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3.9 & 3.10 “Hi Honey” feels

Okay, so here’s the thing – on closer look, I actually do think Bitty is calling to potentially break up with Jack. Don’t panic – I don’t think it will ACTUALLY happen. Here’s my reasoning which somehow turned into a ficlet:

(Under a cut for convenience – it’s not super long, but it’s long enough)

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all of 1989's songs, except for SIO, are very sad if you remove the pop from them. this makes me think that taylor was definitely not as happy as she wanted us to think she was around that time. i thought about this when she backtracked about "clean" and changed the narrative around that song after that one interview you were talking about last week.

I was reading this article in the New York Times about Bon Iver and there was this quote he said about his new album that really made me think of Taylor. 

“When I made the last record, actually both records, I very much felt like I’d healed myself,” he said. “Oh, I got done, and oh! now I’m better. And this one, I’m smarter than that. Now that this album’s done, as much as I healed a lot of things by making it, I know that it’s an ongoing thing. The river does not end.”

I think that, in a lot of ways, 1989 was an album that really healed Taylor. Clearly the Red era (and some time before that) was emotionally trying for her for a number of reasons, and I think writing 1989 let her get some perspective and clarity on that pain and really helped her kickstart the process of moving forward. In her Grammy Pro session, she talked about how writing Shake It Off, which was the last song written and recorded for 1989, was the culmination of an emotional process for her, and once she’d put that sentiment into words, she knew the album was done. I think that the knowledge that Clean and SIO were the last two songs she did for the album are pretty telling about the journey it took for her to get there. 

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I kind of want Tony to casually drop into conversation that fact that he and Steve are not actually friends and have Steve be like "Yes, we are! What are you taking about?" And Tony's just like "I've seen how you treat your friends Steve. You would go to the end of the earth for them. And you never treated me that way. It's pretty clear now that we are not friends"

Like, yo, lemme jump off this ask and go on a terribly worded sidebar about something only tangentially related but if you read my blog you should know heavily influences how I think about Steve, Tony, and the Avengers: I do think Steve and Tony trusted each other and relied on each other to have his back and I buy that they got along whenever they interacted. I totally buy that they were friends, even, but I will never buy the ‘Avengers as family’ narrative for the MCU and I don’t buy that Steve and Tony were very close. 

Cause like, anon has a point. You don’t think every once in awhile Tony doesn’t go back through every time he ever talked to Steve and just thinks ‘god, I was an idiot?’ Like all those anti-tony peeps that were mocking tony for being delusional when he said ‘so was i’ to steve? They were mocking him for daring to compare himself to bucky but their point actually still kinda stands. Tony read Steve wrong and Steve failed Tony, badly, in a lot of ways. 

In fact, what stands out to me is that Tony and Steve seem to know each other almost entirely in terms of their superhero identities and not as the actual person underneath the cowl/helmet. Tony talks to and about Steve as basically ‘What would Cap do?’ and Steve doesn’t really seem to have any idea of who Tony is at all but he knows Iron Man. And look, yes, Tony is Iron Man, that doesn’t change the fact that he acts differently in the suit, that the suit makes him more confident and focused, and like think about the fact that maybe Steve is more familiar with that emotionless faceplate and maybe Tony’s a little too used to seeing Steve in uniform.. 

I just. I do not buy the Avengers as Tony’s family, and especially not more than Steve’s (and especially not since most of the avengers are gone) because that requires me to headcanon out the wazoo and that’s not something I’m interested in headcanoning about. They were great as a team when they wanted to be and they seem to get along fairly well but family? These people have fought each other in all three movies they’ve now been together and they fall apart at the slightest bit of conflict every time. They physically abuse each other, they mistrust each other, they let other people get into their heads about each other, they NEVER talk enough. Now, to their credit, they get back together and fight back, but that’s less down to them being a team than them being an collection of individuals who do superheroic good. The movies haven’t given me ‘Avengers as family,’ they’ve given me ‘Avengers as coworkers and teammates’ (and ‘Avengers as immature yokels who can’t get their shit together’). That is a whooole lot of telling and not showing there, most obvious in CACW.

