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Earlier this month, a Mexican Blog featured a picture of a resident asleep in the hospital. This post came with harsh criticism such as “we know the job is demanding, but with your salary the least you could do is be awake if a patient needs you.” Now, I just recently completed MS1, so I am not out in the wards yet. That doesn’t mean I am not familiar with the exhaustion that comes with it. Just last week, I had a meeting with my academic advisor at 9:30 am, only then did I find out that she came straight from a 36 hour shift in L&D. 36 hours with no sleep! Plus having the time and brain power to talk for one hour about a student’s summer plans and the like. It’s not only being a physician it all the other responsibilities outside the hospital. Doctors are people, not robots. 

Anyways, what followed is a series of photos of residents, nurses, doctors, and students from all over the world “asleep” on the job with the hashtag #yotambienmedormi which is Spanish means “I fell asleep too.”

We must remember to show empathy towards our patients, but also our colleagues.

I encourage you all to share pictures with the hashtag #yotambienmedormi . 

PS- Have you ever fallen asleep at the hospital?

My God, I Shall Believe You (MotxDianite)

(I wrote this late at night after a Mianite stream a bit ago. I know, it’s probably really sappy and bad, but here you go!)


Mot is like a son to Dianite. Mot is his right hand man, his true follower. Mot knew he would never betray his God. That was until relationships caused him to lie awake at night, wanting something more. Mot wanted more than ‘follower’ and 'son’. He wanted love.



Characters belong to the Mianite creators and crew.


Mot lay awake at night. He remembered Alyssa, her smile, the way her eyes first lit up when he saved her from what was supposed to be her destiny. He swooped in and saved her. Mot went off to trade, and received more than his payment: he’d received his fate. He came home with a child, a troubled child by the name of Alyssa, who Mot grew to love more every day. Mot knew Alyssa was here with him, and her chest of flower crowns and pink clothing was just downstairs, and if you listened really well, you could here her breathing while she slept. Little did Alyssa know, that Mot was looking for something: he was looking for his other half.
He’d stand there, talking to his friends. Spark and Ianite would laugh together, and Ianite’s eyes would glitter when Spark chuckled, like it was the first time she’d ever heard it and thought it would be the last. Martha and Steve would stand close to each other, and would hold hands secretly behind their backs, as if the rest of the group didn’t realize they loved each other. Mot stood there, alone, knowing Dianite was watching him from afar, with Alyssa at the house. Mot had people he loved, but they weren’t his. They didn’t consider him the only part of their life. When he looked around at Spark and Ianite, or Martha and Steve, Mot felt alone, standing there, twiddling his thumbs. Mot knew what he wanted, but what he wanted was out of his reach.
Mot wanted Dianite.
Dianite knew Mot like a son. He’d watched over Mot for years, guiding him, preparing him for his next decision. Dianite was there for Mot when he had nobody, before he found Alyssa, when his life was only his and nobody could alter his opinions. Now that he’d found his place in life, Mot began to wonder if this was the end of his road.
Deep down inside, Mot was scared. He was scared that Alyssa would leave him, and that Dianite would dissappear, and that he’d have nobody. This is why Mot needed somebody. He believed he’d found the right person. Telling this individual, however, was a stepping-stone Mot hadn’t reached, not yet.
Mot was willing to confess, but, instead, he wrote.
Mot leaped from his bed, pausing to find out if he’d woken up Alyssa. Feeling relieved that the child had no idea what he was thinking, Mot made his way to his type-writer, taking a deep breath. As soon as Mot’s fingers hit the buttons, he knew he’d have to let it all out, here and now.
Mot wrote his confession until dawn. He lifted his eyes from the paper and glanced around the room, realizing that he’d written all night. Looking down, Mot saw a floor of crumpled pages. He never remembered scrapping them.
Mot wondered if it was worth writing his thoughts down. He believed they would just bring shame and embarrassment his way. However, he thought back to why he wrote these words in the first place; he remembered Spark and Ianite, Martha and Steve, and realized that they had planned to stick together, until the bitter end.
Mot clenched his jaw, bit his tongue, and typed the last words.
I need you, Dianite. I love you. I will regret this, but I couldn’t contain it. Not after everything, not after all of this.
Mot took the very last sheet and picked up the pile of finished papers. He grabbed some leather, quickly crafting something that resembled the cover of a book. Mot stuffed the papers inside. He sprinted to a chest and dropped it inside. Closing it, Mot hurried upstairs. He needed sleep, and wanted nothing more than to shut his eyes and drift away. Mot barely reached his bed before he collapsed onto his bed, grabbing the sheets from under them and carelessly throwing them on top of himself. Mot sighed, knowing Alyssa would let him sleep. He fell asleep just as the sun rose.

