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Winterhawk Mini Bang

Here it is folks all the works from the minibang! All the fics have art accompanying them. Take a look through these works and give the authors and artists some love. Please remember to check the archive warnings and be sure to read all the tags before you start reading.

Standby (T) Words: 2,387 by @mollynoble

Tags: AU - Modern Setting, Veteran Bucky, Veteran Clint, brief mention - anxitey

Clint and Bucky meet when they become trapped in an elevator. Clint is an idiot, but Bucky likes him anyways.

[Art] by @torii-storii

birdboy and grumpycat17 (T) Words: 2,020 by @varilia

Tags: Friends to Lovers, Interplanetary Travel, “The Space Between Us” AU

Clint was born on Mars. Only, like, two people on Earth know that, and his best– only– friend, James, is not one of them. When given the opportunity to visit Earth, and therefore James, Clint is eager to tell James the truth: about where he’s from, and the fluttery feelings that he gets whenever talking to James.

[Art] by @sian1359

Americana is for Lovers (M) Words: 8,232 by @ccbytheseashore

Tags: road trips, americana, sexual content, developing relationships, getting together

Please tell me you are still alive, read Steve’s text.
In Virginia, Bucky replied.
The hell are you doing in Virginia?
Would you believe me if I said trying to find a foam sculpture of Stonehenge?
Tony said to make sure his car comes back in once piece. Please don’t shoot each other.

Clint and Bucky set off on an adventure to find an infamous work of Americana history, but find literally everything else (including love, and a Magic Fingers) instead.

[Art] by @bvckyboy

My Depths for You (M) Words: 7,287 by @shellsxo

Tags: Domestic Fluff; Domestic!Bucky; Domestic!Clint; Anniversary

Somewhere down the line, Bucky Barnes had become the sun, and Clint’s life had begun revolving around him. Neither had expected their feelings to become so strong, to grow in strength or in depth. But it had.

Lilac Alstroemeria Aster (T) Words: 7,303 by @jenjo93

Tags: No powers AU. Bucky works at a flower shop; Clint is a human disaster by day, vigilante by night

On the surface, Clint Barton shares nothing with Bucky Grant, the cute florist he helped save from thieves. Bucky has a business, owns more than one outfit, and looks to have a stable life. Worlds away from Clint’s drama-filled past. Bucky being kidnapped reminds Clint why he doesn’t put his heart on the line anymore.

[Art] by PlaidHunters

Edge of our Hope (T) Words: 5,956 by @punxbarton

Tags: Pacific Rim AU, mention of past character death, mention of past loss of limb

Nobody wonders whether Clint and Bucky are drift compatible. They clearly are. Which is the problem, since Clint already has a drift partner, and Bucky can’t ever pilot again. Well, it’s the problem for some people. Not for them. Never for them.

[Art] by @bizrreer

Still Breathing (T) Words: 8,241 by @victorianbreaker

Tags: Canon-typical Violence, vague Mentions of suicidal thoughts, blood

Clint just wanted to get away. He didn’t want to hurt any one. But he keeps seeing blue…I dodged a bullet and I walked across a landmine / Oh, I’m still alive / Am I bleeding am I bleeding from the storm? / Just shine a light into the wreckage, so far away, away…‘Cause I’m still breathing / 'Cause I’m still breathing on my own / My head’s above the rain and roses / Making my way away / My way to you

[Art] by @theassassinhawk

Not Such a Risk (M) Words: 3,311 by @aw-hawkeye-no

Tags: Dom/Sub, Bondage, dom!Clint, sub!Steve, Sub!Bucky

“Buck, I gotta ask – are you here of your own free will, or did Clint kidnap you and force you to watch Dog Cops?” Steve smirked as he glanced from Bucky to Clint.“Hey!” Clint objected just as Bucky said, “Bit of column A, bit of column B.”Clint huffed indignantly. “As I remember it, I was minding my own business when you barged in here and started questioning my eating habits.”

Or, Clint has been acting as Steve’s and Bucky’s dom for weeks now, but the three of them have never done a scene together.

[Art](nsfw)by @xbittenx

Save Me. (T) Words: 4,867 by @hodginsismylife

Tags:  Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Swearing, Canon-Typical Violence.

Clint Barton just wanted an easy recovery after being braiwashed, he didn’t want to be kidnaped by HYDRA, he didn’t ask for any of this.

[Art] by @marvel-4-life

How to Mate Your Cyborg (G) Words: 2,092 by @nightshadezombie

Bucky and Hagrid spend every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Midnight Roast, studying and sampling Wade’s questionable baked goods. And maybe pining over Wade’s Other Favorite Cyborg. BTW, Wade totally ships it, guys.

[Art] by fitzz106

 The deals you  made (T) Words: 6,321 by @aijja

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Torture, AU-Canon Divergence, Fae & Mythical Beings

Bucky is ten when he meets a boy who helps him win a prize for Steve. There’s handshake to agree to a contract, due sometime in the future. They never meet again. Or at least, Bucky doesn’t remember it.

AKA. Don’t make deals with people who appear from thin air.

[Art] by @sian1359

Through the Streets of Long Gone Dreams (T) Words: 10,937 by @rivulet027

Tags: Nightmares, PTSD, Recovering Memories

Bucky’s having trouble sleeping until Lucky decides to adopt him. Now Bucky isn’t sure if he’s sleeping better because of a dog or the archer that comes with the dog.

[Art] by @placna

This Is Where We Start Again (G) Words: 3,377 by @jeminamoonnight

Tags: Kidfic, Accidental baby acquisition, body dysphoria, deaf!Clint

When Clint brings home a baby and wants to keep her, Bucky must confront his  lingering body issues and whether or not he’s ready for the challenges of parenthood. 

[Art] by @fee-does-band-art

Empyrean (T) Words: 2,694 by @icantseemtomiss

Tags: Minor violence, mentions of past abuse. Alternate Universe- Greek,Mythology.

There’s plenty of things you get taught how to handle; like your pet hamster dying, or your girlfriend breaking up with you. But no-one ever teaches you how to handle the Greek god, Apollo, attaching himself to your soul.

[Art] by @pathulu

I Slept With An Assassin and Now I Have Feelings (T) Words: 3,911 by @useless-empty-brain

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, mentions of brainwashing, getting together.

Years ago Clint and the Winter Soldier are given the same target and meet. Instead of eliminating the competition, the Soldier is intrigued by the disaster who beat him to the target. Through years of mind wipes disjointed images of blond and arrows keep coming back. When he breaks the mind control permanently, he wants to find Steve and the guy who kept sneaking around Hydra’s mind wipes.

[Art] by @mariana-oconnor

Like That Counting Crows Song (T) Words: 4,643 by @madetobeworthy

Tags: No Warnings, fluff, mutual healing, slow burn but it forgot to be slow

Clint’s life is a series of unfortunate events that somehow peaked at his apartment getting blown up. Bucky doesn’t really want to get caught up in his mess, but it’s hard to avoid the homeless guy sleeping on your couch when all you want to do is watch Netflix.

[Art] by @girlouttaplace

Springfield (T) Words: 1,779 by @precise-desolation

Tags: Slow build, Service dogs, PTSD

There was a man who walked  his dog every morning in the park where Clint went for his run.  Of course, Clint knew that was perfectly normal.  It was the dog’s service animal vest that caught his attention.  He had the guy figured for ex-military, he just hadn’t figured him for the Winter Soldier, the ghost sniper.  Or, well, former Winter Soldier.  It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the guy a coffee from the stand they both frequented.  He had wanted to ask about the dog.  He didn’t expect that it would become anything more.

[Art] by @mollynoble

Words Left Unsaid (M) Words: 2,067 by @i-will-always-kneel-for-smut

Tags: Swearing, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant

Clint agreed to an afternoon sparring session with Natasha. Little did he know that by the end of the day he’d be responsible for a former Hydra agent…and one of Steve Rogers oldest friends.

[Art] by @meesedraw

The Barton-Barnes shelter of abandoned animals (G) Words: 1,960 by @asamandra

Tags: barton farm, clint and his strays

For once it’s not Clint who brings in another stray… and Clint is not amused when he finds out what kind of stray it is.

[Art] by @aw-hawkeye-no

As Lucky Would Have It. (T) Words: 6,698 by @dapperanachronism

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Get-Together, Anxiety, Lucky is the best dog,

He tells himself a lot of things. Things like he’s not a burden, things like he’s getting better, things like he’s awake in the middle of the night by choice, just because he enjoys prowling around the tower at night when it’s quiet. It’s the truth, if not the whole truth. What is also the truth is how much he enjoys finding Clint curled up on the living room floor next to a scruffy dog that Bucky knows doesn’t live in the tower with them.

[Art] by @placna

Just a Fool (Whose Luck Has Turned) (E) Words: 4,965 by @words-aremy-weapons

Tags:  Second-hand embarrassment

Clint makes a fool of himself over the comms during a mission, going into vivid detail of everything he feels for Barnes. Embarrassment makes him hide away, until Barnes forces him to come clean about everything.

[Art] by  PlaidHunters

Strike at the Heart of (T) Words: 20,528 by @captn-sara-holmes

Tags: Canon Divergence - Post-Avengers (2012), Clint Barton Feels, Everyone Has Issues, unhealthy platonic relationships, Trust Issues, Emotional Manipulation, Angst and Humor, BAMF Clint Barton, Mind Games. Mind Control, Yasha, STRIKE!Clint, Clint is actually fine, psychological evaluations are not for everyone

The Avengers think he’s traumatized, Fury thinks he needs a break, Natasha wants him to recover. Well, screw those guys. Clint is going to go and make some new friends that appreciate how badass and competent and not-messed-up-after-Loki he is. It goes great, until it doesn’t.

[Art] by @cratercreator

The Broken and The Brave (T) Words: 5,892 by @somnambulist-x

Clint Barton is acquitted after killing the Hulk.No, after killing Bruce Banner.After killing his friend.And Bucky could understand Barton’s next move and as the archer left the city and drove west in his disastrous Dodge Challenger, Bucky grabbed his backpack, hopped on his bike and followed him.He wasn’t going to stop Barton, he wasn’t going to catch him and bring him back…He was simply going with.

[Art] by @mollynoble

5 Times an archer walked into a bar (And one time the bar came to him) (T) Words: 1,553 by @adamsgirl42

Twist on the film "He’s just not that into you”

[Art] by @bizrreer

Dog Cops, Pickpockets, and Love, Oh my! (E) Words:3,634 by PlaidHunter

Tags: sex, blow jobs, rimming, cute dog cops, star wars

“I stole your wallet because I was desperate for money a few years ago and I’ve finally gotten my life under control but the guilt hasn’t left me because you looked like a really sweet person so I went to the address on your driver’s license to return it and apologize but when you answered the door you took one look at me and shouted, “YOU!” and punched me in the face!“

[Art] by @fadesealcat

Five dates Bucky didn’t realize he went on, and the one he planned himself (T) Words: 11,750 by @redsector-a

Tags: Oblivious Bucky, Slow Build Romance, Bucky Feels, Clint is a good boyfriend (even when Bucky doesn’t know he’s his boyfriend), Steve Rogers is a Good Bro, Fluff

To say that Bucky was surprised when Clint kissed him was an understatement. But it was nothing compared to the shock he felt when he learned they’d been dating for months without him realizing it. Clint gets whisked away for a mission before they have time to talk and Bucky is left to figure things out on his own - hindsight being 20/20 he can’t help but wonder how he missed things the first go around.

