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a couple of things: i love that you're a bit older than most simmers here and that you aren't ashamed of it. i know people who are afraid to tell people their age because apparently it's unacceptable to be over the age of twenty five and still be a gamer. also, i love your sims and your style. i don't know if you upload to the gallery or are comfortable with sharing but i'd love to have freddy in my game if/when you retire him. :)

Aww, thank you sweet nonny! I don’t really get why one should suddenly stop playing when reaching a certain age. Sure I don’t play that often anymore as I did 10 years ago, but that has more to do with my job & kids than my age. 

I have some sims up at the gallery (origin ID Saartje77) and some here at my download page.

I don’t mind sharing Freddy, since I probably won’t play him as much as he deserves.

I’ll put him up soon.

I always played League with my boyfriend, but lately he’s just hanging around with friends, and he told me I’m too clingy. Now I feel bad because of it, and try to forget it with playing, but every time I enter the queue, it reminds me of us. I wish I could just play with friends like he does, but I have none.

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Artwork by foliage

explaining the gay
  • friend: so like, how did you know you were gay?
  • me: well, i just realized something, y'know...
  • friend: what?
  • me: life's too short, and we should be who we are-
  • friend: you're... you're quoting Supergirl aren't y-
  • friend: oh my god not aga-
  • me: *slams play button and begins off-key screeching along to Sigma ft. Rita Ora's 'Coming Home'*
  • friend: why did i even bother asking
  • me: *dissolves into incoherent gay weeping*
People seem to forget...
  • Aries: That you are friendly, you're the one that runs up to someone you love just to hug them, you give the best bear hugs! You put your whole heart into it, and friendliest person at first impression, enthusiastic? Hell yeah, friendly? Yes most definitely.
  • Taurus: That you are wise, like an owl peering out hiding behind this sweetness, I know you are I've heard you talk, you're wise! You have such a thoughtful way of looking at things and thinking, and so patient, that is wisdom.
  • Gemini: That you are loving, that when you let someone into your life you love them with every part of your body, you care and you treat them with respect, any person who becomes a part of your life should know how special they are.
  • Cancer: That you are brave, that your sensitivity is not just to what people say but to how much you feel! So much more then most people, and you deal with it you push through it, you are strong and you are brave for going through this everyday, for allowing to feel what you feel, that's bravery.
  • Leo: That you are genuine, that you don't just run around playing games all day, you aren't just a show off you aren't just careless, when someone receives a compliment from you, you mean it you don't say it just in spite of them, you are a genuine person you care genuinely for those around you, you are so much more then just someone craving attention.
  • Virgo: That you are sweet, one of the sweetest in fact, you can be critical you can be judging but I know you listen better then anyone and I know you care more then most, you have a huge sweet spot for those near and dear to you and you would never try to hurt them, you only come from a space of love that sometimes comes off harsher then intended.
  • Libra: That you are elegant, I'm not sure why this isn't remembered because you have a beautiful grace to the way you move, you are not just a flirt you are a flower dancing along, a treasure a thoughtful sweet beauty who moves with intention and grace, I promise you are a lovely one with so much more to you then just making others smile.
  • Scorpio: That you are emotional, you carry so many emotions, you are thoughtful and loving, you don't show it often, and I get why! Emotions are terrifying but you have them there and when you share it it comes out so thoughtfully, so dark and heavy with how much you've been holding. Whoever gets to hear your deepest thoughts and feelings is the most important person in your life.
  • Sagittarius: That you do love, though it is hard for you because freedom and independency is your life, your family is immensely important to you and if you ever give your heart to someone they will have you for life, you may not trust or attach to people often, but when you do it is the strongest form of love.
  • Capricorn: That you are kind, that you always try your best when giving an honest answer to tell them kindly, that when you talk to someone you try and talk kindly, softly, lovingly, you have a hard time expressing it because you have such a tough exterior but you have such a soft spot for love, and you care for others, strangers or not, you don't want to hurt them.
  • Aquarius: That you are an artist, it doesn't mean you paint or draw or write, but that your mind is a piece of art that you see the world in a whole other form, you are art, you have a creative way of doing everything, and anything you choose to do you will do it artistically.
  • Pisces: That you are honest, that though you are one of the sweetest signs you hardly ever lie, you give the most sincere and honest answers to the those who ask, to those who are close and you love, honesty is your policy you only want to give the most thought out and truthful response you can, I think people forget you are honest because it comes off so nice it doesn't sound like an honest truth it just sounds like a kind response.
Thankfully some Gods aren't easily offended

Playing a home brew game, the party is investigating a missing person and end up at the library and are trying to question the Librarian who’s not giving them anything.