What I do buy is that the Avengers as a concept and as a team and as a hope for the future were important to Tony, getting into specifically CACW stuff where he fought so hard for them. I think he invested a lot into them, into what they do, and that they were necessary. I think that when he says he doesn’t want to see Steve gone, he really means it. Of course he does. No one wants to see Steve locked up. But Clint’s not wrong when he calls Tony a futurist, and Tony is the only one (besides Thor?) who thinks that something is coming from outer space. So yes, like YES, he totally wants to keep this team together, he even likes these people, and he kinda belongs here, but also they are very very necessary for the future, and I feel like that part of the narrative kinda gets left out of the picture some. 

Like, sorry I jumped off your post Anon, but I can see Tony coming to that conclusion even though I think it’d be clouded by bitterness because they were friends, or at the very least comrades of a sort. I think it’d be easier on Tony to just go ‘alright, I admit it I was wrong, I got this wrong, again, big surprise, and we were never friends’ meanwhile Steve consoles himself with the fact that they were friends because Steve is hella lonely and cherishes every bridge he’s built and even when he’s the one who decides to burn them, he’s like “I can rebuild.” (Cause that’s the phone, guys. “I can rebuild!” Tony just shoves that fucker in a drawer.)


Okay, call this a late night thought if you want, but I’ve actually been thinking about this for a long time now. I don’t really like it when people say they “hate their artwork” because I think it’s just frustration over anything else. Artists are frustrated with their work because they spot more than enough flaws than the viewer will ever see, and therefor they get upset over that. 

I understand that feeling. I’ve been frustrated with my work countless times and I know what it’s like to want to improve. To be flawless.

Thing is, flawlessness doesn’t exist. We’re all striving to reach this standard that is so beyond us and beyond our own comprehension that we get frustrated when we don’t reach that standard. Yes, it’s good to have a goal. I encourage you to strive to be the best you can be! In order to reach that though, please take it one step at a time.

Build your confidence!! Before anyone else can love your works, you need to love it first, at least be positive about it. Accept compliments. Accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. You can be angry or sad about your art all you like, because your feelings are valid! Struggling is one half of being an artist. It’s something we all share in common. Suffering because of your work will not help you improve, though.

Instead of complaining about the flaws of your work, address them. Your “I hate how I can’t do [this]” can turn into “Perhaps I need some practice on [this], so I can do better next time.” 

The use of much more positive words will not only boost your self esteem and confidence, you’ll be able to improve faster. Saying you’re a horrible artist will only close the gap between you and your goal, leaving you with art block, depressive and frustrated feelings, and giving up overall is the worst case scenario. Through trial and error, as well as patience, your art will improve. Believe in yourself. There is no where to go but up when it comes to artwork. You may feel frustrated, but I’m sure no one around here hates your art, so why should you?

I believe in you. Keep drawing.
You’re doing great.

You know, ableism of the term aside*, the use of the term “Hugbox” creeps me the fuck out because of how it seems to be used by incredibly toxic communities like on 4chan or Reddit to almost pathologize non-toxic actually-healthy social groups.

Like the way they use it it seems to be saying that, if you’re not constantly mean spiritedly undercutting each other or being terrified of any sincere emotion that doesn’t fit into the paradigm of toxic masculinity while mocking anyone who shows it, your community is an intelectually vapid circlejerk that refuses to confront the “real world” that needs to be taught a “lesson.”

But hey, I could be wrong, I’m just thinking about these factors I’ve noticed…

*Not to dismiss the ableism ,that’s a whole different kind of awful, because it was most likely named after the “hug machines” Temple Grandin and other autistic people use, because Channer-types really fucking hate autistic people

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due to the fact that grey aliens take a lot of inspiration from a scifi about future humans, i find it hardest to buy into but v much believe in aliens. what aliens do you see as being most and least likely ?

an answer to another ask kinda relates to this http://realfootage.tumblr.com/post/150282276193/how-about-this-do-you-think-there-might-be

but basically i think almost every alien described in sightings is VERY unlikely to be an actual alien, or at least how an alien really looks. its unlikely that something that evolved on another planet would coincidentally have an almost exactly similar body plan to humans specifically, so i think if aliens are here then they must be using holograms or some shit to choose how they want to appear. 

