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the Gazette - Free Talking vol.1 [part 2]

haruurara-kazan on tumblr translated very funny topic of Garish Room “Free Talking”.

First part was published in issue #17 (2013) and the last one in #24.

I will translate it on english piecemeal. This is very cute and funny)


6. Always support you!

Kai: You get a lot of letters and e-mail but are there any special words that support or encourage you?“ 

Ruki: Occasionally, by the way, they write such irritating things: “Today I was disappointed, but I’ll try to come next time.“ And in the next letter attitude changes dramatically for the better, it strongly encourages. I did it! Hooray!

Aoi: In general, they don’t support.

Reita: And I think that the letter must encourage.

Ruki: And you, Kai, is very pleased with the moment of receipt of the letters, right?

Kai: Yes.

Ruki: Well, tell us then! The only one who spies in boxes for gifts (laughs)

Kai: Well, I’m not doing this in order to look at the content, or something like that, just it makes me happy to realize that I get something.

7. The current look at your first meeting face to face

Ruki: "Can you say now that in your first meeting you thought about one of the members "This guy is no good?”

Uruha: Aah! I remember a conversation at our interview with Kai. When we started the band, he irritated me terribly. At our first meeting, he completely ignored me. It was as if he thought I was one of the roadies.

Kai: Yes, it was the case when I thought you are a roadie, but I said, I just did not see you at the salute. 

Uruha: Uh, no, you pretend. You smiled saying that. Even when we went to Gunma on the rented car, even then you thought the same thing. 

Kai: Not at all, I always thought: “But where is the guitarist from the left side of the stage?” (laughes)

Uruha: You said that you thought that roadie great talker. 

Reita: Maybe you’re thinking (about Uruha) the same now?

Kai: No!

Ruki: Сru~el!

Kai: Just the first acquaintance, it is in fact chaotic.

Reita: With me it was the same. I almost whistle.

Kai: Really?? Oh, people vary greatly.

Uruha: I even got scared a little …

Kai: Well, forgive me, forgive me!

Reita: I’m talking now about Ruki.

Ruki: Uh, seriously !?

Reita: At that time we were playing in different groups. In a small club in Kagurazake we had a double live. Without knowing it, at the same time we both dyed hair in pink, and on this basis had a conversation and we quickly hit it off. We ended the conversation decided to go home together after the live. But when the live was over and we have already gathered home, Ruki was surrounded by fans and ruffled, still in full outfit, as if he was not going to go away.  Me and Uruha never were detained with fans after the live, so we quietly merged out and so two of us went on the train, thinking “But he said we’ll go together …" Perhaps we even envied.

Uruha: We DID envy! 

Ruki: You two often talk about it. (laughs)

Reita: Well yes. (laughing) We sidelong glances at you, surrounded by fans, and headed for the exit. We felt so lonely.

Ruki: Sorry, guys (laughs).

8. So will be eventually radio revived ??

Ruki: "Earlier on bayfm, FM Aichi and Internet were different broadcasts , which were hosted by the Gazette. We as the stuff, are with you all the time, but certainly it was interesting to listen to the radio tothe fans, who can’t to know much about you, having the opportunity to experience a simple and friendly atmosphere in the air. Many fans wait for this, I would also like you to resume broadcasting.”

Reita: Radio was with me, Kai and Aoi. 

Aoi: It is pointless now, one on the radio don’t entice.

Ruki: When Kai came to bayfm, the audience diminished. 

Kai: What…!?

Reita: I heard in a conversation with the authors of radio program, that the program received a few of letters. So they have already thought about to start sending  letters from the office to Kai in the studio …

Kai: We-e-ell, don’t know!

Ruki: And Kai created radio on the Internet by himself. 

Kai: In fact, as to that premium radio (on bayfm) I haven’t worked with any of the screenwriters, I wrote the script by myself (laughs).

(All burst out laughing)

Ruki: Come on?!

Uruha: No way. (laughs).

Kai: Three times in a row came 5 letters, so I decided that those five were from the same person.

Reita: By the way, I heard, Kai even recorded esters during the tour, in the room at the hotel; I lived in the next room. Listening, how he muttered out there by himself, I thought, “He is so stubborn.” (laughs)

Kai: Yes, it was. (laughing) It really looked as if I was talking to myself.

Ruki: Reita’s broadcast was also very cool. I still sometimes listen to recordings on the Internet (laughs)

Aoi: It would be really cool, if he resumed his broadcasts.

Reita: And Ruki with Aoi came to me in the air as guests. But I just can not be a leader, because I chattered like a madman. Once I misspoke when I gave an advertisement “In August, on a certain date in Fuji-Q Conifer Forest will be disbanded “Burst Into A Blaze”!" (laughs) [* insted of  開催 [kaisai] Reita said  解散[kaisan] 

(All laugh again)

Ruki: All probably thought that we came to disband! (laughs)

Reita: Yeah, but I was going to say "will be held” (laughing)

Uruha: The problem is not in the rate of speech!

Reita: And I had another slip of the tongue. Saying “E-mail is» and calling the address, I wanted to say "I repeat" and to spell address again but in the end I got some crap. Is not it better if the air will lead people who do not chatter?

Ruki: Even if someone has well put it, this doesn’t mean that it will be interesting to listen them, right?
Uruha: Listening to the speakers with fluent speech, it is nothing to say except "Yeah, well said." 

Ruki: Because their chatter sounds too businesslike. Reita led radio very different, so it was interesting. In the end, when it comes to gossip, Kai is very good in it. You could invite him each time as a guest. He is an expert in this.

Kai: Yes, then we wait for a successful occasion.

Aoi: We might even arrange a broadcasting on NicoNico.

Ruki: A good idea!

translated form japanese to russian by haruurara-kazan.tumblr

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ;)

original: http://haruurara-kazan.tumblr.com/post/125873272965/the-gazette-free-talking-vol1