Hold Me Tight | Jimin X Reader

Ch. 1 | When, Where, What, How 

Rated Mature - implied smut with set up for future chapters 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

There is a time and a place for everything. Except to Park Jimin who makes you create time and place out of thin air until there’s really no argument to stand on. He’d heard about you from a friend, someone like himself who thought it ought to do him some good to- anyway, this is where it begins.

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simon imagine - sad break ups and drunken make ups

REQUESTED:  “Hey, can write about Simon and his ex(y/n) break up (Simon never gave her time) and Simon really wants her back. A close friend of theirs is having a party and they both go with their friends, Simon sees her and tries to my eye contact then their fav song comes on and she goes to the toilet and starts crying and Simon follows her and Simon talks about how he wants her back”

“Y/n. Please tell me you are not applying your lipstick again.”

Cal turned around, shooting me a disapproving look from the passenger seat. I sat in the back of the car, mirror in my shaking hand, trying with all my will to be careful in the darkness. 

“Leave her alone Cal, she’s nervous.” Sarah muttered quietly. 

“Oh shit yeah, Simon.”

“Still here guys!” I reminded them, cringing at the mention of his name. It wasn’t as if I’d forgotten, for gods sake; I knew full well Simon would be there tonight. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had only been a month and a half since Simon and I had broken up. The night still haunted my dreams; screaming, throwing things, and then me walking out. Tonight would be the first night I would see him since. Hence, the pressure is on to look good.

“Y/n,” Sarah turned to face me. “Please don’t stress okay. You look beautiful, and he will be kicking himself in the dick regretting losing you. You have this okay.”

Again I cringe. It didn’t seem fair for Simon to regret anything when I walked out on him. It wasn’t as if he had cheated, or lied or hit me. It was just all too much. He never gave me time, always so demanding and intense and I couldn’t handle the pressure. I thought separating would be the best thing for us and yet I was at the unhappiest I had ever been.

“I hope so,” I mutter under my breath. The nerves twist at my stomach.

“I know so. Now come on. You ready?”

I nod reluctantly, opening the car door. The music could be heard from the parking space, shouting and laughing echoing throughout London’s dark winter streets. As we approached the door of the Sidemen house I smoothed out my skirt. The hairs on my arms stood tall and I felt instantly sick.

“Stop worrying Y/n,” Cal put an arm around me. “You have this in the bag!”

We were welcomed in by Tobi. He greeted us all with a hug before showing us over to the dance floor. Within seconds Cal and Sarah disappeared, Sarah to dance with Freya, and Cal to go and converse with Josh. I stood alone by the door. I couldn’t help but wonder what my place really was here: I was no longer a sidemen girlfriend. Was I even really a friend? The the thought made my chest ache.

I made my way to the drinks table at the back, instantly pouring myself a cocktail with a generous amount of alcohol. As the liquid fell into the cup somebody touched my arm.

“Y/n you’re here!”

JJ’s face seemed to light up as he engulfed me in a hug. 

“I am. Hi JJ.”

“How are you? How are things?”

This is a question I always struggle with when talking to anyone who shares some form of relationship with Simon, because I know they’re referencing the break up. When asking this question, nobody really means how are things. What they really mean is ‘how does it feel to be alone? do you cry yourself to sleep every night? are you over it yet?’ If I was truthful, I would probably burst into tears on JJ’s shoulder, telling him my life was ruined and I was sure I would never love again.

But I wasn’t. Instead I took a gulp of my drink, ignored his questioning eye and told him I was completely and utterly fine. He nodded, opening his mouth before closing it again. This repeated a couple of times before he took a deep breath.

“You know, it’s not too late to make things work again, Y/n.”

My heart sunk in my chest, warm, salty tears filling my tearducts. I blinked them away, not even forcing a smile as I looked at JJ.

“I think it is, Jide.”

“It’s not. He misses you.”

A sigh escaped my lips. Why was I talking about this when it was so fresh and painful? Where even was Simon, would he have even turned up? Perhaps he’s already taken someone up to his room. I shook off the thought. 

“I can’t talk about this, Jide, not now. I’m sorry.”

I walked past him and back to the drinks table, finishing the rest of my cup before refilling it again, this time without the cocktail - just with straight liqueur. I finished off this within seconds and poured myself a third. The third drink always made social interaction easier, i thought to myself as I head towards the dance floor.

Soon enough I found myself dancing with the Cals, Harry and Sarah. Alcohol ran through my veins, spreading warmth throughout my body in the form of liquid confidence. I engaged in several hugs, greetings, suffered several times through the dreaded ‘how are things?’ question until i wanted to scribble the words Fine, don’t even ask!’ across my forehead in black sharpie. Other than this, it had so far been a good night, and for the first time in a long time I was enjoying myself. 

All of a sudden the music came to a halt. All eyes in the room looked up at the DJ, who held a large black vinyl in his hand. I exchanged a puzzled look with Sarah who shrugged, clueless as I was. 

“Alright everyone,” the DJ’s voice sounded. “This next one is for the couples in the room!”

Fucking great, I thought to myself. Ignoring the looks of concern from the people around me I rolled my eyes and headed back towards the drinks table. Quickly I topped my drink up and then returned to join everyone. The speakers kick started and as the room dispersed into couples around me, the song started.

My heart sunk. Even in my drunken state, I knew this song. It was mine and Simon’s. I looked up at the DJ in disbelief, questioning why such a mellow song was placed into this playlist anyway; and then I saw him. 

At the other side of the room, standing alone amongst all the couples, was Simon. He looked taller, slightly more muscular than the last time I saw him. His hair was a deep, dark red. It suited him. As our eyes met my chest stood still. The cup fell from my hands, soaking the floor around me. He’s looking back at me. This is Simon, and I love him, and he’s looking back at me.

Instantly I turned on my heel and sprinted, out of the room, down the hall and towards the toilet. I slammed the door behind me and gripped the sink. A loud sob escaped the bottom of my throat as tears raced down my cheeks, landing in a splash of black mascara on the porcelain. The image of his ocean blue eyes staring back at me stayed imprinted in my head. Why was I so surprised to see him when this is his own house? Why did I even come tonight?

My sobs continued, loud enough that they just so happened to drown out the noise of the bathroom door being opened beside me. It was only when I glanced up at the mirror that I saw him there, standing in all his beauty, behind me.

“Y/n..I’m so sorry. For all of it.”

I gripped the sink tighter, the cold surface hurting my palms as I screwed my eyes shut. It’s all just a dream. It’s all just a very messy, drunken dream. 

“I mean it, y/n. I was a prick, I was way too intense and I fucked up. But losing you has been the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and it has made me realise, more than anything, how much I fucking love you, and how much I would do anything to keep you.”

I cried harder. I want him so much, but I don’t know what the right thing to do is anymore. And I sure as hell can’t decide now, in such a drunken state.

Then I inhale deeply, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand. As I stand there silently thinking it occurs to me that, although I don’t know what I want long term, I know what I want now. Taking a deep breath I turn around. His eyes flash as we make contact and I head towards him. He looks so pretty under the yellow toned light, and I know boys aren’t conventionally supposed to be pretty, but he’s beautiful.

Then I jump onto him, my legs around his waist, my lips on his. He stumbles back momentarily in surprise before wrapping his arms tight around my hips. I mirror the rhythm of his kiss. His lips are warm, and they taste like alcohol and mint and I love it. His hands roam over the silk of my dress and he pins me up against the bathroom door, moving them up my thighs.

“I love you, Y/n,” he groans against me. “I fucking love you.”

“I love you too Simon. So damn fucking much.”

try again {part ii}



word count: 1,567

A/N: I know I said 2-3 more days but I just got a ton of inspiration so why not tonight??

The doctors appointment had only brought my worst fears to a harsh reality. I was infertile and they didn’t know why. After three appointments with three different doctors, they all came to the same conclusion: they couldn’t figure out why. They all suggested treatments for infertility, medicine or a shot every day, whichever I preferred.

“But we can’t guarantee it will work.” They all said.

My patience was already running thin after only a month of taking medicine every day to make me more fertile and more likely to get pregnant. A month and nothing had happened, but I knew this would take time and a whole lot of patience and emotional strength. If that’s what it took to have a family with Shawn, I would do just that and anything beyond that as well.

I swallowed the pill I had to take daily then headed downstairs. Shawn’s family wanted us to visit this weekend. Not just his immediate family, but his extended family too which included his cousins and their families. During my walk down the stairs, I braced myself for the sadness and jealousy that was most likely to come. One of Shawn’s cousins had a baby who was only a few months old and also two other small children. Every time they were around, my baby fever soared because they were so adorable.

I ached to have children of my own and I knew Shawn did too. I could see it in his eyes whenever his cousin’s children were around. He would watch them with a smile on his face and his eyes glossy with happiness, then his smile would fade slowly and his eyes would turn sad. I figured I often looked the same way when around them.

I walked into the living room to see absolute chaos happening, a five year old boy and a two year old girl running around, and a small little boy laughing and cooing at Shawn who was holding him. I sat next to Shawn and watched as he tickled the baby, heart-warming giggles leaving the baby’s mouth each time.

“Do you want to hold him?” Shawn asked. I held my arms out for the little boy, cradling him close to me. He reached for my necklace and started getting fussy when I wouldn’t let him have it. I rocked him back and forth when he began to cry, trying to soothe him. I looked up to see Shawn grinning like I had never seen him grin in all the time we had been together. Before I knew it, the baby was sound asleep even with his siblings yelling and running through the house.

“You’re great with him, Y/N. You’d be a great mother.” Shawn’s cousin said enthusiastically. I smiled at her but the pain inside was crushing me. I know I would be, I thought to myself. I bit my lip, trying to hold back tears as I don’t like for anybody to see me cry, especially when they don’t know what is wrong. Shawn moved closer to me and picked up the baby then handed him to his mother. He sat nearer to me now than he did before. He wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my arm. Suddenly, I felt foolish for being so upset over such a small comment.

“Excuse me for just a minute, please.” I said. I walked swiftly down the hallway to the bathroom. A few tears escaped my eyes and I wiped them away quickly. I stood over the counter with my shaking arms resting on it, trying to resist crying any more, but it was nearly impossible.

I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Shawn and he would come in whether I opened it or not. He burst into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me in a tight hug. He swayed back and forth with me in his arms and kissed my hair. I let the tears keep falling until I could no longer cry anymore. Shawn wiped them away before kissing me softly.

“Shh, it’s okay, love.” he cooed, “It hurt me when she said that too, but you have to remember, they don’t know.” I let him continue to hold me in his strong arms until I felt calm again. I pulled away from his warm body.

“Alright, I’m okay now.” I spoke, my voice breaking. I wiped away salty tears with the back of my hand. But I realized we couldn’t go back into the living room yet, because it was obvious I had been crying. My face was splotchy with red spots and my eyes were puffy. “Will you come with me so I can fix this?” I asked, referencing my face.

He laughed slightly before answering, “Of course I will.” He grabbed my small hand and kissed it before leading me back upstairs where my makeup was.

With over half a year passing and not one positive pregnancy test, Shawn and I started to considering adopting. After a couple months of debating on it, we decided that was absolutely what we wanted. We put in an application and a home study had been done, just to make sure the environment would be suited for a child to live in. Now we were just waiting for a call from the adoption agency. Shawn and I both agreed we wanted to adopt a newborn, so that made the already lengthy process even longer.

One day while Shawn was on tour, I received a call from the adoption agency we were going through.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Mendes?”

“Hello, yes it is. How are you?” I inquired.

“I’m well. Our agency has found a child for you and Mr. Mendes to adopt. Would you and your husband be able to come by our office tomorrow to talk and sign some papers?”

“Yes, of course! Thank you.”

“See you tomorrow then.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and quickly dialed Shawn’s number. No answer. Dammit, Shawn, answer your phone. I dialed again and he answered.