'Mot? Mot!’
Mot groaned, feeling stiff all over. He didn’t move. Somebody suddenly shook him, and he moaned, turning his head. Alyssa stood there, her hair wet, a grin on her face.
'Good morning! Well, good evening,’ Alyssa giggled. 'How long has it been since you’ve had a sleeping routine? Days? Weeks? Months?’
'Years,’ Mot muttered, using the last of his strength to sit upright on the bed. 'What d'you need?’
'Well, you need to eat,’ Alyssa told him. 'But, you also have a visitor!’
'Tell them to come back another time,’ Mot said, rising from the bed.
'Uh..I can’t do that,’ Alyssa admitted.
There were two loud stomps from downstairs.
Mot looked at Alyssa and cocked his eyebrow. 'Really?’
'What?’ Alyssa grinned. 'I can’t exactly say no to a God, can I?’
Alyssa headed downstairs in her pink armor, a pink and white flower crown hanging off her head. A few minutes after, Mot came down. Dianite was leaning against the entrance to their home. Alyssa was reaching into a chest, and took out a bright flower crown, tossing it toward Dianite. Dianite caught it in one hand, and twirled it in his fingers. Mot watched him from the foot of the stairs.
'What is your obsession with these..flower rings, may I ask?’ Dianite asked Alyssa, who closed the chest.
'They’re flower crowns! They’re pretty and fun to make. I can teach you!’ Alyssa smiled. She hurried over to Dianite, grabbing the crown from his hand and dropping it on top of his head, around his horns.
'Um..Maybe not today, Alyssa,’ Dianite chuckled. Alyssa hurried out the front door, leaving Dianite and Mot alone.
Mot grabbed his book from the otherwise empty chest. He moved upstairs, and put it on a shelf. He turned around suddenly and Dianite was leaning against the wall at the top of the stairs. He looked at the shelf and cocked his eyebrows.
'What have you got there?’ Dianite asked, making his way over to the shelf. Mot snatched it from the shelf and held it close to him, realizing he was stupid to leave it lying out in the open, especially with Dianite around.
'It’s..Um..Blood magic!’ Mot blurted out. 'I’m trying to learn blood magic.’
'Oh,’ Dianite chuckled. 'Well, I can help you, if you want. I know a thing or two.’
Dianite smiled at Mot, and Mot tried not to blush.
'I better be going. Ianite has been asking for my presence,’ Dianite told Mot.
'Of course,’ Mot said. 'Praise be.’
Dianite nodded and suddenly, he was gone.


Mot had just left the house when he heard his name; he turned around and saw Alyssa and Martha running toward him.
'Evening, Martha,’ Mot smiled. She grinned and nodded.
'Sorry for not being home! Martha and Steve were telling me stories about Urulu from years ago,’ Alyssa giggled.
'Nothing inappropriate, I hope, Martha,’ Mot teased.
'Nothing of the sort, Mot! What would’ve brought you to believe I’d tell such tales?’ Martha chuckled.
'I’m just heading down to the river. Were you both heading home?’ Mot asked.
'I can mind her until you come back, if you want,’ Martha offered.
'That’s very generous, Martha,’ Mot told her. ’D'you want to stay with Martha, Alyssa?’
Alyssa giggled. 'I’ll see you later, Mot!’
Martha and Alyssa began to walk once again, and Mot jogged down to the lake, the sun dropping behind the desert sand.


