if ya want too of course

Imagine Bill rambling about you during interviews and admitting you are his celebrity crush, excited when you go to the premiere of his new movie, not knowing you feel the same and are watching the interview.

“So uhm there were plenty of people attending the premiere of- of the newest movie you’re taking part in, am I right?” Ellen asked once the audience calmed down.

“Uh yes, yes many actually. Other than my family, my brothers and actually father too, there were other celebrities too. Some of whom I- I look up to so much I can’t describe! I got to talk to some of them, like- like Harrison Ford, yeah he was actually there, and Antony Hopkins and so many others! I couldn’t believe it at first but I was truly- truly blessed to be able to actually get to have a conversation with them, it was- it was amazing.” he breathed out, a smile spreading on his lips as he nodded his head.

“I am sure you were thrilled, but it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. The movie was expected to be a great hit and it actually happened!” she pointed out with a smile and small shrug “We- we indeed saw Harrison, Antony and Robert Downey Jr there too, right?” she asked and he nodded his head.

“Yeah also, I uh saw Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston too, and uh Ryan Gosling? Yeah he was there too.” he added “I was- I was really happy to see them there and you know even here a small ‘Great job!’ or 'Congratulations!’ meant so so much I can’t describe it! I was thrilled!”

“It certainly means a lot, I can understand! But something tells me we are not bringing up the first, and probably most important, person of the night that oh I am so sure made you feel over the moon!” she said with a smirk and even without saying a single name Bill laughed shyly, looking down, because he understood very very well who she was referring to.

“That- that laugh tells me you already know who I mean?” she asked with a small chuckled and he grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.

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Diabolik lovers Chaos Lineage: [CD drama - Scarlet Family -Vol.1] ~translation|traducción~

[Scarlet Family] [Violet Family] [Orange Family]

Hermanos del mayor + al menor -: 1.Reiji - 2.Yuma - 2.Shu - 4.Kino.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.
Muchas gracias a @dialoversthai por haber hecho esta traducción posible!! y a @madamemalfoy21​ por ayudarme con la traducción~!


*The church bells are ringing*

Reiji: Thirteen vampires… … descendants from the same lineage, all of them divided into three
families. Destined to obtain one woman.
Kino: Agaiiin with that legend? Something like “destiny” is stupid.
Kino: We must obtain one woman, which is Eve. Once you get obtain her, you will become the Supreme King.
Reiji: Exactly. To be the Supreme King is the destiny that was imposed upon us. We must not let other family to overcome us.
Shu: Haa … … How bothersome. I’m not interested in being the Supreme King.
Reiji: Shu, this is a matter of major importance for all of us brothers. The person who obtains her, shall also obtain the world. Nevertheless, whoever gives up the fight, even if it is a vampire, shall get the worst of punishments.

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Random Headcanons of the Week #3

Hello, everyone!
This time we decided to think about the reactions of some of our favorite characters to a prompt that we found a while ago and really enjoyed:

Reader: “May I ask you politely to slam me into the wall and make out with me?” 


Actually, watch out how you phrase this question. Don’t say pin instead of slam because he will probably just charge at you and kill you instantly, not even realizing what he’s doing.

Reinhardt would be very sweet about it. He asks if you’re okay with it since you’re not exactly alone at the moment and people might be watching, he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.
“Anything I can do to make meinen Schatz happy!” he laughs as he carefully slams you against the wall. Well, you won’t have to worry about any spectators anyways; it’s probably way too hard to see what’s going on behind this lovely giant.


“Woah, there!” would probably be the first thing he says but, of course, he won’t leave it at that. He leans in a bit closer and asks you to repeat your question.
“I ain’t sure if I understood ya correctly, darlin’. Could you say that again?”
As you quietly repeat your question with a giant blush on your face, the smirk on his lips just grows bigger and bigger. He’ll definitely fulfill your desire.
“Well, guess I can’t say no to that.”

Jack Morrison

He just stares at you for several seconds, slowly processing your words before he becomes extremely flustered. His face turns bright red and he has absolutely no idea what to say as you just keep staring at him unfazed. At some point, he would gather his courage and take a look around to make sure no one is watching the two of you.
“I mean since you asked politely…why not?”

Gabriel Reyes

Your question is originally meant as a joke. You are sure that Gabriel must have noticed the tone in your voice but he just doesn’t care. At all.
“Whatever you want,” he mutters with a smirk.
He doesn’t even hesitate for one single second. There is absolutely no time for you to regret anything or retract your words. Contrary to Jack, Gabriel doesn’t care about being seen at all, he’ll make sure everyone knows you belong to him. 


He’s convinced that you reached a completely new level of telling jokes. He laughs it off but on the inside, he would love to grant your wish. However, he soon notices your determined expression and realizes that you’re far from joking.
“Wait, for real?”
“Yes, for real!”
His face is adorned by the largest grin as he leaves you no room to breathe for the next few minutes.


This poor man is just so confused when you ask him. Why would you want that, especially in public? Where you going crazy? You two barely show any affection outside one of your rooms so this is a completely new topic for him. Hanzo just stares at you for a while, it feels wrong but he still kind of wants to comply with your request. However, he takes his time so you have to take matters into your own hands. In the end, Hanzo is the one getting slammed into the wall and receiving kisses all over his face. It takes him a while but he will be glad to return those. 


You will definitely need to reassure him that it’s okay. Because of his past as a notorious playboy, he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re just one of many others; he wants you to know that you’re special and the most precious thing in his life.
“I know, love. Don’t worry about it! Now come on, I asked you politely, didn’t I?” you tell him. He lets out a small giggle and starts kissing you intimately, still wanting this to be a cherished moment.


Since both of you are usually pretty shy, this question absolutely catches her off guard. With flushed cheeks, she asks if you are really sure about this. As you answer in the affirmative, Mei quickly builds an ice wall to shield the two of you from any unwanted spectators. However, you still are the one who has to take the initiative. 


She decides to use her abilities to make sure no one would interrupt you. Automatic doors? Hacked and closed. Lights? Hacked and off for the next fifteen minutes. Surveillance cameras? What surveillance cameras? But of course, before things start getting heated, there’s an important question.
“Are we talking about making out or making out?” she questions cheekily.
“If we’re gonna do it, we better do it right, don’t you think?”


Hana simply grins at you, offering a deal: “Sure thing, yeobo! But only if you beat me at Street Fighter!” You stare at her confusedly. It is impossible to beat her at any video game; she could just say no if she isn’t feeling like it. But things turn out quite differently: you win. Or rather, someone lets you win.
“You know, you could have just said yes without this whole ordeal, Hana!”
“Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” she responds as she puts away the controller and starts making her way over to you.


She sends you an emotionless gaze for a few seconds before frantically looking around and making sure no one is watching. She wouldn’t admit it but she had a really bad day at work and is more than glad that you asked. From time to time, Pharah really needs a small make-out session to relieve the stress. Who doesn’t? 


Angela seems barely fazed by your question even though her cheeks are taking on a slightly rosy tint. She smiles warmly at you and would agree but she notices a lot of Overwatch suddenly running around.
“Why don’t we take this somewhere private later? Seems like a team just got back from a mission so I’ll have to take a look at them, okay?” You nod and she gives you a quick peck on the lips before walking away to the infirmary. The busy doctor will definitely fulfill your wish later in the evening.


She doesn’t care about any possible bystanders at all. You want a make-out session, you’ll get a make-out session. However, she’s not really sure if she’s doing it right. Amélie needs a surprising amount of reassurance on that topic, she never really knows how to interpret all these feelings inside her or read her partner’s emotions. She has trouble actually telling if you’re enjoying this or not so make sure to tell her.

Bonus: Bastion

The three glasses of red wine affect you in a weird way: the fact that you ask Bastion to make out with you speaks volumes. Bastion lets out a puzzled beep, awkwardly patting your back with one of his arms. Of course, you realize your mistake after a few minutes.
“Right, sorry. You’re…you don’t even have a mouth, sorry. Shit, I apologize, Bastion.”
The robot reassures you with an understanding dweet.

