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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Fem!Reader ft. Hannah Baker

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

Smut Warnings: Spanking, Daddy kink, Kitten kink, Oral (Male Receiving), Dom!Jeff, Sub!Reader, Unprotected Sex (Don’t be a dick, wrap your stick [I have no idea])

Request: do u write smut? if so, can i  pls get a jeff atkins x fem!reader one? i don’t really care about the plot, i just need some atkins smut

A/N: This was so bad good god. Sorry to disappoint.

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dating mark!!

2/? for the dating series!

lets get on it!


- so,,, y'all meet during trainee days

- he’s the new trainee and you help him cause you were from canada too

- “ok so this is training room 2 and oMG PUT JAEHYUN PUT YOUR SHIRT ON”

- tbh that was mark first impression for jaehyun and still teases him to this day

- anyway 

- you asked him what he got in for (rap, dance, vocals, or acting)

- and he was like

-“rap cause i got that canadian swag

- turns out you rap too!

- you guy had this deep ass convo about your fave rappers and shit

- btw ur a 99 liner too (or whatever u want but)

- you guys became pretty tight

- and both developed feeling for each other but those don’t get announced for a while 00ps

- time skiP 4.5 yEArS

- sO now markipoo is about to debut nd you still hAVENT jeSus

-  mark still likes u a lot and vice versa

- like with doyoungs, the guys pretty much pressure him into confessing messing cause e all know he wouldn’t

- so like he wrote this rap for u aND its!! so!! sweet!!

- he like strummed his guitar and rapped and uGH yOU almOST crIeD

- all yo members were like “jeno beTTA DO THIS FOR ME OR IM SUING”

- anyway ofc u accepted cause,,,, he’s mark


- the one that everyone wants to be 


- you would wake up to texts asking if you’ve eaten, slept, and had a good day

- like maRk i sHoUlD bE asKINg yOU thAt

- he isn’t into pda tho

- like occasionally u will get a nose peck or smth but that as about it

- its cool tho cause ur not into it either


- like oneday u were like

- “mark i drew a bird  (like the one thats a curvy line y’know) isn’t i- OMG IT LOOKS LIKE UR EYEBROWS FUCKAHKSHH”

- “I’m breaking up w u” - mark

- he doesn’t mean it tho

- he loves u sm like its crazy

- he will give the bEST hugs

- and cuddles!

- he just pulls u into his chest and wraps his arms around you uHGHG

- conversations that switch between english and korean

- sometimes confusing as hell cause he talks fast and u can’t tell whether it was eng or kor and just nod along


- and even tho he aint a vocal, he’s a vocal


- like he just whisper raps and it soUND SO GOOD

- always raps to u

- lmao his confession rap was cringe as hell

- “u nd i got that sw-sw-swag and those sk-sk-skills”


- he makes that face,,, you know,,, the one where he just stares blankly for a sec (pros  cause he forgot it and had to take a moment to remember)



- remember y'all r only 99 liners so nO FUNNY STUFFZIES 

- taeyong, doyoung and jaehyun had to give y'all the talk

- u guys couldn’t make eye contact until 3 days later

- when marks sad, you make sure to give him the biggest hug and let him vent out his feelings

- usually r about missing home and having the stress of debuting in tHrEE groups 

- you just whisper like “one day, we can go to canada together”

- and he looks up at u with his puppy eyes nd

- “promise?”

- “promise.”


- u and johnny made a diss track about sm

- “yo,,,uh,,,johnny boi hasnt debuted,,,uh,,,I’ve been a trainee for 6.9 years,,,check,,”

- it was trash but it was YOUR trash

- mark once got jelly of jaehyun cause u guys r really close like siblings

- “yo jaehyun sauce le peppers’

- “why can’t i sauce the peppers :(” - mark

- y'all haven’t really gotten into a fight

- like u’ve disagreed b4 but not a full out fight or anything

- once tho, he told u were “untalented and helpless” cause you accidentally spilled iced tea on him when he was super stressed out

- and u cried for like 8 hours 


- he felt so bad like he had to ask his members for help

- ‘mark are actually dumb” - everyone

- he found u curled up in a ball outside on a park bench

- and held u and wouldn’t stop apologizing

- on a higher note

- when he first said “i love you”

- he went to ur debut showcase

- and when u came off stage like all hot n sweaty 

- mark low-key died

- anyway he like hugged u and was like

- “i love u sm”

- and y'all just froze

- “did u-”

- “did i-”


- u made him send it to u cause like,,, y not


- I WOULD KILL TO DATE HIM (hahah thats to far but i loaf him)


thanks for reading! 

i will probs post like all of them cause i have a week off school (march break)

anyway, love y'all :)

- emma

Jungkook as your boyfriend

Originally posted by jinkooks

  • k if you get to date jungkook you are the luckiest thing on earth because who doesn’t want to date that nerd
  • so he would be extremely nervous before confessing because he wouldn’t just go to a random someone he found cute and ask them out oh no no he would totally fall for a best friend
  • and guess what you are the best friend
  • and the nerd didn’t even realise he liked you in the first place he was literally just like “huh hyung aren’t they amazing if i’d date someone i wish it would be them”
  • and jin is literally facepalming for the fifth time because “jungkook maybe u CAN date them just ask”
  • but kook is like “wait no i can’t hyung we are best friends are you dumb or something”
  • but then something clicks in his head or jin is hitting his head bc kook’s stupid af and you turn around and smile at him and he just realises
  • he just knows he already fell for you
  • and then he nearly faints
  • but yeah back to it he decides to confess after some weeks or months idk he’s pretty much a loser
  • so what better way to confess than write a message because he is still a loser and he knows that if he talks to you he’s gonna screw it all up
  • so here’s the thing, being your best friend, kook doesn’t really write you messages and even when he does they are short because he knows you won’t get mad
  • but he literally stood all night up to write a long ass message before sending it at like 7 am
  • you still don’t know that he worked so much at that message but namjoon is forever blackmailing kook with it
  • woah this backstory is long af
  • anyway badabing badaboom you two are together because you actually had a crush on him who wouldn’t have a crush on jungkook
  • he still doesn’t like texting but he tries to send you morning texts and good night texts
  • you also get to wear his white t-shirts and he complains about it but he finds you sexy when you wear his clothes so he lets you wear them anyway
  • you two watch the marvel movies and you secretly like iron man too but you say that captain america is better just to annoy kook
  • alright back to the story
  • so jungkookie wouldn’t be big on skinship at first
  • he would be afraid to hold your hand
  • so when he does hold your hand he just internal screams and is like “good job kook you did good”
  • but then he regrets everything because his hands get sweaty so he immediately tries to find a context to stop holding your hand
  • he is also afraid to kiss you
  • and when the boys see that none of you is taking initiative on kissing they come up with a plan
  • so they play the pepero game
  • and yeah, taehyung and hobi kiss again and jimin gets slapped by yoongi bc they kissed but it’s all worth it when they shove both your heads into one another to see you kiss
  • and this is the story of your first kiss
  • jungkook likes hugs though
  • he would hug you 24/7 if he had the time
  • he gives good hugs too like he likes to hover over you if you are shorter or snuggle his head into your neck if you are tall enough
  • he would also like cuddling, especially spooning
  • but he would love to be the big spoon, even if you are 6 feet tall he. is. going. to. hold. his. baby.
  • and you can’t do anything about it
  • he still whines about his arm being numb after you two get up and he denies ever wanting to be the big spoon so you are still the bad one
  • after he gets comfortable enough with you he would start making out with you
  • and BOI would he love making out yes he would
  • he’d be pretty good at it too like he would love to hover over you while you two kissed (he would also dominate the kiss he’s a dom fiGHT ME)
  • he’d put a hand around your waist if you were standing and he would gather your hands over your head if you were sitting
  • he loves when you straddle him but he will never ever ever tell you
  • he also gives good neck kisses
  • he would pepper close mouthed kisses over your neck and they would be so light you would barely feel them
  • and when he gets to your collar bone you think he’s done buT HE GOES BACk to your neck and just bites
  • he bites
  • and then he starts to sloppily kiss all over your neck and he starts biting and sucking and licking everywhere he can reach and he gives you s o many hickeys and god forbid you hide them nope you gotta go out with your neck fucked up i’m sorry you got no choice
  • and he gets so smug and proud when people point out your hickeys or bruises and he smirks and he just w i n k s at you when you look over
  • but this fucker would headbutt you into your nose if you gave him one faint faint pale hickey
  • so yeah i guess you found out that your sex life is pretty interesting
  • of course, if you are ok with sex bc if you are not jungkook is still a happy bean
  • k so i already said that jungkook is a dom and i will forever support this statement with my whole heart
  • anyway, the first time he wouldn’t be as confident as he was with making out
  • bc apparently making love is different
  • and he’s scared of hurting you
  • so you have to take the wheel
  • and your first time is gentle and cute and somehow awkward but you enjoyed it nevertheless because jungkook kept on repeating praises and he also left those heavenly moans out
  • spoiler: after the first three times kook flips you two over and fucks you into oblivion
  • another spoiler: you never get to dom ever again
  • from then on it just gets wilder and wilder
  • i don’t really see him into dirty talk but i actually see him into dirty talk???
  • like i don’t think he will dirty talk every time but if you get him angry enough he will get into lowkey humiliation mode
  • sometimes calls you slut but apologizes for it 50 times after it’s all over
  • will never ever do anything that will hurt you because he may be a dom but he’s not going to ever hurt you so u are in good hands
  • a big one on fingering i dunno i don’t see him eating you out but he’ll finger you at any hour every day he’d finger you hours on no end if you would let him
  • also loves fucking your mouth if you are ok with it but still apologizes for it 10 times
  • spoiler: if you let him fuck your mouth then he will totally do it and if you gag or struggle he will chuckle and be like “come on, you can take more than that” and just continue. feels bad for it later
  • anyway, if you look uncomfortable with something or you look like you just can’t anymore he will stop because he doesn’t want to push you past your limits
  • and apologize again like 70 times because he is good at apologizing
  • if you guys ever fight he will be s o scared but only after it’s over and one of you walks away
  • i mean, he gets into it and he is pretty competitive so when you fight he wants to show you that he is right even if he isn’t
  • so he doesn’t notice that what you two do is bad only after you walk away
  • so he gets very very scared and he’s !!! “hyUNG WHAT DO I DO THEY LEFT”
  • and jin is like “calm down kid they’ll come back i promise”
  • and you do come back and jungkook is in literal tears his cheeks are all puffed out and his eyes are red and his lips are even redder and he looks like he can’t breathe anymore and he just clings to you and he repeats “please never leave me alone don’t ever walk away like this please i’ll do everything let’s just never fight i don’t like it” and he is ugly sobbing and whining so you just hug him and cuddle him and wipe away his tears and you can’t even remember why you fought in the first place
  • that was your first fight so after that one jungkook avoids the fights like the plague
  • if you guys start fighting he drops everything and hugs you very very tight because he is scared you will walk away again so he sits you down somewhere and he sits right next to you so your legs and arms touch because he needs to know you are there 
  • and you two just talk and never fight again
  • he also gets you little cute presents because “i just saw it there and it reminded me of you so i just bought it”
  • so your room is full of little things from jungkook because he doesn’t really like presents but will forever buy you stuff because he highkey likes to spoil you
  • you are so spoiled istg the only time he doesn’t spoil you is when you say “why do you spoil me” and he just denies everything
  • he is totally whipped but he doesn’t acknowledge it
  • and you guys tease each other every day and every time people see you together you bicker but at the end of the day you are still his and he is still yours
  • he knows he can trust you so WAIT NOPE I FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING IT’S NOT ENDING YET
  • he is so jealous
  • i mean, it’s not that he doesn’t trust you, because he does, but when he sees other men around you he just goes on protective mode
  • the problem is he doesn’t know how to react when he feels like this so every time it’s different
  • one time he pulls you away, one time he joins the conversation, one time he just says something salty to the other person and forcefully grabs you and takes you somewhere else
  • actually, it’s always different with jungkook, whatever you guys are doing, be it dates (sometimes you go to a cafe, the next time you go to the gym and sometimes he takes you to the zoo or a carnival), or kisses (he will forever kiss you in a new way, two kisses will never be the same) or even talk (you guys will never talk about the same thing twice)
  • and that is because he knows he doesn’t know what to do so he wants to make sure that you are still interested in him and still love him and he’s forever afraid that he might screw up so he tries his best because you are honestly the world for him and he doesn’t want to lose his sun and moon and stars
  • because you make him feel things he never felt before and you are his only source of calmness and peace when everyone is stressing him and only your scent can relax him
  • and he knows he can trust you because you have been there before he even knew who he was. you were always there to remind him why he is wonderful and why he is doing what he is doing and you always supported him through his darkest times. you always protected him and he didn’t even know
  • so now he is forever grateful for what you’ve done for him and he wants to do so too. he wants to be there for you and he wants you to cry on his shoulder, not on someone else’s. he wants to be the reason you smile and he wants to protect you and he wants to remind you why you are breathtaking
  • he just adores you and everything about you and he still can’t comprehend why you love him the way he loves you and every night he has to remind himself that you are his, that you are there for him and that you are ok with it
  • so your relationship is more than bickering and presents
  • because jungkook is way deeper than he shows and he is a person that feels everything so very deeply and sometimes he is afraid of his own feelings and this is why he needs you to show him that you feel the same way and that he isn’t crazy or something
  • your relationship is one where you aren’t just lovers, but best friends too, which means that you know everything about each other, but are still eager to absorb everything that means the other’s existence
  • your relationship is built on sleepless nights where you just stare at each other and warm blankets and 3 am dinners and soft shy kisses and sweaty hands even after years of being together and mistakes because they are always there but you two learn to overcome them and he wouldn’t have it any other way
  • this got very long

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Little Hints

Cassian Andor x Reader

Request: Hey could you write something for Cassian/Reader, something along the lines of Cassian having a hard time verbalizing his feelings but he expresses them in other ways?