so the LEAST likely for how an alien’s actual body would look is probably this:

there is NO GODDAMN WAY that a species that evolved on a separate planet from humans would look like this. if aliens are actually appearing to people like this, this is definitely not their actual body like. nothing from another planet is gonna come to earth and be indistinguishable from your average scandinavian. 

on that note any alien that shares an identical body plan to humans is unlikely, so that includes pretty much. every type of alien reported. i mean theres life on our Own planet that a lot of people would think were aliens, why would actual aliens be so closely familiar?

i cant say what would be the most likely alien. all i can really assume is that they would have some well developed sensory organs, which could include eyes in some form, and could be used for communication. at least some appendages that are not used for locomotion that have a highly developed ability to grab and manipulate objects. and maybe some other things that seem fairly important to being a sapient species, but like its really a shot in the dark with the rest of it since it would vary highly depending on the conditions they evolved in.

so since i personally believe that aliens might be on earth in some capacity, thats why i go with the idea that we probably dont see what they Actually look like, and what they Actually look like is probably Really Fucking Weird

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I'm amazed about the many things you can draw in a day, how do you not get burned out after one pic or even get inspired to draw some more?

thank you!! 

this is actually a pretty tough question to answer! but i will do my best, by writing another novel for you

inspiration-wise i tend to look at art blogs/other artists i like a lot! or i think about tv shows or movies i like and what makes them so enjoyable

one reason i tend not to get burned out after drawing one picture is because i draw every day! the more you draw, the easier drawing becomes and the more ideas will come to you, even if it’s the ugliest doodle ever. near the end of my summer vacation i was drawing pretty much every day because 1) i didn’t have any other obligations that would keep me from doing it, 2) i was feeling healthier than i have felt in years i think so i had lots of energy to draw and make stuff! and 3) i was really in the mood! i had no homework or anything and for the first time ever i had a lot of free time to just draw whatever i wanted. and the more i drew the more i got into this groove of drawing, and then when i started taking commissions i was forced to draw even more which was also good to get ideas flowing. now that i’m in school i am also forced to draw everyday for schoolwork which keeps me in the groove! 

but if i’m being totally honest a lot of it is that i am a very self-motivated person! i’m a very disciplined artist and i don’t tend to struggle very much with motivating myself to draw/do work. sometimes i do sure, everyone does! but generally i really do just want to draw more and i have the energy to draw more, and i think that is partially because i’m a very fast worker so it’s easier for me to churn out a large quantity of work in a short amount of time

i know that there are a lot of people who struggle with feeling motivated for a multitude of reasons (or perhaps it’s just a personality type, which is okay!) and have a very hard time getting themselves to draw, even if they want to do it! and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but it can be really frustrating when you’re burnt out and you feel like you should be doing more!

if you struggle with self-motivation you must be patient with yourself and know your limits (but that doesn’t mean don’t push your limits sometimes)! everyone is different. but that being said, really try and push yourself to do more, like if you think you’ve reached your limit, try to do just ONE more thing. one more tiny thing, it can even be a little tiny drawing of a hamburger. or your cat. then allow yourself a rest! or maybe come up with a reward system for yourself–give yourself a goal (an achievable goal!!! but still a goal) and if you accomplish it then go eat that cookie or let yourself scroll through tumblr for half an hour or watch an episode of teen wolf because you know you want to

sometimes it’s honestly way too hard to churn out work like this, like i definitely wouldn’t be doing this much if i were still in high school! but ultimately my man i would say be kind to yourself and understand how you work. try to figure out under what conditions you work best and what would make a comfortable and productive work environment for you. push yourself but don’t overwork yourself and die just to say that you drew 3 things instead of 1 thing. 

i don’t think you were asking for advice but i thought maybe it could be helpful to someone somewhere since i don’t think my own work habits would give you much to go on! 

hope this helped!! :’)

tw, like if u read

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Short prompt: "have you ever thought that we'd have twins? A mini you and a mini me?"

“Have you ever thought that we’d have twins? A mini you and a mini me?”

“Oliver, don’t even joke about that.”

