if we only had the cellphone then


Something really bad happened. Today at 5:00 A.M. a group of 4 men forced the entrance to our house. They beat up my mom and older sister (they were trying to protect me and to protect my 1-year-old niece). They had guns and, for a moment, I thought they were going to kill us. They stole everything from us. They stole my laptop, our cellphones, food, money. They even stole my little niece’s clothes :(

We went to the hospital to check if my mom and sister were ok. I paid for the hospital bill and bought a little bit of food but I don’t have any money left. I don’t know what to do. I still need to buy more food and to buy clothes for my little niece. I’m the only one with a job right now but, sadly, my salary isn’t enough to pay for everything.

Please, if you can, and are willing to help me, you could send a few dollars trough paypal. E-Mail: americacolina2704@gmail.com (My best friend e-mail. She’s the one helping me right now).

I’m desperate.  EVEN A DOLLAR IS A LOT TO ME. Or you could help me just by reblogging this post.

I’m crying so hard. I feel angry and sad. How can a person do this to another person? I feel embarrassed too, and I’m so sorry that I’m asking for your help but I don’t really know what to do. I need to help my family. I’m really sorry guys…

one last try || lacrosse week

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: aye !!!! this was written for @rememberstilinski && @sarcasticallystilinski‘s lacrosse week and i loved the whole concept of it so much. thanks for doing and i hope y’all enjoy the story !!
Warning: swearing and i’m pretty sure that is it 
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: shout out to @sincerelystiles for helping me with the little bump i came across in the story and being such a gem !!
Words: 6,585 ( i got really into this okay i’m not even sorry )

I stood there.

Watching him.

I had the lacrosse stick in my hands and my knuckles were turning white from the anticipation of eyes witnessing his body run forward and give his best efforts to make a goal but once again, fate got involved and it’s another miss. Each time it became more difficult to witness how defeated he looked after missing a shot, how he would stand in the background feeling envious of everyone on the team, and how he looked let down by his lack of skills. He tossed his helmet onto the ground which was followed by his stick and various angry words were thrown into the air.

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You’re Invited(Stark!Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1964

Summary: The reader and Peter get invited to a high school party, and the only way to go is to sneak out.

Warnings: Underage drinking SORRY DON’T DO WHAT THEY DO

A/N: Some Reader x Peter because we all need it every once in awhile. I love Peter, omg. I hope you guys like this!! 

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This was the best concert ever!!!! BTS really outdid themselves. I went to the concert in a group, so there were five of us. One of the people in the group camped out, so our number line up was in the 90s, plus we all had soundcheck tickets ( bless her because I don’t know how she survived because it was so cold outside.)For soundcheck, it was the best experience ever! I like that BTS felt comfortable enough with us to show up to soundcheck without any makeup or hair done. They legit looked like they rolled out of bed, they were still handsome though. Since there were not that many people there, it was so intimate and personal. I made eye-contact with Jimin, Taehyung, Jin and Jungkook. Since they were not dancing during their rehearsal (except for Baepsae) , they were looking straight at us while singing. When they were practicing Dope, Namjoon didn’t even rap, he let us say his lines for him lol. It was so hype at soundcheck even though there were barely any people there. Also, Namjoon was the only one who showed up with glasses on. A fan had a sign that said “King of Destruction” for Namjoon, when Jimin saw it he was laughing lol. Overall soundcheck was such an awesome experience and it felt nice personally connecting with the members on that type of level. When the members were leaving, all of a sudden Taehyung came running back, he said “ I forgot my cellphone” poor Taehyung lol. Then we went back outside to line up and then entered the venue. I was right in front of the extended stage on the right side. I had the best view ever, first row is really the best lol

I was laughing the whole night because of my friend and her commentary ( if you watch my fancam for J-hope’s MAMA, you will see what I am talking about lol). My favorite member was Jimin and he was in front of me for the majority of the concert :) But he is so strange though. When he is dancing he is so focused and serious and his body really flows with the music ( I am so happy I saw it live and up-close). Jimin is really a beautiful dancer. However, he was feeling himself a little too much and almost busted his ass twice twirling and spinning around. If he fell in the pit, it would have been RIP to both Jimin and the security. Speaking of security even they were turing up to BTS lol. There is like three sides to Jimin. 1st is the serious and passionate dancer. 

Then his cute fluffy side. OMG, Jimin smiles while he talks, and it just melts your heart, he is really adorable lol. 

However,we also have flirty Jimin, he was having multiple fans shook all night. My friend was a Yoongi bias, but she was having a lot of eye contact with Jimin lol. The majority of the eye contact I had with Jimin was during soundcheck. During the actual concert I didn’t even notice he was staring at me, sometimes times I noticed, but I was only able to film some of it. Also, his thighs are no joke they, they are so thick lol. When the fans did the rainbow ocean, he was so amazed and was staring at the whole venue in disbelief lol, all of the members were shook. 