A/N: Hello everyone! I am excited to be able to write more and I will be getting to your requests now! I hope you enjoy this fic and please don’t hesitate to send in requests!

I do not own anything!!!

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NCT Hyung Line (+Mark) reaction to their crush taking care of the NCT Dream members (younger trainees)

requested by @cheerfulxskyy


The older boys had very tight schedules. So they couldn´t take care of the younger ones. Luckily there were you: a really close friends of the older boys and also Taeils crush. You would give the little ones adive about everything they want to know. Helping them with any problems. You were like the older sister of them and Taeil…. gosh Taeil fell in love with you again.

Taeil found it amazing how much you love and care about them. He would probably watch you guys and also smile to himself and hoping he can manage to get close to the Dream members too.

Originally posted by taeiloves


Hmm I think Hansol would feel a little bit different by this. He would be happy seeing you taking care of the boys but would wonder why you´re doing that when you could spend your time with him.

But don´t worry I think he would find it adorable seeing you with them. Caring about them.

“Yah Y/N you´re not their mother why are you telling them how to dress?”

Originally posted by hansoulji


 Johnny would be confused too. Like Hansol he would ask you why you act like a mother to them but seriously Johnny would tease you about it too. Not because he don´t like it but because he liked it.

“Y/N if want children so bad why wouldn´t you make some with me”

 – and then getting slaped.

Originally posted by rookiies


You are the officialy mom of the group and Taeyong is the dad.

He loves the fact that you share motherly feelings for the dream members- just like him.You guys would always trying to make the boys happy and giving them all the advice they need! You guys would buy them every food they want.

 Even baking their favorite cookies.

 But be careful. Taeyong isn´t called Cookie Monster for no reason.

Originally posted by lanadelkai


You were giving the younger ones all of your attention. Even if Yuta would cling to you. Chenle´s first love story was just so cute.

 Yuta would stay by your guys side and listen to everything your talking about. Although Yuta wouldn´t show it he would love the fact that you were taking care of the boys even when he is a little be jealous.

Originally posted by i-am-whalien-95

Kun and WinWin

Kun,WinWin, you and the little chinese Dream boys would often hang out for some ice cream.

 You find their culture very interesting and would love it to learn chinese. Because of their tight schedule Kun and WinWin aren´t able to spend everyday with you guys but the two boys knew that you were taking care of the younger ones.

 Making the two older guys jealous.

“Y/N we are hungry too!!”

Originally posted by chokemewinwin


Haechan was in love with this new girl in his class and needed your adive.

You were sitting there with him on his bed telling him how to impress her as Doyoung walked in the room.

“NOo Haechan you just have to be a manly man! Confess right away!” 

“Hyung are you serious?Even you still didn´t confess to Y/N Noona” said Haechan making Doyoung and you blush.

Doyoung scratched nervously his head. “Y/N your doing a great job… help him to get her…” said Doyoung before running out of the room making Haechan and you breaking into laugher.

(Haechan you better run)

Originally posted by angel-johnny


Ten would compliment you all the time! Telling you that you´re going to be a great mother in the future and that kind of stuff.He would be fascinated by how you take care of them.

 Would probably teas you a lot



“Ok but only if you give me a goodnight kiss too.”

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Jaehyun is the type of guy who falls in love with a girl who can be a great mother in the future.

 He would LOVE the way you take care of the boys. He would smile a lot to himself. He,you and the little ones would watch disney movies together, cook together and act like a real family.

 He also would give them good advice and would help you out if you needed help.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Mark being the Leader of NCT Dream has to deal everyday with the boys.

He would be very greatful when you would help him out even if it where just a little. You would buy them food or cook them food. The other members would probably tease Mark about the fact that you were there. 

Sometimes even telling you to marry Mark because you would be a great mother making Mark blush. You jokely aggreeing with them.

“Mark you heard that? We would be great parents.” told you him making him even more blush.

 But he would agree. “Oohh. you think so? haha that may be true “

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Friends to Lovers w/ Ten (2)
  • heyyy~
  • ten has two bc he’s special in my life, okayyy
  • lmao
  • i never really talked about how much i love ten but, if you didn’t know, he’s my ultimate bias and i love him to death
  • writing this made me realize one more time how perfect he is and how i’m love i am with him
  • but anyways, shoutout to anon for requesting this!
  • let’s start this for once  (◕‿◕✿)
  • so since both of you are two clumsy little babies you meet when you accidentally you bumped into each other
  • “shit, i’m sorry, are you alright?”
  • “yes, don’t worry about it, I was the one who wasn’t looking"
  • you looked up and you swear you forgot how to breath for like two whole seconds
  • and it happened the same thing to him, his eyes were shining like never before
  • and he gave you the most beautiful smile when you amde eye contact
  • then he giggles a bit and god even his voice and laugh are beautiful too
  • “you’re an artist too?”
  • “uh?”
  • and then you remember all the art supplies that you were buying
  • “ah~~ yes, well kind of, I just really enjoy drawing when i’m bored but i’m not terrible at it"
  • “same thing here”
  • “but you just said you were an artist..”
    and you already were like ugh i h8 boiz their alWays lyiNg to mE!!!1!!
  • but he just laughs again and you’re like fOR THE SAKE OF MY HEART STOP
  • “it’s because i’m a dancer”
  • and you were ready to cry like
  • ??? how’s ??? a person ??? so perfect ?? like??’ i’m shook????¿
  • he was handsome, friendly aND ALSO TALENTED???
  • the conversation continued for a few mins before he had to leave
  • “would you like to go out with me someday? i would love to continue this conversation someday”
  • so yall exchanged phone numbers and since that day you started to be insparable
  • the very next morning you had your first date
  • yall had breakfast together in a really cozy cafe that he knew
  • he came ten minutes before the hour yall decided and waited for you outside the cafe without caring about how cold it was
  • he even paid for everything!!! he’s an actual gentleman
  • he even remembered to brought the notebook where he had all his drawings
  • and he was so talented! you feel in love with the different types of strokes that he used and the abstract concept that he had
  • the more you looked the more obsessed you get with them
  • while you keept telling him again and again how talented he was and he would only giggle at how adorable you are
  • you spended the rest of the day together
  • he invited you to the doorms to watch a movie and he introduce you to some of his friends
  • after cooking a little meal for you as dinner he walked you home, having a conversation with you while walking
  • “did you had fun today, y/n?”
  • “yes! today was really fun!”
  • “should we do it again other day?”
  • you looked down whe you suddenly felt his hands slightly touching yours, silently asking you to hold hands
  • “i would love to”
  • and when you grabbed his hand his smile was angelic
  • a little fastforward hehe
  • you went together to even cuter and artistic dates
  • he inspires you like no one else could and in lots of different ways
  • it took you months to realize that he’s everything you’ll ever need, someone who can inspire you
  • but once you realize, you didn’t want waste more time so you called him immediately
  • “ten? can you come over? I have something to tell you”
  • and the way you confessed was so cute
  • you played with his hands the whole time while you told him everything
  • "i understand if you don’t feel in the same way, i just though that it was something you should know”
  • once you finished he put you into a tight hug
  • “i’m so in love with you, y/n”
  • he whispered with a soft voice in your ear, making you pull away from the hug just to look at him
  • his eyes were shining and he was unable to stop himself from smiling just like in the first moment he saw you
  • “please be mine”
  • you felt so happy, you though that your heart was going to explode
  • and you had your first kiss just a few seconds later
  • and his lips were so addictive and sweet hkdfjsadjasdjh
  • i’m actually feeling butterflies in my stomach hELP
  • yall r those couples who takes cute aesthetially pleasing mirror selcas until one of you gets tired of it and it’s like
  • “bABE i’m tired let’s cuddle”
  • and talking about that, he’s a really clingy and he love having lazy dates when he just can cuddle you for hours
  • and everytime you are cuddling he says the cheesiest things
  • “did you realize how perfectly we fit in each other arms?”
  • “i’m so convenced that you were made just for me”
  • “why did i do to deserve someone so amazing like you?”
  • he just loves you with his life, he would do so much for you
  • so don’t get too suprised by how easily jealous he gets
  • and it’s rlly weird coming from him because he has such a bright personality like ?? who r u ¿¿??
  • that’s why he’s always with his arms all over you when he’s in public
  • he wants everyone to know that you’re his and he’s yours
  • and when he’s jealous he searchs confort in your cuddles so u r like
  • aw he’s going to be more clingy than usual for the next two months aw, it’s such a pity that there’s nothing we can do about it
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • your dates are really adventurous, yo go to places like art museums, bookstores and new cafes
  • also, don’t get surprised if hansol or johnny are part of those dates
  • even though you’re used to being the third wheel now lmao
  • you get revenge on them by remembering everyone their amazing predebut pics lol
  • next month he’s going to do it again tough
  • but since this cutie is part of your life nothing is the same
  • he’s always there for you, not matter what the problems is
  • he would give and do everything just to make you happy
  • basically, he’s the type of boyfriend that want to be by your side in every moment
  • sharing experiences and memories together
  • now i’ll go and cry bcs of how perfect ten is bye
The Best Q&A

