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I think there's a zero % chance of the nephilim being truely good without a catch. Having a superpowered child as a plotline that just a innocent babs is not a storyline. Not to mention it's already enforcing some form of a plan and it's not even born yet; saving Kelly, getting rid of Dagon, getting Cas and Cas to protect him even over Sam and Dean, the fact after the golden eyes Kelly and Cas are both super invested in the nephilim beign born with powers, it wants these powers for a reason


Honestly since that creepy shot in the doctor’s office in 12.17 where the baby turned its head like it was looking directly at the doctor on the sonogram I’ve been giving it a lot of credit for being “decidedly not human normal.”

(I mean that whole scene happened because WE NEEDED TO SEE HOW NOT-NORMAL THAT BABY WAS. So not-normal that Dagon IMMEDIATELY reverted to mind-wiping the doctor in order to stop him from saying just how not-normal the baby was out loud to Kelly…)

I will start by reaffirming that the creepybadwrong magically growing baby thing is ubergross to me. I wish they’d written pretty much ANYTHING else this season, because dammit we just HAD Amara doing the creepy baby thing LAST SEASON. Okay, enough damn creepybabby stories. We get it. It’s gross. Pls stop *coughbucklemmingcough*.

But it’s what we have, so…

I’ve got SOME suspicions of what might be going on with the kid, some of which are just wild speculation, but some of which I’m pretty confident about. I’ll be vague and leave you to decide which are which…

The kid is half-human, but also half-angel (which means grace). We know very little about how angels are made, but speculation seems to run high toward “they spring fully formed into existence.” I love comics and fic of the “baby angels” growing up and learning how to be good grown-up angels as much as the next person, but I have no illusions that canon angels were ever “babies.” Or that they were ever anything other than fully-formed celestial wavelengths of intent. They were very literally created by God.

(and great now I can’t stop thinking about Athena springing fully formed from Zeus’ head… but honestly? That’s sort of how I’m imagining the nephilim here. Because Kelly ISN’T an immortal god who can recover from something like that…)

(have I mentioned today JUST HOW MUCH TIME I spend thinking about the nature of angel grace? Okay. I mentioned it now. :D)

So because this child IS “half angel,” or at least “half angel grace,” I firmly believe that even if its “human side” is just a human-ish looking baby, the part of it that is an angel is already fully-developed. The only thing holding it back now is the biologically human bits. And it’s even building THAT at a much faster than normal-human rate.

No wonder it’s sort of “using up” Kelly in the process. At least that’s how I’ve been thinking of this.

It’s not good or evil, it’s selfish. Which I suppose might be considered “evil,” but it’s not making that choice for itself. That’s just what it does. Like, mosquitoes aren’t inherently evil, they’re just trying to live. Heck, even like most of the monsters in SPN. They’re just trying to survive, stay under the radar of the hunters who’d see them dead, and go about their business.

The difference with the nephilim is that combination of human free will (that comes with the kit!) combined with the unwavering nature of angelic certainty (I won’t call it “faith,” because in this case, it’s not).

Think of this particular baby’s parentage, too. Yes, Lucifer is Fallen, but he is still an archangel. He’s inherently a creature of Heaven even if he’s been exiled to Hell. He’s still made of the same grace that all the other angels (or archangels, since they seem infinitely more powerful than run of the mill seraphs) are made of. There’s nothing inherently “evil” in Lucifer’s grace.

Heck, even LUCIFER was set on destroying his own creations, the demons. He has just as much disdain for demons as he does for humanity. So nursemaid Dagon never really stood a chance here.

