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joz-rose  asked:

HCs for RFA + Saeran's wedding day with MC. Like what sort of theme/colours? Is it fancy and planned down to the last detail or spur of the moment sort of thing? (Btw I loooove this blog~)


  • They want something modest, but not “little,” ya feel?
  • Something cute that everyone will remember forever, but nothing over the top.
  • Of course with their income, they’re a little scared of spending too much money, but they make it work.
  • They have their wedding in a big garden. Flowers, outdoors, sunshine, good stuff.
  • Just enough room for the RFA and some other close friends to move about and have fun and enjoy the scenery.
  • Colors are white and gold, and there’s lanterns everywhere.
  • Of course Zen is extra and wears a white tux w some sort of gold embroidery. If MC wears a suit, it’s white too, just toned down a bit. If MC wears a dress, it’s fluffy with some gold designs on the bodice and dripping a bit into the skirt.
  • They’d have the reception at sunset so that afterwards, the only light is coming from the sky, the fairy lights strung around the bush walls, and lanterns hung everywhere.
  • There’s a DJ and everyone’s having a good time,,,,, You just cant go wrong with the cha cha slide
  • Cake made out of cupcakes!


  • MC’s and Jaehee’s wedding is pretty small.
  • It’s them, the RFA, and a priest all gathered together in a church.
  • Although they were engaged for a few years and figured they’d just plan a wedding eventually, that didn’t happen.
  • They have nice wedding rings though.
  • Even though there’s not anything fancy, they both wear “proper” attire.
  • Jaehee’s dress barely reaches the floor and she has a pink ribbon around the waist. If MC wears a dress, it goes to just past her knees and has a yellow ribbon around the waist. MC’s suit is the same concept, except obviously, pants.
  • After the reception, they go out to a hella fancy lunch because Jumin everyone chipped in.
  • Because they spent so little money on the wedding itself, they had one hell of a honeymoon.


  • Their ideal wedding was something fun with both their close friends and family. 
  • Originally, there were like 50 people invited. At the actual wedding, there’s about 100 people.
  • Yoosung’s parents kept inviting family that Yoosung hadn’t seen in 20+ years and when there was the complaint that they’d have to switch to a bigger venue and buy more food, his parents offered to pay for the change in price. With that, they decided to just keep inviting more people.
  • It’s not the only choice available, but adults are offered chicken nuggets and french fries as their meal.
  • The wedding’s a good balance of traditional and fun. They may or may not have gotten the theme idea at the renaissance faire.
  • They never actually named the theme, but it’s a sort of medieval fantasy, knight and prince/ss thing.
  • The cake is white and “elegant,” but there’s some dragons scattered throughout, looking like they’re climbing up to the top of the cake. At the top, there’s a mini Yoosung with a sword and MC with a bow and arrows, ready to fight the dragons.
  • Yoosung’s tux is grey and white. If MC wears a suit, it’s grey and navy blue. If MC wears a dress, it’s very renaissance-princess-esque. 
  • Little fairies scattered around the venue are mostly there for shits and giggles, but since there’s so many kids there, its turned into a game. Whoever can collect the most by the end of the night gets a three foot stuffed dragon as a prize.


  • Honestly, neither of them know half of the guests. They were just names that were important for some reason and they got an invitation. 
  • This is like, one of those dream weddings you see on the covers of bridal magazines.
  • Jumin’s suit is grey/black and his tie is a really, really light pink color. If MC wears a dress, its long and white, with a significant amount of train + the bodice and sleeves are lace. If MC wears a tux, it’s a light grey/beige color with a pastel purple tie. Either way, its a yin/yang thing.
  • Color theme is mostly cream-ish colors.
  • Cake is obviously huge and fancy. They have left overs for a week.
  • “Jesus, Jumin, how much was all of this wine and why is everyone you know always drunk?”
    • Hell if he knows,,,,,, He’s gonna get drunk too and so is MC, nobody can stop him.
  • Indoor wedding, candles at every table, no actual lights, but lanterns are all over the place too.