(Sammy’s pov)
Y/N and I are at my house. We’ve been dating for about 5 months and we don’t live together but she’s almost always at my house or I’m at hers because we live pretty far apart. She’s in the kitchen fixing lunch while I’m on the couch watching tv. I look over at her just to see a beautiful view. My stunning girlfriend wearing my shirt, I love it when she wears my clothes. I dont know why, maybe it’s the fact that it assures me that she’s mine or maybe it’s because they’re huge on her and it’s cute. I just love her, but she doesn’t know that.
(Y/N pov)
I’m in the middle of cutting the sandwiches I made for Sammy and myself when I feel two arms snake around my waist. I giggle as Sammy starts to kiss my cheeks repeatedly. I turn around to face him, both of us smiling insanely. He goes in for a kiss but I quickly dodge it and dash for the living room. “Ooooh no you didn’t” he says as he chases after me. I laugh as I’m at one end of the couch while he’s at the other, both of us ready for movement. I look at the stairs, then Sammy figuring the distance was far enough to get by him. I quickly try to dash for the stairs but Sammy latches his arm around me throwing me on the couch. I spring up grabbing his arms and pinning him down on the couch, straddling him. Panting from all the sudden movement, we stare at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until I loosen my grip on him and he sits up. Still straddling him from the previous position, I put my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Babe?” I ask Y/N who’s on my lap facing me, arms around my neck. “Yea?” She responds staring into my eyes. “Can I ask you something?” I say “yea of course” she responds hopping off my lap and on the the couch beside me. “So there’s this friend I have-” I clear my throat and continue, “so my friend he um, he’s been dating this girl for almost a year and uh-” I try to make not so obvious that I’m talking about myself, and Y/N and my’s relationship. “Mhm go on” she says putting her hand on my thigh “basically he was telling me that he likes her a lot” I say “I would hope so if they’ve been together for that long” she laughs. “Haha” I nervously chuckle and continue “well he said that he thinks- he knows he loves her and he doesn’t know if he should tell her or not because he doesn’t know if she feels the same way and he thinks the period of time in which they’ve been together is too short to pull that love card. So my question is what should I- what should I tell him to do?” I quickly finish. She looks me dead in the eye, it was like she was staring into my soul. She studies my face for a bit more until she starts to jump back into the conversation saying “well Sammy, my advice is. To tell your friend, that love has no due date, and there are some people who fall in love after the first hello-” she smiles and continues “so when he’s ready, he should tell her because I guarantee that she is in love with him too and has been waiting for him this whole time.” She finishes kissing my cheek and walking off to the kitchen. I start to think long and hard about what Y/N said. Until she arrives back with the sandwiches she made earlier. We proceed to eat and watch some tv, until the time comes where I have to go to the studio.
(Y/N pov)
Sammy and I finish eating. While I’m bringing the plates to the kitchen Sammy comes up from behind me again hugging me “ohhhhh not again” I say turning around to face him. “You know I’m still missing that kiss from earlier” he says wiggling his eyebrows, I look at the stove clock to see it’s about time for Sammy’s studio session. “Isn’t it time for you to go to the studio?” I ask, he looks at the clock and jumps “OH SHIT! FUCK, yeah” he races to grab his belongings while I finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once I’m done which was fairly quick, I see Sammy is about to leave. As I’m grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, Sammy grabs my butt spinning me around and smashing his lips into mine. He grabs my waist bringing me closer to him if that was even possible, after about 15 seconds we pull apart breathing a bit heavily. “Bye baby oh and when I come back we have to make a Q&A for my channel, the fans wanna see wassup” he says laughing a bit “Ok, I might have to go run a few errands, stop by my house and meet up with some people but I’ll be here by the time you come back” I say. He smiles and nods leaving off to the studio.
(Sammy’s pov)
*at the studio*
Johnson gets out of the booth once he finishes his verse, “that was straight fire bro!” I say giving him the handshake as he approaches me Skate and Gilinsky. “Yeah man this songs gonna be dope” Gilinsky adds on, we all agree as Skate gets the weed out starting to roll up a few joints. “Yo G how’s Madison?” I ask him “she’s good why do you ask?” He questions “well ahh I was just wonderin’, when did you tell her you loved her?” I ask him my head facing downward avoiding eye contact. “Ooohh looks like someone got bit by the love bug, not surprised” Johnson says “yeah yeah whatever” I say taking a hit from a joint Skate passed to me. “You think you love Y/N bro?” Gilinsky asks “I mean I know I do, it’s just I don’t know if it’s the right time and-” Gilisnky cuts me off saying “and if she loves you back or if it’s too early, trust me I’ve been there” he takes a hit continuing “let me tell you this, when I told Mads I loved her all the weight came off my shoulders, it was by far the best decision I’ve made. We were friends for a while and one day we sat each other down and I was just like look I’m in love with you. And she felt the exact same.” “yeah but Y/N and I haven’t been together that long, isn’t it too soon tell her I’m IN LOVE?” I say “so? If you love her now why wait?” Gilinsky says. Then Johnson chimes in saying “I guarantee she loves you back bro, it’s all about the connection and how you guys feel. I may be single but I know about love”. “Johnson does know wassup and that’s a whole fact” Skate says. “Soooo what should I do?” I ask them. They all look at each other for a second and then say “do what you think is right”. I sigh as we change the subject, yet Y/N is always on my mind. After about a three hour studio session I notice it’s about time for me to head home. “Alright guys imma head out” I say. “Aight cool see ya later Sammy” Skate says “see ya Wilk” Gilinsky says “let us know how that Y/N thing goes” Johnson says. Suddenly an idea pops into my head “bye guys” I say as I rush out the studio on my way home. I text Y/N to see if she’s at my place.
Me: baby u home?
Babe❤:at your place yeah
Babe❤: hurry!
Me:why what’s wrong??
Babe❤️: I miss you :(
(Y/N pov)
I was setting up everything for Sammy’s video when he walks in the door, panting as if he ran a mile. “Hey…Sam you good?” I ask confused “yeah,” he pants and continues “I’m just so excited for this Q&A, there are some great questions” he says “yea I started setting up the camera” I say gesturing to the camera. “Ohh I got that just sit riggggghhhttt here” he says placing me on the couch in front of the camera. He goes to turn the camera on adjusting it a bit until he comes and sits down next to me. “Ready?” He asks “yup” I smile and he starts the intro. “What’s up everybody it is your boy Sam Wilkinson and I’m here today with my girl Y/N” he says smiling at me throwing his arm around my shoulders. I smile at the camera as he continues “and today we are doing a Q&A which is what y'all asked for”. Sammy taps my shoulder slightly indicating that I should continue on “we got the questions off of Twitter by tweeting the hashtag ‘Ask Sammy&Y/N’ and thank you so much for trending WORLD WIDE, we appreciate the love and dedication, we love you all so much annnddddd first question Sammy?” I say and he starts. “What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you at a concert” he says chuckling. “Well, this one time-” I decide to cut him off “SAMMY FUCKING RIPPED HIS PANTS ON STAGE IT WAS HILARIOUS!” I yell laughing. Sammy being embarrassed, sticks his head in the crook in my neck and mumbles “stooopp, I wore these really tight pants and when I got on I was really hype and jumpy and….” he starts to fade out. “It’s ok baby it happens sometimes” I say but I gesture 'no it doesn’t’ to the camera, he’ll find that out once he starts editing. “And I had to go out on stage and help him get off without being exposed because keep in mind he ripped his underwear too, not that everyone hasn’t seen his nudes alrea-” Sammy cuts me off “OK OK that’s enough, next question”.
We get through many questions about tours and social media and the occasional relationship questions until some… unusual ones start to pop up.
(Sammy’s pov)
I decide after about 10min to start throwing in the serious questions. “What do you think about Y/N?” Y/N reads “Hmmm Sammy whatcha think about meh?” She adds on giggling. I smile and respond “I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. She smiles at me, as if for a moment she forgot we were supposed to be filming because we were staring at each other for what seemed like hours. I then decided to speak “in fact,” I pause and look at the camera “Y/N is the probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” “oh stoooooopp” she says blushing “No, actually I have to say something.” I say looking at Y/N then the camera then back to her and I continue “Y/N, you are so goddam beautiful, like I don’t think you understand how fucking stunning you are. You’re always talkin’ 'oh Sam I look so ugly today or wow I wish I was as pretty as her’, bullshit. If you could see yourself for a day in the way everyone else sees you, I think you’d finally understand how fucking gorgeous you are.” “Sammyyyyyyy” she says putting her head in my chest out of embarrassment. “Wait baby I’m not done” I say as she lifts her head, her glistening eyes gazing into mine. “I hope you know that every time I tell you to text me when you get home, put on your seat belt, watch your step, stay warm, sweet dreams or have a good day what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it’s starting to steal other words meanings. I didn’t want to fall in love or need someone
I really didn’t want anything 6 months ago, but then you came along and I wanted everything. So Y/N I’m telling you that I Samuel Wilkinson am in love with you, and when I tell you this it’ll be a forever reminder that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” I finally finish. From the moment I said the words 'I love you’ her eyes lit up, she engulfs me in the best hug. Not just any hug, one of those tight 'lift me up off the floor mama bear hugs’ the hugs were you can feel the other persons heartbeat and a sense of care and love flows. Still hugging me she speaks “Sammy, baby, my love. I’ve been waiting to hear those words for the longest time, ever since we met I’ve known we were special. That the way we talk and laugh around each other is different than everyone else, that I will never meet anyone I trust as much as I do you. And I think most people search their whole lives searching for the thing that we’ve already found.” She pauses and lets go from our previous hugging position, holding my hands “Truthfully I could talk to you all night and day and still have a billion words to say, but too many words become meaningless. So I’ll leave it at that you Samuel Wilkinson are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” She finishes. We stare into each others eyes both smiling from ear to ear. It’s like we read each other’s minds when we both leaned in for a kiss.
(Y/N pov)
It was like our first kiss all over again, the rhythm perfect, the sensation of each others lips unimaginable. But there was one big difference, it was out of love and that had to be the best feeling in the world. After we break apart I turn around to see the camera still sitting there, I walk closer to it to turn it off. I look to see that the camera is already off. Confused, I look up to see a grinning Sammy looking back at me.

Secret Idol Relationship With Jaeyoon

-You guys make it super obvious like super. (More like you’re trying to save both his and your lives and does at the end but it’s always dangerous in any situation cuz he just can’t control himself when you’re around). Forgets people are around when he sees you-you could be walking across the music building to the bathroom and he’ll just yell out in the open, “oh! Yah! Over here! It’s me!” And you’re there walking with your head down like IGNORE IGNORE and fans are just like “Who’s he calling to? Definitely not y/n she’s not even looking at him” And at that point he’ll get really upset and pouty because ‘why is she pretending she doesn’t see me :(’ until he finally realizes ‘ohhhh im in public i forgot, the secret thing’

- Even though ya’ll have a secret relationship, he really hates it when alot of idol guys like you and was cool about letting it go at first but once two or more male idols were like ‘my ideal type is y/n’ or ‘y/n’s really pretty, I’m a fan.’ he also went ahead one day and said ‘OH y/n is my ideal type 100% I’M A HUGE FAN OF HER’ on a radio show even tho like jaeyoon noone asked you. Would be really obvious in being your fanboy though. Purposely move himself to stand next to you at a music show ending, or sing along to your part in his sf9′s behind the stage video. He’s such a fanboy, fantasies are so used to it and they’re not even fazed anymore as long as it’s just a fanboy thing and he legit know all of your group dances.

- But one day he messed up really badly where you looked extra beautiful one day during MAMA Awards, and he legit could not peel his away off of you and when you were walking past him in the hallways of the building’s waiting rooms, in the midst of walking past him without making eye contact, he grabbed your wrist suddenly and pulled you back onto him for a hug and U LEGIT HAD TO THROW HIM OFF U like ‘homeboy u serious this is a public hallway! even if there isn’t anyone there could ALWAYS be somebody you feel’ and he’s like not taking it seriously and laughing while  whining really cutely like ‘but you look so beautiful and i miss you so much’ but like you still walked past him because you’re not trying to end your career that day and he will understand.

-Days where you both have days off and are able to see eachother, you guys loveee to go to a cat cafe or any cafe that is dimmed super dark inside where there is a upstairs that is even more darkly lit with like a cute lamp or something to read books and drink coffee on the table. Lays his head on your lap while coddling a baby kitten as he looks up at you, babbling on and on about how one day he will take you out in the actual daytime and do many fun things and you smile rolling your eyes but inside you know he really means it and your lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, hoping one day you guys actually do get to do those things because even though it’s hard dating, you don’t want to leave him at all. ‘the first place I’m taking you is to an zoo/aquarium, we can look at Inseong’s family, the foxes!’ 

-Sf9 had to go on the asia fanmeeting tour and he was devastated because that means no more cat cafe for a while, so every night he would face call you on the phone even when the time zone is different so you legit get a call during practice and everyone like ‘whos that? pick up your phone’ and you awkwardly and nervously laugh like ‘its ok its noone- i gotta go to the bathroom’ and would scold him saying how he can’t call you without warning, and you could hear him pout over the phone but you sigh and tell him you love and miss him alot, which makes him suddenly happy again and he’ll go over his day with you on the phone happily and you can’t help but laugh because you can hear the joy in his voice.’

-After the tour which lasted for weeks, he finally text you to come to the cafe again at 1am so you make your way there. You head upstairs to the room you always go to with him and you see him there silent. Once you make yourself known in the room, he will look at you and smile, slowly getting up. You smile back and you both just stand there apart from each other, exchanging looks until he breaks out into a teethy grin with a ‘did you miss me?’  and you can’t help but start crying but also laughing cuz you look silly right now being so emotional and he’ll just dash to hold you and he does-really really tight.

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dating nct doyoung!1!!2!1!