Do I want to do this?
Should I?
Will it change anything?
Mot asked himself these questions as he stood on the bed of the river, pieces of paper in hand, contemplating whether or not to hide his feelings for his God.
He’s my God! Mot thought. It’s stupid! It’s hopeless! Why do I think I stand a chance?
Mot jumped, and accidentally dropped some pages into the water. He watched them float away.
'Mot, stop.’
Mot slowly turned around and saw his God.
'Dianite! What are you doing here?’ Mot said. He was trying to act normal.
Dianite sighed, lowering his eyes to the grass below him. 'Mot..’
He unfolded a piece of paper and held it in front of him. Mot stepped forward to read it.
I need you, Dianite. I love you.
Dianite found the final page of his confession.
Mot backed away and didn’t look Dianite in the eye. Mot had been so stupid. He felt so worthless. He had false hope and believed that he would’ve had a chance, but instead, Mot had embarrassed himself more than ever before.
'I knew,’ Dianite whispered.
'You knew what?’ Mot muttered, all happiness draining out of him.
'I knew that you..I knew that you loved me. I could see it. More than a brotherly love. It was real.’ Dianite stepped towards Mot. 'I saw it when you looked at Ianite and Spark. I saw it every time you arrived home from a journey. You didn’t want to travel the road alone.’
'But that doesn’t matter now, does it?’ Mot snapped. 'Look at me! I’m a mess. I’m worthless. I’m stupid for believing I could..I thought I could love a God! A petty human!’
Mot removed pages from the leather folder and crumpled them. He threw page after page into the river, getting angrier every time.
'Mot..’ Dianite whispered.
'I’m so stupid,’ Mot muttered to himself.
'Mot!’ Dianite repeated, louder than before.
'My feelings mean nothing. Nobody cares about-’
'Mot!’ Dianite shouted. He grabbed Mot’s wrist. Mot slowly turned around, hands shaking.
'You are not worthless.’ Dianite looked him straight in the eye. 'You have a purpose. You were put here for a reason. You were born to follow me. You were born to be my right hand man, my helper. You are like a son to me. Never think for a second that you have no reason to be here. Alyssa needs you. Your friends, Spark and Martha and Steve need you. I need you.’
Mots hands were shaking as bad as ever before and Dianite noticed.
'Mot, I..’ Dianite gulped, looking down at the ground with round eyes. 'I need you. I..I love you.’
Mot looked up in shock. Dianite looked up slowly, and smiled at Mot. He took the remaining pages from Mot’s grasp and held them in his hands. 'How about we head back to your home, and read these pages? A lot can be revealed late at night.’
Dianite let go of Mot’s wrist and eventually, Mot began to walk back home. Him and Dianite stood close together, exchanging glances and smiles.
'Please believe every word I said back there. All of it is true. All of it.’
Mot blushed. Dianite noticed and chuckled. Mot smiled tenderly at him, his cheeks red. 'I’ll try and believe.’

we don’t even try

n/a: pre-704 ch. hsafhjskljlk all i know is i did nothing related to those spoilers *snorts* 


She was barely on her feet when she noticed the sword that was pointing at her.

A loud scream helplessly left her lips as she wobbled by the side of the girl, noticing how both of her precious family flinched.

“Sarada!” she reached out.

“…Mama” a blank stare watched her approach.

“…” a silent retreat came from the man holding the sword, but she knew how his stare was questioning her condition.

“Sakura-chan? You should be resting! Why did you come?” the loud Hokage questioned as well, but she said instead:

“So you could run away to have your childish quarrels like always? While my girl was clearly going to try following you?” she continued to breathe heavily, her blood almost boiling both from angry concern and sickness.

Sarada lifted her eyebrows, had her mother been awake when she talked with Shizune-san?

“I might not been conscious when it happened, Sarada, but I’m your mother” I know you. Sakura barely smiled, before losing the strength that helped her to stand. Luckily, Sasuke reached to her, before she could touch the floor.

She noted his grip on her arm tightening, pulling her closer to him, and then her tired face looked up to him, still smiling. “I’m glad you could hear our wishes, Sasuke-kun”


Deciding it will be best to take Sakura somewhere she could rest safely, Naruto guided him through the forest in his sage mode, alert if anything came to close to them. With ChouChou grumpily by his side because ‘the hot hunk was not available for her at the moment’, Sarada was following behind them, continuously glancing back to her papa who was carrying her unconscious mama.

Without noticing, she had lowered her speed so she was now side by side with her mom’s face, totally worn out. The feeling of guilt didn’t leave her chest.

It was not until her shoulder bumped into his arm that she realized just how close had she been looking at her mother, suddenly glancing up to his face and regretting it right away since he looked at her for a brief moment, only to return his gaze to her mother.

Then, she too noticed that her father had been watching at her mom all the way…

Sarada looked away, fidgeting.

