if you buy one dvd in your life

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I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional on this blog, but let me just say this-

Picture that you were in your senior year of high school in 2004. You had a lot of abuse and mental health issues going on. You latched on to the one good, pure thing you could find- Lazytown. You thought it was more of a show for adults, and you weren’t even sure how kids could sit through the show since a lot of the show was watching the subtle but great interactions between the adult characters. 

You go to college. You still love Lazytown. Your life is still a wreck. You hang up a few print outs from Lazytown that you find on the Nickelodeon website. You find grainy videos on Youtube of Latibaer. You research everything you can find about the show, which isn’t much. You buy the DVD of Hero For A Day and you watch it in your dorm room and your roommate hates you. 

You leave college, try to get your life together for ten years, go through a lot of hardship, all the while knowing that when you have nothing else, you have Lazytown. One day, you decide to try to start exercising more, and slowly you start getting healthier. Sportacus being kind towards the characters is something you never saw in gym class or any sports team. His gentle non-judgement pushes you to take care of yourself. 

Some other adults openly detest that you like Lazytown, and claim that you are only allowed to like it because you’re a woman, and if you were a man, you’d be a ‘predator’. Nobody will watch Lazytown with you. They hate it before you even get a chance to show it to them. There are some memes that get a lot of attention, and you wonder if more people will watch the show, but not much happens. There’s not a lot of fics or art, and any piece you find, you collect as if it’s some rare, precious treasure. 

One day, you go back to your Lazytown blog to see that your posts have way more notes than they should. There’s a TON of people suddenly into Lazytown! Well, you don’t like the news about Stefan. It’s heartbreaking. But you take a look at this huge fan base, some new fans, some old, and you look at all the incredible things they’ve done so far. Raising money, spreading awareness, joining together. You can’t believe how much fan art is on your page! You used to cling to even one piece of Lazytown art, but now there’s tons of it! Suddenly, you are absolutely swamped in Lazytown posts that you never saw!

And then, you see a post that says Stefan and his supporting cast will be performing We Are Number One live. It’s been over ten years since you last fell in love with Lazytown. This entire time, you thought it was on the brink of disappearing for good. 

Stefan, one of the actors, even in his hardest times, gets on live and sings a song for all of his supporters. The very same actor that kept me going through my worst times is still here to entertain and inspire everyone even during his worst. 

And the entire decade of loving Lazytown comes full circle. You can’t believe how many fans are comparing Íþróttaálfurinn to Sportacus. How many head canons there are. How people are interpreting the characters to relate to them. 

It truly feels like the end of First Day of Summer, when Robbie realizes he was never left alone.

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Hi! I just LOVE your blog! :D I was wondering if you have any links and stuff for watching "Stuart, a life backwards". I've been searching all around for it, but I can't seem to find it. Could you help me on this one, please? I'd really love to watch it. Thanks a bunch!

I don’t know where in the world you are, but the amazing, beautifully funny and tragic film that is Stuart a Life Backwards is available in a few ways. 

Online, you can find it on HBO (and not just in the US. It’s on my HBO Nordic, for instance):


And on the original DVD distributor of the film’s site, it seems you can rent it online, streaming:

Revelation films

Otherwise, your best bet is to buy the DVD. (It’s Region 2, but all DVD-players can play them, you just have to make your player region-free. Here in Sweden, at least, they can fix that at the store.) 


It’s such a great film, so I encourage any and all Tom Hardy-fans (and Benedict-fans too! They make such a wonderful team) to see it. He’s fantastic as Stuart, no doubt about it. Now I’ve made myself want to watch it again! :)

For the record, I only link to ‘legal’ alternatives. This is a small, indie film which I think deserves to be properly bought. Otherwise, these kinds of gems won’t ever get done!

faeriekougra replied to your post: no one ask me for download links for Mads movies…

Srsly tho he has like three shirts buy a movie lol

Every year, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen wears the same 3 outfits he’s owned since his time as a gymnastics instructor in the early 80′s. Please, from the kindness of your heart, and for the cost of just one dvd you can make a difference in this poor man’s closet and quality of life. Buy today.