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An Unlikely Meeting ~ Finn Wolfhard x Reader ~ Part Two

A/N please read!!
In the first part, they’re fourteen in this but I need them to be able to drive so they’re now sixteen. Idek I just needed them to be able to drive…

(LOOK AT HIM HE’S JUST AOIHAHUHWQPRIUGHQIWURHGIUQHRG WHY ARE BOYS IN MY YEAR SO UGLY?! Sorry, freak out over you can read now… And don’t worry it’s not pervy bc I’m the same age as Finn.)

It had been about a month since you had first met the cast of Stranger Things. Ever since you arrived home to Vancouver you hadn’t stopped thinking about them. You were getting used to the idea of being friends with them now, and you didn’t get palpitations every time you thought about it. Especially not with Finn. Since you both lived near each other you had actually met a few times when Finn wasn’t off around the world doing photo shoots and interviews. He was currently sat in your house with you, which was taking a little longer to get used to than everything else. Finn Wolfhard was sprawled across your bed?

“Y/N?” Finn asked, “Noah has asked us to go and stay in New York in a few weeks time. Do you want to go?”
“Wait, seriously?”
“Yeah.” Finn smiled at your shock
“Of course I want to go! What’s the occasion?”
“There isn’t one. He just misses us all.”
“Wow. It’s going to be hard for me to wait a couple of weeks, I can assure you of that.”
“Me too. Now get over here. I want a photo for Instagram.”

You got up from your seat at your desk and sat next to Finn. It was like you had been friends your entire life. He took a photo of the two of you and immediately uploaded it to his Instagram. You liked it and commented; Big love xx

“So,” Finn switched his phone off and looked at you, “What do you want to do today?”
“How about… The cinema!”
Finn looked out of your window at the rain and nodded. “The cinema it is, m'lady.”

You both put your shoes and coats on and headed to the cinema. When you arrived you decided to buy tickets for a showing of Guardians Of The Galaxy. The cinema was doing a marathon of both that afternoon and after buying a shit load of popcorn and sweets, you went and took your seats at the back of the theatre. After the dreaded adverts and trailers were over the movie began, and Finn nudged you at once. 

“It’s Wyatt!” He whispered, “He looks so young in this movie.”
You smiled at the younger Wyatt Oleff who played the young Peter Quill. “He does look really young.”

Once the first movie was over there was an interval since the movies were so long. You both used the bathroom and got refills on your extra large cherry colas and popcorn. Finn texted Wyatt about how you had just seen him in Guardians. You looked over Finn’s shoulder to see what Wyatt would reply.

Noodles! Just seen you in Guardians. Y/N and I are at a double feature.
Oh god. I bet I looked great.
No better than usual Olaf.
Gee thanks a lot. Also, do you and Y/N want to come to a Halloween party I’m having next month? It’s on Halloween night and everyone will be there.

Finn looked at you and saw your smile. That was all he needed as an answer.

We’ll be there. See you soon!!

“So we’re going to a Halloween party next month?” You said to Finn
“If you want to. I don’t think Wyatt will mind if we invite Millie and the others. We can ask them when we’re in New York.”
“Okay. Do you know something, Finn? Ever since I met you my social calendar has been jam-packed. Not that I’m complaining.”
“Beats staying in Vancouver all the time, not that I don’t love it here.”
“I guess you’re right. Your not bad company.”
“I suppose I can say the same about you, Y/N, although it would be pushing it.”
You laughed at elbowed Finn lightly. He threw a piece of popcorn at you, and the only thing stopping a food fight was the next movie beginning to play.

(Time skip to New York)
You had just arrived at Noah’s. The sun was beginning to set and you and Finn were shattered. Millie, Caleb and Gaten had already arrived and were in Noah’s living room watching a movie when you arrived. As soon as your feet touched the floor of his house, Millie and the others threw themselves at you giving hugs and hellos. Noah and his mother picked you up from the airport and drove you back to their town in New York. It was quaint but beautiful. Noah’s family were going away for the week and were trusting enough to let you have the house. As you were going to be in the city for most of the time, his parents were mostly fine with it. 

As soon as they had dropped you and Finn at the house they were off, along with Chloe, Noah’s sister. 

“So,” Gaten said grinning, “What shall we do first?”

You ended up ordering food and watching movies for hours, talking and catching up in between. You and Millie were having a conversation about Wyatt’s party.
“What, or who, are you going as Y/N?” Millie asked
“I have no idea. Definitely something dead.”
“Of course. That goes without saying. Let me know though,” Millie smiled, “Maybe we could all do a group costume.”
“Ooooh, good idea. Guess we’re going to be surfing Pinterest later on.”
You were sharing a double bed with Millie, which both of you were okay with. The boys were in other rooms, probably sleeping by now. You and Millie, however, were on your laptop, thinking of group costumes for the Halloween party.

“I liked the purge costumes. With the masks and the blood and knives.” You said
“Me too, but I think we could do even better than that.”
“Suicide Squad?”
“Cliche,” You both said at the same time
“How about we ask the others tomorrow? We have to be up early for the city.”
“Good point.”
The sun coming through a gap in the curtains woke you up. Millie was curled up, still asleep. You sat up and grabbed your phone. It was 6:30am. You didn’t even need an alarm to wake you up at such an early hour and school was to thank for that. After checking social media and liking and commenting on all the photos the cast had tagged you in last night, you got up and got dressed as quietly as possible so you didn’t wake Millie. It was then that you heard a light knock on the bedroom door. You opened it to see Finn standing there in jeans, a white shirt and his leather jacket. You had to take a couple of seconds to compose yourself.

“Morning,” You whispered, “Millie’s still sleeping.”
“I gathered,” Finn smiled, “Noah’s making breakfast and doing a pretty terrible job. Wanna come and help?”
“Sure. I think I’d better just in case he burns his own house down. Also, we’re matching.”
Finn looked at your leather jacket and then down at his.
“So we are,” Finn smirked and then led you downstairs to where Noah was making a complete and utter mess in the kitchen. You laughed causing Noah to look up from the burning waffle he was trying to save.

“Morning?” You said to Noah through giggles
“First of all, this isn’t funny. Nothing about this is funny,” After that comment, you and Finn started laughing even more, “Second of all, I hope you all like burnt waffles because that’s what you’re getting.”
“Here,” You said, “Let me help you.”

So that’s how you ended up cooking breakfast with Noah. Finn helped out too and it wasn’t long before the others came down. First Millie, then Caleb, and lastly, Gaten. 

Noah’s dad left his car as they had taken his mum’s. Both you, Caleb, and Finn could drive but Caleb drew the short straw so he had to. It wouldn’t take long to get to the city from Noah’s anyway. Caleb and Noah were up front of course, but then there was the problem of space in the back of the car. The problem being, there wasn’t enough. Which is how you ended up practically sitting on Finn’s lap. Not that you were bothered. It didn’t seem like Finn was either.
“New York City, here we come,” Caleb started the engine and off you went.

You and Millie were trying on dresses in Macy’s. The boys were somewhere else in the store buying god knows what. Finn’s exact words were: “There is no way in hell that I am sitting there while you two try on dresses for hours, no offence.” None was taken. You and Millie were happy to give each other advice on what looked best. You didn’t need the boys to do that for you.
Once you were finished with dresses you went to look for ideas for costumes for Wyatt’s party. The both of you were determined to have kick ass costumes. You were not going to settle too easily. There was a whole section of Macy’s decked out for Halloween and full of makeup, decorations and costumes. You and Millie flipped your shit. You pulled out your phone and called Finn, telling him to bring the guys so they could help with the costumes. When the finally arrived they were not that surprised to see that you and Millie were already pulling things off shelves and deciding that even though you didn’t know what exactly it was for, you were buying it.

“Y/N,” Gaten asked, “Why are you buying four different makeup palettes? We don’t even know who we’re going as.”
“Why not? Why the hell not?” You smiled. Gaten didn’t have an answer
“Guys,” Noah grinned, “I have the perfect idea for our costumes.”


anonymous asked:

hi!!!!! can I please request for a minhyun college au? I am addicted to your writing (・´з`・) thank you in advance xxx

for nu’est ive decided it’d be cool to make them all medical students!! so consider it residency-college!au LOL~