This Old Thing (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Requests: I was wondering if you can do a BuckyXreader where she keeps getting teased by her height (shortness) and wants to be taller. But Bucky shows her that it’s not so bad to be short, because she can do things like use their jackets as blankets, or can be hugged really well. Just lottttsssss of fluff!!! Thank you soo much for this, I really appreciate it❤❤❤ 

bimv said: Can i request a bucky X reader or Steve x reader where they’ve been friends for a while, but there is a hella lot of (sexual) tension between them. And then Tony throws a party at the tower, so the reader buys a new dress just to push bucky/Steve off the edge, and then they talk together on the party where he compliments her like “That dress, by the way.. Just.. Wow.” And she answers like this?? “What, this old thing?” Sorry😂

Bucky had a terribly annoying habit for as long as you had known him; he made use of how much shorter you were than him, and in ways that you definitely didn’t find as endearing as he did. The random elbow atop your head as he stood at your side and listening along with you during team meetings, the way he would grab your waist and just lift you up to move you out of the way rather than a polite ‘excuse me’ like a normal person, or your personal favorite, the ‘oops, I didn’t see ya there’, were all ways that he had finally destroyed your last nerve.

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anonymous asked:

That hard concentrated look on his face while he's drinking just does something for me. Like imagining him getting a bit serious with you after all your teasing and he's just giving you that look that tells you 'just wait till we get back to the room'...


A/N: This blurb involves consensual spanking.  If you are not comfortable with that, please do not continue.

Pub nights went one of two ways with Niall and his friends.  Sometimes they were long, drawn out affairs where pints were nursed and conversation was low and easy.  More often than not though, they were frenetic affairs that quickly devolved into drinking games, and general debauchery.  You’d become accustomed to dealing with Niall and his gaggle of “lads”, once referring to them as “my own lost boys”.  Niall had wrapped his arm around you and with a lopsided grin corrected your assessment. “No no love, haven’t you seen Twitter? Louis is Peter Pan, not me.”  You’d shoved his chest lightly and rolled your eyes at him. “You’re right babe”, you nodded sagely, “you’re more like Tinkerbell.”  Niall had scowled deeply and spent the rest of the night pouting into his drink while . It hadn’t helped that Bressie was out with you that night and repeatedly picked Niall up by the scruff of his coat and shook him while yelling “Where’s tha fairy dust, Chief?”

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Trinket Trove

Pairing: McHanzo

Rating: G

Summary: No shiny object is safe with Hanzo’s dragons around. Not even something as important as a ring…

– – – – – – – – – –

Written for @mchanzo-week 2017, for Day 4 (Red/Blue) and 5 (Traditional/Unorthodox) 

Read on Ao3

Author’s Note: This has been sitting in my drafts for a long ass time but McHanzo Week finally kicked me into gear to get it done. Helped that it fit two prompts

Jesse McCree was a man who knew how to roll with the punches. Resourcefulness was a skill he had perfected over years of being on the run after he deserted from Blackwatch, and hell, even maybe before that.

This. This was not something Jesse could easily roll with.

Jesse had already torn his own room apart looking for the ring. It wasn’t a simple case of him simply forgetting where he had hidden it either. Yes, he had to have hidden it somewhere incredibly sneaky to avoid Hanzo simply coming across it, but he had checked every single nook and cranny in the room. Shit, he had even checked the ceiling tiles.

No matter how high or low Jesse looked however, the engagement ring he’d finally saved up enough money for was absolutely nowhere to be seen. He weighed his options, which were looking to be either: A) letting the cat out of the bag and asking Hanzo for his help or B) tear the entire base apart. The latter option was the one Jesse decided on, not quite ready to face the music. Hanzo always had said he was a stubborn man. Jesse just liked to prove him right time and time again.

He made it all the way to the rec room before Hanzo discovered him.

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nonbinaryspacequeen  asked:


Aaaaah! Thank you so much! It means a bunch that you took the time to stop by <33 It amazes me to know that people are sharing my art around to others too, kinda warms my heart a lot actually ;u; Thank your best friend for me. And of course, thank you for finding me ya bean ;;u;; <3

Loserz Club Binch // Modern Imagine

*In which the reader joins the losers club’s group chat*

I got this idea from another imagine :) I’ll link their account when I find it. I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to write one, but of course different from them.

Warnings: Cursing from Thotzier and company

Characters: Losers Club and female!reader (I can make a male one & a gender neutral one if ya want me too :~) just drop me an ask!)

Loserz Club Binch — 11:45 am

Bev Marsh: are you guys alive???? I have an announcement

BenBen: what is it Bev?

Richie Thotzier: sent an image



Bev Marsh: but fr fr fr I need everyone here for this announcement, someone get the others

Richie Thotzier: YO I GOTCHU ILL SPAM THEm

BenBen: oh man Rest In Peace to them

-Private Message between Richie and Eddie-



Richie Thotzier: EDS


Eddie K: Listen here motherfcker I’m in math rn and unlike you I actually care about my grades ok fuc off and let me learn




Eddie K: ok u know what fuck you you’re getting blocked

Richie Thotzier: ok wait no don’t do that

Richie Thotzier has been blocked

“Son of a bitch.” Richie whispered loudly gaining looks from his fellow classmates.

-Losers Club Binch groupchat-

Richie Thotzier: smh Eddie’s hoe ass blocked me


BenBen: get rekt honestly

Richie Thotzier: fuc off bennyboo

Billy: ?????? What happened ???????

Richie Thotzier: aw damn I can’t spam bill to go on the chat now

Billy: ??? What why do you have to spam me ??

Richie Thotzier: bc you weren’t on so

Billy: ok???


Bev Marsh: you don’t have to, stan has study hall so he’ll get on soon


Mikey: NOOOOOPE IM HERE also can y’all stfu and let me read the chat for like 2 minutes k thanks

Stan Uris: yea me too I need to read what the fuck happened here

Richie Thotzier: aw damn I can’t spam y’all anymore

*Two minutes of inactivity*

Mikey: ok done

Stan Uris: thank jesus I got on quick, if I didn’t richie would’ve spammed me

Richie Thotzier: no don’t worry I’ll spam u rn

Stan Uris: sent an image

Richie Thotzier: yOu aRE so FuCKINF diSRESPecTful

Stan Uris: :)

BenBen: I just got in trouble for laughing


Mikey: omfg stfu anywayyyy Bev please tell us your announcement

Mikey: sorry for saying stfu btw that wasn’t nice

Billy: it’s ok mike lol

Bev Marsh: OH RIGHT ok so I made friends with the new girl, Y/N, and I wanted to ask you guy’s permission to add her

Billy: I have no problem adding new people in the gc so yea sure go ahead Bev

Mikey: yea you can add her :~)

BenBen: ^

Stan Uris: add her as long as she doesn’t try to spam me LIKE RICHIE then I’m good

Bev Marsh: nah she’s really cool, you’ll see

Richie Thotzier: is she hot

Bev Marsh: bruh are you kidding me

Richie Thotzier: No I’m not

Bev Marsh: *eyeroll emoji* what does that have to do with anything?? so what if she’s pretty

Richie Thotzier: nothing I’m just asking ;)

Stan Uris: stfu Richie

Billy: Just add her Bev lol

Mikey: you’re a creep richie just saying

BenBen: exactly wth man

Eddie K: he’s always been a creep


Eddie K: I’ll unblock you whenever I want to

Richie Thotzier: I’m going to fuckin spam this chat if you don’t unblock me rn

Bev: can you not??? I’m about to add Y/N

Richie Thotzier: sent an image

Stan Uris: can someone kick this hoe out of the chat

Eddie K: I second that suggestion


Bev Marsh has added (your screen name) into the groupchat

YourScreenName: I just got a shit ton of notifications omfg my phone is blowing up

Bev Marsh: Lol get used to it, it’s going to happen a lot if you’re in this chat

Richie Thotzier: so you’re Y/N huh 😏😏

YourScreenName: yes that’s me???

