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Bro I was writing a cute little Drarry hc and my brother came in and we don't get on too well and then he saw the name Draco and Harry on my file and I'm d y i n g... He was like so disgusted. Not to mention he's like a bit older than me and not too accepting of gay ships, or any ships tbh. shittttt :(

Ok, first of all… I would LOVE to read your Drarry hc.♥

Second, you have nothing to feel sorry about. You weren’t doing anything wrong. Who you decide to ship is your decision. He’s no one to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

Third, being “a bit older than you” doesn’t mean that he has the right to be so disgusted about the idea of a gay ship (or any ship by the way). He’s not being a good person. I know he’s your brother, but if he was mine, I’d be terrible disgusted and ashamed of him for being like that. I repeat, you have nothing to feel sorry about.

Last and most important, be yourself. Don’t you ever try to change who you truly are or act and do things just to please other people. Acepting us as we truly are, what we like and don’t is what make us happy in the end. Love yourself, darling, because no one is gonna do it, if you don’t respect and love yourself first. I know is difficult, but is something you have to do if you want to be happy one day.

And please, know that I’m always here if you ever want to talk. :)

for the many of you who have been asking about my vietnam war era hamlet ideas: i finally typed up a little something to share with y’all about my future directorial plans. i plan to keep shakespeare’s original text in the production, with minor changes and/or cuts as needed. (the only major cut would be gertrude’s death, i think it’s important for her to be alive at the end, and you’ll see why.)

this production focuses on the conflicts between younger and older generations, american hyper-praise of masculinity and what it means within the concept of war, and what happens when people put trust into political institutions blindly. this production also exploration of sexual identity and queerness, drug use, and how war affects all aspects of life.

(sidebar: these are all original ideas of mine, so if you end up using them, citation/credit is necessary. if you end up doing a vietnam war era interpretation of hamlet after reading this, please tell me, i want to hear all about it!)

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Drabble Challenge! 1-100

Rules: Followers send a number to your ask and you write a drabble using that sentence/prompt in your piece. Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. Stop acting like a child!
  2. Retrace your steps.
  3. You don’t have to worry, I’m here.
  4. Don’t you just wanna reach out and touch it?
  5. I said “movie day”, not “moving day”!
  6. Fine, go out with your friends. I hope you have fun!
  7. That’s hot! Hot! Hot!
  8. What the hell did you do to my car?
  9. We’ve been married for years and you won’t even help me ____
  10. Do it now, or we won’t have sex for a month.
  11. Did you change all the clocks?
  12. It’s not a toy, it’s an action figure.
  13. Are we lost?
  14. Don’t tell me to stop, you’re not my mom.
  15. Where would I be without you?
  16. You ran over my foot!
  17. I’m like the hulk.
  18. Take out the trash or so help me God!
  19. Do we have a spare?
  20. You know I don’t like when the power goes out.
  21. Babe, that my ____(insert body part here)
  22. I am not telling you how I lost my virginity, nope.
  23. Shopping? For eight hours?
  24. Show me your texts or it’s over.
  25. I just had a couple drinks.
  26. Why haven’t they invented bowling on ice?
  27. Take notes. Watch and learn.
  28. You hit me!
  29. You lost…but you’re still MY little winner.
  30. It’s not that hard…that’s what she said.
  31. You spent how much?!
  32. You stayed home last weekend, come on. You’re coming this time.
  33. Did you just fart? ‘Cause you’re blowing me away.
  34. No, you’re not fixing it again. Call a plumber.
  35. 239 DVDs and yet nothing to watch.
  36. I said a pot of coffee, not just a cup. Go get the pot.
  37. Is it to late to say…celery?
  38. I have a headache, be nice for once!
  39. If I were famous…oh wait…I am!
  40. Just call me Gandhi.
  41. You’re sitting in front of a space heater in the middle of summer…
  42. Do it and I’ll shave your eyebrows.
  43. I’ve been looking everywhere!
  44. We can either just cuddle, or you can sleep on the couch?
  45. I’m stuck at the office.
  46. What is this? 20 questions?
  47. Explain why the remote and Cheetos are in the bathroom.
  48. I’m not eating frozen pizza for the third time this week.
  49. Have you seen my chainsaw?
  50. They’re not coloring books. They’re “adult” coloring books.
  51. Hand over the cheese grater, or else.
  52. Shut up and get off the dance floor.
  53. Do you like guacamole?
  54. It looks like you’re driving me to my death.
  55. You love me and you know it.
  56. You’re going deep SEA fishing?
  57. You’re not even a boyfriend, you’re kind of like a dog.
  58. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, kind of, not really. I have Hello Kitty bandaids though.
  59. …but my phone’s dying…
  60. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  61. Explain why there’s a bra under your bed.
  62. They’re curtains, not window blankets.
  63. What would you do if you were locked in an elevator with me?
  64. Did the lights just flash?
  65. Take out the garbage! This is like the 10th time I’ve asked!
  66. It’s not a donkey. It’s a mule.
  67. I told you I don’t like boats, why’d you drag me out here?
  68. Shh, don’t say a word.
  69. Road trip?
  70. I just want to watch the sunset and you gotta be creepin’.
  71. How’d we end up at the Grand Canyon?
  72. Do you prefer colored pencils or crayons?
  73. Bear attacks are a legitimate fear.
  74. Blankets are for quitters.
  75. Get back here and put on some pants.
  76. You spent how much???
  77. You switched our pillows, savage.
  78. Egg Rolls aren’t meant to be breakfast.
  79. Any other day, I might just want to die.
  80. I warned you, if you were late one more time…
  81. Wanna runaway?
  82. I was kind of wondering if maybe…could we…you want to go to the movies with me?
  83. It was supposed to be perfect! Now everything’s ruined!
  84. Don’t trip.
  85. The best thing in the world is waking up beside you.
  86. You said you weren’t going to leave, no matter how hard things got.
  87. I just tell myself things will get better.
  88. Karma’s a b*tch
  89. Omg, this is my favorite song. Dance with me!
  90. It was an accident. I was cooking…I’m not going to the hospital.
  91. I think the roof is leaking, or it might just be raining inside.
  92. It’s a blizzard out yonder.
  93. I forgot we had a cat.
  94. You want to explain why my window is broke?
  95. Did you go through my underwear drawer?
  96. Why’s it so small?
  97. Amen.
  98. It was a dark and stormy day when…
  99. Your love is just a lie.
  100. *Make up your own*