After a minute, she said:

“Mama… Mama said you used to call her annoying when you were younger…” out of the corner of her eyes she glanced at him, still focusing on her mom. She furrowed her brows a little “…she said at first it surprised her and somehow made her sad, but that with time she… she realized that you meant to tell her you cared for her…” Sarada detected how a little smirk appeared on the corner of her papa’s mouth, slightly closing his eyes. Her eyes got glassy all of a sudden.

“I thought that maybe you were doing the same with me… I tried to think that you had a different way to express how you cared for us―” she shaked her head “―, for me, I really tried to believe it, but I couldn’t!” she stopped because she sensed him stop as well, a few steps behind her, and she slowly turned to look at him, and now, he was looking at her too.

Sarada clutched her fists, feeling her nails dig a little in her palms “I wanted to believe it, I did! for a few years! But after that it just seemed harder and harder! Mama had always believed in you though, and I tried my best to be as strong as mom, I always failed to do so! Maybe… maybe if I had known you like mama does, maybe if I had known what kind of person you were, maybe… maybe if you had been there for us at least once!”

Sarada continued to let it all out, not noticing how her words started to cut through fresh wounds.

Only when her sobs became hiccups that could not let her continue, only when her glasses had clouded and her cheeks were running waterfalls of tears.

Only when a hand rested on her head, a big, unfamiliar, but tender male hand.

Looking up, her papa was there, looking back at her. No smile, no tears, but a strong stare.

One that said how much was he sorry.

WAIT IM AWAKE. I WAS CHECKING MY FOLLOWERS AND THIS KILLED ME. HOLY I DON’T EVEN REALISED AFTER SO LONG! I WAS LIKE IS THAT REALLY YOU OR SORT OF GLITCH OH MY GOD TAYLOR!!!! WAIT. *heavy breaths* I refreshed for several times and you are still there!!! OMG. 😢😂😃😁😊😄☺😢😅😂😂😃☺😄😄☺😂😃 taylorswift

I really want to say THANK YOU

To this beautiful community on Tumblr. I have met amazing people from everywhere, and especially positive and awakened souls! This is a great and amazing thing, I feel at home when I get on Tumblr.. I know that there are people ready to listen to me, to help me and to assist me.. We are building peace, acceptance and awakening on this social media and I am so grateful to be part of this!
You make my day better and you help me to align with the source, you help me to get in the Vortex and this is just amazing, I really can’t explain how I feel like.
To all my followers but especially to the people who I am following, thank you for giving me inspiration and alignment.. I love you with all my soul.. You are AMAZING!

Ooooh I have so much love to give!

Feel free to feel worthy of this message! Absolutely!


The weak boy tried to follow the like powered girl. She was the only person who knew what it’s like to have such powers, but he was hurt.

   They did not get very far when Wanda realized the teen was on the verge of collapse. She could try to impose her will on him to make him feel that he could walk, but he was already hurt enough. That last thing she wanted was to betray his trust. Returning to his side she wrapped his arm around her shoulder, supporting him.

   “I’ve got you, but you are going to need to stay awake.Can you do that for me?


So 13 days ago (irony huh?) you followed us on tumblr (and we didn’t notice, how?), and first off we’d like to..well we figured we should probably introduce ourselves. Hi, we’re Carrie and Molly, two girls who love you to death and can’t wait to see you (and hear that deadly I know places performance) in Glendale on August 18th. (carrie’s birthday ayyyy)

So Hi, this is Carrie, I’m 16 years old and Molly’s 17, I am from a small town about an hour and a half from Wyomissing. So even before I fell in love with you- you were a constant part of my life. I don’t know if you know this, but PA will always be proud of you, we don’t let anyone forget where you’re from. Molly’s from Phoenix, Arizona- I’m sure she’d have much more to say about it if she was awake, but all I know is she loves you (possibly more than I do? which is crazyyy). Point is- we’re both completely obsessed.

When I (carrie) was 13 (ay) my mother drove 2 hours to Philadelphia and took me to see you during the Speak Now Tour. We had to leave early (I missed fifteen in an eagles jersey?!) to catch the subway, but images of that night are burned into my brain, heck- I still have the “Taylor Swift” glow sticks sitting on my desk (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy). Needless to say, Molly and I will be rocking them during the 1989 tour, along with some snazzy outfits.