  • Okay, so they couldn’t actually get married in the space station, so they have to settle.
  • Wedding in the observatory, hell y e.
  • It’s a small thing. Just the two of them, the RFA, Vanderwood, and the guy (who may or may not be a priest?????? Nobody checked oops) who makes it official.
  • Saeyoung’s suit is black, but has some little embroidery constellations. MC’s dress is white and goes to about mid calf, but there’s a layer of sparkly tulle on top. If MC wears a suit, they match with Saeyoung.
  • They get married on the night of a meteor shower so that they can go have a picnic outside and watch afterwards.
  • Apparently you can get super fancy food delivered to an observatory.
  • They borrow a huuuuuge trampoline and everyone brings blankets so they can lay out on it and watch the sky. Everyone ends up leaving at some point during the night, but Saeyoung and MC wake up cuddled together on the trampoline when the sun comes up.


  • Technically they get married in one of those drive-thru wedding things, in a spur of the moment situation, but one day Saeran wants a ceremony.
  • It’s simple and really small. Outdoors in the sun, surrounded by sky and nature.
  • It’s the two of them + someone to read from a book and make it feel official.
  • Saeran’s suit would be a creamy color with a pastel pink tie and MC’s would match, but they have a pastel yellow tie. MC’s dress barely reaches the floor and is very simple, but she has a yellow ribbon around the waist.
Headcanon #126

Hanzo had asked Jesse what was the one thing he always wanted. If it was something that he could purchase, he’d get it for the cowboy in a heartbeat.

Jesse: “Ya really wanna know?”

Hanzo: “Of course Jesse, I would love to know what it is.”

Jesse: “,,,A family.”

Hanzo: “…Pardon?”

Jesse: “It’s what I’ve always wanted. I know it’s stupid, considering that I’m too old to ask for a mom and dad. I just kinda wanted to know what it’s like being in a family. And considering us doing this line of work, there’s no time for me to even start a family. Let alone if I even live that long.”

Hanzo couldn’t really disagree with them. With all the missions they do to help protect the world, there’s no doubt that they would have the time to start a family. This was something he could not give to Jesse. Though he came up with an idea that’d just might bring comfort to the cowboy.

Hanzo: “What kind of family did you dream of?”

Jesse: “The kind where they welcome you with warm arms. The kind where there’s always a warm meal waiting for you. The kind where you can all the warm hugs you want. The kind… where they don’t make you worry about surviving the next day. The kind where you can sleep without being scared of someone being next to you. The kind where they actually want you. The kind… where… they notice you exist. The kind where… you’re their family and not a tool. That’s the kind of family I dream of.”

Hanzo: “I see… That does sound like a dream family to have… Had we met each other when were but young children. I believe my father would have adopted you on the spot. That rambunctious personality is very endearing.”

Jesse: “Oh? What do you think would happen if I barged into your family?”

Hanzo: “You wold cause nothing but mayhem with Genji. You’d eat so much of our culture’s food. I would yell and scold you for all the nonsensical crap you’d put me through. You’d help me bring Genji home from one of his drunken outings. You’d… keep me on straight path. You’d stop me from doing something foolish. And you’d…. make me fall in love with you.”

Jesse: “I would, wouldn’t I? And if your old man ever did find me, you’d think he’d keep the orphanage I lived in up and running… and keep well protected?”

Hanzo: “Yes, I know he would.”

Jesse: “Heh, thanks darlin’. The lady, who ran it, had done so much for me. It would help her out a lot…. Thanks Hanzo… I mean it… Thank you… For making me happy.”

Dad Reigen and his son Shou (2/2?)