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confession headcanons (how/where they would confess to their s/o) for phichit and yurio?


-Despite what you’d think, he doesn’t do anything public, since he’d feel a bit like he’d be forcing s/o into it

-Instead, he makes a cake and presents it to his crush with the question

-Yes, a cake

-He’s actually pretty talented at baking

-Also, if he fails a few times at confessing, he’ll just straight up tell them


-Mila made him do it

-’Yuri, you can’t keep liking someone without confessing forever.’ ‘Watch me’

-He lost the battle

-Buys flowers and asks s/o out on a dinner

-It was Mila’s idea. That woman is pretty much the mastermind behind his love life

-Is very, very red while confessing

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would u make a skype chat/ discord server where we can all scream and cry about comics?

that’s a wonderful idea. i keep having people tell me they don’t have anyone to talk to about DC stuff and don’t know what to do except scream in my inbox, and having a mutual place to talk about things sounds interesting to try out

here’s the discord server invite
here are the apps to download on any platform if you don’t have it
here’s a batman pepe

you’re not required to sign up properly (…i think…) and you can use it as any other web chat if you please. i’ll be around here and there so come join, everyone’s welcome whenever to scream about DC

Imagine your boyfriend Daryl telling your father Negan he’s going to marry you.

Originally posted by reedus-wifey

Originally posted by wildling-heart

(Because this came to me and I was like. “Oh shit!” And I am sorry if Negan isn’t accurate here. I haven’t gotten to him yet and am just going from the bits and pieces I’ve seen around, but I didn’t want to wait and forget the idea.)

“Who the hell do you think you are kid?” Your father laughed.

“I’m the man who’s gonna marry your daughter.” Daryl replied.

“What? You asking me permission? If so I have some bad news for you.” Negan replied.

“Nope. I’m telling you. I’m gonna marry that girl and I honestly don’t give a shit about your blessing. The only reason I’m telling you is you’re her dad and I figured you deserved to know before it happened.” Daryl told him.

“You really think my little princess would be interested in you?” Negan asked.

“Considering she was screaming my name last night yeah.” Daryl replied before walking away.


Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Negan x daughter!Reader, Daryl x friend!Reader
Word count: 1,053
Warnings: Swearing, fighting

Part 9 of Gonna Marry That Boy

You had no long you cried into Daryl’s chest. It felt like an eternity passed before he spoke again. “What does Carl think?” He asked softly. Daryl had known Carl since he was a kid, so he had a pretty good idea what he’d think. Carl had a big heart, and loved you, despite it all.

“He doesn’t know.” You sniffed. “I hadn’t told anyone. I-I didn’t want to believe it, part of me hoped not saying it out loud would make it not real.”

Daryl sighed. “He’s got a right to know.”

You nodded. “I know. And I do plan to tell him…I’m just so scared. He’s going off to college, I’m going into my senior year of school, I still have to tell my dad, and my mom is at my house right now, so he’s already pissed beyond belief.”

“I take it your folks don’t get along?”

Pulling away, you wiped your cheeks. “I haven’t seen, or heard from, my mom since I was 2.”

He shook his head. “That just ain’t right.” That was something that got under Daryl’s skin.

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oh, and about the previous post; my youngest sister Molly very much loves cats (she loves all animals really) but since her dad is very allergic, they can’t keep one. 

So I had the idea to bring her along to a cat show, which was an interesting experience. I’ve visited cat shows before but this was the first time I had a kid along and let me tell you, people are a lot more willing to let you pet and hold their cats if you have an overjoyed 7 year-old with you. At one point there were three different owners trying to get Molly’s attention at once. 

Anyway, they were handing out these neat booklets with basic information on a bunch of cat breeds and Molly got one, so when I decided I wanted to do the cat calendar, I asked mum if she could sort of discreetly find out what Molly’s favourite cat breeds are. My idea was if she had maybe 5 or 6 favourites, I could decide on the rest and there would be one cat per month in the calendar. 

Mum sent me a list of 23 breeds. I tried asking if maybe a few of these are more loved than the others but nope, they were all equally loved. So all I could do was add turskish angora and resign myself to having to draw 24 cats instead of 12. 

I guess the point of this story is, I’m a sucker for spoiling my siblings (the cute ones anyway). 

I need your honest opinions here.

I really, really want to write some fanfiction for this fandom, but I’m not sure if I should. Riley- yes, old mod Riley- has hit me over the head several times before telling me to just ask- so that’s what I’m doing.

Would you guys read Viktor x Yuuri fanfiction written by me?

They’d probably be really shit, not going to lie, and I don’t want to write a fanfiction in the time I could be writing headcanons if people wouldn’t want that. It’s just that I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head where, if they were compressed into a headcanon, some of the content would be lost. I’d rather not write a headcanon at all if I’ve lost its content…

Please tell me what you think? Is my writing style obnoxious or too formal or just not suitable for fanfiction? What about the ideas I’ve presented on this blog- are they too bland or not good enough? Feel free to be completely honest- I’d be much more appreciative than if you sugar-coated it.

Thank you all very much and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Tell me your favourite song by G-Eazy!

hi guys i wanna start something where you guys tell me what your favourite song is or any song requests of g-eazy and then i will make an edit from one of the lyrics from that song. however i may not have time if there are a lot of you requesting songs and I may do like 2 each day but I thought it would be a fun thing to do. requests are now open on my ask box and I will try to start tomorrow (this is actually a horrible idea because i have exams now and i should be studying but oh well)