I (carrie) wanted to thank you for the birthday present you gave me last year. See, on my 16th birthday late 2014 a wonderful song came out. I remember listening to it and falling in love, because it taught me to “Shake It Off” and that “it’s gonna be alright”. Literally the best thing I could have ever gotten.  

Whenever we’ve needed you, Taylor, you’ve been there. I’ve (Molly) grown up with you by my side and even though I’m mad that I was fifteen as a sophomore rather than a freshman, I’ve loved every minute with you in my love. I honestly can say that you’ve been the only constant in my life and I’m really proud of that. I’m also proud of you. You’re beautiful and wonderful inside and out and I am so glad you are my role model. Carrie and I can’t imagine a life without you. You’ve brought us closer together and that means a whole lot more than you could ever know.

From both of us: Thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you for sitting in your room and writing songs. Thank you. We don’t know where we’d be without you. we love you Taylor, and I can’t wait to see you on my 17th Birthday when I (carrie) fly out to one of my best friend’s (and co-blog-owner)’s home in Glendale. We love you Taylor, and we’ll see you on the 18th.

It’s 3:04am in Dallas, and I am awake because of the singing. Someone in a room near mine is wailing what sounds like an original song. I debated getting up or not, and finally said, “Fuck it.” (Putting on my Klaine goggles, I wonder if we have an AU in which they are strangers and one of them wakes the other one up with their singing. It would have to be obnoxious, drunk, super loud and occasionally off-key singing, perhaps due to a bad night with an ex lover. Do we have stories with bad singing? Message me or reply if you know of one.)

Yesterday I met glitterdammerung and chazzam, got to see zavocado, and hang with girliesportsjunkie, bleep0bleep and stoneyboboney. These authors have plans, let me tell you! Books, books and more books. I was literally rubbing my hands together with glee. Give me all the new novels!

Girlie’s curse followed us everywhere. (The loudest people in the building sit down right next to her. It happens to her all the time. Now it’s happening to us!) RT is 1,000+ people–mostly women–fangirling about romance, so you can imagine what the bar is like. 

Today alilactree, dontbefanci, doodlebrew, randomactsofdouchebaggery arrive at various intervals and the conference kicks into high gear. I can’t wait to see everyone, and watch them meet and interact with each other. Also, their “Published Author” badges are super awesome.

Taking pics and notes all day. I’ll post a bunch of stuff. Backlist RT2015 if you don’t want to see it.

when you see this, post three random lines from three wips

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1. So, she follows Cassandra to the Western Approach to stay close to her, where the winds bear down on the firelight at moonrise and smear wet ink across all the letters she writes that can’t be delivered, where she lies awake half the night waiting for Cassandra to come back with the grit of sand and sweat in her hair, for the moment when she’ll press her body up on her tiptoes like a swimmer breaking the surface of the water to kiss her, thinking that if she can just pour her false courage into Cassandra’s mouth—if she can just hold down her own skittish heart with its chord of worry-worry-worry and love-me-love-me-love-me that underscores her every movement lately—it’ll be enough to go around.

2. And it’s so strange, he thinks, with the scissors already tearing into his hair, it’s unbelievable, how the shape of his name in Remus’s mouth wouldn’t have changed at all in the gulf of those terrible, unspeakable years between twenty-one and thirty-four.

3. She looks over at him, almost, almost as if she’s studying him, and for the first time in a long while, he feels awkward around Mrs. Lupin—warm, sad-eyed Mrs. Lupin, with her crisp Welsh lilt and her well-watered dandelions, a mother like he’s never known and never had; he would never know how to be her son, wouldn’t truly know how to be anyone’s son, wolf-child in the Camden wilderness foraging for a future in back alleys and slinking through the electric overhang of youth with a pack of cigarettes and the sound conviction that the world doesn’t actually care whether you sink or you swim.

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hi baby, it's time to wake up

“Noooooo, 5 more minutes.” Michael slurred; not awake.

“You can have 5 seconds.” I giggled, ruffling his hair and kissing his nose. “Morning.” I climbed out of bed, going into the bathroom to try and do something with my hair and brush my teeth.

Michael followed approximately four minutes later, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and dropping his head onto my shoulder. “I don’t wanna work today.” 

“You’ve got a photoshoot this morning, you always say they’re fun.”

“Nothing’s fun at 7.30.”

