the only ppl who have actually faced colourism, so ???

“i’m dark-skinned and i don’t find anything wrong with it!!”

what about the people who are dark skinned and do care? just because YOU’VE never been a victim or colourism/rascism, does that make everybody else’s concerns invalid? think about what this means the next time you say it.

“i have nothing against dark skin, my edits aren’t even real life”

if you don’t have anything against dark skin, you wouldn’t use 'it looks nice’ as an excuse. if you really didn’t have anything against it, you wouldn’t whitewash, esp after being called out for it?? and 'my edits don’t reflect real life’, fair enough, you can make an idol a mythical creature or w/e tf you want, but… why change the skintone… you have no legit reason to other than 'aesthetic’

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Hi Ellen, how would you deal with writer's block? (if you struggle with it at all!) Also, are you more of an outline person, or a write-as-you-research sort of person?

Ooh, I definitely struggle with writing. A technique called ‘freewriting’ really helps though - see this previous post. It basically helps you get over any perfectionism you may have which is stopping you from actually writing anything.

I’m not sure what you mean about being an outline person, or a write-as-you-research one - I think I might do both? As in, I write things as I go along, sections, or just paragraphs or even the odd sentence, and when I come to plan I write an outline and try and slot what I’ve already written in as best I can, so that I can edit it. 

I might not be making sense - do feel free to ask me more about this if I’ve not explained properly! x 

Quick Roleplay Tips about Low Activity

// If you want more interactions, you have to give interactions. That’s literally the only way. It is kinda obvious, but I’ve seen a lot of roleplayers who make ooc posts about wanting interactions, and then call it quits when that doesn’t do the trick.

Making an ooc post on your blog complaining you don’t have roleplays rarely works, because it’s so quiet (only your followers who are online at that exact moment will see it) and it’s really off-putting, because you’re starting from a bitter place.

So, if you’re coming off a hiatus, starting a new blog, or have just had a slow time, my quick tip list to increase your activity and interactions are:

  • Offer blog ratings, people love hearing about themselves, and it can lead to plotting. The idea is to get your name out there. (PS: Also send people ooc love. It’s just nice to do anyways.)
  • Send a shitton of ask memes to people. A good trick is to set aside a period of time (a day, an hour, whatever works) where you send an ask for every meme post on your dashboard. A lot of these can lead to short threads, and will get your blog on people’s radar.
  • Reblog karma is actually really good for this. If you reblog the meme after sending it, a lot of people will return the favour :)
  • Also send people ic asks. Make sure to check rules first (some people are mutuals only) but you can get lots of cool interactions out of this!
  • Like starter calls, I mean obviously. Also make your own starter calls. Some people like having permanent starter calls, so look for one / see if this works for you.
  • Check out plotting memes, either to reblog or send. Mostly focus on sending though~
  • If you feel up to it, do a ‘free scribble drawing of your muse’ meme. These can be really fun, and they don’t have to be masterpieces. Giving creates good karma, gets your name out there, and puts your muse on people’s radars. It doesn’t have to be scribble art, quick edits, drabbles, or small icon giveaways are all good.
  • Approach people for plotting - be prepared to offer to do the starter - and if people say no, it often means they’re busy and not that they’re uninterested. Feel free to ask again later, plus again offering to do the starter helps a lot.
  • Stay upbeat and welcoming. We all have down days and it can be disheartening af, but the best way to get involved is to get involved.

In short the best way to build interactions is to take the first move, engage people, and go in with lots of positivity. Give interactions, give kudos, and give effort.

issafandom  asked:

Hey, could you do me a favour and check out my Justin Foley imagine whenever you have time. I would love some feedback on it x

Wow, I actually really like it. I’ve never loved a brother imagine as much as I loved yours. I mean, I feel like it should be edited a little - punctuation, spelling etc. But I genuinely loved it. You gave me the brother/sister feelssss.