“Why not?”

“A mini me, sure, but a mini you? With your body structure? No way am I pushing those shoulders out of my va-jay-jay.”

“So no Queen boys for us?”

“Sorry. Unless you have baby pictures that prove you were a skinny little boy, no deal.”


“Oliver, how big a baby were you?”

“Nine pounds something.”

“Nine…nine?! Nine as in the number before ten?”

“I think it was nine pounds elev–”

“NINE POUNDS ELEVEN OUNCES?! Why didn’t you tell me that before you got me pregnant?”

“I remember that being more of a mutual decision…”

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Hi! I find it weird that Briana&co were posting snapchats all day implying Freddie wasn't with them but with Louis today. But then Louis apparently was working with the girl band. Do you think they don't tell briana about their plans?

I think it’s very possible, probably likely, that Louis does not tell Briana anything. So, I’m not surprised their story doesn’t fit what seems to have actually occurred.

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I actually screamed when I saw you made an update to Space Suits and my mom ran in yelling "OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY" and I yelled "NO I'M NOT OKAY" and she saw I was on the computer and she gave me the disappointed mom look and now I'm laughing my ass off

Hey this is the same anon that screamed about the update and I want to tell you I think you’re getting a lot better at drawing Keith, it looks amazing! <3 :) have a great day/night/whatever time it is in Germany right now!


Thank you very very much ♥

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So we know the McCoy will defend Spock (willingly but don't let anyone else know) but does Spock ever defend McCoy?

I mean, yes, in tos he protects Bones from a physical attack all the time, when the Romans threw them in a ring, in The Empath (Spock tried and failed to protect Bones) there’s a tonne of those examples. 

Imma delve into a headcanon of mine, if we’re talking defending Bones’ honour or having a go at someone who disrespected him, I like to think that Spock does so, but subtly. I think Spock refers to Bones by various titles and talks him up, but once he’s actually talking about Bones blatantly he’s nasty. Like, “Our Chief Surgeon is extremely skilled, you may be assured you are in good hands.” “The Captains’s close friend has extensively researched this area, I will confer with him before I respond.” “One of the crewmen on board was raised on a farm, he has taught me a great deal in relation to animal care, thank you.” “Doctor McCoy is regularly mistaken, you can safely disregard his comment.”

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Can I be completely honest about something? I absolutely DO NOT want to see Tom play Bond. I am without a doubt, 100% against the idea. It's not that I think he's a bad actor, because obviously I don't(since I'm a fan). But I really don't feel that he is best suited for that role. Now, he would make an EXCELLENT Bond villain. But just not Bond. I will be in the corner preparing to have things thrown at me.

You’re safe here.

I have absolutely zero interest in him playing Bond.  Actually, probably more like negative interest.  It has no attraction for me whatsoever.  Never has, probably never will.  There is nothing I find appealing about the films.  Maybe I’m just completely missing the point of them, but I can’t seem to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy them.  I suppose if they were framed in a sort of AU style, like Marvel, it might be different for me.  But I’m under the impression that is not the conceit of the Bond universe.  

I think the only challenge for him would be the physical aspect.  Otherwise, there just isn’t much there to capture his ADD curious mind.  Now, I have no doubt in his ability to make the process enjoyable for himself.  However, I do not think he would find the role to be terribly stimulating or intellectually gratifying.  That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have fun or that it wouldn’t be any work for him or anything like that, so all the Bond supporters need not respond in argument. I am not bashing the franchise.  I am simply saying that it is not a role with the transformative aspect that generally appeals to him.  

Being Bond would bring him two things: greater worldwide recognition (which has nothing to do with personal satisfaction in his craft at the end of the day) and a lot of money (he’s already a millionaire).  If that’s what he most desires, then go for it.  But I don’t think it is.  Call me crazy.  Would he flat out say NO to a legit offer from The Powers That Be?  Probably not.  

Should he be given the role, he would be great, I’m sure.  But, yes.  No, thank you.  

There are people here who are very hungry for him to be “A List” or whatever the current term is.  They want him to be a household name.  They are very invested in the playing of the game.  They want him to go to this function or that function.  They want him to work with this director or that director.  They want him to be seen with this person or that person.  His career as a commodity is a fascination for them.  

