if you actually think about it

A canon scenario that will 100% happen while Emma & Regina walk somewhere to find a new bean.
  • Emma: seriously though like why would you kill my parents
  • Regina: because I-
  • Emma: they could've been a big help they have royal friends and shit
  • Regina: well I mean I've always wanted to-
  • Emma: actually the real question is
  • Regina: here it comes
  • Emma: why the fuck would you not just go find Hook? You literally killed potentially useful allies when all you had to do was find his scruffy face and like threaten to burn his stubble off with a fire ball and I would've immediately snapped clean to my senses
  • Regina: ....
  • Emma: ....
  • Regina: ....wow I REALLY didn't think hard enough about my options
The iNtuitive bias


So, if you are familiar with the MBTI and are very active about it online, you already know that there is a huge debate as to whether many sensors are (subconsciously) typing themselves as Intuitives because it’s way……..cooler?

Analyzing many testimonies, I think that this is actually a very true phenomenon and I’ve narrowed it down to four reasons as to why that is…

1) Intuitives are smarter than sensors: Because you know, Ni can predict things with minimal information and Ne looks at things under many different views rather than taking it as face value. But what does this have to do with intelligence? Both intuitives and sensors completely tap into their mental powers in analyzing things. Intuitives put more emphasis on possibilities and sensors put more emphasis on what is/has been. Doesn’t mean that the latter is short-sighted. They put just as much brain power on understanding how things work.

2) Intuitives are “deeper”: Very subjective term. I personally find that ISFPs for one, are very deep and contemplative individuals. we ALL use intuition. Just because it is lower for sensors, doesn’t mean they gloss over everything. Si, for example, takes in every painstaking details in mind. SPs on the other hand, use Ni to figure out implications of things. On the other hand, intuitives may disregard some valuable details of physical reality.

3) Intuitives are more imaginative and creative: As a Si-Dom I was described as a very imaginative child. Imagination is all about expanding on immediate reality. And while the latter may be more of a intuitive thing, doesn’t mean sensors can’t see behind reality. Bob Dylan anyone? Known to be one of the most poetic artists of his time, yet he’s universally considered a sensor.

4) Intuitives are more “"unique” than sensors: And THIS is where I think most of the problem stems from. Most people believe (with reason) that intuitives are a minority, like 75/25. And I believe that they are. Anyone rationally would. I mean, who the hell would wants be a sheep rather than a snowflake? If being an intuitive puts me into a whole other category, then yeah, I am an intuitive. But just because sensors have numbers and statistics going against them, doesn’t mean one should be ashamed/in denial about it, Every sensor is extremely unique. ISFJs for example: You’re not some basic, standard human being going along with social conventions. You have your own thoughts, feelings and value system. Own up to who you are and be proud of it. Stop deluding yourself that you’re an INFJ because you wanna be a special little angel. INFJs are very human just like you and me and in many cases……(may be) boring? I mean, they can be. Leanne from accounting? She’s an INFJ but she doesn’t have any special “powers” she’s just a law abding-citizen like you.

All of that being said, I’m not hating on intuitives. They’re awesome. They’re also very human, strengths, flaws and all. We’re all equal, just different ways of going about life, that is all. 

kisseshannibalanddraco  asked:

Please can we talk about CREEDENCE BAREBONE and PERCIVAL GRAVES?????

So after seeing the movie and reading the script (it was on sale and I’m a weak, weak person) I am in love with Credence (and I want Graves to do filthy horrible things to him).

I’m not sure what specifically you would like me to talk about, but I did just think of a fun alternate ending where Credence does attack and kill Graves/Grindelwald while in his Obscurus form, which reveals Graves is actually Grindelwald post mortem.