And now I can’t help think back to Jesse the Antichrist, whose powers came online when the final seal broke. But he’d had what, 9 or 10 years to learn how to Human properly before he had his powers sprung on him? Yeah, this baby doesn’t even have that…

So it senses Dagon’s intentions for it, and has already decided (because it’s half ANGEL remember), that this demonic abomination must die. It must know Kelly cares for it, and I think it’s pretty clear that we’re supposed to assume that she cares for it because IT IS MAKING HER CARE FOR IT, because it needs her the way an angel needs a vessel, and honestly that’s where my brain just wants to start screaming and run away from talking about this entire plot arc, but the show insists on giving it to us so here I am stuck with this squicky horror…

Where was I? Right… 

(nvm I have no idea where I was because I had to take a mental break from typing this. have i mentioned that everything about the nephilim completely squicks me out? okay… deep breaths mittens we can do this)

We’ve seen Lucifer communicating with Dagon in some sort of hybrid angel radio/prayer/demonic blood bowl phone without the bowl of blood telepathic way. I assume that’s because he can’t perform that trick directly with Kelly (or with the baby). So Dagon’s been the go-between out of necessity. But Dagon is still a demon. Not a creature of Heaven, not a creature of Angel Grace (despite having a lot of similar powers to angels). By angel standards, she is an abomination.

I mean, so’s the nephilim, but I don’t think the nephilim would consider itself an abomination, you know? It is what it is. And it wants to be born and to live and continue to do its thing, and has the power to manipulate its environment to suit its needs.

I think it demonstrated that admirably when it healed Kelly from her suicide attempt. It couldn’t allow its current vessel (because I honestly don’t think it considers Kelly anything more than a vessel it needs to grow its human body for it) to “fail.”

But we’ve seen how Dagon was able to “influence” humans, via her mind-wipe of the doctor. I think the “angel side” of the nephilim has been mostly “dormant” up to this point, either because the human side was still developing enough for it to actively engage this way or because Dagon was somehow keeping it under control until it grew powerful enough to thwart that control.

Going back to what we learned about nephilim in 12.10, they apparently “grow into their power.” So that theory isn’t coming entirely out of left field, here.

So this baby is “growing into its power.” It’s less than a month from being born. At the beginning of 12.19 Kelly was so adamant that it NOT be born that she attempted to kill herself. Then she agreed to Joshua’s suicide plan of walking through the Heaven Portal. But the nephilim thwarted THAT as well.

It saw its opportunity in Kelly’s moment of weakness with Cas in that motel room, and I can’t help but believe that when her eyes flashed gold, that was the death of Kelly’s free will. That was the nephilim taking full control over her beliefs and actions. If only they’d showed up with the grace extraction sooner, I think she would’ve agreed to let them try it. But it was already too late, and she refused. Because the NEPHILIM refused for her.

She says she has “faith” that the child being born with its full power will “save the world.” But I think that’s the nephilim talking through her.

She went from actively trying to die and take the baby with her to doing EVERYTHING in her power to see it born, even though she knows it will kill her. And Cas confessed his own weakness, that he wished he had her faith, and that’s where the nephilim granted his wish… Kelly took Cas’s hand at the sandbox and the nephilim gave Cas faith.

Do I believe this is “real faith?” Absolutely, 100% NO.

And here’s where my second anon in my inbox seems relevant to mention here:

What do think will happen to Cas’ narrative and endgame now? I had been predicting (hoping) that his whole arc has been moving closer to a point where he’d choose the Winchesters for good. Now, after 12x19, it seems different. It’s like a bit of season 4 Cas was revived. He’s got this same type of faith he used to have, and maybe he’ll be raising a baby next season. Do you have any predictions? I’m hoping his endgame is still with the Winchesters, but now I’m concerned…

CAS DOES NOT HAVE “THE SAME TYPE OF FAITH HE USED TO HAVE,” and I honestly DO NOT BELIEVE that he will be raising this baby next season.

He’s being CONTROLLED by the nephilim right now.

Remember in 6.06 when Dean asked for truth, and then got SLAMMED with it? Remember in 4.08 when people were making wishes on this ancient cursed Babylonian coin and all the wishes turned very bad? Remember in 12.17 when Mick of the MoL mentioned he was brought into the MoL when he pickpocketed an ancient cursed Babylonian coin?

The wishes go bad. They violate the natural order. They invoke Cosmic Consequences.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I think the nephilim itself is a sort of embodiment of this concept of Cosmic Consequences. It’s a factor of chaos, a violation of the natural order.

