if you are in love it doesn't matter the age

okay so jack grew up a little chubby right like he was a weird babby and then he had babby fat until he hit puberty i’mma be generous and say he hit puberty around age fourteen or fifteen so jack grew up a little chubby. being chubby in middle school fucking sucks okay like nothing fits right and you feel like the biggest thing in the room at all times and i’m guessing since jack was probably already getting attention from the media he was photographed and when you are twelve years old and chubby and someone takes a picture of you without your exact preferences it is the worst thing that could ever happen ever. so jack probably went online or in magazines and saw assholes talking about how he was chubby and looked nothing like his super attractive parents. on top of all of the other shit jack probably never really liked his appearance that much and thought of himself as this chubby ugly boy

so a few years later all of this aggressive hockey and puberty have gotten him to look like the extremely fit handsome canadian hockey dude we know and love but when you grow up fat you always think of yourself as fat. so imagine super-model looking jack still thinking of himself as this chubby awkward teenager. he carries himself like a chubby kid, hunched in just a little bit, always trying to be smaller, and whenever people comment on his looks he gets super awkward and sometimes he looks at a donut or a piece of pie and thinks “no i can’t i don’t need it” and denies himself a treat because he doesn’t want to gain weight

so jack and bitty get together and they of course do the do and jack loves it, he does, but he likes focusing on bitty. likes bitty’s waist and how his hands fit around it and bitty’s derriere that’s super toned due to ransom and bitty’s hard word and like jack just loves bitty all over. after a few months, bitty realizes that jack doesn’t let bitty linger on him, like bitty will just stare at him sometimes or run his fingertips over jack’s tum and jack gets red and awkward and then focuses on bitty instead. so bitty asks because communication is important in relationships and it comes out, jack tells bitty in stutters and mumbles the insecurities he’s had since his was nine and saw someone describe him as fat in a magazine

bitty decides that this just won’t do. so he lays jack down on their bed (yes it’s theirs even if it’s in providence) and worships every inch of jack’s beautiful, lovely body. jack starts out embarrassed and twitchy but by the end of it he’s in heaven literally and he feels awesome physically and emotionally and he’s just in complete bliss and bitty is so happy he presses a kiss to jack’s forehead and says “you are beautiful and you would be beautiful no matter what”

and like just jack growing up with insecurities and bitty helping him to resolve them


You know, Wander and Hater. Not all relationships have to be a fairy tale. They can start out as friends, stay friends, or see if they can be in a relationship with respect and communication from others around you. 

Love is a Battlefield. And sometimes you lose. Friendship no matter what gender or age you are is a very universal connection anyone can have.

So yeah, Dominator doesn’t do romance, but likes to play around to mess with your plans working, or Hater’s dreams. Even Sylvia and Peepers trying to reason with both of you. 

It’s gonna hurt to help.