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“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

Y’ALL ARE SO WILD FOR BEING HERE I honestly have no idea how to even comprehend that this many people want to see my trash ramblings on their dash every day. 

Deciding to make a multi muse blog has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my deep, dark history of Tumblr rp’ing for the sheer fact that it’s introduced me to so many amazing people across multiple fandoms. The amount of talent I see on my dash every day frequently leaves me speechless, and occasionally climbing into your IM’s to scream at you for something you’ve posted that’s emotionally destroyed me. You all have given your characters their own life and their own voice, and it is an honor and a privilege to watch you guys do you thing every dang day. 

Not only are you guys incredible writers, graphic/edit/etc makers, and heart breakers, YOU’RE ALL RAYS OF GD SUNSHINE TOO?!?! It’s not right for there to be this many flawless people. Honestly. I see friendships and conversations in mun posts and find myself grinning like an idiot at my computer screen because you’re all the funniest, most genuine people on the block and for whatever reason, you let me admire your beauty and grace and I’m truly #blessed

I’m lucky enough to talk to some of you every day, and others I haven’t even interacted with yet (WTTFFF???) but admire you from afar, SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, here are all the great people that I’d gladly follow into battle, off a cliff, or fight a bear for. 

@aimovoriia @aardently @ansvre @baddecisionsandbourbon @battleincarnate @boadicean @braverytaught @chandrilangel @chantillystained @cravesfreedom @deathfollows @didnotstrut @fierychaser @hisbattles @ineveryvein @inventingtruth @killedbyvoldemort @luciusmorningstar @magicaladept @maniacollision @mercycries @misersevere @noiretranger @ofanimagi @ourpyrrhicvictory @paddyfeet @prctecteur @rookierebel @sanctitudinis @starhaze @suitedblue @sylphbones @thescorcher @uglyinnocence @vaarulv

SO NOW FOR THE POTENTIALLY?? FUN PART!! If you’d like a graphic for your character, and you are following me (as it is a follower appreciation after all) please feel free to message me “✸ GARBAGE GANG APPRECIATION✸“ with the name of your character if you’ve got more than one, and I’ll make your babe a little aesthetic graphic! Recent examples can be found here and here and here

THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN FOR FOLLOWING ME, I love you more than I can properly put into words.  

I’ve been meaning to do this 5EVAHH, but here it is

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You’re all incredible; constantly giving me inspiration, constantly making me feel welcome and loved and worth something. Thank you all so much for being here and contributing to, what is mostly an awesome community! 

My Number 1, go to, will love forever and ever even if they murdered a person or a small animal (or if they love peanut butter~ like a weirdo…ALE)

@soft-almond - You are my wife, my love, my heart, @literallywhothe - I honestly don’t know what I do without you.DIE, @early-grape - You’re the nicest human around and ily, @cabsim - You’re one of the first people I ever followed. I loved you then and I love you now, @wildlyminiaturesandwich - I would stick by you no matter what, because you are genuinely an amazing human, @citrontart - You are also one of the first simblrs I followed and dang I would be floundering without your inspiration, @bratsims - You’re legacy literally has me biting my nails, like bish you’re giving me emotional trauma and I love it

there is definitely more, so if I’ve forgotten any names I’M S O R R Y and I do LOVE YOU!

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hi there! new follower here. first off, i just wanted to say thank you for running a blog that is keeping a level head in the midst of all this fandom drama. two, is there any way you can rec a few blogs that are similar to yours? it's so hard to find people in this fandom who aren't engaging in the drama. thank you!!!

Ahh you’re most welcome, I’ve been in this fandom since June and I’ve seen storms come and go. My goal has always been to remain as steady as possible through it all <3

Ok so I went through the notes on this post and basically listed my mutuals/people I follow, plus a few more off the top of my head. There’s probably many more people I could add to this but it’s late and I can’t think straight anymore :P If I neglected to tag you please don’t take it personally. Also some of these aren’t purely Voltron blogs but I’ll let you sift through them and decide who you like :) 

Everyone feel free to reblog and rec friends/good blogs you know!

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freetoflythecrimsonsky  asked:

Please tumblr mother help me. I cannot help but want to scream at fanfic authors that oral sex can transmit STDs too and that if your characters are just wrapping it up to shove a dick up someone then they aren't having "safe sex" when it comes to STDs

Ah yes, the whole “sex ed class really failed you” dilemma. I’m afraid there’s some people you’ll never convince that safe sex is sexy, you can try, but trust me, it’s a losing battle on here.

I still get messages about my rant about how using lube is a NECESSITY for safe sex with people trying to tell me I’m crimping their kink, like I’m sorry, I was unaware the anal fissure fandom had quite such a large following. 