I am so freaking tempted to go off into an expository rant about how Dean Winchester is the embodiment of Balance and Order (despite having “violated the natural order” again and again). But he IS “Humanity.” He is Free Will. He was the one Cas did everything for, and he was the one both God and the Darkness designated as “the firewall between light and darkness.” He’s the one Death taught his lessons to about the natural order, and he’s the one who KILLED Death… Essentially every character on the show has eventually bent to his will. INCLUDING FREAKING GOD HIMSELF.

Dean wanted the universe to be in balance, so it was balanced. Hooray 11.23.

But then Mary came back. Because DEAN needed to discover that balance in himself, and the only way to find balance is to understand the imbalance. She’s been the cosmic consequence unbalancing the natural order since she showed up.

All season I’ve been waiting for the MoL storyline and the Lucifer storyline to intersect… and I think it’s all going to hinge on Mary, and on Dean finally getting “what he needs most” from Mary… i.e. an acknowledgement of the imbalance within himself that’s been built on the pedestal he’s kept Mary on since he was four.

The nephilim, in contrast, seems to be a force of anti-free will. And this goes right back to one of the show’s core principles, that free will and choice are greater than blind faith and destiny. Right now it’s seemingly stripped Cas of all his doubts, all his free will, all his choice. He asked for faith, and he got SLAMMED with it…

But NOTHING about it is CAS. It’s not his choice, not his free will. Because we know he’d rejected Heaven and duty and destiny, and had been doing EVERYTHING FOR THE WINCHESTERS. HIS FAMILY. So this sudden attack of “faith” that came in the form of the same weird glowy-veiny laser-eyes treatment that we last saw him suffer in 7.17 when he took on Sam’s Hell Damage and left him CATATONIC and damaged… well… 

What I’m saying is he needs something to break free from the will of the nephilim, to regain his own free will…

What broke the connection, Cas?

He’s gonna have to plainly answer that question this time.

Okay I think that’s as much brain as I have for this :D

A Place Called Sanctuary Part One

Summary: To Jungkook, the apocalypse was a blessing–a blessing shaped like a nightmare for more reasons than one. 

For the anon that requested this: “And I would like to request a scenario where Jungkook is a boy, who is caught up in his past life, which was so bad, that he has been traumatized by it. Like he is very cold, hates everything and doesn’t show his feelings at all. But then he meets a girl, who is very bright and lovable. She shows him the positive things in the world and helps him out to be a bright person. And even though Jungkook is very distant and cold to her at the beginning, at the end he should be very protective and caring because of his feelings for her. And could you please include the quote “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” 


Part Two /  Part Three / Four / Five

“I found him!” One of Hanseul’s men shouted from the street behind him. He heard their boots stamping on the busted asphalt, the whirring motorbikes of their leaders trailing the group that had been chasing him since May.

Jungkook cursed, spinning around quickly and bolting back down the alley he’d came from. In sheer panic, he dove through the nearest window around the corner, the broken bits of glass digging into his shirt as he dropped onto the shards on the concrete below. He scrambled across the dust, rolling up to his feet even though it sent a flare of pain to his knees after his hard landing; but, it only lasted a moment before he was booking it deeper into the shell of a ransacked and gutted building, past the wire shelves that remained, past the busted remnants of a wooden closet door, past a carpet that reeked of rot and mold, past a splatter of red on a dirty white wall, past the items left behind in an apocalypse.

He curved back out into a different back alley, the maze of the city a well-known map in the back of his brain–he’d lived there long enough to know the tips and tricks of the place. After deeming the coast clear, he slipped in-between the overgrown and vine laden bushes to the entrance of his safety–his home. Actually, it was an old basement, one whose main entrance had long since been buried by the rubble. He covered up the makeshift exit with a nearby empty bookshelf. He would have been fine without it–you couldn’t find the entrance through the bushes unless you knew it was there–but he knew he could never be too safe. Anything less and he would have been dead in January.

