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so my game glitched while switching back to joey to get the marbles


‘entering the kitchen seems to have fixed it’ I WAS FUCKIN WRONG


this one takes the cake

tell me xefros doesnt deserve a goddamn flower crown

look me in the eye and say it aloud

when the whole fandom is loosing it but you’re actually a few chapters behind:

a blogger on tumblr dot com: Your art house horror show about murder and cannibalism is Problematic™ because I think all fiction should be limited to variations of a coffee shop au where conflict doesn’t exist. Also I’ve never seen it I just know it’s Bad™

me, just trying to live my life on tumblr dot com:

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🌙 Mabon Ritual, 2017

me, 2 days ago: It sure would have been nice if V3 had actually used Chabashira’s misandry as an opportunity to talk about harmful biases and how to dismantle them.

idiots in my inbox: How come you made like 2 posts a few months ago about these really sexist comments Momota makes that go by unchallenged in the game, but you never say anything about Chabashira’s misandry that the game clearly indicates is ridiculous, you man hater!

me: ?????????



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Hey, i know this might be too elaborate, but i just recently read a very good komanami fanfic on ao3 (it's "Wish" by user julie4697) and LOVED it, so i was hoping you would like the idea of drawing prince!nagito and mermaid!chiaki? Alternatively, just a komanami doodle would be definitely cool! As you can see, i'm a bit of a fan haha ;u; thx your art is amazing!

I like drawing scene from fics. I hope you like it, komanami anon! I’m sorry it’s a lil low quality, i only use my phone camera. And yea… I am aware that i’m not shoujo manga artist material too ahaha//bricked. 


My heart…

I think this is the best thing I ever saw. I think I can die happy now.

Credit: ldtProductions2 on YouTube

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people get so upset when they post their negative and unwanted shit opinions in a tag that is for certain ships, or characters THAT people go to and search up to enjoy the content and not see people bashing it, like the triggered asshats are, and then when someone comments about how they don’t wanna see negative things, the idiots get pissed and defensive?

it’s 2k17 and i thought everyone knew that you can’t post anti-thiam or anti-jikook or anti-any ship and/or character *cough*theo*cough* without it showing up in the thiam, jikook, taekook, theo, kpop ship, YouTuber ship, tv show, or whatever fandom tag. you HAVE to put a // or something that separates the word. tumblr isn’t smart, it’s not going to look at the “anti-” and think “oh yeah, got to separate that shit from the actual tag.” if it has those ship names or character names, it’s going into that tag no matter what.

not all people are going to ignore it like me, who just blocks your ass. most will get pissed because you’re coming in and shitting on things they like. no one pays to go to a concert they don’t like and boo the whole time. no one watches YouTube videos from creators they don’t like to just shit on everyone in the comments. at least..you shouldn’t do that but people do and you’re a fucking piece of shit if you do like dayum.

BUT the whole point the this rant is that if you do that, you’re literally asking for people to fight you. that’s is all you’re doing. others are going to tell you to stop and to go somewhere else or to delete it. so when you start being a piss baby, don’t. because you did it to yourself. just fix your tags and posts.