  • Credence lives in the end. He’s taken in by Tina and Queenie because they’re good witches, but mainly because their home is near the MACUSA headquarters (where he would be staying if not for Tina and Newt persuading President Picquery and also for the fact that Credence did technically kill the most wanted/dangerous dark wizard, so she can give him a bit of wiggle room).
  • Tina is in charge of looking after him while they figure out what to do with him and they look for the original Graves.
  • Who they find a week later because Graves, without Grindelwald holding him captive with his magic, has escaped and managed to travel back to New York via no-maj transportation (Graves is so gaunt and looks beat up as hell, but so happy too, he’s a tough son of a bitch). Graves gets the story of what happened from Picquery. Is pretty insulted that no one noticed (he’s reevaluating some things about himself now). 
  • Learning about Credence he goes to meet the no-maj turned squib turned Obscurus turned world famous wizard overnight (because even the real Graves, who is admittedly a bit of an asshole, thinks he should congratulate the kid and apologize for the person who wore his face and the fact that if he had been stronger/quicker/better they could have all avoided this mess in the first place).
  • (Self esteem issues are dangerously high at the moment)
  • He doesn’t say any of that though (so much pride, just so goddamn much okay).
  • When Credence and the real Graves come face to face Credence, who has been on edge this whole time (everything is happening too much) breaks down and cries and Graves not used to having to deal with emotions, his or other people’s, does what his mother would have done and hugs the poor guy, patting his back in the most awkward way a wizard ever has.
  • Tina and Queenie are watching from inside, eyes huge because THE Graves is being a human being and it’s a once in a lifetime moment.
  • Credence gets tears and snot all over Graves (Graves doesn’t really mind he totally does and magics it all away with the obligatory flick of his fingers and tells Credence ‘You’re all right’, which then makes Credence cry even more, the exact opposite of what Graves was aiming for).
  • At some point Tina and Queenie finally manage to persuade Credence to move back inside (he won’t let go of Graves and Graves is kind of okay with it he’s loving it after months holed up alone and it doesn’t hurt that Credence is pretty goddamn adorable)
  • Queenie makes them lunch, Tina has to bite her cheek to not ask the millions of questions building up in her head, Credence has finally unclung himself from Graves and is now hunched over the table, blushing so hard he might burn a hole straight through the foundation of the building and avoiding all eye contact while making himself as small as possible, and Graves is balancing eating literally everything and trying to subtly look at Credence (he is starving, hungry for steak and making out with cute men and he’s already got a plate full of steak)
  • By the time Graves leaves to head back for MACUSA, Credence manages to get his tongue under control and holds his hand out, “Nice to meet you, Mister Graves.” And maybe it’s because he’s had lots of time on his own and he’s got a belly full of good food and the sky is blue and he can actually see the sky after so long without, Graves shakes Credence’s hand with both of his and tells him to “Call me Percy.”
  • Credence is blushing so hard Tina is actually worried and is tempted to pick him up and lay him on the sofa
  • Graves is on the street and half way to MACUSA when he lets himself grin, so light on his feet he might fly away, and thinks, ‘oh yeah, I’ve still got it’.

Bear with me here guys cause I need to talk about this scene for a hot minute. Even is so fucking into Isak and he’s actually shook™ by it. Like he has seen Isak watching him for a couple days now and thinks fuck it and pulls this beautiful boy outside to get high with him. But then he sees him smile and hears him laugh and suddenly it’s like fuck, pull it together dude, you were not supposed to go deep with this thing. 

And then Emma finds them and the peace is broken. Isak who was all nervous excitement a minute ago is visibly more tense and uncomfortable and Even makes a conscious choice to dig his heels in. He moves closer, until their sides are brushing in a casual but significant way. He’s letting Isak know he’s there and he’s not leaving and when Emma sits and takes the joint Even decides in that moment he is gonna be vigilant about this girl and ardent with this boy. And from this point on he never stops being vigilant with Emma and ardent with Isak.

serious question tho, would Maggie be scared of Kara if she knew that Kara is Supergirl?

she already knows that she pissed Kara off after she hurt Alex, and i don’t think she has many thoughts about Supergirl in general but she does know how powerful she is. so to know that Kara, with her creepy polite smile that masks just how much she wants to murder you, is the same person as Supergirl who could actually murder u if she wanted to…….

like, we all know that Kara would never actually hurt Maggie, but does Maggie know that? i feel like she’d be at least a little intimidated if not a lot.