“You’re not wrong.” I laughed - sleepy MIchael is adorable.

“What are you doing today?”

“I’m going to take photos at a dance competition about three hours away. I’m being picked up in fifteen minutes and I need to get in the shower, like, now.”

“Will you take photos of my band again soon?”

“Your management asked me to take photos of your next tour, so yes, yes I can.”

“You’re coming on tour with us?!” His little face lit up - he’s adorable. I nodded.

“Yeah, you’ll have to put up with me for a little bit longer.”

My dash is dead. Following back everyone who likes/reblogs this and follows me
  • I'll follow back no matter what I pinky promise you that. Fandom? Dont care what it is ill follow you like a cult leader. Drug blog? Let's do them all together and party. Food junkie? Show me all the delicious yummy foods you like to indulge in. are you a raver/festival junkie? I'd fucking love to see all the shows you went to. Depression blog? Well I can't promise to make it go away forever but I mean I can try and get you to at least maybe laugh at some silly meme or something like that. Awake individual in a world where everyone else is still asleep? I'm already with you on the whole paradigm shift that's happening and I'll connect with you individually and send you all yhe positive energy I can muster. anyone at all . Dash is dead at this late hour

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cutting off a child's hair isn't abuse what the fuck? y'all need to stay out of shit that has nothing to do with you.

You picked the wrong fucking day, buddy boy.

Let me tell you I am all warmed up from having a discussion with my mother about how intrusive my presence is in this house and normally I would ignore anons like this. But today? Fuck no. We’re gonna talk about this. 

So pull up a fucking chair, brew your fucking tea, make some fucking coffee. Whatever you need to make your ass comfortable.

For those of you who don’t know, THIS is the post in question. And based on the time stamps, you jumped pretty quickly on this. Two minutes apart? (Thanks, Xkit.) You must be a follower. I’ll introduce this with one word.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s address the issue at hand.

This is the second time this woman has forcefully cut her daughter’s hair. The first time she cut fifteen inches. For argument’s sake, we’ll say that this was not so bad, though it’s still abuse. I’ll explain to you why in a second.

The second time this girl changed her hairstyle, this mother saw it fit to SHAVE her head. Let’s see that again. She did not cut her child’s hair. She shaved it all off until she was bald. Now I assume this girl goes to school and I also assume that this woman didn’t allow her daughter to wear a hat or wig in order to hide what she’d done. As “punishment.” How do you think the kids reacted to her appearance? I’ll leave that up to your imagination because as someone who was overweight through high school, I received plenty of backlash. But at least I had my hair.

So not only did she shave her head and publically humiliate her child at school, she TOOK A PICTURE and POSTED IT on facebook in order to humiliate her in front of however many friends she has (which on average these days is about or over 100). 

So she wasn’t hit. She wasn’t physically harmed. But this child was publically and severely shamed and humiliated because she made a decision regarding her own body. This mother has effectively shown that this girl’s opinions don’t matter and, even worse, she is not allowed to have them at all.

This. Is. Abuse.

Now get the hell out of my inbox.

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(´͈ ᵕ `͈)

  • Who’s the messiest one: Junmyeon .. Tao likes to visit their room but he’s glad he doesn’t have to live in there.
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: Sehun. His limits with Tao are a little broader than with Junmyeon, but he still has a tendency to deflect and squirm away from things.
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: - 
  • Who texts the most: Sehun. He’s not all that great with vocalising how he feels (but there’s usually a follow up text like, ‘DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS NEXT TIME I SEE YOU’)
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Junmyeon. All those anime OSTs.
  • Who reads the most: Junmyeon would protest that manga /does/ count as reading, but probably Tao. He reads articles on his phone in bed and keeps the other two awake asking about words.
  • Who’s better with kids: They’re all pretty good with them, but they tend to take to Sehun more.
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: usually Tao just because he /totally knows how to do it/, Junmyeon follows because the instructions can’t be /that/ hard. Depending on the scale of what needs fixing sometimes it actually does get fixed.
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: It’s not weird Junmyeon says, plenty of people are way more into it than he is.
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: Tao’s pretty into recipe collecting and acquiring things he hasn’t tried before, so he and Sehun make attempts/experiments. Junmyeon is very good at bribing his way out of having to help with clearing up after.