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three months | part two

part one

ashton + reader
word count: 2462

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: a huge fight results in ashton revealing that your relationship for the past three months has been a complete lie


before you knew it, you found yourself on the streets of rome, the sun setting quickly as you made your way down the beautiful cobbled streets, pulling your coat tighter around you to protect you from the cold.

you figured since you and ashton were over, there was no way you would be going back to rome anytime soon, so you might as well take advantage of the time you had there to see as much as you could.

the streets were bustling with people rushing home from work after a long day, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the little cafes with the twinkling lights in the windows.

you walked into a cafe that wasn’t as crowded as the others, on the end of the street, ordered a hot chocolate and took it outside to sit in the patio tables they set up, overlooking the river tiber.

a young couple stood on the bridge over the river, a camera on a tripod placed a few feet in front of them as they posed for pictures. the man picked the lady up by her waist and she squealed, giggling as the flash went off. she turned to face him and their lips met as the flash went off another time.

as much as you wanted to forget ashton and focus on rome, you found that everything around you reminded you of him. from the coffee mug you were holding that looked just like the one he insisted on drinking out of back home, to the bespectacled man sitting at the next table whose smile to his wife reminded you of how ashton used to smile at you.

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So, Law hoards old coins. What a dweeb. Have my headcanons.

  • He polishes them sometimes, when his insomnia gets so bad he isn’t concentrated enough to read. I think he finds the mindless kinetic task kind of relaxing, like how people’d go on a run or clean stuff when they’re stressed out. 
  • The crew pretends to not know about this, because Law would get all embarrassed and flustered. And as cute as that would be, they recognize it as something of a coping mechanism, and they’d loath to take that away from him.
  • He’s not like, a hardcore collector who keeps their coins in a glass box and handle them with a tweezer. He used to dump them all in a cardboard box underneath his bed until a crew member gave him a really cutesy jar as a birthday present. Now he keeps them with his socks.
  • (Here comes the sad one)
  • I’m going by the assumption that each coin is different because, despite using the same currency worldwide, each country has their landmark or royalty imprinted on the coin.
  • After he escaped Flevance, he started to keep coins as a reminder, a cautionary tale. Mass genocides that result in the complete destruction of a nation is disgustingly common in OP world. (Buster Call comes to mind.) His own hometown was reduced to a name in history books. Law is always aware that whatever place he just visited could be gone the next day if someone in power wished it so. So he collects coins, tokens that say we were here, we existed; something to remember the places by. Just in case… 
Prince Calum - Part 1

In the middle of a street filled plaza, with a look of worry and concern on his face was how you first met Calum.


Calum quickly adjusted his hood over his head, making sure that none of the guards would be able to spot him as he passed the castle gates with a group of merchants that arrived to the castle to sell his family supplies and food. His heartbeat was erratic, his nerves were getting the best of him that he literally thought that any moment now, one of the palace guards would see through his disguise and drag him back to the castle. But as he passed the bridge to the town, he knew that he was fine. He was outside of the castle walls, something he rarely did.

The first thing that he noticed when he was in the town was the noise. It wasn’t a bad noise; it was just so loud out here compared to his castle, where it was usually quiet. Calum also noticed so many people roaming about, that it amazed him how many people were part of his kingdom, well his future kingdom when he steps to the throne as king. This whole experience was almost new to Calum, he rarely left the castle grounds due to the fact that his family wanted to keep the heir of the kingdom safe and sound, and the only times that he would leave the castle he would be escorted by knights, never really allowed to roam free like he was now.

He knew that his time out here was limited, because although he would love to explore the town for hours, he knew that he had to get back to the castle before his family noticed that he was gone. So with a few hours to spare he made his way to the plaza were ne noticed were many people and he wanted to see what it was.

He was amazed by everything from the street merchants, to the many people buzzing around through the streets, that it was almost too much to take in. Calum knew that once he had his coronation, which wasn’t that far away, he would use his kingly privilege to go out to the town more often, because after today he knew that he would come back. It was so nice out here that he couldn’t help but want to come back.

Calum took off his hood, knowing that he wasn’t going to get recognized, since many of the townspeople didn’t really know what he looked like, they only really saw him for the royal parade or when he was with knights and he was usually wearing his fine clothes suited for a prince, not the simple clothes that he was wearing now, he blended in perfectly.