My choice (part 1) a Lucaya fanfic
  • Maya: hey Riles... oh, is you.
  • Lucas: hey there shortstack
  • Maya: don't call me that. And where's Riley?
  • Lucas: she said she'll be back soon. She went with her mom to the store.
  • Maya: oh... I should leave, just tell her I droped by.
  • Lucas: Maya wait... I kinda wanted to ask you something
  • Maya: ok... shoot.
  • Lucas: Do you still have feelings for me?
  • Maya: pff... me? Why would you think that? What gave you that idea?
  • Lucas: Maya! Do you or do you not still have feelings for me?
  • Maya: how can you ask me that? You are dating my best friend! You are Riley's boyfriend!
  • Lucas: I'm only asking a simple question, yes or no?
  • Maya: no, I don't have any feelings towards you except for annoyance and boredom-
  • Lucas: you are a terrible liar, I think you still like me.
  • Maya: well, it doesn't matter what you think, it only matters to me that you make Riley very happy.
  • Lucas: what if I can't make her happy?
  • Maya: what's with all this questions?
  • Lucas: what if I had feelings for someone else that isn't Riley?
  • Maya: No no no... you can't-
  • Lucas: what if I still had feelings for you?
  • Maya: Stop! Stop talking right now! You made your choice one year ago Lucas! You can't take it back.
  • Lucas: Me? Wasn't you the one who said "it doesn't matter who you choose because you'll get Riley anyway"? wasn't you the one who told me "go tell Riley that you love her"?
  • Maya: and you did! You chose her!
  • Lucas: I did no such thing. I played along because you asked me to. And I want you to be happy, I would do anything for you.
  • Maya: You can't do this...
  • Lucas: First I don't get a say in the love triangle mess, and now I can't have feelings?
  • Maya: Look, You are confused, I'm gonna leave and when Riley comes back it all will come back to normal
  • Lucas: you can lie to me, to Riley and to yourself shortstack, but I'm done. No more lying.
  • Maya: what do you mean?
  • Lucas: I'm gonna tell Riley the truth!
  • Maya: No you won't!
  • Lucas: Don't you wanna see her happy? Why won't you just admit it?
  • Maya: what?!
  • Lucas: that you love me!
  • Maya: because I don't! I hate you!
  • Lucas: No! You don't. You love-
  • Riley: hey guys, why are you yelling? What is this? What is this about? Maya?
  • Maya: I'm sorry Riley. I'll come back another time.
  • Riley: nonsense, is Baywindow time. Come sit with us, Lucas and I will be watching a movie
  • Lucas: actually, we need to talk.
  • Will be continued....

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I'm in approx. 11th grade now, and I have to choose my college course within the year. I love science, have even been to an interational competition, but my mam is pressuring me lots into management and IT. how can I tell her i want to study physics?

I would just apply for physics programs if I were you.

But if you really want to talk it through with her, then I suggest presenting her with the job projects for people with physics degrees. Complete with the entry level salaries and average salaries. Show her specific companies that are hiring scientists. Show her exactly what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. Break out the charts, schedules, calendars. Bury her with paperwork until she either agrees that physics are a good idea or stops asking you for fear you’ll break out the color coded career planner again.

Also physics are cool, you’re cool, and I hope you have a great time learning about it.

-Lou the Lobster

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hi! have you ever thought about creating a youtube channel? it would be awesome

Hi! One of my sisters friends thinks I should, he is constantly telling me it would be a great idea. I’ve thought about it a few times but currently don’t have a very good camera capable of filming. I’m also a little bit like “what would I actually film”? I look at other accounts and they have super fancy bullet journal spreads or incredibly artistic notes and mine are very simple so I don’t know if that is as interesting, shall we say? I also get a little bit worried about putting filming myself! I’m a little self conscious but I’d feel that it might be impersonal if I didn’t have my face on my channel! Bit of a catch 22 right? I think if I had a lot of interest I’d maybe consider doing something. YouTube does interest me and I’d be quite willing to learn video editing etc. Thank you for the suggestion though!! :-) xxx

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Who would win in a snark-off: Laurent or Augus?

Hmm… I feel like Augus has all those fae powers which just puts him at an unfair advantage re: compulsions and the like because he’d just have to say: What do you fear most, or Tell me your most painful childhood memory or something similar to win an argument. (It’s very unfair, but it’s marvellous for derailing someone else’s snark).

However if they were both on a level playing field, like you know, if Augus and Laurent were both human, then Laurent would definitely win. Ultimately, Laurent has been trained to it within an extremely poisonous and toxic environment and Augus hasn’t been in the same way.

Now, who would win between a snark-off between Crielle and Laurent? *throws hands in the air* No idea. Crielle is the snarkiest character I’ve ever written.

But because I adore CS Pacat more than anything I would say Laurent anyway because I basically worship those characters. *lies down* I mean people talk about the connection between Augus and Loki, but I’ve made no secret that I based elements of Augus not on Loki, but on Laurent. Lol.

He says he doesn’t like what black people do. He says he doesn’t necessarily hate black people themselves.

He says he doesn’t like what black people do. He says he doesn’t necessarily hate black people themselves.

