if you buy one dvd in your life

sitting in cars for hours is the worst part of the holidays especially in the south it’s like all you have to look at is pine trees pine trees pine trees fence cows cows fence jesus is life themessage.com abortion is sin we have strippers truckers welcome adult dvds buy one get one peaches pecans peaches peaches peaches peanuts BOILED peanuts jesus jesus vidalia onions big box sex shop $tripper$ with the dollar signs instead of the s your ad could be here advertise now pine trees fence pine tre

faeriekougra replied to your post: no one ask me for download links for Mads movies…

Srsly tho he has like three shirts buy a movie lol

Every year, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen wears the same 3 outfits he’s owned since his time as a gymnastics instructor in the early 80′s. Please, from the kindness of your heart, and for the cost of just one dvd you can make a difference in this poor man’s closet and quality of life. Buy today.