Billy: ignore him Y/N, Richie’s just being a creep

Stan Uris: ^

Richie Thotzier: iM NOTTTT I was joking

Richie Thotzier: or am I??? 👀

YourScreenName: is your last name really Thotzier bc that’s hilarious

Richie Thotzier: ya it is, it perfectly describes me bc I’m a thot 😉

Eddie K: his last name is not “thotzier” it’s tozier 🤦🏻‍♂️

(author’s note: if you can’t see the emoji, it’s the facepalming guy)

BenBen: Richie’s just being dumb lmao ignore him

Richie Thotzier: I’m kicking u out of the chat ben


Richie Thotzier: watch me hoe

Richie Thotzier has kicked BenBen out of the chat 

Bev Marsh: are you fuckin kidding me

YourScreenName: i’m so fucking lost what the fuck just happened what


Mikey: bruh i’ll talk to you guys later, i have work to do

Billy: alrighty mike, talk to you later

YourScreenName: ttyl mike

Eddie K: bye mike

Stan Uris: ^

Billy: also what the fuck richie

Richie Thotzier: lol i just wanted to do that bc I haven’t kicked anyone out in a long time

YourScreenName: who was the last person kicked out before ben lmfao


YourScreenName: dfbndklfjgkdjfg im cryign

Bev Marsh: anyway ima talk to you guys later too bc i have class in like 5 minutes so bye

Billy: same we’re switching classes in 5, also richie you better add ben back smh

Stan Uris: if you dont we’re goign to make a separate groupchat without you in it

Stan Uris: going*

Richie Thotzier: ok wait no don’t do that i’ll add him back rn

YourScreenName: dfkjngkdlfjg lmfaooaoaoaoa

Richie Thotzier has added BenBen into the groupchat

BenBen: you’re such a dick richie

Stan Uris: true, anyway i’m going to go now i’ll talk to you guys later

YourScreenName: me too, ttyl

BenBen: ^^

Eddie K: same same

Richie Thotzier: smh y’all are no fun

And so the losers shut their laptops and walked their way into their next class period. They all met up in the hallway at one point and properly introduced themselves to Y/N. 

That was funnn, I’ll make a part two once I reach 400 followers :) i hope you guys enjoyed that nonsense lol 

I Brought Soup

Originally posted by wrath-and-ruin

Raphael x Reader

I Brought Soup

Prompt: Hey there! I would love to read something about Raphael getting sick and his s/o wanting to take care of him. Would he be too proud? Or would he eventually give in and just enjoy the loving care? Of course only if nobody’s watching! ;D

Note: I actually had a dream about Raph last night, so here ya go. This turned out cuter than I had hoped :)

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1105

Raph groaned as he adjusted himself on the couch. Somehow, he had caught a bug. A bad one. And while the big buff turtle was as tough as they came normally, as soon as he got a touch of sickness, he became nothing more than a big baby.

When you showed up to the lair, you had a care package tucked under your arm. Even with his blurry vision and pounding head, Raph still squinted to look at you. You were wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but you were still the most gorgeous person he had ever seen.

“Hey, Red. You feeling any better?”

“I am now.” His low voice was soft and hoarse.

“Oh hush,” You shook your head and tried to hide the embarrassing shade of red your cheeks had flushed to. Raph had a way of doing that to you, despite the fact that you were pretty sure he wasn’t into you. “I brought soup.” You held up a thermos and a spoon. He took it in one of his large green hands. “And tissues and a blanket and-”

“You’re too good to me.” Raph managed a tired smirk. He looked like his head was swimming, eyes unable to focus, breaths labored through a stuffed nose.

“And you, my green friend, are very, very sick.” You looked over to him. You had never seen him look so pathetic. “Why don’t you get some rest?”

“And what, miss spending quality time with ya?”

“Sleep, Raph. Now.”

“You’re hot when you’re bossy.”

“And you have no filter when you’re sick, apparently.”

“He really doesn’t.” Leo piped up from across the room. “Listen, thanks for coming to take care of him, (Y/N). We just can’t afford to get sick right now, but Don said you’d be immune to whatever he has so-”

“It’s no problem, Leo. Really.” You smiled. “It’s the least I could do.”

“Well, we’re headed out. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to call.” He and the other two left the lair, leaving you alone with Raph and Splinter, wherever the old rat had gotten off to.

“And then there were two,” Raph muttered. He ate a few spoonfuls of soup before setting it down for a while. “Sorry yer stuck on babysitting duty.”

“I don’t mind. I mean, you did save my life after all.”

“So we’re even?”

“Not even close.” You smirked. “I still owe you big time, Raphael.”

“After taking care of me a few hours, you won’t think so.” He chuckled to himself, leaning back against the pillows of his temporary nest. “I’ve been told I whine like a baby.”

“I have little siblings. I don’t think you could drive me away if you tried.”

“We’ll see about that.”


About thirty minutes after the guys left, Raph had drifted off into a nap. You learned very quickly that he snored like a chainsaw. This was an easy fix, as you had brought some headphones and a book to read in case something like this happened. You glanced up every few pages to make sure he was still out.

After a few hours, when you glanced up, Raph’s tired green eyes were fixed on you, a sleepy smile tugging at his lips.

“Well good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” You tucked a bookmark into your book and set it on the table. Touching the back of your hand to his forehead confirmed your suspicions that the large terrapin had developed a fever. “You need something to get this fever down.”

“I knew you thought I was hot.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes.

“Yes, Raphael, you are hot. You are running a fever. I’m gonna grab some meds.”

“You do that, gorgeous. I’ll be right here waiting.” You walked to Donnie’s lab, where he had labeled everything you needed and then returned to Raph to administer the proper meds. You handed him the pills and a bottle of water and then returned to your spot. “Thanks.”

“Need anything else?”

“I’m all set, Princess.”

“Alright then,” You opened up your book and continued to read.


“Yes, Raph?”

“Can you come here?”

“Um, sure.” You set down your book once again and walked over to where Raph was lying on the couch. His sleepy, sleepy eyes melted your heart.

“Thanks for takin’ care ‘uh me.” His voice was hoarse from all of the coughing and snoring and sinus drainage. “I really appreciate it.” You leaned forward to press a kiss to his warm forehead.

“Any time, Red.”

Raph took one of your hands in his large green ones, admiring each tiny little finger. There were so many.

“Yer hands are so small…” he murmured. “Have ya always had this many fingers?”

“Yes, I have. Are you sure you’re alright? Maybe those meds are kicking in.”

“I’m fine.” He insisted. Suddenly, something occurred to him. “Are yer feet that small too?”

“I think you need some sleep, bud.”


“Sleep. We can talk about foot size when you feel better, alright?”



As soon as he was better, Raph avoided you for at least a week and a half. Every time he saw you, his cheeks flushed red and he left the room. You couldn’t help but laugh a little before returning to your latest book.

But he couldn’t avoid you forever, and you both knew it.

He came around eventually, settling on the couch beside you. The other half dipped under his weight. Raph let out a sigh. You only raised an eyebrow in amusement, waiting to hear what he would say.

“So uh…I realize my fever may have caused me to uh…act different.”


“So I uh, I’m sorry if I made ya uncomfortable and stuff.”

“You didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“No, Raph. I actually kind of appreciated the honesty. It was like for once there wasn’t this wall between us.”


“You know, the unspoken wall that you put up to protect your fragile turtle feelings. I understand, believe me, but just so you know, I’ve lived in New York all of my life, so dating a giant turtle would hardly be the weirdest thing that’s happened to me.”

“What now?” He paused. “You’d date me?”




“So uh…”

“This is the wall I’m talking about.”

“I see it now.” He sort of chuckled awkwardly before pausing again. “Ya know, I never pegged ya as someone who’d date a giant mutant freak.”

“And I never pegged you as a freak in the first place.” You winked and got up to get a drink from the kitchen.

‘Huh,’ thought Raphael. ‘I might have to get sick more often.’

anonymous asked:

Boi, hi, I've been waiting for this. Could I request the RFA boys (+ V & Searan)'s reactions to finding out MC is a Victoria's Secret model and finding out by MC dragging them to a show before disappearing leaving them sitting alone for awhile before they walk out and yeah (I'm so sorry this is so long and I totally get if you don't want to write this. Have a great day!)

A/N: b o i you sent this in literally *right* after I opened requests and I giGGLED SO HARD AT YOUR ENTHUSIASM it really made my day, so i hope you like this ~Admin 404



               -He was already red as hell and nervously sweating when you just mentioned taking him to the show

               -“Isn’t Victoria Secret that one… you know… sexy clothing store?”