I also, had a lot of eye contact with Taehyung too, he was so interactive and cute with the fans. However, the energy from J-Hope was no joke. He was hype for 2 and a half hours straight. He is such an amazing performer, honestly the majority of people who left the concert all said they are now J-Hope stans lol. He was like a ball of light and sunshine, and he was smiling so much. I also, caught Jin staring a lot, even though he was on the opposite side of were I was on stage lol. Towards the end of the concert when they were saying goodbye I had eye contact with Namjoon for too long, and then he opened his eyes really wide and waved goodbye. 

Jungkook was cute too, a fan gave him the American flag and he took it and ran around with it.

The performances at the concerts were well done, and I was able to appreciate their choreography even more so seeing it live in person. They all can dance so well. I loved when Cypher Pt 4, was performed. For someone who says they are a rock, Yoongi sure was getting his life though lol.

This was really the best concert that I have ever been too. I was able to meet so many wonderful people. One of my friends was talking to the staff members and they told her that BTS were so nice and respectful, but they are also jokesters. Overall, the staff loved them lol. My other friend also knew a girl who’s dad was working at the show, so she got to meet BTS, but she was too shy to say anything so she just waved. I really had an amazing time and I can’t wait for them to comeback soon.

I uploaded all my fancams on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-uWbQg6_PQ&index=1&list=PLcXdoa9XjabFzx9b9IDiAa93Hvu8N-I3a

 I also complied a video of highlights of the concert : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3NCfBwRmOs

ALSO: I put together a few moments when I had eye contact with the members: 

I knew it.

When we had started smiling at each other in hallways and in between classes,
When you had approached me after my English class and asked for my number,
When we had begun to form a friendship over long text messages and cellphone calls,
When you first asked to walk me home, since my dormitory was only a few blocks from school,
When we began counting the stars over the university field one summer night,
When your full lips had landed on mine the very first time, and all I had the next day were first kiss jitters,
When we had our first date, and the second one, and the third, and I don’t know how many had followed,
When you had heard the sweet ‘yes’ from my mouth and you had told me that was the happiest day of your life,
When we finally let our souls and bodies slide against each other,
When you finally showed me the scar you had from that one night on junior year that you tried to find so desperately where is the life you need to cling to survive,
When we had our wedding day, and our smiles and those of the people around us are as bright as the morning and evening stars combined,

I knew it then that you would be the greatest love of my life, the first among many failed tries.

But what I did not know was that our love, my love, still wasn’t enough to keep away the demons that remain hidden under your bed and the whispers of the monsters over your ears. I didn’t know how worse it had gotten since we had met, because that was the only thing you didn’t tell me. That your depression had clung to you so tightly that it had already pulled you away from the light of our love and into the shadows of hell.

I did not know that every night was still a challenge for you to get even just an hour of sleep. You did not tell me. You did not tell me of the cockroaches that crawl under our covers. You did not tell me of the faceless man in suit standing over our bed, watching us over every night. You did not tell me of the screams of the fucking monsters inside your head. You did not tell me that it hurt even to just smile. You did not tell me and I still can not understand why.

I thought I knew everything when those blue eyes of yours had caught the light from the sun, the moment they reflected upon mine. I never saw the shadows underneath it because they were so beautiful I couldn’t resist to just look at them

I thought I knew but I didn’t.

But there’s one thing that I will always knew for sure: that since you were the first, you, too, shall always be my last.

—  @theidealistdilettante, I Thought I Knew

wolfandthief  asked:

PROMPT: Being a serpent now meant it was easier to protect Betty too. and when something happens where she needs it most, that's exactly what he does.

Hope this is kind of what you wanted! Thanks for requesting! Enjoy!

Title: Riding Into Danger

Summary: Betty has been busy searching for her long lost brother while Jughead has spent most of his time trying to find his footing in his new role as a Serpent. When Betty and Kevin take a road trip to visit said brother, things get dangerous when a mysterious man is seen following them through a dive bar.

*Adding a keep reading cut so if you’re on mobile, the story gets cut off. Sorry!*

“Betty? Where are you, what’s wrong?”

Jughead could tell something was off the second he heard the odd tone in her voice - uncertain, a little high pitched, on the verge of panic. The last time he remembered her sounding like this, they were in the middle of uncovering the murder of Jason Blossom and, for reasons that warranted zero explanation, this did not sit well with him.

“I don’t know, Kevin and I were on our way to meet with my brother and-” Betty scrambled to explain their situation, her words coming out rushed and slurred from the the overload of adrenaline surging through her body.

“Wait what?” Jughead cut her off, his fingers clenching tighter around the cellphone as he tried to fathom the idea of Betty actually meeting the brother she didn’t even know she had until a few months before. “Since when?”

“You’ve been busy, Jug, we haven’t really had time to dish it out and spill our latest gossip these past few weeks,” Betty pointed out, the ancient payphone she was using crackling in protest at the unexpected movement that came with her gesticulating hands.

“I know, and I’m sorry for that but I’ve only been a Serpent for a few months, Bets,” Jughead reminded her. “I have to be around when they need me, I can’t afford to be a no-show, especially when things have been so tense around here lately.”