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i think everything mofftiss has done makes perfect sense when you realize that they aren't just planning for johnlock but purposefully proving that johnlock is a necessity and that sherlock holmes as a franchise and as a person can't exist without it. they want to make an indelible impression on the world. they don't want just their adaptation to be "the gay one" but for people to be unable to think of sherlock without thinking of johnlock and for every sherlock adapation in the future to follow

me too

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different person, but I've got a follow-up on that question about whether you post everything people submit. assuming they aren't anon, do you let people know that you won't be posting their submission if you decide not to go with it? just curious since it seems like some people might feel like they got left hanging after submitting something months ago or something

We do not. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to message someone back about their submission, even if they aren’t anon - it’s a one-way thing. Plus, Tumblr sometimes still eats submissions, and we can’t do anything at all about submissions we never receive. 

We recommend that people who want to know the status of their submission message us - off anon - asking about it! We’ll do our best to find it and let you know where it is in the queue. 

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lostnox  asked:

i noticed you don't have a faq and was wondering if you had a list of places your comics are also on? saw a wattpad account with your work being posted and people are asking if the user has permission. there's also another user who wrote on the message board "ILY...our stories xD" so wondering if that's you? there's a huge amount of reads + followers and they aren't pretending to be you, but they also don't respond to questions like permission and update schedules.

Hi! What you just told me would be a serious issue if this person wouldn’t even credit me! I don’t recall ever giving my permission to publish ‘Broken’ on Wattpad, but if they credited me and my Tumblr… it’s less worrying than it seems! Well, they could at least answer the comments and tell they’re my fans, as their account name says!
By the way, thank you for telling me! Unfortunately I don’t have that much time to stay on internet, and I use the little time off I have from work to publish 'Broken’ on Tumblr!
Anyways, if you need a list:
'Broken’ is only published on my Tumblr: http://anomalyah.tumblr.com
Other works about Star can be found on Pinterest:
Or Deviantart:
If you see 'Broken’ somewhere else, it’s from fans on Facebook, or translations on Tumblr, or dubs on YouTube, and they ALWAYS credit me!
Anyway, when the day comes that someone takes the merit and doesn’t give credits to me, let me know!

p.s. if you search a list go to “LINK” section on my tumblr blog ^_*  

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Hi! This isn't really a question for you, but your followers! I was thinking about making a network of sorts for autistic people in fandoms, since it's so rare to come across other autistic people in your fandoms, and it would be a way of autistic people supporting each other's original content, and I was just wondering if that's something the autistic community would be interested in? (I'm staying on anon for now bc I'm very anxious and I might not even do it if there aren't many responses)

That sounds like a really cool idea! 

Followers, what do you think?


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I've been looking for a few Phan artists? A lot of them also blog about other fandoms and post about shows/music I don't care about which clogs my feed. You're a bigger blog so I thought you might know a few people who are strictly, more or less, Phan artists?

sure man!





@phantheraglama (that’s not tagging so click here)  




@wavyfoxtrot (fran also draws/reblogs bts [kpop] but probs worth it anyway!!)


@pickinglester (that’s not tagging so click here)




i’m honestly definitely forgetting a million amazing artists but here are some!! callout post @ myself: a lot of these people i saw on my dash all the time and i see their art everywhere and i wasn’t ??? following them ??? friendly reminder to follow the people whose art you’re always reblogging bc i think a lot of us forget that

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How can you say "any ship or kink"? You are a fraud if you think you can write things you aren't into yourself. Especially if you're writing different orientations. You are just doing it so people will follow you.

I won’t even get into the idea of writers not writing something unless they have personally experienced it. That’s a whole separate can of worms.

As for me, especially when it comes to writing sex, if it is safe and consensual, then it deserves to be explored. I write a lot of things that wouldn’t interest me in real life, but they are still valid. And I am certain that I have interests that plenty of others don’t. Still valid.

I want everyone to always feel welcomed and included. That goes way beyond my blog. So naturally, when I write, I see no problem with representing anyone and everyone. I hope that I can make someone happy when they see themselves in my fics.

Now, that’s me. There are other writers who feel uncomfortable writing certain things. Again, TOTALLY VALID. Are you seeing a theme here?

Let people express themselves. Encourage and support them. End of story.

anonymous asked:

Hello Dark, So recently I've come out as Pansexual, and already people who are of the lgbt+ community and whom aren't, are saying that my sexuality is "fake." Do you have any advice on what I should tell those people? Thoughts? And also.... Could I possibly have a hug? I-I mean, it's fine if you don't want to give me one, I understand...

The paper, written by instruction, and followed by perfect design, crinkled beneath the abrupt clenching of Dark’s large fist. His head slowly lifted away from the depth of his work, and his eyes burned like molten oil.

“You tell those…. doubters… that you will not be labeled by the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ that society has placed on this world. You will not follow what they believe is right for you, you will not hide the way you feel simply because they’re too afraid to accept you.”

He burst from the desk, causing the legs to wobble and shift, as he coursed himself towards them in a few confident strides. Grabbed them around their waist, he yanked them into his chest, where he hugged with such possession the strength behind him may have caused some pain.

“Never let a single soul tell you that the way you live, the people you love, and the reasons you feel, are invalid. The are too shallow, and too idiotic, to accept the fact that people in this world are unlike them, and for good reason. Take pride in who you are, as my lovely.”

