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What makes people write nasty things?! The expression of hatred is not an opinion! People for some reason often make a mistake here! Opinion is when you can argue your answer!
The fact that now is a real hell.
If someone does not like a person, why write? Usually normal people when someone  who you do not like  -  avoided. And this is normal. Nobody can like everyone. But to wish a person death, to say that she made herself a plastic operation and other terrible things ..
You must be definitely not completely mentally healthy. Did your parents raise you?  I do not think so. Grow up

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This probably sounds weird but I've had nightmares about anti. If anti does come back it seems like I won't be getting much sleep 😔

Aw hun, I’m sorry! Remember you can always blacklist his name if you use desktop, and you can avoid any videos with him. Take care of yourself, okay?

Sick day

This is for the lovely @atari-writes birthday challenge <3

Title : Sick Gay

POV : Second person

Pairing : Leonard ‘Bones’ Mccoy x Reader

Word Count : 524

Prompts : “I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things” ; “No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today!”

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It felt like the plague. Your muscles were weak and tired from fatigues, mouth dry from wailing and crying, eyes burning from the tears.

All you wanted to do was cuddle up with Bones and have him read to you like he always does. But he was busy. It wasn’t his goddamn fault Jim dragged him down to some new planet. 

No it was Jim’s fault and you were going to make that son of bitch pay the second he set foot on this ship.

“I’ll break his goddamn legs and punch him till his pretty little face turns purple.” you growled throwing a pillow onto the floor in frustration.

“What did that poor pillow ever do to you?” Bones frowned stepping into your room, the doors clicking shut behind him.

“The pillow, aka Jim, took my boyfriend away from me while I was dying” you pouted, attempting to grab Len’s hand as he walked towards your bed.

“You aren’t dying Y/n, you have the flu. Stop being over dramatic.” he sighed rolling his eyes as he picked up the discarded tissues and candy wrappers that were scattered all over your floor.

“Says the man who started fidgeting and pacing around his office when the coffee machine broke” you snorted, attempting to sit up.

“I was not fidgeting!” Bones protested, chucking the garbage into the trash and walking to your bedside table to get the thermometer.

“Yes you were! Admit it Len, you have an addiction” You coughed out. Bones quickly placed on your back, rubbing it up and down as you spit out the phlegm in your throat into a tissue.

“You’re coughing up a storm, open your mouth darling” he asked softly, voice filled with concern as he placed the thermometer below your tongue.

You leaned against the his skin, cool from the sweat. He stroked your hair as he slipped the thermometer out.

“Aw darling you are burning up, you need some sleep. Lie down and I’ll bring you some broccoli soup..” Leonard sighed stepping away.

“No! No broccoli! What are you trying to kill me” you gasped, leaning forward and grabbing his hand.

“Okay how about salad?” he asked.

“I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things. Now come here and hug me you big grump” you whined, pulling him onto the bed.

“Y/n , come on stop being a baby. I need to go and check on MedBay and Jim, and you need you rest..”

“No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today!” you grinned, locking him in a bear hug. He chuckled, breaking from your grip and walking to bookshelf.

“Which one?” he smiled in defeat.

You grinned “The Time Traveller’s Wife, we’re almost done with that one”.

You scooted over so Bones could sit by you, he snuggled in under the covers with you.

“ Chapel is going to kill me for this” he sighed.

“I’ll shoot her a message. Now you start reading, we need to finish this tonight so I can start reading you ‘When breathe becomes air’.” you smiled, kissing his cheek as you snuggled against his chest.

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Trans anon that wants to avoid being transphobic again- can you be any more specific? I was kind of hoping for something beyond "don't be transphobic" because i'm so new i dont know if what im doing is transphobic

well i mean there are a lot of ways to be transphobic, my guy, so i don’t think i can list out every single one for you, but here are a couple examples:

Slurs, fetishizing, (intentional) misgendering, believing gay trans men are “straight girls,” believing gay trans women are “straight men,” or basically just not recognizing that a trans man is a man and a trans woman is a woman.

i hope i answered your question, but if you’d like more information please message me off anon so we can discuss this further, or if you’re not comfortable doing that send me anon asks on my main blog @zachary-taylor