• he sometimes just loses himself and just stares at you and admires your beauty
• but when you look at him and you’re like “hm? something wrong?”
• he’s like “hA. nO. u KLUTZ. A PIECE OF UR HAIR ISN’T TIED UP IN UR PONYTAIL. here let me help u. ha. haa.”
• you guys take really awkward selfies it’s just, so cute. it’s the cutest. everyone loves them.
• “IF YOU GUYS DON’T FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW- i wont babysit your child when y'all get married and have kids, so, keep being cute. ill be the best goddamn uncle ever. your kids are gonna be super cute with huge ass eyes” - taeyong…and probably yuta.
• kissing doyoung is always so quick and rushed bc doyoung gets flustered easily
• but when it isn’t rushed and when he’s got the whole “what do i have to lose?” or the “i love this girl so much” attitude, he’s super passionate and tender and sweet and gentle and ugh it makes you melt
• he once made you cry, like, a lot, once.
• not gonna go into extreme details but it involved him being stubborn and being too stubborn to apologize to you.
• that is until he found you in the practice room crying your poor little heart out.
• he gave you a super sweet hug and hugged you really tight and when you calmed down, he cupped your cheeks and kissed you super softly and said small “sorry"s in between kisses and you forgave him bc, how can you not.
• “let’s never fight again”
• “yeah. agreed.”
• but the next week y'all fought over green m&m’s so it’s like ???? but y'all still cute.
• “are u cold?”
• “no, well, maybe, im kinda numb”
• it was snowing and y'all started dating a few months ago but training and everything got in the way so y'all just got some time alone and decided to sit out on a bench, in the snow, in below freezing temperature, very smart.
• doyoung wanted to be cool and give you his coat or something but HE WAS COLD TOO. LIKE. SO COLD.
• so he just, used the next best thing
• he kissed you really awkwardly, like, he didnt even, move his body he just turned his head, but his lips were super soft but FREEZING COLD and you went all red and started burning up and freaking out, so in the moment, you forgot that in order to kiss someone, you gotta kiss them back.
• so doyoung really quickly disconnected from your lips and was like “IM- SO SORRY”
• and you were like “OH MY GOD NO I LIKED IT”
• and he was like “wait you did?”
• and you nodded
• and doyoung started smiling and laughing a lot and was like “then, uh, can i try again?”
• and you were like “OF COURSE”
• “are u gonna kiss back this time or-”
• he talks too much, so you just kissed him first and cut him off and his hands naturally wrapped around your waist and it was a really ejdjfjfk experience.
• his lock screen was a picture of himself. bc he didn’t want anyone to tease him for having you as his lock screen.
• SOOOO, you were his home screen :“)
• but johnny was like "dude you can’t do that you gotta embrace your bae”
• so his lock screen changed to a really awkward pic you two took together, but you looked good in it so he didn’t care or notice how awkward he looked.
• ohhhh but the other members did and they wouldn’t let the boy live his life in peace after that.
• but he was happy that you were now on both his lock screen and home screen.
• “who’s ur favorite nct member”
• “isn’t it obvious- it’s jaehyun”
• you tease doyoung a lot like
• he’d do something stupid like, put popsicles in the microwave instead of the fridge bc he was zoning out and you’d be like
• “this is why 부릉부릉 (booroong booroong?? idk the american name lol) was a failure.”
• you ask him to sing for you a lot and he’s always singing so he’s like “k.”
• his voice is so soothing that it helps you go to sleep.
• anOther. cuTE. stoRY.
• one time you woke up from this really scary nightmare and you were sweating and panting and you were about to cry
• doyoung woke up like “hoLY- WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OK”
• and you just hugged him super tight and asked him to sing for you
• and that’s exactly what he did, he hugged you back, layed back in bed, and sang for you.
• walks in the park
• it took him literally the longest time for him to get comfortable holding your hand
• it took donghyuck/haechan dressing up as a girl and pretending to be you
• donghyuck dressing up as a girl, pretending to be you, pressuring him to hold his hand, and all the members pressuring him, has traumatized him greatly.
• but now he loves holding your hand but, he doesn’t do it often, bc he’s still kind of shy
• kissing in public? lol who dis
• doyoung may not kiss you in the general public, but he does kiss you in front of the members, but they’re not, hardcore make out sessions, just cute, soft ones that are longer than 3 seconds.
• the members find it disgusting bc no one is a fan of pda that’s not coming from themselves and their s/o so they’re always like “GET A ROOM PLEASE Y'ALL GROSS”
• doyoung gets jealous but he doesn’t get too possessive or protective. he doesn’t become a mom, or make you feel uncomfortable.
• he very often feels insecure about you finding someone better and someone who’ll love you more than him, and when he feels like that, he becomes a little more affectionate.
• he’d all of the sudden start kissing your neck and you’d be like “why are you suddenly so affectionate?”
• “because i love you, um, duh?”
• doyoung tells you everything
• like, everything like
• “i’m so sorry but i drank your sprite.”
• he gives you all the details about everything when you ask him
• he loves talking and you love listening to him
• you guys have the funniest/deepest convos after 12 am
• sometimes you guys are so tired that you’re talking about why mice are attracted to the scent cheese
• and sometimes you guys get so deep that you feel like you guys figured out the secrets of the illuminati.
• you video chat doyoung a lot and he doesn’t want to be disturbed so he always goes into a quiet room, and if there isn’t a quiet room, he goes into the closet, or the bathroom
• doyoung sends the longest text messages, or the most confusing text messages, there’s no in between.
• it’s either “yes, i know but what if it’s not like that and it’s like this, like i said a thousand times before? ok look-” and continuing, or “mhm, yup.”
• you send him pictures of him that you find online, with heart emojis and he gets super flustered and gets into a good mood for the whole day
• one time you said, as a joke, that you liked rappers more than vocals.
• he stayed up all night learning how to rap.
• he got a kiss from you when he told you what he did and you were like “aw sweet baby u really care about me ily”
• it’s kind of like, when you’re both super happy, when one of you are super happy, when you’re both super in love, when one of you are super in love w the other, or the morning when y'all get up after sexy time ;“)))
• sexy time w doyoung is super loud
• and he wraps his hands around your wrist or, anywhere and everywhere.
• he loves it when you take over and you’re dominant. you guys take turns but he likes it more when you’re in control.
• you hang out w jaemin, jisung, and jeno bc THEY CUTE.
• doyoungs like "no don’t do that they’re all rude children, except jisung and jeno.”
• yuta is very supportive of you two, but he’s always like “SAFE SEX. DON’T GET PREGGOS. HAHAHAHA”
• “yuta stop” -hansol
• you wear doyoungs sweaters a lot and they’re all soft and big
• doyoung likes to hug you/cuddle when you’re wearing his sweaters bc you look so cute
• “doyoung ur skin is so ni c e”
• you touch his skin a lot like, his hands, his cheeks, they’re so soft and nice and smooth and, how.
• you guys laugh a lot at really stupid things that only the two of you would find entertaining
• “YOU REALLY DO LOOK LIKE A BUNNY” is the first actual thing you said to doyoung besides simple “hello"s and "how are you?"s before the two of you started dating.
• he fell in love with your laugh and your sarcasm and your kind little heart, and your confidence to yell at him saying that he really looks like a bunny before you two became close.
• oh yeah you’re both really sarcastic towards other people but really genuine towards each other.

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Hii Hellooo♥ Can u write an imagine where Jungkook's 18 years old gf gets pregnant and Jungkook at the beginning gets so mad and theres a fight but with a very happy ending? ✌ Thank you so much and love your Imagines btw ♥

Thank you for requesting :) i hope you like it

And thank you for loving this blog <3 you are amazing!!

~ ADMIN Abbie

Jungkook Angst

A new beginning

 You laid in bed holding your legs tightly to your chest, You were curled into a ball with tears running down your face. How could this have happened? No..how could you of let this happen! How were you going to tell him? How was he going to react?

Your mind was running through the long list of all the possibles of what could happen once you told your boyfriend Jungkook you were pregnant. You guys have been having sex for a long time now but this…you just became careless and didn’t think of the conscious. You were only 18 years old!!!! You weren’t married you weren’t even engaged.

Jungkook is always busy and gone with his job! you couldn’t just ask him to stop what he was doing. But how on earth were you going to raise a child on your own….There was no way. BTS is finally getting their big break that they deserve! They are becoming so famous and for something like this to happen…Its just unfair.

Your stomach started hurting from all the stress and more tears rolled down your cheeks…What are you going to do? You were defiantly not going to kill the baby, You’ve always been against it! You would never do such a thing to a poor and innocent being, especially your own…You had to talk to Jungkook and work it out.

You heard the door open and you heard Jungkook say he was home and that he was tired and wanted food. He still managed to bring a smile to your face even when you were feeling like this. You slowly got up and wiped away your tears. You walked into the living room and gave him a hug.

“Welcome home, How was your day?” You asked

“Fine, practice is really getting hard though! Our comeback is coming closer so we have to try harder and put all our energy into our work! For the fans”

He loved his fans, They all did and they made that clear. They all truly loved what they did. This just made telling him so much harder, You didn’t know how he would react…You just hopped he would understand……You needed him too.

“Whats for dinner!” He asked 

“Oh! i completely forgot about dinner! I’m sorry today was a long day and i was busy! sorry i will start right away!”

You pulled away from his embrace and ran to the kitchen and pulled out some things from the fridge, Your hands were shaking. You were a mess and no matter how hard you tried to hide it jungkook knew something was wrong. You could tell by the way he came behind you and hugged. Wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck sweetly.

“Whats wrong Y/N i know something isn’t right”

Your body froze, You weren’t ready to tell him yet!! You couldn’t tell him yet, You were about to break down. Your legs were shaking and your heart was pounding…But he has to know you thought..

“J-Jungkook” You stuttered

Your voice cracked and tears once again fell from your face, Your hands covered your eyes as you cried softly. You were scared, What was he going to say…What is going to happen?

He turned you around and pulled you into a tight embrace and stroked your head as your cried. You held back as much as you could not wanting to scare him. But in all reality you wanted to scream and cry louder then you ever have before.

“Its ok Y/N Talk to me”

You calmed your breathing and slowly pulled away from him you looked him in the eyes and took a deep breath…

“Jungkook….im…….I’m pregnant..”

He froze, You felt his body tense and his face looked shocked. His arms fell from your head and he backed away slowly.

“What….Did you say?”

“I’m pregnant Jungkook…..6 weeks in already”   

His head fell into his hands and he looked like the world was about to end, You immediately regretted everything. You should of just kept your mouth shut, what for a later time to tell him or something! You walked closer to him wanting to comfort him wanting him to comfort you. Be there for each other and help each other out.

But the second you got closer to him he moved away, You looked at him with shocked eyes. Why would he move away from you?


He turned his back to you and ran a hand through his soft black hair, You could feel the tension in the room. You were scared to move or to say anything. You just stood there not knowing what to say or what to do, You just looked down.

“Are you joking? You have to be right..” He said as he turned and looked at you. 

You stayed quite, You didn’t move either. That was good enough for him to know that this was no joke…You were serious. That’s when everything went down hill. 


“J-Jungkook…There is no need to yell lets just talk about it”


“Jungkook please..”


At this point you had no more words you could say, This was what you feared the most. Him freaking out like this, This was the last thing that you wanted! You didn’t know what to do or say so you just stayed quite..


He pushed the vase full of flowers of the counter top and let it shatter on the floor. He walked further away from you as he ran his hand through his hair and pulled at its ends. You leaned down and started to pick up the broken pieces of glass that were scattered along the kitchen floor. Tears continued to roll down your face.


“ENOUGH!! Its not like i asked for this Jungkook!!!!!! Do you think i wanted to be pregnant at such a young age!?!?! But i am! we can’t do anything to change the past! We just need to talk and think about what we can do about it now and learn from it!!!!”


His words shocked you…You stood there frozen in place, what did he just say..he cant be serious?!

“J-Jungkook….You cant be serious!”


“Jungkook….Please anything but that! I cant do this on my own!!!”

He went into yours and his bedroom and grabbed a bag and put some of his clothes in it. He stormed out of the bedroom and towards the door, You got up to chase him but in the process you stepped on all the pieces of glass and fell to the floor in pain. You heard him opening the door and you felt as if everything was about to end.


The door slammed and it felt as if your heart stopped, Your worst nightmare and your biggest fear came true…You were alone and you were now a single mother…What was going to happen to you?! What about your baby?!!?

Your feet were cut and your legs had pieces of glass in them, You were hurting both physically and mentally and emotionally. You once again curled into a ball and cried but this time you held nothing back. You screamed and cried and let everything out……Why…Why… was all you could think about. Then everything went black.

Jungkook P.O.V.

You ran straight back to the company, You went to the practice room, turned on some music and turned up the volume as loud as it would go and threw your bags down. You walked in front of the mirror and started to dance, You needed to get your mind off of this. 

But no matter how hard you danced you couldn’t forget, You just couldn’t believe it….She was pregnant?!!? Where do you even begin to process that?! This would ruin everything….Me, My job her job….us…..This is just ridiculous. The song switched and you started dancing again, Before you knew it the sun was coming up and the boys were walking into the practice room with their bags. They all looked at you with shocked faces.

“Wow Jungkook what the hell happened to you?!” Said Namjoon

You just ignored his comment and continued dancing, You were exhausted but you didn’t want to stop. Afraid of what would happen if you did, The thoughts never stopped but you were sure that they would be worse if you stopped. 

Jin walked over to the stereo and turned it off

“HEY!” You yelled

Jin walked over to you along with Jhope, They both told you to sit down as the others gathered around and you all sat together.

“So..What happened?” Asked Jhope


“Don’t lie, Its obvious something went down between you and Y/N right?” Asked Suga

They sound of her name made your body tense, All the thoughts and actions of the previous night came rushing back. You looked down and placed your head in your hands.

“Talk to us man, Were here for you and Y/N im sure whatever it is you guys can make it through it like alwa-”

“Shes pregnant” You cut Jin off before he could finish

All of them went silent and their faces full of shock.

“Wait seriously?” Asked Jimin


They were silent once again, and they all seemed in deep thought about something.

“When did you find out?” Asked Namjoon

“Last night”

“Then why are you here?” Asked Jhope

You didn’t answer back right away you had to properly think about what to say, Because you didn’t even know yourself why you came here of all places.

“Let me ask one thing….Please tell me, You didn’t walk out on her after she told you..” Said Jin in a very dark voice

You stayed silent, You knew it was wrong but this was just to much for you to handle. You slightly nodded your head and you felt the air getting colder almost.

“You did not…..Why would you do that?!” Asked Jhope

“Its just to much! i cant handle something like this right now!” You tried to say

“You cant handle it?? Oh look who is trying to act like his world is over” Said Jin

“What?” You just asked

“If you think your life is bad what about Y/N? She is the one who is pregnant with YOUR child, She is the one that is going to have to face this alone. The pain, The tears, Not to mention she is only 18 and she is going to have to raise a child by herself!! Don’t for one second think you got the short end of the stick. You can easily walk away from this…She cant, And now that you left her..the only thing she was probably counting on what do you think she is going through right now?!? She didn’t get pregnant by her self, So why should she have to raise it her self? I’m telling you this right now Jeon Jungkook. Don’t you dare walk away from her when she needs you most. This is your child too”

Jin’s words hit you like a truck, everything he said was true. So why the hell were you acting like your life was over? Suddenly everything you said and did to her last night came to your head. You stood up and started running towards the door, You looked back at the boys mainly Jin and gave them a nod of thanks. You ran our the door and straight to Y/N’s house. You opened the door and suddenly became extremely worried. 

Why was the door unlocked? She always locks the door, You closed the door and ran into the apartment.

“Y/N!!!! Y/N!!!!” You yelled

No response.

Your heart began to beat faster and you started to panic, You ran into the living room and looked around. You didn’t see her anywhere, You went to go check the bedroom but you as you turned around you say what you were looking so desperately for. There she was, Unconscious on the kitchen floor where you left her last night. 


