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On Common Ground 

Jess comes to Stars Hollow several years earlier, as a nine year old boy, and has a strange yet fateful meeting with one Lorelai Gilmore.

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“Why d'you get to ask me all the questions anyway?”

That she could work with. Lorelai grinned. “Ask me anything you like.”

Jess tucked his tongue in his cheek and shifted his eyes upward, thinking. “What do you do at the inn?”

“Ah!” Lorelai said, raising her arm victoriously and making a fist. “I just got promoted, in fact. Event coordinator now.” She put her arm back in its resting position and shook her head, curls falling in front of her eyes, “Phew! I worked for five years as a maid and then was promoted to housekeeping manager and now event co–,” she bought both her index fingers together, dragging out the vowel, “–ordinator! Climbing that corporate ladder and all that.”

“And you’re still living in a potting shed?”

“Hey! It takes a lot of money to buy a house, y’know. And it’s a very nice potting shed. You got something against that?” She tossed her glance his way and wrinkled her nose at him.

Jess looked away and stretched out both arms on his lap, upturning his palms in a noncommittal gesture. “My uncle lives in an office. It looks like a tiny, tiny apartment but my mom told me it use’ta be my grandpa’s office.”

“Hm,” Lorelai hummed. “See, unorthodox living arrangements must be all the rage.”


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind


“There was one birthday… you asked me what I wanted,” he reminded her, pressing his face to her shoulder. “and I said: I want to be happy, and I am so, so happy, Mom.”

so i made a little edit and wrote a meaningless little fic for the birthday boy. can’t believe he’s 23. happy birthday, percy!

“Look at you,” Mom said, smoothing at his shirt and straightening his snapback even if they both knew he’d turn it back around again by the end of the day. 

Percy grinned at her, feeling like a little kid again under her gaze, even if it’d been years. 

“Look at you,” he said, fishing his keys out of his pocket. “You look great, Mom.”

And she did, in a dark blue dress the same color as Percy’s patterned top, her best accessory the bright smile on her face.

They linked arms as they walked down the short two flights of stairs to the lobby, the elevator having broken a day earlier. Neither of them minded, catching up happily even though Percy texted her almost every day. 

“Where are we going?” she asked. “And where’s Annabeth?”

Percy hummed. “She’s gonna meet up with us later. And it’s a surprise.” 

“So just us two?”

He smiled at her and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Just like the old times.”

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sorry to ask this but i'm stupid, but can you explain to me very clearly exactly how to submit badfic

No problem! 

Step 1: Come up with a fic you want to write. Can’t think of anything to write? No worries, here are some of my personal tips:

-Spitball ideas with friends. Not even just that, be inspired by a conversation you have with friends. Recently had a funny conversation and it perfectly fits a character? Write it! This fic was inspired by a conversation I had with some friends about how creepily huge Steven Tyler’s mouth was. 

-Mess around with words. I love words and they’re fun to just mix and match in sentences. I wrote this fic because I way playing around with the prefix “con-” and thought it be funny to change it up.

-Write from current events!  You know how bad those SU leaks can get? Bam, a fic. Holiday season? Boom, another fic. Your birthday? Wablam, a fic from above.  Any event can be turned into an event if you think hard enough.

-Music is also a great inspiration for fic. This fic is literally just lyrics from the song “Centerfold” by J Geils Band.

-If all else fails, just stand in the shower for awhile and maybe a fic will come to you.

Step 2: Got your fic written down? Great! Copy that bad boy and head on over to the blog and click that submission button! But wait!!!! Be sure to read those rules of submission before you do! Here they are again for your convenience:

Step 3: Read those rules? Awesome!! Next step, click on that submission button and paste in your fic. If it all goes well it should look like this: 

Step 4: Now hit submit on that sucker and you’re done! Now you just gotta wait for your fic to be posted!

And that’s it! Hope this was helpful for everyone!

Edye’s book recs!

