if you are in love it doesn't matter the age

Reasons Why I Ship...
  • Shance: Headcanons. Sweet sweet headcanons. Hard core nsfw Shance will forever be my energizer. The soft Shance with cuddles and jokes and bonding over paradise lost. Fluff and sex man.
  • Kidge: C O N S P I R A C Y. They will stay up all night together on the computers and fall asleep on each other. Cuddles on the couch + spooning. Headcanon sex. Fighting buddies and will definitely kick each other's asses then cuddle. Lotsa fluff.
  • Shidge: Aged up, aged down, canon age doesn't matter to me. Lots of hugs and protec™. Love in the air and bonding over the time before. Kinky sex whenever™ Tougher/softer than they let on.
  • Klance: Platonic. Lost in translation. 'I Hate That I Love You' and 'True Love' come into my head when I think Klance. Protec™ I'll be damned if their sex isn't kinky af.
  • Shallura: Space parents™ Understanding each other on different levels. Hetero and that's okay. Totally hipster. Little crushes that makes the other blush so damn hard. Hugs from behind. Incredible amounts of fluff. Experimental sex.
  • Kunk: THE FOOD BUDS. Stress cooking™ stress eating™ Piggy backs and spoons all the time. Complete each other. Jokes and laughs. Cutie pies.

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If you not too busy can you do krioff, Leon, Scorpio, and hue reaction when they found out mc is immortal. Like for example the gods notice that mc hasn't aged at all but mc doesn't notice the difference.

After dating for a few years, the Gods have always told you that they would love you no matter what you would look like in the future, as long as they are with is all they care about. Getting older your God knew that meant you would have wrinkles and such but as time goes by, you never seemed to age with dark circles under your eyes and wrinkles on your skin like you were suppose to and many Birthdays have passed for you. To get to the bottom of this, you and your God went to the King of the Heavens only to find out the truth that you are Immortal, which meant you will never age or grow up older, you will stay the same. Finding this out was a relief to you because you were scared for you and your God even though his reaction was different, leaving the Throne room he explains why.

Given that he lost you once as you were the Goddess Of Fate, he had to prepare to lose you again when you aged as you were now human. He wanted to still treasure every moment and memory with you because he wanted to remember you as a human as well as being a Goddess, But finding out the news made him feel relief, as you both walked in silence he sighs turning around to face you. “This is great news, because I wont have to say Goodbye to you again which means we don’t have to celebrate Birthdays anymore, I was preparing myself to lose you again but it looks like I don’t have to” he hugs you close and you both smile at each other. “Finally together forever, once again” after whispering the words he kisses you softly.

“You ageing meant nothing to me, you would be mine either way” he tucks hair behind your ear and smirks at the thought. “It could also be good for our future children who may be like you in that sense I knew you were always different”. The cocky Leon was enjoying the news actually because this means he has more time with you and wont have to be looking of letting you go to death like he prepared his self one day.

“I am happy to know you aren’t completely like those filthy humans”, he of course is brutal with his words, you knew that and sometimes you loved that about him. He takes your hand blushing and you see the love in his eyes “The news does mean a lot to me, it would be a pain in the ass if I lost you” he blushes looking away but you couldn’t help smiling at the shy God you loved.

“You were different when I first met you to, the Goddess Of Fate” putting his hand on your cheek he smiles looking directly into your eyes “Finding this news also about you still wont change how I feel, I was prepared for you to age but it looks likes we have forever to go together”. He kisses you softly, he was so sweet finding out the news.


Hate is everywhere.

Some tags, I can’t even look at any of the text posts. They’re all horrible. They say we’re horrible. That we’ll burn in hell for fictional people that we enjoy putting together in romantic relationships.

Not on this blog.

I will never hate.

I won’t always understand, but I won’t hate.

I may not like certain ships, but I won’t hate.

This is a safe place, if you’re looking for one.

Never be afraid to talk to me about those things. I won’t turn you away. Because that’s how it should be.

I’m a poly shipper, so never fear. I have no OTPs. I love them all. I ship most of them. Because it’s not on show and not in real life. If it’s cute, it’s cute. If it helps you personally, then do it. 

You shouldn’t feel bad for liking different things.