I’m not here for that.  I want him to be happy, I want him to be proud and satisfied with his work, I want him to be respected by knowledgable peers, I want him to put his head on the pillow at night and feel like his efforts are worthwhile.  If that happens, I don’t care if he ever wears another Gucci suit on a red carpet again.  And if all that happens along with playing Bond, that’s completely fine.  

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So I've seen all these crack drabbles and prompts with Sayuri and Gin, but in all seriousness, how would they actually act around each other? I imagine they would be a bit wary of one another since Sayuri would know how Gin feels about Sousuke and Gin is well aware of how dangerous she is as well. I also think it would be really interesting if you made Sayuri captain and Gin her lieutenant if not in the TLM canon maybe in a drabble/prompt?

Obviously this is AU rn but:

Gin looked around curiously at the Fifth Division third seat’s office. It looked…well, if The Seireitei Communication were to do a piece on what the ‘ideal office space’ should look like, he’d imagine it’d look something like this. It was almost eerily neat.

“Tea?” At the soft voice behind him, Gin stiffened, barely refraining from jumping. He hadn’t even sensed her come in. 

“Ah, thank you. Ya asked ta see me, Aizen-sama?” He asked, slipping on his customary grin in an attempt to hide how uneasy he felt. Sayuri gave no indication as to whether or not she’d noticed his discomfort, instead motioning for him to take a seat.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. You are a fair bit younger than the recruits we normally take, after all,” she said, offering him a cup of tea. 

“That’s awfully kind of ya, Aizen-sama,” he answered, rubbing the back of his head. “It’s an honor, really, but ya don’t have ta worry about me. I mean, didn’t you and Aizen-fukutaicho enter the ranks at an even younger age?”

“Touche.” For the first time, a hint of a smile flickered across her face before vanishing as quickly as it came. “But I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to be feeling a bit of hesitation regarding joining us here.”

“What makes ya say that?” Gin asked, wariness growing.

“Just a feeling I had.” She tilted her head to the side, dark brown eyes regarding him intently. “Am I wrong, Gin?”

He opened his mouth to lie, to deny it– he was good at fooling people, he always had been– but before he could, Sayuri cut him off.

“I advise you to think very carefully before lying to me, Gin. There are many things I can forgive. Insulting me by presuming me to be some weak-minded fool you can manipulate and deceive is not one of them.” 

He snapped his mouth shut and swallowed heavily. He’d always known that this plan of his could get him killed, but he hadn’t thought it’d be so soon. 

“Mm. I see. Does this have anything to do with a girl by the name of Matsumoto Rangiku, perchance?” Sayuri asked casually, eyes sharpening as Gin’s hand twitched involuntarily. “I believe she’s entering her second year in the Academy now? Lovely girl; she has the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair. From what I can tell, she seems quite promising. Relax,” she added as Gin stiffened. “I don’t plan on doing anything to her. Yet.”

She leaned forward in her seat. “The way I see it, this could go one of two ways. Unfortunately, it’s already too late for you to back out now, but that doesn’t mean your friend has to get involved. I can ensure her safety, you know. Make sure that whatever happens, she at least stays alive. Which, I promise you, would be more than you’d be able to manage on your own.” 

At his skeptical look, she sighed. “Believe it or not, I don’t actually take any enjoyment in the deaths of innocent children,” Sayuri said dryly. Gin stayed silent for a long moment. 

“How are ya plannin’ ta keep up your end of the deal?” He asked finally, as if he hadn’t already made his decision. At his question, her mouth twisted into an odd smile.

“My brother would do a lot more for me than spare the life of some girl he doesn’t care about,” Sayuri answered, a touch of wry humor entering her eyes. “It’s one of the reasons I don’t appreciate people plotting to kill him.”

“Ya think of little ol’ me as someone dangerous? Why, I’m flattered.”

“We may be twins, but we differ in a lot of respects. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m like my brother,” she said softly, and in that moment Gin could see exactly why Aizen Sousuke respected his sister so much. “I prefer to take care of potential threats before they become a problem.” 

hey ever wondered how alvy looked under all the floof? well here ya go! i was bored and well this happened so have a cute little alvy with no floof giving you a flower!