“Shawn, guess what!”

“Well, hello there. What?”

“The adoption agency called. They want to talk with us tomorrow. Can you come home?” I asked, hoping and praying the answer was yes. He paused and I waited impatiently for him to speak.

“I don’t have a show tomorrow, but I do the next day. I would have to leave right after we met with them, but I can fly in tonight.” He replied. A smile spread across my lips with his words.

“I know you’re busy so I’ll talk to you later. Bye, I love you.”

“Bye, I love you too.” I could see his goofy smile even through the phone. As much as Shawn and I had tried to avoid adoption for the past couple of years, this was the happiest moment of my life thus far.

“The gender of the child is unknown because the mother isn’t far enough into her pregnancy to know. As soon as we are given the information we will share it with the two of you.” Shawn’s hand rested over mine as the lady at the adoption agency spoke to us and we both were happy as could be. “And it looks like the parents are located in Ottawa, that’s not too far is it?”

“Oh no, certainly not. We would travel across the world if we had to.” Shawn said.

“The mother is 17 years old and the father is 18 years old. I think their reason for choosing adoption is very clear. I know this baby is going into a great home with loving parents though.” I couldn’t imagine how scary pregnancy would be at only 17 years old and how careless they had to be for it to happen, but I couldn’t judge because these people were giving Shawn and I their child. “The only thing that they request is that they get to name the child.”

“Of course, they can do that.” I spoke. Shawn and I signed the adoption papers, no delay in either of our signing. She told us how to prepare for the baby, what we needed to do before going to the hospital in Ottawa where the child would be born. Shawn and I sat and listened to her like two eager children, not speaking a word but nodding our heads at everything she said.

We walked out of the office hand in hand. Both of us were so elated that we couldn’t stop talking.

“This is great. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.” Shawn stated.

“I’m so excited, Shawn.” I said. We now stood in front of our cars. We would have to part ways only a few moments after this.

“I am too, Y/N.” We grasped one another in a tight hug and Shawn squeezed me so tightly it was almost painful. We shared a peck on the lips before having to leave.

“Text me when your flight lands, babe.” I requested.

“I will, I’ll talk to you later tonight.” I heard Shawn say as I was getting into my car. I looked in my rear view mirror to see Shawn; he was still wearing that big, goofy grin on his face that I probably wore too. We were both ecstatic. This was the most happiness I had felt in a long, long time.

anonymous asked:

I just started a double degree (engineering and business) and holy shit I regret everything. THIS IS ME SCREAMING INTO THE ABYSS. I DONT KNOW HOW I'LL EVER MAKE IT TO MY FINAL YEAR


Here’s a few things I wish I’d known before I started my double degree (+ a few things which have kept me sane since then!) 

1. Coffee. 

  • I started my degree as a ‘social’ coffee drinker. 

2. Student Discounts 

  • Reap the benefits of student discounts. Seriously. 
  • Know where the cheapest coffee is, transport subsidies, printing subsidies, student sales, student flights! 

3. Shit happens, things change. 

  • Just because you hate something now, doesn’t mean you can’t love it later. The upshot being - just because you love something now, doesn’t mean you won’t hate it with the feverish passion of a thousand burning suns later. 
  • Your interests will change. Your goals, both academic and personal will change. That’s ok.
  • Find something that motivates you to complete each degree. You may enjoy both your degrees equally. You may prefer one over the other - particularly if you’re still completing tedious core units for one degree whilst you get to do much more interesting advanced units for the other. Remind yourself why you’re doing this degree. Why are you doing double the workload, why is it worth the late nights, caffeine overdoses and the concurrent deadlines? Assess each degree independently of the other and find something which motivates you to study in that field. 
  • In my case, I was very demotivated halfway through my degree. Honestly speaking, in my 3/4th year, I was ready to drop my other degree and graduate with a single. I only continued my other degree after going on exchange (read: more holiday than study) and when I could finally do advanced units which were interesting to me. 
  • For others, changing degree (yes, even in 6th year) was the best choice for them. They’re much happier now, and much more driven - and it was their experience throughout their double degree that helped them realise their passion in another field. Sometimes, finding out what you hate is just as important as finding out what you love.  

4. Save a first year unit for the end of your degree 

  • Ok, I shit you not. 
  • If your degree structure allows you to save an elective first year unit for your penultimate or final year, do it. 
  • Sure, its strange to walk into a class of freshers. When you inevitably have an ‘ice breaker’ exercise, watch in sick fascination as the majority of the class whips their head around incredulously as you introduce yourself as a “fifth year student” 
  • BUT BOY THE REWARDS ARE SWEET. For example, having a reduced workload so you can focus on your advanced units. Easy marks because you already know half the shit, and if not, you know where to find it. 
  • You already have half the transferrable skills (report writing, referencing, critical analysis, knowledge of HOW THE FUCK TO SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT THROUGH YOUR UNI SERVER) to do well. You could probably skip all the intro/ getting to know your way around the library resources classes. 
  • A relaxed class and a healthy boost to my GPA? Sign me up. 

5. Use time to your advantage

  • One of the things I’m grateful for is time. 
  • Its a long degree. Instinctively I knew this when I signed up - 5 to 7 years is a long time. But I only truly felt how long a period that time was when my friends with shorter degrees graduated and entered the workforce. And whilst I enjoy what I study, the mechanics and routine of going to uni and sitting exams etc remains tedious. 
  • But heck, I am grateful for the time and opportunity I’ve had to figure shit out in the safety of university. 
  • Professionally, I know the ins and outs of graduate job hunting. I have had the opportunity to ‘test run’ interviews etc, and learn about more opportunities with each passing cycle - the fairs, the assistance you can get at uni, the whole recruiting circus. I have a well established study system that works for me, featuring keyboard shortcuts, shitonnes of sticky notes and my weight in coffee. I know where to ask for help and I know which areas of campus are the best study spots and which places to avoid during mid-sem hell. I know what events my student society runs, and I know when there’s free breakfast during semester. I’m confident. I’m certainly not ready to face the workplace, but I’m more prepared that I would have been 3 years ago.  
  • Personally, I’m more confident in my identity and what direction I want to take in the future. I know what I like, what I dislike, and what I’m willing to sacrifice/invest for what ends. I’ve learnt a lot about how I handle stress, friendship and 8am non recorded classes (read: not well). 
  • Also, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR HIGHER DEGREE GRADUATE REQUIREMENTS ARE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TIME TO FIX THINGS. Do you need practical experience to graduate? Do you need to complete an internship unit? How many units of each degree do you need to complete? Have you completed the correct number of majors for each degree? Find out early, so you can amend your study plan. 

6. Old habits die hard. 

  • In saying that, use the length of your degree to develop good habits. Figure out what study method works for you, find out whether you’re more engaged in morning or evening classes. Where’s a decent study spot on campus? 
  • Don’t be afraid to apply the skills you’ve learnt from one degree to the other. Whether it be research skills, note taking habits or otherwise. Keep in mind the differences between each discipline. 
  • Work smart. By the time you’ve reached 3rd year, you’ll be at the halfway point. You know what lectures are like. You know what tutorials are like. You know which textbooks are worth the buy and what assessment structure suits you. Don’t be afraid to exploit that knowledge to forge a better semester for yourself. 

Its a long journey. There’s going to be good days, shit days and then “fuck the world, what the hell is this” days. There’s going to be coinciding deadlines and  insane exam timetables. And that’s not even counting the late night existential crises in between. 

But you’re going to learn so much - both in an academic and personal sense. You’ll find out what you enjoy, what lecturers to avoid, what subjects bore you to death. You’ll meet so many people - inspirational people, motivational people, and some assholes. You’ll realise that fuck yes I can complete a 3000 word assignment the night before, and yes I can survive a 90% exam. 

Remember you always have the freedom to choose. You don’t have to do it all at once - go on exchange, take a semester off, find something to break up the tedium of study. Sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is to figure out what’s best for you and pursuing it. 

Good luck dear anon. You’re the first double degree anon to scream into the abyss - THIS IS ME SCREAMING ALONGSIDE YOU OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

All the best,


Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 40/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: cussing

Word Count: 3,434

Dedication: @kittyscribble again bc wowza

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @kinkshamer2k16, @lukasspresents, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @alwayshesitantwiththepresident, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @lukadovemcm, @not-spider-man, @thedisneyderp, @aphamericanhero, @rose-is-in-the-void, @hosanna-is-the-name, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @oli-is-perfect, @trash-sicle, @suspicious-protagonist, @beycutebabe, @ichbindeindod, @awkwardly-inactive, @thekaymeister, @dvddggs, @dreamingpastelcolors, @theluckyjinx2170, @atomicprinceling, @aheadfullofglassbees, @jefffersons, @sweetlyminiaturesublime, @anitheunicorn, @catsouitrash, @creativescapist, @bees-and-shotguns, @anonymouscrazyfangirl, @frannro, @nicnchill, @islandofthemisfits, @gaya-the-apple, @peachygroff, @fangirl6202, @lawnmowerswig, @confused-septopus, @thesebattlescarsarebeautiful, @lalalapin, @omlwhatamidoing, @wow-another-blog, @ordinaryornate

A/N: stuff happens. But wait there’s more!

It was hard to tie a tie when you were tired. Your vision was blurred, your hands fumbled at the fabric, and you might mess up a couple of times before tying it successfully.

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anonymous asked:

I love your head cannons! I'd really like to request one, but if you've already done it please link me to it? How would the RFA and Saeran be with pregnant MC? Coming from a pregnant mother of two, I think this would be so cute to read! Thank you!

This is so cute anon!! It hasn’t really been done (there was one about MC and RFA having kids (go here to see it ‘cause peony did such a good job on it and it is so cute), but not exactly this ^^) so I’m going for it!!

I am also referencing (most of) their initial reactions from Peony, hehe


  • You revealed it to him in such a cute way honestly. On Christmas you got him a new gaming console and put a ribbon around each remote
  • One said “Yoosung’s remote”, one said “MC’s remote”, and the last said “baby’s remote”
  • He didn’t notice for the longest time?? He only noticed when he was taking the ribbon off. “MC, what’s this?”
  • “It’s for the baby Yoosung”
  • “……….”
  • “…..what? Wait wHAT??!!?”
  • Yes, yes he did almost pass out. Yes it was from joy and shock
  • But he became so excited??
  • He’s constantly worrying over you, “did you eat enough?” “MC don’t push yourself” “be careful, don’t trip on the steps!!”
  • He’s also constantly kissing your tummy, he thinks it’s so cute and precious, he’s constantly talking to it about how you’re the best mom and that the baby’s so lucky to be with you two
  • He pampers you as much as he can, given funds being kind of tight. It’s his inspiration to go back to college and work harder, he wants to be able to support you and the little baby
  • The two of you are constantly fantasizing about what you want for the baby, a month after you revealed it Yoosung was ready to go baby shopping “it’s too early Yoosung” “it’s never too early for our baby”
  • He doesn’t want to leave you at all through the whole thing
  • When the baby’s born, his whole face lights up
  • He knew it before, but this makes him so sure that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life and to raise your start of a family together


  • (Assuming you wanted your own kids instead of adoption, and you chose to be the one to carry ^^)
  • You two made the decision one night. It just kind of happened, “I want kids.”
  • “Let’s do it, then”
  • “I want to carry”
  • She grins and kisses you, “we’ll have the cutest little kid then”
  • Jaehee is really calm and comforting from start to finish
  • She seems be more understanding over the pains of pregnancy, and is constantly there comforting you whenever you get morning sickness
  • But she’s also so loving, constantly there for you and cuddling, always making sure you have a warm cup of cocoa or food
  • She’s constantly kissing your forehead and telling you how wonderful it’s going to be, the baby’s gonna have two loving mothers who will be so supportive
  • As soon as you find out the gender (a little girl), Jaehee and you go shopping. She’s the best shopper ever honestly, you two agree on everything and she finds the most adorable clothes to dress your little girl in
  • You find the cutest stuffed animals though
  • You know the baby will love them when she comes
  • And the two of you already love your little baby girl