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I was literally just thinking about I Won't Mind this morning. Larries love to talk about Home, and I Won't Mind is even more obvious in my (humble) opinion. Like how the fuck else do you explain that song??? IMO Larries who are willfully ignorant about ziam are pretty much just as bad as all the other antis. In a way some larries are the very thing they hate (the antis)...oh the irony. Sorry for venting haha

Yeah, I’ve discussed that a bunch of times. Actually I’ve never seen an Anti, Larrie or otherwise, attempt to analyze I Won’t Mind. I’ve seen the “People can write about anything. It’s called creativity.” argument. But I’ve never seen an Anti dive into the lyrics and try to explain what could have inspired the lyrics. I mean, it’s not a standard, generic, love song. It’s very specific to a particular kind of situation. Why, though?

Cuz we are who we are,
When no one’s watching.

I’m not allowed to talk about it,
But I gotta tell you…

What inspired raging hetero serial cheating cad Zayn to write so sensitively about what clearly is a secret relationship? What inspired it? Larry? I haven’t even seen Larries try to sell that. They probably would have tried except that they bought into the Zayn-hates-1D and 1D-hates-Zayn foolery. So, painted into a corner, they say nothing. And really, that says it all. Those who do continue to rage against Zayn/Ziam sound more unhinged by the day. Pro tip: Your hate is showing.

I’ve talked a lot about Ziam erasure in this fandom. A while back, some bloggers  would openly mock me for it. Now with two year’s more worth of water under the bridge, I never see anyone mocking anymore. Just silence. Lots of fans get it now. But many feel they’re in too deep to turn back. Some have said too many horrible things about Zayn (and for some, Liam too) while painting themselves as the ultimate champions of the LGBTQIA community. And some have insisted forever that Ziam is just a fun ship. Many won’t eat humble pie or risk alienating their followers. So there you go.

At this point, it doesn’t matter much to me. I’m totally at peace with it. Because I’d bet money that I’m not wrong and it seems not many in the fandom would take me up on that bet these days.


You’d think that two years later people would shut up about Zahra/Seth? Seth isn’t a racist -he isn’t homophobic no matter how much y'all want to make him seem to be so. Most of y'all that spit the most shit about him have favorite wrestlers from the independents that are actually KNOWN homophobic and racist pieces of shit but y'all continue to sit behind your computers attacking Seth for who he once dated and had a sexual relationship with? They broke up a fucking year ago for fucks sake!

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Do you think Lucas would've chosen Maya if she hadn't regressed and had actually fought for him? Or do you think even then, he still thinks he's supposed to be with Riley?

I think all we need to do is look to Upstate for the answer to that question.

Maya was on the verge of regressing by the time the kids reconvened at the Bay Window, but Lucas didn’t know that and while Maya wasn’t fighting for him, she wasn’t actively pushing him away at that point either.

And who was Lucas going to chose? IMO, Maya.

First of all, this just ain’t the face of a guy who is about to reject her for her best friend.