               - yes, yes it is

               -The whole way there, he’s muttering to himself

               -Honestly trying to hold back tears because he feels so awkward

               -Wants to look at you and only you!! He doesn’t want you to feel bad about him looking at other partially naked women


               -Holds onto your wrist when you try to leave him there alone and you have to drag him a little bit before telling him that he’d be fine and you’d be back in just a little bit

               -He tries to fold himself up as much as possible to hide himself from the people giving him weird looks

               - it didn’t help

               -When the show started, a small shriek rose up from the back of his throat and he covered his eyes with his hands, though he peeked through his fingers because his curiosity got the best of him

               -But the first person he saw was you? And you were in some absolutely gorgeous, lacey, and very short nightgowns? Where are your pants? Are you in jUST UNDERWEAR? ARE THOSE WINGS??

               -The poor boy has a full blown nose bleed. His face is as red as Saeyoung’s hair. He’s stuttering and muttering to himself because he has absolutely no (comprehensive) words

               -He struggles to look you in the eye after the show! Kept trying for a solid hour to compliment you but the words kept getting stuck on his tongue.

               -That night he held you cautiously, but still close enough to feel his heart race

               -Like, wow, he’s dating a mODEL! He knew you were beautiful inside and out but it’s just amAZING! He would have never expected it


               -“Why are we going to a fashion show?”

               -“I’m beautiful, I should be one of the models!”

               - thanks for being modest zen

               -You didn’t tell him what kind of fashion show, but he agreed to go anyway

               -Famous people are always seen at these things, he feels like he fits in!

               -He was so ready to compliment the hell out of you to make sure you know he’s got all eyes for you

               -But when he turned back to you, you were gone?

               -P A N I C

               -Before he could look around for you though, the show started

               -And the people behind him were grumbling about him being in their way so he sat down and silently hoped that maybe you just excused yourself to the restroom

               -But as the show started, he watched as multiple models walked out in different sorts of lingerie

               -He felt so AWKWARD! He just wanted you to come back so he could focus on you instead of these other wome-

               -There was one model that captured his eye and he thought she was just absolutely breathtaking. Just by the curve of your face, let alone your hips, he knew it was you

               -He couldn’t help himself, he cheered for you like it was a football game people had to pull him down to his seat

               -He practically lifted you into the air and spun you around afterwards, showering you in more compliments than usual (which is a lot). Reminded you constantly throughout the rest of the night how proud he was of you!

               -Also had to use all of his willpower to fight the inner beast the rest of the night


               -She’s always wanted to attend fashion shows, but has always been way too busy

               -Not to mention she didn’t even get to go to any for work reasons damn jumin

               -So she was extremely excited to hear that you were going to bring her to one!

               -She likes any and all information about where the two of you go so she was very shaken by the fact that you wouldn’t tell her what kind of show this was

               -What if it was a super fancy fashion show and she wasn’t presentable? What if it was super casual and she’s too dressed up? WHAT IF IT WAS SECRETLY A STRIP CLUB AND YOU DIDN’T TELL HER

               -She was trying to get you to give her hints about what kind of show this was

               -Actually got frustrated when you didn’t give her any sort of hint

               - acts like a child and pouts, completely ignoring you

               -Simply nods her head in acknowledgement when you excuse yourself

               -The music started to play not long after that and she started to get really giggly and excited! But there was no sign of you?

               -She figured she would just record the show until you made it back, so you could watch it later on when you were home!

               -The moment she got her phone ready, she hit record and looked down at the lit up screen

               -But when she did look, all she saw was you? Walking down the catwalk? In some very revealing lingerie?

               -Had to do a double-take from the screen and up at the stage to make sure it was truly you

               -And holy shit??? Like, you go girl?? 10/10 she was so excited to see you up there, strutting your stuff!

               -Any outfit you had modeled, she planned on buying matching outfits for the two of you as soon as possible


               -He’s tried to avoid any type of show at all costs

               -It’s just not his type of scene, you know?

               -Watching all these women strut around in ridiculous outfits, acting high and mighty, wanting nothing but attention (so he thought)

               -He just wanted to take this day off, sit at home with his precious girls (you and Elizabeth, obviously), and relax

               -Instead, you had begged him to come to this show, which you wouldn’t even tell him the theme of

               -And of course he agreed, you’re his beloved and he wanted to do anything he could to make you happy

               -If that meant he had to watch this agonizing show, then he would

               - he only wished he could have his wine as well

               - honestly thought about sneaking in a flask because he hated these things that much

               -Whined like a child when you told him to stay put because you’d be right back

               -“But MC! I dislike these things, you can’t truly expect me to stay here alone, can you?”

               -You left anyway, and found your way to the stage, only to walk out and see Mr. Trustfund Kid’s jaw clench- his whole body moving forward to the edge of his seat, a hand covering his mouth and his eyebrows knitted together

               -He was pleasantly surprised to see you walk out in some gorgeous lingerie

               -But he was also immediately jealous of every other pair of eyes that set on you and your body

               -He swore to himself that you’ll know for sure that you’re his and only his later that night

               -Not to mention that every set of lingerie featured in the show would soon be in your closet for a private, up-close showing for him and only him


               -He doesn’t get out much

               -But if you wanna go somewhere, then he! Is! Going! Somewhere!

               -Whatever you want to do, he will do it for you!

               -You want to go to some sort of fashion show?

               -He probably won’t enjoy it, since it’s not really something he’s into, but he will still go with you to make you happy

               -Every fashion show he’s ever seen had such ridiculous outfits

               -He’s hoping they’re just as terrible this time so he has something to make jokes about and keep himself entertained

               -Lowkey threw a hissy fit when you told him you were leaving for a little bit

               -He was there for you! You can’t leave

               -“Fine if you won’t sit and stay then I’ll make fun of the outfits by myself”

               -When the music started he sat forward, completely ready to slaughter the first outfit with insults

               -Except it was really cute. And sexy. And oN YOU.

               -He literally fell out of his chair onto the floor, people had to help him get back up

               -Not before he turned as red as his hair, though

               -From then on, every time you came on stage, he would whoop and howl, causing you to almost lose your cool a couple of times

               - ends up surprising you weeks later wearing that same lingerie for you, wink wonk


               -He’s been to many shows

               -Well okay he’s photographed many shows

               -Never sat and enjoyed one himself

               -But completely willing to go with you! He enjoys the art of the fashion

               -Doesn’t even matter what kind of show, he is 500% ready and willing to go

               -Of course he has his camera too, but not to take pictures of the models!

               -He wanted to take pictures of your reactions, how the bright lights shine on your face, how you can see the passion in your eyes

               -HE WAS SO EXCITED, AAAAAA

               -When the music started he was worried about you missing the show

               -He didn’t want to photograph the sadness in your eyes!

               -But he looked up at the stage to see you, walking out from behind the curtain with upmost confidence

               -Shining bright, dripping in sexiness, and giving off a “I’m a badass” vibe

               -And he. was. lOVING IT.

               -It made him so nervous to see his precious angel like that but he knew he couldn’t miss the opportunity

               -So every time you came out in any outfit, he was sure to take the most amazing photos of you, in an attempt to capture how much love he has for you in each one

               - wants a private photoshoot behind the scenes afterwards, wink wonk


               -You thought Saeyoung hating getting out of the house?

               -We all know Saeran is 10 times worse

               -You are physically dragging him to this show because he’s so against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to watch people parading around the stage in stupid outfits”

               -Because?? Just go with me anyway??

               -He’s holding onto your arm, letting his feet drag against the floor when you try to leave him in the crowd alone

               -“Saeran I need to go do something!” “Oh no, you are NOT leaving me alone with ALL THESE PEOPLE”

               -You did leave him alone though, and he is LIVID.

               -He planned on not talking to you for the remainder of the night because of it. Maybe he’d keep up the silent treatment until tomorrow. Who knows?

               -The loud music started to play and he already hated everything about this

               -He watched as a few women walked out on stage, each in a progressively more revealing outfit

               -Until his arms unfolded when he saw you in this sexy bra and panties set

               -Matching them to the large wings hanging behind you

               -Immediately snapping photos on his phone for later blackmail

               - and also using them as research references to get those outfits for later

               - practically pounces you behind the stage, attacking your whole body in kisses


fucking--gorgeous  asked:

Could you give some tips on chapter pacing? Specifically, I'm wondering if it's too confusing to have chapters pick up immediately or very shortly after the last left off. (I'm writing YA and really doubt anybody wants 12k word chapters, but of course I don't want my readers to get lost.)