  • specialty: minhyun is doing his residency in dermatology  
  • is known as the “pretty boy” of the unit and other residents are always joking that patients favor him because,,,,,,,,well one he has gorgeous skin,,,,,,,but everything else about him is literally just as gorgeous
  • is really sweet and tries his best to be polite,,,,,,even if taking another 10 hour shift is literally going to Kill Him,,,,,minhyun just smiles and is like : ) it’s fine : ) im fine
  • his superiors like him the most and their favoritism shows because guess who doesn’t get yelled out for taking a five minute snack break? it’s minhyun
  • but even though he comes off so mannered and mature,,,,,he has a lil nerdy side,,,,,like his phone background is always his cute niece and him but one day someone noticed that his lock screen was literally a screenshot from the transformers movie,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone keeps asking if he’s dating and minhyun is just like,,,,i,,,,,d,,dating?!?!?!?! and they’re like oh my god you have the face and you’re telling us you haven’t used it yet
  • and minhyun is like ?!?! i use it everyday to eat, to read - and everyone is like oh jesus no that’s nOT WHat we MEANT
  • but if anyone as much as dares to try to do ‘corrupt’ minhyun (as dongho affectionately refers to it) minhyun just turns pink and bites his lips and is like i!! don’t know anything about that,,,,,
  • boy is already in residency and sometimes if a patient get too close he has to excuse himself,,,,,,,soft boy
  • speaking of dongho and the rest of nu’est they all do residency in the same hospital so every now and then they’ll meet up to eat lunch outside
  • and everyone swoons because they’re the ~visual residents~ a group of goodlooking guys in white doctors coats,,,,,,what a dREAM
  • and then dongho gets crumbs all over his scrubs and minhyun is like come here i need to clean it - don’t you dare run from me- come bacK
  • is really good at his job though, so much so that people are like he doesn’t even need to do residency he knows sO MUCh
  • graduated at the top of his class in med school, still studies as diligently as before, literally takes notes on e v e r y t h i n g the doctors say
  • jr jokes that when minhyun opens his own dermatology clinic he should give all of them face lifts but minhyun is like,,,,,,,,im not doing that im doing immunodermatology wanna hear what i learned about leprosy-
  • jr: i gtg rn i was just trying to make a joke i am so sorry
  • anyway you also work in the hospital,,,,,but not as a resident or anything you’re actually in the tech department
  • and you know about minhyun because how can you not,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,he’s called the tech department like a minimum of twenty times a week because for some reason he’s super smart
  • but takes like ten years to type in a patients chart notes and he’s always getting a bit confused with the hospitals interface
  • and you,,,,,,,dont mind being the one called to help him i mean like have you /SEEN/ him  
  • just standing beside him is like basking in the sunlights glow and u dont mind. not one bit. tbh u r not gonna like lie when u see a call from the dermatology dept u basically fight people for the phone
  • buuuuut you also know that it’s a one sided kinda thing,,,because minhyun could have anyone,,,,,,,literally 
  • u can tell from the fact that his lab coats pockets are always full of candy, letters, and more that both patients and staff give him and yeah it makes ur heart sink a bit but like,,,,
  • whatever the short moment where you get to stand beside him at the desk and tell him (for the 15th time) how to reset the scheduling system works like,,,,,it’s enough
  • which is why when you get called down again, minhyun voice sounding apologetic over the phone u cheerily tell him it’s no problem - you’ll be right down to see what happened 
  • but since the elevator is taking too long u decide to go down the stairs where,,,,you hear voices echoing as you get closer to the floor ur supposed to meet minhyun on
  • and???? they sound familiar,,,,,one is obviously dongho’s,,,,,and the other???? minhyun?
  • and u stop your steps,,,listening to their echoing words 
  • “are you going to ask them? minhyun it’s been two weeks since you decided to say something and you’re still putting it off.”
  • “,,,,,what if they don’t like me-”
  • you blink,,,,wondering if you’re hearing another voice,,,,,and it is,,,,this one belongs to another resident. ren
  • “minhyun, seriously you’re handsome. i dont say that a lot. but ur handsome. very handsome. look at me minhyun does it look like i would lie.”
  • and finally,,,,the calmest voice of the bunch belong to jr: “you should go for it. i think they like you too.”
  • and you’re not sure what else they say because the door opens and a couple of nurses rush by you, their footsteps making noise
  • and in your head you’re wondering,,,,,,who is it that minhyun likes,,,,,,,
  • but not wanting to get lost in your thoughts you rush down coming out into the dermatology dept and seeing minhyun leaning against the wall near the elevators. 
  • you pat his shoulder,,making him jump a bit and the both of you breaking into blushing apologizes but then he mumbles that he’s pretty sure something is going on with the vital monitor
  • and you go inside the room to check it out
  • and as you’re doing your work,,,,you don’t notice minhyun bite his lip,,,,shy eyes trying to avoid your figure in the center of the room
  • quietly fidgeting with his name tag pinned to his collar
  • and when you turn, smile on your face “done! it just got unhooked-”
  • “are you free,,,,,on sunday?”
  • minhyun’s sudden question catches you off guard and you’re like w-what?? and he’s like,,,,,,,, “i-,,,,i have a shift,,,,but i can- it ends at 8 so i could take u to dinner,,,,,maybe,,,,,-”
  • minhyun,,,,with all his pretty features and polite personality cannot seem to stutter out a date invitation 
  • but,,,,you also cant believe ur ears???? the person minhyun liked?????was you???
  • and you’re like “d-don’t you not have many free days? you should rest-”
  • “it’s ok! i want to,,,,,spend it with you.”
  • there’s something of a shy smile on his face,,,,but his eyes are nervous and you’re always feeling your palms sweat
  • because god u really want to say yes,,,,the happiness in your stomach is turning to butterflies,,,,,but you also know that minhyun should rest
  • so you go “ok,,,,,but how about we do something simple,,,,like watch a movie at my place?”
  • and minhyun almost turns cherry red at the mention of coming over and he refuses,,,,,saying it’d be un-gentlemen-y of him but ur just like pleassse it’s fine
  • safe to say you guys do have that date at your place but you purposly pick a boring movie so minhyun falls asleep fifteen minutes in and you let the tired med student sleep soundly on your shoulder as you do your own thing
  • and ofc when he wakes up minhyun is a mess of “im sorrys” and “im not a creep i promise” but u just laugh and tell him it’s ok,,,,,it was a perfect first date because u were able to see him rest
  • which honestly just makes minhyun’s heart flutter even more about you,,,,,on the way home he texts ren and is like “i think they’re an angel,,,,,,,”
  • dating med student!minhyun is slow at first because he’s surprisingly shy about pda or skinship,,,,,to the point where when he first holds ur hand he has to let go 5 minutes later and be like “its not that i dont want to,,,its just,,,,,my hand got sweat and i didnt want u to think thats gross-” and u had to grab his hand back and be like idc if its sweaty i want to hold it forever, minhyun once he gets more comfortable has a habit for always dusting off your uniform or tucking strands of your hair back because he thinks u look cute when ur all neat and whatnot, tbh dongho and jr tell minhyun it might be a lil weird but u like it,,,its minhyun’s personality so u accept it, since he works super long hours u dont really get to see each other often but minhyun really likes it when u text him what ur doing after work esp if u include pictures, at first he’d just be like oh! cool :D or looks yummy! but as you two get closer he’ll kinda be a little sappy saying things like even your silhouette is pretty or i wish i could be beside you right now, a constant struggle is showing people photos of you and minhyun together looking cute in the hospital lobby doing peace signs and ur like that’s my boyfriend! and people are like no no no thats a celebrity honey and ur like,,,no,,,,,no he’s my bf,,,,,,,basically people r just really shocked because minhyun’s visuals are no joke, whenever someone confesses to minhyun whether it’s a patient or a staff he gets all embarrassed but also secretly reaLLY likes saying he has a significant other that he is head over heels for, ren makes fun of him so much for it he imitates his voice and calls out ur name and is like head !!! oveR HEELs~~~!! and minhyun is like pLEASE and ren is just kiss kiss love love u two are sooooo corny, on an anniversary minhyun had work but he sent you a video of him playing on the piano and singing your favorite love song and it legitimately made you tear up, does this thing where when he gets really really tired he’ll never admit it but one kiss from you makes it feel like he can take on the WORLD, an exchange resident named aaron comes to visit and minhyun introduces you to him and is like he’s my bff and aaron is just like “so what base have you and minhyun reac-oK FINE I WONT ASK”, those rare times where residents get more than a day off minhyun always insists on doing the absolute most for you and sometimes you have to literally argue with him to let you do something because he works so hard you want to support him and make it easy, you cooked for him once and you can’t tell if him telling you he LOVED it was fake or real,,,,,,,you guys got matching sweaters from the nu’est boys as a gift and they’re bright pink and corny and minhyun refuses to wear them until you giggled and put it on and minhyun melts for anything you do so he was like ok FINE, surprised you once by pulling you into a storage closet at the hospital and letting a hand slip up your shirt and you were like minhyun?? ?against his neck and he,,,,,couldn’t keep it up you felt his cheeks go hot and he was a stuttering mess like ten minutes in but he was also like i just,,,i really wanted you i dont know what came over me ,,,,,WHAT A FREAKING CUTIE AMIRIGHT THO,,,,promises that once he is done with residency he’s going to get a good job and take you on vacation for never leaving his side through the hardest years of his life and you just kiss his nose and tell him not to worry about it,,,,,but seriously the only thing on minhyun’s mind sometimes (which he finds fascinating) is how much he really rEALLY wants to make you happy,,,,,,,,,,he wants a future,,,,with you 

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Can I Be Her - (Tom Holland AU )Part 2

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I please get an imagine where the reader is best friends with Tom and Harrison but loves Tom. The reader is witnessing Tom fall in love with Zendaya and tries to forget about Tom but can’t. In the end, Tom ends up having a serious relationship with Zendaya and Tom and the reader fall apart. You can decide the end but I want it to be a sad ending. I’m sorry if it’s complicated or just plain stupid. Thank you.

Warnings: fluff, sad, happy ending

Word Count: 1,106

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

A/N: Hope you like it : )

(Alternate Ending Here!) ~Masterlist~

You didn’t know what to feel. You were numb all over. You got your answer, but it wasn’t what you had expected it to be. Tom choose Zendaya and that was final. You and Tom lost what you thought was a never ending friendship. You lost touch over a years time. You completely isolated yourself. You didn’t want to let anyone in, afraid you’d feel that heart wrenching pain that Tom left you in. The only person that you could only let in was Harrison. At least he had the decency to mend your broken heart, while the rest of your friends encouraged Tom and Zendaya’s relationships, not bothering to check up on you to see if you were okay.

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Forgive or Forget

Forgive or Forget
[Sometimes it’s just not possible to forgive and forget │Simon D & Christian Yu]

You were almost embarrassed by the amount of time it took for you to get ready for this fashion event. AOMG were invited to many of the Seoul fashion week events, including the one for some designer you couldn’t even pronounce that you attending now. You posed alongside your long time boyfriend Kiseok as the photographers snapped away. Calling his name and Jay’s name every few moments to grab their attention.

You used to hate being a plus one- This wasn’t who you were. Glam events and photographs were out of your comfort zone. But somewhere between the lovely fitted dress that Jay’s stylist picked out for you and the killer custom boots you were rocking you felt pretty proud of yourself. Besides after three years with Kiseok, these events were a walk in the park.

Kiseok wrapped his arm snuggly around your waist, placing a kiss just below your ear as the shutters continued to go off. You smiled up at him laughed. “What are you doing?”

“I just want everyone to know you’re mine” he chuckled, straightening your necklace before walking you inside the event.

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Leave This Town Pt 10 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Tony Stark, Brock Rumlow. Steve, DumDum Dugan and Peter Parker mentioned.

Summary: After leaving the small town life behind, you’ve worked hard to make your dreams come true. When something unexpected brings you home, you’re brought back to the place where everything changed. Timing is everything and now there just might be a second chance with the man you left behind.

Song Inspiration: Angela by The Lumineers

Warnings: Fluff, mild angst. Mentions of death.

Word Count: 3.9k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

**This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K AU Writing Challenge**

A/N: Aaah!! I’m so excited about this part! :D Please let me know your thoughts, I always love to hear from you. <3

<<<Part Nine   Part Ten   Part Eleven>>> 

Leave This Town Series Masterlist

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“I’ll call you before I leave town,” you promised, wishing there was more you could guarantee him.