  • You decided to reveal it to him at a photoshoot of the two of you. You each had a little chalkboard to write each other a message, and while he wrote something he loved about you, you wrote “guess what, we’re expecting <3″
  •  His face just lit up the moment he saw it, and then he rushed over and picked you up, spinning you in a circle
  • The moment was caught on camera, and as soon as you guys got the pictures, he framed it and hung it in your guys’ room
  • He is so happy oh my goodness
  • Every day he wakes you up kissing you and getting you breakfast full of good food
  • He’s constantly talking to the baby too. He loves singing to the baby, especially the cutie pie song okay actually you request that one all the time cause when he does it he’s so cute
  • Zen doesn’t ever want to leave you alone, he feels torn whenever he has to go to work, but he makes up for it by constantly spending his free time with you, constantly comforting and cuddling and loving you
  • He loves touching your tummy too, he constantly takes pictures as you progress through your pregnancy, and he kisses your tummy so much he might kiss it more than he kisses you on the lips
  • He’s so excited for the baby and is so gentle with you the whole time
  • “Zen we don’t know if the baby is a girl or a boy yet”
  • Whoops


  • Could he be any more in love with you?
  • Yes. Apparently.
  • You revealed it to him at dinner, on his napkin you wrote you + me = 3 
  • When he first saw it he kind of stared at it confused at first, but then it dawned on him
  • And he was so excited. He has you, and you are going to have a family with him, and he’ll have an heir
  • “MC, this will be so perfect. We will be so happy together”
  • He isn’t home often from work, but he’s constantly checking up on you, texting and calling all the time and making sure you’re okay, that you’ve eaten
  • He makes sure you don’t have any way to overexert yourself, he wants you to be totally comfortable
  • He’s so sweet whenever he’s actually with you, talks about what you two want for you baby when they’re born, how you want to raise them, the whole bit
  • He wants to be ready when the baby comes
  • He gets the baby’s room renovated and when you guys learn the baby’s gender you get clothes to dress your little boy
  • You secretly sneak a little dog stuffed animal you had as a kid into the cradle
  • Jumin doesn’t notice before it’s to late
  • The dog is the baby’s favorite stuffed animal


  • He was psyched when he found out, like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement
  • You surprised him with it on your anniversary when you gave him a box with two little shirts in it
  • “Daddy’s little twins”
  • TWINS???
  • He is so excited
  • And he keeps kissing you and your tummy
  • But he freezes for a moment where he seems really vulnerable, and worried, and sad
  • “Seven, are you okay?”
  • “I… I don’t want to end up like my parents”
  • You hug him and promise, “We won’t be anything like them– we will be so much better”
  • “Promise?”
  • “I promise”
  • He lightens up the rest of the time. And he doesn’t stop making jokes about it, all the time
  • Whenever people ask what they will be, Seven always says, “babies, hopefully!”
  • Seven they wanna know the gender
  • He also loves telling stories to the babies about the adventures of Agent Seven O Seven, the defender of justice!
  • Whenever one of the babies kick, he’s ecstatic
  • He is so precious but omg you’re positive that twins are a hassle to carry
  • You love them all though


  • Saeran, when you first tell him, goes into shock
  • But then he goes into super-protective-new-dad mode
  • Just like Peony said, if someone so much as looks at you the wrong way he’s ready to fight them then and there
  • And he acts so tough in public but then at home he’s a worried mess
  • He’s more of a mess than you when you’re acting up
  • He’s so worried he won’t be good enough or that he’ll do something wrong
  • You often both end up curled up on the couch with a bunch of pillows and blankets eating ice cream with chocolate syrup (you with shrimp or something weird) and him curled up whispering to your tummy
  • It comforts him to just curl up like that and its comforting to you to just cuddle and relax with him and know that he loves you and the baby
  • Other times he holds you whenever you feel insecure and crappy from being pregnant and rests his head on yours and you feel so safe and so much better
  • The first time the baby kicks his eyes well up with tears
  • He’s actually gonna have a family
  • And be happy
  • Oh goodness
  • This boy is so happy and he loves you and he loves the baby
  • So so much

~Sunflower (:

Always Read the Margins

Genre: University AU (chaptered), fluff, eventual relationship that can be taken as either platonic or romantic

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

Warnings: Some swear words (because Dan) and really not much else (totally SFW, as with everything I write ^_^)

Word Count: 2,441

A/N: So here’s an attempt at a chaptered fic! I’m still new to phanfiction so apologies and please be nice. Aheh. Let’s see how quickly I can update this… I’m posting this now because I just watched their newest spooky week (the Silent Hill one) and I SERIOUSLY need fluff now so yeah xD

All parts here

Chapter 1

Dan’s head dropped for the third time in ten minutes.

Quickly, he forced himself back upright again, giving his head a quick shake and blinking his eyes several times. Slyly, he cast a glance around the rest of the lecture theatre from his place at the back, and it seemed that so far he had got away with it. The lecturer was still droning away at the front, and the only other sound was the furious scribbling of notes and tapping of laptop keys. Dan was safe so far.

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New Beginnings Ft Taehyung

Originally posted by shitjeon

Yo, could i request a scenario with V where he bullied you in school, but in later life, goes to one of your concerns with bts {you’re an idol} and he recognises you? angsty please, thank you, fighting 💜

Taehyung x Y/N

A/N: I’m literally so sorry this took me so long; coursework deadlines have been a mess; but I hope this lives up to your standards. (apologies for any spelling errors) Much love, Ally.


“Yah! Y/N I asked you a question” Taehyung shouted at me as he had me pinned up against the wall with his friends standing behind him sniggering.

“I-I don’t know” I muttered

“What did I say about not doing my homework on time?” he sighed

“T-that, you would p-publicly embarrass me” I stuttered

“Urgh, it really hurts me to do this Y/N-ah, but you said it yourself.. be at the school gates tomorrow 8am sharp and await your punishment”
he hissed, releasing my bruised wrists from his grasp.

Taehyung, the schools angel.. or so everyone thought.. he was a bully, my bully.. each year a person would be targeted.. just for the sake of his own entertainment and homework slave, someone who was in atleast two of his classes, quiet, loner, someone who blended in so well with the crowd that no one knew who they was even though they’ve been attending the school since nursery, me.

I regretted my decision to stand up to him as my time with ticking away, second by second, minute by minute, my time was running out and was nearing the time of my public appearance. Taehyung hated me for knowing him so well, we were friends .. believe it or not, before all of this, the bullying happened, the fact that I knew him better then anyone else made his blood boil.. the fact that I didn’t tell his deepest darkest secrets to anyone irritated him even more.

As my time ticked away, I wiped away the tears I shed for someone I used to know, if I was going to be embarrassed publicly I was planning to take it with pride.


I met the dusk of dawn from the view of my window, looking upon the settled fog and the blazing rays of the sun, aware of my surroundings and the fact that I didn’t have any sleep last night.

“Let’s get this over with” I mumbled to myself, I had my spare clothes in my bag just incase Taehyung decided to get his boys to cover me in food, my hair in a bun and no makeup, I was practically bulletproof(that irony I was yet to understand), as I could wipe away the mess within a matter of moments.

Standing in front of the gates, awaiting for his army of minions to attack me, I stood there pondering how we got to this exact moment, how he was once in love with me, how that love was now hate and how it was so evident within his eyes, he looked at me in disgust, in rage, in wrath .. how did we end up here Taehyung?

he approached me , cupping my cheek and stroking his cold thumb across my sensitive skin, for a moment I thought I saw a glimpse of regret.

“I’m not sorry it came down to this, this is what happens when you don’t do what I ask Y/N” he smirked, nudging past me as he walked away into the school.

At the very moment a bunch of boys, I’m guessing from outside of school came zooming by on the motorcycles throwing tomatoes and eggs at me, some even throwing balloons filled with flour, students crowded round with their phones recording everything as I was targeted.

Although, I expected this, I didn’t think he’d actually go through with it.
Unbeknown to him, I made myself a promise that night depending on whether he’d actually go through with it or not. He was unaware that, that very day.. was the last he’d ever see of me.

~present day~

I wiped away the excess oil from my skin and awaited the makeup artist to begin painting me as her finest portrait. Reminiscing on the day I ran away, while the artist powdered my face evenly. A year and a half of being a trainee was worth it, although I was shy and insular I was hard working and consistent regardless of my hardships, 2years after my debut, my group “Primrose” we’re doing so well, we had fans globally and our fan base were increasing by the day. They called themselves “primrosettes”, touring globally didn’t leave time for me to be aware of other groups, I was either rehearsing, eating, sleeping or pooping. Although, the other 4 girls in my group were adamant in making sure I network with other idols, I refrained as much as possible.

“30minutes” one of the staff shouted

“30 minutes till go time” I thought.

“Y/N, you’re done, just go get your hair straightened up” the artist spoke

“Okay, Gamsamida Unnie” I hummed
She nodded; continuing to a free chair I waited for my stylist to add the finishing touches.

“Yah! apparently BTS are going to be at our performance” Jae Hee nudged me, stopping me from getting a few minutes shut eye.

“Okay” I replied

“Unnieeeee, come on! Don’t you know who BTS are?” she nudged again, jumping up and down while using her whiney voice.

“Annniiii, can you stop jumping on me” I hissed

“They are the hottest boy group right no-”

“Okay, go away and tell someone else”

“Ani, so there’s Jin Oppa; Suga Oppa; JHope Oppa; Rap Monster Oppa; Jimin Oppa; V Oppa and Jungkook Oppa”

“Yah! are they your friends to be calling them Oppa?”

“Aish, sunbae’s then sunbaenim”

“Arrasso, what kinda of name is V anyway” I laughed

“It’s his stage name, his real name is Ta-”

“5minutes, come on girls” She was cut by the sound of the staff member

“Performing “Tink” by Primrose, Y/N, Jae Hee, Ji Hye, Dalnim and Yoonah”

Our names were called and we took the stage ready to wow our audience.

Taehyung’s POV


“huh?” Jimin asked

“Uh, nothing.. I thought I heard one of the girls names to be Y/N” I chuckled while rubbing the nape of my neck

“Mm, you heard correct, she’s the one in the middle, she’s similar to Jungkook actually, she’s the best at singing, rapping and dancing in her group”

“Ohh” I mumbled

scratching my head as I tried to recall the person who I missed so much since that day, 3 and half years since I’ve last seen her, her cheeks had the beautifulest shade of peach, her hair would always cascade down her face so prettily, her soul was nothing but warmth, Y/N..

The girl that was reported missing by her parents, 2years ago, but was withdrawn through some form of contact.

I remembered that day so vividly, how she effortlessly came into school that day, outside the gates, hair tied, no makeup, it seemed as though she was in a hurry from over sleeping, yet she looked so beautiful.

Smearing her tear across her cheek with the pad of my thumb, I admired her natural beauty, if only she knew, it wasn’t out of hate that I bullied her, but out of love, the boys were going to bully her anyway.. physically, I prevented it through only public embarrassment. Oh, the hatred she must’ve held for me, the disgust she must have towards me.. it must still remain.

“Oh, I thought it was Y/N L/N who was performing” I chuckled, hoping that it was secretly so I once can be reassured that she’s alive.