There’s a few different ways to handle pacing. Personally, I’ve put my own twist on the scene/sequel method. Google “scene sequel”, read through a bunch of those results, and see what speaks to you.

Since I struggle with pacing, I came up with my own hack because 

  1. I don’t write in order, and, 
  2. I hate writing formal outlines.

It’s a combo of scene/sequel and good old plot diagram because overstuffed chapters are a symptom of an overstuffed plot for me. I’m going to use my screenplay as an example because it’s what I’m working on, but this also works for novels and short stories.

First, think about how many pages or words you want your piece to have. It’s a little different for every genre, so use what’s appropriate for your story. In my case, I wanted my script to be 94 pages, so I made three folders for the beginning, middle and end, and included a target page count.

Yes, those numbers add up to 101 pages, but Scrivener adds a lot of white space it removed when it compiles screenplays so I accounted for that.

Next, I knew my inciting event should happen within the first 5 pages and the midpoint would have to be around page 47, and so I put little flags in to represent them.

If you’re writing a story, you might want to break down that first chapter a bit more so you can know you need to hit the inciting event by say, page 4.

With those guidelines in place, I write. When I want to check my progress, I select the pages and look at the page count in the bottom, using the flags as the measuring stick.

If you don’t use Scrivener, you can do something similar in your word processor of choice. Make a bit of text like ===END STARTS HERE Page 120=== or ===MIDPOINT STARTS HERE 75=== OR using headings/styles if you’re comfortable with those. Whatever you choose, be consistent! When you want to check where you are, “find” (command or control F depending if you’re on Mac or PC) the ===, and it’ll take you to that page.

Page count would likely be easier if you’re using this as a guide for your rough draft, but word count may be easier if you’re using this to generate your revised draft.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you.

- Graphei

With You

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: fluff

Words: 1313

Summary: Daryl comes home to find you asleep on the couch. He thinks about his future–his future, with you. 

Notes: this takes place around the time Daryl gets the job from Aaron! i didn’t really edit this, but i just found it and thought that it was worth to post. i think we could all use some fluffy Daryl, especially after last week’s episode. enjoy. 

*credit to owner of the gif below*

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7-kiwi  asked:

Hmmm what if he has the wedding but can't invite you as his plus one but takes you to hawaii anyways and then something else happens 🤗

“Whaddya mean I can’t bring her to the wedding?” Harry was beyond frustrated. He hadn’t planned on bringing you because you had planned on visiting your family, but there had since been cancelled. And Harry wasn’t about to leave you by yourself while he’s out having fun at wedding in Hawaii. 

You walked in just as Harry threw his phone on the bed. It hit the headboard which you were afraid might have broken it, but it didn’t seem to phase Harry at all. “H, what’s wrong?”

“They won’t let me take yeh to the wedding. Said it’s too late.”

“Well H, it is kinda late. It’s okay, I don’t mind staying here while you’re gone.” It really didn’t bother you, it’s not like you knew the couple or anything. You sat down on the bed, checking his phone since he didn’t seem to be worried about it. 

“Ugh, I just want yeh with me.” He was pacing around the room, running his hands through his hair. When he stopped pacing and looked at you. “I have an idea. Why don’t yeh come with me to Hawaii? Yeh can’t go to the wedding, but we could still have our own fun.” 

Hmm, well you’d always wanted to go, but would it be weird since he’s going to a wedding? Well maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. It’d give you some time to relax and let all your stress go. “Darling? Would you want to do that?”

“Huh, oh yeah that’d be great!” Instead of saying anything he ran over to give you a hug. Harry helped you back since he had all of his stuff together. Packing was always such a pain in the ass. You always felt the need to pack more than needed because god forbid you be without something. 


Landing in Hawaii, you could believe how spectacular everything was.  Pictures did not do it justice. Harry didn’t seem to impressed, then again he’d traveled the world, it probably gets tiring after a while. 

You didn’t think it could be anymore beautiful until you arrived at the hotel. Harry had of course had booked the suite which had a few overlooking the beach. “It’s beautiful, H.”

“Not as beautiful as yeh.”

“So cheesy H,” but it still made you smile. He may by cheesy, but at least he loves you and doesn’t have a problem showing it. Walking out onto the balcony, you leaned up against the railing, letting the breeze kiss you. 

The next day Harry was getting ready for the wedding. You were a little upset that you weren’t able to go, but of course you understand the late notice. Last night you’d decided that you would spend the day relaxing on the beach. 

Since you didn’t have anywhere to be, you fell back asleep after he left. By the time you woke up, it was mid afternoon, the sun was shining through the huge window, and you were ready to lay out on the beach. 

The beach wasn’t too crowded thankfully. It was so relaxing that you actually fell asleep. Much to your dismay because waking up being burnt to a crisp was not fun. Stopping at the shop in the hotel to grab some aloe to hopefully take some of the pain away. 

Harry wasn’t back already, much to your dismay. Trying to put aloe on your back by yourself was more difficult that you could imagine. Harry came home just in time to help with the middle of your back. You asked him how the wedding went, hoping he’d had a better time than you did. And by intoxication he did. 

He stated it went well and was happy to be a part of it. Of course he missed you more though. You told him you day went well except for the sunburn. He flopped down on the bed after stripping down to his boxers. “Well I missed yeh. Wish yeh could have come with me.” 

“I wish I coulda too,” you say gently sitting down on the bed. “Do ya think we could stay in tomorrow. I don’t want to get anymore burnt.”

“Of course love, anythin’ yeh want.” He went to wrap his arms around, then realized it would probably do more harm than good. Instead he played with your hair, running his fingers through it. “Yeh so beautiful babe. Even when yeh look like a giant tomato.” You swatted him, but couldn’t help but smile. 


The next day Harry and you spent the entire day in the suite. He let you pick all the romantic movies, after giving you shit for it, although you knew he really loved them. Harry had ordered so much food that you thought he’d probably picked one of everything. 

After the third movie had ended, you hopped in shower, turning the water to as cool as you could stand it. Harry joined you soon after, taking the soap and lightly on your skin, trying to keep from hurting you. He turned you to face him, only to grab your head and pull you in for a kiss. Harry let go of the soap so he could grab you with both hands. 

His fingers trailed down your back until he gave your ass a little smack. “Harry!” 

“M’sorry love, your ass is jus’ so smackable.” His lips trailed to your neck. You tried your hardest to fight it since you knew it would hurt like hell with your sunburn. In one swift motion he turned you so you weren’t facing him and had you bent over. You could feel him line up with your center. 

He thrusted his entire length at once, but not moving, giving you time to adjust. When he thought he’d given you enough time, he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting in again. You loved being fucked slowly, it was so intimate. There was just something glorious about being able to feel every inch of him. 

Even though his pace was slow, your high was building until you couldn’t take it anymore. Your clenching caused Harry to come soon after. After both of you caught your breath, he pulled out, giving both of you a quick wash before shutting of the water and helping you out of the tub. 

Reaching for a towel he dried himself off first then proceeded to help you. When he was almost done, he stared at you, not being able to stop. You had no idea why because you were pretty sure you looked a hot mess. “Marry me?”

That brought you out of your thoughts. Wait did he just ask to marry him? You were dumb founded. Of course you wanted to marry him, but you hadn’t expected him to ask so soon or why both of you were standing naked in the bathroom. “Did yeh hear me? Will yeh marry me? I know this isn’t the most romantic and I know I should planned somethin’”

You stopped him mid sentence with a kiss. Realizing that you’d not actually answered him, you pulled away looking into his eyes. “OF course I’ll marry you Harry!!” Both of you stood there holding on to each other not saying a word, just soaking in the moment. This may have not been how you were expecting to be proposed to, but it was definitely perfect. No matter how Harry would have proposed the answer would always be yes. The two of you spent the rest of night in bed discussing what type of wedding you both wanted. 

Finally ➳ Dean Ambrose

Fandom: WWE

Pairing(s): Dean Ambrose x Reader

Prompt/Summary:  With Nikki and John getting engaged, you begin feeling a little jealous that all your friends are beginning to settle down and start their own families, while you and Dean have been together almost 12 years and marriage hasn’t ever been mentioned between the two of you.

