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But Zoe am i the only one think about what they did when MC was with Jumin in his house at the times they weren't online ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh my what were you thinking  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Actually if it’s in the game, I honestly think it was very platonic, he didn’t lay his hand on MC, Just creep around and see her sleeping face. When they’re not online they probably watched some Korean Drama together or rap something about Long cat. And then once the time is right and Sarah showed up Jumin decided to make use of some K drama moves *wink*

Actually for the one that actually DID something, I think it’s Zen in his route after he saved MC from Unknown. His profile picture changed to MC in his arm and his hair was loosed with few button unfastened on his shirt. And then the chat pop up and he be like NOTHING HAPPEN YET. 

I was like BRUH, with a profile picture like that I’m sure that you guys at least dry hump each other already come on.

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As you all know I have a fairly non-standard favourite episode of the entire show, eschewing drama for “this is literally why I watch this nonsense” and that is 7x14, specifically because the bit where Sam gets beaten up by clowns is so hilariously well done. Anyway, bearing in mind how many times I go watch that for a pick me up, I was deeply amused to recognise the kind of staging and mood back here, where the Trickster makes almost the same “ooh that has to hurt” noises as the clowns and laughs as he watches Dean getting beaten up. Again, figments, again, conjured specifically for the person they’re beating the snot out of. And then @mittensmorgul had to go and remind me of this line from the clown episode:

You look like you got attacked by some PCP-crazed strippers.

And I just… I’m making connections I probably shouldn’t. Come and help me figure out why clowns dragged from the depths of Sam’s childhood nightmares are directly paralleled to this moment when Dean gets beaten up by imaginary women. Like, is there some deep psychological connection? What’s the fear? Can we write this off as some self-awareness about how sexist and weird this all was? Dean’s very shame at being attracted to the imaginary babes conjured to distract him turned against him in violence? Something about deep down his fears about women which mean in 2x20, not far off, his perfect girl is the El Sol advertisement girl made flesh? Like what is going on here. Is he being beaten up by his own fear of commitment? Talk to me :P

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I don't know anything about Saint Seiya but all the characters you reblog are ridiculously attractive and I feel like I'm missing out.

Where is the lie?

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Well, even if Saint Seiya itself have that pretty art style, so stylized, that makes everyone pretty, I have to admit there are many characters who are the other extreme lol. But I only have eyes for the prettiest Fufufu~ That’s the reasons why you’re watching ridiculously attractive people in your dash ùwú ♥ 

But not only the boys, the girls are beautiful too, like these…

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If you like pretty guys People with long, fluffy and crazy hair Saint Seiya is for you. It’s a serie from the 80′s and the animation it’s not the best but it has some good characters, Greek mythology references, armors everywhere, intense and painful fights and a lot of Drama™ ♥ So if you have time and you’re kinda curious I highly recommend it.

But even if you don’t like the old art style from the 80′s serie there are some spin off with art style kinda… new? xD

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Fight for my way episode 12🚨

Its about growing up with a dream or just pretend to be a grow up.

I love this episode its more on what will you choose in life, are you going to continue your dreams or give up.

© please 😉 kamsahamnida 👋🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻

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Wow I've been not watching kdramas for months and now I feel so lost :( I started with fight my way ahhh

The two coolest things airing these days are The Best Hit and Secret Forest. The Best Hit is a witty comedy about time travel from 90s to 2017, and Secret Forest is a quality thriller with extra high profile cast. You better join us on both of these dramas instead of picking up other mediocre things!

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As much as I do have my popcorn out as all the Han Solo movie drama unfolds, I just hope every one remembers that Alden Ehrenreich is a guy who's basically watching his big break crash and burn and I hope he'll be okay, since the studio may hang him out to dry. (I mean, Lucasfilm wasn't exactly there for Hayden, you know?)

Hi Anon,

Absolutely. I think he’s caught in the middle of all this - and I think  the leak about the acting coach came out as a direct shot back at the story where it was said he was the one who went to the producers about the directors. Every new article on this comes out worse and worse. I should say that I don’t think he’s right for Han Solo at all but I should be better about my comments - because the actors don’t have control over this. 

He went to lunch with Harrison and I wonder if Harrison told him the longer version of the joke he made on Ellen. She asked what his advice was to the new guy playing Han and he said “don’t do it.” Ehrenreich and Glover are in pretty much an impossible situation to begin with and all this is only making it worse. 

now that i have nothing until 2018 apparently heres the final iZ breakdown so everyone knows where i stand on the very important matter of whos fucking who:

major and liv are very inoffensive nice heteros in a very straight way but the drawn out inevitability of their endgamey angel/buffy plot drama fest makes me resent them just a tad. liv/ravi is supremely cute but APPARENTLY it has always been and will always be crushed by the massive bastard boot of big bastard rob thomas. im happy that they love each other even if its just in a professional morgue buddies context. ravi/major is the true ending, its a secret and you have to watch the entire series under the light of the full moon on the quietest night of summer after drinking wine bottled by a venetian nun in the first hour of the 15th century to be able to access it in the show proper but its the best possible outcome and the government is trying to hide it from us. any permutation of ravi/blaine/peyton is the dead zone do not go near it. justin was nice and deserve(s/d) better writing. chase graves isnt even remotely sexy fuck all of you his face looks like stretchy willy wonka taffy. clive and dale are very :’( and i hope they are ok next season. clive and getting a full arc to himself is also :’( but thats because big bastard rob thomas wont let it happen apparently

i have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow for funky kitchen job so thats that!!!!