As Calum arrived to the plaza he noticed a sparkling circular fountain in the middle of the plaza, there were many people surrounding it. Some were throwing coins in making wishes, children were playing tag around it as well using a certain area as a base, but what really caught Calum’s attention were the couples that were sitting on the ledge as they shyly held hands and peppered each other with soft kisses, and whispered sweet words that made smiles appear on each other’s faces.

Seeing these couples was what really through Calum off. He knew from the fairy tales he was told as a child that love exists, but he’s never really experienced it himself. That was one downfall of being royalty, you didn’t have many relationships like the way the commoners usually did. He noticed one couple in particular; they held hands tightly as the man leaned in to kiss her. He looked down to his own hand, and clasped the empty air, wondering what it would feel to hold his special someone’s hand like the way he did. He held hands with girls, whether it was his family, like his mom or sister, or his dance teacher, but he wondered if it felt the same as the way this couple held hands, so gentle and lovingly. And wondered if he would ever meet someone to hold hands like the way they did, and if he did…when would it happen.

He walked more curiously through the fountain, looking directly at the fountain or to the buildings, not really looking what was in front of him till he felt something collide with his chest. He instantly looked in front of him and noticed that on the floor was a (h/c) maiden on the floor.

“Oh I am so sorry”, he said as he instantly reached his hand out to help you get back on your feet “I wasn’t looking were I was going” he said with a nervous voice.

You looked up and noticed a tanned boy with black hair and a single blonde streak in his hair. “Oh no it’s fine, I wasn’t looking where I was going either”, you responded with a smile as well. You reached up to take his hand and he easily lifted you on your feet. He actually lifted you with a bit too much force that he made you collide his chest, and you stayed there for a while. You instantly noticed that he smelled divine, a fragrance not easily found in town, unless you had the money to do so, making you think that till you noticed that he didn’t really seem foreign, but maybe he wasn’t from around here?

But as you were pondering over that, Calum was having a mental panic attack. And it all started the moment you held his hand. He instantly remembered that couple that were holding hands on the fountain ledge. He wondered if this small warm feeling that was crawling along his hand was what they felt, because so far it was what he felt the moment he touched your skin.

 And when he brought you up, when your head hit his chest, was the first time that he had been near anyone that wasn’t related to him or forced to be near by his parents, and made him blush. Though he had been around girls, it was never so awkward as it was now, because he didn’t want to be rude but he didn’t want to push you away, if anything he wanted to hold you closer.

“I’m sorry”, he said putting space between the both of you, not wanting to things to be more awkward for you both, even if part of him wanted to pull you back to him and hold you close.

“No its fine, thanks for helping me up”, you said with a blush growing on you cheeks, “hey I know that this sounds weird, but are you new too town?”

He knew that people wouldn’t recognize him as the prince, but he wasn’t expecting that people would notice that he wasn’t a commoner of this town; he really thought that he was in the safe side.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well I don’t think that I’ve never seen you’re face ever around town, and just thought that you might have moved here”, you said hoping that you didn’t offend him by mentioning your question.

“Oh, well, I’m not new, I’m just visiting the town”, he said not completely lying about the actual situation.

“Oh ok, so is this your first time here?” you asked intrigued by this stranger who you still didn’t I know his name.

“Well first time by myself”, he said stretching the truth once more.

“Are you lost?” you asked.

“well not really, but would you mind showing me around the town?” he said not wanting to get lost. “I sort of don’t want to lose myself”

“No I don’t mind at all”, you said with a smile that really caught his attention and made his stomach feel funny as he just started at you with a soft smile etched on his face, “want to get going?”.

“Uh sure”, he said not even noticing that he had been daydreaming by just looking at your face. He stood tall and straight, his princely habits making them known.

“Hopefully you don’t get lost, there are a lot of people in the marketplace and plaza at this hour”, you said as you two began walking. You felt really connected to the said stranger, there was something about him that just made you smile, you knew that there was something about him that you enjoyed and couldn’t help but wanting to spend time with him.