Second of all, Goodbye tells us how you make the right decision. We know the kids make the wrong decisions in Ski Lodge, ergo whatever decision Lucas made in Ski Lodge was not the right one. But, in Upstate, he does do what you should in order to make the right decision, so whoever he chose at the end of that ep was likely the opposite of who he ended up with in Ski Lodge and also the right decision. 

okay but let’s be real here. the thing about relationships is that neither one of you is a mind reader, and neither of you can ever really put yourself in the other’s shoes. everyone has baggage, absolutely everyone and that creates complications. you could have two people with abandonment issues stemming from different experiences and creating different defense mechanisms, one person could run from commitment when they get scared and the other could hold on for dear life. you could have two hopeless romantics who find themselves getting lost in each other because they never felt enough on their own. nobody is perfect and whether you like it or not, people hurt each other - not intentionally of course but everyone through no fault of their own will remind the other person of at least one thing that has hurt them before and that’s just a part of life and more times than not, it encourages us to move past bad experiences. relationships are about compromise. they’re about learning about and paying a lot of attention to the little things that hurt each other and being able to avoid them. they’re about being able to talk about these things without the end goal being for them to understand you 100% and vice versa, they’re about believing the other person when they say they’re feeling a certain way instead of criticizing it. they’re about recognizing when you have hurt the other person and not debating it - you do not get to decide whether or not you have hurt another person, it’s about owning up to that shit and apologizing. It’s about respect, and something my uncle has always told me about respect is, you can love someone more than anything in the world, but unless you respect them, you don’t give a shit about them. 

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how do you feel about green taako? tbh, i dont really care for that headcanon.

i think most of the time its a cheap cop out for artists who just wanna draw the basic white elf With A Twist™ esp bc usually green-skinned taakos are rlly pale and skinny with blonde hair and light eyes and its like dude. youre not fooling anyone w that sorry try again and this time actually try!!

where do i find gay/bi girls irl? Are we all holed up at home reading this post? I CANT FIND YOU PLEASE COME TALK TO ME IM SO ALONE

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How did you learn to doodle in your journal so well?! I can't draw for nothing! You make it so easy... Any tips?

Ahh, thank you! Well, I’ve been drawing my whole life so I guess that sort of helps? :D but actually, doodling is not that hard! I answered an ask a while ago that basically was about the same thing. The photos are quite a bad quality, but it should help at least a bit! I’m thinking about turning this into an actual tutorial with some more examples - would you be interested in that?

Also, it might help to look for some doodle references and try to copy them? I have a tag with many beautiful doodle references! (there are some of mine too).

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Do you ever get scared with the thought that he may be the last person your ever with? I'm in my first committed relationship and I'm terrified.

Well, I’m not in my first committed relationship, so no. That thought actually makes me happy. But, it’s normal to feel that way when you’re younger… I wouldn’t think too much about that, at all, just enjoy yourself and be happy.

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I know this isn't technically your department but you wanted more siren! suggestions and this is what I got. What about janna is she a siren or a sailo? If she knows about tom and marco what does she think? has she meet star? that jazz.

Of course! This is most definitely my department! I hope you like it!


“Tom! Over here!” Janna called. She was on a filthy beach by Newport city. Tom jumped out of his boat and onto the dock. Janna met him halfway. “How’ve you been, ocean-kid?” She asked, punching his arm.

“Fine. I’ve been really good actually.” Tom responded. He smiled warmly at Janna, who took a step back.

“Woah, did Tom just smiled at me?” Janna teased. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Look if you don’t have my supply the I wasted a trip.” Tom told her. Janna smiled.

“That’s the Tom I know.” She said. She reached into her burlap bag and pulled out a jar of something. Tom couldn’t see what, it wasn’t transparent. “What’s this?” Tom asked. This was different than what he would usually move.

“I have a different route for you this time. This goes to my grandmother in Crestwood. She will pay you a whole bunch for that.” Janna promised. “And she’ll have some more jobs for you, I promise it will be worth your time.” Janna swore. Tom groaned.

“Fine. What is it anyway?” Tom asked.

“My grandfather’s ashes.” Janna responded. Tom stopped himself from taking the lid off when he heard that.

“Oh wow.” Tom said apathetically, what did he expect. “Okay, I’ll do it. All the informations here?” He asked, holding up the letter Janna had given him with the jar. Janna nodded. Tom smiled. “Great! See you in a few weeks Janna!” He chirped. He was excited to get back on the ocean, Marco was waiting for him. Tom turned away but Janna stopped him.