Part 2 here ya go

  • Shou once had Reigen babysit his hamster for a night on short notice while he was off to take care of something
    • he didn’t want to bother ritsu so reigen was his first choice
      • the squeaky wheel drives reigen insane 
        • especially in the middle of the night and he has work tomorrow 
        • shou insists that ham-chan likes it that way
      • shou also insists that they (shou and ham-chan) facetime at least once before bed
        • before bed for shou’s current timezone, not reigen’s 
        • reigen’s flip phone does not support video calling so shou has to settle for low res pics with reigen’s finger in the foreground
  • Shou’s still unsure if Reigen is actually a psychic or not
    • Teru and the 7th division claw speak highly of him and call him “master” and the greatest psychic ever
    • Mob just says that reigen is “a good person” which still doesn’t answer his question
    • Serizawa just smiles and says yes
    • Dimple just snickers and says that they both know what reigen is 
      • ???? 
    • Ritsu is the only one who says otherwise 
      • but he’s biased
    • but all shou sees is almost no freaky esper aura 
      • just a normal one like that of a non esper
        • but maybe he’s hiding it??? 
          • but his guts say otherwise 
    • but then reigen can clearly see dimple and other spirits 
      • and a lot of people he knows respect him
        • mob, the one who took down his father and saved the city, obviously learned from the best
      • but shou has never seen him do anything with his powers
        • but this only further supports how amazing reigen is for not relying on his powers 
          • or that he’s a fr- naaaahh 
  • Shou likes to break into the office every other blue moon to fuck shit up 
    • just turn the desk around ever so slightly 
      • make the bookshelf face the wall
        • nail the rug to the ceiling 
    • y’know stuff like that 
    • reigen plans on giving shou “the talk” until serizawa informs him that there is no psychic residue from shou on the office 
      • shou just did it manually so it’d take longer 
        • to prolong the fun and stall the boredom 
Daddy Daze - The Dentist

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Requested by: @eoreum

1/3 Hi ya! I love your fluffy one shots! Since your requests are open, Can I request bucky x reader one shot where the reader has to take her husband bucky and 5 year old son james jr to the dentist. Of course little james is all scared. 2/3 And what makes things worse is that big james is scared of dentist too. The chair kind of remind him of that of hydra’s. But not like it causes panic attack or something. he just wants to avoid it.  3/3 So big james and little james are being all pouty, needy and whinny together. And that drive reader crazy. And fluffy ending maybe? Bucky acting like a big child is cute and funny I think. Lol. Thanks Julia!😘

A/n:Tagging for my permanent list as well as Daddy Daze is open. Also so are requests.

“Mommy can I go to Maggie’s house tomorrow after school?”  James asked as you were placing the final bits of dinner on the table.  He pulled out the chair that was between you and Bucky.

“No sweetie. Maybe next week.”  You give him an apologetic smile and start piling food on the plates you had set in front of you.

Bucky sat in his seat and gave you a frown.  It wasn’t often you told James he couldn’t go to Steve’s.  “It’s Friday tomorrow doll, I think it’ll be okay.”

“He can’t Buck.  James has a dentist appointment.”  You serve your boys and sit down to eat dinner giving them soft smiles.

“Sorry bud, you got to go to the dentist.  It’s important.  Gotta keep those teeth looking good or else no girl will wanna kiss ya.”  Bucky smiled at his son’s appalled face.  Giving you a sly grin and wink he puckers his lips at you.

“I don’t wanna go and I don’t want no girls kissin’ on me.”  He pouts and crosses his arms looking at his father.

You look across the table at Bucky and give him a smile, shaking your head at his actions. “I’m glad you agree my love.  Cause you have an appointment too.”

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To anyone and everyone who wants more diversity in their YA summer reading:

You should 100% read Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan


-Persian lesbian main character whose voice is absolutely wonderful and charming and achingly real. If you don’t love Leila, you don’t love yourself, tbh.

-other notable lady characters include, but are not limited to: a vampire techie, a gorgeous Jewish athlete who’s having a hard time coping with the loss of her brother, a hot hot literature teacher, and, of course, a mysterious transfer student from Switzerland

-(the dude characters are pretty cool too: a WASPy gay drama queen, a laid-back black dude who loves zombie movies, a loud seventh-grader, and a conservative Persian dad who is distressed about how much hip hop is about butts)

-hilarious lines such as: “I try to keep my mind busy through the silence. Is there chocolate-flavored gum yet? Did I remember to clear my browser history of lesbian folk music sites? I’ve been learning a lot about Ani DiFranco. I don’t even like folk music, but I guess I’d better see what all the fuss is about if I am to join my people.”