So this is really long and overly comprehensive and took over an hour to write and is 6 pages long on Google Docs

Here I’ve compiled a list of my all time favorite reads for various genres, based on looking through the over-stuffed bookshelves I have in my room. I went a bit overboard describing each book, but hopefully you’ll enjoy my commentary? Anyway, feel free to ask me questions about any of the books, and if you read it send me an ask or tag me in a post to let me know what you think!

A couple notes

  • An asterisk * indicates that there is at least one sequel, which I may or may not have read or been a fan of.
  • These are listed in no particular order, except the historical fiction is listed in chronological order
  • There might be triggers in any of the books that I haven’t warned you about, so make sure to read the summary of the book beforehand. You can always ask me if you’re leery about any title listed here!
  • At the end I list my number one recommendation for each genre, if you want to skip to that.

Okay, okay, can you get to the list already?

If you insist. Rude.

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Izuru is the shsl surfer, time to sail those waves

Izuru Kamukura as the ultimate surfer

Well first of all sorry for late, I tried drawing this twice and failed, but while I was looking for pictures of people surfing to figure out how should I draw Izuru’s swimsuit, I found a picture of someone who was surfing on a shark. I tried drawing this but I just don’t have them skills TAT so I ended up doing this, I hope you like it anyways :’D

Izuru is surfing on Souda while holding orange juice, because deep inside he’s still Hinata.

But not only that, you won’t see it on the picture but look at the image of the orange juice I used.

Smooth. It was perfect.

fallenwithstyle  asked:

You said in your tags that you don't trust Tao anymore, will you talk about that some more? Because I'm having some suspicions too. When she said her childlike appearance was an advantage, that made me expect something sneaky from her. But her surprise at seeing the HHB last chapter seemed too genuine for me to believe they're the direct target of any plot. What do you think?

I’m really in two minds about this too! On one hand, all of the characters we’ve been introduced to have such a “fun future allies from another country” vibe to them, but on the other hand I can’t help but be suspicious just from what’s been happening. I mean, first there was Tao’s comment on looking young being an advantage, and that her “secret house” is close to Kouka and makes gathering intel easier. And her sort of ditsy introduction versus her acute noticing that Yona was in a bad state. AND the fact that these armed men just happened to turn up the night the HHB appeared? Or even that if they were trying to kill someone, shouting before approaching isn’t the best idea… which makes me think this is an act? AND AND there’s the fact that (at this stage) we only have Tao’s word for everything going on in Xing. This, combined with the fact that Soo-Won requested Xing intel makes me think that Soo-Won may hear a story that contradicts what the HHB have heard… maybe even that Kouren is the one after peace and Tao isn’t, making this a ‘who dunnit?’ kind of set up. Also whilst I’m listing suspicious things there’s Hak’s very first thought on Voldo, which was that he had this different air about him - one that made Hak tense. 

Soooo… yep XD I mean, I’d LOVE for the HHB to actually gain some friends in other countries (and political ones at that, because so far they only have political enemies from across the borders) but I’m still getting little red warning flags in my mind. I guess only time (or more chapters) will tell ^__^

seventeen esports!au

LISTEN. THIS IS A THING NOW. THIS IS HAPPENING. YOU CAN’T STOP ME NOW THAT I’M TYPING THIS. i went too deep in my past and now i can’t get out he lp

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Do you consider Pidge to be female? Like she's canonically female and people are in serious denial IDK?

(Yet another gender related ask I must answer, trying to not sound to ignorant af 🙃)

Ok so like, whenever I’m talking about Pidge, I use she/they bc even though we know Pidge is Katie Holt, a girl, the crew doesn’t really call them Katie. Rather, they still stick to Pidge and looking at Katie/Pidge, it’s safe to say that they don’t particularly care(?) it’s hard to get what I’m saying across but who knows? What if Katie didn’t even identify as she/her? I use them/they pronouns because I don’t have to define them as one sole gender ya know?

So although I might portray Pidge as “she” many others might continue to portray Pidge as “he”

But at the end of the day, you can refer to Pidge whichever way you want. Don’t impose your version of their gender on anyone because that’s rude :/

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Have you read the fic 'Black and Blue' If so what's your opinion on it?