Mage: *throws down spell card* I want to use Zone of Truth!

Me (DM): Are you SURE?

Thief: If the DM asks you that the answer should always be no!

Mage: I want to do it!

Me: *flipping open my reference notebook to the deities page*  Okay you just tried to cast that on THE GOD OF KNOWLEDGE.

Party collectively: Oh fuck we’re gunna die in the first session!!

Hi, yeah, so if people could stop referring to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a play that Rowling not only collaborated on but that has obvious traces of her style and ideas, as fanfiction just because people don’t like it for whatever reason, that would be great. 

JKR says it’s canon; you can accept it as that or not in your own interpretation or whatever. But stop just dismissing it and saying it shouldn’t be canon for anyone just because you didn’t like it.

I will never look at the flowers the same way again.
—  Everyone in The Walking Dead Fandom.
BTS as things me and my friends have said while high

Namjoon: “Is it called a window sil or window seal?”

Jin: “I wonder how many nutter butters i could eat in a minute”

Yoongi: “The soundtrack for 50 shades of grey was way too good for sexy twilight fanfiction.”

J-Hope: “You really aren’t that funny. You should scroll through my twitter.”

Jimin: “*Watches A video of cats playing the piano* THESE CATS DESERVE A GRAMMY”

Taehyung: “But what’s actually in margarita mix if you have to buy alcohol to put in it?”

Jungkook: “Do you think your mom knows we’re smoking weed? Do you think she’ll call my mom?”

Most kissable and feminine out of the Derp Crew
  • Chilled: Yeah, I thought about it, on who'd I'd make out with, like who are friends, and uhh. Yeah, I don't know, I really wouldn't get anyone, I couldn't, I really couldn't put in on, uuhhh. Even with Ze, nope, don't think I would. Don't think I would.
  • Aphex: Damn.
  • Smarty: Couldn't see it happening.
  • Galm: What if you were a girl?
  • Aphex: What if you were?
  • Chilled: Uhh, does he still have the beard as a girl?
  • Aphex: *burst out laughing*
  • Galm: I said you, not him.
  • Tom: If there was a situation if I had to make out with one of you, I think I would make out with Ze.
  • Smarty: *laughs* You want that beard?
  • Chilled: .... I think I would make out with Smarty.
  • Tom: He's got a pretty kissable face.
  • Smarty: *while Tom was talking* Really?
  • Chilled: See, you're the most feminine out of all of us.
  • Smarty: Aw thanks guys, *puts on a girly voice* jesus!
  • Aphex: Damn
  • Galm: I would give Ze the most feminine out of all of us.
  • Aphex: You really think so?
  • Chilled: I think Ze would get a pedicure out of all of us, Ze would get a pedicure and a manicure.
  • Galm: Yeah, I could see him getting his eyebrows done, and everything, absolutely.
  • Aphex: *intrigued* wow
  • Galm: He's got nice eyes.
  • Chilled: I'd think he be a gentle kiss, like not really anything rough.
  • -few seconds later-
  • Tom: My chat is making, saying about you know, 'oh you would kiss Ze if you had to kiss anyone?', like no. I'm talking about within the derp crew here.
  • Smarty: Don't make that, *gets talked over by Aphex and Tom*, listen. Listen, if fangirls, err, if a bunch of fangirls got us to smack Chilled's ass while he was doing autographs, they are going to try and get us to do anything. That's not something we want.
  • Aphex: No no no no, we aren't kissing in public.
  • Tom: We have our limits, we definitely have our LIMITS *falls in game*.
  • Everyone: *starts laughing*
  • Chilled: Those limits flew right off
  • Smarty: Those limits are off
  • -few minutes or so later-
  • Aphex: You know, I'm not gonna lie though. I will admit. Okay, I'm going by Chilled's, like you know description on Ze being, like kissable. I can actually see Ze being kissable.
  • Chilled: I think Ze should kiss us all, since he's not play Mario Kart
  • Everyone: *starts laughing again*
  • Smarty: I hope to god that he comes into the chat and is just 'What the fuck is going on?'.
  • Chilled: Uhh, uhh, chat, all of our chats, can you tell Ze that since he is not playing Mario Kart he has to kiss us?
The Dark Knight Sentence Meme
  • "Why do they call him The Joker?"
  • "Criminals in this town used to believe in things."
  • "I believe that what doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger."
  • "What kind of hero needs to wear a mask?"
  • "I told your man my compound would take you places. I never said they'd be places you wanted to go."
  • "One man or the entire mob?"
  • "When you stitch yourself up, you make a bloody mess."
  • "Are you interested in his character or his social circle?"
  • "You don't leave things like this to chance."
  • "If you're not getting shot at, you're not doing your job."
  • "Good thing about the mob is they keep giving you second chances."
  • "Gotham's proud of an ordinary man standing up for what's right."
  • "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
  • "I thought I told bad jokes."
  • "If you're good at something, never do it for free."
  • "Wanna know how I got these scars?"
  • "Let's put a smile on that face."
  • "Why so serious?"
  • "We don't have to be afraid of scum like you."
  • "You cannot leave me on my own with these people."
  • "I guess no answer isn't no."
  • "A little fight in you. I like that."
  • "You can't protect me. You can't even protect yourselves."
  • "Some men just want to watch the world burn."
  • "You'd leave a man's life to chance?"
  • "You're the symbol of hope that I could never be."
  • "Don't make me your one hope for a normal life."
  • "I suppose they'll lock me up as well. Your accomplice."
  • "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming."
  • "You make your own luck."
  • "Hit me. Come on. Hit me."
  • "Kill you? I don't want to kill you. What would I do without you?"
  • "I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve."
  • "You have these rules and you think they'll save you."
  • "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules."
  • "Killing is making a choice. You choose one life over the other."
  • "How many of your friends have I killed?"
  • "You know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You don't get to savor all the little emotions."
  • "I don't want to live without you."
  • "If you lose your faith in me, please keep your faith in people."
  • "Why should I hide who I am?"
  • "This city deserves a better class of criminal and I'm going to give it to them. This is my town now."
  • "It's not about money. It's about sending a message."
  • "I hate plans. Yours. Theirs. Everyone's."
  • "Come nightfall, this city is mine and everyone left here plays by my rules."
  • "You're about to know what my suffering is really like."
  • "What were you hoping to prove? That deep down, we're all as ugly as you?"
  • "You truly are incorruptible, aren't you?"
  • "You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self righteousness and I won't kill you because you're too much fun."
  • "We're going to do this forever."
  • "Madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push."
  • "It's not about what I want. It's about what's fair."
  • "The only morality in a cruel world is chance."
  • "Gotham needs it's true hero."
  • "He's the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs right now."
  • "He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight."