The imagine is called ‘Over protective’  and you can find it here

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Can you think of any names that you could nickname "duck"?

I can’t think of any except for Ducky in NCIS and I think his surname was Mallard? *edit: his first name is apparently also Donald*

But I know famous people have been nicknamed Duck eg. Donald Dunn, Jimmy Holmes, Wayne Carey, Richard Baker IV and Andrew MacDonald… although apart from the first one I can’t really see where “duck” came from - it’s probably to do with personality or something? I mean we call my (cis) brother Piglet. 

However, I know my grandma calls almost everyone “duck” because that’s like the regional thing where she lives, so it could be a nickname regardless? Sorry not to be more help.

- Mod K


#cat grant listening to supergirl #aka kara (because she KNOWS ok) #aka the only person besides carter that sees the good in cat #that sees the supportive and warm person she can be #that sees cat’s ice queen exterior for the half-truth that it is #that sees it as real but purposeful #ambition living in tandem with a desire to protect her city #cat grant listening to the woman who saw her purpose first and her power second #reducing her to descriptors the rest of catco and national city would use #and she doesn’t quite flinch at ‘arrogant’ #but at ‘self-serving’ her smile falls #her eyes dim #because everything she’s built has been for a reason #has been to create change create a platform create a system that puts women in power #and when kara #the girl she’s mentored and protected and made herself vulnerable to #the girl she’s made feel normal and safe by her own admission #when kara calls her mean-spirited #calls her cold and unfeeling and inconsiderate #that’s the one that really hurts #you can see her chin tilt up and her swallow hard #can see an actual wall sliding back into place #because cat may not be the ray of sunshine kara is #may not be affectionate and warm with anyone other than her sons and kara #but don’t you dare question cat ‘i think about it every day’ grant’s motivation

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I don't understand your anons thought process.. like do they think straight women can't be feminists? As if sexism doesn't affect them as well.

Yeah I don’t really know. I mean I can almost see where they’re coming from but it’s a really a reach. Men are like, inherently somewhat sexist but, that doesn’t mean that dating one means you won’t call them out, or that there aren’t mwn out there wo are worth having relationship with (either romantic or platonic or whatever)

EDIT: I also just wanna add that like, almost everytime I’m asked about me dating men I mention my ex being non binary and that’s not me trying to like, idk distance myself from being straight or whatever, I consider myself straight (I don’t know if I’m attracted to other NB people so it’s the best label for me) and I acknowledge that privilege but even though I might have thought they were a boy at the time they aren’t so anything that refers to me only ever dating men feels like it might misgender them and they’re a good friend of mine so I want to avoid that (not that misgendering them would be okay if I didn’t like them but it was 3 or 4 years ago so if I didn’t keep in touch with them the fact that we’d dated wouldn’t be as relevant I guess is what I mean) not to ramble on a mostly unrelated ask I just felt like clarifying I guess

anonymous asked:

hello! first, i must say I absolutely adore your mellow bay world! I can tell you put so much love and effort into your photos and sims! I remember a few posts back you said you had edited the townie that was going to be part of the korman household. I wanted to ask how you were able to change her hair and edit her thank you so much for your time!

Thank you for kind words :3

And sure, I can post some steps for you!

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Parents - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: fluff, yeah, just fluff

Summary: You and Barry are happily married. Nothing could make your home better. Well, except for one thing.

Word Count: 1689

“Good morning.”

Tired, you slowly opened your eyes. Barry was right next to you smiling. You smiled back. “Hi.”

He brushed the hair away from your eyes. “Well, don’t you look beautiful, Mrs. Allen.”

You laughed. “I can’t believe it.”

“That we’re married?” He interlocked his fingers with yours. “I still can’t believe you agreed.”

“Barry, how could think I’d say no.” You lightly brushed your fingers through his hair, admiring the softness. “You make me happy, you know.”

“And you me. Now, unfortunately, we have to get up for work.”