You mean Sneefee’s fancomic? If so hell yeah, man, who didn’t??

I absolutely love it, of course. I mean, a long, well-drawn comic about my otp?? With not only good characterization and plot and love and fluff but also a whole bunch of porn?? What more can a shipper want, dear anon? u_u

I honestly think that’s the ultimate fanwork, the absolute best in this fandom, nothing can top that. I also think that’s what got me to ship Raph and Leo at first?? I’m not sure, it was a long time ago xD

Still, a masterpiece, kudos to snee for having the balls to start such an intense project. I wish I’ll be able to draw something like that one day.

$5 [Example] Commissions

Hey guys! I’m going to give a brief rundown of the situation, but i’ll put some TL;DR below.

Basically, my name is Logan, and I’m pretty broke right now. It’s not an emergency, as I do have a fairly stable day job, but I’m not getting enough hours where I can afford Rent, food, and therapy - it’s mostly a choose one situation (aka, Rent). Not to mention other upcoming cost, or ya know, the hops  had of moving out and/or starting classes again, ect. It’s to the point where I’m taking a month entirely off therapy (yikes) in hopes i can build up a little bit of a savings buffer or something, but at this rate, i’m going to have to cease therapy entirely.

Plus, it’s my birthday next month. I’m not really expecting to have enough money for anything big I want, but I’d like to not be flat broke on my birthday if I can avoid it.

TL;DR - I need $$$, for things like food and therapy and rent! It’s not a emergency but I do have a lack of funds.

So that’s where these commissions come in! I’m hoping to roll out a thing for them soon (I’ve got my art blog live, if a little bare bones, as step 1), but I need some examples of what I can do and to shake the rust off.

So I’m offering Four (4) Five Dollar ($5) commission slots. The subject is your choosing, though at this price, you’re getting stuff I work on for an hour, two hours tops - he point are quick examples and a good deal for you.

I will draw pretty much anything, and if you end up wanting something a bit grander we can definitely discuss it - I’m no married to this exact number of slots or their prices, this is just a base goal,while  get set up to offer commissions properly. I will say nothing NSFW and I have the right to say no to anything I find morally questionable.

Anyway, I clearly don’t know how to be brief, but this is mostly aimed at current followers/mutuals anyway. Examples of my art can be found at my Deviantart [HERE], my art tags [X] and [X] and some sparse examples on my art blog [HERE]. Please message me, or email me at Lpshannahan@gmail.com with any questions or interest! <3

@smol-kitten-furuta remember when I told you that I was busy?
Was it yesterday? Anyway, here is your gift!

You asked me to choose between a bunch of characters…but the idea of Eto and Uta bonding over a kitty (and over their peculiar choice in fashion) was too fun for me to miss such an opportunity.

I had so much fun doing this! Four hours flew by!

And now…back to my pseudo-hiatus.


It’s funny how being an adult in fandom used to be this really cool thing, like Mr. Cat said in a post from earlier today, every adult in fandom that I ever knew was just too cool for me and I was in awe of them. I wanted to be like them… and like…. now I dunno, it’s like kids think fandom is a kid-space. Like… no…. there is a lot in the world which is catered to children like… can’t we have fandom? I remember lying about my age so the adults would think I was cool too and now people brag about being under 18 and are terrified of ever being any older and are basically infantilizing themselves and then accuse the adults in the fandom of doing it instead. Kinda gross if you ask me. 

Anyway… proud to be an adult in this fandom, hope you guys think I’m cool! LOL

How much would I be reaching if I wrote a jayroy high school au drabble based on “I think I need a little change” from Steven universe?

fun fact i was mining my own business at a vancouver bar today when a cute photographer asked me if she could use me for her new art project and i 100% blushed and stuttered for a whole minute before i said yes

remember that grumpy housemate of mine who glared at me on my first day here? well rejoice, today counts as the first day he clearly spoke to me, specifically, and not even answering to something i said !!