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hello! i normally poke around your blog for otayuri stuff, but you also watch cdramas? i was wondering if you were willing to rec any? i'd like to maybe watch them but don't know anything about them.

Ahhh, I have a few rec posts under this tag! It really all kind of depends on what genre you’re into, but there should be at least one show for every thing you might be into in that tag. I’ll throw in a few new recs too! :D 

If you’re here for the happy stuff, I’d highly recommend you start with modern cdramas, since those have a higher possibility of ending happy. Because of Meeting You is super adorable and super easy to watch! Mostly a romcom, with uhhhh, quite a bit of ~family drama~ interspersed. I have been recommended Across the Ocean to See You quite a few times; I haven’t started on it yet, but it feels like my kind of show. A more serious modern drama to tie this up, In the Name of the People comes very highly recommended, and I’m planning to start this really soon. It’s about government corruption in China and the anti-corruption bureau trying to weed these officials out, and stars a lot of Big Names in China showbiz. 

If you, like me, like to make yourself cry, period cdrama is the thing for you! Princess Agents, my friend. I’m not even going to tell you how many times I’ve cried over this show already. ALL MY FAVOURITES SUFFER. DDDDD: Super fun to watch, though. It’s about ancient spy organisations! Also the male lead high-key has a crush on the female lead and he’s been SO FUCKING EXTRA ABOUT IT, it’s amazing to watch. The Advisors Alliance is supposed to be pretty good, but it starts out a little slow. I’ve watched the first episode, and it’s not the most griping episode to start out with, but I’ve been told it gets better. Language-wise, definitely harder to watch than PA. 

If none of the shows are to your liking, hmu with another message to let me know what kind of shows you generally prefer, and I’ll be happy to dig out new recs for you! :D

QUIZ: Which "Suspicious Partner" Character Are You?

QUIZ: Which “Suspicious Partner” Character Are You?

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“Suspicious Partner” is the hit drama that is soon coming to an end. If you’ve stuck it out this long, you’ve probably fallen head over heels in love with Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun! This romantic comedy K-drama is the perfect series to watch if you’re looking for something that’s got a mix of humor, crime and mystery, and the obvious eye-candy. Curious to see which character you’re most like?…

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Hi! If I may suggest a new kdrama for you to watch! Circle: Two Worlds Connected. It's a very unique sci-fi plot that reminds me somewhat of psycho pass. It's suspenseful, fast-paced (only 12 episodes) and really keeps you guessing! I think you would quite enjoy it ^.^

Ooh I just checked out the synopsis on the Wikipedia page and it seems really interesting!! I will add it to my list, I love dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat. Thank you for the rec!!!

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Oh my god I totally forgot the season 2 trailer! When I first watched it I was like wtf, cause everything at the end of s1 made it look like Noora would have some kind of relationship or drama with William. But at the same time at the start of the trailer she's naked in a room with 2 (are there more?) girls and maaaan I didn't even realize how queerbaited I was. You get so used to it...

“You get so used to it…” might be the saddest sentence I have read today.

S1 trailer: talks about kissing girls for fun
S2 trailer: has a lesbian-coded character wake up in bed with two naked girls
S4 trailer: has a moment where another lesbian-coded character looses her pearl necklace, which was interpreted like her facade would break.

Yeah, this is not a good


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

You have no idea what it means to see beautiful black people decked out in all regalia in a full on costume piece, where they’re not slaves, but are kings, princes, princesses and people of the court. I don’t care if it’s not a critically acclaimed series. If white people can have trashy dramas that go on for 15 seasons, then let POC, let black people have theirs.

As soon as I sat down to watch and saw Lucien Laviscount as Romeo make his way across the screen, a beautiful black prince in his gorgeous “fourteeth” or “fifteenth century” (because this show is all over the place with their costumes) attire, Medalion Rahimi as Princess Isabella looking like a QUEEN or Lashana Lynch and Ebonée Noel as Rosaline and Livia looking divine at the ball, I got a little misty eyed. I felt like a little girl when I watched Brandy’s Cinderella for the first time. Please, don’t take this away from me.

lol i just thought about keith and lance watching together one of those romance drama lubos was watching and lance going: “can you believe how oblivious these two are?? they’re clearly pining after each other and all of the arguments are just an excuse to draw attention to each other, it’s so evident!!” keith: stares at the camera