“Look we can talk about this later,” Betty told him, the phone pulling away from her ear slightly as she glanced behind her shoulder at the man sitting in a far corner of the building they had stumbled into looking for help. “But right now, we’re in this dive bar in the middle of nowhere, there’s this guy that’s been following us for the past two hours, and I think Kevin is on the verge of having a panic attack-”

Jughead furrowed his brows in confusion at the rustling coming from the other end of the receiver as Kevin dove forward to take the phone from Betty’s grasp.

“This place is worse than the White Worm and that fear-inducing cobra they keep as a mascot,” Kevin spat, his voice rising an octave higher with each syllable that came out of his mouth. “I swear there are rats the size of Shetland ponies crawling on this disease infested floor, get us the hell out of here!”

Betty snatched the phone away from Kevin, glaring at him from her spot in the phone booth before turning her back to him completely.

“What are you guys doing in a dive bar anyway?” Jughead asked, his brows knitting together as he pushed away the half-eaten basket of fries sitting on the counter in front of him.

“It’s a long story,” Betty sighed. “But basically Kevin forgot to fill up the tank before we left and we got stranded on some back road with no cell service where we spent most of the day pushing his Dad’s truck through the desert.”

“Okay, and the guy who’s following you?” Jughead wondered, his senses beginning to prickle with worry. “What’s the story there?”

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Elevator Rides and Expert Tongues

Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Smut 

A/N: Kinda missed his birthday…whoops :P This is actually written for the other admin L.E.D because her bias’s birthday is also her birthday apparently! Enjoy <3

                                                                                 -Ray :)

You were just returning home from the art exhibition that your university held. It was late and you were tired. All that you wanted in this moment was to take off this skin tight dress and welcome the soft covers of your bed. You had said your goodbyes to your friends at the lobby of your building before arriving to the elevator. The doors opened and just as you were about to step in, you collided head first into someone. You almost stumbled back when the person you collided into caught you by the elbow.  

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anonymous asked:

Could you write about Poly!McHanzo and Poly!Reaper76's reaction to their s/o becoming pregnant. But here's the kicker. The s/o somehow, someway manages to escape but it's not to run away but it's to tell their family and friends one last goodbye before they dedicate their lives to have a family with the yanderes.

Ya’ll are thirsty for those poly ships~

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Self Conclusion Chapter Six

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Betty ground herself against Jughead’s thigh once more and pulled Jughead’s bottom lip between her teeth.

She placed her hands at the waistline of Jughead’s pants. “Do you want to?”

Jughead’s chest was heaving, the heat radiating through his body. Did he want to? Of course he wanted to. He’d wanted to with Betty since he was 14 years old and he saw her coming out of gym class. Of course, he didn’t realize what wanting to actually was, but the thought had been in the back of his mind since.

He pulled back, his hands on her hips, resting tentatively. “I-I, of course I want to.” 

Betty ducked her head down, attaching her lips to his once more.

Jughead leaned back further, breaking the kiss. “…but, maybe we shouldn’t.”

Betty looked at him, her eyebrows furrowing. She slowly took herself off his lap, sitting down on the bed beside him. 

“Betty, I know where your mind is going, believe me. Please don’t let it go there. It’s not like that, I promise.It’s just, a couple hours ago we didn’t know the other had felt like that, and hours before that we weren’t even friends. I just don’t want to rush anything - what’s happening between you and I, it’s amazing, and I don’t want to do anything either of us will regret. Okay? Is that okay?”

Betty was silent for a moment. She felt Jughead grab her hand, his thumb smoothing back and forth against her skin.

“Yeah, that’s okay. Of course that’s okay.” She leaned forward and kissed him gently. “Thank you for being so sweet.”

“I’ve just wanted this for so long,” He whispered. “I don’t want to fuck it up.” He searched her eyes, needing her to understand - this meant everything to him.

He pressed his lips against her forehead - she closed her eyes, leaning into him.

After some soft, gentle kisses, they laid together in Betty’s bed, fingers intertwined.

“What’s your favorite show?” Betty murmured, her head on Jughead’s chest.

“I’m more of a movie guy.”

“Well you must watch something…”

“Faulty Towers is good.”

“I’ve never seen it. What about Friends?”

“I’ve never seen it.”

Betty shot straight up in bed,turning to look at Jughead. “Excuse me?”

He looked at her like she was crazy. “What?”

“You’ve never seen Friends?! Everyone has seen Friends. Everyone.”

“Not me,” Jughead smirked.

“Well get fuckin’ comfy because we’re about to watch all ten seasons.” She smirked and grabbed her remote, flicking the screen awake. She selected Netflix, then Friends. They settled in, spending their evening with a 90′s sitcom.


After several hours, including breaks for food, kisses and stretching, they made their way through the first two seasons. Jughead had to admit, he was intrigued. 

Sometime after Rachel Green walked down the isle with her bridesmaids dress tucked into her underwear, Betty fell asleep. Her blonde hair was splayed out around her, The light hit her blonde waves in such a way it made her look like an angel. 