You ran to her side and picked her up in your arms, you saw that she was bleeding on her legs and feet from the glass of the vase that you broke. Tears formed in your eyes as you looked at her tear stained face. She looked like a small fragile and lifeless doll. You picked her up and walked to the bathroom, You turned on some warm water and started a bath. You slowly stripped her clothes and placed her in the tub.

You picked out the glass from her legs and threw them away and then washed her legs and feet. She looked so broken….so hurt, Tears formed in your eyes and they soon rolled down your checks.

“Y-Y/N…Im so sorry…For everything i said and did….please look at me…wake up and look at me..”

Regular P.O.V

You heard mumbled words and felt your body be overcome with a warm feeling. You slowly opened your eyes and looked around you, You were in the tub with a crying Jungkook next to you. You felt weak, But you still managed some strength to lift your arm and stroke his head.

He looked up at you with teary eyes and smiled.

“Y/N! you’re awake! Thank goodness..”

You could hear the sound of relief and comfort in his voice, But you soon remembered the previous night.

“I thought you wanted nothing to do with me anymore….”

His face became full of guilt and regret, You could tell that he truly felt bad or maybe that was just you hopping he felt that way..you didn’t know anymore.

“Y/N….Im so sorry…Please believe me when i say that! everything i said and did i didn’t mean any of it! I was just frustrated and confused and scared and took it out on you….im so sorry please…forgive me.”

You smiled at his words, Jungkook wasn’t an emotional person but you knew he had his moments and this was one of those moments. He truly regretted what he said and did you knew that now..

“Its ok….i was never mad at you…i understand why you reacted that way….its only natural were young and we don’t know what were doing, but i believe that we can find a way…i truly believe that but i need you….i need you by my side for this….Without you by my side i don’t know what i will do…”

Jungkook just smiled, He reached into the tub and grabbed you from the water and pulled you out. He walked you into the bedroom and laid you down on the bed. He grabbed one of his large sweatshirts and a pair of underwear for you and slipped them on you and put his sweat shirt on you. He walked back into the bathroom and cam back in with some bandages.

He wrapped up your legs and your feet and made sure they were nicely done so it wouldn’t hurt. He then got down on his knees and hugged you, His arms wrapped around your waist and he rested his head on your stomach.

“I will always be here for you, I promise that i will never leave your side again. No matter how rough it gets i will stay right here with you…and our child.”

“Are you sure, Your world isn’t going to end?”

“No…Its just a new beginning”

I hope you liked it!!!! thank you for requesting!! <3 i loved writing this and sorry its so long >.< i just couldn’t stop writing once i started XD Sorry for any mistakes and i hope you enjoyed it! thank you again <3

anonymous asked: andreil and the cats? 

im sorry i dont know how add tags to asks when you post them (does this make sense pls someone help me)

  • it is my religion that neil and andrew fight over the cats a lot
  • not in the “i want to hold him” “fuck off, i’m holding him right now” kinda fight im talking the “neil, cats are only meant to eat two times a day (is this right I DONT KNOW i dont have cats), he’s not like your fatass. stop giving him treats. neil i said stop-”
  • neil never stops giving the cats treats. the cats are fat. neil is the worst. omg he also sneaks them people food bc he feels bad bc.. he might’ve.. tried some of the catfood once.. and it was shit (only him and sir know)
  • andrew has never been rough with the cats physically but it isn’t past him to snap at them to “get the fuck out of my way” or “get the fuck off of that” or even “stop fucking purring it’s annoying”
  • “andrew, stop, theyre just cats they don’t know any better, just leave him alone.” or “don’t be mean to him, he just wants you to pet him”
  • cue andrew looking into the camera like its the office bc he’s in love with a emotionally and physically damaged man child who comes to the defense of their obese cats (who are doing things that him and neil both agreed they weren’t supposed to do like be on the counter or go in their closet)
  • here i go i got carried away again smh

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anonymous asked:

do either nursey or dex have dimples? also how unchill are they when the other is smiling a real dimply smile at someone else?

Dex has problems communicating his emotions. He knows that. He knows that it’s why people often find him abrasive or even cold. He knows it’s why he ends up lashing out at times. He knows it’s why his relationship with Nursey was less than civil during the beginning of freshman year. He knows all of this, and he’s trying to work on it.

The thing is, apparently the one emotion he has no trouble at all expressing is jealousy.

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Live Q&A with Marti Starting Now, 5:00 pm Eastern, 10:00 pm UTC on Saturday, September 10.  As Long as There Are Questions/Comments, I Will Stay On Until 9:00 pm Eastern!

to themBut I will turn it off as soon as I go more than 15 minutes without a question/comment.  To send me a question/comment, use the instant messenger at the top of this page!


gotjack1:  that last photo you put up was so hot wish i could have there to c get coated in your sweet milk

Marti:  Wish you could have been, too!  I wish I could show that here on tumblr, but my contract with my Sex Agency forbids it (except if I show it via virtual 3D)


bigmelonlover70:  How are those massive tits today?

Would you prefer to be fucked or watch michelle get fucked?

Marti:  My tits are lonely but my nipples are hard.  As for your second question, I’m not a voyeur or a cuckold; I would much rather be fucked, though she might say she had rather watch me get it than to take it herself


:  Marti does it cost a lot to attend your private parties with your agency? How does someone inquire about those type of parties?

Marti:  First, you have to be a member of the private and very secretive agency - you would have to be invited by a current member then go through a vetting.  Even then, yes, it is expensive


gotjack1:  thats cool the 3d is hot and i see in my mind any ways

marti to you enjoy anal?

Marti:  Glad you like the 3D.  I really enjoy making them - it gets me hot.  And, yes, I love anal, though that is a fairly recent thing.  It’s a long story as to why I didn’t do anal for quite a while.


themaskedhillbilly:  hey Sexy!  Thanks for doing this second session!

Marti:  You’re welcome.  I just hope this one is more successful than the last one.  I’m still wondering if the wifi here in this cabin isn’t making things worse.


bigmelonlover70:  Have you ever done double vag?

Marti:  Yes, but it is awkward.  Much prefer one in my ass and one in my cunt.  Unless the two guys are very experienced, if there are two cocks in my pussy, then either one of them has to stay still or both of them keep popping out!


gotjack1:  have you ever had your tits tied i would love to tie them tight slap your tits and suck on your long nipples trying to get you to letdown

Marti:  I have them tied all the time.  I just won’t let someone tie them so tight that they turn purple.  I just like them tied so they are pushed out and stationary.


themaskedhillbilly:  not sure but I am happy to get to chat again, the pix you’ve shared the past couple of days have me hard right now

Marti:  That’s why I post them.  Knowing they make great guys like you hard.  It’s an honor for me!


gotjack1:  yeah yhats hot not to tight just tight enough

Marti:  Exactly!

gotjack1:  marti do you ever have sex in public?

well never mind forgot about your island

Marti:  Well, kinda.  I mean I like to have sex almost in public, meaning in a public place but not where people can watch.


unkpauly:  Hey  this  is  my  first  post ,  does Michelle  still  fuck  her brother

Marti:  Welcome!  Michelle and Jake do fuck, but their deal is that they will only do it in my presence.  So they don’t fuck unless I’m with them.


themaskedhillbilly:  you’ve been a constant source of excitement and arousal since I first found you, it is the least i could do to keep you informed that you get my cock hard :)

Marti:  Yes, you and a guy that goes by cd-4 have probably been my most consistent followers over the years, from blogspot to both my sites here!  Thank you!


gotjack1:  yeah dont want to be caught

Marti:  That could get a person arrested.  Not worth that!

gotjack1:  do you like your hair pulled during sex?

Marti:  Not really.  That bit of pain is distracting to my sexual bits


wap5699:  How did u start having sex with ur kids

Marti:  Now that would take a very long answer.  It is explained in detail in my Sexual Journey page.  Here’s the link:  http://mybigmaturetits.tumblr.com/martijourney.  To put it in brief, my daughter started it all!


unkpauly:  Are you  two  playing  right  now ?

OK   real question , when did  this  attraction  for  your  family  begin ? I  ask  because  I  made out  with  my  sister  awhile  back  and  loved  it 

Marti:  I’m by myself tonight on vacation with just my two doggies sleeping at my feet.  So, no, I’m not with Michelle tonight.The sex started in 2011.

I explained to an earlier messenger that the full story can be found on my Sexual Journey page here: http://mybigmaturetits.tumblr.com/martijourney.  My daughter started it, but there is a lot of back history to it.


themaskedhillbilly:  i love following you…you’ve got a great ass to go with your amazing tits ;)

i commented on your post about big, you know i think the biggest part of you is your heart, i hate that you were sad, but it also shows even more how much you care

Marti:  Awww, how sweet.  Sometimes I think my heart is way too big.  It keeps getting chipped at the corners.  And thanks for the comment about my ass.  I think it looks like the youngest part of my body!


gotjack1:  do you squirt or gush when  fucking

Marti:  Not so much while being fucked, but suck on my tits until I lactate and you’ll see one of the biggest gushes in porn.  At least that is what my friends in the industry tell me!


wap5699:  How often do u have sex with ur son

Did ur son ever let u catch him masterbating before u two ever had sex

Marti:  Jake, my son, and I have sex at least twice a  day when we’re both home.  But, no, I never caught him masturbating before we actually had sex (which was instigated by my daughter)


unkpauly:  OK  thanks , what’s  the  reaction  your  getting  from  other  family  members , if they  know  at all. P.S is hubby  really  cuckold

Marti:  Hubby is a dedicated cuckold.  His favorite sex act is to masturbate while watching other guys fuck me.  The only other person in my family that knows about this incest is my niece, Josie, who also takes part.


themaskedhillbilly:  your ass would look even better warmed up and rosy from a playful spanking over my knee, your big tits hanging, swinging free

Marti:  As long as you don’t mind your lap getting soaking wet from my pussy!


gotjack1:  mmm yummy bet you taste so sweet

Marti:  Well, if you catch a gush when I haven’t done on in awhile, then you’ll get a good taste.  I’m told that when I gush consecutively, then the taste gets more and more like water.


themaskedhillbilly:  mind?  i expect it to, i’d then want you to clean me up

Marti:  And I would expect to be cleaning up more than my pussy juice!


unkpauly:  Tell me  how  to  get  into  the  circle  that  fucks marti   without  having  a  camera

Marti:  Two ways.  First, know someone in my sex community.  Second, see me in public and introduce yourself as a follower.  Oh, and there is a third.  I’m running a contest where the winners get to fuck me.  I’ll run another one next year, too.


themaskedhillbilly:  you cleaning would no doubt lead to you getting a mouthful of my cum

Marti:  Just one?  *wink


Sorry guys, took a short break.  The Tanqueray and tonic ran through me!  Back to you now…


here2unfff:  Hi, Marti!  Would love to wrap my mouth around those nipples and have my way with your tits  : )

Marti:  Mmmmm, you’re talking my language!  The way to my sexuality goes through my tits and nipples!  And welcome to the Live Q&A!


themaskedhillbilly:  yes, just one, at that point, afterwards my focus would be on your tits.  you leaning back against me as you sit between my legs, my hands cupping and groping the pliant flesh, ignoring your nipples for the moment, but watching them lengthen and curve up

Marti:  Ahhh, you read closely - about my nipples arching upwards as they get really tight!  Good for you!


unkpauly:  I think  you  live  in  fla ,I’m  up  north . Please  tell me  about  your  attraction to  your  children , is that  hard to  get  your  head  around ? Were  they  hot to  you  as they  got  older

Marti:  I do live in Florida.  It really is a long story about how the attraction grew between my kids and I so a refer you to my Sexual Journey page here: http://mybigmaturetits.tumblr.com/martijourney.  I would do the depth of the story an injustice by making it too brief here.

I don’t struggle with the relationship.  It all came about so naturally.  Again, go to the Sexual Journey page.


here2unfff:  Thanks for having it, lol.  I love the interaction you have with your followers!  Would love to be the lens on any one of those cameras when the action is at its peak!  I looove to watch… I’m jacking off now just thinking about it, lol

Marti:  And THAT I would love to watch!  I try to make this site something different from all the others; these Live Q&As are pretty unique, I think.


mega-son:  Fuck Marti island sounds fun. I wish I could have been one of those kayakers you talked about.

Marti:  That was fun!  But I haven’t heard from either of them since.  Guess they were both married.

Oh, and welcome to the live Q&A!  Love having you here!

mega-son:  Thanks. I love those huge boobs ;)

Marti:  And I love showing them to you.  Hearing nice comments about them is one of the major reasons I do this!


themaskedhillbilly:  cool, i also sent a connect the dots freckle pic, look for it too :)

Marti:  Now that I did see - and loved it!

themaskedhillbilly:  :)  very cool, i love getting creative with you

now back to your tits and those wonderful nipples!

Marti:  Yes, back to these puppies on my chest (not the ones on the floor asleep next to me?)


here2unfff:  I’m way more of a giver, and would prob'ly rather spend hours kissing and licking you ALL over… would you be OK with that?  (hypothetically,  of course, haha)

Marti:  Absolutely!  I love a light touch and good tease.  I’ve been known to lactate and cum just through that!


mega-son:  I certainly appreciate it. I find myself scrolling through your pictures quite often. Usually with no pants on lol

Marti:  And hopefully with only one hand!!!