“No…” you whined, covering your face with a pillow.

Barry pulled away from you and covering himself with a bathrobe. “Come on, (Y/n).”

“I like sleeping, Barry,” you groaned.

Barry pulled your pillow away. “(Y/n), I love you very much-”

“And I love you. Which is why I deserve to stay in bed.”

“No. I love you, but you need to get out of bed.”

You groaned.

Barry rolled his eyes. In a flash, pun intended, your husband dressed you in a bathrobe, got you to the kitchen, and placed a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hand. You shook your head with a smile. “That, I guess, I can get used to.”

Barry laughed. He already had a cup of coffee as well, smiling. “Got you out of bed.”

You rolled your eyes. “I’ll never underestimate you again, Barry Allen.”

He laughed. Soon, the two of you were off to work. Barry went off to work on cases, while you were a waitress at the local diner. Yeah, you had different jobs, but the two of you managed quite fine. While at the diner, something strange occurred. Your back was sore. You didn’t know why, but it was. You also got tired easily. Going from the counter to a table seemed like a struggle. You had trouble keeping up with customers that day. Not only that, but your nose was sensitive. You were able to smell the cigarettes from outside and even the trash can.

Despite how small these things were, you knew about meta-humans and poisons. You were afraid that something might have affected you. You didn’t want to worry Barry; it might just be some weird day for you. So, you just went to STAR Labs and asked Caitlin for a check-up.

After checking the usual things like joint pain, temperature, and breathing, Caitlin insisted that you were fine, and sent you home.

However, something was gnawing at you. As you arrived at your home, you bit your lip. You couldn’t be. Hurriedly, you rushed to bathroom and used something you never thought you’d use in a while: a pregnancy test.

Of course, you and Barry had wanted a child, and you had tried and failed a few times. You thought back. How many weeks ago was the last time? Three, maybe four. You bit your lip.

It was positive.

You clamped your hand over your mouth. You were pregnant. You were going to have a baby. You were going to have a child! Barry was going to be a father! You were going to be a mother!

Your phone blinked. It was Barry. He was coming home. The case was easy to solve.

Your heart pounded erratically. You needed to tell Barry. Barry needed to know. He would love it!

Nerves got to you. What if this was the wrong time? Barry wouldn’t abandon you. You knew that. But, would he be upset. Would it put a strain on your relationship?

You had to do so many things. This was another human being. Of course, you needed a crib. How would the baby sleep? Does it have to be with you and Barry or in a separate crib? How long would you breast feed? When do you baby-proof the house?

You took a deep breath. You did not need nerves. You needed to tell Barry. How would you tell Barry?

“Hey, (Y/n)! I’m home!”

You bit your lip, throwing the pregnancy test in the trash. You closed the door. Upon seeing your husband, happiness bubbled up inside you. You smiled and tackled him with a hug. Barry steadied himself and you. “Whoa!” He smiled, gazing at you lovingly. “What was that for?” he gasped.

You exhaled. “Just, well, cause I love you.” You giggled. “So, um, the case.” You pulled away and rushed to the kitchen. “Do you wanna eat anything? Talk? Discuss? Vent maybe?” You opened cabinets, trying to find something. “Do you want something? I mean, I’m not that great of a chef, but I can try something.”

Barry left his stuff on the counter. “I’m fine.” He hugged you from behind, kissing your head. “What’s got you in a happy mood?”

You gasped as his hands rested your stomach. It wasn’t just on your stomach. You laid your hand on one of his. “Barry,” you whispered, “I need to tell you something.”

Barry tilted his head. He turned you around. “Hey, are you ok?”

You smiled a little. “Yeah.” You giggled. “I’m fine. Well, i mean, I may be a bit sick for the next few weeks. Months?” You shrugged. “Well, it’s not a bad sick, though.”

Barry just stared at you. “Um, (Y/n), are you ok? I’m getting confused. Do you need anything?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. Pretty great actually. Um, I just need to tell you something.”

