if you are a person and have a picture i can draw that might be fun tell me


Tumblr says that I now have 2,120 followers.  As a person who has been involved with pony play for years …. I"M TRULLY HONORED.  THANK YOU!

But don’t just watch!  Let your fantasies roam and explore.  Actually experiencing your fantasies (with respect to partners - PLEASE), might just make you realize it isn’t “bad” and can be “FUN”.

There are hundreds of people into human pony play all across the country and world.  So, you’re not alone nor are you a freak.  They aren’t freaks …. they just finally decided to make their fantasies real.  That can be one of the most freeing experiences of your life when explored with willing partners.

ENJOY!   And tell me if you want me to post more of any type of thing … and I have thousands of human pony pictures and drawings.