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theelliejelly  asked:

I have some friends who are white and are always saying how babies of a certain race are so much cuter than white babies or that mixed babies are the cutest. I've tried to talk to them about how it fetishizes races but they freaked out and said I was over reacting. Im white too and I don't know how to make them take what I'm saying seriously when any suggestion that they aren't totally "woke" or have some problematic ideas about race makes them shut down.

I think the issue with a lot of ignorant white people is that there’s an ego of righteousness. When someone (even another white person) refutes their perspective, beliefs, or ideals, their response is to shut down the conversation by making it into an emotional or moral issue. But when people have a conversation about race in this sense, it’s not about an emotional or moral issue. It’s about a racial and systemic issue. It’s about an issue that affects millions and billions of People of Color all across the world. And yes, even white people are affected.

This is how a lot of ignorant white people will derail conversations about race because often times, they know almost nothing about it. They think they know about race but it’s usually just mainstream “white knowledge” that has never been explained, unpacked, challenged, or experienced in any way for themselves. If bigoted or ignorant white people won’t even listen to a white person, I’m not sure how they’ll listen to a Person of Color. The most you can do is to keep trying but if they don’t listen, then there’s not much else you can do.

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What's your opinion on whites adopting black children? Is it something to be frowned upon because I don't see it as a problem if the whites aren't shit parents that treat them like property. But all parents (regardless of race) can be guilty of that.

Only real problem I have with white people adopting black children is savior complexes I’ve seen many white parents have when adopting black children.  Those complexes are rooted in racism. Raising a black child in this world is challenging. There are many things that a white person will probably never be able to teach a black child because they were never a black child. I was taught vastly different lessons about interacting with this world because I was raised by black parents.

There’s also things like white parents not knowing how to take care of black hair. That can be super damaging to a black child. BUT something like that can be learned. There’s this great white mother of a black girl who encourages her daughter to be natural and puts her in the cutest hair styles and she runs this great blog. I wish I remembered it’s name. But long story short, it can happen. I think that if you’re going to raise a black child, make sure you’ve got someone in your life to at the very least help you that’s black.