Jughead smiled, scooting off the bed slowly as to not disturb her. He padded around the bed to grab her cellphone - there was something he had to do.

He dialed the number he memorized years ago, tapping his foot as the phone rang.


“Mom. Hi.”

A sigh. “Forsythe?”

“Yeah, hi.”

“Hi, Forsythe. Look, it’s late, and I’m kind of busy, so -”

“This will only take a second. And, it’s important.”

She sighed again.

“I’ve been having a really hard time lately, Mom. Really, really hard time. I’ve been thinking… I was thinking a lot about ending i-it all, but I -”

“God, here we go. Typical Jones men,” She cut him off. “Always threatening suicide and never following through - you’re the boy who cried wolf, you know that? Just like your father. He threatened me with that, too, just to make me come back to him. What are you trying to do to me, Forsythe? I’ve already got enough to worry about with your sister and these bills that keep piling up! You want to add to that?”

“Mom, I - “ His voice broke.

“You think you have it bad now? You’re a teenager. It’s only going to get tougher from here on out, so man up. You’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll be fine. Say hi to Jellybean for me. Tell her I love her.”

“Yeah, alright.”

“’Bye, Mom.”

Tears slid down Jughead’s cheeks as he ended the call and placed the cellphone back on the bedside table. He padded quietly to Betty’s desk, took a piece of paper out of a notebook, and scribbled two words on it. He placed it underneath her cellphone and left the room.

Betty awakened when she heard the front door close. She blinked, expecting the see Jughead - she was alone. She looked around, trying to shake the sleepy stupor she was in.

She glanced at her bedside table, seeing the paper under her cellphone when she realized what had woken her - the front door.

She scrambled to grab the piece of paper.  I’m Sorry it read it sloppy writing.

She felt her eyes prick, tears warping her vision. Her feet were on the floor, rushing out of her bedroom before she realized what she was doing. She pushed two shoes on her feet - did they even match? were they even hers? - and rushed out the front door.

Where would he go? Betty raced down the dark streets, her feet slapping the pavement underneath her. She wanted to call out for him, scream his name, but she knew that wouldn’t help. She needed to find him.

She reached the trailer park she heard Jughead’s dad lived it, running toward a closed door before stopping herself - she didn’t know which one was F.P.’s. She looked around and spotted a dark trailer with broken police tape around the door. 

Betty trudged up the steps and tried the door - it was locked. 

“Jughead?” She cried, pounding on the door. “Hello?” She cupped her eyes against the door, trying to see inside. “Fuck,” She murmured to herself, biting her lip.

She turned, jogging out of the trailer park. The cliffs, she thought. She picked up speed, hoping she hadn’t thought of it too late.


She was out of breath, her chest heaving by the time she was half-way up the cliffs. Rain had started to drizzle down, making her climb that much more exhausting. 

Finally, she reached the top. A dark figure was sitting in the exact spot she had for months.

“Please don’t,” She whispered. Had he heard her? She didn’t want to say anything too loud, terrified of what he might do.

“Betty,” He murmured, shifting to stand. “Betty, I’m so sorry.” He started to cry as he came toward her.

“Jughead?” Was all she could mutter, not understanding.

“I’m so sorry.” He said again, enveloping her in his arms. “I shouldn’t have come here - I, I was going to, but -” He cried harder, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck.

They cried together for a few moments, the rain pounding down on them.

“I called my Mom,” He grit out. “And she - she told me I was just looking for attention and that I need to grow up.”

“No,” Betty cried. “Don’t listen to her, Jughead.”

“That’s the thing,” Jughead took her hand, squeezing it tightly. “The first thing my mind went to was this - fuck it, what do I have to lose? But on the walk over here, I thought of you. How beautiful you look when you’re asleep. The way your nose crinkles when you laugh. That you dance around in your underwear listening to Frank Sinatra when you make pancakes.” He smiled weakly. “And even if all we have are these 48 hours together, it’ll have made an impact on me. You’ve made an impact on me, Betty.”

Betty squeezed his hand. “We’ll have more than 48 hours, Jughead.”

“But even if, Betty, even if something changes now, you’ve done something inside my heart - you woke it up.” He took a deep breath. “And I can’t leave Jellybean, y’know? I can’t fuck her up like they fucked me up. She’s only 12, what would that do to her? And you know I have a novel to publish. Make my mark on the world.”

Tears welled in Betty’s eyes. 

“We’ll get through this together. I’m so sorry I left you that note.”

Betty just shook her head. “We’ll get through this together.”


They walked up the stairs to Betty’s bedroom wordlessly, closing the door behind them.  Betty shrugged off her top as Jughead wrapped his arms around her, kissing her exposed skin. He peppered kisses against her shoulders and down her arms, reaching her palms. He trailed feather-light kisses over her scars.

Betty caught his cheek, reaching to place gentle kisses on his lips.

She smiled into the kiss, then pulled apart from him. He placed a kiss on her forehead.

Betty reached for Jughead’s flannel, shrugging it over her shoulders.

“When do your parents get home, again?”

“A lifetime from now,” She smiled.