Word Count: 2,251

A/N:  So I definitely got carried if you guys can’t tell from the word count, but I actually like this one. Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any requests, send them in ^_^


Originally posted by toosweetme

“Ooh I think that’s Nikki and Brie,” I told Nattie, Eva, and Trin as the doorbell rang. I hopped out of the pool, wrapped a towel around myself before making my way to the front door, “Babes!”

“Hey booo,” Nikki replied, smiling as I motioned them in.

“Hey Y/N,” Brie smiled, giving me a hug after Nikki.

“Come on, the girls are already outback,” I closed the front door and began my way outback with the girls, “look who’s finally here.”

Nikki and Brie greeted the other girls, before stripping down to their swimsuits, and joining the rest of us girls in the shallow end of the pool.

“Damnn Brie, look at you,” I whistled teasingly as Brie laughed and fake swatted at us. We all got drinks and sat on the steps of my pool, easily making conversation. Being on different brands, or having different lives, us girls didn’t get together a lot anymore.

“Nikki, I want a close up of this ring. I haven’t had a chance to see it,” I pouted, walking over to the recently engaged woman, who willingly held out her hand. I sat my drink down, and grabbed her hand, looking at the 5 carat engagement ring, “Wow, it’s so gorgeous. I’m so happy for you, love.”

“Thank you, doll,” She replied, smiling and giving me a short hug, “It’s just so crazy honestly. I’m still in shock over it.”

“It’s so crazy like we’re all at that point in our lives where we’re all finally settling down with our men,” Eva said, and everyone nodded in agreement, well except me. It honestly made me kinda jealous that all the girls were getting serious, or were ready to start a family while the marriage topic hasn’t even came up between Dean and I.

“Well everyone except for me,” I chuckled dryly, the girls sending me looks as I did.

I have been dating Dean Ambrose for almost 12 years now. We met when we were both in the independent circuit, during his Mox days. Our first official meeting was through his old trainer, someone who had also trained me. That’s when our friendship bloomed, which turned into a little more than friendship.

When our relationship became public, a lot of people thought that our relationship wouldn’t even make it past the six month mark. Yet here we are, almost 12 years later, still together, and in WWE now. Although the relationship hasn’t been the easiest, it’s been worth it. Distance and injuries were the main reason for the problems between us. Then there was Dean, who was called up to NXT before me, and worked his way onto the main roster. I was very proud of him for it, but our schedules were really hectic that we barely seen each other than.

Eventually I made a big enough name for myself on the Indies, and was offered a contract for NXT. I was there for about a year and a half, before they moved me up to the main roster after becoming the longest NXT Women’s Champion, and most undefeated women there.

“Has he ever mentioned marriage to you?” questioned Brie.

“No,” I replied, sulking a bit, “I mean when I was still in the Indies, we did talk about how he really didn’t want to get married, but we haven’t talked about it since. I’ve kinda given up hope on it.”

“You sound like me before John proposed,” Nikki joked, earning a chuckle from all the girls who agreed, “but maybe he’s planning on asking you?”

“Nah, he’s not good at keeping secrets so I’d know if he was. I really don’t think about it anymore,” I shook my head, pursing my lips a bit.

That was a lie - I thought about it a lot more than I’d like to admit. A lot of my friends have been getting engaged, or starting their own families, and they’ve only been dating for a few years, nothing like the 12 years Dean and I have. I know that being married, and having kids isn’t as glamorous as it looks on TV, but it’s what I’ve always wanted. A husband, kids, a house of my own, and a couple animals running around. Right now, I only have the own house and a couple animals running around.

“I’m sure he’ll propose, just have some hope,” Nattie said, and I shrugged smiling.

“I have a man who loves me, I’m grateful enough for that,” I replied, honestly.

“Y/N, John and me are proof miracles happen. Don’t give up,” Nikki told me, giving me a side hug.

“I’m not holding my breath,” I chuckled, “I’m gonna go grab another drink, anyone else want one?”

Once the girls replied, I jumped from the steps and made my way inside.

// 3rd POV //

“Someone needs to talk to Dean,” Eva said once Y/N went inside to grab drinks.

“They need to talk fast then, because Y/N and Dean deserve to get married. After all the bullshit they’ve been through, they’ve gotten past it, and not many people do, especially in this line of work,” Brie added.

“I’ll talk to him,” Nikki said, with a nod of her head and look in her eyes, just as Y/N walked back, arms full with the drinks.

“Dean!” Nikki called out to the lunatic who was hanging with Seth and Roman before their match, who turned to look at the 5’6 woman.


“We need to talk,” She huffed, crossing her arms.



“Did something happen? Is she okay?” Dean slightly panicked.

“She’s fine,” Nikki said, trying to reassure the man.

“What is there to talk about then?” He trailed off, very confused.

“Do you ever plan on marrying Y/N?” Nikki asked, crossing her arms as she got straight to the point, shocking Dean.

“Wha-what?” He coughed, choking on his own saliva, as Roman and Seth shook with laughter, “Of course I do, why ya asking?”

“Well, it’s been almost 12 years so,” She replied back, staring him dead in the eyes, “so forgive me if it’s hard to believe.”

“I get that,” He replied, “it’s not that I don’t want too, I do.”

“Then why haven’t you man? You two have been together for almost 12 years man, no one stays together that long and still in love as they were back then,” Roman spoke up, Seth and Nikki quickly agreeing.

“I want it to be perfect,” Dean replied, “After everything we’ve been through, she deserves the absolute best. I’ve looked at some rings, but I can never find the right one for her.”

“Hm okay well I’ll help you. We will make it perfect for her,” Nikki smiled, “Tomorrow morning, we will go ring shopping. I’ll make sure Brie, Nattie and Trin keep Y/N busy tomorrow. You know, we might just have you propose tomorrow too.”

“Uh tomorrow?” Dean asked, eyes wide.

“Yes tomorrow,” Nikki rolled her eyes, “Dean, you guys have been together for almost 12 years already. It’s time to get your ass in gear, and propose.”

The next morning Dean got up earlier than normal, leaving you a note that he went to hang with Roman and Seth, but instead he met up with Nikki, going to the local mall. While Brie, Trin, and Nattie took you out for another girls day, making sure to keep you away from the mall.

“I have no idea which one to get,” Dean let out a sigh, rubbing his eyes after twenty minutes of ring shopping, “How am I supposed to know which one is the right one for her?”

“Dean, you could give her a ring pop and she’d still love it,” Nikki laughed, nudging Dean who chuckled under his breath, “Ooh what about that one?”

Nikki pointed to a medium size oval cut diamond, on a rose gold brand with diamonds halfway around the brand.

“That’s the one,” Dean said, smiling.

“Let’s go buy the ring then,” Nikki squealed in  excitement as they flagged down a employee, “Now text her and tell her you are taking her out tonight, then bam you propose. For now, let’s plan tonight though.”

// Back to 1st POV //

Hey Darlin’, hope you’re enjoying your girls day, sorry I couldn’t hang with you. I’ll make it up to you by cooking you dinner tonight. Come home around 8 x

“That’s surprising,” I murmured, after getting Deans text.

“What is surprising?” asked Trin.

“Dean is cooking dinner for me tonight. He hates cooking,” I laughed, not noticing the excited looks Brie, Trin and Nattie sent each other.

“Well I think we should get you a new outfit for tonight then,” Brie announced, with an excited smile.

“I think we should too,” I smiled, before we finished our lunch.

The rest of the day we spent shopping, it felt weird without Nikki being as she’s my best friend, but she wasn’t feeling so good so she stayed home. I eventually found an army green dress with a slit, with matching heels. It wasn’t fancy, but it wasn’t all causal. Since I couldn’t exactly go home, I went over to Trins’ house so the girls could do my makeup and so i could get around.

“Thank you girls,” I told them once we were done.

“Have fun tonight babygirl,” Trin smiled, waving with Brie and Nattie as I walked out to my car and headed to my house.