“Okay,” he replied, ducking his head into the car for one last lingering kiss.

You pulled out of the parking lot and glanced in the rearview mirror to see Bucky still standing there as he raised a hand in goodbye. But it didn’t feel like a farewell this time. Somehow, it felt like only the beginning.


“I’m still not sold on the ending,” your agent stated as he dropped your manuscript on his desk with a thump. He sat back in his chair while drumming fingers on the desktop next to his computer. “Casting is almost finished, they start filming in two weeks, and I don’t have a finished script.”

“You DO have a finished script, Tony. Just not the conclusion you want. I tried other endings and none of them seemed genuine. This ending is the most organic and it’s where the characters took me. You know how it is, sometimes they have a mind of their own,” you replied with a shrug.

He narrowed his eyes, stroking his well-manicured goatee. “You know you sound like a crazy person when you talk like that, right?”

You laughed. “Not to my fellow writers.”

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(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST) 

- Feels Like Coming Home , by @phd-mama : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives.

Larry ex to lovers AU (60k) : OOMMMGGGGGG this is the best angst fic I read for a long time !! Very well written, absolutely painful and beautiful, maybe some TW (read the tags) , but really really read this now. (kind of share that for the smut, awesome btw)

- When We Were Younger , by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee : About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again. His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse. - Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

Larry Catfish AU (76k) : starting with teenage Harry and going on for a few years of a online/phone relationship. Very well done ! angsty and (obviously) full of phone sex :D (kind of share that)

- Save your loving arms for a rainy day , by @briannamarguerite : “What’s got your panties in a twist, then, pop star?” the man finally asked, his gaze returning to Louis’ face. Something pressed against Louis’ chest and for a moment Louis let himself wonder what it would be like to let all his secret spill out. To fall into the space between them and be devoured by this stranger. Terror mingled with bliss, tangling into a sharp throb he had to swallow hard against. “Absolutely nothing,” Louis said instead. “Happy days, yeah?”The man clicked his tongue once, a disappointed, wet tetch that Louis felt. Actually felt. “My mistake.”Louis turned desperate eyes on him, blinking too fast. He could see his own lashes flutter. “I’m living the dream, mate” he said and even he could hear the way his voice cracked along the edges. “What would I have to be upset about?”–Or the one where Louis is a pop star who has lost his voice and Harry helps him find it.

Larry famous-not famous AU (19k) : singer Louis and record-shop Harry, a bit angsty, some good smut (bottom Louis) and songwriting,  very well written !

- Your Love Was Handmade , by @inked-withlove : There must be a rule book describing in detail how you proceed from being best friends to lovers. That’s what Louis thinks. But maybe, there isn’t a need, Harry decides. Maybe you just follow your instinct and…run your finger down your best friend’s bare back. That should seal the deal for sure.Or, Harry and Louis are best friends who are also mutually pining, and when a work trip looms in to separate the two of them for three weeks, they finally get their shit together.

Larry BFF to lovers AU (5k) : BFFs who share a apartment  and are pining on each other are my kind of shit. Just a bit of smut.

- Perfect Storm , by @cherrystreet​: What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.Harry and Louis choose the latter.

Larry ex to lovers and fake relationship with a twist AU (80k) : angsty (but not THAT much), smutty (hello angry sex)(botyom Louis) and awesome :)

- You’re My Favorite Bird , by @supernope : Harry sets his hands on the counter and leans over them, looks Louis in the eye and says, “Louis, would you like to go bird watching with me?”Louis just blinks at him for a moment, like he’s not sure how to respond, then says, voice slow and unsure, “Is that a euphemism?”  Also known as: Harry is an ornithologist and Louis owns the camera repair shop where Harry gets his photos printed. Niall works for Louis, Liam works with Harry, and Zayn paints. There’s a cat, some camping, some bird watching, and obscene amounts of fluff.

Larry AU (33k) : Ornithologist-Photographer Harry, a lot of pining, some great smut (bottom Harry) , and kudos for the tattoos.

- Down For The Count And I’m Drowning And I’m Helpless  , by  patdkitten : “Staring costs extra, mate,” he says, perfectly cheeky. Harry didn’t know he found cheek sexy, but it’s definitely a turn on. He’s working up a response, turn on the Harry Styles trademark charm, when he hears a small whirring sound. Somehow, in his approach, Harry’d missed the ears perched on the barista’s head. Now that he’s aware of them, though, the dark brown fuzzy ears tipped in black twitch in his direction with another quiet whir. They remind him of the maid cafe he went to once in Japan, but while they hadn’t been attractive to him there, on this barista, they’re as sexy as the cheek.Yeah, Harry could definitely use a booty call. Maybe if he’s lucky, the barista’s getting off soon and would be interested in getting off with him…? He can dream, at least.— Harry Styles is an international pop star who suffers from insomnia, and Louis is the sassy little barista in fox ears and tail that won’t get out of Harry’s head. And the sexting is pretty damn great, too.

Larry Coffe Shop AU and Famous/not famous (5k): popstar Harry and sassy barista Louis, no smut.

- Love Is a Kitten from Hell      by  Anonymous : Louis Tomlinson passes himself off as an arrogant prick at his new school to hide the fact that he’s terrified of being bullied again. Just when he’s getting tired of putting up walls, he finds himself in a local pet shop where he finds a sanctuary playing with the kittens in the front window.Harry Styles is the popular football player who works at the pet shop, secretly watching the boy he thought was utterly unlikable prove him wrong. Partnered together for a class project, Harry gets more and more hints that Louis is actually someone worth getting to know. But the real question is, will Louis let Harry in?

Larry High school AU (8k) : cute and fluffy, with no smut.

Mary is the pearl of the Borgias and a the topic of the deal between Mycroft and Moriarty

First things first: Sorry that this will be soooooo long, I’ll really try to keep it short but I don’t think it will work out :) Secondly: I’m super sorry about my english - I will try to correct it when I find time, but that might take a while. I hope it’s understandable :)

I wrote something about Mycroft knowing where Moriarty (or his body) is and in that I mentioned why Mycroft and Jim could made a deal (see here).

This first occurred to me after I’ve read this lovely meta. It’s about the pearl of the borgias, mentioned in T6T. Now let me connect the pearl of the borgias to the deal between Mycroft and Moriarty.

First: Mary is the black pearl.

I belive Mary is the pearl. Let’s look at some rather interesting points:

  • The pearl was stolen in Georgia; the A.G.R.A. coup was in Georgia
  • The pearl is now in London (according to Interpol); Mary is now in London
  • The mentioning of Greta Bengtsdotter in T6T. It’s the story that Sherlock tells the man with the faded tattoo: His wife is a spy and married him only to get near another man, she planned this for 4 years. Greta is short for Magaretha wich means pearl.
  • Sherlock expected to find the pearl in the Thatcher-Statue; instead he found the memory stick with Marys Past on it.

In my opinion, it’s absolutly not unusual for bady guys to have nicknames (like Barry “the snake” or something), plus “The black pearl” would be some badass nickname :D

So let’s imagine that Mary is the black pearl. 

In 2009 the coup of A.G.R.A. went wrong (though I belive that Mary is in fact the traitor and planned this, but that’s not important right now). She went to England after that, let’s say in 2009 or 2010. She fled from Georgia. The pearl went missing.

In this theory here, I explain why I think that Mycroft made a deal with Moriarty: Mycroft gives Jim something he really wants and for that, Jim should fake his death and stay away from Sherlock. So, what could be so interesting that Jim would do that?

Maybe the black pearl.

Mycroft himself tells Sherlock that Jim had a huge interest in the pearl in last year before his death. He “died” in 2011, so his interest in the pearl began around 2010. 2010 he also met Sherlock by the pool. Remember that he was in fact just about to kill Sherlock, but then he got a phone call that somehow managed to change his mind. Most of the fandom suspects that the person on the phone was Irene Adler, but I always thought that it had to be Mycroft. 

Whoever it is, that person offers Jim something that seems very interesting, like something Jim wants reeeeaaally bad. It even made him change his mind. So what was it?

Maybe Mycroft called and said something like “I have the black pearl.” (like, look at that tweet from Gartiss - He really HAS the black pearl). Remember that later Mycroft acts like he wouldn’t know that Mary was a part of A.G.R.A. though that seems very unlikely? I’d think he would double check Marys backround when finding out that she is going to marry John, because with that she is close to Sherlock. And if he would have done that,he also would found out that Mary Morstan isn’t her real name, like his little brother found out before.

Mycroft indeed has Mary, or maybe just information about where to find “the black pearl”. But he has something.

So he gives the information he has to Jim in exchange for leaving Sherlock alone. That’s 2011. Shortly after that, Jim and Sherlock fake their deaths.

Mary is a double agent. 

So now we have a problem: If Mycroft gave Jim the information about Mary, he wouldn’t let her marry John, would he? Because if he had information about the pearl and gave that to the nemesis of his little brother, he would kept an eye on Mary and the very moment when Mary first approached John, he would intervened. Right?

But that wouldn’t be the case, if Mary would work for Mycroft. In TAB we see her working for him, maybe that’s a clue. But if Mycroft said something like “I will give your Information to Moriarty and you will play along, reporting me everything he does.” When John falls in love with Mary, Mycroft is okay with that because he thinks Mary will protect John (who he knows is very important to Sherlock).

But Jim also has plans for Mary: He got her in exchange for his death. So he knew that he wouldn’t be able to interact with Sherlock for quite some time. 

But he promised to “burn his heart out”, which is quite frankly a very weird way to tell somebody that you will destroy them. But if he sends Mary to John, who is an easy target in that time (broken, mourning the death of his best friend etc.) and get John to fall in love with Mary … Only to let her destroy him - that would be a nice little catch, don’t you think? Maybe he told her: “Go and get John Watson to fall in love with you. Get near him, get near Sherlock. When the time has come, we’ll burn them.”

Sherlock says that Greta Bengtdotter has that plan I’ve mentioned earlier about 4 years: 2016 - 4 = 2012. Supposedly the year Mary and John met.

Mary and John probably meet in 2011/2012. And what’s funny about this is, that when Mary and Sherlock meet in that reatsurant, she pretends to doesn’t recognize Sherlock, although she have to know his face (bear in mind that she first commented on Johns blog in 2013: on the same exact blog he writes stories about the cases and posts photos). She pretends to because she isn’t supposed to. The first time Sherlock really looks at her, amongst other things we see the words “Liar” and “Guardian“. 