LONG, LONG AGO, IN A DIFFERENT FANDOM– No, but really, like, May 2016 my muse @hesparks​ got blown up in space (for no fucking real reason, really).

After having dealt with Luke Mitchell previously losing his memory in the series/season finale as another muse of mine, @anaxpraetor​, let me tell you how thrilled I was to know he was going to be playing a new character in a show called “Blindspot”. Really thrilled. /sarcasm.

I was SO TIRED of watching this fucker die or have terrible shit happen to him, that I was thinking about making an OC where I controlled the writing so he would actually survive something for once.

In short, I tripped my ass into this fandom and made myself a second home away from the daily reminder that all the canon fictional characters I love and RP fucking die.

And somehow, 150 of you decided to grace me and this flaming trash bucket with your follows.

To keep this brief, the following is a list of people who I appreciate the living Hell out of.

The keeper of the flaming trash bucket:
                    ♻ @barbedbatting​: Kaitlyn, you guys, is the primary reason I allowed
                        this asshole to exist. To be frank, if you aren’t following this quality af
                        Negan, IDK what you’re doing with your life. Basically, if it wasn’t for
                        Kaitlyn, Malcolm would not have got farther than the drawing board.
                                                                                         Kaitlyn is my leader. 100%.

The bae-est of the baes… Bai.
                   ♻ @doctorxdawcett​ / @sgt-danielcox​ / et al:
We’re such incredible
                       shipping trash. I’m so happy you love me and legit run with all the
                       crazy shit I do with my muses. Thank you for always being here for
                       me and my half ass ideas like ‘I’m making a TWD OC’ the following
                       me into Hell with no complaining.

The super cop:
                  ♻ @officerdxddy: You are such a wonderful person. You are so selfless
                      and promo everyone, because you want to give people a chance in
                      this community. You are awesome, and I appreciate the fuck outta you.
                      Please never stop being a positive light on any of my dashes.

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Something important about Clothing

Hello all. I’ve got a thing to say about clothing and sizes that everyone worried about, since it’s a thing that came up when talking to your friends.
Your clothing size does not mean you are fat.
I am 5'4-5'5 (about 163cm) barely touching 100lb (about 45kg). You might be thinking, ‘Oh, they’re probably a size small shirt, 0/00 jeans!’
Except, for clothing to fit me correctly I have to wear Medium or Large shirts (depending on the brand) and ¾ long jeans. If I stand straight, you can see my ribs and hip bones. I am definitely underweight.
Your larger clothing size DOES NOT mean you’re skinny or fat. Clothing size really doesn’t matter at all. As long as the clothes fit you, it doesn’t matter if you’re an extra small-00 or if you’re XXL-10.
So, keep that in mind when you’re clothes shopping.
If the shirt fits, it fits.

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i can see a clear difference between teaser posters from season 1 and season 2 . Season 1 posters is more Daron art way, and theres a bit more of mystery about the episode plotseason 2 follow more the actually show art, and even kind spoiler. dont you think something similar?

Different artist, different approach.
Season 1 posters were far more detailed, whereas Season 2 posters are more cartoony and “teasing”. Both styles are really good though.

  • Believe
  • Keith Torres
  • Spoken Word Poetry

I don’t believe in sentences
that start with my name and
end with the word “promise”

I don’t believe in 11:11 wishes
because you told me not to ,
and it was actually all about you

If I could only trace the steps
you took when you left me
I’m pretty sure it will take me
in front of my door,
where all the roads
had always lead you
and all the bridges you used
to cross are now in ashes

I don’t believe in religion
And you think it was so
rebellious of me

I don’t believe in soulmates
because some souls aren’t
really required to have
its pair, it comes off with
the sun, it can light up the
whole word without anyone’s help

I will only believe in fairytales
again if I hear the I words “I, do”
from both of our lips

But I believe in ghost
that comes back, like how
the waves leave the shore
just to kiss it all over again

And if you felt like not believing
to yourself, no worries, I’d
be picking up the debris and
clear again the shore, I’ll be
the waves for you