You were telling him to follow you and to stay close, but as you were explaining to him that he should stay close to you and if he stops to look at something, he should tell you so you wouldn’t walk and leave him behind. But midsentence you felt his warm hand slide between yours. You looked over at him and noticed a faint blush on his cheeks as he lightly scratched his cheek hoping that you wouldn’t notice it.

“Umm I thought that maybe this way we wouldn’t separate”, he said avoiding all eye contact with you, because he knew that if he looked at you, he would lose his train of thought. “But if you don’t want to, I don’t mind”, he said as his grip on your hand was loosening ready to let go of your hand if you refused to let go of his hand.

But right before he let go of your hand, you tightened your hold pulling him so that he would stand next to you and pulled him closer to you, “I don’t mind at all”, you said with a smile, “just don’t let go ok”, you said looking over at him with a smile.

“Trust me I won't”, he said enjoying the feel of your hand in his, a feeling that was completely new to him and wanted to have more of it.

“oh I forgot to ask, what’s your name”, you said as you looked over at him, waiting for this handsome stranger to give you his name.

Calum was nervous, should he give himself a fake name? the last thing he wanted was for you to figure out that he was the prince, but as he stared at your face, he knew that even if he wanted to protect his name, he really couldn’t lie to you. there was just something that kept him from doing so. “I’m Calum”, he said nervously.

“Calum? That’s a really nice name, it’s the name of our prince, but we rarely see him”, you said obviously not knowing that the was the prince, relieving Calum of that worry, “my names (Y/N)”, you added.

Calum smiled, replaying your name in his head, a name fit for you, and enjoyed how it sounded in his head “(Y/N)”, he said loving how your name just rolled of his lips, and liked how your face slitghtly tilted to the side to listen to him, “where are we going first on your tour of the town”, he said with a laugh.

You smiled widely “well over here Calum” he loved the way you said his name, “we have…”

You two began walking, showing him around town and some things that stood out, all while your hand was tightly held in his, both of you holding each other, as he would occasionally squeeze your hand and pull you closer. He was enjoying this, he felt normal not like a prince that would soon have to take over the kingdom and the many responsibilities that came along with it. Calum felt happy but he had to keep a constant look at the clock tower, because he only had a few hours before his parents began to look for him, and they would not like to see the prince of the kingdom out and about like he was now. But despite that worry in the back of his mind doesn’t compare to the warm and fuzzy feeling he felt as he held your hand and liked the way you were so animated as you explained the things around him.


Sorry for the long wait… its just that a lot has been going on with life and my midterms but glad that it is over. So yep sorry if you were waiting for an update.






PRINCE Michael





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“So, What is Blexo?” EXO and their black fans

This is the first piece in the series “So, What is Blexo?”. Please enjoy, share your thoughts on the piece, and tell us what you think!

EXO isn’t just another kpop group for me. Sure, on the surface, they share similarities with others, but EXO does it best for me. Why? Because when it comes to their black fans, EXO sets a high bar.

“Why not a black artist or black group? Why a Korean group?“ 

I’ve been asked the above question before, and at the time I couldn’t find a solid answer. But since then, I’ve realized that it’s because I identify with EXO’s music, and even with EXO themselves. At times, EXO acts just like the guys I grew up with, and certain songs take me back my childhood. EXO holds a sense of nostalgia for me, and I know I’m not alone.

This is EXO?

The first EXO song that I ever heard was XOXO’s Growl, and my first thought was "Wait, they sing like this over there?”. THIS, for lack of a better word, meant black. As I listened to EXODUS and its repackage (Call Me Baby, Transformer, and Tender Love), the Sing For You mini album, and now Ex'act, I was left pleasantly surprised again and again. It’s one thing to hear a song and go “Oh, I hear them trying to sound a certain way,” and another to go “This group sounds… black… and they sound good.”

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Getting to the theater 3 hours early…

Seriously, when did Mockingjay come upon us??

The movie is about to begin…

The movie opens up with Katniss suffering from serious PTSD…

Then we see Finnick crying in the room next to her…

And he says he wishes Annie were dead…

Seeing Plutarch & Coin for the first time this film….

They were and are great casting decisions…

Plutarch & Coin deciding to send Katniss to District 12….