-it’s very engaging and not too long: I knocked it off in an afternoon because I couldn’t put it down


-(seriously though I teared up a time or two which isn’t actually that big a deal because I cry over everything but still it’s really good and you should read it)

Just in case you don’t know what having BPD is like…

I have a solid/lovely/long-term bf, 2-5 SDs at any given time, regular clients, and a couple of FWBs. But of course the second my FP (favorite person, aka the unlucky dude I’ve irrationally latched onto) takes ‘too long’ to text back I literally want to die bc I feel unworthy, unattractive, and invalidated. Once he resumes communication everything’s good again. Happy times !!

Oboro, more like Obro, amirite? :’D

I finally managed to up her rarity to 5 star in Heroes, and she’s still a beast lemme tell ya

Unpopular Opinion

One if my unpopular(I guess?) oppions. I ship #johnlock, but after I while I just started thinking about it. I think personally that our fandom is too obsessed with just the IDEA of Johnlock ya know? It’s like the dog that finally caught his tail. He had spend so much time, effort and energy in the idea of catching his tail, but when he did it, it wasn’t like he expected it to be. He’ll be thinking about the things he could do now, but he only wanted to catch his tail. He got extremely bored afterwards, and thus his “life goal” was achieved. Of course not everyone is a Johnlock shipper, but I am 50% sure that, IF Johnlock happends, the fandom will change. It’s not Johnlock that keeps us moving, it’s the idea of Johnlock. Just like the dog and the hunt for it’s tail.

The painfull thing is that the damage is done. I hear some thinking “IF you’re a Johnlock shipper, you can just unship it right?” No no no, it doesn’t work like that. Maybe if you’re just in the fandom but of you’re here for, Mmhh , lets say 1-7 years ( omg FrIkIn 7 years boi) , it will be incredibly hard. Most times Impossible. You’re too attached to the idea. Your brain is so attached to it, that you can’t let it go until it happend. Maybe bc of the Completion Principle. (if you don’t finish a task, you can’t stop thinking sbout it). Works for me. I haven’t finished house md yet. I couldn’t watch the last ep. Now I’m still trying to Watch it for free. I think I like the search more than the actual ep.

L: Torao, I don’t get it. Why are there 1000 people here?

T: I don’t know, Luffy-ya, I don’t know. 



Seriously, I still can’t believe this. Thank you so much. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you guys ! All your support keeps me going to draw ~ I love you guys !! Luffy and Law loves you too ~ <3 

Soo giveaway time? Like the 500 giveaway, I’ll choose a random person who reblogs this and they can ask me to draw anything they want ! Must be following of course, and one piece related only~! Thanks again guys !!) 

anonymous asked:

Any fics where one of them is SUPER protective over the other but not in a unhealthy controlling way but just ensuring their safety and comfort. Ya feel?

i found these -Madi

Abused by stavalive (7/? | 5382 | Not Rated)

Tyler’s parents were always abusive, always have been, probably always will be. Until he meets Josh and his parents, who are he swears the nicest people he’s ever met, Tyler never thought life would get any better for him.

Getting Used To It by semi_automatic (1/1 | 822 | Teen and Up)

“Can we please go home now?”

“Of course, baby boy. I’ll make tea, too. We’ll stay in the rest of the night. Want to watch a movie?”

Keep Your Enemies Closer Then friends by yukiisama3 (1/1 | 5096 | Mature)

“I hate you! I never want to see your face ever again!” Is what Tyler said, two year to his ex-best friend Josh. The year a change of direction makes them not be able to get away from each other, “damn it Patrick, you got me stuck with Josh!”

Companions React to Dogmeat Having Puppies

Request: Hi! Could i have a Fallout 4 companions react to Dogmeat having puppies?I mean not like,him having puppies i mean like being the father to adorable little poof balls. You know what i mean. Thanks! Love ya!

Love you too, anon😊💗

Cait: “Well, damn. Who wouldn’t want one of these fluffy beasties?” Cait couldn’t resist the fuzzy temptation of hugging on of Dogmeat’s puppies. She’d let them lay on her lap at the end of the day and fall asleep with them, but then Cait would deny it in the morning.

Curie: “What adorable puppies! They look just like their father!” Curie would love them all, but probably bond with a specific puppy. She’d insist that she had to take that one home with her, so Sole and Dogmeat of course agree. Curie would bond with her new pet and be nearly inseparable.