Moon River // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: can you do song based scenario with Taeyong (Moon River-Audrey Hepburn)

words: 1551

category: song fic + fluff

author note: i know this song is about a nice mellow river but i made this scenario about a big, roaring river that keeps two bffs apart from each other. enjoy!
also the ending is cheesy as always don’t say i didn’t warn you.

- destinee

Originally posted by dimplesjae

he’s such a baby i can’t

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Order a Brownie

*Shrugs* I had a mini breakdown about my writing so I decided to write something really silly to have fun and stop being so stressed about it. 

So, yeah; based on one of those ‘Imagine your OTP’ prompt. I dunno where it is tho…*shurgs* Enjoy? :) 

Ps. It’s settled in a Modern College Au; Keith lives with his bro Shiro while Lance, Pidge and Hunk share an apartment. So yeah, they are around 19-20. 

Also, I used She/Her pronouns for Pidge but you can honestly read them as you want? With however you feel more comfortable, so, yeah, just wanted to let you know. 

Ps2. Excuse any grammar errors, sowwy? 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

[18:09 pm] Kinda Ok Mullet: So, yeah? I was thinking maybe you would like to go? I remembered that you said you loved the ice cream shop at the shore so maybe….we could meet up there and have ice cream? but only if you want to, I mean, psh, of course I know it’s winter but they also have brownies and I know you love their brownies and

To be quite honest, Lance finds it totally justified that he stopped reading after…

Well, after he was hit with the realization that his crush had just asked him out.

Which is also exactly why he also finds it totally justified when he yelps in shock and throws his cellphone away from him, wincing guiltily when it falls to his carpeted floor.

“Sorry, phone!” The teen yells, not at all apologetic before he’s scrambling out of the cocoon of blankets he was inside of, “Hunk! HUNK! HUNK I HAVE A CODE RED!”

“Is this a Code Red meaning Keith, or Code Red meaning you bought another cat online?” His best friend’s voice answers him from the living room and Lance huffs as he enters and flops himself on top of his friend’s lap, “Code Red meaning Keith, got it.”

“He asked me out.” Lance whispers, staring at the ceiling in a daze before a small bright smile grows on his lips, “He – He asked me out, Hunk! KEITH ASKED ME OUT!”

“Fucking finally!” Shouts Pidge’s voice from the kitchen and neither of them need to turn around to know the young teen is hopped on the cabinet typing in her laptop, “About fucking time.”

“Language.” Hunk chimes, frowning disapprovingly before he looks down at his best friend, “I’m happy for you buddy, and yeah, like Pidge said: it’s about time.”

“I said it was about fucking time.”


“Hush, Capitan Hunk.”

“HE ASKED ME OUT!” Lance squeals, squishing his own cheeks in disbelief and then covering his blushing face, “He fucking asked me out, oh my god, what? Is this real? Please don’t wake me up if it’s not.”

“You guys keep swearing, so I’m pretty sure this is real.” Hunk shrugs, smiling amusedly at his friend, “In my dreams you two are angels and not demons who swear like sailors.”

“Psh, in my dreams we are all robots. Now, that’s a dream.” Pidge laughs as she looks up at her friends with a grin, “Robots who rule the world, what better dream than that?”

“Psh, the dream of Keith asking ME out, that’s a better one, easy!” Lance shots back, grin wide and happy as he grabs the cushion behind him and hugs it tight against his chest, “He asked me out!”

“Oh god, Lance has gone into fangirling mode.” Pidge groans and Hunk laughs, patting the brunet’s messy hair playfully.

“Let him be, he’s excited.”

“He asked me out!”

“He’s a fool in love.”

“Keith! Keith asked me out!”

“…Ok, I’m really happy for you but it’s your turn to make dinner, Lance.”

“He asked me out!”

Pidge and Hunk share a look before Hunk shrugs helplessly and Pidge sighs. “Fine, I’m going to order take out.”


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Before the Line (Prequel) Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Clint enlists the help of a former SHIELD agent to help during Civil War, will a new friendship blossom or will it become something more?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Words: 1499 (yeah not really a drabble)

A/N: Trying to get back into the grind of writing. Also, I didn’t edit so pardon the errors. Hopefully y’all enjoy this!

Part 3

Originally posted by weslehgibbins

As everyone leaves to suit up, I stay behind already in my fighting gear and waiting for everyone to return. I hear heavy footsteps behind me and I turn around to see the reason why I am here. Bucky Barnes. He’s dressed in an all black attire and a ski jacket which just so happened to be missing a left sleeve, exposing the terrible gift HYDRA bestowed upon him. He makes his way over to me but keeps his distance, almost as if he’s afraid to  get close to anyone, physically or emotionally, in fear of inflicting harm.

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A Little Slow On Love

title : A Little Slow On Love

with : Hyungwon (Monsta X)

summary : Seeing as you’re failing your classes, your Mother hires you a private tutor. (fluff)

(Part 2 x |Part 3 x |Part 4 x |Part 5 x |Part 6 x)

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

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Better Left Unsaid

Genre: Fluff

Member: Hyungwon

Word Count: 756

a/n: For the anon who requested Hyungwon singing y/n to sleep! Enjoy!