“Ok.” Barry smiled. “Hey, I love you, (Y/n).”

You sighed. “I love you, too, Barry Allen.” You bit your lip. “I also love the little Allen we’re going to have.”

“Oh, well, yeah, our future child is going to be-” Barry paused. “A little Allen?” 

You nodded. 

Barry smiled. Then, he laughed. He hugged you, kissed you on the cheek, neck head, and lips. “I love you. I love you. I love you!” he exclaimed, jumping up and down. He pumped his fists. Barry, then, spun you around and kissed you again. “We’re going to be parents!” He laughed, kissing you one more time. “I love you. So much.”

You smiled, kissing him back. “Barry, we’re going to have a child. A baby.” You sighed. You touched your stomach. 

Barry crouched down slowly. He stared at your stomach in awe. He placed his palm on it and broke into a smile. “Hey.” He laughed. “Hi. I’m your dad.” He blinked furiously, his eyes filled with tears.

You wanted to cry at the sight, too. You laughed. “Your dad is a dork. But, you’ll love him for it. I promise.” You locked eyes with Barry. “I do.”

Barry smiled. “Thank you.” He stood up and gently laid his hands on your waist. “You’ve made me the happiest man on this planet.”

“And you, you have made me the happiest woman.”

“We need to tell everyone.”

The next day, Barry and you invited everyone over. After dinner, Barry stood up. “Hey, everyone. I just, well, (Y/n) and I, we wanted to announce something, something very important.” He cleared his throat. 

You shook your head, smiling. You stood up and held his hand. “Barry and I are expecting another Allen in the family.”

Everyone was silent. Barry spoke up, “You know, talking is a good thing to do right now.”

Iris was the first to say something. “Congrats, you guys!” She also gave name suggestions. “Not to brag, but flower names are pretty. Aster’s good for a guy. I do love the name Luke, or David. Something short and sweet perhaps?”

“What if the baby’s a girl, Iris?” Barry asked.

“I don’t know about you, but I called the name Cecelia.”

You shrugged. “I can come up with something.”

Everyone came up to you, congratulating you and Barry. 

“I really wanna know about this new Allen,” Cisco admitted. “You know, I still have some extra material from making your suit, Barry, maybe I can use for the little one.”

“What if he or she had no powers?” Barry asked.

“I never said he or she had to. It could be a pretty cool costume!”

Caitlin insisted on check-ups. “I think once every two days would suffice,” she told you.

“Once every two days? What about you change the days to weeks. I don’t have the time for once every two days, Caitlin.”

“Fine. Once a week.”

You sighed. “Ok, Dr. Snow.”

Eddie kept on asking the two of you questions, probably wanting to know more about the topic. “So, are you two going to make a new room, or something?”

You shrugged. “Barry?”

“I was thinking to go to Caitlin after all. She is the biologist here. She’d probably know a lot about this.”

“Wait, so how do you know if the baby is ok. How can you watch them for so long?”

“We’ll take time off of work,” Barry explained. “Cisco also has this cool tech. We could use it as baby monitors and hear every inch of this place.”

“And don’t worry. Team Flash will be babysitters,” you added.

Joe was, well, very proud of Barry. “I knew you had it in you,” he whispered. 

Barry blushed red, scratching the back of his neck. “Um… Thanks.”

“You’re gonna be a great father. And (Y/n), well, she’ll be a great mother as well.”

“Thanks. Really, Joe. It means a lot.”

“Hey, (Y/n)!” Joe called.

“Joe, what is it?”

“I just wanna tell you that is Barry is being a bit too attentive, just hand him to me.”

“I heard that!” Barry shouted.

You laughed. “No problem. Thank you.”

The party was great. Everyone left, leaving you and Barry alone to cuddle on the couch. “We are going to show our kid Star Wars.”

You laughed. “Of course, Barry. However, you must remember you will sing them to sleep.”