Liar because, obivously, she lies. Guardian, because she was a guardian for John in Mycrofts order. 

So, Mary is the black pearl of the Borgias. Mary is a double agent. Mary was the reason Jim didn’t killed Sherlock. But whos side is she on?


Of course I don’t say I’m right. This is just one of the many many many theories I have in my mind :) But I really like this one, so I figured, I’d write it down to discuss it with others :) I would really love to hear your opinions, feel free to get in touch! 

Tagging those I already tagged in the “Mycroft knows where Jim is” thing:

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Pieces of Us - You Found Me

Word Count: 1481

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Descriptions of torture, some angst 

A/N: Companion piece to Fragments but can probably be read as a standalone oneshot. 

Written for @iwantthedean ‘s  Two Prompt One Shot Challenge. My prompt was: "Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” and also written for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge. My song was “You Found Me” by The Fray. 

The sound of your blood whooshing through your ears was all you could focus on, trapped in the tiny, damp, concrete room where you’d been held for days. The room was shrouded in darkness, no windows to speak of. You had no way of knowing if it was night or day. Your hands were chained above your head and had lost feeling in them long ago, the pain in your shoulders bordering on unbearable. Your toes were just barely touching the floor, the way you were strung up designed to make you suffer.

“Don’t you know that you are a shooting star…” You started to sing to yourself for comfort, your voice coming out broken and hoarse but you’d be damned if that would stop you. Your demon captors hated it when you sang so you did it often to piss them off. If you were going to die here, you’d go out your own way, not theirs. You knew your dad, Dean, and Sam were all out looking for you. You’d gone out for supplies and gotten captured. You’d never made it home. There was no way they weren’t looking. Whether they would find you in time was the question.

“What have I told you about that?” Alastair himself walked in this time in lieu of a minion, his voice just as cold and obnoxious as always. He approached slowly, the tapping of his shoes against the floor the only indication you had of where he was until his face was right next to yours, his foul breath fanning across your nostrils. “Singing only gets you punished.”

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SHINee at a thrift store?? :D

~shinee’s gonna pop some tags~


  • weirdly gravitating towards clothes that don’t even look like they’re from this century 
  • “they’re comfy ok what more do you want from clothes” 
  • finds a pair of (key: ugly) elastic pants (minho: i think my grandma has the same pair) 
  • snaps the waistband a few times
  • these are his now and he’s never taking them off
  • actually pays for them while wearing them 
  • he wears (minho’s) grandma’s clothes
  • he looks incredible 


  • has been in the dressing room for a while 
  • they know he’s still in there bc they can see his sneakers (taemin: hyung you good?? / jong: *mumbling something* / ot4: what
  • can’t even open the door bc his arms are incapacitated so a worker has to open it with a key 
  • the door swings open to reveal kim jonghyun, world-famous kpop singer, national heartthrob, owner of a lambo, mother of taemin, all sorts of tangled up in a sweater with his arms sticking out and his head somewhere swallowed in the fabric 
  • shinee: ………………. / jong: …….. you guys gonna help me or what 
  • everyone snapped a picture (minho: this is going to be my new contact photo for you ahaha what a dumbass) 
  • still BUYS the sweater (jong: it looked good when properly put on ok) 


  • brought his own canvas bag 
  • “my body is ready, let us begin”
  • taemin’s pulling random shit off the hangers saying ooo~ try this giant flamingo-print shirt on
  • but he tied it so it looks good and that was not the reality taemin expected (jong: hey / taemin: you plagiarized my album)  
  • his pile of stuff he wants is v rapidly growing and he’s thinking of all the diy projects he could do 
  • actual sparkly eyes at all his new clothes and possibilities 
  • actively choosing not to question the members’ fashion choices too much bc his stress level will just go up, up, UP (hitchhiking baby)
  • is he just really good at finding good things or does just everything look good on him? (key: both. it’s both `▽´) 


  • buys another pair of track pants to add to his ever-growing collection (”i didn’t have a green one let me live”) 
  • “guys doesn’t this pullover remind you of our suits from dream girl era?” / ot4: haha yeah omg those suits
  • it’s a frankenstein’s monster of patterns and he loves it a lot 
  • he just kept on holding it the entire time they were there, very fiercely defending its honor from taemin’s general assholery (taemin: it’s ugly / minho: your face is ugly)
  • unironically wears it everywhere
  • it makes him easy to spot in a crowd tho 
  • might as well be wearing a neon sign 
  • choi minho, rising fashionista or fashion terrorist? 


  • isn’t really his scene but since he’s here might as well have some fun~
  • every time he talks to a member he’s wearing a different floppy hat but they’re not commenting on it 
  • TvT notice me senpais
  • pulling the most ridiculous things he could find and posing and strutting like he’s on a runway
  • walk, walk, POSE (ot4: *clap clap* / taemin: oh thank you thank you) 
  • sweg 
  • has been steered away from the shoes section bc nope, not today  
  • he’s actually growing kind of attached to this zebra-print jean jacket 
  • he??? bought it??? 
  • @ himself: when are you ever going to wear this / taemin: shrug emoji 
  • found a dope bucket hat
  • minho your sweater is still stupid 
Luckily Unlucky

Anon Request: Hi!! Thanks for your amazing writing, you are a blessing!! (A/N: you’re too kind :D ) Could you do a tom holland x reader where you’ve been together for a year or so but you have never really have had the chance to go and visit him on set because you’re busy with school but when you finaly do you can’t contain your excitement bc ur a really big Marvel fan and you geek out about everything, even the smallest things and Tom just finds you the most adorable human being and u also meet seb who’s ur celeb crush and u freak out

Warnings: a little language

robertdowneyjr  @tomholland2013 is bring his leading lady to set. Are we embarrassing him enough??

670,835 Likes | 2,335 Comments

It was hard to not scroll through Instagram without being bombarded with people tagging her in pictures hoping to be recognized by Tom, being sent direct messages asking for personal information about her and Tom’s relationship, and even having reporters pose as fans online. Social media became a form of hell for (Y/N) after she started dating Tom, but seeing the photo Robert Downey Jr. tagged Tom in earlier today had been a relief from the regular occurring torment.

“You didn’t tell me Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be there,” she gasped while turning to face Tom as he sat in the driver’s seat, maneuvering his way around Atlanta traffic.

“You’re such a Sherlock nerd I figured you’d deduce that much,” he replied with a smirk.

“Will you please just tell me who all is going to be there?” she begged.

“And ruin the surprise?” he laughed as (Y/N) continued to pretend pout in the passenger seat. As they pulled into a large parking lot surrounded by fences and electronic gates, (Y/N) shifted impatiently in her seat.

“Can you promise me one thing?” she asked as Tom looked over at her with a smile on his face as his eyes beamed into hers.

“Anything love,” he said softly.

“Don’t let me make a fool of myself,” she stated while only lead Tom into a lighthearted laugh. “I’m serious!” she quickly protested. “Don’t let me look like an idiot in front of anyone, okay?!” Tom continued to laugh and pursed her lips together and narrowed her eyes at him. Upon seeing this, Tom placed his hands on either side of her face and smiled.

“There is no way anyone could think you’re an idiot, (Y/N), but I will make sure you don’t turn into a luny fangirl in front of anyone,” he promised before placing his lips on hers.

“That is all I ask for,” she laughed in response as Tom pulled her into one last kiss before exiting the vehicle and hurrying to her door. From the outside, everything seemed normal; big white buildings towered over the trailers, golf carts hurriedly scurried through open pathways, and people walked wherever shade was available. There was nothing too different or exciting about set upon first laying eyes on it, and Tom knew this.

“What’s the matter?” he teased (Y/N), “Why aren’t you excited?” Figuring he was taunting her for getting herself worked up about a bunch of buildings, (Y/N) shrugged in a slightly defeated manner which only caused Tom to suppress the sly grin he had been hiding while his heart jumped from excitement. 

“What are all these buildings?” she asked, trying not to sound let down but rather inquisitive of her surroundings. 

“Different studios and such,” Tom continued while peeling away from his girlfriend’s side and bounding up a couple of metal steps toward a doorway. “This way, love,” he called to her as she continued her pace toward him. He opened the door and escorted her into the dark room. (Y/N) clung to Tom’s arm, afraid of getting lost and not being able to find her way out–a very realistic fear considering Tom once unknowingly abandoned her in an escape room filled with porcelain dolls.

Tom flicked the lights on, illuminating the room they stood in. Immediately, (Y/N)’s eyes flashed to Tom in excitement, anticipation, and a slight bit of fear. Looking around, she realized she must have been standing in the wardrobe department since individual sections for each of the sixty-something main characters wardrobe changes hung on racks beside their respective props.

“Am I even allowed to be in here?” she asked Tom who shrugged in response. Honestly, he didn’t know where (Y/N) could and could not go, but the wide-eye heart fluttering excitement that flooded her beautiful face was something he couldn’t pass up regardless of rules. “Is that–” she couldn’t finish her sentence before she took a few steps closer to the relic that appeared to Steven Strange: the cloak of levitation. “No way!” she yelled as her attention flashed to Red Wing, Anthony Mackie’s character’s ‘pet’ robot. “And the wing pack?” she gasped while picking it up and then hurriedly glancing at Tom. “Can I?”

“It’s not like Anthony’s my biggest fan anyway,” he teased and watched as (Y/N) slid her arms into the prop with its wings already extended. With her back toward Tom, she glanced down over her shoulder to look at the wing only to hear the snapping noise of Tom’s phone as he took her photo. “You look much better in that than Anthony,” he teased.

“Don’t you dare send that to him!” she shouted. 

“Fine,” Tom sighed, “I won’t yet.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and then quickly put the prop back where she found it before rushing over to Peter Quill’s prop and wardrobe station. Immediately she put on the helmet, strapped the walkman to her belt loop, and held up his blaster and waited for Tom to take her picture again. For the next hour Tom followed his giddy girlfriend around as she grabbed whatever prop she could find and posed dorkily with them. By the end, in addition to the photos Tom already took, he had pictures of her peeking over the cloak of levitation, pretending to pick up Mjölnir and then raising the hammer victoriously, ducking behind Captain America’s new shield, raising her fist in the air as the infinity gauntlet covered the better part of her forearm, and his favorite: fem!spidey. Tom and (Y/N) had started dating shortly after the premier of Spider-Man: Homecoming and so the idea of her wearing the suit wasn’t possible until today. 