When we see the depth of destruction in 12…

And all the burned bodies….

Katniss returns with her anger/fire back within her and decides to be the Mockingjay….

When we see finally see Peeta…

When Effie finally makes her debut…

And then goes to Katniss and finally confirms Cinna is dead, and shows her the drawings…

Katniss’s first promo shoot…

Haha no it was awful and Haymitch finally shows up..

When they decide to send her to 8 and you know what is coming…

But at least Cressida is here now!!!

They walk into the hospital to the lines of dead bodies…

Then the horrible conditions within…

And they ask her to fight and they all three finger salute her…

Once Snow finds out and orders the bombs…

When they bomb the hospital and there are no survivors..

Then Katniss gives the “Fire is catching, and if we burn you burn with us” speech..

Seeing Peeta again… and he looks worse…

When he calls again for everyone to stop fighting and you can just see the pain…

So, they go back to District 12 to reveal to the nation what happened there…

While there, Gale takes the reigns and describes the horror of what he went through getting people out…


After which, Katniss and Gale go back to her old Victor’s house and he kisses her…

TEAM GALE BITCHES!!! But then he was all hurt because that is the only time she pays attention to him…

More rebellions in the districts are happening, and now they are singing Hanging Tree…


Then Peeta is back, looking as worse as ever, starts to reprimand her actions then at the end warns her the Capitol is coming…

D13 is on lockdown into the bunkers, and Prim is missing…

She went back for the cat, and Gale got her so all was well…

D13 gets the living daylights bombed out of it but they are alright..

Then they go outside and see all the white roses…

Katniss freaks and wants Peeta out of the Capitol NOW…

But find out there is already a team on the way… and this is when the anxiety STARTS TO FUCKING GET TO YOU…

Finnick decides to get in front of the camera (LOOKING DAMN FINE BY THE WAY) and starts to describe the Capitol’s secrets…


When Katniss is sitting in the cafe really worried, and Coin has a heart to heart… and you kinda start to like her… which is going to make P2 a bitch to watch…

Then we switch over to Gale’s squad sneaking into the Capitol, and if by this point you’re not shaking like a mofo with anxiety I don’t even understand…

When they break into the “torture” rooms in the dark, and we see blood and contraptions on the tables…

Switch back to the feed and the Capitol takes Finnick off, putting Katniss on she gets through to Snow…



Then Haymitch pops his head in and says “They’re back”..



And finally Peeta… who now looks like a Holocaust survivor…

When you realize how bad they really all are…

Then Katniss goes to Peeta.. and he attacks her….

And Boggs knocks him out, quite violently…

Katniss then wakes up in a neck brace, and find out he’s been turned and now associates her with fear and anger…

So she goes to see him, and Peeta is thrashing on the bed screaming his head off… SO NATURALLY THE SCREEN GOES BLACK!!!


Overall how I feel about the movie….

And how I feel thinking about what is to come in Part 2….


You have to choose between two of the boys part 2 *Requested*

Part 1

Aaron: He was constantly competing for your attention and so was Matt. You were too oblivious to realize how madly and deeply in love they both were with you. That was until you overheard their angry hushed whispers from the other room. “She loves ME!” Matt spoke his voice rising but not too loud. “No, just back off I saw her first and she likes me better anyway.” You were baffled. They were always so close, one big family. You contemplated whether or not to confront them about it. You realized it was the right thing to do. Hesitantly you stepped inside the room looking at them both in disbelief. They both abruptly stood up facing you and no one spoke. It was your time to decide whether you wanted Aaron or Matthew. Your thoughts ran around your head as you stood confused looking at both possibilities.

Carter: You sat at home, it was almost three in the morning but you couldn’t decide. Carter and Jack G had both confessed that they had feeling for you but you couldn’t understand what to do. After hours of pointless thinking you got up and decided to flip a coin. A bad way to decide something this important but you felt as if you had no other choice. Headsfor Jack G and tails for Carter you decided. You flipped it and cautiously looked at the coin eyes half closed. Heads. This didn’t fell right. You realized as you were flipping the coin you silently had wished for tails. You wished for Carter.