“Of course, they hate you,” Roof answers. “Everyone hates you.”

“I would say that, in this case, the prosecution along w/ anyone else who hates me are the ones who have been misled,” he says.

“Anyone, including the prosecuction, who thinks I’m full of hatred has no idea what real hate is,” he says.

“They don’t know anything about me,” Roof says of the prosecution.

“I have a right to ask you to give me a life sentence,” Roof tells the jury. “But I’m not sure what good that would do.”

He says it would just take one dissenter to give him life in prison w/ no parole.

(i planned to do one of those wardrobe ask memes for the follower special ..

but somehow i cant find the one i wanted to use, im literally searching for a week now and either im too dumb to properly search for it or it got deleted ..

so if any of you happen to see a wardrobe meme thats really long and uses symbols, like 🎄🎃🎨, please tell me ;__; )

(if it got deleted or something, would it be ok if i let you lovely people send in an oufit and ill draw it ??)


Pairing: Atsushi x Dazai
Rating: Mostly SFW **Because I don’t trust myself <|D;;;**
Notes: I actually got this idea whilst suffering from a head cold as of late. LOL It got me thinking, “What would Dazai do if he had to take care of a sick Atsushi?” And so this story was born! Since you all really seemed to like my previous story ‘Wanted’, I hope you all like this one just as much! ^0^


“Atsushiiiiiiii~” Dazai said, who had been constantly lightly tapping Atsushi’s head, which was face down on his desk, for 5 minutes. The boy didn’t really have it in him to ask Dazai to stop. Not because he didn’t want to, cause he did, but his head was throbbing. Normally he would tell Dazai to 'Knock it off!’ or just wait for Kunikida to say “'Stop tormenting everyone and get back to work!’ but he knew that wouldn’t do any good for the pain. Sadly it wasn’t just his head. His stomach was doing back flips, his throat was soar and dry, and to top it off he was pretty sure he had a fever. And it’s only Monday.

"Lucky me…”

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For Sixpenceee

Dear, sixpenceee

My sister sent this to me asking if I had any idea what this was, she said her friend found it and was genuinely freaked out. I told her some kids probably did it messing around, but just in case tell him not to mess with it lol. I’m sure it’s nothing but have you seen something like this before? I tried to do some research for any meaning behind it but I’m not really sure what to look for. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it!

  • “What do you want?" 
  • "Are you recording this?" 
  • "Thanks for meeting with me." 
  • "I like it when you say that." 
  • "I do and I did and it was weird." 
  • "And then I went looking for stuff they didn’t want me to find." 
  • "Uh, it sounds like you found something." 
  • "That—that doesn’t make any sense." 
  • "You can definitely say that." 
  • "Where would you like me to start?" 
  • "I kinda knew you were gonna say that." 
  • "Can you tell me what you found?" 
  • "Okay. I’m sorry. I forget who I’m talking to sometimes." 
  • "Do you? I doubt that." 
  • "What if there is somebody out to get you but you have no idea who that somebody is?”
  • “Where are we going?" 
  • "They knew we were there." 
  • "But if it was never mentioned, how do you know about it?" 
  • "You really don’t think all of this is highly suspect?" 
  • "They were serious, though. It was almost impressive." 
  • "Are you sure everything’s okay?" 
  • "Fucked if I know. It’s not my department." 
  • "I don’t like this kind of thing." 
  • "You’re going to have to trust me." 
  • "Tomorrow, things are going to change." 
  • "You’ll have to leave." 
  • "I’m not going anywhere." 
  • "But I don’t think you’re gonna like it." 
  • "Well, that’s where it gets weird." 
  • "You can do that?" 
  • "You have to ask?" 
  • "No. I told you—you wouldn’t get it." 
  • "You know, still trying to make sense of this—whatever this thing is." 
  • "So what do you need? What, uh, what can I do to help?" 
  • "I mean, I could make you believe that I did that, but I couldn’t make somebody like me believe it." 
  • "Why would you say that?" 
  • "There was just something off about the whole thing. It just felt bad—wrong." 
  • "But this is way deeper than that. This is really strange." 
  • "You need to stop." 
  • "You’re fucking everything up." 
  • "You have no idea what you’re doing." 
  • "They’re watching you." 
  • "I’m warning you for our sake as well as yours.”