“What’s going on with you?” She asked. Tom turned toward her.

“What do you mean?” Tom asked.

“I have never seen you so happy, especially when you’re in Newport.” Janna pointed out. “And you look different. Have you been sleeping more? You don’t look like a corpse… and you don’t smell like booze.”

“Okay wow, is the bar really that low for me?” Tom threw his arms in the air.

“What’s going on here?” Janna asked. “And you better tell me the truth because I will find out. You KNOW I will.” Janna threatened. Tom rolled his eyes.

“If you MUST know… I’ve been… seeing somebody.” Tom admitted. Janna gasped.

“WHO!?” She demanded.

“A…. another sailor.” Tom lied. “We pass on our routes…” He continued. Janna eyed him strangely.

“Oh really?” She asked. Tom nodded. “Tell me about them.”

“Well he’s really nice, and sweet and funny. And he’s really smart too, it’s like he knows everything. And he always knows what to say, he’s really awkward sometimes… but in a cute way.” Tom started. He got a little red. Janna smiled and nodded.

“It’s a shame sirens can’t leave the water.” Janna said.

“Well it’s not so bad because he’s always by my boat-” Tom clapped his hand over his mouth and Janna pointed and him and gasped.

“I KNEW there was something more going on here!” Janna accused.

“How did you know!?” Tom demanded. Janna laughed.

“I saw you talking to him on the dock last night. I thought he was trying to kill you, but then I heard you laugh. So I eavesdropped.” Janna admitted. Tom seethed, but it broke off into a worried look.

“Janna, you can’t tell anybody! They-”

“Cool it, it’s fine. I won’t tell anybody about your fishy-friend.” Janna promised.

“You don’t think it’s weird?” Tom asked.

“Oh I think it’s very weird. But that’s why I like it. And… you seem really happy.” Janna pointed out. “I support your fish… romance.” Janna gave him a thumbs up. “As long as you keep being my merchant, because I need you to deliver stuff for me. Speaking of which, where is my cut fro your last supply?” Jann inquired. Tom sighed.

“Same Janna.” He accused. He handed a bag of coins and bills.

“You’re short.” Janna blamed, after counting it all. Tom leaned forward.

“Let’s just call it even.” He dared. She shrugged.

“That’s fair.” Janna laughed to herself. “Tell your boyfriend I said hi.” Janna waved and began to walk away.

“I will.” Tom laughed at her and got back onto his boat. He put the jar in his cabin and made his way out of the bay. As soon as he was a ways away from the shore he saw his siren emerge from the water.

“Tom! You’re back!” Marco said happily. Tom nodded.

“Yeah, next stop is Crestwood.” Tom told him. Marco nodded.

“Who was that girl you were talking to?” Marco asked. Tom rolled his eyes.

“I told you not to go so close to shore.” Tom said.

“I didn’t! Star did.” marco told him. He swam closer to the boat. “And she thinks your friend is cute.” Marco admitted. Tom laughed.

“Really?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“She said she reminds her of home.” Marco said fondly.

“Well she’s a fish merchant.” Tom said bluntly. Marco nodded.

“I assumed as much.” He laughed. Tom looked at him.

“What makes you like me?” Tom asked, curiously. Marco looked at him fondly.

“You’re different. Then anybody I know.” Marco told him. “You’re not afraid, and you’re so… real. You know what you have to get done. And I respect that. Not to mention you were the first person who has ever resisted my song. I’ve didn’t even know that was possible.” Marco admitted. “Why do you like me?”

“You’re here.” Was all Tom said. Marco looked confused. “You… I was all alone before you came along. And I thought that it was fine, I thought I could just go through life depressed and lonely. I never saw it as a problem” Tom admitted, he bent down and smiled at the siren. “But you messed that up.” He teased, Marco giggled. “And you decided to be my company and make me happy. I hope you’re satisfied.” Tom poked fun. Marco giggled some more.