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As a progressive I should be happy about the whole thing where POC actors are deliberately sought for Hamilton casting, bc POC actors really need more roles where they aren't just "ok I guess you can play them" or The Token ___. But as a white person who is into drama and still feels quite a bit of subconscious entitlement to my privilege...,

As a progressive, I still think it shouldn’t just purely be decided by race. It’s just a matter of circumstance. Like I said, if you HAVE PoC who can act well, prioritize them. For instance, we have this guy named Blake in our class who is African American, and he’s a great actor, so if we were to do Hamilton it would only make sense to prioritize him for a lead role. But if you have a primarily white theatre department(which most people, including myself DO have), you might just have to work with what you have. Also, don’t feel guilty about wanting to act in hamilton as a lead role, there’s not something wrong with that, who doesn’t?

The Signs as Quotes From The Comeback Kid
  • Aries: anyone who's seen my dick and met my parents needs to die.
  • Taurus: you could pour soup in my lap and I'd probably apologize to YOU
  • Gemini: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • Cancer: this is an on-fire garbage can.
  • Leo: I don't need to trace it. I know how big letters should be
  • Virgo: my children will be up in their rooms playing violent video games and catfishing pedophiles!
  • Libra: you're not allowed to milk a cow that you don't own. That's not even a situation!
  • Scorpio: sometimes babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • Sagittarius: show us on this white comedian where the man touched you.
  • Capricorn: and right at that moment, some Cheeto-fingered, rat-mustached thirteen year old prick decides to go, "aww, she's ugly!"
  • Aquarius: for those of you who aren't Catholic, I don't mean to exclude you, even though we love to exclude you.
  • Pisces: [angry moo-ing]
I Will Never Stop Loving Him,(Part Three of I Still Love Him) Owen x Reader

Warnings: Angst but ends with fluff 

Words: 2,577

Y/N giggled, looking at the camera with a confused look. The person behind the camera laughed, shaking the camera a bit. “This is a big moment! This is your next step!” The voice spoke, the person was Claire. 