What is the single biggest determinant of your happiness?
The answer to this question, as you probably already know, is not “wealth,” “fame,” “beauty” or “power”. Rather, it is how others, particularly those closest to you, friends, family, lover, and colleagues treat you. When people close to you are nice to you, you can’t help but feel happy; when they mistreat you or avoid you, you are bound to be unhappy.
Sometimes the people you are surrounded by, have the power over your emotions, beyond your imagination and espectations.
I have learnt that, if you wanna keep your garden of emotions healty and clean, you can’t water it with poison and dirt.
if you wanna live a positive life, you can’t be surrounded by negative people.
So here are the 9 signs to recognize negative people, and keep them out of your beautiful garden of emotions and dreams.
1.They are always pessimistic 2.They are always victim 3.They can never find time for you 4.They will use you 5.They are complainers 6.Being around them is physically and emotionally draining 7.They gossip 8.You find yourself feeling more negative than you used to 9.They are jelous of every goal you achieve
“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”― Mahatma Gandhi

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of suspicion. Not everyone is a thug, but they are out there. Threat awareness can help you avoid dangerous situations.

| Self Defense | Safety | Personal Defense | Situational Awareness | Defensive Awareness | Be Aware | Be Wary |

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(part 2) ... but I know that I had told him in texts and with letters and in words how much I loved him so many times (we'd known each other for seven years, since I was 23). With my step-dad, I wrote him letters too. My mother and I weren't close. If you love someone, tell them. Write them a letter, a text, an email. Personally, I would rather tell someone too much than not enough all the things I love about them. You can't avoid death, but you can share your love.

you are so incredibly strong. being human can be entirely too much sometimes; the inevitable dying that comes with the beauty of living can feel so harsh and heartbreaking. i so appreciate your advice - and i absolutely agree with it. we should never worry about telling our loved ones “too much.” soon there will be a time where we can’t tell them these things at all, so we have to make the most of the times we do have together; to cherish eachother’s companies and never hold back from saying what we feel in our hearts. love is 100% to be shared! thank you for your words, sweetheart. they mean the world to hear. ❤️


“Did they make you president of the universe, too?”
“Well, the big vote is tomorrow, and I’m here to make sure every comatose patient has their say. Vote Ryder!”


“First time Blake told Weiss she loved her, Weiss literally tried to tip her”

I’ve been meaning to do some monochrome and then @anawitchs and I got to talking about Weiss being emotionally stunted and unable to express love without throwing money at people for affection. And here we have it.

Send help I was not supposed to get this invested in another ship but their dynamic is everythingggg ugh

But please don’t leave someone wondering what they have done wrong.” he said. “Don’t just walk away and make them feel that they will never be enough. As if they were just some pieces of paper fallen out of your notebook. As if they were just a flower you took out of your vase.” he looked at her. With sadness in his eyes—with pain showing in the way he speaks. Then he continued, “Please. If you can avoid it, just please don’t hurt people that way.
—  ma.c.a // Summer Leaves

hey guys! i’ve noticed lately that a lot of gifsets/edits of moana, especially pastel ones, have been whitewashing her skin, and i know that this isn’t just a problem in moana gifs, so i thought it might be a good idea to make a comprehensive guide on how to avoid whitewashing poc/color poc in general. this guide will be split into three parts: vibrant gifs, pastel gifs, and dark gifs (any of the tips i give for gifs can be applied to edits as well – it’s even easier to avoid whitewashing poc in edits, because you can color it normally and then erase the lightening layers over the person’s skin).

so, without any further ado, here we go!

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If you have the time and if you don't mind, what are some books you really recommend? Doesn't have to be all time faves, but anything that pops into mind that you want more ppl to read and love, Extra points if lgbt+ , i got the whole summer with little to do and i wanna spend it reading some good quality writing and honestly so far your recs have introduced me to so many faves its unbelievable

[blushes profusely] oh wow, thank you!!!  i’m so glad you’ve trusted me enough to check out some of the stuff i reblog; that is like the ultimate compliment, i can’t even???  i don’t mind at all(!), fair warning though: i only started recording what i read partway through last year and my mind is like a sieve so i’ll do my absolute best to remember what’s sang to me in the recent past.  warning number two: i’m in an open relationship with absolutely every genre out there so i’ll try to note which belongs where so you can avoid those that hold no interest for you.


