if you are gonna repost it... please credit

so my overwatch charms are finished and soon to be ordered for AX, and i’ve posted png versions for online personal use here

usage rules:

  • online use only (icons, headers, edits, etc.); you can crop if necessary
  • visible and accessible credit required (if someone wants to know where you got the art from they should be able to find the source without asking you); so a mention or a link in your description, about page, etc.
  • no physical reproduction or distribution (do not make into stickers, charms, etc.; please ask for personal use)
  • do not repost or claim as your own

charms will also be available online later

eta: fixed ana

Shush Lance, eat ur cookie, Hunks gonna save ur arse. Just experimenting with how to better compose a single comic panel and messing with a new style of speech bubbles. Please credit with @crossroad_c_pettigrew in the description if you repost on instagram.

Aozaki Touko    型月まとめ by  黒衛門

※Permission to reprint this was given by the artist. Please do not repost without the artist’s permission. If you liked this fanwork, do take the time to rate and bookmark the original work.

[Please do not repost, edit or remove credits]


ジャンルごちゃ混ぜまとめ by 猫間 光 | Pixiv ID 5745995

Authorized reprint

If you liked their art, and wish to encourage the artist to do more, please do take the time to rate and bookmark it at their Pixiv account.

Do NOT use/repost without permission and/or remove credit


I made 6 Galra Keith icons using @softhance‘s icon method! I was just experimenting honestly sooo I’m not sure if anybody wants to use them but you can if you want.

X   Uhhm if you want free to use I guess!
X   No credit is required, but please reblog/like if you use or save!
X   Please don’t repost or claim as your own.

“I’m blowing out the cold you
Like smoke, like white smoke
I say that I’m gonna erase you
But actually, I still can’t let you go…”
-BTS_Spring Day

Aesthetic Moodboard_Jungkook|정국| of BTS
[Please do not repost/use it without giving credit+don’t delete the caption]

Neo-Griffith’s True Self     ベルセルク by  見瑠人

※Permission to reprint this was given by the artist. Please do not repost without the artist’s permission. If you liked this fanwork, do take the time to rate and bookmark the original work. 

[Please do not repost, edit or remove credits]

The Finale is tonight! What better way but to share a Beth poster. Happy Walking Dead Day and here’s to us Beth fans.

“She’ll get here, when she get’s here.”


IG - @xoolivesx

TWITTER - @beth_warriors

—— * | by clicking HERE you will find over two hundred gif icons of the daddy theo james !! i take no credit for the making of the original gifs but i did crop, resize & added the texture psd to all of these myself. please DO NOT repost & like or reblog if you found this useful, thanks !!

“We gonna eat or I got to be a king or something to get food around here?”

“Shut up”

Season7, Episode 10
Do Not Repost Art! Show some respect, and give the artist credit.
Do you want me put signature on Carol & Daryl’s face?
“ Little fox” is (RipleyFox) . Please respect the creators.(→ܫ←)

What? What?? What???? Can someone please explain to me how this person respected my decision by reposting after I said no.

And screw your suggestion. You reposting gets you subscribers, not me.

I’m gonna use you as an example @princess-sakura-serenity lol. Sakura has my permission to dub. She credits me, links me, you know, the works. Out of those tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of views that she gets on her dubs of my comics, how many of those viewers do you think will actually come subscribe to me? Answer: Not that many.

People are lazy. Most fans would rather subscribe to a big channel that uploads the best content rather then subscribing to a bunch of different artists. That’s reality. People need to stop using this exposure BS as an excuse to repost. You are not helping me. You are only making things worse by spreading my content around for others to steal.


Can y'all just give us a heads up if you’re gonna repost our posts on other websites? That’d be great. There’s literally an ask box where you can ask if you can post it. You should also add where you’ll post it and your account for that place. I’m getting so tired of pictures going on different websites.

Seriously, this has to stop.

Stop stealing and reposting others’ works without giving them proper credit or asking for their permission. People took the time and effort to make it. 

I’ve seen some people who reposted my gifs without crediting me and it sucks. It’s not very nice at all. Recently, I saw a blog edited and added a filter or something to one of my gifs (again, no credit). Wow, just wow. Gif making takes time, especially mine (topaz + coloring takes the cake). I really don’t want to put my url/icon on any of my works. It’s gonna mess up the size and image. 

If you see others’ works being reposted, please let the original owner know.

+ Also, reposting with just “credit to the owner" (no owner’s name or link) is not actually giving credit to the owner.

Just reblog or put the link of the image, then put it in the post.


Sorry that it isn’t free or cheap, my computer is dying, I can’t use it without the charger anymore, is slower and sometimes get crazy and starts typing “|”.
Also I don’t have a cellphone anymore which is also important since sometimes I have to call my mom and stuff ;;

But now you have the point payment avaible on this (Eventhough I can’t withdraw them with paypal).

★Rules and Extra★★I can make the same pose in any other style such as PSG, Furry, Splatoon or Sonic! (Sonic and PSG would be 5 USD extra ( 500 ) since the hands and proportions are different as humanoid thing)

★I can change the facial expression for 2USD extra( 200 )

★If you want me to make it as a card with text and stuff it would be 7USD extra( 700 )

★This would be painted like in the preview, if you want me to paint it in my style 2 it would be 5 USD extra (500 )

★NO NUDITY (Underwear is fine)

★No Mecha.

★No Complicated Armor.


★Terms and Service★★ You cannot use the drawing as yours on any commercial means, and I still have the right to post said drawings on my gallery.(If you have any reason to make it private, talk with me please.)

★No refunds.

★ If you are gonna repost it on any other site please give me credits.

★If paypal the payment will be done by invoice★

1st type (male)

2nd type (male)

1st type (female)

2nd type (female)

you can pm me at soda.chernobyl@gmail.com for extra info, or requesting a slot! <3

under the cut, there are 52 gifs of harry shum jr as magnus bane in episode one of shadowhunters, season two - this guilty blood. all of these gifs are hq, 268x160px and made by yours truly ! don’t repost or claim as your own in any way, but you may use these for gif icons and other graphics so long as you give credit by linking back to this post. if you plan on using these, please like or reblog ( keep in mind that they took several hours to make, so it would be very appreciated ). thank you !

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