“What do you think?” she asked while pretending to shoot webs at him.

“Damn I love you,” he laughed while taking numerous photos of his girlfriend being a dork in his costume. Oddly enough it fit her surprisingly well and, though he would never admit it, he loved seeing her in it more than he loved being Spider-Man. “If Peter Parker ever does a gender twist like Thor, I’ll commission for you to take over,” Tom said while pulling (Y/N) into a hug.

“You’re a dork,” she laughed at him while wrapping her arms around his waist.

“You’re the one in the Spider-Man suit!”

“You’re the one getting off on it!”

“Shut up,” he muttered in a fluster as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “Change back, it’s nearly lunch and some people are excited to meet you.” Once (Y/N) was back in her t-shirt and shorts, Tom grabbed her hand and the pair left out the door they came in and started walking toward where the trailers were gathered.

“Where are we going?” she asked as Tom put his arm around her waist and she did the same to him.

“Downey Town,” he said proudly.

“I won’t want to go to town,” she said in a complaining tone, teasing Tom.

“When are you going be nice to me today?” he laughed while poking her sides. “You’re welcome for me making all of the mistakes you can learn from, by the way.”

“Thank you so much for embarrassing yourself back then so I can not seems as strange,” she replied, “but if you introduce me to Robert’s stunt double on purpose, I will hurt you, Holland.” The two arrived at a collection of trailers set up to remind (Y/N) of the way the cabins were described at Camp Half-Blood. Slowly, Tom and (Y/N) made their way into the grouping of trailers to see a large, standing extendable tent set up with benches and picnic tables placed underneath and a catering company setting up lunch. Throughout the courtyard were the various actors filming Infinity War this week. Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. stood beside Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong just outside under the awning of one trailer and Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and the Chrises were gathered together under another awning.

“Are you okay?” Tom asked (Y/N) again as her grip on his waist tightened unexpectedly.

“Y-yeah,” she started, “it’s just…there’s a lot of people.”

“You wanted to meet them all, right?” She found herself unable to respond and instead quickly nodded her head. “Well then, come on,” he smiled to her and pulled her toward RDJ’s gathering of actors.

“Tom,” (Y/N) murmured quietly they approached.

“Uh huh?”

“Don’t let me say Bobby Newport in a menacing voice near Paul Rudd,” she hurried to say.

“Why the hell would you say that?”

“Just don’t let me,” she stated, “okay?”

“Okay, love,” Tom laughed and pulled (Y/N) against his side in hopes to make her feel more comforted and less anxious. Before she knew it, (Y/N) was face to face with RDJ and Mark Ruffalo, who just happened to be the first two people to turn around as stye approached.

“Welcome to the party, Tom,” Robert called while stretching out his arm and taking Tom under him in a side hug. “And this must be the lovely, (Y/N) I’ve heard so much about,” he said while pulling her into a warm hug and kissing her cheek. He left his arm across her shoulders and looked between Tom and (Y/N) before turning his attention back to the girl. “Blink twice if he’s got you under some sort of Stockholm Syndrome thing,” Robert joked, “it’s the only way a guy like him could get someone as gorgeous as you.” (Y/N) could feel her face blush a little at his compliment but was quick to humble herself.

“I’m the lucky one,” she laughed. “Had there not been a screw up with my hotel room, we would have never met.”

“And then we would have never met, and I mean, come on,” he said while raising his hands in the air and moving them up and down like a triple beam balance, “me, Tom, me, Tom. Me? Tom?” A smirk grew across Tom’s lips as he tipped his side of Robert’s imaginary scale upward.

“Tom,” he said with a smile as his fingers found their way toward (Y/N)’s. As soon as (Y/N) was beginning to grow comfortable in her situation, Tom, Robert, Mark, and Wong were whisked away to help with food set up, leaving (Y/N) in the company of Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA Sherlock Holmes, AKA her favorite childhood icon.

“Hello,” he said with a smile and then extending his hand, “I don’t believe we’ve met.” She graciously took his hand in hers and smiled.

“I’m (Y/N),” she said quickly. “I’m visiting Tom today on set–Tom Holland, not Hiddleston, but if you know where he is I wouldn’t mind visiting him either,” she laughed anxiously. To her surprise, Benedict began to laugh as well.

“You’re Tom’s girlfriend, aren’t you?” he said in realization and slight surprise. (Y/N) nodded. “How did you meet? I know he told me you were a fan.” (Y/N) bit her lip and swallowed hard before speaking.

“I flew out to LA for Comic Convention and there was a mixup with my hotel rooms. They gave me the wrong key and wrong room number and it ended up being Tom’s room. Oddly enough I was at the convention to meet him in the first place.

“Funny how things worked out,” Benedict smiled.

“Yeah,” she said hesitantly.

“He speaks highly of you, you know?” he continued.

“Does he now?” (Y/N) began to laugh.

“One of the first things he said about you to me was how he tried to introduce you to ‘Sherlock–’”

“And I had seen more episodes than him?” I finished and Benedict nodded with a light grin on his face. “Yeah, I had a teacher in high school who played series one for us in class when we went over induction and deduction. Its’ easily one of my favorite shows.”

“What did you think of the plot line with Mary?” he asked, his voice holding genuine interest toward her opinion. Out of the corner of her eye, (Y/N) could see Tom returning and hurried to speak before he arrived.

“I enjoyed her character as well as what she brought to both John and Sherlock’s lives, but I also see that, with her past, and with Amanda and Martin splitting, there was no other way for it to end for her than the way it did.”

“I agree,” he smiled as Tom approached. “I love Amanda and I loved working with her and Martin but–and here’s a little slip about the next series–I think John and Sherlock are going to go back to their roots a bit more but still have Mary as a guiding voice for each of them deep down.”

“I knew the conversation would turn to this,” Tom laughed as he came back.

“I don’t want to keep you for very long, but I’d love to talk to you again before you leave,” Benedict said while shaking (Y/N)’s hand in departure. Tom and (Y/N) said their farewells to Benedict and she followed him toward a picnic table to wait for lunch to begin. They were alone for a total of ten seconds before a figure slid in front of them, a smirk plastered across his face.

“Tom, I’ve got you a little something,” he cooed while sliding a tumbler in front of Tom on the table.

“Is this my juice?” Tom laughed. 

“Yeah, and there’s a surprise in it this time,” Anthony stated as Tom took a sip. Immediately, Tom’s lips curled as an unexpected burning caused his tastebuds to tingle. 

“Thanks,” Tom replied as he adjusted to the alcohol in his cranberry juice.

“Pratt’s idea,” Anthony said as Chris Pratt slid onto the bench beside Anthony, accompanied by Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, and Sebastian Stan. (Y/N) could hardly contain her excitement as she noticed everyone around her: Chris Evans on her left, Tom on her right, and Anthony, Sebastian, Chris Pratt, and Paul across from her, all awaiting lunch to be served, and for some reason, all excited to meet her: a nobody who was lucky enough to be unlucky when it comes to booking hotel rooms.

“We brought one for your lady friend too, if she drinks that sort of thing,” Chris Pratt said and slid a plastic cup in front of (Y/N). She took a quick sip of the ice juice laced with what tasted like rum and then turned her attention back to the group.

“I’m assuming you know us by how much Tom drones on and on about how amazing we are,” Anthony cooed.

“And we pretty much know you from how often Tom talks about (Y/N) this, (Y/N) that,” Sebastian smiled while teasing her boyfriend.

“Now that you’ve met her can you blame me for talking about her so much?” Tom laughed while gesturing toward (Y/N).

“Is it true you’re a super huge fan of the comics and all?” Pratt asked.

“Uh, yeah.” she said hesitantly and then took another sip of her drink.

“Okay, then who’s your favorite superhero?” Chris Evans asked.

“Marvel or DC?” (Y/N) asked in return.

“Both,” Anthony interjected.

“Well for DC it’s Raven, hands down and for Marvel, well as a kid it was Spider-Man; my dad and I would sit down and watch the Tobey McGuire movies all the time, and but once I really got into the comics, I was a fan of the Winter Soldier storyline, but I’ve gotta go with Domino, she’s pretty bad ass,” (Y/N) responded.

“Raven and Domino?” Pratt asked. “Not Star Lord?”

“Or Falcon?” Anthony chimed in.

“I could see you as Domino,” Sebastian said while looking over (Y/N)’s face and a small smile rose.

“But why those two?” Paul asked.

“They’re smart and can out wit anyone and are talented and strong enough to also overpower anyone as well.”

“What even is Domino’s powers?” Tom asked, turning toward his girlfriend as he continued to learn new things about her preferences.

“So long as she makes an attempt to avoid or prevent something, she’s able to. Say if someone was trying to shoot her, if she moves, or makes an attempt to move out of the way, she won’t be hit, no matter what.”

“She’s also super tactically trained,” Sebastian added in (Y/N)’s favor.

“That too,” (Y/N) said while taking another sip to cool her as the Atlanta heat overcame the air.

“And why Raven?” Tom asked.

“She’s easily the most powerful and most bad ass character in all of the DC universe!” (Y/N) couldn’t control her excitement while talking to superheroes about superheroes. “She’s half demon, has the ability to wield dark magic for good purposes, has basically no weaknesses, and mental powers are always more powerful and stronger than physical abilities.”

“That’s not necessarily true,” Tom tried to argue.

“My point was proven in Civil War. No one could touch Vision besides Wanda–the only Avenger to have a mental ability rather than a physical one. She singlehandedly fucked everyone up in Age of Ultron too,” (Y/N) defended.

“You really know your stuff, huh?” Chris Evans said with a hint of admiration.

“Don’t even get her started on Batman,” Tom murmured as food was slowly being placed in front of everyone.

“What’s wrong with Batman?” Anthony asked, leading Tom to groan and grab (Y/N)’s hand tightly in his.

“Please don’t do this,” he begged her.

“Why, what’s so wrong with Batman?” Anthony pushed as Tom glared at him.

“My best mate, Harrison, couldn’t talk to her for a week after she tore down every argument supporting Batman as being a superhero.”

“That’s because he’s not a superhero,” (Y/N) interrupted.

“Here we go,” Tom grumbled and then laughed. “Do you see what you did Anthony?”

“Wait, I want to hear this!” Sebastian said from across the table and then extended his arms to silence everyone and gave (Y/N) his full attention. “Please, go on,” he smiled and gestured for her to continue talking.