  • i’ll give you the sun.  i loved this book, the writing is fucking transformative and all the characters are so damn likable, while still being realistically flawed human beings.
  • the raven cycle (tetralogy).  definitely my favorite series since harry potter.  the writing, the world-building, the characters, it’s all on top-form.  i wrote a little, mini non-spoilery review of it: here, back when i was better (worse?) wordly-wise and my feels were brand new.
  • more happy than not.  i’m still not sure how i feel about this book.  it was hard, but it felt very true to the characters and the lingo and style matched the ages of the players and i have a lot of respect for that.
  • the watchmaker of filigree street.  woooow i loved this book.  i admit ‘historical fiction’ kind of makes me cringe.  it never precludes me from reading a book but it does knock it down the list by a book or five because they’re often very dense and very clunky and end up taking me ages to get through.  but this one was gorgeous.  i loved the plot, the attention lovingly placed on every character and the historical elements.  the surprise gay in an already brilliant book felt like winning the lottery honestly.
  • captive prince (trilogy).  okay, truthfully, i’m only putting this on here because the second book is such a high point for me.  it was never bad at any point but it had unfortunately been hyped far too much for it to live up to my, admittedly, very high expectations.  hopefully it’ll fare better with you?
  • everything i never told you.  i go back and forth on this one.  i like the writing a lot, i like the LGBT aspect a lot, and i like the mystery aspect a lot but there are definitely characters i would cut out entirely for sheer predictability if i could and that killed a lot of my enjoyment at the time (but i think much more highly of it in retrospect?).  so, take that as you like.
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe.  if there’s a book that handles its characters with more care or respect or consideration then i haven’t run into it.  i love the way this is written and the people it’s populated with.
  • flying lessons & other stories.  a bunch of uber talented authors writing a bunch of uber diverse and LGBT-focused stories and, yes, that is exactly as awesome as it sounds.
  • the song of achilles.  it is utterly heart-breaking but so rich, honestly.


  • the diviners.  (also has a minor LGBT character, who may play a bigger role in the sequel?)  fair warning, i have not read the sequel, lair of dreams, because it is somehow still not out in paperback (yes, i read physical books, yes, i pretty exclusively read paperbacks so i can lug them everywhere with me, YES, I PRE-ORDERED THIS ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO AND IT’S STILL NOT OUT, NOT THAT I’M BITTER ABOUT THAT OR ANYTHING) so i can’t speak to that one finishing on a high note as i don’t know.  but this was the first historical novel i managed to like in a long while.  it does such a good job of fusing in 1920s lingo and dress and aspects that i couldn’t help but love it.  add in the fantasy elements and i can admit i’m the perfect sucker for it.
  • the scorpio races.  i’m not sure why but it took me a long-ass time to get into this book, i wasn’t flipping pages with gusto until well towards the end but - especially as i was reading so much YA at the time - i really appreciated coming across a romance that lets both people come into it as themselves and stay themselves, neither puck nor sean were ever smashed or crumpled or shaved away to fit into their relationship, which was so refreshing.  plus the water horses were fucking cool.
  • the night circus.  the writing, the atmosphere, the circus.  just… it is all very whoa.
  • all the birds in the sky.  i loved this writing style and these characters and the magical elements.


  • i’ll meet you there.  there was something about this and i just… ended up liking it way more than i expected to.  i might’ve just read it at exactly the right time, i’m not sure, but i really enjoyed it.
  • the invoice.  this is honestly just hella cute and so freaking surreal.  swedes, man.


  • why not me?  i like mindy kaling a lot.  i make no apologies for that.  plus you can read both her books in about five seconds, haha.


  • station eleven.  i loved this book.  the way the narrative is woven is so refreshing and i wish the comic book miranda was writing in this book was a real thing more than anything else in the woooorld.
  • illuminae.  hot DAMN this book was cool.  the plot was rock solid, the characters were hilarious and badass and the graphics made out of text and spiraling words and just the way this thing is put together?  shit, it’s worth your money and then some.
  • a robot in the garden.  okay this is just cute as hell.  i can’t even with tang, he’s the most adorable robot to ever adorable.
  • annihilation (southern reach trilogy).  (LGBT minor characters.)  okay, honestly?  i don’t know.  this was freaking zany but i was invested as fuck in all the kookiness for reasons i can’t articulately elaborate on.
  • the martian.  hilarious, engaging, SPACE.  what more do you want?


  • things we lost in the fire.  this is more atmospheric than anything but, damn, could this get me wishing i wasn’t reading this in the dark or looking over my shoulder to make absolutely sure no one was standing behind me.  it’s a book of short stories (by the way, i love books of short stories and i definitely realize that is not true for everyone) and each one is so well-delivered and stylized.  i really enjoyed reading this.
  • let the right one in.  okay, this is legit horror so definitely stay away if you’re easily squicked out but it is harrrrrd to find good horror (at least in my opinion) and this definitely, definitely qualifies.
  • horrorstör.  i honestly had such low expectations for this, a horror story set in a wannabe-ikea, but it ended up being so ridiculous and strange and funny that i was won over by the finish.
  • the girl with all the gifts.  holy unique and well-executed zombie idea, batman!


  • the bigness of the world.  there were definitely ones here that hit better than others but the ones i liked, i really liked!