:  Yes ma'am. I beat my dick mercilessly when I’m on your page.

Marti:  Well, don’t wank it off!  Come here and put it between my big soft tits and let me make it feel better!


here2unfff:  I bet it’d be a tasty treat, too!

I’m close to cumming, sure wish your beautiful mouth, tongue, and throat were here, ready and eagerly waiting!  ; )

Marti:  Me too!  Or you could paint my tits with you big load and watch me lick them clean!


xfinity24:  How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Marti:  18.  I lost it to the guy who was my first husband.  I was infatuated with him for several years then realized what a loser he was.


themaskedhillbilly:  no, i am much more interested in the puppies on your chest, unless the ones on the floor want to whisper their birthdays to me so i can win the contest :)

I wrap my arm around and hold your right tit in my left hand, squeezing harder and harder until you wince then i ease my grip just a bit as i slap down from your chest to your nipple with my right hand, whispering into your ear how fucking sexy you are the whole time

Marti:  Criminy!  That was so funny, I had to spit out a swallow of my T&T?  The dogs whispering their birthdays.  How funny!

If you can find the right mix of roughness and sensuality with my tits, I would turn into mush in your hands and give you a milk fountain!


mega-son:  Why I’d love to!!! I dream about fucking those enormous tits with my hard throbbing cock.

Marti:  Yeah, baby.  Get my nipples spraying milk as you fuck my tits.  I’ll give you my white stuff as you give me yours!


here2unfff:  Mind if help…?  ; )

Marti:  Oooh, what a nice offer.   It would be so hot for you to lick your cum from one of my tits and as clean the other.  It is a rare guy who does that!


Sorry, took a brief break to make another Tanqueray and Tonic with lots of lime juice!  Strating to feel it a bit - which is a great feeling to go along with the heat I feel coming from your questions and comments!


xfinity24:  How many V cards do you think you’ve taken

Marti:  My sex statistician - yes, I have one - could probably give you a pretty accurate answer, but I’ll have to guess.  I’ve fucked just over 3,000 guys in the last 7 years; I’m guessing around 200 or so were virgins.


themaskedhillbilly:  that perfect mix is often the goal, a touch of pain heightens the senses

a fountain would be nice, I want milf fireworks like in the 3D pic of you with Michelle and Gina!

Marti:  You’re right about the pain part.  As long as it is welcomed pain - which it would be from me.So you liked the nipple spewing 3D picture?  I thought it was hot!


mega-son:  I want to suck all the milk out of your tits!!!

Marti:  All of it?  That’s maybe a pint and a half with each letdown and I can have a dozen or more letdowns in a single day.  So, how much is that:  2 gallons?  You better be thirsty and hungry!


xfinity24:  Who waz the worst guy you’ve fucked?

Marti:  My ex.  He had a tiny dick and only wanted to fuck me in my ass because his cock was so small he didn’t get much feeling in my cunt.


here2unfff:  I may have done it a time or two…  ; )

Marti:  Good for you!  I’m very impressed!  I would certainly drink my pussy gush with a guy - I wish more guys would join me licking their cum off my tits


themaskedhillbilly:  it is very hot, love all the 3D stuff because it allows you to show off more about you and your adventures, how many of your lovers have 3D models?

Marti:  Let’s see:  Michelle, Jake, Gina, Mandy, Dana, Daniel, Maria, Josie, Peter, Annie, Ann.  That makes 12, including me.

themaskedhillbilly:  after reading your post about what big is, i’d very much like to see Josie’s model

Marti:  Well, my 3D software doesn’t allow for “big” clits and gigantic labia, so I would have to get very creative.  I can show how tall she is, her nice legs, and big fake tits. 


xfinity24:  When you say tiny what’s tiny to you I have a 5in cock

Marti:  5 inches isn’t tiny - it’s normal.  His was more like 3 inches.


mega-son:  Well I might not be able to handle all of it, but it wouldn’t be for lack of trying ;)

Marti:  So you wouldn’t mind getting coated with it as well?  *wink


xfinity24:  Do your prefer creampie in your ass or cunt?

Marti:  Is it fair to say in my mouth?  If not, then I prefer it in my cunt


thespecialist2k1 Hi Marti.   Do you like black guys?

Marti:  If you have a hard cock then I’ll love you.  I’d say that if you were black, white, yellow, red, green or purple!

thespecialist2k1:  Marty I have a nice hard cock for you. Everytime I see you it gets that way.

Marti.   Sorry

Marti:  Sorry for what?  You’ve only said nice hot things!   I’m glad I have that effect on you.

thespecialist2k1:  I would love to suck on your nipples while being balls deep inside of you.

Marti:  And that’s just how I would want it!


mrsmokeone:  Hi beautiful how big do you want your tits to grow ? Even tho they’re already fucking huge lol

Marti:  I got them as big as an M cup, but the extra weight was too much for the knee I had replaced.  I wish I could have kept them that big.  But I’m happy with the J cups I’ve got now.

Oh, and welcome to the Live Q&A!


themaskedhillbilly:   bummer about the limitations of the software, would definitely still like to see her though 

also in your big post you mentioned boobpedia, I’m curious if you ever took the boobpedia challenge yourself, would love to know your thoughts, Michelle’s too

Marti:  Regarding boobpedia - that’s a good idea.  I never took it.  I had thought to list all the suggestions I’ve received and add my own - and for Michelle

.Oh, and I’ll find a way to show Josie’s labia and clit


ARRRGGGHH!  Just knocked over a whole can of cashew nuts - my favorite.  It’s a race to see how many I can pick up before my dogs get to them!


sickostef:  Do you like clamping those long nipples of yours Marti?

Marti:  I like having them clamped between someone’s teeth!  A mild clamping with an instrument of some sort can be hot, too

Welcome to the Live Q&A!


teaganfc:  Can you do more things with Michelle she is amazing

How did you first decide to fuck you son and daughter

Marti:  With Michelle, it is more about what she does to me.  She’s very creative in finding new ways to have her way with my body.

I’ll have to refer you to my Sexual Journey page here http://mybigmaturetits.tumblr.com/martijourney where all regarding how I started with incest is explained.  It’s a long story.

And welcome to the Live Q&A!


mega-son:  Not at all. In fact I’d love to be drenched in it as well as full of it.

Marti:  Sounds like what I would want with your cum!


thespecialist2k1:  You are such a dream. How do you feel about big balls?

I could feel them bouncing off the insides of your thighs and buns as I slide myself deeper and deeper inside of you.

Such a beautiful insatiable woman

Marti:  I have a special appetite for big balls.  Balls are so alien to women as we have nothing like them.  (Cocks are like very large clits.)  I have learned how to play with balls without hurting them!


teaganfc:  Okay thanks, can I keep asking questions I don’t know how to use the live q&a I thought this was it

What’s the best part about incest?

Marti:  This IS the live Q&A!  You can ask as many questions as you want.  It may take me a few minutes to respond because I’m getting messages from lots of people.

The best part about incest is that it is an extension of a natural love.

teaganfc:  Oh sweet! I want to say it if I haven’t said it before your tits are amazing I have blown 4 loads today looking at you pictures. 

If you could try any new fetish what would it be?  

livewithmartiandmichelleWow!  4 loads.  That’s hot!  Wish they were going down my throat!

Any new fetish?  I recently checked the last one off my list.  I still have this dream of having hundreds of guys jacking off on my chest, coating me.  Maybe taking a bath in a tub full of cum.

teaganfc:  I do too, im imagining you with Michelle

I love the sex stories you tell, I get so hard over them. They’re all true right

Marti:   All my stories are true.  Yes, I embellish a bit in my writing, but I don’t make anything up.

teaganfc:  I would jack off and fill that tub personal for those tits of youra Youra Yours*

 Marti:  Paint my chest with cum!


mega-son:  I’d let you have it too baby!

Marti:  How many loads could you give me?


themaskedhillbilly:  :) thanks, i know you’ll find a way.  Compiling the responses then adding yours and Michelle’s would be an awesome read

going back to the idea of pain and pleasure, have you ever bitten someone in the heat of the moment?

Marti:  A few times I’ve bitten someone harder than I should have - I do get lost in the moments.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done it though - I worked hard to keep a little bit of control


:  I would in a second, you would be covered head to toe in my cum

I would fuck every hole if you let me, starting with you face for at least 5 loads into the back of your throat then I would move onto your ass and save that amazing gushing pussy for last. But don’t worry I would never leave those monster tits out. I would make you lacerate everywhere if I could

Marti:  Ummm, I think you mean lactate, not lacerate.  LOL!  I am addicted to cum, no doubt.  My preference is to get close however you want then blow it down my throat!


polar252:  You ladies still on I’m loving your combined content gets me so hard love cumming to pictures of you. Can’t wait for the content on the secret blog!

I would love to be fucking you both right now sucking milk out of those huge tits!

Marti:  Hi and welcome to this Live Q&A!  Michelle can’t lactate, but I can do enough for the both of us.  You could drink from one of my nips while she drinks from the other!


mega-son:  I know I can do 4. But I’ve never been fully put to the test.

Marti:  Well, then, let me give you the advanced test using my hands, mouth, tits, pussy, and ass.


themaskedhillbilly:  it is something i’ve fantasized about quite a bit, you riding me, cumming hard and collapsing onto my chest then as i continue to fuck  you, you cum again and bite down on my shoulder

Marti:  I am told I have a rather unique skill in knowing what my partners want without telling me.  I bet I cold sense your need for a little pain to go with the pleasure.


teaganfc:  I would blow everything down your throat if tats what you wanted

Marti:  To me, it’s almost like a drop of cum I don’t swallow is a drop of cum wasted.


wanderingsg:  Have you sat back and just watched the other having sex without joining in?

And how did your niece find out?

Marti:  Welcome to tonight’s Live Q&A!

If I understand you first question, I do watch my son and daughter having sex - and they’re usually staring at my body as they do!

My niece found out because she complained about her sex life to my daughter (they’re good friends) and my daughter told her about how I was fulfilling her sexual desire


polar252:  Yes! I would love that! Mmmm bet your milk is do delicious!

Marti:  Did you know that milk straight from the nipple isn’t consistent.  At the beginning of a lactation episode, the milk contains more fat then gets diluted toward the end.  Different people like different times of the cycle.  I prefer the fatty part of the let down, in terms of taste.


mega-son:  I’m up for the challenge.I’m so hard

Marti:  I’m so wet - and my nipples are probably as hard as your cock.


themaskedhillbilly:  sex-tra sensory perception, yet another piece of the puzzle, i don’t doubt it a bit, you never cease to amaze!

Marti:  LOL!  Love that phrase.  You certainly have a way with words!

Sextra sensory perception, I mean.


teaganfc:  What the most about of cumshot have yous swallowed in one sex session?

How should I swallow my cum for the first time?

Marti:  To answer your first question, I would say around 200.  To answer your second I would advise just tasting a little bit at first then working your way up to a full load.


OK, guys.  ONly about another 15 minutes for this Q&A - nearly 4 hours worth!  My doggies need a walk and I need some sleep.


polar252:  Mmm I wish I could try it with you! I would play with tits for hours!

Marti:  And I would let you do whatever you wanted with hem for as long as you wanted.

polar252:  Mmm your getting me so hard!

Marti:  Glad to!


mega-son:  I wish I could suck on them right now

Marti:  You would find my tits soft and very heavy and my nipples long and hard


teaganfc:  What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done

Marti:  It’s hard to get much naughtier than incest!


Well, guys, it’s 8:30 eastern time now - it has been a 3.5 hour Q&A!  I’m tired and the doggies need to go out once more for the evening.  This has been awesome!  After the rather dead Q&A this afternoon, this busy one was a real boost.  Thanks!

Have a great night, all!

tangled ribbons, ch12: grand allegro

on Ao3 | on ffnet

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first off, thank you so so so SO much for the response to the last chapter! it was….incredible. honestly. i was just blown away. thank you for being patient and being understanding, and thank you for putting up with all my teasing 

 i have more (so much more) i’ll say next time, but i don’t know when that’ll be. i’m working on a lot of college stuff and original things for my portfolio, as well as a big bang for another fandom and a collab fic. but i promise i’m always slowly working on this stuff. 

 also??? brick walls is on page 3 of the ml tag when sorted by kudos???? thank you so much omg 

this chapter isn’t necessarily the most interesting and it’s less than half the length of ch11, but i still hope you enjoy!

Marinette has her arms around Adrien’s waist when he wakes up. She’s already awake, her head resting on his chest and vacant eyes staring at the wall.

“Morning,” he murmurs, brushing her bangs away from her eyes.

She gives him a small smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. “Hi.”

“What time is it?” He regrets asking when she pulls away to check her phone.

She frowns at her phone.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” she says quickly. “It’s only five, but we fell asleep early.” She swings her feet over the bed, motioning to the bathroom. “I’m going to—” She lifts her phone.

Adrien nods and reaches for his glasses. “I’ll be here.”

It takes him a few minutes to get up once she leaves. He can hear her muffled voice through the walls. He doesn’t know who or what she’s talking about, but he hopes it’s Alya.