“Mmm it is hyung, you know her?” Jungkook asked

“ermm, something like that” I explained

I wonder if she would ever look at me again, should I show her my face? I must.. mustn’t I?

I deserve a slap and a kick and a punch, I deserve everything that’s coming my way.

I admired the way she swayed her hips, the way her voice soothed my soul, her face was something sculpted by the Greek gods. Oh, how I missed her, her presence, her being, I missed Y/N so much, hoping that I’d find her one day.


Her performance was over, and the band and I needed to greet the girls, as a part of our network.

“Yah! I can’t wait to meet Y/N, she’s so pretty!” Jungkook whispered to Jimin.

Backstage we entered their dressing room, there she was seated, tapping her foot to the rhythm of the song given by her ear phones, she looked undeniably breath taking, even with the sweat beads resting on her skin as though she was glistening.

the other girls stood up, bowing to us, while she stayed seated, unaware of our presence.

“Yah! Unnie, come say hello” one of the girls nudged at her.

“Ani, I’m busy!” she hissed

“Sorry about that, Y/N can be quite insular and antisocial” one of the girls giggled

“Ani, I AM insular and antisocial” she corrected

Still the same Y/N, just a tougher backbone.

“Y/N?” I spoke , while approaching her.

“What? can you not see I’m-”
she shouted turning around, stopping as she noticed who I was.

“doing something..” she continued returning her focus back to her phone

“Y/N? do you remember me?”

“No, who are you?” she hissed, stabbing a knife into my heart purposely, I already saw the fear cloud her eyes when she noticed it was me, pretending to not know me.. to hurt me, she knew what she was doing.

“Kim Taehyung.. we grew up together, I lo-”

“I recall, the one who bullied me, causing me to run away? how could I forget you” she chuckled, after cutting me.

“I can explain Y/N-ah!, Just give me a-”

“chance?” she cut

“3years too late, anyway I have to go, I have an appointment” she hurried

“Nice to meet you, Namjoon sunbae, Jin sunbae, Yoongi sunbae, Hoesok sunbae..” she bowed to the others, apologising for her rudeness

leaving me to fade out in the abyss I call my memory.
Standing there, frozen, clueless as to what to do as I watched the love of my life run out of the door. It’s amazing how someone’s presence can flood you with all the emotions and feelings you’ve ever felt for that person simultaneously at once.

“Oppa? Can I call you Oppa?” I heard

“Mm” I nodded as I sat there in the once occupied seat of my love, zoned out of reality.

“here,” she handed my a piece of paper with a number on it.

“it’s her number, I didn’t realise you were the taehyung she was talking about in her diary, or the one she sometimes screams when she has nightmares” the mature girl spoke .

“I’m Dalnim ” she said sticking out her hand to shake mine

“Thank you,” I smiled

“She says that, a lot of the time you think you know someone but you don’t know them at all, I guess she’s referencing you?” she asked

“Mm” I nodded

“Well-” she stopped herself

“Give her a call sometime, try work things out, if anything you can have my number and I can set her up so she meets up with you” she suggested

“I think that’s the only way she will meet me if I’m honest” I chucked.

“Well, we have a break in two weeks, she likes afternoon tea, so I’ll tell her meet me at our favourite place, and then you’ll be there instead, I’ll text you the address and everything” she suggested

“Thank you Dalnim” I smiled

“Anytime Oppa”
she sang.


It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen Taehyung at our last concert.

his voice sounded somewhat nostalgic to me, hearing my name leave his lips left my heart thumping in anticipation for when is my next punishment.

“Unnie,” Dalnim called.

“Mm” I answered

“ let’s have afternoon tea at 6,”

“hmm sure, which place?”

“Dina Rose’s?”

“sure, a-”

“okay I’ll meet you in an hour, I have to go buy a couple things and run some errands” she scurried off


she seemed suspicious but I thought nothing of it.

an hour passed and I made my way to dina’s it was my favourite little place, with the cute sandwiches, cupcakes and desserts.

walking in through the shop I greeted Dina Rose herself.

“Here to see Dalnim?” she asked


walking me over to the table I saw a masculine frame, the closer I got, the more I recognised the stature .. Taehyung.

I could either flee or face this head on, before I could make my mind up Dina whispered “this young man has been waiting an hour, talking to himself, I think he has cue cards so he knows what to say, hear him out” she smiled.

“Dalnim set you up to this isn’t it?”

She nodded and actioned me to take a seat.

“Taehyung” I stated

“Y/N!” he stated, standing up from his seat.

“Sit down, stop being so melodramatic” I sighed

“Aren’t you surprised I’m here?”

“Initially, but then I thought something was suspicious”

“Okay, let me explain mys-”

“What for? what’s done is done” I huffed

“But ”

“But nothing Taehyung, there I exchanged some words with you, I’ll be leaving first” I stated while getting up

“Wait!” he stood up

“Wait wha-”

I was cut by the softness of his lips collided with mine, too shaken up by the fact that I thought he was going to assault me I stood there shaking.

Pulling away, he grasped my hips to steady my balance.

“What’s wrong?” he mumbled

“I thought you were going to h-hit m-me” I stuttered

“Why would I hit you?”

“Because after the school day a bunch of boys were waiting for me in the alley near my house saying that Taehyung sent them, they physically abused me, then ran away”

falling to his knees, crying while grasping the floor beneath him.

“Y/N, I know you can never forgive me, but I am so sorry, for everything, I did it to protect you from getting physically hurt, I thought eggs and tomatoes were better then feet and fists, they just wouldn’t leave you alone, so I thought if I bullied you they would but they wouldn’t and I just, I just , I don’t know what I was thinking and I -I ” he waffled on

helping him up I wiped away the tears resting on his cheeks. smiling weakly.

“I forgave you along time ago”


Crème de la Crème: 27


“So it’s true, huh?” I heard my mother’s voice. I quickly spun on my heels and my eyes met hers. She wore a sad look on her face that flushed me with guilt “W-what is going on?’ I stammered. 

Staring at my mother and then my grandmother, I felt as if all the breath got knocked out of my damn body. My eyes darted over to my granny who mouthed “Sorry”

“Answer me Letitia.” My mom spoke up, darting my eyes back over to her I blinked my eyes. I couldn’t even believe my damn eyes right now, my mom has come all the way down here from Oakland.

“What’s true ma?”I played dumb

“Letitia, stop playing games with me. Why in the entire fuck didn’t you tell me that I had a damn grandbaby! And what the hell is he doing here?” She shouted. I pinched the bridge of my nose and leaned my head back. 

“I’m here because this is my child.” Tez said as I rolled my eyes. “Oh now you care about my child? Where were you when she had the baby, oh you were locked up or with one of your many hoes.”

“This just isn’t happening.” I mumbled.  

“Sonia, language.” My granny cut her eyes at her and walked over to Hazel and sat down on the bed next to her. “How are you, baby?”  she asked her

“Ma cab you chill?” 

“Absolutely not! He’s the nigga who turned my fuckin’ daugher against me in the first place. Why aren’t you in jail?” She asked. I tilted my head to the side and looked at her with wide eyes. This woman and her damn mouth.

“Sonia, what did I just say?”

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Lost, Part 3.

Hearing Neymar was in the hospital sent my thoughts into a frenzy. Rafaella was unable to answer all of the questions I had since she was just as clueless as I was. Now I had to hurriedly rush to the hospital and figure out what was going on. I knew Aaron probably wasn’t 100% in favor of me going to see my ex after what just happened but he knew well enough not to stop me.

I immediately called Rafa as soon as I arrived, trying to find out where she was. Thank God she was in town because the last thing I wanted right now was to be left in a room alone with Neymar. I already felt guilty just thinking of the fact he got into an accident while leaving my place. I didn’t want him to realize that and use it to his advantage.

In the midst of my call, I spotted Rafa heading my way. She didn’t look as worried as I pictured her. “Is everything okay? How is he?”

“They said it was just minor injuries. He’s smiling and cracking jokes so I guess he’s okay.” She began to lead the way to his room and I felt immediate relief knowing he was fine. That was really all that mattered right now.

We approached the room Neymar was in but Rafaella immediately stopped and moved to the side, as if to signal me to go in alone. “I think you should talk to him. He told me about your conversation.” A frustrated sigh left my lips. Here we go.

“I guess.” And with that, I moved into the room alone. Ney was awake and laying in the bed, busying himself with his phone until he finally turned around to look at me. A grin spread his cheeks. “Hey. I’m guessing she called you?” he questioned referencing his sister.

I simply nodded and walked closer, deciding to stop at the side of his bed. “It was just scratches and bruises. I wasn’t paying attention when I was driving. It was my fault,” he explained. I just gave a thankful smile in response. “That’s good to hear.”

The silence in the room was surely awkward but I wasn’t sure what to say or do next. What do you say? ‘We’ll I’m glad you’re okay. Bye now?’

Ney decided to be the first to speak instead. “Are you really sure about leaving?”

I wanted at that moment to just roll my eyes and run out of the room. I should have known he would turn the conversation into this topic. It was Neymar. Who knew all too well what to do and what to say at the right moments. He knew I couldn’t stand hurting his feelings while he lay helpless in this hospital, even if it was just ‘scratches and bruises’.

But I had to. I couldn’t risk him baiting me in with false promises and apologies.

“I am. Aaron really makes me happy, Ney. And I know you can’t see that because you’re my ex and you want me back and whatever else but…Aaron is truly the one for me. Maybe one day you’ll realize that this is what’s best for me and you’ll find a way to be happy for me.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be happy for you,” he admitted. He was always a selfish person so I knew better than to expect a different response. Neymar was too stuck in wanting me to himself rather than realizing what was best for me and ultimately him. There was nothing that would change if we dated again. It would only be the same cycle.

“I feel like you’re just doing this to hurt me,” he continued. “You knew me seeing you date another guy, especially another player, would hurt me.”

And once again his selfish thoughts were apparent. It was appalling to me that Neymar thought my choice to date Aaron revolved around him rather than what it really was. “Now you’re talking ridiculous. I wasn’t even thinking of you then. Our relationship has nothing to do with you and how you treated me. If anything, being with Aaron has only showed me what a real relationship is and me and you didn’t have that. I never looked at him and thought I’d date him just to make you mad. I’m not that type of person and I have no reason to seek out some sort of sick revenge on you for all you’ve done to me.” I immediately stopped myself from my next statement, seeing my words were getting me nowhere. “I don’t know why I’m explaining this to you. You’ll never understand and that’s fine. You don’t have to.”

I turned on my heels and began my journey out, Neymar quickly calling after me. “Where are you going?”


Aaron’s POV

“You have so much stuff.” I tucked the last bag of Y/N’s in the backseat amidst the other gazillion bags of junk she managed to fit into the car. I hadn’t realized all that she had until I arrived this morning and began helping her store everything into the car.

“Well I am packing up my entire life,” she chuckled beside me. “Do you want water?” She held out the water bottle in her hand but I shook my head. “No thanks.”

“I’m going to take one final look around inside to make sure I didn’t forget anything.” She quickly jogged off and back inside of her place to do a final sweep of the rooms.


I did a walkthrough of my place for one final time. It hadn’t hit me that I was truly leaving until I saw the vacant place I once called home that would now be replaced by some strangers who didn’t even realize all that occurred between these walls and who once lived here.

It held a lot of memories, some good, some bad. But it was time now for me to leave and fill another place with new memories. With Aaron.

I didn’t feel as if I was leaving behind anything. I knew I’d still see my family and my friends who were still here. The only thing I was truly leaving behind was Neymar.