Jack G: His perfectly shaped eye brows knotted together as he stared at you. “What?” You asked your best friend, since you were little, innocently. “Taylor’s just breaking your heart, again and again, and your still sitting here trying to decide whether you should be with him or not?” You stood silently shocked at how suddenly Jack had started confessing his real opinion on everything. “He’s a good guy but you don’t work well together. You’re always getting into fights and you deserve to be treated way better. Let me be the person that loves you properly. Choose me.” Your head shot up as you scanned Jacks eyes trying to decipher whether this was all a joke. A prank he thought would be funny. But no as you looked into his eyes you knew him too well to know that he was being dead serious. Your heart stared racing and your palms were clamming up. One question passed through your head again and again as you stood there, still staring intently at his face. Why did you feel like you had been waiting all your life to hear him say that?

Jack J: You all sat in a circle slightly drunk as the bottle span around and around. It slowly came to a halt stopping at Jack J. He laughed as he saw it was pointed at him but his face dropped when he heard the question “Who do you like?” You smiled at him wondering yourself who he could have feelings for. He looked nervous. He gulped and spoke quietly “Y/N” All heads turn toward you as you stared at him mouth agape trying to take in the words that fell from his lips moments ago. Had you imagined it? No, he definitely had said it. You turned looking at Nash, his face furious and almost a bright red colour. Nash stood up aiming his fist at Jack J before you stopped him. “Nash, don’t!” You cried out and he turned looking at you confused then hurt. “Did you not hear what he just said?” He spoke out clearly angry. “Pick me, or him.” He spoke out matter of factly. You turned to Jack J and he stood there quietly awaiting your reply.

Matthew: You laughed heading up the stairs hand in hand with Matthew. He was your boyfriend of a year now and you loved him unconditionally, he was all you could ask for. You walked into his bedroom finally back with the food all the boys had been waiting for. To your surprise they didn’t all run to you they seemed to occupied with the conversation they were having. “Matt would kill you if he found out.” Shawn’s Canadian accent rang through the room. “Yeah seriously, you can’t love his girlfriend dude.” Gilinsky said looking worried. “It’s not like I can control it can I?” Aaron said looking down almost disappointed. Matthew coughed awkwardly getting there attention as you stood, still hand in hand, looking at all the boys. Matthew was pissed, yet surprisingly he didn’t try to attack Aaron. You had to find a way to let Aaron down gently, he may be a really nice friend to you but that’s all he was a friend nothing more. You loved Matthew and nothing could stop that.

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leprechauncupcakes  asked:

Oooh narry and 14 if you havent got it already please!

14. firefighter au. 

Sweat is beading on Harry’s temple and dripping down the sides of his face, dampening the fabric on the inside of his helmet, as he powers through the burning archway of a once beloved home, scaling the fallen boards and sizzling balls of fire that have leaked down from the collapsing roof. The heat wafting off the fire is hot and intense, blazing him from head to toe, burning him through the heavy layers of fire-retardant clothing he’s wearing.

He’s tired, exhausted to the bone, and it’s entirely too late to be out on a call seeing as the sun is flirting with the horizon, and he’s got a wedding to make tomorrow followed by his cousin’s baby shower, and all he wanted to do tonight was curl up on his shared cot with Niall and cuddle before falling into a dreamless sleep.

But, sadly, fate doesn’t give a shit about his wants or needs, and that fact is being shown over and over now that it’s putting him on a mission to search the dilapidated, enkindling house.

Harry’s thankful, though, because Liam and Louis were able to get everybody safely from the home, and the small family of four were unharmed but deeply frazzled, and rightly so. He’s glad – but he’s scared at the same time. Frightened so deep down that he’s feeling pain in places that he never knew was there.

He’s frightened, horrified and hysterical, because Niall went in fifteen minutes ago behind Liam and Louis to do a final sweep of the house, and he hasn’t made it out yet.

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i wish the people who coined the term pepperoni nipples were more thoughtful and called it pepperoni areolas because the thought of someone actually having nipples the size of a pepperoni is terrifying