// Skip Car Ride //

“Wow,” was the first thing that came out of Dean’s mouth after he opened our front door, “Darlin’ you look gorgeous.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I teased, even though it was true. Dean was wearing his usual jeans, but he paired them with a nice black dress shirt. Dean held out his hand, and I slipped mine into his, stepping into our house as he closed the door. He, then, led me out to the backyard, where fairy lights were set up with a few candles on the table, as soft music played in the background.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful,” I breathed out in awe, “Dean, what is all this for?”

“I realized that in the 12 years we’ve been together, I haven’t really done anything romantic for you, and you really deserve this,” Dean shrugged his shoulders, and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Well, thank you so much baby, I love it,” I placed a kiss on his lower jaw. I took a closer look at the table, and noticed my favorite food.

“And I have your favorite dessert in the fridge inside,” He added, after noticing me staring at the table.

“My favorite dessert is right in front of me though,” I pouted, looking up at him, and he grinned.

“You’ll get this dessert later darlin’,” I let out a little laugh at his reply, before we went to eat dinner.

The dinner went by flawlessly, and so did the dessert. The conversation flowed greatly, us just making jokes, or relieving memories. It was just a great time, being on the main roster of WWE, we didn’t get a lot of down time together anymore.

“Ooh I love this song,” I said, just as my favorite song by P!nk came on. Dean stood up, offered his hand which I gladly took, and stood up with him, “You are full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

“You deserve tonight,” He replied, as we began slow dancing, “I really love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Dean,” I smiled up at the love of my life.

“No like I’m so fucking in love with you, Y/N. I’m not good at this romantic shit, so bare with me,” He joked, making me let out a laugh, “You are the love of my life. You’ve stuck with me through a lot of shit that most wouldn’t. And I, uh, can’t thank you enough for sticking with me. I should’ve done this a long time ago, but I wanted it to be perfect for you.”

After Dean said that, he let me go and got down on one knee. I gasped, covering my mouth as I felt tears weld up.

“Y/N, will you make me the happiest man alive, and be my wife?” He asked, and I nodded my head as tears began to fall.

“Of course I will,” I replied, sniffling as Dean slipped the ring on. Once it was on, I grabbed his head and brought his lips to mine, “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much more,” He murmured against my lips as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Now I think someone promised me some certain dessert?” I teased, pulling back, as a smirk spread across his face.

“Anything for my bride-to-be,” Dean smirked, and the next thing I was over his shoulder, squealing as he slapped my ass.

Brat Taming - Pt. 1

Genre: Smut

Length: 1,000+ words

Kinks: Dom/Switch! Namjoon, Switch/Brat! Reader, exhibitionism(???), mainly just dirty talk~

I was going to write it just in one go; one full part, but I’m currently sick and since I’ve been lacking a ton, I wanted to get more content out for y’all  💙 P.S. I apologize for slacking so much, and if this fic is “meh” compared to my others.

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Namjoon had gotten you so accustomed to having every ounce of his attention. Even while he was busy with his hectic ass work schedule he still pampered you as much as possible. 

Though the two of you loved it, it all sort of just lead to you becoming quite the brat. 

You laid there in the bedroom you shared with him; at the dorm he shared with his friends, in one of his sweaters that fit you just a little too big, a black skirt, and stripped thigh highs. Namjoon was currently in the living room with his friends playing video games, ya know just having guy time.

It didn’t bother you of course, because what kind of girlfriend would you be if you got upset at your boyfriend for hanging out with his friends. You tried to contain yourself, but you just wanted cuddles and kisses that you came up with a little plan…just to entice him a bit.

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joz-stankovich  asked:

HCs for RFA + Saeran's wedding day with MC. Like what sort of theme/colours? Is it fancy and planned down to the last detail or spur of the moment sort of thing? (Btw I loooove this blog~)


  • They want something modest, but not “little,” ya feel?
  • Something cute that everyone will remember forever, but nothing over the top.
  • Of course with their income, they’re a little scared of spending too much money, but they make it work.
  • They have their wedding in a big garden. Flowers, outdoors, sunshine, good stuff.
  • Just enough room for the RFA and some other close friends to move about and have fun and enjoy the scenery.
  • Colors are white and gold, and there’s lanterns everywhere.
  • Of course Zen is extra and wears a white tux w some sort of gold embroidery. If MC wears a suit, it’s white too, just toned down a bit. If MC wears a dress, it’s fluffy with some gold designs on the bodice and dripping a bit into the skirt.
  • They’d have the reception at sunset so that afterwards, the only light is coming from the sky, the fairy lights strung around the bush walls, and lanterns hung everywhere.
  • There’s a DJ and everyone’s having a good time,,,,, You just cant go wrong with the cha cha slide
  • Cake made out of cupcakes!


  • MC’s and Jaehee’s wedding is pretty small.
  • It’s them, the RFA, and a priest all gathered together in a church.
  • Although they were engaged for a few years and figured they’d just plan a wedding eventually, that didn’t happen.
  • They have nice wedding rings though.
  • Even though there’s not anything fancy, they both wear “proper” attire.
  • Jaehee’s dress barely reaches the floor and she has a pink ribbon around the waist. If MC wears a dress, it goes to just past her knees and has a yellow ribbon around the waist. MC’s suit is the same concept, except obviously, pants.
  • After the reception, they go out to a hella fancy lunch because Jumin everyone chipped in.
  • Because they spent so little money on the wedding itself, they had one hell of a honeymoon.


  • Their ideal wedding was something fun with both their close friends and family. 
  • Originally, there were like 50 people invited. At the actual wedding, there’s about 100 people.
  • Yoosung’s parents kept inviting family that Yoosung hadn’t seen in 20+ years and when there was the complaint that they’d have to switch to a bigger venue and buy more food, his parents offered to pay for the change in price. With that, they decided to just keep inviting more people.
  • It’s not the only choice available, but adults are offered chicken nuggets and french fries as their meal.
  • The wedding’s a good balance of traditional and fun. They may or may not have gotten the theme idea at the renaissance faire.
  • They never actually named the theme, but it’s a sort of medieval fantasy, knight and prince/ss thing.
  • The cake is white and “elegant,” but there’s some dragons scattered throughout, looking like they’re climbing up to the top of the cake. At the top, there’s a mini Yoosung with a sword and MC with a bow and arrows, ready to fight the dragons.
  • Yoosung’s tux is grey and white. If MC wears a suit, it’s grey and navy blue. If MC wears a dress, it’s very renaissance-princess-esque. 
  • Little fairies scattered around the venue are mostly there for shits and giggles, but since there’s so many kids there, its turned into a game. Whoever can collect the most by the end of the night gets a three foot stuffed dragon as a prize.


  • Honestly, neither of them know half of the guests. They were just names that were important for some reason and they got an invitation. 
  • This is like, one of those dream weddings you see on the covers of bridal magazines.
  • Jumin’s suit is grey/black and his tie is a really, really light pink color. If MC wears a dress, its long and white, with a significant amount of train + the bodice and sleeves are lace. If MC wears a tux, it’s a light grey/beige color with a pastel purple tie. Either way, its a yin/yang thing.
  • Color theme is mostly cream-ish colors.
  • Cake is obviously huge and fancy. They have left overs for a week.
  • “Jesus, Jumin, how much was all of this wine and why is everyone you know always drunk?”
    • Hell if he knows,,,,,, He’s gonna get drunk too and so is MC, nobody can stop him.
  • Indoor wedding, candles at every table, no actual lights, but lanterns are all over the place too.


  • Okay, so they couldn’t actually get married in the space station, so they have to settle.
  • Wedding in the observatory, hell y e.
  • It’s a small thing. Just the two of them, the RFA, Vanderwood, and the guy (who may or may not be a priest?????? Nobody checked oops) who makes it official.
  • Saeyoung’s suit is black, but has some little embroidery constellations. MC’s dress is white and goes to about mid calf, but there’s a layer of sparkly tulle on top. If MC wears a suit, they match with Saeyoung.
  • They get married on the night of a meteor shower so that they can go have a picnic outside and watch afterwards.
  • Apparently you can get super fancy food delivered to an observatory.
  • They borrow a huuuuuge trampoline and everyone brings blankets so they can lay out on it and watch the sky. Everyone ends up leaving at some point during the night, but Saeyoung and MC wake up cuddled together on the trampoline when the sun comes up.