I hadn’t spoken to him since the hospital visit. He called and sent messages apologizing but I ignored them. It seemed eventually he got the hint and left me alone. It was a bittersweet realization to think of putting him in the past but I also realized I was doing it for good reason. Aaron was everything and all I needed.

But I couldn’t leave here without saying another word to Neymar. I was closing a chapter that I felt was best to be closed officially. I grabbed for my phone in my pocket and searched for his name in my contacts to send a text. I began typing but something told me this wouldn’t suffice. Not a message.

So instead I dialed his number and listened to the tone of the familiar ring. It droned on and on until I realized there would be no answer on the other end, his voicemail popping up instead. That would have to do.

“Hi, Ney. I was just calling…I was just calling because I’m about to head on to my flight. I hope you’re doing well. I’m just leaving this voicemail to say I wish nothing but the best for you in everything. Whether that’s football, love, or life period. I know our last conversation didn’t go all that well but maybe it wasn’t meant to. They always say good things fall apart so better things can fall together, right? So thank you. Thank you for leading me to better things. I hope you find the same.


link to part 1; click.

link to part 2; click.


[Andreil, 1.5k words, fluff + hurt/comfort + domestic fic]

Neil deals with Andrew at night, and Andrew deals with Neil in the morning.

Again, all credit goes to the amazing @korakos! <3

Inspired by that Jessie J song. Give it some love on AO3!

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ultra-smoakinolicity  asked:

Hey Jen. Have you read the new quote by Katie "Who can be annoying" Cassidy? If not here it is ,"Their bond is so strong that if he romantically gets involved with Felicity, she’s going to be able to separate the two." Tell me what do you think of it.

They’re best friends and have been best friends for life, even though there’s been hard times and good times. I’m not sure that Oliver is going to be on board with Laurel taking on this role of wanting to get revenge, find out who did this to her sister, fight back and be training. I have a feeling he’ll probably be against that at first. At the end of the day, he’ll look at her and think, “Wow, she has what it takes. She is a warrior.” I think he’ll end up having respect for that.”Katie Cassidy

Anonymous said: From KC’s latest EW interview: Q: “Is Sara’s death the catalyst that drives her to follow in her sister’s footsteps?” A: “The Green Arrow needs Black Canary. It’s always been the two of them. ” Uhm, what? THIS. THIS is why people get so frustrated with her take on her own character. This question was TAILOR made to allow her to expound on the journey Laurel will be taking as a woman and a sister in mourning. But she turned it back into “Ollie=Laurel forever, XOXO” FRUSTRATING!

Katie Cassidy fans…turn away. I am about to employ humor in relationship to Katie Cassidy. This never goes well with Laurel fans. 

DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from no sense of humor, consult your doctor and avert your eyes. May cause permanent and irreparable damage.

In the great words of Buffy Summers….

“Katie, your mouth is open, sound is coming from it, this is never good.”

Look, I get it Katie. You NEED this to be your show. I’m with ya sweetie. No judgments. There you were schlepping your way through bit parts and then you get your own show. MELROSE PLACE.  You are the new Amanda Woodward. You are being compared to HEATHER LOCKLEAR. David Cassidy’s daughter is no longer the most recognizable item in your resume. You are on the brink of stardom…and then the show gets canceled. No problem. You’re a trooper. You belly up to the bar again. YOU ARE CAST AS BLACK CANARY. Not only Black Canary but the female love interest opposite Stephen Amell.

Except you & Stephen have the chemistry of two pieces of sandpaper. Together you emit a scratchy sound that is so aggravating to listen to people just shudder and turn the channel. It’s so frustrating. What went wrong? You’re pretty. He’s pretty. Why can’t you just be pretty together?

And then, out of nowhere, some little blonde guest star comes in and has more chemistry with Stephen in 10 seconds than you did in 23 episodes. She’s funny and bright, smart and sweet and the AUDIENCE LOVES HER. The NETWORK LOVES HER. THE WRITERS LOVE HER. And before you know it…she’s a season regular. Not only is she a season regular but she becomes the MAIN LOVE INTEREST. The writers are literally resetting scenes, scenes YOU ALREADY ACTED, with Oliver & Felicity so they can reframe the love story.  All anyone can talk about is Oliver & Felicity, Felicity & Oliver.  All anyone asks you about is Oliver & Felicity. The Break Out Star of Arrow is Emily Bett Rickards.

It sucks. Truly. I feel for you girl. 

Ya know what’s NOT the way to fix that? Talking about a relationship between Laurel & Oliver that never existed.

I kid. Sort of. I understand why Katie talks like this, I just don’t agree with her when she does. lol

All kidding aside, Laurel wasn’t Oliver’s best friend. She was his girlfriend. TOMMY was Oliver’s best friend. What Oliver & Laurel had together could barely pass for a relationship let alone friendship.

I’ve got no problem if that’s the “direction” the writers are moving Laurel & Oliver’s relationship to…platonic friendship. What the hell guys…let’s give her one. Platonic BEST friendship (I feel like this is a chapter of the Babysitters Club). That’s where it needs to go and it’s good news if that’s what’s happening. My only issue is…USE PRESENT TENSE Katie. You don’t need to build up the friendship by pretending like it was always like that between the two of you. Oliver & Laurel had one of the most awkward, dysfunctional, unhealthy, DISHONEST relationships I have ever seen on TV. Chimpanzees have more effective communication skills that those two.

The last two years, the people who have been Oliver’s best friends on Arrow were Diggle & Felicity. They knew him the best. They knew ALL OF HIM the best. He also happened to fall in love with one of them  (I know…I know…it should’ve been Diggle, we’re all sad but we’ve got to let it go).

Moving forward maybe Sara’s death bonds Oliver & Laurel in a way like never before. With all the secrets out Oliver can finally talk to Laurel and Laurel can talk to Oliver. Maybe they can build a best friendship. But just because you’ve known a person a long time doesn’t automatically make you best friends. That being said…it doesn’t mean Laurel can’t become one of Oliver’s best friends. I’m all for that development. 

Also..Katie is Black Canary. That’s like Wonder Woman to me. I never understand why she has to continually build up Laurel’s relationship with Oliver. Being Black Canary is ALL Katie needs. That’s bad ass all by itself. That makes her a star all by itself.

The part I loved? That Oliver won’t be on board with this whole Black Canary plan. Totally predicted that. Love it when I’m right. 

As for the “separate the two” comment, I think Katie was actually trying to be diplomatic. Give the girl points for effort (and get her fucking agent on the phone to GIVE her talking points. Left to her own devices, clarity is NOT a strength). But I think the point was…no Laurel won’t be jealous. Laurel will be able to separate her bond with Oliver versus Felicity’s bond with him. She’ll understand what they have is important but different than what Oliver has with Felicity. She’ll respect it. Take it as a win people. That’s as good as it gets with Katie.

As for the “The Green Arrow needs Black Canary. It’s always been the two of them. I think comic book fans will be happy.” Okay, fine…there IS a comic history there and it should be recognized. That was a little nugget to the comic fans who’ve been waiting patiently for the BC/Green Arrow crime fighting duo to appear on Arrow. I don’t disagree with the assertion there’s a history in the comics…which Katie CLEARLY referenced. This quote wasn’t a reference to the show.

If it WAS a reference to the show (because you never know with Katie)…well then no. That’s just crap. It hasn’t been The Green Arrow and Black Canary. It’s always been Team Arrow, Oliver/Diggle/Felicity and then it was The Arrow, The Canary and Team Arrow.  BC doesn’t even EXIST in Arrow yet. The Green Arrow doesn’t exist yet. If it was a show reference I’m calling shenanigans.

I’m going to share with you one of my main tenants of watching Arrow and enjoying it:


It’s fine you guys, Oliver will eventually marry his best friend Felicity Smoak. Remember? The first person who made him feel his humanity? The first person that made him feel like Oliver, the man, not Oliver the weapon? And remember…that all happened when Oliver was IN LOVE with Laurel (ouch).

If Laurel & Oliver have a wonderful platonic friendship that’s deep and meaningful, a great partnership, I’m all for it. More friendship between Black Canary & The Green Arrow I say. 

Because Felicity will be on the comms, being a bad ass, helping Black Canary & The Green Arrow fight evil…while pregnant with Oliver’s twins.

Laurel can have Oliver’s friendship. She can have Oliver’s partnership.

Felicity Smoak has his heart.

118 days.

“Tayvin” a couple no one saw coming…no one. I find it hard to believe anyone who says they predicted the coupling of Taylor and Calvin. The great debate still stands of course: “How did Calvin change her mind?” After all this time, confusion about that night at the Brits is contagious among those who weren’t there in the flesh. However maybe some things are better left to the imagination. The point is, somehow…Calvin made Taylor eat her words…somehow.

“If you see me in the press hand in hand with someone even after having said this, it will be because that someone is absolutely extraordinary

By now every Tayvin shipper and their neighbor’s cousin’s cat knows this quote by heart. I think it’s obvious why this is. Not a single soul would doubt Calvin Harris is anything less than “extraordinary”. Taylor Swift is a commonly known woman of great success in her music career as well as the genuine bond she has formed with her fans since she took her first steps into the music world, holding them just as close as her own friends. She is also known for her willingness to do what she has to do to be the best role model for her fans as well as the best artist she can be. This comes along with standing for what she believes in (a crucial part of growing up and knowing one’s true self) and meaning every word she says. This quote in particular paints the perfect picture of what she has found…an extraordinary “someone”.

“-in the press hand in hand with someone” is often taken to another level by those who believe Taylor is anything but capable of having a partner who isn’t a male…but we won’t go there. Hand holding quickly became a symbol of strength especially in the case of these two. The night of the Kenny Chesney concert. Swiftoplis exploded in panic, excitement and astonishment as videos and photos of the two surfaced. Lap sitting documented, kisses, laughs, and hand holding…plastered about the internet as the blossoming relationship earned it’s proper ship name: Tayvin.There were those (as there are always) who needed more than a few low quality photographs and witness accounts of the night which occurred just hours after pictures surfaced of the pair grocery shopping together and taking a stroll around a lake in Nashville. As if any of it wasn’t clear enough already.

However, a lot of people tend to skip over the true meaning of the Nashville trip. They were getting to know each other where they thought they wouldn’t have to face the outside; the cameras. Taylor took him back to her roots and her beginning because you can’t climb a tree if you don’t start at the roots. The beginning stages of this relationship already looked promising as they took their first steps into a new light…a relationship growing in the public eye. Then there is also the significance of Taylor actually going public having said the infamous quote. Everyone knew this was different and it was obvious these two did too.

Not too log after, Tayvin take their nutella-like addicting PDA to the HAIM benefit concert where more lap sitting and hand holding ensued. This also became known as the night of “The First HQs” as the two crashed through a jungle of flashing cameras in an alley next to the building, practically diving into the SUV as Calvin pulled Taylor along, protecting her from the ruthless photographers. Tayvin shippers went ape-shit. I’ll leave it at that because weeks of non stop edits of the same pictures can still be found in the deep depths of the Tayvin tag.

We’ll skip a few more public appearances to importance of the next grand event, the BBMAs. This was when everyone knew it was real. Sure Taylor has sat next to a boyfriend at an award show before but this was different…this was her night. Multiple awards coupled with multiple hugs and kisses which seemed to halt time itself. Although Taylor was sitting next to Calvin the entire night, she still managed to keep the spotlight big enough to fit her crew of friends and Bad Blood music video co-stars. This is another way Taylor has proven herself to be some type of superwoman. Prior to her relationship with Calvin, she always talked about the importance of her relationship with her friends and why she always kept them closest to her. However she has managed to balance her high-profile friendships along with her high-profile relationship. She demands the respect she deserves by proving that being a woman in a relationship does not make you a weak woman at all. She racked up on her awards as she hugged her friends and swung on over to Calvin to hug him as well. Your strength as a woman is not defined by your relationship status because your relationship status is not who you are. Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift just as Calvin Harris is Calvin Harris.