Originally posted by yuhwan

You were restlessly tossing and turning, unable to find a way in which the bed you were on felt like your own. You smacked your lips and let out a loud sigh, earning a side glance from Hyungwon who sat against the headboard at your side. “What time is it?” you asked, staring blankly at the ceiling as you lied on your back. Hyungwon turned back to his cellphone and squinted, the only light illuminating his features, being that of the bright screen of the device in the dark room. “It’s about to be three in the morning” he said softly and you hissed, taking your hands and covering your face with them. “I can’t sleep, Hyungwon, we have class tomorrow and I can’t sleep” you whined and whimpered, turning from side to side like a toddler who had skipped naptime.

Hyungwon let out a sigh and let his hands fall at his sides, “Well you should’ve just stayed in your own room” he commented, turning to look at you as you frowned. “My roommate brought someone, if I’m sleepless now, I wouldn’t have been able to get a wink of sleep hearing her and her- nevermind, that’s beyond the point” you stated, closing your eyes and shaking your head.

Hyungwon shrugged lazily and rubbed his eyes, “Well, what do you want me to do? Sing you to sleep?” he said, somewhat annoyed but suddenly stopping and turning to you with eyes wide as you quickly sat up and grinned. “Yes, actually that’s exactly what I want you-” you started but was abruptly cut off, “No, that’s beyond my abilities and will, I’m not doing such ridiculous-” he started hastily, crossing his arms over his chest and shaking his head as you got on your knees and clasped your hands together.

“Hyungwon please, I need to fall asleep and you- your voice is angelic” you teased, with a hint of sincerity in your tone. Hyungwon scoffed and chuckled, “You’re disgusting” he commented, making you cackle as you laid back down and whimpered. “Please sing”, you then pleaded after a few seconds which made him groan loudly, “God, why?” he complained, earning a flick on his thigh from you, “Don’t act like you don’t want to you self-absorbed jerk” you remarked and he glared at you.

You smiled timidly at him and giggled softly, shifting on the bed to rest your head on his lap, “I’m kidding about the self-absorbed part” you said, making him flick your forehead like you had on his thigh. You hissed and grimaced, bringing your hand over the spot as he continued to hold a somber expression, licking his lips as he watched you, arms crossed against his chest. “Don’t get too comfortable, I’m leaving to the couch as soon as you knockout” he quipped, shifting under your head. You felt yourself grow giddy at hearing him prepare to serenade you, therefore you tried controlling your facial expression and keeping it indifferent, because any sign of satisfaction would make Hyungwon stop before he even began, and that was not what you wanted. So you laid still and closed your eyes, feigning carelessness as he cautiously hummed, and little by little, vocalized a few words, nearly cracking your still lips and forming a grin.

Before either of you knew it, your eyes began to grow heavy with the soft baritone of his voice and the stillness of the room, the only sound surrounding either of you being the melody that passed Hyungwon’s lips. You wanted to so badly praise him but knew better than to do so, he was confident of course, but bashful and rough at taking compliments, so you simply drifted in and out of sleep until you no longer had memory of your situation, and only continued hearing the same gentle melody of your best friend’s voice in your dreams, not realizing that the trip to the couch never happened for Hyungwon.

He himself too comfortable in his bedroom and too afraid to wake you once sleep had overcome you. Unfortunately you never figured out how amused he had become watching you fall asleep listening to him, much less the fondness that had lingered on his smile as you incoherently talked in your sleep. He’d sing you to sleep any time, but would never tell you, not that he needed to cause you’d plead him to do it anyway, but of course, this you wouldn’t know because he only had just thought about it as you slept on his lap.

In The Flesh 4

Pairing: Casifer x Reader

Summary: Reader flees and attempts to hide from the Devil that is still in disguise of Castiel but there is no hiding from the Devil. Especially when they Winchester’s believe him to be their best friend and trusty Angel.

Word Count: 3,943

Warnings: Language, oral (reader receiving), Casifer teasing the Reader, Possessive!Casifer, gonna put trigger as a warning just in case because Casifer ends up “burning off a tattooed sigil on the Reader” so please don’t read if it will upset you!

A/N: you will notice something strange in this chapter but know that it is meant to be that way and it is not at all random. You will find out more about it in the next chapter.


It almost scared you how much you slept. Maybe it was because you felt you had no other option or it was just that the bed was so damn comfy. Either way your comfort and your situation didn’t stop you from jumping into almost a damn full on panic attack. Your heart beat was echoing in your eardrums and you knew something was coming. There was a strange tingle in the back of your mind and your vision flashed. You closed your eyes and then you saw it.

Something that could go against Amara. A hand of God. You weren’t sure if it was even real but you had to give it a chance. The only question was how did you get the valuable information to your friends? How did you escape without Lucifer finding you. Before you would have wanted to give the information to him but you saw Lucifer for the snake he really was. He went back on your deal by kidnapping you so you were going to do the same by running away.