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heeey i'm the girl who harasses you and lauren on twitter (my name was @twdeadvines but i just changed it to @itsredbarricade) and me saying that probably doesn't matter but anyways.....................................................................................................................................................................you've probably been asked this a million times, and i'm pretty sure it's mentioned once or twice in the podcasts, but how old are all the characters??

Me and Lauren are the same! As in: Lauren (me) is the person who runs this account. Unless otherwise stated, any time you @ The Bright Sessions or email us, it’s me on the other end. Hi! You’re not harassing me at all!! I love it a lot. 

These are the ages of the characters at the beginning of the series. The events of the series begin in January of 2016 and we are currently in September of 2016 (an in-universe calendar will be coming…soon, probs). I’ve put their birthdays in parentheses for clarity. 

  • Dr. Bright - 32 (b. 10/1/83) 
  • Sam - 25 (b. 1./4/91) 
  • Caleb - 16 (b. 5/16/99) 
  • Chloe - 20  (b. 5/28/95) 
  • Damien - 28 (b. 2/2/88) 
  • Frank - 28 (b. 8/18/87) 
  • Mark - 28 (b. 5/12/88) 
  • Adam - 16 (b. 3/20/99) 
  • Agent Green - 37 (b. 12/11/78) 
  • Wadsworth - 37 (b. 5/14/78)

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Hello dear, can you make some headcanons (it doesn't matter which type) about kakashi being with a younger s/o ? I love your blog! Keep the good work!

  • At first, Kakashi would be quite wary about being in a relationship with somebody younger, and he would hold the mentality that they could be in a relationship with somebody younger and better than him.
  • If his s/o was younger than him, Kakashi’s protective nature would intensify. He would feel a strong need to take care of them.
  • He would probably tease his s/o about their age sometimes, and even make lighthearted jokes about how he’s an old man.
  • Kakashi would try his hardest to teach his s/o and train them to become stronger, since he’s older and wiser than them.

-Admin Will

Exo reaction to you being much younger than them

Request: Hi! Can I ask for an EXO reaction to you (their GF) being much younger; like 9, 10, 11, 12 younger ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ - Anon

I’m assuming you mean years younger than them…. I assume they would be fine with it… if you were of legal age meaning they would have to be in their 30′s 

hope you enjoy

~Admin Kirra-Jane~


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the boy would be shocked at first but then he realised that age doesn’t matter to him because he loves you very so much and couldn't imagine his life without you… if you questioned it ever he would go up to you and would do this adorable thing in front of you and be like ‘no age isn’t a big deal to me as long as we love each other.’


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When he first found out how young you were he would be a deer in headlights *yes I went there* he would be shocked at how mature you were for your age… after a long time of thinking he would come to his senses and realise that he loved you and that the age gap didn’t matter to him.


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his tough exterior was taken away when he first started dating you because you were younger than him he was a lot 'softer’ towards you but when he realised how to mature you have he loved the fact that you were young yet had the maturity of someone his age… that’s what made him fall for you.


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In my opinion he would be on more of the cautious side when it comes to age because of his age he feels as if he would somehow damage the younger one… but he came to the realisation after a while after seeing you and falling in love with you that, that age gap doesn’t matter to him and that he should be allowed to date anyone he loves.


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Yixing here is a child so you guys having an age difference he wouldn’t make t feel like there was a big age difference… it didn’t matter to him as long as you both love each other that’s all that mattered to him..


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*Pretend You Are Sehun*

‘There is no problem with our age difference jagiya, age shouldn’t be a matter when it comes to love… all that matters is that i love you and you love me’ he is such a sweetheart with this topic because he doesn't like the label of the age difference he thinks that it shouldn’t matter as long as the persons loved each other..


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'I totally care that you are that much younger than me because age is such an important thing jagiya….. can you note my sarcasm… I love you yeah we might be a couple of years apart but that doesn't matter..’


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*pretend you are Kyungsoo*

'Don't say stuff like that….. you are not going anywhere ever, you are stuck with me forever jagiya and I won’t let you get away no matter what… yes you are a lot younger than me but I am a man-child and you’re very mature for your age..’