He slides on his glasses and scrolls through the notifications on his phone. He shoots a quick update to Nathalie, usually he would’ve done it last night but he was asleep and she’s probably been lowkey panicking since then, before tackling the texts.

Nino only sent a few, but Alya didn’t hold back. At all.

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24 Hours Part 2

Originally posted by y-ta

A/n: Once again, Happy birthday big sis @pengwhin ily!!!!! I hope that you like this, this part is more like a fluff at the end and I think you’ll like it!!

Pairing: Reader x Yuta 

Genre: Fluff

Part 1 

‘12:00 pm’

Yuta’s lips collided with yours as he gave you a kiss goodbye. He smiled, but his smile faded as quick as it formed. “What?” You asked noticing the look on his face.

“..are you sure you’re ok…because I just have that feeling that I get when I know that you’re upset.”

“Yuta, I’m good…I guess you’re feeling is because of something else,” you lied to him.

“Alright.” He smiled. “I’m gonna go now…”

You groaned at his words, “I don’t want you to leave..”

“I don’t wanna leave either but I have to,” Yuta said. “Bye.”

“Goodbye,” you said as you closed the door behind Yuta.

You grabbed a pillow from your couch and stuffed your face into it, screaming into it. “Ugh!” You groaned. ‘Did he just forget my birthday completely!?’ You thought.

Suddenly the door sung open and you quickly turned around. Standing there smiling was your little sister. “Happy birthday!” She screamed and ran to give you a hug.

“What are you doing here?” You chuckled as you asked.

“Well obviously I came because it’s your birthday….and I was also coming to kill Yuta but I saw him as I was coming in so I guess he did come home last night.”

“He came home at like 1:45 and he didn’t say happy birthday, in fact he still hasn’t said happy birthday to me at all!”

“Ok so I do need to kill him then,” she joked.

You laughed with her then said, “Last night I was pretty shocked, me and him never forget things as important as birthdays…after he didn’t say anything, I was very upset but i still thought that maybe he forgot about the midnight tradition and he might wish me happy birthday in the morning. Though, it’s been about…” you stopped talking to read the clock on the wall, ‘12:28 pm’ “twelve hours since my birthday started and he hasn’t even begun to say the words ‘happy birthday’ to me.”

“Ok sis, there’s no way he forgot completely,” Your sister assured you. “I just don’t believe that he would do something like that.”

“Well up until last night I didn’t believe it either, but Yuta completely forgot.”

You continued to talk to your sister about Yuta and your birthday. She was convinced that he didn’t forget but you just weren’t sure. After awhile she tried to change the topic and make you forget that he may have forgot your birthday. You spent the most of the day with her, watching dramas and listening to your favorite music.

‘7:38 pm’

“Did you eat yet?” Your sister asked you.

“I’m upset because my boyfriend forgot that today was my birthday, and you wanna know if i’ve eaten?” You answered her question with another question.

She looked at you as if you were the crazy one and said, “Yea..so did you eat or not?”

“No,” you blankly answered.

“Good because we’re going out to eat.” She ran into your room, charging straight to your closet and pulling out a very very revealing red dress. “Um…what are you doing, you can’t wear that it’s too revealing for you!” You exclaimed.

She smiled at you and said, “Who said that I was going to be wearing it?” Your sister threw the dress your way and pushed you into the bathroom to change.

‘8:05 pm’

You came out a few minutes later and she then stood in front of you with black high heels in her hands. “Seriously, these too?”

“Of course these too!”

You sat on the bed and put on the shoes, getting up and leaning on your sister while you adjusted to the tall height of the heels. “Wait, why am I wearing a dress and heels when you’re only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts?” You asked. “Well…um….because you’re the birthday girl and that means that you have to be the best looking person anywhere you go.”

“Sure..” you said, not fully believing her explanation.


‘9:47 pm’

Your sister pulled up to a restaurant that looked very familiar to you. Oh my god seriously!? You thought to yourself as you got out of the car. “Really y/s/n, you know this is where me and Yuta had our first date!”

“I know, and I know that this isn’t your ideal place to go to since Yuta forgot your birthday but they have good food here,” She spoke as you walked into the familiar building. You had to admit, she was right about them having good food there.

“Y/s/n!” You heard something yell from in front of you. Quickly, you noticed that the voice belonged to Ten. You saw your sisters face light up as she ran into her boyfriends arms. I wish Yuta would hug me right now…

“Ten, what are you doing here?” you asked him as he released your sister from his arms.

“I came to take y/s/n home,” he quickly responded.

“Why, we just got here?” you asked, sounding very confused.

“Don’t worry about it, Just go to the last booth at the back of the restaurant and you’ll understand.” Your sister spoke a she pushed you further into the restaurant. You began to walk on your own as you wondered why you even needed to be here. When you saw Yuta standing before you, you had no more questions. He stood there in a suit as he held a rose in his hand. He held it out to you and you took it with a bright smile on your face.

Yuta pulled you in for a hug and said, “I am a complete idiot!” You tried to hold it in but unfortunately you couldn’t and began to laugh. He laughed with you then spoke, “I’m serious. I forgot to say happy birthday to you at midnight, and this morning.”

You sighed before you spoke, “You always tell me happy birthday…”

“I know and again, I’m an idiot for not doing that but that’s why I’m here to make it up to you.”

“How exactly are you going to make it up to me?”

“I’ll say this we can go home now so I can rip that tight dress of your body and please in every way then have dinner later or we can eat dinner now and do all that later, your choice.”

“Let’s go home,” you said.

“Good choice,” Yuta whispered as he pulled you out of the restaurant.

Random bios (mega post) || #awesomepacks || da créditos a @iconnftheader

infucknity ∞

i dont fucking want this anymore

make me stay

im not strong

die like a paradise

be strong because im not

ilysfm ☠

so what¿

☛ hi bbys ☚



☯ love me like you do ☯

☼ youre my sunshine ☼

where are my fucking fans?

☹ basic as fuck ☹

♡ im single ♡



✿ whats bio? ✿

♡ heartbreakers ♡

fake ☯


grow up dude

”i hate people i love pizza”

she can fuck u but i can fuck u better

nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all and i can fuck u too

why i’m so sad

xoxo, gossip girl

you’re only a depressive bitch

this bitch actually thinks i care 

silence is better than bullshit

i shoud have made you mine

a kiss is just a kiss until it is with someone you’ll truly miss

i call him the devil cuz he makes me wanna sin

stop romanticizing things that hurt

cause you dont destroy people you love

you’ll always have a special place in my heart

you’d leave me anyway

cause your heart deserves a whole lot more than a broken girl 

did you ever think about the promises you made?

you hurt the only one who would never hurt you

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

sadness is a drug

cause who would love a girl with scars

you were the first love i lost

to the moon and back, remember?

you cant break a broken heart

its like you ripped my heart out

break my heart and i’ll break your x-box

my nightmares are about losing you

we are unapologetic

△ live fast die young ▽

waiting for someone to save me from me

life is beautiful, really, it is, full of beauty and illusions



perfect boys only exist in books

i didn’t know i was lost

everybody dies but not everybody lives

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

that’s people, we arrive, consume what we can, then leave

time heals nothing, it just replaces memories

zombies eat brains, you’re safe

stars can’t shine without darkness

happiness will find you when you stop hiding

what is essential is invisible to the eye

mi ruberete tutto ma non il sorriso (me roubaste tudo mas não o sorriso)

someone once told me your eyes are the only truthful part of your body

our minds are troubled by the emptiness

soulless people

middle fingers up

some scars are ment to stay

one big school full of fake bitches

to love, is to destroy

if your eyes could speak what would they say?

dark circles has stories to tell

too vogue for you

in their last moments people show you who they really are

all monsters are human

are you living your dream?

no matter how good they are, some memories need to be forgotten

not expecting nothing from no one anymore

thanks for acting like you care

it’s not because i listen to weed i smoke miley cyrus

i was an angel looking to get fuck hard

i’ve been waiting yo meet you

stop pretending like you care, i know you dont

we get crazy every friday night

come on baby light my fire

too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

do you belive in angels? i’m yours

sorry i’m not like her

i’m suicidal, remember?

only know you love her when you let her go

why’d you let her go?

i do belive in true love, dont you?

you know you made my eyes burn

read this, thanks, now lets have sex

he’s my sun, he’s my moon

if i’m not with him, i dont wanna be with anybody

hold me tight

where was that love you used to give to me?

why is my heart broke?

we are unapologetic

love yourself first

love is keeping the promise anyway

one sick love story

i begged him to stay

i loved him, i loved him and i still love him

i’ve got red dress on tonight

dont you ever say i just waked away

when you say you love me, know, i love you more

and i love you more than i did before

my boyfriend went out with his litlle bitches, ops friends

clothes are boring, walk naked

live slow, die old

i shipp myself with pizza and coca

we live like rockstars

fucking hell

i wish i was dead

love me fuck me

dream to live

call me ice and suck me

give me a fuck

☼ pizza is my happiness ☼

welcome stalker

me aka fab

✞ i love bad boys ✞

my middle name is fab

✖ take a wish be a bitch ✖

♡ i love you more than i love pizza ♡


trust me you are a bitch

» im a white nigga «

☯ live slow die old ☯

my argument is invalid

✵ this is my life so shut up ✵

take my lollypoop


♡ pizza aka life saver ♡

cool story bro ✌


☾to the moon and back☽

♡ lol no ♡

”why so serious?”

let ♡ it ♡ be

i hate being sexy, but someone has to do it

shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets

your body is a wonderland

✝lets be nothing, I heard it lasts forever✝

△take every risk, drop every fall △

act like a lady. think like a boss

badboy, good lips

you and your heart shouldnt feel so far apart

she thinks that singing on sundays gonna save her soul

my dear, dont be sad

you are not alone

i never meant to cause you trouble

i lost my head

we believe in love, love doesnt believe us

i hate you all

i dont wanna be ugly anymore

just go with the flow

how fucking interesting tell me more

Living in the past will only fuck you up

help me, im dying

wishing to be perfect

“who says you are not perfect” “eu cachorra"

very, very gay

dude, i dont like you

no matter what, we party tonight

your smile is the best porn

who are you?

religion: pizza

♡ just hide the pain with a smile, it always works ♡

ice cream was my first love

what is it like to feel worth it?

call me baby and let me suck her tits

I was here all the time just you havent seen

suck me with black halls

hitler was evil because he cant know their idols

all people are some shit

i think i wanna fuck you

up the bitches

idiots, idiots everywhere

sleepy approved

i love your lips, they should meet mine

burning desire

dont do love, dont do friends

i breathe ddl

u only live once

you are so london

im lying at the cold hard ground

you make me sick

hashtag believe

free hugs

look at here

read this, thanks, now bring me food

thanks for reading the bio

please don’t go away

if you scared you better run

no one knows who you are

the only way i can escape is loving you

what’s up bitches

all we need in this world is some food

you have a twitter! what a loser

i dont know what i’m doing here

follow me and you will love me

i knew you were gonna come to me

don’t make me your enemy

there’s no going back

break my heart and i’ll break yours

show me yours i’ll show you mine

how dare you follow me?

the twitter ain’t big enough for both of us

not your fandom not your problem

no fc no opinion

all i need to understand is why you dont follow me

i follow rivers and you follow me

dont be a pussy

do you like my twitter? i love it

do you like my idols? i love it

i’m ready for your follow

mom help, there is people following me

the only thing i need it’s not you

i love you.. ok that is a lie

i love you hahaha ok next joke

what happends on twitter stays on twitter

there is no love for you

is anybody reading this?

i’m everything you wanted

what the hell are you doing here?

still better than you

pizza is my valentine

i have more followers than friends

you’re always on my mind

lonely hearts club

congrats for being such a asshole

i speak fluent sarcasm

show me your butt

dont be a dick

save your heart for someone who cares

where i can buy an ed sheeran? 

there’s someone in my head but its not me

i’m limited edition

i’m prada you are crocs

it’s time to leave feelings behind

i forgot my bio omg

sorry for being a queen

my butt my rules

i hope your mom disconnects your wifi

#1 most awkward human being on this planet

i’m surrounded by idiots

you keep my heart busy

you’re silly

loser in real life

love stinks

oh no, its you again

nobodys read my bio

and she smiled through the pain

dont let others influence your thoughts

dont give up on yourself

this is not wonderland and you are not alice

nothing hurts when you are dead

too young too dumb 

my illusion my mistake

sad teens with happy faces

  • symbols for u:

ღ ♥ ♡ ❤ ❥ ❦ ∴ △ ∞ ☆ ★ ✖ ®™☏℡゚✤ ♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟ ❝❞✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ✱ ✲ ✳ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ₪ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✶ ✵ ✴ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❉ ❊ ❋ ❖ ▲▼△▽⊿◤◥ ◣◥●••● ❣ ✐ ✎ ✏ ✍ ✆ ☎ ✄ † ✞ ✝ ✛ ✙ ރ ▧ ▨ ▦ ▩ ۩ ஜ ಌ ஜ ๑۩۞۩๑ ஜ ஒ ண இஆ ௰ ௫& ૪  ◎♫♭♪♯♮♫♯♣♥♪♫☼♀♂♦ ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ ● ☼ ⊙ ℃ ℉ °  ϟ ∞ ზ ♪♫♩♫♭♪♯♬♮♫♩♫♭♪♯♬♮♬♪♫ ☹☺ ☻ ت ヅツッシ Ü ϡﭢ ♥ ❤❥❣❦❧♡ ۵ 웃ღ♋ ♂ ♀ ☿ ⚥ ❢❣⁇ ‼ ‽⁈ ¿ ¡ ⁉؟ ﹖☩☨☦✞✛✜✝✙✠✚ † ‡♪ ♫ ♩♬♭♮♯° ø ✐✎✏✑✒✍✉⌨ † ☨✞✝☥☦☓☩☯☧☬☸✡♁✙♆Ⓐ☮✌☪ ⚔ ✡☭✯卐✆✉☎☏✁✂✃✄⋆✢✣✤✥❋✦✧✩✰✪✫✬✭✮✯❂✡★✱✲✳✴✵✶✷✸✹✺✻✼❄❅❆❇❈❉❊웃ღ ♥ ♡❤❥❦∴△ ∞ ☆★✖。◕‿◕。®™☏✤❝❞✥✦✧✩✫✬✭✮✯✰✱✲✳❃❂❁❀✿✾✽✼✻✺✹✸✷ ₪ ❃❂❁❀✿✾✽✼✻✺✹✸✷✶✵✴❄❅❆❇❈❉❊❋❖ ▲▼△▽⊿◤◥◣◥●••●❢❣✐✎✏✍✆☎✄ † ✞✝✛✙ރ⌚▧▨▦▩۩ ஜಌஜ๑۩۞۩๑
ஜஒணஇஆ௰௫& ૪

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Story time!
The thing is that I went to see Faith No More for the first time yesterday. It was amazing. I got to be front row bc we were the very first people to be in the line so it was awesome. People were crowd surfing and mosh pitting behind us. They pushed us a lot! And the setlist was just perfect. THEY PLAYED ZOMBIE EATERS! And Everything’s Ruined and Gentle Art and This Guy’s in Love with You. They came back to play another song because the crowd was so energetic and screaming so much they didn’t resist. 2 fucking encores. Chinese Arithmetic at the very end. And well I’m all bruised and tired.

Anyways, here’s the story of how this picture happened!

I got to go backstage (thanks to my lovely friend Gabriela💚) with the band and met them all but I didn’t really talk to them just to Mike because they were talking with other people or they were in the other room and I wasn’t gonna tell them “AY HERE NOTICE ME” haha. Billy offered me a beer so I couldn’t say no, and then another one. I was so afraid my English wouldn’t pay it off but it did and I was amazing plus the beers helped me cuz I had hours of not eating ANYTHING lmao. Then she told me “let’s go and talk with Mike and take some pics” so I was like “ok let’s go”. I was so nervous? and also fangirling my ass off in my insides but calm really calm at the same time. He gave me his hand but I grabbed his arm and was like “No Mike I have to hug you” and he was like “Oh yeah you can get a hug too” gave me a really tight hug. He was very nice and he was honestly cracking up with any fun thing I said! Even we took some fun pictures, one where I’m choking him and he said “are you gonna choke me?” and I said “i’m gonna choke you to death”. I also told him it was the best show I’ve ever been to (I’m not lying this is serious, plus I’ve haven’t been to many shows so yeah) and he was humbled he loved the crowd and the energy and he didn’t even care if there was 2000 people there the energy was just spot on, Puffy said the same thing. He was surprised also when I told him I was 20 years old and he said to me “You’re a niña bebita!” and “I said yeah I’m a baby” Mike also asked me if I played any instruments or something and & I said I was a bassist and told him I was a beginner. he asked me if I knew how to read any notes or if I was in a band and I told him that no I was just getting on the path and he said I knew you played something and tickled my tummy! I told him I played by ear bc I didn’t know how to read notes and stuffs and he said “well yeah we’re two then” and I was like “ohhhh nice” and he said “you’re a natural and that’s good” and i told him “i got it from my dad” and he asked me if he lived with me and i said no he lives in the states! and i live with my mom here and he asked me what did my dad play and i said “oh he plays bass too” and he said “no no i mean music what kinda music he plays?” and i told him ohh he plays jazz and blues and he was like that’s “really cool amazing!!” He talked with Gabriela a while about a Tomahawk gig in México he couldn’t attend and then said “Tool! nice” and I said “I love them they’re my 2nd favorite band” I was wearing a Tool shirt so yeah. Then some guy asked him if he could sign his ticket & Gabriela and I asked him if he could sign ours so he did! He also forgot my name, bc yeah let’s face it it’s kinda tricky for mostly everyone so he said “what was your name? and I said Tisha! and ge said “oh Tisha… I just remember about this… no nevermind” and Gabriela and I were like “C'mon tell us” and he said he had a friend who had a pitbull called “Tishal” and it was a really nice dog and he started doing doggy mannerisms and I was like “Ohh haha it’s okay” then we literally said goodbye and I got to hug Puffy and Billy when they left. I didn’t talk to Roddy that much or Jon they were in the other room so I didn’t get to talk to them.

Oh shit… it was a great night the best night of my life.

2 Years Calum *SMUT* imagine

Hey. Can you do a SMUT with Calum? You and Calum were best friends, met at school, but then he went on tour and you two stop talk to each other. When he come back, you met him and end up having sex, finding out what you both feel. :-)

I haven’t done a smut in awhile so I’m sorry if its bad or not. Also I kind of used like really good grammar idk… maybe.



Maybe I missed him a little too much. Over dramatic right? Wrong. Lets just go back to the beginning shall we? So here’s the story…

They day when it was school. You absolutely had a crush on Calum Hood. You didn’t know if he liked you back, but he was pretty popular in school. His cute smile, his laugh, just everything about him was perfect.You were best friends with Calum, talked every single day. Some girls got really jealous of your guys relationship. But they didn’t care, because you guys weren’t actually dating each other. He was only 16 and you were too. But he also was in a band, which you found really hot. The girls in the whole school were screaming about it, which annoyed you so much.

But you liked Calum still. You met Luke, and Michael. They were pretty weird, cute, amazing guys. But Michael had a tiny crush on you. Which of course you didn’t know. Apparently they got another member, but you didn’t know he was. You were sent to the principals office, randomly. You opened the door. You saw Calum, Luke, Michael and some other guy who had a fringe and straight hair. (WHAT DO U EXPECT ITS A FETUS TIME OK). He looked pretty cute.

“U-Um… hello..” you said, shyly.

“Y/NNNNN!” Calum smiled widely and ran cutely to you, hugging you and lifting you up from the floor.

“Calum,” you laughed. He put you down. “This is Ashton,” Calum pointed to Ashton. “Ashton this is Y/N,” Calum smiled. “H-Hi..” you blushed. Ashton just smiled. Secretly, he liked you now. “Y/N I have to tell you something,” Calum gestured to make the boys even the principal to leave the office. They left, and you were confused. “Y/N, I’m dropping school,” he said. You were shocked. 

“What?! Why?!” you said, a little overreacting. 

“Because It’s because of my band. They are dropping too, but Ashton finished school anyway. I’m sorry. I have to leave school, and I won’t be back. Ever. I’m going on tour and stuff soon,” he mumbled the last part. “A-Alright..” you stuttered.

“I’m sorry Y/N. We will always skype and text okay?” he smiled. You nodded. “But i’ll never forget you,” you hugged him, so very tightly. He hugged back. “Me neither. I leave today,” he says. “Promise me we’ll always chat?” you holded your pinky up, and he laughed. You guys did the pinky promise.


And then in that moment, you never told him you actually liked him..


After 2 years, you finished high school. But you have actually never gotten a text or phone call or either skyped with Calum. You haven’t seen what he actually looks like. They had so many fans and getting well known. You have changed a lot. You were still the same, but a little more weird, and just funny a lot. You heard 5SOS were going to be in your town. You were in the USA now, and in New York. You were walking on the sidewalk, and not paying attention where you were going.

You accidently bumped into someone. “Oh fuck… I’m so sorry!” you mumbled your curse, and then looked up. He looked awfully familiar. He was wearing a muscle shirt, ripped skinny jeans, some bracelets, His hair ruffled, quite good looking. And you knew exactly who it was.

“Y-Y/N?!” he stuttered, with his wide eyes. 

“Calum?!” Calum got a grin on his face and hugged you very tightly. “I fucking missed you so much!” he said. “You sure.. you sure did change a lot..” you gasped. His arms. Everything about him. He let go of you and looked at you, up and down. “You did too..” he smirked. “Where you headed?” he asked. “Home?” you laughed. “I’ll walk ya home like when we were in school,” he smiled and grabbed your hand. 

When you guys got to your house, he wanted to hang out at your place for awhile. You sat on your couch, and watched TV. Calum sat next to you and started to stare at you. “How you’ve been?” he asked. No answer. “Y/N….” he poked you. Nothing. “Are you ignoring me?” he asked once again. “You’re mad at me aren’t you..” he said. Now he got annoyed. “Yes!” you yelled, making him jump.

“You haven’t texted me, or called me, or even skyped me in 2 years! We made a promise… and I couldn’t even call you when it was my birthday!” you yelled. “I’m sorry! I’ve been crazy busy lately, and I couldn’t..” he sighed. “Well maybe if you had breaks you could’ve!” you growled. “I do have breaks!” he stood up. And you did too. “So you were ignoring me?! Or you forgot about me?!” you crossed your arms.

“I-I… I forgot about you,” he mumbled. “How could you even forget your own best friend?” you were very angry. “Because of my busy fucking schedule! I HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO SKYPE WITH YOU BECAUSE I WAS BUSY. AND I LIKE YOU!” he yelled, and groaned, sitting down on the couch.

You stood there, being shocked. “You l-like me?” you asked. Calum nodded. “I didn’t want to tell you because I was scared that you didn’t like me back,” you sat down next to him. “But I do like you..” you said. Then Calum looked at you. “You do?” he asked. You nodded. “Ever since,” you sighed. Calum grabbed your chin and kissed you.

You kissed back. But felt like you were leaning back, and then Calum was on top of you. You felt Calums hand slide down and then tugging your shirt. He ripped it off and then just kept kissing you. “Fuck..” you could see Calum’s bulge over his skinny jeans. You chuckled. He was having trouble unbuckling his belt. “Need a little help there?” Calum nodded and you unbuckled his belt. He threw his pants, now he was in his boxers.  

Now you both were naked, after ripping each others clothes off. “Shit we gotta do this quick Y/N. I have to go back with the boys, because of an interview..” he groaned. He inserted himself in protection of course and started to thrust. You were moaning so much. “God Calum!!” you yelled. “U-Ugh Y/N you so tight.. maybe I should do this more often so you wouldn’t,” he groaned.

You and Calum were moaning so so loudly. Good thing the neighbors weren’t home.. He got out of you then kissed you again. But maybe one more time. He grabbed you, and started to thrust you from behind. His strong arms holding you, making you moan a lot. It felt great. You never knew he was so good at this. “Fuck CALUM!” you screamed. “I-I’m gonna come..” you warned. Him basically doing this sloppily. “Hold on…” he said. Your stomach in notes already.

“P-Please Calum..” you begged. “OKay,” you guys rode your highs together. “Ugh.. that was…” “Amazing,” you guys were out of breath. He crawled on top of you and started to rub you. “Such a bad girl,” he chuckled. “C-Calum don’t tease me…” your back arched. Then he put his finger inside you, pumping. “Calum..” you moaned. 

“You are so bad aren’t you? Trying to make me angry, and teasing me..” he chuckled. Then he inserted another one, which made you crazy. “C-Calum you’re gonna make me come..” you said. “Not just yet,” he smiled. He kissed you once again and then took his fingers out, and you released. “Ugh..” you saw Calum’s hair all messy, and yours were too.

“I can’t believe we just did that..” you sighed. “Well I’m glad we did,” he laughed. “Hmm why?” you took your panties, and put them on. “Because I was wondering.. if you come on tour with me and be my girlfriend?” he asked. You smiled up at him. “I love too,” you say, and he kissed your lips. Then you saw Calum’s phone lit up. Calum picked it up. “Hello?” he answered. “CALUM COME BACK!” Luke yelled.

“Okay okay, but Y/N is coming with us,” Calum laughed. “Aw I miss her, bring her here so I can kiss her and cuddle with her,” Luke whined. “She’s mine Luke! And she’s joining us on the tour anyway,” Calum then hung up. “Aww Luke is sooo cute,” you giggled. “Watch it Y/N,” Calum joked. 

-Kelly :] x

SORRY IF IT SUCKED ITS BEEN LIKE WHAT 2 MONTHS? Since I wrote a smut. And I got carried away I’m sorry lol.

Old Tees and Yoga - one shot
Title: old tees and yoga (if you want to read it on archiveofourown, click here)
Pairing: Harry/Louis (obviously)
Word Count: 1k
Summary: harry likes to cut louis’ old tees and louis just wants harry to do yoga with him
NOTES: I saw this post and nearly died. felt inspired so i wrote this lil fic and yeah… also i didn’t type in caps or anything this time ‘round bc lazy so don’t hate me
happy reading!

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