Y/N nodded simply before clicking on the lighter in her hand and holding the slip of paper by it’s very edge. She brought the lighter to the paper and watched as it burned for a second before dropping it into the metal trashcan. A grin spread across her face as she looked up towards Claire, “That felt good.” 

“Good! Then it’s working, now do another one.” Claire moved closer to Y/N, the camera shaking as she walked. “The more memories you burn of the two of you the better you’ll feel, I promise.” 

Claire moved towards the pile of torn up paper with Y/N’s handwriting scribbled on them. Claire’s hand appeared in the frame as she picked one up and read it out loud. “First kiss… burn this one next, it’s one of the bigger memories of the two of you.” Y/N took the paper from Claire’s hand and lit it on fire, smiling wider. 

Claire moved the camera around so that it showed Claire’s face and Y/N in the background. Claire smiled as she caught Y/N’s attention. “Y/N, if Owen was to watch this what would you say to him?” 

Y/N threw another paper into the trashcan before looking back at the camera, wrinkling her nose as she thought. “Hmm, well I suppose I would say… Oh, I know! Owen, you are a ass. I loved you so much and you threw me away like it was nothing and for that, I want to hate you. But for some reason, I can’t. I just can’t hate you no matter how badly I want to. But the way I see it, if I can’t hate you and I still love you then I have to move on. I will always love you Owen Grady and that sucks but you aren't my man anymore so I need to move on and so that’s what I plan on doing. Goodbye Owen Grady!”  

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: high school musical was a really inaccurate portrayal of the high school play experience. Why are they building the set before the show is even cast? Why are they doing a student written production? I'd that their thing? How do you choose the student to write the production? Why does it take so long to do callbacks? If there are only two callback candidates it shouldn't take so long. Where is the stage manager? They should be in charge of the auditioning process. Where is the holding room? You aren't supposed to have an audience during your audition! So much is so wrong

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Aren't you like... WAYY too small to be "DW face of hiccup"?

You know Logan/Wolverine? From x-men? He is 5'3"

Hugh Jackman? Who plays Wolverine in the movies? Hes like…6'3"

Nuff said.

Yeah I am short. But I’m still allowed to have dreams. I’m short, but that doesnt mean I don’t put my entire soul into what I’m passionate about.

But either way, what kind of asshole really goes up to someone and says “you’re too this to cosplay that” skin, weight, race, height, gender. It does not matter. You, anon, should be ashamed. I’ll tell you what kind of person does that, you. Someone whos trying to start crap and make someone else feel bad. Thats you. Are you proud?

Let me tell you one thing. You arent successful. You wont be successful. Just because you’re behind anon does not mean you aren’t responsible for your words. I mean that whoever you are, you’re a bad person who probably has no right to judge anyone else. And would probably hate to be judged themselves. Thats why you’re hiding, after all.

Those posts online that you see someone saying “you’re too dark skinned” or “you’re too skinny/fat”, and then thousands of people make posts to boost other peoples self confidence? Thats you, you’re that person everyone looks down on who says mean things to people to bring them down.

This isnt just about me. This is about all those people out there who have a dream and think they cant do it because they will be judged by people like you.
This is about cosplayers, and actors who get scared to go do what they love because of someone like YOU who will point out an imperfection.

I want you to know that I’m not personally offended by you or what you just said. I’m not discouraged. But I am upset for others who do feel too bad to do do what they love because people like you exist.

Grow up. And seriously reevaluate yourself.