Danse: “I should probably get out of my power armor for this, huh?” He would be so scared of stepping on one of these little fluff balls. Danse would be overly gentle with them because he didn’t want to hurt them, even though he was being way too dramatic.

Deacon: “Nice work, Dogmeat! I’m proud of ya!” Deacon would want to name all of the puppies. He’d give them ridiculous names like Dr. McSnuggles or Mayor Pawington, but Sole couldn’t bare to crush Deacon’s heart by rejecting the terrible names.

Dogmeat: “Boof💗” He’d be such a proud puppy daddy! He’d be super protective of his lil babes, so only close friends were allowed to come see until the puppies got older.

Hancock: “Hey, I may look like a chew toy, but I’m not!” The puppies would be all over Hancock, trying to play with him and jump into him. Hancock would eventually just accept his fate and lay down, letting the puppies rampage over his body.

MacCready: “Heh, this one’s kinda cute…” He’d be super embarrassed to let anyone know he’s got a thing for puppies. MacCready would sneak to the puppies at night to play with them, but he’d get caught and go bright red. MacCready is a big softie for little puppers.

Nick Valentine: “Wait! No- stop chewing on my wires!” Nick would be a little grumpy towards the puppies at first, as they would bite in his exposed wires. One puppy even peed on his coat, which caused Nick to be even more annoyed. However, once he saw how happy it made Dogmeat, Sole, and the others, Nick couldn’t help but smile.

Piper: “These are so freaking adorable! I want them all!!” She’d squeal a lot from the cuteness overload. Piper would try to smuggle the puppies with her in her coat pockets, but Dogmeat would sniff them out the second they left his side. She would beg Dogmeat to let her have just one, but he would refuse to give up his babies.

Preston: “Oh my goodness, General… Can I hold one?!” Preston would die from how cute the puppies are. He might even start crying a little bit because of how soft and loving they were. He’d lay down with Dogmeat and his puppies for hours and just love them.

This request was super fluffing adorable😍 I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you have any requests of your own, feel free to leave me an ask! Or if you just wanna say hi!


***Angry Juice is always nice. 👊🏽💋***

“Can you get me another beer babe?” You nodded and stood up, pointing to Jax and Hap. “You guys want one too?” They both nodded and said thank you as you took their empty bottles. You walked over to the bar and tossed them into the trash can before turning to Half Sack who was behind the bar smiling at you. “Hey Sack, can you get me a couple more beers for the guys?” “Of course.” He turned around opened the fridge, beginning to pull out a couple bottles before handing them to you. “Your hair looks nice today. Well it always looks nice, it’s just that…ya know. Never mind.” You looked up from the beers in your hand and laughed lightly. “Thank you sweetheart.” He smiled and blushed at you, looking down at the bar top. “Welcome.”

Ice cold beers in hand, you headed back over to the boys and gave them their beers before sitting down next to Juice. “Thank you baby.” You smiled and nodded before leaning forward and kissing his jaw gently. As you pulled back, you saw the mischievous look in his eyes. “What?” He looked you up and down before handing his unopened beer to Jax and standing up, pulling you up with him. “We’re gonna head to the back.”

Jax and Happy smirked at the two of you and nodded. “Tell Sack to come in early tomorrow to take your shift. I’m sure you won’t be getting much sleep tonight.” Jax threw a wink your way and you blushed as your Old Man chuckled. “Yeah I think I’ll do that.” He wrapped an arm around your waist and began to walk with you towards the dorm hallway. “You go get those clothes off. I’ll be there in a minute.” You blushed and nodded, a smile on your lips as you turned. Juice landed a slight spank on your ass as you began to walk away and headed towards the bar to talk to Sack.

