if you are of age in usa and are registered to vote please do so!

this is a voting psa, I guess

anyway I don’t know if it’s come up before, but I remain firmly committed to the idea that if you don’t care enough to vote then you don’t get the right to complain

  • vote for someone you don’t like or don’t 100% agree with because they’re still better than every other candidate on the ballot paper
  • compromise on your personal political stance because you think x party has a better chance of getting in and they might at least push through some of the changes you’ve been wanting to see in the system
  • be frustrated by everything the major parties do and vote for your local independent or micro-party member as a kind of quiet protest
  • or embrace being lucky enough to have someone that you mostly agree with and can support in this election with a relatively clear conscience
  • please don’t donkey vote though because that’s basically the same as not voting only without the attached fine

but seriously, vote. it’s free; it’s not like the usa where you have to be registered as a member of a party or whatever in order to vote for your preferred candidate; it’s completely anonymous; the govt even changed how preferences work so you can assign your own instead of voting for small parties and then being sad when their preference is given away to someone you absolutely cannot stand

(yeah, postal/early or absentee voting can be a pain at times, but look at the system giving you options instead of saying ‘whoops, can’t make it? too bad’)

just. if you hate what the political landscape looks like at present, get in there and have your say. the biggest detriment to change is apathy, and with this belief that one vote doesn’t amount to very much - until it’s two or three million people thinking this way, which is suddenly quite a significant proportion of the voting population

just, please. I know so many people my age who seem to think their votes don’t matter/won’t count, and it’s just - disheartening and makes me so sad. please care about the future of your country. please be grateful that you can vote in safety and freedom and know that biased media coverage is about the worst you’re going to be subject to during the voting process

just please