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The Danger Of Looking
  • The Danger Of Looking
  • Matthew Allred
  • Demos

“The Danger of Looking”

I never learned how to hurt you
although I did so like a pro every time.

I was defined semantically by my mistake.
I became a harmful, insensitive man.
Baby, my heart fills up like a gray cooking pan with fat,
and that is that.

You don’t have to warn me,
I understand better than I pretend
the danger involved in looking at all.
So believe me, I know the risk that I’m taking
by taking my eye away.

I was defined semantically by my mistake.
I became a harmful, insensitive man.
Baby, my heart fills up like a gray cooking pan with fat,
and that is that.


I lie awake,
thankful to Jesus for so many reasons.
The breaths that we take.
Though men commit treason, He knows how to clean them.
And it goes like this:
let me offer you a kiss.


I’m gouging them out as we speak,
but I believe they’ll grow back
brighter and better than ever before.

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baarish-ki-dua asked:

Once you get this you have to share 6 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favourite followers.

Ill give it a shot 

1 - Ive been awake for 20 hours now. 

2 - Ive been asking my mom to watch PK with me for days and finally we are watching it today. 

3 - For some reason, I cannot sleep when I am very tired (rn my eyelids are burning but nah). 

4 - I need a hair cut.. its not even about wanting anymore lol. 

5 - I want to drink coffee but damn its too hot here. hot damn.

6 - All of those are like facts about my day lol (can’t think of more rn)

Thank you for sending this! ☺️

I woke up...

that kind of wake up where you know you’re up for the day because of how awake you feel. But you also know that it’s still really early because the sun isn’t out and the birds aren’t chirping. So you reach for your phone, guessing maybe it reads 5:30 or 6am. Something manageable and not totally absurd.

Today it read 3:32am. FML.

I had also just woken up from a dream in which Bieber tweeted an inside joke that we have, and his beliebers got in an uproar about it and came after me in droves on Twitter and Tumblr. So I had to call Biebs and Scooter to sort it out. I had like 2 million follower requests from angry tweens on my Twitter account bc of it. (It was kind of like Cinco de Mayo Gate all over again, only less Latin@).

held hostage #6


I’m running in a creepy forest, it’s dark,  the only thing that I can see are some shapes that I assume are trees, something is following me. I’m going deeper and deeper into the forest, the creature is coming closer and closer. It feels like my feet are getting stuck in quicksand, the creature grabs my hand in a gentle grip, he intertwines our fingers, I’m a tad bit confused now. The trees are fading away, there is a beeping sound in the background.

I try to open my eyes but it feels like they’re sealed. I feel a hand intertwined with mine and someone is silently whispering some anxious words. From the voice I hear it’s Dan. “y/n, please wa-“ I end his sentence by tightening my grip on his hand. “y/n, If you’re awake, please do that again.” You again tighten your grip on his hand and you hear Dan let out a sigh of relieve. You try to open your eyes again and this time it works, you blink a few times lightly so your eyes can adjust  to the lightening. The first thing you see is Dan with a concerned look In his eyes but with a very wide grin on his face. “Hey sleeping beauty” “Hey” I say with a groggily voice. My vision is getting sharper, I can now see that Dan has bloodshot eyes and dark circles under his eyes, it looks like he hasn’t slept in days. Then it hit me, I was held hostage and had been shot. Dan could apparently see the fear in my eyes as he kissed my temple and whispers sweet and loving words in my ears “you’re save now, everything is going to be oké, I will call the nurse.” Dan picked a remote with a large button on it and pressed it. I asked Dan what happened after the police came in, he told me the story and that I was operated twice and I was asleep for 2 days. In the meantime Phil also woke up and sat on the other side of my bed. Just when Dan was done telling the story a nurse came in. “hello y/n, nice to see you’re awake.” “euhm, hi.” “I will just check you real quick, can you two wait in the waiting room for a minute?” she asked Dan and Phil. “yeah sure” Phil replied. They walked out of the room and the nurse asked me some question about how I felt and she checked my blood pressure and some other random things. Once she was done she said she needed to talk to me and Dan about something, so she fetched him out of the waiting room and they entered the room, but Dan with a very confused look on his face.

(A/N)I know it’s very short, but school starts monday and I have to write an essay and because of my procrastination I only have like 2 days to write a whole essay with about 50 pages.

But thank-you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.
next part should be up by friday.

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