  • Technically they get married in one of those drive-thru wedding things, in a spur of the moment situation, but one day Saeran wants a ceremony.
  • It’s simple and really small. Outdoors in the sun, surrounded by sky and nature.
  • It’s the two of them + someone to read from a book and make it feel official.
  • Saeran’s suit would be a creamy color with a pastel pink tie and MC’s would match, but they have a pastel yellow tie. MC’s dress barely reaches the floor and is very simple, but she has a yellow ribbon around the waist.
Daddy Daze - The Dentist

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Requested by: @eoreum

1/3 Hi ya! I love your fluffy one shots! Since your requests are open, Can I request bucky x reader one shot where the reader has to take her husband bucky and 5 year old son james jr to the dentist. Of course little james is all scared. 2/3 And what makes things worse is that big james is scared of dentist too. The chair kind of remind him of that of hydra’s. But not like it causes panic attack or something. he just wants to avoid it.  3/3 So big james and little james are being all pouty, needy and whinny together. And that drive reader crazy. And fluffy ending maybe? Bucky acting like a big child is cute and funny I think. Lol. Thanks Julia!😘

A/n:Tagging for my permanent list as well as Daddy Daze is open. Also so are requests.

“Mommy can I go to Maggie’s house tomorrow after school?”  James asked as you were placing the final bits of dinner on the table.  He pulled out the chair that was between you and Bucky.

“No sweetie. Maybe next week.”  You give him an apologetic smile and start piling food on the plates you had set in front of you.

Bucky sat in his seat and gave you a frown.  It wasn’t often you told James he couldn’t go to Steve’s.  “It’s Friday tomorrow doll, I think it’ll be okay.”

“He can’t Buck.  James has a dentist appointment.”  You serve your boys and sit down to eat dinner giving them soft smiles.

“Sorry bud, you got to go to the dentist.  It’s important.  Gotta keep those teeth looking good or else no girl will wanna kiss ya.”  Bucky smiled at his son’s appalled face.  Giving you a sly grin and wink he puckers his lips at you.

“I don’t wanna go and I don’t want no girls kissin’ on me.”  He pouts and crosses his arms looking at his father.

You look across the table at Bucky and give him a smile, shaking your head at his actions. “I’m glad you agree my love.  Cause you have an appointment too.”

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What the Storm Brings

Ivar x Reader series

Summary: Another ship full of slaves. Or was it? Queen Aslaug was up all night, visions plaguing her. Visions of a she-wolf beside her Ivar.

It was the sudden calm over the water. The winds had died down. Animals grew quiet and cowered in their stalls. Not really anyone else noticed, most too consumed with their jobs. She noticed. She read the signs of a storm.

Sure enough, black clouds crept towards Kattegat in the eve. The queen watched the approaching tempest sullenly. There was nothing ordinary about this disturbance. Thunder cracked like Thor hammering his way through the clouds.

Something was coming. Aslaug knew. 

That night she had visions of azure eyes staring down at her. 

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torreys-husband  asked:

For the angst text fic PRINXIETY, Virgil finding out at one point prince only got with him because of a dare and was gonna leave him, but he fell in love... Bringing the cliches

ooh this one hurts

human au cos i think it fits better


Virgil 🖤 1:01am
so when the fuck were u gonna tell me that dating me was a dare

Roman 💛1:02am
What are you even talking about? Virgil it is one in the morning, and we have early classes tomorrow. go to sleep.

Virgil 🖤1:04am
cut the crap Roman. Logan & Patton told me everything. ur shitty theater friend dared u to ask me out and that’s the only fucking reason we’re dating

Roman 💛 1:05am
Love.. I promise that’s not the only reason we’re dating. yes, i was dared, but i fell in love with you! i promise that’s true.

Roman 💛 1:08am
Virgil, please.

Virgil 🖤 1:11am
why the fuck should i believe u

Roman 💛1:12am
cos i love you Virgil !

Virgil 🖤1:13am
yeah and i can’t believe that now, Roman

Roman 💛1:14am
what exactly did Patton & Logan tell you

Virgil 🖤1:17am
they said they overheard u playing truth or dare with ur theater friends at one of ur stupid parties. “Hey Roman I dare you to ask that weird emo kid out. I think he likes you. Man, that would be hilarious.” , “Oh, Virgil? I don’t know guys.” , “You gotta take the dare.” , “Yeah, okay. But im not staying with him.” , “Of course not.” or something like that. u never wanted to fucking date me, Roman. fuck off with ur “im in love with you” bullshit. bye.

Roman 💛1:19am
Virgil I’m so so sorry. please talk to me.

Roman 💛1:21am
i shouldn’t have taken the dare. i shouldn’t have hurt you like this, but i promise i love you. i love you more than you could ever know.

Roman 💛1:23am
i fell in love with your snarky comments and dark humor. i fell in love with your mischievous smirks and the adorable giggles you try to stifle. i even fell in love with your dark emo style cos it’s so uniquely you and im so fucking sorry okay? please forgive me. i want to be with you, and i promise ill never do something as stupid as the fucking dare ever again. please, little prince?

Roman 💛1:26am
please, Virgil. i love you so much. ik i said i shouldn’t have done that stupid dare, but it was honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. it was shitty yeah, but it gave me you.

Virgil 🖤1:28am
u really mean all of that?

Roman 💛1:29am
every last word. i love you, and i do regret hurting you deeply.

Virgil 🖤1:31am
well fuck i love u too u idiot. but im not letting u off that easy

Roman 💛1:33am
that’s understandable. ill do whatever it takes to make it up to you, my love.

Virgil 🖤1:35am
well u can start with buying me coffee before class tomorrow im gonna be fucking dead

Roman 💛1:36am
it would be my pleasure, dear. you should really try to sleep now.

Virgil 🖤1:38am
idk if i can im still a little shaken up

Roman 💛1:40am
from what? oh dear did you have an anxiety attack?

Virgil 🖤1:42am
yeah but im fine

Roman 💛1:43am
oh, my love. im so sorry. do you want me to sneak over to your dorm?

Virgil 🖤1:45am
idk Logan might want to kill me if u do. he stayed up late studying

Virgil 🖤1:45am
just be really quiet. that dumb nerd needs to sleep

Roman 💛1:47am
of course. ill be right over. i love you my dear emo 💖

Virgil 🖤1:48am
yeah yeah i love u too Princey. see ya in a min xx


idek if this is good or exactly what you wanted but hey i tried

✨send me a sanders sides ship & a texting prompt✨

Breathe into my hands, I’ll cup them like a glass to drink from 5/15

Eddie Kaspbrak is not gay. He doesn’t care what his mother, his girlfriend, or those assholes at school say. Just because he has Elton John posters doesn’t mean he wants to hold hands with boys. And just because he doesn’t like to kiss his girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s gay. He just doesn’t like germs.

He couldn’t believe his mother was sending him to True Directions. He doesn’t need to learn how to be straight. He just wants to have a fun summer before going off to college.

He definitely isn’t prepared for Richie Tozier to come into his life like a whirlwind and blow all of these pre conceived notions out of his mind and turn his whole life upside down.

But I’m a Cheerleader AU <3 Title is from the most iconic scene in lesbian cinematic history imo

Read on Ao3

YO thank you so much for your patience, you literal ANGELS! This chapter has given me so much trouble! I’ll try to get the rest of them out a bit more regularly :)

tag list: @richietoaster  @i-dont-floss @im-not-psychotic @ephemeralprince @chaosdarlingchaos

If you want to be on the tag list, just shoot me an ask/message and let me know! I’ll be more than happy to add you!

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Chapter 5: Step Two: Rediscovering Your Gender Identity

Eddie was so relieved that the first week of True Directions had come to a close. In seven weeks, he would be normal and could leave this place and never have to see Richard Tozier again. Eddie hated his stupid big mouth and his aggressively lanky body and his annoying laugh. Richie had spent the rest of the week tormenting him with those goddamn flashcards, and he couldn’t believe that Mary had stuck the two of them together.

In an effort to stay as far away from Richie as possible outside of required “buddy activities”, Eddie had started spending more and more time with Stan, and by extension it seemed, Bill. Saturday morning found them walking towards the woods with Stan excitedly talking about the birds that were native to this area of Maine and what they should be looking out for.

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