“There’s nothing about him that makes him ‘super.’ He has no ‘super’ human or advanced qualities about him.”

“He knows almost every form of martial arts,” Anthony countered.

“That doesn’t make him a super hero. It makes him a master of martial arts. Batman is nothing more than a person who knows things and has money. There is nothing about him that makes him ‘super.’”

“Then what’s the difference between him and Tony Stark or Clint Barton?” Paul asked.

“Clint know’s he’s a marksman and ex-spy. He may be a hero, but he know’s he’s not a ‘super’ hero. I try to avoid the Tony Stark argument because it goes both ways: you can say the arc reactor is something that makes him ‘super’ because it’s keeping him alive, but then again, it was developed by him: billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist; notice ‘superhero’ isn’t on the list.”

“Okay, then what about Black Widow?” Sebastian asked while leaning over the table and facing (Y/N).

“Trick question,” she muttered while mimicking his position. “How else would someone born in 1928 look like their only 29 in the year 2017? She received a similar variation of the Super Soldier Serum used on Steve and Bucky–which also explains how Bucky trained her in the Red Room.”

“Leading to their subsequent relationship,” Sebastian stated.

“Which the movies have been subtly hinting at.”

“Damn, you two are fucking nerds,” Anthony laughed as he and Tom agreed on something while laughing at Sebastian and (Y/N)’s back and forth.

“I told you guys not to get her going,” Tom laughed and then put his hand on (Y/N)’s leg as he looked at her with pride and admiration. The group continued talking as they ate their way through lunch. Conversation fluttered between comics, movies, books, and other things of entertainment, to (Y/N)’s degree in school, her and Tom recounting the story of how they met, and even bringing up the fact that Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd had worked together already, which lead Pratt into the scene where Ben, Andy, Tom, and Jerry were trying to make a negative ad about the Bobby Newport campaign. Sebastian, Anthony, and (Y/N) all joined in with him at Paul’s expense and toward the end of their meal, (Y/N) was more reluctant to leave than she was hesitant to arrive. Anthony forced Tom to promise to bring (Y/N) around more often and even invited the couple out with the rest of the cast that night, saying that bringing (Y/N) with Tom was the only way he would be allowed at the grown up’s table.

Knowing that (Y/N) was more than likely exhausted, Tom took her back to his trailer to rest where she was unable to stop thanking him for the amazing day and repeatedly telling him over and over how he was the best boyfriend and most amazing best friend anyone could ask for, and that she was so fortunate to have met him, let alone grow close to him in the way they have become with one another.

I know that modern aus are cliche, but hear me out:

-Dustin’s snapchat being almost all face swaps (with pictures of celebrities and with the others) and A+ zoomed in videos of Mike doing regular things like look through drawers that look ridiculous zoomed in really slowly, and Will’s is funny photos of signs and the sky and Mike and sometimes motivations bc look at him. He lives motivating people w Dustin you can see it in him
-This isn’t really modern perse but. Holly being OBSESSED with sailor moon and Mike watching it with her??? And El and Will teasing him about it and calling him Tuxedo Mask?????? Yes please
-Mr. Clarke is super fond of the kids because even though the Internet could easily help them they still ask him
-Everyone calling Mike “dat boi” and whenever they take a bad picture of them and he says not to use it, just putting the frog emoji on his face
-Additionally, when Mike gets irritated and fights w someone in their groupchat the rest of the kids just send frog emojis to spam him
-Mike’s name in Lucas’s phone is literally just ‘living frog emoji’. It’s such a running gag because Troy used it so much it basically became a meme bc it was so cliche it wasn’t even hurtful anymore. Mike is just a frog now
-They don’t have AV clubs at school really anymore, so them being theatre techs??? I know that’s not rlly modern but it’s a solution
-Mike gets really tired of the harambe memes Dustin always finds a way to make and telling him to “let them die like the gorilla did” and everyone cracks up
-Will’s Instagram feed is more lit than all of other kids put together
-SERIOUSLY this kid is an aesthetic mastermind with all his cute selfies and art and doodles??
-Jonathan’s Instagram feed is equally as bomb bc his photography is so rad. He gets a job bc it’s so good like yowza
-Els Instagram is mostly iconic creep shots of the boys and ADORABLE selfies that make Mike like ✨✨✨ inside
-This ones less serious but MIKE “it’s not a phase” WHEELER IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE
-Firstly, my beautiful bi child, secondly, EMO MIKE WHEELER SLDDNFLS
-Lucas not letting himself be defined by modern expectations of black youth and being suuuuper cool and vocal
-He will Call Anyone Out. He will call you out. Your family out. His friends out. If he needed to he would call himself out he’s awesome
-Don’t tell me his Twitter name isn’t 'black lives matter’ every February BC it is. The rest of the time it’s lucaslucaslucas bc of frickin Mike Wheeler
-Lucas is also a tuba player. Don’t fight me on this he plays tuba
-AND he’s in marching band bc just imagine him in a marching band uniform
-It’s cute isn’t it. You know it’s cute
-Mike and Will are choir kids and Lucas and Dustin tease them relentlessly about it bc they’re both sopranos and it’s hilarious
-El and Dustin take woodshop together and make ridiculous statues that clog up the Wheeler basement for some reason
-Max is a staunch anti-terf feminist and her and Lucas team up as the Dynamic Duo to call everyone out on their shite
-It’s very fun to watch bc they don’t hold back. They will rip you to shreds they are woke little kids from all their experiences okay
-El always gets called a boy and whatever else because even though this is 2017, for some reason that’s okay??? She’s fine though it doesn’t bother her
-The groupchat between the boys and El is called either “campaign chat” (it was originally made to plan d&d and now it’s memes or “don’t talk it’s sleeping time” bc the only time it’s active is at night, when the kids aren’t together
-Mike and Will have broken the 10 hour FaceTime limit before, when Will was sick and Mike was “"sick”“ and they face timed for literally that entire time, just giggling and talking
-All the boys, meaning well, congratulated Will when gay marriage was legalized in the states. Will was very confused by this and said "you know I can’t get married right now right?”

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Best Friends Don't Use A Couple Hashtag

For Day One of NurseyDex Week - Getting Together/Mutual Pining

Nursey/Dex Week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

(Read on AO3)

It started the summer between sophomore and junior year. Dex was trying to spend the summer ignoring the fact that he had to start sharing a room with Nursey and ignoring Nursey all together. He was doing a pretty good job of it until he began noticing a guy pop up in Nurse’s social media more and more. His name was Huntington and Dex hated him on principle because of that name.

Every time he opened up Snapchat it was filled with Nursey and Hunt’s faces using the latest filter. If he tried to open Instagram there would be photos of the latest meal Hunt and Nursey were eating with the tag #Nursington. And forget Facebook. There Dex had to hide posts from Hunt all together because he tagged Nursey in everything. Clearly Nursey had a boyfriend and hadn’t mentioned it to the group or his to be roommate and d-man. Best friends don’t use a couple hashtag after all.

He found it odd too that none of the guys were asking him about it. Usually fledgling romances were like a drop of blood in the water that sent Holster and Ransom into a frenzy. But somehow the chat was silent and the comments left on posts were innocuous.

One afternoon Dex opened his phone and was greeted with the sight of Nurse and Hunt at NYC Pride and threw his phone down with a huff.

“What’s wrong?” his sister asked.

“Nothing Erin,” he mumbled, looking at the ceiling.

Swiping her brother phone Erin opened it and looked at the photo of the two men on screen. “See you’re still pining over your friend,” she smirked.

“I am not pining. I do not like Derek Nurse for the last time.”

“You do. You know you do. I know because you argue with him a lot. Which means you can’t figure out how to process feelings like a real person and find really weird things to get angry about like that jaywalking story.”

“He wouldn’t on the grass because it would wet his loafers wet Erin! Who does that!” he exclaimed looking frazzled.

“Yeah and you weirdly like that about him,” she teased.

“I hate you.”


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Patton reading to Logan after Logan had a bad day or Patton reading to kid!Logan?

Tag: @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic @pattonscardigan @beach-fan @virgillikespurple @emeliethetimelady @analogically-prinxiety @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  

(Ok I loved writing this. Thank you for the prompt.  I need a drawing of Tiny!lo and a planet plushie though tbh. )

Today had been a rough day for the small logical side.

First, he’d dropped his favourite lego creation. Which scattered into bits leaving him too annoyed by the simple mistake to fix it up.

Then he almost fell down the stairs while holding hands with Anxiety, his fluffy blue socks making the carpet slippery. Causing him to lose his footing, had it not been for Virgil’s quick reaction time, he would’ve fallen down the flight, it gave them both quite a fright.  Against Virgil’s attempts at reassurance, he took his socks off after that, even if his toes were a little cold.  

Next, they had run out of his favourite juice at lunch, and, though Roman had tried to make the sweet beverage it just wasn’t quite right..He had to admit defeat, Patton was indeed the best a conjuring it.

So here Logan was stuck drinking water, out of some ‘other’ cup because he was being washed, and although healthy the clear liquid never tasted as nice. Of Course,  the DVD of something about space wasn’t working. So he couldn’t even nap to science facts.  

Worst of all. Patton wasn’t home.

All it all, He spent the day trying not to cry. Sitting curled up grumpily on the couch in the commons. Playing with his planet earth plushie, Virgil had managed to find a very soft silk blanket, but it just wasn’t the same as Patton’s large cardigan, filled with the soft father’s scent.

Virgil tried his best to calm him with music, hoping that the same comforts he had would work for Logan too.  The rock and punk sounds were a little too unsettling for the tiny stressed out and rather exhausted logical side.

Roman tried to get him to draw, hoping to take his mind off things with a fantasy world, however, this was still Logan, and he didn’t want to take part in the “non-si-ence”.  

After a long nap-less, juice-less and sad day, the father trait, finally reappeared.

Logan couldn’t bolt off the couch fast enough. Patton let out a small ‘oof’ as his legs were taken hold of by the quick-moving boy. Ruffling his hair with a chuckle. “Miss me that much kiddo?”    When he didn’t get a response he looked down, moving Logan’s head apart from his leg. Tears were streaked down the poor boys face, small hiccups making his chest quiver.
“B-bad d-d-day”  He whined, shaking his head hopelessly and snuggling against Patton’s hand for warmth. His glasses going askew.