He came up behind him and the other prospect and had his mouth open to speak when he heard your name leave Sack’s mouth. “She’s so fucking hot. Jesus Christ. Have you seen her ass and her hips? I can imagine how good she looks when she rides you. And her mouth. I’d give my other nut just to feel those lips wrapped around my co-” His sentence was cut short as Juice grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed him against the fridge, his face squished against the glass. The other prospects eyes widened and he quickly pulled away from Juice, his hands up as a way of showing that he hadn’t said anything.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Sack said nothing, just stood there with his mouth opening and closing as Jax and Hap jogged up. “What’s going on brother?” Juice ignored them and his grip tightened, the front of Sacks shirt choking him a bit. He lifted him up, his toes struggling to stay on the ground and put his mouth by his ear. “I ever find out that you’re talking about my Old Lady like that again, I will fucking kill you.” With that, he released Sack and gave him a rough shove, the fridge wobbling behind him from the force. Juice walked away with a growl and headed towards his dorm, throwing open the door and finding you in his bed, naked under the covers. “What’s wrong?” Juice ignored your question and began pulling off his cut. “Call in to your work. Let them know you’re not going in tomorrow.”

becklion  asked:

For the aesthetic challenge, how about a grunge one? Any character you want, really, i'd just love to see some grunge style. Maybe it would be cool to see czech in it, lol. She does have that 'bohemienne' look actually. Of course, if you want to! ;)

To be honest, i really like the grunge aesthetic too lol. Here ya go! I hope it’s what you wanted, sometimes it happens i dont draw exactly to the liking. 

200+ Follower Celebration

* (Flowey’s yearly cold is taking it’s toll on his patience.)

* Howdy, Flowey!
* Uh… howdy?  Who are you supposed to be?

* I’m the Plot-Contrivance Pixie!  How ya doin with that cold, bucko?

* Ohhhh no.  I don’t care if you’re some kind of delusion brought on by me being sick, but I know this shtick too well.  Mainly because it’s MY shtick.
* What do you want?

* Nothing at all, silly willy!  I’m just here to help you get through your little rough patch!  No cost to you, of course – just a bit of goodwill is all~
* Yeah, right… I’m going to sleep now.

* Well now you just up and gave me no choice.

* Nighty-night, pal!

* (Asriel is out cold.  It will be three hours until Frisk’s alarm goes off.)
* (Asriel will be open for questions until his cold fully passes.)

anonymous asked:

Could you link me to your vegetarian/vegan recovery tag if you have one? I'm vegetarian and I'm thinking about slowly eating more meat over the course of the year after this month but I'm kinda scared to see what my friends and family think cause usually when I start something I don't stop but it's just gotten too much and I think it's gotten to the point where I sometimes miss certain meals (like meatloaf). I think I'll eat some meat but still go back to my veggie meat when I want to ya know

I don’t really have a tag for this topic babe :) My advice to you is to eat what you want to eat, and remember that you owe NO ONE an explanation!!! Every single body and person is different and if people care so much or judge your diet, they shouldn’t matter anyway, those people are not the people meant to be in your life. Do what is comfortable for you. Eat what you want, when you want. :)

anonymous asked:

You're like the only person i know who will promo people of the same muse as u and i just wanted to say thank u

// Well ya of course! just bc we’re of the same muse doesn’t mean we’re some sort of competition or anything! All of us have our own interpretations and they’re all unique and valid and good in their own way!

So like. Yeah! Of course! And I follow them too! I’m gonna call out some good Mercy blogs here that people should follow!


reesechill  asked:

May I please have a cuddling scenario with england and his s/o?

(I had another ask for this so Anon here ya go too. 😋

You nuzzled your head into the crook of Arthur’s neck as you watched the news toge-ther. He had his arm around your shoulders,but shift a little closer wanting to be closer.
“Dear, are you alright?” Arthur says looking away from the news and at you with his bright green eyes.
“Hmmm? Yes, of course.” You blushed, dissappointed he noticed, your were trying to be secretive about it.He moves his arm and gets up without a word.
“Uh, Arthur, are you alright?” You call out from the room, just a little hurt by the fact he just left you on the couch alone. You see him enter the living room with a blanket in his hand and a small frown on his face.
“If you just wanted to cuddle f/n, you could have told me.” He sits back on the couch pulling you onto his lap and wrapping you and him in the blanket. You shift trying to get comfy and a little surprised. You smile resting your head on his shoulder and him resting his head on yours. “Your quite adorable f/n” Arthur says blushing but also smiling.