“Very much so.”

And one more thing: I’m sick of extended response questions anyway. In my state kids get one page to answer an ERQ on the state test. We practice them all year and they’re basically our essays on exams. Some kids just can’t believe I think to fully answer and explain the question that it should take up most of the page. But, like, I spent a year after college grading the damn things and never had a fully explained 4, the highest score you can obtain, on one that was just a paragraph long. Despite this I still get a thousand whiny comments about how wrong I am on this topic. 

On Friday one kid showed me their paper and said, “Quality over quantity, Ms. W.” 

To which I couldn’t stop myself from responding, “If those four sentences were actually quality I’d see your point.”

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Hi. A friend who's watched the three seasons told me there were some hints here and there that Isak was gay, but I didn't believe him. I've just seen this vid on Youtube (i10jkIsHueA) and at the end Eva and Noora are looking suspiciously at Isak and Jonas. Did Isak actually have a crush on Jonas or any other guy in the two previous seasons?


There are definitely hints. I think the last episode of season 1 is a big one, to say the least. But throughout season 1 people randomly says “you’re gay” to Isak, according to Jonas the songs Isak likes are ‘gay’ (”I’m yours”, for example), Isak wanted to hang out with Jonas ALL the time, he interrupts Jonas and Eva when they’re about to have sex (at the cabin), and that he was partly responsible for the Eva/Jonas break-up. It’s heavily suggested in S1 that Isak has a crush on his best friend, aka Jonas, and in the last scene in season 1 Noora and Eva see open tabs in Isak’s browser (on his phone, which Noora borrowed) and there’s just pages upon pages with, you guessed it, gay porn. :D

Then season 1 ends and the song “Gay Bar” plays during the end credits. :P

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no rush, but could you write a story where lucas has been having trouble sleeping and maya helps him?

This is actually really weird. I think it got surprisingly deep and like, I accidentally didn’t sure their names in the entire thing. Oops. 

I hope you enjoy it!

(Despite it being weird.)


She sends him a cowboy meme at three in the morning, that’s how she finds about it. She isn’t expecting him to respond when she sends it or anything, which is why it surprises her when he does. 

ha. ha.

why are you awake?

why are you?

i asked you first.

Her phone rings, a picture of the two of them from eighth grade graduation popping up on her screen. 

“I hate texting.” He says as soon as she picks up. 

“I’m just surprised you’re awake, I thought cowboys needed a minimum of eight hours of beauty rest per night.” She smiles at her own joke. 

“Hilarious.” His voice is a dry sort of sarcastic. “I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Join the club.” She blows air out of her mouth, laying back on her bed. “What’s keeping your little Huckleberry brain awake this evening- er- morning, I guess.” 

He’s silent for a minute and she briefly wonders if he hung up when he sighs. 

“It’s… nothing.” 

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m invested now. Spill it.” She turns over to lay on her stomach and kicks her feet up into the air while he sighs again.

“My parents are fighting recently, is all.” 

“Oh.” Her feet drop.

“It’s not a big deal, really. My dad just likes to yell.”

“Does it happen a lot?” She bites her lip, knowing the feeling of being kept awake by fighting parents all too well.

“For the past month. My dad left for Texas yesterday, though.”

“So, now it’s too quiet?” She guesses.

“You got it.” He laughs humorlessly. “Funny how that works.”

“Tell me about it.” Maya rolls her eyes. “It’s been ten years since my dad left and I still can’t sleep.” 

“Yeah.” He sounds sadder than she thinks she’s ever heard him.

“Well, hey, if you want I could try to help you sleep.” She feels desperate to help him and she’s not completely sure why. 


“Um…” She looks around her room, trying to find anything that could help when her eyes land on a book. “Do you like poetry?”

“Not particularly.” 

“Perfect!” She grins, taking the well read poetry book that was gifted to her from Shawn from her bedside table. “Settle in, Huckleberry.”