A sign flashed in your vision and you knew what it was. A sigil. Lucifer still was technically an angel so a sigil would help keep you under his radar. Now all you had to do was find your way out of the house to escape, get the sigil, contact  the Winchesters and presto! All would be good.

You forced yourself to get out of the bed and immediately went to the window. You  didn’t see any demons outside. Maybe it would be better to just climb out your window and run. But then again you wouldn’t want to break a leg or something. You frowned at the idea and then walked over to your door as quietly as possible.

“Do you think she’s still asleep?” A man’s voice came through the door.

“Probably. I don’t get why we’re babysitting a stupid human.” A deeper voice rumbled in response.

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The Charade; Part One

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for. 
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1479
Warnings: Language.
A/N: Ash’s and my new collab! @d-s-winchester​ 


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KaraIchi mpreg fic

Karamatsu smiled at Ichimatsu who was asleep on a couch, curled up with his arms wrapped around his belly. He walked over and kissed Ichimatsu then the belly before walking away into the nursery. He started to work on it again, occasionally checking on Ichimatsu to make sure he didn’t wake up and catch him.

An hour passed and Karamatsu was deeply focused on working, absorbed in making it look perfect. He was quickly snapped out of it though when he heard Ichimatsu cry out, running out of the nursery to Ichimatsu’s side. Ichimatsu seemed to ignore the crashes that Karamatsu had caused, instead choosing to squeeze around his belly tighter and cry out again,

“I-Ichimatsu? Are you okay? What’s happening?”

Karamatsu started spouting out questions and only stopped when he was slapped harshly across the face, looking up at Ichimatsu who had tears running down his face and an angry expression.

“Don’t just stand there! Help me!”

“Y-You’re…you’re having the babies? Right now? But you’re early!”

“No shit! But that doesn’t matter right now! I’m having two fucking babies so get me out of here!”

Karamatsu stood still for a second before leaning down to help Ichimatsu stand up, wrapping an arm around him and helping him walk out of the apartment.

“W-What do we do? We don’t have a car or cellphones or-”

“We’ll just have to take a fucking bus! Let’s just go.”

Karamatsu gulped and nodded, tightening his grip around Ichimatsu’s waist and helped him walk to the nearest bus stop. There was one other person there who gave them a strange look, but before Karamatsu could say anything Ichimatsu quickly snapped.

“What? Is there a problem? Do you want to say something to me? Hm? What’s wrong?”

The person quickly shook their head and put up their arms, taking a few steps back and looked away down the street. Ichimatsu nodded briskly before crying out again, falling into Karamatsu’s arms while his face contorted in pain. The person looked over again and after hesitating for a moment stepped forwards hesitantly.

“Um, I’m guessing you’re pregnant?”

“Oh, what ever could’ve given you that idea?”

The person huffed slightly but also relaxed, walking closer to them with their hands still up.

“Look, I have a cellphone and I think you’re in labor. Do you want to call an ambulance or someone to come pick you up?”

Ichimatsu looked up at Karamatsu with pleading eyes, sweat dripping down his face. Karamatsu looked down for a moment before brightening, looking back to the person and nodding quickly. He got the cellphone and quickly typed in a number, hoping that they would pick up.

“Sheeeh! Why didn’t I know this was going to happen so soon?”

“We told you, we weren’t expecting this either. He wasn’t due for two more weeks. Just please hurry!”

“Don’t worry zansu! I’m the best at getting places quickly!”

Ichimatsu groaned in the backseat as Iyami sped up, the car groaning and shuddering from the increase from speed. Karamatsu watched Ichimatsu in worry as they sped towards the hospital, holding his hand and tightening every time Ichimatsu cried out from a contraction. They arrived there much faster than expected and Karamatsu quickly got out, helping Ichimatsu out as well.

“Go get the rest of the family please.”

Iyami nodded and quickly drove off, a loud yell echoing as he got farther away. Karamatsu ignored him however and instead chose to help Ichimatsu into the emergency ward, helping him on a couch before walking up to the desk.

“Hi, how may I help you?”

“H-He’s having contractions! We need help! He’s two weeks early and having twins and-”

“Sir, please clam down. I’m calling someone down from the maternity ward to help your…brother and you to have the baby.”

Karamatsu nodded and walked back to Ichimatsu, repeating what the nurse said before started to quickly pace in front of him. Ichimatsu gasped quickly before groaning loudly, grabbing Karamatsu’s hand and squeezing it tightly. Karamatsu stopped and knelt down in front of Ichimatsu, watching him worriedly.

“How long are they apart? Have you been timing it? Oh god weren’t we supposed to be timing them? What do we do Ichimatsu?”

“They’re only happening every 7 minutes it seems, so I think we’re okay for now. Just…just stay calm Kara. It’s gonna be okay.”

Karamatsu looked closer at Ichimatsu and saw the worry in his face, reaching out to stroke his cheek.

“You’re right. It’ll all be fine. You’ll be fine. They will be fine.”

Ichimatsu smiled weakly at Karamatsu when a person suddenly came running into the room. They looked around for a moment before moving towards Ichimatsu with a small hospital bed.