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Y/N: 'Does the age gap between me and you bother you at all’

D.O: 'Nope, not one itsy little bit…. you wanna know why it’s because I love you… when it come to love age doesn’t matter as long as your of legal age it shouldn’t matter how many years apart we are as long as we are happy together’


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the big baby wouldn’t mind the age gap that much because if he truly loves you that doesn’t matter to him and it shouldnt matter to anyone else becasue they should be happy that he found love and he would shut down anyone that had a problem with it…


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he does not have a care in the world when it comes to age because he loves you with all of his heart and he won’t let age get in the way of you to being together…. every time someone mentions the age gap between you guys he always says 'yeah but I love her and she loves me what else could I ask for..’


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*imagine he is 10 years older than he is now*

him being the youngest I feel he would be the weariest out of them all because of his age dating someone 10-12 years younger than him makes them very young… he wouldn’t mind them being much younger than them as I have said before age is just a number…

you know what is really great about my country? no matter what kind of things you are into, no matter if you are a man or a woman or other, no matter your style… every person from 11 to 29 years old LOVES 31 MINUTOS


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hi lovely anon ! can you give me naive/innocent!soo... i just want soo to be innocent, pure, oblivious (bottom) in the fic, it doesn't matter if it's age switch / pedo / incest / 3some / gangbang etc and preferably kai / kris / chanyeol as top, but i won't really mind if it's not them as long the top is trying to tainted soo's innocence. thanks for posting fic recs on tumblr btw <333

u have come to the right place my friend

Bend Me Over (Kriskaisoo)

Bend or Break (Kaisoo)

Make Me Submissive (Kaisoo)

Instincts (Kaisoo)

Fascination of the Abomination (Kaisoo)

Treat Me Like I’m Bad (Kaisoo)

I Don’t Do Boyfriends (Kaisoo)

Wishing Well (Kaisoo)

Kicking Your Crosses Down (Not finished and hasn’t been updated in a long time but is really good)

Rope Burns (Krisoo)

I don’t have a whole lot of time on my laptop right now so this is gonna have to do until I can find more time >.< Also some of these are more submissive than innocent, but I’l look more later ^^ 

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I hope this doesn't sound bratty, but I was wondering how to get more notes or kudos on fics? I'm starting to get really discourage...

Aw man, no, not bratty at all! Much as I’d love to say “psssh the numbers don’t matter,” or “be sure to appreciate every single note because it means somebody read your stuff!” (which is true) I know exactly how frustrating it can be to see maybe one or two notes or kudos (tops!) on the story you spent ages writing. To that end, I have some super duper cynical advice, and then I have some more genuine advice, and both are really based on the fact that, once you hit a certain baseline level of coherence, the quality of the writing has almost nothing to do with the number of notes or kudos it gets.

Here’s the super duper cynical advice that probably applies to almost all major fandoms: write the most popular ship. Most of the time, it’ll be super easy to spot! Find the fandom fave character, who by complete coincidence is almost always the most conventionally attractive and whitest dude on the show, even if he’s a relatively minor character. Does he have a close male friend that the actors and producers constantly joke/hint might be something more? Write ‘em together! Is there a female character who may or may not be a love interest but seems to be heading in that direction? Write ‘em together! In all cases, though, make sure that the fandom fave is the center of the story, and that his female love interest/less-conventionally-attractive and/or less-white male love interest is mostly there as a means of providing support for the fandom fave’s angst. Better yet, create a villain who opposes the ship and must be defeated: an inexplicably vicious revenge-driven canon female love interest is a common choice when writing m/m fic, and an unexpected betrayal by the female character’s best friend that sends her straight into the fandom fave’s arms is a common choice when writing m/f fic. Write slow-burn fic with a vanilla sex scene at the end. Scene.

…it hurt to write that. Listen, it’s undeniable that there’s some amazing and creative and thoughtful stuff out there for these mega-pairings, and if that’s what floats your boat, by all means, go for it (I’ve shipped and written for mega-pairings, goodness knows), but it’s also kinda important to keep in mind that the way these mega-pairings come about and the way they tend to be written most commonly can be… not good—some of that’s on the show-creators’ end, some of that’s on fandom’s end, and it’s all a mess. But if you just want notes, go ahead and write that to the exclusion of all else (just please try to keep away from the more actively offensive trends, whatever you write?). You’re more likely to get picked up by the big-name fans, because they probably became the big-name fans by writing that stuff themselves.