This also touches on Taylor’s view on feminism which I know a lot of people aren’t too happy about. Let’s get something straight, I am not cutting her any type of slack nor am I bashing on any point of view she may have. But I will say that Taylor talks about what she knows about. Taylor knows what she knows and she won’t photoshop herself into any sort of situation. That’s not to say she doesn’t care about the young black woman who is at the same stage in her career and position as the young white guy who is getting more in his paycheck than she is simply because of her race and gender. Taylor is speaking from the point of view of a female artist who’s work should define her rather than her relationships or personal life. Taylor wants to be what she has created, not what the media has smothered the world with for the last few years. That’s where she is speaking from. You can’t ask a duck to bark.

I find it incredible to think that a guy like Calvin could have broken down the barriers Taylor had created around her life. Family, friends, career…no one could make that budge. But Calvin did. Yes, he has a past but what the fuck, so do you, so do I, so does that guy sitting on the bench you passed at the park earlier. No one is defined by who they used to be rather they learn from who they used to be. No, I don’t know if he has learned but shit….neither do you. But you know who does? Taylor. She knows him and i’m sure she knows far more about who he is and who he used to be than some random person on the internet screaming from the top of their lungs that the guy they’ve only seen from a distance or on their computer screen is not the guy for her. Please…..love yourself enough to realize that Taylor is not going to let her relationship be ruined by words…not this time.

Rather than his past, let’s focus on his present. (I don’t know what people expect Taylor to do with the random receipts they’re pulling up anyways). Calvin is the best in his genre right now playing gigs constantly around the world along with a smooth cruising residency. No one can deny his presence in the music world. He has taken the entire EDM genre and turned it into his cape sailing in the wind as he flies through the skies of life with clouds of bullshit getting in his way every once in a while.

The “bullshit” I am referencing is not just the usual dismantling of prides by just the tap of his fingertips but also the things which may change Taylor’s momentum at all. The apple success? Quickly overshadowed by the questioning of his faith by (once again) random people on the internet as Avicii posts a photo of just the side of Calvin with Eva Shaw’s hand on his should. He didn’t waste time trying his best to take the blanket of false rumors off of the light Taylor shined over the music industry. You cannot deny the support he shows her and how much he cares about her being able to be who she is and do what she does…happily. If it’s not obvious enough, he wants her (and the rest of the world) to know that she is important in his life. People tend to say there is a lot of overreacting that goes on when ever Calvin shows his support for Taylor, calling it “doing the bare minimum” but honestly…if you have any sort of love for Taylor at all, you would be just as happy for the little nice things he does because we see a lot more of it with these two than we do with any other guy she has been with. 

But I’m not here to compare relationships. Yet the prominence of the strength shown in posting a photo of the two of them being a normal couple on her Instagram should not be overlooked in any sort of way. When has she done this before? Let me clear this up for you…she has never done this before. She is comfortable and confident enough to reveal the behind the scenes footage of their relationship. No crowded rooms. No mounds of cameras. They’re in a fucking pool on a floating swan acting like sailors on a ship. Who the fuck are these people and why have they been slowly taking over the world?

It’s because these two are a pair of the biggest names in the industry. Not only that but they are also two artists who explore their craft, take their thoughts apart, recreate what they have built in their name and they’ve mastered the art of selling it. Taylor is the master of social media as Calvin continues to lure in the most prominent of artists in the industry making his name explosive in the world as well. There is no denying the intelligence these two have and it would be dangerous to be caught in the middle of any debate or discussion they may have.

Yet as their superior intellect may intimidate those around, it would be a surprise if one isn’t scorched to the scalp by the sexual tension evident between the two. Longing gazes and sweet smiles lasting longer than Jolly Ranchers are obvious to anyone within a 89273593187087173 mile radius. Both of them are attractive as beautiful sin and everyone knows it. Another reason to add to the “Why I Am Tayvin Af” list.

178 days later and after everything that goes down, Calvin pulls his head out of the fire to publicly share how proud he is of Taylor tweeting “I just played a gig inside a giant owl and my girl just changed the entire music industry what a day” highlighting her accomplishment as one of the high points of his day. Let me say that one more time….HER ACCOMPLISHMENT as one of the HIGH POINTS OF HIS DAY. I think that says enough about this relationship. Here’s to 118 days and 118 more days to come.

i feel bad for making you wait so long so here have a quick drabble i'm so sorry if it's bad

(i’m sort of obsessed with the ‘everyone finds out about steve and bucky but they’re kind of embarrassed to tell anyone else because that’s something steve and bucky should do themselves but they all find out separately and one day they all realize everyone knew about them anyway)

“Alright guys, time for a lunch break. We’ll meet you back in Conference Room 6A in half an hour.” Maria flashed the Avengers a quick smile before sitting back down in her chair and flicking through her notes. Clint and Sam raced each other for the door, not noticing that Thor had already burst through them with Nat. Tony and Bruce were excitedly discussing some sort of nuclear fission idea, and Phil was staying back with Maria, which meant that Steve and Bucky were the last ones out of the conference room. It also meant that Bucky was quickly able to yank Steve down some separate hallway and into a supply closet.

“God, that meeting took forever. Couldn’t wait to get out of there.” Bucky said, pressing Steve up against the door. Steve laughed and leaned down, pressing his mouth to Bucky’s eager lips.

“We’re not gonna do this is a closet.” Steve said, tugging at Bucky’s hair to expose his pale neck and bite at it.

“And yet here we are.” Bucky replied, hands already tugging at Steve’s shirt. Steve stepped forward to push Bucky back against the back wall, never stopping kissing Bucky.

Neither of them noticed when Phil opened the closet door in search of another ream of paper for Maria to print some papers on. Phil stood there, frozen, staring at Steve tugging Bucky’s hair to make him moan before swallowing his moan with a kiss; staring at the way Bucky’s hands were sliding lower under Steve’s shirt, fingers playing with the waistband of his boxers. Phil slowly slid the door shut and went back down the hall.

“Paper?” Maria asked.

“It’s, uh, they didn’t have any in there,” Phil said. “I’ll check in the one on the other hallway, just, uh, wanted you to know why it would take a while.”

Maria nodded, immersed in her notes. Phil never told anyone what he’d seen in the supply closet, not even when Steve and Bucky came back laughing at some inside joke. They’d cleaned up well, and Phil had to look hard to see the ghost of the red mark Bucky had sucked into Steve’s neck. No one suspected anything, and Phil definitely wasn’t going to say anything.

Tony was in his workroom, fixing a glitch in Bucky’s arm causing a magnetic pull to attach all kitchen magnets and small metal objects to Bucky’s arm. It was the least he could do, since he’d spent most of the morning seeing how many cuss words he could spell out on Barnes’ arm before the Cap noticed and how far away he could get before the magnetic pull no longer worked. 

He pushed open the door to the kitchen, ready to re-attach the arm, and saw Bucky leaning against Steve’s chest, head on his heart. Steve was breathing deep and slow, nice and calm, a strong arm wrapped around Bucky’s shoulders, not afraid of his scars or missing limb. Steve touched his lips to Bucky’s temple, and Bucky leaned up to press a kiss to Steve’s throat. 

“S'gonna be okay, Buck. He’ll fix it. You’ll be okay.” Steve murmured. Bucky nodded against his chest.

Tony, deciding cracking a joke would be the worst possible thing to do at the moment, went back into his workroom, closing the door softly behind him. He waited a few seconds before knocking on the workroom door and giving them a second to jump apart before he entered. They were standing awkwardly, Bucky blushing slightly, when Tony finally entered. 

“All better. Too bad, though,” Tony grinned, hoping they hadn’t seen him earlier. “I was having fun spelling rude words on your arm." 

"Thanks,” Bucky grinned. “Makes me feel like a part of the group.” He added quietly when Tony raised his eyebrow, sure he was being sarcastic. Tony decided not to tell anyone. The last thing Barnes needed was people thinking he was here for Steve’s dick. Just seeing the two of them, you could tell it wasn’t true, but Tony knew how the media twisted stories. 

A week later, Steve and Bucky were on a road mission with Nat and Clint. Steve and Bucky were in one room, Clint and Nat in the other. 

At around 2 am, Clint and Nat came back from their midnight pizza and cheese fries run, full and laughing and sleepy. 

“Do you think we have time to watch a movie?” Clint asked. 

“It’s, like, two am,” Nat said. “And all I brought was the Hobbit. So unless you wanna be up until five…”

Clint yawned. “Mm, better not.”

“Did you just quote Pitch Perfect?” Nat asked.

“Why does it matter? You were the one quoting Mean Girls at Fury last week.” Clint laughed.

“Aw, shut up-,” Nat was cut off by a loud bang. 

“What the hell was that?” Clint asked, hand reaching down to his holster for his gun. Nat was already halfway across the room, hand on the doorknob.

“We need to make sure Steve and Bucky are okay.” She said, quietly.

The bad thing about hotels, Clint had learned long ago when he was still a college kid with a dog who drank his coffee straight out of the pot, was that their walls were almost as thin as paper. Which meant both he and Nat could hear, clear as day, the bed next door squeaking and the occupants moaning absolutely filthy things to each other. 

“Oh. My. God,” Clint whispered. “Barnes and Rogers are totally doin’ it in there." 

"What are we supposed to do?” Nat asked in a hushed voice. “No way we can sleep now.”

“No way we can finish eating those cheese fries,” Clint said sadly, looking at the box. “Might not ever eat again.”

Natasha smacked his arm. “We have bigger problems.”

“We do not! Chicago has the best cheese fries and I will never forgive those grandpas for ruining my appetite.” Clint said, pouting.

“Clint, you already ate three full plates of cheese fries. In a single hour,” Nat replied. “And shh. We don’t want them to know we know.”

“Why not?” Clint asked. “Now we know we’re not working with the ninety-whatever year virgin. I have been waiting to congratulate Steve for this for two years, Nat. Two.

"Yeah, that’s all well and good, but Barnes is just starting to fit in with us. And him knowing we know is gonna make him all silent and weird again,” Nat said. “And besides, no one’s gonna believe us when we tell 'em.”

Clint sighed. “Good point. But they’re getting louder.”

“You wanna go get some more pizza?” Nat asked.

“Chicago’s pretty dangerous at night.” Clint teased.

“Do you really think someone’s gonna mug us and get away with it?” Nat asked, rolling her eyes. “C'mon, Barton. Let’s get another pizza. This time, it’s on me." 

Bruce was roped into going grocery shopping for everyone living in Stark Tower, with the added bonus of having Steve and Bucky tag along. You’d think that Mr. Golden Sunshine would be the best person to go grocery shopping with, but with Bucky, Steve reverted to a child, running around and grabbing stuff, giving people the 'aw, shucks’ smile if he bumped into them or to make Bruce buy the two pound tub of sour gummy worms. 

Now, Bruce found himself alone in the produce aisle looking for tomatoes, and immediately he was filled with horror. Last time Pepper had let those two out of her sight, Bucky had grabbed nearly half the sticky buns at the bakery counter and Steve had half-filled a basket with chocolates. It wasn’t their fault, Bruce supposed, because they were still used to sugar and butter rations, so of course they’d go straight for what they’d missed the most. However, the Avengers had all decided a small shop not too many people went to would be best, as it might be bad for Captain America’s image if he bowled over another stranger chasing Bucky (and whatever sweets he’d nabbed off the shelf) around a Food Lion.