Patton looked up at the guilty looking Roman and Virgil who were waiting in the doorway.  He slid the glasses off Logan’s face and gave them an assuring smile as he scooped up the still crying child.

He patted Virgil on the shoulder on the way past as he headed to Logan’s room.  “You guys did great. I know he’s a handful.”   He winked, handing Roman the small glasses before disappearing into the teachers now more child-friendly looking room.

Logan stayed quiet, clinging to Morality chest tightly.  Patton slipped his arm out to the bookshelf, fishing out Winnie the Pooh.

He then untied his cardigan before slowly laying down on the bed, propping Logan on his chest so he could listen to his heartbeat. He spread his large cardigan over the smaller one, to keep him warm. Then flicked open the first page.. and began to read. Making sure to include all of the silly voices, and occasionally kissing the top of the younger’s head in between chapters.

After a bit of pestering from Virgil, Roman decided to check on the two. They’d been missing awhile.
He headed up the hall and gently nudged the door open, his eyes falling on the cutest sight yet.

There, in Logan’s Room, both snoring softly were the other sides, fast asleep. Patton’s arm tightly securing Logan, who was on his chest, the cardigan wrapped around him. Thumb in his mouth as the other hand clutched a lump of Patton’s polo shirt.  Book dangling from Patton’s lose grasp as he lay, head tilted towards the younger, glasses skeewiff.  

Roman snapped a photo and chuckled silently. Heading back to show Virgil.

It really was a bad day… but Dad had made it all better.

Mini Matchmaker Pt 3 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Happy New Year, my lovelies!! I was trying really hard to have this ready for NYE cause that’s when part of it happens but work and life made that impossible. But here it is!! I really hope you like this! I had all the fluffy feels while writing it, so yeah. :D Let me know your thoughts! <3


Mini Matchmaker Pt 3 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, Bucky, Clint, Natasha, OC Justice, Laura Barton, Sam, Maria Hill, others mentioned. [modern AU]

Summary: A surprising phone call leads to another dinner, plus New Years Eve plans go awry. 

Warnings: Fluff! Lil angst. Mention of death and car accident. Illness I guess? 

Word Count: 4.2k (I’m a wordy birdie)

Tags are at the end

<<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four>>>

Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


Originally posted by shenghoutony

The day after Christmas was a rude awakening, returning to the awful world of retail clothing and the demanding general public. Everyone and their dim-witted cousin had descended upon the mall to return ill-fitting clothes, otherwise unwanted gifts, and basically to annoy you. You didn’t know how many more times you could say, “Without a receipt I can only give store credit and that’s with the tags still attached” because every single time, the customer was baffled and infuriated at your inability to fork over the refund money without proof of purchase. Shocking.

You had spent your (late and shorter than usual) break hiding in the bathroom just so you didn’t have to see another person for 15 minutes. You repeated the mantra of “only a few more days, only a few more days…” to keep you from snapping right then and there.

Thankfully, two days later things had calmed down and you were able to have an actual lunch break. Natasha had joined you halfway through and was currently devouring your basket of fries, but lucky for her you weren’t that hungry. If you never saw another mall food court again, it would be too soon. The combined smells were nauseating. Only a few more days, only a few more days…

The buzzing of your phone on the laminate table brought you out of your stupor, your heart leaping at the name displayed on the screen. Steve. Natasha’s eyes followed the sound and she gripped your arm in almost-painful excitement.

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“My little star” (Riddler x Reader)

Hello! Im back!! 💖


Please forgive me, please.

I’ve been drepressed for almost all summer and also on an hard writers block for some time and now college just started and its even more stressful than before. Im sorry for the hiatues. Ill try to update as often as i can! I promise!

 For now, I’ll update “The family’s girl” next, following it will come “Stop that wedding!” and in between will come part two of “Notre Dame de Paris” (Hunchback au) So IF YOU STILL HAVENT VOTED for  (STW) and (NDdP) , VOTE NOW!

Requested by Anon!

Request:  We are lacking some Riddler, May v we hey some Eddie lovin’ please?

Requested by Anon!

Request:  Could you write a Riddler x Reader? Pethaps he takes them hostage and….? Idk. Take it where you will! Please keep it SFW if you can. Thank you!

He may take you hostage in the future… who knows…he can become quite like Jon in stalker *wink wink* ;))

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💖 Now, Enjoy!! 💖

It was a peaceful Gotham morning in your work, you were the head of the Gotham gazette. Your drive to get as involved as possible in the crime scene is what made you one of the best and more truthful of Gotham’s journalist. You always told the truth of the cases, making you also amongst the most hated people of Gotham.

The truth hurts sometimes.

But it also made you very respected in the hero and villains community. The first ones for your values and honesty, amongst the seconds because you didn’t demonize them. You treated them right.

You could kinda say you had a fan club.


A pretty big fan club.

They even have a president!

Edward Nygma.

He was a big fan of yours, since you started on your College newspaper. He felt attracted to you on an intellectual level at first. He soaked in your work, drinking every letter as if it was water in a desert. He was so intrigued in meeting you … That knowing your drive to get into the wolf’s mouth you would come directly to his trap.

And he would finally meet you.

Eddie smiled at your new article that shone in his barely lit room.



“(y/n)! Have you finished the paper in the new rector elections?” One of your coworkers asked.

“Here” You said as you gave her paper. “Parker will bring the photos later this evening.”

“Perfect.” She turned around and ran into the frenzy that was your editorial.

“(l/n)!” Your boss yelled. “Come here, now!”

“Coming boss.” You hurried to the office, a bit worried. Once inside you stood up in front of the table. “Is something wrong?”

“No. But we have received a note. The Riddler is about to strike! And you will be covering up!”

“Yes boss!” You smiled, reading the note. “I’m on it.” You ran to your spot and investigated the Riddler’s movement to discover where we will strike. You received an email that said:

“Riddle me this…Riddle me that…

If you want to find me

Tell me what I am…

·    Until I am measured

I am not known,

Yet how you miss me

When I have flown.

·       I never was, am always to be,

No one ever saw me, nor ever will

And yet I am the confidence of all

To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.


·       What time belongs to men twice a day?


·       At night they come without being fetched,

And by day they are lost without being stolen.

·       Whilst I was engaged in sitting

I spied the dead carrying the living


Good luck, miss (y/n).


Hmm…quite though…but if you want to find him you have to crack them…

After staying afterhours, you finally cracked the code.

“I got it!” You write down:

·       Time

·       Tomorrow

·       5:14, Upside down on a digital clock it spells “his”

·       Stars

·       Ship

Hm…. this is kinda…like..a meeting place?

Time: Tomorrow at 5:14 pm in the..the Starship! The boat stranded in Gotham!

“Gotcha!” You smirked and write down everything. Then you changed in your pajama and went to sleep.

Tomorrow you were meeting a criminal.


The Riddler was wearing his best suit, ready to meet the little star of Gotham. He grabbed the flower and drive to the boat, the shadows covering him until he made it to the boat. There he set a table and two chairs, a candle and drinks too.

“hm…ready.” He smirked. “I wonder if her mind is capable of matching mines…oh well, I guess we’ll find out!” He sat in the chair, his can on his lap and waited for her.


You arrived at the boat and carefully entered, making your way up.

“Riddler?” You asked.

“Hello Miss (y/n)” He smirked. “Sit down please.”

You entered the place looking around, it gave of a kind of love vibe. You shrugged and sat down.

“What is your plan?” You got your notebook out.

“Wow, down to business, eh?” He smirked and served a glass of (f/d).

“No thank you, and yes, that’s why we are here…no?” You raised an eyebrow and he smirked.

“Indeed. I see you solved my riddles.”

“I did. clever hide your location on riddles. Very your thing”

“Thank you, it was a challenge. See if you can measure to me. I guess you can.” He smirked.

“Thank…you?”     You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Now…I guess you want to know what I am up to?” Edward smirked.

“Well, obviously?” You raised an eyebrow and he smiled, his cheek got a bit redder.

“First, let me tell you, miss (y/n) that you look beautiful tonight! “He got a beautiful (f/f) out of nowhere and gave it to you.

“Oh… thank you…” You smiled and grabbed the flower, smiling and blushing. He smirked and got his bowler hat. “Now…what’s your plan?”

“Well, my beautiful maiden. My plan is and has always been prove I’m smarter than batman.” He shrugged his shoulders. “And destroy him, of course. But for now, I just want to know more about you, my dear. You know, you quite had the fan club back at Arkham.” He smirked.

“Oh? I do?” You felt flattered really. But for some reason, being idolized by the likes of the joker didn’t make you feel really…safe.

“Indeed darling. I, myself am draw to your truthful approach to the news.” His hand came to rest above yours, a charming smile on his face.

“Really? It usually makes me hated.” You looked at his green eyes thought the black mask.

“Nonsense, darling! People can’t stand the truth! You’re better than them! Smarter, more honest!” He said with so much passion as he clutched your hand in his. You blushed at the flattering speech.

“Thank you, Mr. Nygma” You smiled.

“Please, call me Eddie” He smiled loving.

“Okay…Eddie” You smiled.

You two keep talking for hours, exchanging riddles, theories and arguing about hot science topics.

After a wonderful 3-hour chat, he helped you down the boat and to your car. Before you could enter he pulled you flush against him, his hot breath mingled with yours. You blushed, and for some reason, your heartbeat had become faster and your cheeks burned in a blush.

“I like you, my little star…I like you very much…Maybe, maybe we could go out again? Tomorrow? There is a really interesting symposium in Bludhaven…maybe we could go, you know…together?” His cheeks became red as his green eyes looked around, shyly.

“Cute” You though as a smile took place on your lips. “Well…If any nothing comes up…. I don’t see why not.” You smiled.

“YES!” He though. “Perfect! I’ll send you a new note with the place and time!” He smiled exited.

“Great, can’t wait to know what you come up with!” You winked at him, making him blush. “Have a good night, Eddie.”

“Have a good night, (y/n)” He smiled before his eyes widened “(y/n) wait!” he grabbed your hand and pulled you in a sweet, chaste kiss. You froze in place, blushing madly.

As he pulled away a few seconds later, you looked at his dreamy eyes and blushing face.

“Now, Have a sweet night, my beautiful star.” He smiled dreamily, you smiled back.

“Good night” You smiled back and sit inside your car, a silly smile took place on your face and you couldn’t shake the warm feeling off.