GRAPHIC NOVELS (i read a lot of these so, um, prepare yourself)

  • saga.  (LGBT minor characters as well.)  this is world-building to a degree that i’m convinced did not exist before.  just, i can’t say enough amazing things about this series and the staggering amount of imagination that regularly goes into it.
  • ms. marvel.  heart-warming as fuck.  it’s definitely really easy to lose faith in the world these days, luckily kamala is there to remind you that people are primarily and genuinely good.
  • black science.  this is another one that took just an insane amount of imagination to cook up.  i got off to kind of a rocky start with this one but the gray-ness of all the characters really speaks to me, and that doesn’t really blossom until later in the series.
  • spider-man/deadpool.  this was very satisfying for my super duper spideypool-shipping mind.  joe and ed did us so good, and joe basically said in his sign-off: i made it absolutely as gay as they would let me, haha.
  • the wicked + the divine.  (LGBT minor characters that you’re going to get way too attached to, and retroactively.  it’s awful [sobs].)  the concept for this, gods reincarnating into teenagers before they burn up their hosts after a predetermined set of time, is so fucking cool.  the humor and the characters and the plot is all just aces.
  • iceman (LGBT MAIN CHARACTER).  okay, so this just started.  like issue #2 was only released days ago but 1) i am liking it so far and 2) marvel did it so dirty and barely advertised bobby - an openly homosexual superhero - was getting his own series, like, i found out about it the day before it went on sale and i keep my ear fairly close to the ground (not as close as some BY A LOT, but closer than the lay person i’d say) so if you can support it, please do!  pre-orders mean a lot in terms of numbers. :))))
  • descender.  admittedly, this starts out rooough.  because the main character, TIM-21 (and his little dog too), are annoying as hell.  he’s an android so there’s no dimension to him so he’s booooring as all get out but i am so glad i stuck with it through to the next trade because, probably picking up on the unsustainability of him as a main character, he gets shuffled off and the side characters get the stage and they rock so hard.
  • paper girls. (LGBT main characters.)  i’m kind of just convinced that brian k. vaughan can do no wrong at this point.  his plots are so tight and mind-blowing and badass.
  • monstress.  here’s a little tid-bit about me: female comic book writers are 100% more likely to get my money and my time because they are so damn rare and this series is unique, badass, and eye-opening.
  • black monday murders.  i’m a little premature with this since there’s only one volume and i usually try to wait until there are at least two but i check up on a volume two a lot so that definitely means something intrigued me!
  • nailbiter.  okay, i haven’t read the final volume yet ‘cause i’m reluctant to let it go but, so far, a series about multiple serial killers all being from the same town has me VERY HOOKED.

i wish i could remember more but this is honestly way better than i expected to do, haha.  they’re definitely not all my all-time faves but they’re ones that have stuck with me for one reason or another and that i didn’t feel i wasted my time on, so that’s something, right?  i hope this helps get you started and that you don’t think too awfully of me when you inevitably run across ones that aren’t your cup of tea!

It’s Okay to Say No.

If you feel uncomfortable about something in your dog’s training then it’s okay to say:

  • “My gut tells me this is wrong for my dog so I’m not going to try this.”
  • “I feel uncomfortable doing this with my dog so I’m going to stop.”
  • “This isn’t the direction I want my dog’s training to go in.”

It’s feels weirdly difficult to say no when everyone else is telling you that it is okay.

  • “I did it with my dog.” (so it should be fine for your totally different dog)

  • “I did it with my dog.” (are you saying that I don’t care about my dog?)
  • “If you just try …..” (I don’t understand your feelings of discomfort so you must be suffering from a lack of information)

  • “You are using +R methods so everything is fine.” (but Bosco will do what Martin asks him to do, even if it hurts)

It’s really helpful to have an experienced mentor who actively listens to you.

  • Martin’s mentor ignored her instinctual feelings in the past and two of her dogs were injured. She wants Martin to learn from her painful mistakes. She listened carefully when Martin explained why he didn’t want to teach Bosco an exercise.


  • no one understands your dog’s capabilities better than you
  • you are responsible for your dog’s safety, and 
  • you are the person who is going to have to care for your injured dog (let’s not talk about death because it’s too sad).

I’m going to repeat myself because it’s important.

It’s okay to say no.

But it isn’t easy to do.

wether someone “passes” as straight usually isn’t a very productive conversation since having a complex relationship to Home of phobia means you might not “pass” all of the time, and you might not even “pass” at all despite the Theory™ saying you should (m/f relationships and the like). what’s not so easy to deny is what avenues of *privation* you’re able to avoid or not and on what grounds. You can’t privilege theory or identity politics your way out of that question 🔍 Can you get married without legal hurdles to surmount. Can you adopt without legal hurdles to surmount. To what capacity can you actually engage in basic institutions in your material reality. That’s the question that matters … a #lifehack if you will