Bruce slipped through the aisles, searching for a blonde and a brunette. They weren’t in the freezer grabbing as many pints of double chocolate ice cream as they could fit in their arms; they weren’t in the snacks aisle loading up on Snyder’s pretzels or Utz chips; they weren’t in the cereal aisle snatching up all the Honey Nut Cheerios the store owned. Bruce was starting to get worried when he heard a familiar voice in the aisle beside him. He rounded the corner quietly to see Bucky trying to climb Steve to grab the box of tea in his hands.

"Aw, c'mon, punk.” Bucky frowned.

“I’m sorry, Bucky, but I can’t hear you from down there. You’re gonna have to speak up,” Steve grinned a shit-eating grin. “Sound familiar?” He quipped.

“Oh, let it go, Rogers, that was seventy years ago. 'Sides, I’m, like, three inches shorter than you,” Bucky said. “Put your arm down." 

"It ain’t that far up, Barnes,” Steve laughed. “The Barnes I know would know how to get this stuff.”

Bruce flinched for a moment, thinking Steve was talking about Bucky before the Winter Soldier or maybe even referencing his ability to kill over nothing more than a harsh word. But then he saw the sly look on Bucky’s face and very nearly gasped in surprise when Bucky surged up onto his toes, wrapping his arms around Steve’s neck, and kissed him full on the mouth. Steve dropped his hands to wind them around Bucky’s waist, and Bucky took that opportunity to snatch the box of tea from Steve. Bruce slid back into the other aisle and pretended he was looking at the items on the shelf as Bucky, followed by Steve, came running out.

“Come on, Stevie, that all you got?” Bucky teased, and he stopped short right before he hit Bruce. “Hold this.” He commanded, shoving the tea at Bruce and giving Steve a look over his shoulder.

“O-Okay.” Bruce said, trying desperately to act normal.

“Why are you inspecting the ramen?” Bucky asked.

“Oh, uh, Tony said it was good so I decided to try it.” Bruce said, reaching for a random box.

“Didn’t you live in Japan for a couple of years?” Steve asked suspiciously.

“Yeah, but ya know, gotta give good old America a chance.” Bruce said. Did that really just come out of his mouth? Ew.

Steve raised an eyebrow and a faint blush started spreading over his cheeks as he began to realize that Bruce knew.

“Okay, ya got me. I lost a bet and now I have to eat this crappy store-bought ramen for three days.” Bruce shrugged, praying his acting skills were good enough. 

“That sucks,” Steve said, relief flooding his face for a second. “But here, go for this kind.” He handed Bruce a box of chicken flavored ramen. “I lived on this stuff for the first couple weeks after deep freeze. It’s not exactly a culinary delicacy, but it doesn’t taste like cardboard either.”

“Thanks.” Bruce said. He met Steve’s eyes, and silently promised not to tell anyone about what he’d seen.

Sam and Thor were wandering the halls of Stark Towers one day, talking and unwinding after a particularly rough meeting.

“No, Son of Wil,” Thor grinned widely, knowing full well Sam’s name had nothing to do with parenthood anymore, but keeping on his running joke because it made his friends smile. “The best coffee is in a little diner in New York.”

“Well,” Sam amended. “First coffee coming home is always the best. For me, at least, it’s the Starbucks right outside of the military hospital on the base right by here. Nice and smooth, no powder, nothin’  but good ol’ coffee. After army rations and cold hospital crap, it was the best thing I’d ever tasted. Plus, they don’t have very many Starbucks over there on the war front.”

“We have no such thing on Asgard. It is one of the best things Midgard has to offer,” Thor said. “Though we have much better lobster in Asgard. It’s one of my favorites. We have it at every important event. It’s nice and warm and buttery. Almost like the snails here, but not as rubbery.”

“That sounds nice. Bring me some next time you go up to Asgard, okay?” Sam asked, and Thor laughed. “But I don’t think you have Boston cream pies up there.”

“What are they?” Thor asked.

“Oh, they’re amazing. I come from Massachusetts, and sometimes my parents and I would go to Boston for the day. Boston cream pies are pies filled with custard and frosted with chocolates, and they’re, like, the best things that have ever been invented. Besides chocolate itself.”

“Mm, that we can agree on, brother! Once, Lady Jane convinced Odin to let her bring a chocolate fountain. Asgard hasn’t been that excited since I took the throne as Prince,” Thor smiled sadly. “I only wish my brother had been there to see it. Loki loved chocolate. He would have been amazed. I wish I hadn’t lost him. I wish I had done something.”

“I know how you feel. I lost one, too. Every day I rethink everything I did. Maybe if I had been a little faster, a little quieter, mine would still be here. Well, he wasn’t my brother, but he was my best friend,” Sam agreed quietly. 

“Are they not the same thing, brother?” Thor asked.

Sam opened his mouth to say something cheesy that would have embarrassed him with anyone else when he noticed something beside him. 

“Oh my God.” Sam said. Thor turned and craned his head to look. “Is that who I think it is?” Sam asked.

The hallways of Stark Towers had huge, floor to ceiling windows to let in sunlight. The elevators were entirely Plexiglass. And it was for that reason that Sam and Thor could see, perfectly clearly, Steve pressing Bucky up against the wall and leaning his head down to bite at his collarbones. Bucky squirmed and wrapped his legs around Steve’s waist, angling his neck so Steve could get at it better. Steve rolled his hips against Bucky’s, and Bucky knocked his head back into the elevator wall when he threw his head back. 

“I feel like that was something we weren’t supposed to see.” Sam said, staring as the elevator disappeared.

“Let’s go congratulate them!” Thor smiled broadly, all sadness disappearing from his face, replaced with his trademark face-splitting smile.

“No!” Sam said urgently, grabbing Thor’s arm. “They-They wouldn’t do good with that. They’re not ready for anyone else to know, or they would’ve told us. We can’t let them know we know.”

Thor looked confused, but nodded. “Alright, but when they tell us I will congratulate them for tonight. Love is wonderful!” Thor boomed, and Sam couldn’t help but smile as he nodded.

Pepper and Maria sometimes had girl’s days when the Avengers were in training or away on missions. Natasha joined them whenever she wasn’t with the boys, and Jane came along when she was in New York, often bringing Darcy, too, but today it was just Pepper and Maria.

“What color are you getting your nails?” Pepper asked as the women browsed the nail colors at the spa. 

“Oh, probably clear, I can’t make many colors look good in the same old blue jacket every day,” Maria shrugged. “And besides, I have no idea how to keep it from chipping. How do you do it?”

Pepper laughed. “It takes some practice. That and a clear coat on the top. But come on, girl, go for a nice color. Get something that’ll go with that new red shirt we just got!”

“No, no, it won’t look good with my uniform…” Maria said sadly.

“Then go with this. Nice dark blue. Not too light, not too dark, not too colorful. Not quite a gothic black but not a bright pastel either. It’s totally you,” Pepper said, pressing a small bottle into Maria’s palm. “We can get matching colors!”

“Well, okay.” Maria grinned at her friend. 

“Is that Steve and Bucky?” Pepper pointed out the window. The spa window was one-way, which meant both women could see Bucky and Steve, walking hand in hand and holding smoothies.

“Do you think it’s a date or just their need to touch people to make sure they’re really there?” Maria asked.

“Hm, I dunno…” Pepper leaned closer to the window.

Steve leaned down and took a sip of Bucky’s smoothie. Bucky head-butted Steve’s shoulder. Steve kissed him, hot and heavy and slow.

“I think it might be a date.” Maria said as they stepped away to give the men privacy.

“I think this might be a secret.” Pepper said, and Maria nodded. Soon enough, Steve and Bucky were out of their minds as Pepper and Maria got manicures and then went out to eat at the fancy restaurant a little ways away.

“What in the hell is going on in here?” Fury asked. Everyone filed in behind him, seeing Steve frozen in place with Bucky pinned to the table under him. 

“They’re, uh, going out, sir.” Maria said from beside him. 

“Who knew about this?” Nick boomed. Slowly, everyone in the room raised their hands, and it was tough to figure out who’s face was funnier, Steve’s or Nick’s. 

“How long have you known?” Fury thundered, staring them all down with his one eye.

“Um, supply closet. Three weeks, sir.” Phil said.

“Since I fixed Barnes’ arm. Two and a half weeks.” Tony said. 

“Chicago,” Nat and Clint said at the same time. “Two weeks.”

“Grocery shopping last week.” Bruce said.

“After last meeting.” Sam said, and Thor nodded beside him.

“On Monday. Four days ago.” Thor added.

“Yesterday, when we were out.” Pepper said, gesturing to Maria.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me so I could knock before I come into a conference room to see the Captain bending Barnes over a table?” Nick asked.

“I’m so sorry, sir…” Steve said, brighter red than the star on Bucky’s metal arm.

“Man, you killed the mood. You couldn’t have waited, like ten minutes?” Bucky asked, frowning, not an ounce of shame on his face.

Nick looked at the assortment of people behind him and began ushering them out.

“I’ll give you fifteen,” He said. “And instead of this one, we’re using room 2B.”

“Or not to be.” Clint snickered as he left, earning him several smacks, some glares, and a, “Fucking dork!” from Nat.

“See you across the hall, then,” Sam saluted Steve and Bucky. “Have fun. Stay safe kids!" 

He narrowly missed the boot Bucky threw at him.

Decisions - Chapter 1

Author’s note: This is my first fanfic. So please be gentle. It started as a brief look into decisions in Meryl and Maksim’s relationship and morphed into this, which could be a stand alone story. This chapter doesn’t focus on Maksyl, per say, but contains a decision that has huge effects on their relationship. Future chapters are all Maksyl.

December 24, 2014

Maks was pouting in the passenger seat. His plans for the day had not included a trip to the skating rink. Over their morning coffee, Meryl informed him that Christmas Eve always involved skating with Charlie at 1:00 and a Davis/White celebration at 5:00 at her parents’ house. Maks wanted to plead his case, but the tone of her voice and the look on her face stopped him. He knew this was important to her. Besides, they had the entire week together. There would be plenty of time for what he wanted to do.

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Rock Your Bodyguard [AO3]

Pairing: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric; also feat. Ling Yao, Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, and Barry the Chopper

Rating: PG-13 (Ed swears a lot; Roy is… Roy)

Summary: Edward Elric wasn’t expecting an especially pleasant job after his last assignment as a bodyguard went pear-shaped, but—

A pop star?

And as if the degrading position weren’t enough, world-famous pop idol Roy Mustang seems to have a complete and utter disregard for his safety as long as he gets to have fun.

(Or, the AU in which Ed is a cranky bodyguard, Roy is a loud exhibitionist power bottom, and Ed will never get the glitter out of his suits.)

Notes: Happy Birthday to @obersten!  Have chapter one of a fic inspired by your Manboy AU like you didn’t know it was coming.  Like Roy will be.  Loudly.  Thank you for being awesome!

Massive shout out to @grandadmiral for being the Roy to my Ed and being my go-to for his dialogue, as well as @verbosewordsmith for her infinite bandom nerdass knowledge <3  (And I am frantically praying that Backstreet Boys are still relevant enough to be referenced.)

Ed stared down at the file in his hand, doing his best to keep his expression neutral as he read through the assignment.  He wasn’t very good at it.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he gritted out.  Ling just smiled pleasantly.

“I would never kid with you, Edward.  I think this will be a good fit—“

Ed closed the folder with a snap.  “A fuckin’ pop star?”

“Not just any pop star,” Ling chided gently, though there was a tiny bit of a smirk on his lips.  “Manboy Mustang.

“Pop garbage.”

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