“I’m assuming you’re the one having twins? Sir, help me get your…brother on so we can get him to a proper hospital room.”

Karamatsu nodded and helped Ichimatsu up from the chair and onto the bed, running alongside the bed as the nurse rolled Ichimatsu through the hospital to the maternity ward. They quickly got settled in a room and the nurse explained that a midwife would be in soon to take a quick look at the situation before getting an obstetrician, pediatrician, and doctor to help with the birth. They both nodded as the nurse ran out, gently shutting the door behind them and leaving the two brothers alone. Karamatsu and Ichimatsu looked at each other and smiled softly, the both of them feeling slightly more relaxed. After a few minutes a woman walked in, smiling softly and walking up to Ichimatsu.

“Hello. I’m Rina Anami and I will be your midwife. Now, I hear you’re having twins? Congratulations! I hope you’re excited for this new family. Please describe your contractions so far.”

The midwife walked towards Ichimatsu and started inspecting him, listening closely to what he was saying and nodding along. After Ichimatsu finished the story, she stood back and smiled.

“Well, I have good news Ichimatsu. It seems as though these aren’t in fact your babies coming, but are something called Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re false contractions that can indeed feel and seem like real ones. The reason I say this is good news is because we try to deliver twins as late as possible since they’re already going to be delivered earlier than normal. We almost had to have an emergency C-Section, however you’re all fine. From what I can tell you’re still on track to deliver in two weeks, and you’re as healthy as a horse so it’ll all go fine. I’ll just be doing a few small tests to make sure everything’s okay, nothing that will take longer than an hour, and then you’re free to go back home! Be sure to stay relaxed and keep calm, and always remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do you have any questions for me?”

Anami smiled at them when she finished the explanation, walking around and preparing Ichimatsu for a few small tests as she waited for them to respond.

“So I’m not having them yet?”

“Nope! Just a false alarm. Everything is completely fine.”

Ichimatsu was silent for a moment before he started crying, surprising Karamatsu but only causing the midwife to smile softly.

“A-Are you okay Ichi?”

Ichimatsu nodded quickly and continued to cry, reaching out for Karamatsu’s hand before looking up at him with a smile.

“I’m just so relieved. I-I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was.”

Karamatsu smiled in reply and nodded, leaning down and kissing the top of Ichimatsu’s head.

“Yeah. I think this was good for us though.”

Ichimatsu nodded and squeezed Karamatsu’s hand, the two softly whispering as Anami went about doing her few small tests before excusing herself from the room. Only about two minutes later the door opened again and a large group of people ran in, including all their brothers, their mom, and surprisingly their dad.

“Oh my god, what’s happening? Where are the babies?”

“I’m an uncle! I’m an uncle!”

“Come on, your nii-san needs to hold these little suckers!”

“Osomatsu! Don’t call your nephews little suckers!”

“Where are my grandchildren? Where are my sweet little boys?”

Ichimatsu looked at Karamatsu who was staring at the family in shock before quickly yelling out to silence them all.

“They were false contractions! The babies aren’t born yet! It was a false alarm.”

The family stood there in shock for a moment before a breath of relief was let out from them all. Matsuyo rested against Matsuzō who held her gently, avoiding looking at Karamatsu and Ichimatsu. Choromatsu hugged Osomatsu and buried his face in his chest, who in turn buried his head in Choromatsu’s neck. Todomatsu fell onto a chair and started fanning himself, mumbling silently. Jyushimatsu was the only one who moved towards them, bouncing around and asking them lots of questions about what happened. Ichimatsu quietly answered all of them while the rest of the family calmed down and listened, slowly moving closer to the bed except for Matsuzō who stood silently by the door.

A few minutes later Anami came in, standing in the doorway for a second in shock before walking towards Ichimatsu.

“I see the whole family arrived. Well, the tests are done and everything is fine so you’re free to go! It’s good to see such a supportive family, so I’m sure you’ll be in safe hands. Good luck, and I hope to see you in about two weeks!”

Ichimatsu smiled softly and nodded, wincing slightly from the slowly fading contractions and using Karamatsu’s arm to help himself up from the bed. Slowly the family emptied from the room and left the hospital, chattering softly but excitedly about what was to come in the next few weeks.


written by @sinfulwritingblog ! :D Really good job on it! ^/////^


Part 1 | 2

“Are you trying to tell me you’ve defeated Pariah Dark but you can’t make a basket?”

“Hey, Pariah was… 9 feet tall… and… five feet wide! That’s a much… bigger… target.” Danny was panting, wasting energy on pointless maneubers. He made another feint for the ball, but Wes saw it coming, not even flinching and leaving Danny shifting awkwardly to no effect.

“I’m six foot six and you can’t even touch me!” Danny finally made a lunge, which Wes dodged, seeing it coming a mile away. The hero was getting tired, his movements getting progressively sloppy as the match progressed.

“You sure… you’re not… going… intangible?” Danny panted, taking a break with his hands on his knees. Wes didn’t stop dribbling.

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