“he was pretty cute…” You bit your lip before shaking some sense on your head and drove back to your home, to write that article you had to hand tomorrow.

He smiled one last time on the direction your car took before sitting inside a black car, that took off almost immediately.

“How was it, boss?” One of his lackeys asked.

“Perfect. Now, the other plan starts now.” He smirked evilly as his lackeys smirked back.

“Batman won’t know from where the hit came!” One of his crooks laughed.

“Down, down,down,down!” They cheered. 

Eddie thoughts drove of the cheering crew and to your beautiful smile, your soft luscious (h/c) hair. Yous beautiful mind, your enchanting eyes…he sighs dreamily….


“Down, down,down,down! YAY!” They cheered loudly.

Edward smirked.” Easy boys…” He looked outside his tinted windows to see the characteristic shadow of the bat and his Robin jump in the direction they just came from.

Eddie smirked evilly.

“Riddle me this, riddle me that…who is afraid of the big, black, bat?”  



Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum:

“THAT GREEN ASSHOLE THINKS HE CAN DESTROY THE BAT, TAKE GOTHAM AS HIS OWN AND TAKE THAT PLESURE FROM ME?! NO FUCKING WAY!” The joker screamed as he his fist against the bulletproof crystal as the other inmates looked at him with a bit of fear. “IM SICK OF HIM! OF HIS FREAKING ANNOYING RIDDLES!.unless…” The manic grin on the joker face became crazier as he let out a more than usual, manic cackle that sounded in all Arkham. “He thinks riddles are funnier than jokes? Hahahahahaha well see about that!” The Joker banged his blood-stained hands on the clean crystal, imprinting his handprints in it.

His catlike smirk widened, almost splitting his face in half.

This is war.”

(so…Want a part two?)

anonymous asked:

How about the ndrv3 guys being very needy (like they just want attention or cuddles or something like that) with a female s/o?

Sign me the heck up!
(as always, if you want something changed, please don’t hesitate to ask!)

-Mod Kaede

Female S/O with Needy NDRV3 Guys

Saihara Shuuichi

Saihara wasn’t big on PDA or anything of the sort. He was shy when it came to hand holding or quick pecks. Of course, he still loved S/O with all his heart.

He started thinking back on the first murder case he solved. The way the culprit’s gaze bore into him came back to haunt him ever so often.

So when you two were sitting on a couch watching television, it came as a surprise that he grabbed your hand. He was blushing, and let his eyes rest on your figure. You brought his hand up to your face and gave it a small kiss.

As you got up for a snack, he didn’t let go of your hand.

“S-Saihara, my hand..”   “Ah! Sorry, S/O!”

He averted his gaze, and then you understood.
You sat next to him and wrapped your arms around his body, placing your head on his shoulder.

Saihara smiled and placed a silent kiss on your head.

“Thank you, S/O.”

He felt blessed to have you as his partner.

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durfeedraws  asked:

I'd love more info on the Russian school system/traditions, especially university (especially since I'll be studying abroad in St. Petersburg in about 2 weeks :D )

God, I am. SO SORRY for how long this took. It’s been way longer than 2 weeks since I received this ask, and I can only hope that you’re doing great figuring out your Uni’s traditions on your own.

[EDIT]: Un-readmored this post, because several people couldn’t access it.

Anyway! The scheme of Russian education looks something like this (image source):

You may notice a weird fork on the road to higher University level education. Well, that happened because USSR had the 5 year Specialist system, then Russia decided to move to the more western 4+2 years system, but didn’t do it all the way, so now they kinda. Coexist.

Another amusing fact is that until the 90s Primary general education was 3 years, not 4, and overall school lasted 10 years. But once again, when we were trying to make our education system more western weird things started happening.

First, Russia tried adopting the 11 year school system wholesale. But then primary school teachers started complaining that they were fitting what was now taught in 4 years just fine in only 3 years before. So instead of extending the program or something Russia decided to uninstall Grade 4 from existence. Yep, for some time the Grades went: 1, 2, 3, then 5, 6, 7 etc. And one year was famous for making everyone skip their next grade, whatever that was.

By the way, children and even some teachers were mystified by this arrangement and many continue not to know why the hell it happened to this day.

One last big recent novelty is the Unified State Exam, aka ЕГЭ, which descended upon unsuspecting students out of nowhere one day and doesn’t seem to be going away soon, despite all the controversy.

Ok, now let’s briefly touch upon traditions! On all levels of education you can expect big fancy ceremonies for entrance and graduation, and outside of them the traditions are pretty malleable and depend on the institutions and their speciality. For example, students of MSU Faculty of Chemistry celebrate Chemist Day every year, taking a different element from the Periodic Table as a theme each time. Many schools and Unis compete in a hugely popular, versatile and competitive humorous game called КВН, and yep, you’ve guessed it, I’ll probably talk more about it later.

Now, as for entrance and graduation ceremonies, every level puts their own spin on it. In higher education you can expect to be welcomed with an official ceremony in the largest auditorium available, and bidden farewell with a concert and/or banquet. Graduate speeches, caps and robes are also a thing in some places.

In general education all 1st graders go through an acceptance ceremony on the 1st of September, where this goddamn song plays at least once and 11th graders give them presents. (Oh yeah! I forgot to mention: in general a Russian kid will study in the same school from start to finish. There are exceptions, of course, but the “everyone in the same building” system is the most widespread.) And in the end of May Последний Звонок (Posledniy Zvonok) - the Last Bell/Farewell Bell ceremony takes place, where 11th graders waltz, let helium balloons (that are supposed to symbolize their destinies or w/e) into the sky, wear a “graduate” sash, and hear this goddamn song at least once. The eponymous last bell is the one a 1st grader rings while perched on an 11th grader’s shoulder. It looks cute and almost never ends with them getting dropped. Almost.

After that, there’s a second, less official part to graduating school - Выпускной Вечер (Vypusknoi Vecher) - Graduation Evening. It’s kinda like a prom, except there’s no King or Queen, it lasts till sunrise, and might take place on a boat, or in a cafe, or in a park… Come to think about it, it’s not really like a prom at all xD Here, check out this photo report from 2017 Vypusknoi in Gorky Park to see what the graduates’ outfits and activities may look like.

Thank you for the question, @durfeedraws! I hope I got all of this right, but if not @yantiskra (or anyone else) are welcome to correct me.


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WHATADO Everybody its your boi Nemo back at it again with another fanfic. Noq today I’m gonna disappoint you and leave you with a cliff hanger. I made a Brendon Urie fluff awhile ago but life has been busy lately. Btw, small angst at the end

Summery: Y/n decides to fly out to Brendon to comfort him about the Break-Up he has recently went through. This gives him and Y/n quality time together and things start to spark, but not in the way you think

Type: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Cussing, Small angst at end, Fluff, I think that’s about it

Requested?: Kind of, Yea

Word Count: 3.4k (3,478 words)


Now without further ado, P-P-P-P-PLAY IT

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Big Bang's reactions to getting in a dating scandal with their rookie best friend

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He was always there for you and helped you practising your rapping lines and taught you how to act. You got really close and kept spending time together when you had free time. Neither of you had any intentions to date each other. One night you and your members went to eat out with T.O.P and Daesung. After that, you came out with T.O.P and he took you home. The next day you had lots of problems with your managers because there was a picture of you two sitting together in the same car. T.O.P soon posted a picture of you together, clearly saying you were just friends with a caption “BFF’S”. He didn’t mind that rumour and kept helping you when he wanted to. He thought it was annoying for people to assume something like that after just one photo.
“Hey Y/N~ Do you want a burger? I’d love to bring you one but then we might have to eat it together and take a picture of us, so people would see how close we are *says that with 100% sarcasm*”

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You knew your friendship needs to be private for at least until you aren’t a rookie anymore because you were best friend with Jiyong and that wasn’t a big problem for you. But after you spent an evening together at a restaurant discussing your new comeback, people misunderstood your relationship. Since you were two leaders at the same restaurant, eating together, everyone thought you were dating the next day. Jiyong was angry at the magazine that posted that photo and wanted to clear that even if he is dating someone that is his private matter. But since it got pretty serious, he had to make a statement in front of media. He was angry for a few days but then let it go and had fun hanging out with you.
“I’m going to Japan for a month so let’s go grab a coffee, okay? I know you will miss me… Should I sign you a picture kekeke…”

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He knew rookies were limited to where they could go but because you were his cousin they, of course, let him be with your group more and take care of you. Once after you were done practising your dance, he drove you to the dorm and you went to McDonald’s on the way. Someone must’ve seen you together and took a picture. The next day he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw at least 10 websites talking about your relationship. He found an old picture of you sitting together on the floor holding each other’s hand and posted it online with a caption “My favourite cousin” and tagged you on it. He thought it was ridiculous and let it go at the same moment he saw that post. If someone asked him if you were dating he just answered with a question:
“Would you date your cousin *wink*”

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He loved hanging with you since you both had similar voices. He shared his experiences with you and warned you about some habits but he only wanted to be a good sunbae  He didn’t even think people might think you are dating each other. He ended up as your vocal teacher for a while and after one lesson you went out to grab dinner. People saw you and took pictures which lead to misunderstanding. His manager took care of it and gave media a statement he is only a teacher to you. That didn’t stop your friendship and you kept hanging around and joking together. But because of that rumour, you had to stay at the YG building or he came to your dorm.
“Do not ever eat ramen before you go on stage. Ramen is a no go before going on stage. Remember that.”

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He is known as a ladies man but because you knew him from your childhood he was always your best friends. You were lucky enough to get in a YG training and he helped you out a lot. When you were practising late in the dance studio, he came to cheer you up and brought you a drink. He always cared about you as his younger sister and had no intentions to date you. He thought you are really cute and sometimes hot but you were too close to date each other. But since people misunderstand best friends relationship between a girl and a boy there was soon a picture of you on his back, when he carried you to the car because you couldn’t walk in the high heels anymore. He ended the dating scandal with a picture kissing you on the cheeks with caption: ‘BEST. FRIENDS. FOREVER.’ and added a heart.
“But you should tell me if you date anyone… Like anyone. I must know. I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy, just tell me!”

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Why Wash, David, and Agent Washington are all acceptable names

So I’ve been waiting for this moment. For a really long time. So… prepare for a long post under the cut. (Mobile users… sorry. :( I feel your pain.)

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