“What about you?”

“I like listening to you sing, Barry.” You sighed. “So, we’re going to be parents.” You smiled, laying your head on his shoulder. 

Barry smiled. “We’re going to be amazing parents. Right?”

“Of course.” You held his hand. “You’ll always have me. Don’t forget about Team Flash.” 

“Parents,” Barry whispered.

You beamed. “Parents.”

Hey, guys! School is going to be staring in a week for me, so that actually means a lot of stuff for me. I have to read this long book called the Scarlet Letter (prob just gonna sparknotes it or something instead) and answer some essay questions. I’ve been procrastinating a lot…. Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed in myself to say the least. I need to finish that…..

anyway, maybe i can get another imagine up before I start homework!

Sorry for the crappy ending. I really didn’t know how else to end it perfectly, so… yeah. Have a great day you guys! I hope you liked it!

EDIT: There’s a Part 2 !

EDIT: And a  Part 3!

EDIT: GUUUUYSSSS!!!!!! I like Part 4 the best!!!!!

EDIT: The baby’s name is…….. something that is mentioned in Part 5!!!

EDIT: And there’s a Part 4.5!!!

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hey miky how do you make the social media edits? would you make a tutorial maybe? idk..

Ok, ive been meaning to make a post about this for a while so here ya go. it really isn’t as hard as you think at all, all you really need is your photos and some usernames and what not adn then ur set my friend!

here are the online resources i use: 

i use this for fake tweets

this for facebook status’

this for facebook chats

this for twitter messages

this for snapchats

and this for texts

for instagram profiles i use templates that i have made myself (if you want them message me and i can give them to u as long as u give me credit when u use them)

and an app called social dummy (you can find it here) for instagram posts. you can use it for a bunch of stuff but i only use the instagram one bc i dont really like the other ones. if you have any questions just message me and i can try to help!

December 5-11 is gonna be Hanschen Rilow Appreciation Week!

✧ How do I participate? ✧

From December 5-11, post any fancontent focusing on Hanschen with the tag #Hanschen Rilow Appreciation Week or #HRAW. 

I may also post an optional prompt list if people would be interested in that.

✧ What kind of content? 

Literally anything! Fanart, edits, graphics, fanfiction… anything you can think of! 

✧ Are there any rules? ✧ 

Please keep the content positive about Hanschen. By which I mean: sad/angsty content involving Hanschen is fine; but “Hanschen is an abuser who cheats on Ernst” is uh… not. 

✧ Why? 

In short: I got really upset seeing all the negative posts about Hanschen, posts calling him evil/manipulative/an abuser, etc. Instead of just stewing around feeling bad about it, I decided to take all the upset energy I had from that and channel it into creating something positive! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!

NGL sometimes I really, really wish people would use Asami’s full name more in fanon works. =D  

It’s such a beautiful name… especially the way Janet says it, so beautiful.

I do understand that Korrasami shippers may want Korra to call or refer to Asami in a special way… but trust me there are better ways to go about doing that. =D  Better ways than Sami or Sams (which TBH sound more like whitewashing Asami’s name). 

I mean… Aang doesn’t call Katara “Tara”, right?  Calling Asami “Sami” or “Sams” is most likely linguistically/semantically worse than calling Katara “Tara”.  

But really, Asami is such, such a beautiful name.  So elegant. 

EDIT: I’m not saying that you absolutely cannot shorten a Japanese name, of course.  But in this particular case, it just doesn’t make much sense to shorten Asami to Sami.

Because from what we can gather from the show, Asami’s name is written in 2 Chinese characters “Asa - Mi”, not three “A - Sa - Mi”.  Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to break up the “Asa”.

I’m not saying that it absolutely cannot be done, of course… just saying that it doesn’t make much sense, normally speaking.  Especially since that in the Avatar universe, there is no real “Japanese” and thus no hiragana or katakana (which means less chance of breaking up Asa).