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Hey! I'm the anon from last week who asked for luck coming out to their date and here's a bit of follow-up. Well I did it and he took it really well, wasn't even phased! When I told him some people see it (asexuality) as a deal-breaker he told me "people who consider that a deal-breaker aren't in the right mindset for a relationship." So thank you for your well-wishes, I think it helped me a lot! And @ all the other people who are nervous, it's okay, people can surprise you in the best ways!

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Hey can you recommend me any nice just wholesome d&p blogs? Like some that aren't huge shippers and don't freak out over a tiny insignificant thing every 5 minutes. I've been in this fandom for a while and I had a d&p blog until 2013 when I deleted it so I kinda don't know anyone anymore...I'm just so over that kinda attitude now but I still wanna see d&p on my dash so I need people to follow...(also how's architecture school? I'm starting next year!)

ok so i don’t really pay attention to that because sometimes it’s fun to freak out and stuff so i don’t really know who doesn’t do that but i’ll just recommend off the top of my head some mutuals that i love and whose blogs are some of my favourites and u should definitely follow them bc they’re amazing and make beautiful content!!

@astronautdan, @ratinof, @softdnp, @demonphannie, @dansucc, @heckdan, @danhowellgifs, @fuckinlester, @prettydan, @heartphil, @artsyphil, @formsprings, @sadistdan, @dimplydan, @wispyphil

as for architecture school: 

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Hey I have a lot of questions.. 1. will my swagger + meet me be on iTunes/imusic ? 2. how many managers does got7 have? 3. what are solo photoshoots (it was mention in one of your reply)? 4. can got7 take a walk outside like meeting with friends or just chilling in a park or cafe without beeing chased 24h? 5. are the airport picture allowed to be taken.. I remember a rule about privacy because of this their aren't paparazo 6. do you have a personal blog on tumblr only if you like sharing with us

1. I heard it’s only on Japan Itunes

2. It keeps changing

3. Check photoshoot tag to see them all and backtrack, finding them all and listing would be very time consuming ;;

4. They can but they have to take a cab or hide because there are people in front of their dorm so they would be able to follow them easily

5. Yes you can take photos at the airport but managers and idols don’t like when fans shove phones into their faces (when they’re too close) or when they touch them

6. No, I don’t have another blog^^ I don’t have time for that

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who is the more dominant in jikook for you??

Ermahgerd Nonie! Do you mean in bed or in general? I guess I’ll do both. The short answer is 

Longer answer? They like to take turns. Kookie most definitely likes being the dominant one, and most of the time Jimin lets him think he is. But then there’s times where Jimin just shows him who’s actually the boss.

Jimin absolutely adores Kookie, and would give the world to him. This mentality sort of has Kookie thinking he’s on top doesn’t it? That he can get Jimin to do whatever he wants. Except when Jimin gets pissed, or puts his foot down on something, I bet it takes less than a day, maybe a day tops, before Kookie comes running to Jimin begging for forgiveness. He’ll do whatever it takes. (Of course, Kookie does have a stubborn streak, so he can really hold back if he’s serious.)

But, for me, Jimin really has the reigns here, Kookie just doesn’t realize it. Say Kookie pisses Jimin off and in turn Jimin gives Kookie the cold shoulder. A few days in Kookie’s begging for forgiveness in any form he can (ie touchy touchy, hyung this hyung that). Jimin’s having none of it. One normal afternoon everything goes to shit and the rest of the gang knows to get the hell out of dodge cause shit’s about to get real. And there’s screaming and yelling and suddenly Jimin yanks Kookie by the collar and slams him into the wall. They stay for for a few seconds, just breathing heavily. Jimin looks furious and Kookie thinks Jimin’s gonna rip his head off and is actually in fear for his life when Jimin kisses him. Hard. It kinda feels like Jimin punched him, actually. And Jimin yanks on Kookie’s shirt again until they’re in the bedroom and pushes Kookie down on the bed.

And when Kookie sees where this is going he’s so holy fucking shit turned on because he’s never seen Jimin like this and for some reason he really really likes being dominated. Needs to feel like someone else has the control for once. You can bet there’s more screaming to follow *wiggly eyebrows*.

Lol what was I talking about again? 

So, for the most part, it may look like Kookie’s the dominant one, but he’s really just putty in Jimin’s hands. 

(At least that’s what I’d like to think. Hehe so many people like Jimin as a bottom, and don’t get me wrong, it’s hella hot, but for some reason I really like Jimin topping.)

If you have head canons you want to share, or if you want me to share mine, shoot me an ask

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I agree with that anon. If some stuff came out about Camren, it wouldn't really be that big of a deal. Gio made a good point on her blog a while ago. She said the girls aren't really that famous. So if something came out about Camren, people would talk about it for a week tops, then it would blow over...

Oh I think you underestimate the power of the lesbian community - if there’s one thing we know how to do it’s supporting our celebrities - if Camren ever comes out officially, they’ll have a fanbase for life, following and supporting them in every single one of their projects. Even if things blow over in the majority of medias, which all in all isn’t a bad thing, Camren would still be a big deal, trust me.