She begins to read. One poem after another, after another, after another. She keeps reading long after his breathing stills and she’s sure he has fallen asleep.

She traces the underlined words in the book as she reads,

“I hate” from hate away she threw,
And saved my life, saying “not you.”

She bookmarks the page she leaves off on, flipping to it easily when her phone rings the next night. 

And, yeah, maybe he starts to like poetry a little more. 

@jaggedcliffs tagged me in the thing! and when do I not want to ramble about myself eh

How old are you? 23. I had to think about this for definitely longer than I should have.

Current Job? I’m working in digital marketing at a science fiction/fantasy publisher, and I’m still super excited about it even if things have been kind of chaotic and disorganized lately.

What are you talented at? what do you mean you want me to say nice things about myself?? I mean, I guess I’m pretty good at writing of various sorts, and I like to think I’m not too shabby at analysis either. 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Actually, my biggest goal for this year was probably getting a new job, and I did do that! Actually this has been kind of a big year for me in general in terms of life stuff, I just keep forgetting about it because so many things have…really sucked. 

Right now I’m also working toward finishing the Remember This Cold fic for Civil War, if that counts as a goal? 

What’s your aesthetic? I don’t think I have an actual coherent #aesthetic? Things I like include: rough seas and rocky shorelines, magpies and crows, abandoned places and ruined buildings, pre-Raphaelite painters, things dark lords would wear, and probably a fair number of other things I’m forgetting. 

I find a lot of things attractive/aesthetically appealing. 

Do you collect anything? Assorted nerdy merchandise? I’ve sort of started a collection of Funko Pop figures. I also have a minor collection of various Lokis, and Marvel Select figures. I don’t think I’ve actually focused enough on other stuff to call it “collecting.” 

…actually scratch that. I definitely collect comics. Specifically I have started collecting “comics featuring Black Widow”, except now I’m down to the really rare/weird ones that get kind of expensive to find. 

What’s a topic you always talk about? Dogs, my feelings on Loki in particular and morally complicated antagonists in general, how much I love Laura Kinney, Tolkienian apocalypse…there are a lot of things I won’t shut up about. That’s why I have two different blogs and a Twitter.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People oversimplifying things. It just sets my teeth on edge - whenever I feel like someone is portraying something without the nuance or complication it should have, it definitely irritates me. 

Also, people “asking” me to do things when there really isn’t a choice. Like, “do you want to [x]?” when the actual deal is “do [x]”. I’d much rather they just say the latter rather than acting like there’s an option.

Good advice to give? uhhh. I always blank on every good idea I’ve ever had when questions like this come up. Have I ever known how to do anything? Probably not!

I guess my advice would probably be: think about the words you use most often when criticizing yourself, and try to limit your usage of those words. This year I resolved to try to avoid calling myself or things I like “trash” and to watch my use of the word “lazy” (because of my obsession with productivity etc.) and it’s actually…been helpful, in some ways, if only because when I catch myself thinking one of my “watch words” it forces me to slow down and think of a different way that the same idea could be phrased.

Recommend 3 songs: Oooh. I’m going to recommend…”Wicked Games” by RAIGN, “My Eyes Are Still Bright” by Scars On 45, and “Storm Song” by Phildel.

I feel like most of the people in my circle who’d wanna do this have already been tagged, but if you haven’t been, consider it done. 

cancerously  asked:

would you ever consider doing d&d design commissions, like you did those magical girl ones a while back? I have a couple characters but no real idea how I'd want them to look aside from a few points.

i was actually just thinking about that since i’ve been really enjoying drawing those recently (i’m actually drawing something similar right now).

i don’t really take commissions any more but a couple times when people have asked i’ve directed them to the request tier on my patreon which, essentially, buys some of my time each month and is a great way for me to judge the time commitment and have a little more control over what i’m doing. if you’re interested in that, tho, please email me first.