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  • Maya: For Halloween we should dress up as Ferris, Sloane and Cameron!
  • Farkle: No.
  • Riley: Yes!
  • Farkle: No.
  • Riley & Maya: Why not?
  • Riley: Cameron is the best friend though! He's great!
  • Farkle: Obviously, you're Sloane and Maya is playing Ferris which isn't fair at all.
  • Maya: What's not fair?
  • Farkle: Ferris and Sloane are dating! Which means you two are going to be implied dating if you dress up as them! And-
  • Maya: Are you jealous?
  • Farkle: What? No! I'm just-
  • Maya: You're jealous that you can't be Ferris and be able to reenact all their lines together with Riley, am I right?
  • Farkle: Pft, no.
  • Maya: You're such a liar.
  • Farkle: You shouldn't dress up as characters who are dating if in reality you aren't! We're not entering a couple's contest or anything!
  • Maya: Oh, maybe Riley and I should. We'd win definitely.
  • Farkle: Riley and I won FAVORITE COUPLE LAST YEAR, MIND YOU!
  • Maya: How do I know you didn't just edit that in yourself? You're on the Yearbook Team aren't you? Anybody with eyes can see that we're the better couple.
  • Maya: You don't get to make that decision!
  • Riley: *awkwardly says* Hello? Guys?
  • Maya & Farkle: What!
  • Riley: We could just go as something else. You know that way nobody's feelings get hurt. I also didn't know you two care deeply about Ferris and Sloane's relationship. Do you two care that deeply on what other people think on how we're portrayed together?
  • Maya: Shit.
  • Farkle: Crap.
  • Riley: So...
  • Maya: So...
  • Farkle: I've been in love with Riley since the first grade, therefore I get to be Ferris.
  • Maya: How is that even relevant? And we should just go as something else like Riley said so no one' feelings get hurt.
  • Farkle: Are you implying that you care about my feelings or that you're backing down from getting to be the main lead because-
  • Maya: Zip it, Minkus.
  • Farkle: My feelings are out in the open. It's only fair for you to do the same.
  • Riley: Maya?
  • Farkle: Maya's in love with you Riley!
  • Maya: I'm going to kill you!
  • Farkle: Can I at least be Harry Potter instead of a Ravenclaw student?
  • Maya: I can pull off Harry Potter better than you can!
  • Farkle: I dare you to try.
  • Riley: *Says in Hermione's voice* What an idiot.
  • Maya and Farkle: Who are you calling an idiot?
  • Riley: You two are both idiots.
Skryrim Species as the Signs
  • Aries: Nords|| fierce, strong, and enthusiastic warriors
  • Taurus: Wood Elves|| Short with brown to dark tan complexion. Are remarkable thieves and archers
  • Gemini: Argonians|| sneaky and gender fluid
  • Cancer: Giants|| generally peaceful but will attack if provoked/threatened
  • Leo: Dragons|| Power in their blood, made to dominate
  • Virgo: High Elves|| Consider themselves the most civilized race
  • Libra: Khajiit|| Good merchants and speech givers in general
  • Scorpio: Dark Elves|| Generally callous, if given a pamphlet about the Goddess of Love they react with a look of irritation/disgust
  • Sagittarius: Orcs|| Violent & Extremely tough
  • Capricorn: Deep Elves|| Extinct but they mainly focused on logic and sciences
  • Aquarius: Redguards|| Aren't easily ill
  • Pisces: Bretons|| Considered passionate, poetic, eccentric, willful, and good at cooking
  • P: This was suggested to me by a friend who actually plays Skyrim and you should check out his blog! He posts almost daily about Skyrim and would love to have new followers that are into gaming! Ask him about games and tell him Destiny sent you! At dovahkiin-problems (: thank you!
More actual lines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • *just an average day on the Millenium Falcon*
  • Finn: Rey, you bored?
  • Rey: Kinda, what do you think we should do?
  • Finn: We can play a game, like bingo, blackjack, heads up seven up, or-
  • Poe: *storms in* Marco Poe-lo!
  • Poe: *grins smugly*
  • Finn: No, Poe.
  • Rey: No, Poe.
  • Poe: Yes, Poe. This joke was approved by Han Solo! *slaps his knee at the rhyme*
  • Rey: Damnit Poe, aren't you supposed to be on guard?
  • Finn: Yeah, what if someone attacks us while you're here-
  • *Kylo Ren bursts into the room*
  • Kylo: Hey, I'm gonna Ren you out of this town! (awkward pause) Ha, get it? Cause it's supposed to be run, not Ren!
  • Finn: ...
  • Poe: ...
  • Rey: ...Fuck you, cousin.
  • Kylo: *runs out of the room crying while blasting Evanescence on his iPod*

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Why aren't you jealous with ally?

Because you can’t lose something you don’t own. I don’t own her and I don’t think anyone should feel like their partner is a possession.

All I can do is hope that every day she chooses to be with me. We play a game where we try to out-impress each other with romantic things and how we treat each other.

Constantly one-uping one another.

It’s a hell of a way to live.