Here’s the more genuine advice: there’s an element of randomness to what does and doesn’t get picked up by the internet, and once it happens to you one time, it’s more likely to happen again. Here’s some more of the genuine advice: passion shows. If you’re passionate about a teeny-tiny little pairing or no pairing at all, you’re way, way, way more likely to write an enjoyable and likeable story than if you force yourself to write the big, popular stuff. You might put out a dozen fics that get virtually no attention, but if you keep producing quality stuff that lights a fire under you, that thirteenth could well get picked up and reblogged by someone with a sizeable following, or appear on somebody’s rec list, and then your backlog will be the delight of all. Try new things. Have fun.

There’s also been, over the past five years or so, a slow-growing fatigue with the old model I mentioned up in the super duper cynical advice paragraph. Fandom is changing, slowly but surely, and is starting to push back against its more distasteful elements. You see it pretty frequently now: conventional fandom-fave-ship fics will reliably pull in a lot of notes, but every now and then something completely off-the-wall and creative and brilliant will resonate with everyone at once and it’ll pull in a lot of notes. That happens. Take note when it does, because that’s the way fandom’s slowly shifting, and that’s nothing but a good sign.

I mean, heck, I write mostly PG-13-rated genfic focusing on female characters and femslash, which isn’t exactly most fandoms’ favorite thing; I went through a very, very, very long drought in terms of support and interest when I started writing, and the only thing that kept me going was that I genuinely loved what I was writing. For whatever specific numbers are worth, for me and my relatively small- to medium-sized fandoms, it took slowly climbing to a four-digit follower count on tumblr and a three-digit subscription count on AO3 to ensure any sort of reliable interest in the stories I wrote, no matter the content. How do you get there? Reblog the stuff you like. Create in other ways, if you can–fanart, gifsets. Make shorter meta posts that require less effort on your part but might get people’s wheels turning in a familiar way. Review other people’s fics. If you’re participating in the community, it makes it a lot easier to maybe convince people to try reading something that might be a little outside of their usual wheelhouse. You gotta be having fun, first and foremost, or else what’s the point? And it’s marvelous when you pull in someone new. One of my favorite things is getting comments on a post that start with “I literally never read genfic, but…” Most of all, try to communicate how grateful you are when something like that happens. It’s so important to let people know how much it means to you that they took an interest in your passion.

Anyway, this is all really rambly and I hope some of it makes sense. I’m sorry you’re feeling discouraged, but I hope you stick with what you’re doing, because goodness knows fandom could always use more variety!

How They Comfort You When You're Scared (Our Two Bedroom Story Headcanon)
  • Kaoru: Warm. He's holding your trembling body close to him, your shaking limbs vibrate through his own muscles. His large hand stroking your hair, his warm lips pressing against your temple. His other hand, caressing your stomach. "It's fine darling, we'll try again, I will love you no matter what."
  • Minato: Laughing. It's just so childish, to be scared of a thunderstorm at your age. But he finds it endearing, how your hands clench fistfuls of his shirt in their length. And how your face is buried in his chest. It reminds him, that you need him. "Don't worry, I'll Protect you."
  • Akiyoshi: Awkward. He doesn't know what to do. He's not sure if he should cook you something, because your love of food tends to overshadow every other emotion. Or if he should just hold you, and reassure you that he will always be there for you, no matter what. His hand covers your own, a low growl heard in the first word he utters. "I'm here, so don't worry."
  • Shusei: Sweet. He caresses your face, and sprays sweet kisses on your cheeks. He holds you, not allowing you to go away anywhere by yourself. He pushes strands of hair behind your ear, and presses his hands against your own. He whispers the loveliest things in your ear. "Don't worry, just listen to my voice and you'll know you're safe."
  • Chiaki: Mean. At first he teases you about how your scared over something as stupid as a horror movie. Surprisingly enough, it actually works. You get so mad at him for being an insensitive jerk, that you forget all about the movie. His laugh rings through your ears, a smile spreading across his face. "You're pretty when you're mad."
  • -SKY